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Question about the possibility of a LOP

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I have had dinar for about three years and have read quite a bit of posts saying there is going to be a lop - there is not going to be a lop. With all this in mind I have one question. How can you lop the zeros off of one currency note such as a 25,000 dinar note and not lop the zeros or place values off another note such as a 25 dinar note. It doesn't seem logical that you can devalue one note without devaluing all notes of the same currency. Also, what about people that have savings in dinar? How can, say a person with 25,000 dinars in savings have their dinar lopped, when they did not have any large notes and their savings is electronic being held by the bank. They could claim their savings was 25,000 one dinar notes. This fuels another question. Should we have our dinars in a bank account or as currency notes to be exchanged?

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If you are intrested in the "how" (but no "why"), read this brochure:

If you want to understand the "why" read this study:

If you want to read a quick summary of misconceptions read this post based on that study:

They should answer your questions. BTW, a lop is not a devalue, it is value neutral.


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