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I haven’t looked at the Dinar news in forever and would lover to get caught up. It seems like there is a little buzz these days. To keep my sanity I decided a long time ago to stop reading the message boards and listening to the Gurus. I’d really appreciate the answers to a couple questions. Thanks boys (and girls!)

#1 I see a little news out there on changing the denominations of the bills to potentially reduce the massive denominations of Iraq’s Dinar. Would this mean an RV would probably happen then the dinar bills would reduce in denominations?

#2 Is it possible they would change the denominations BEFORE a cash in? Would this mean I would have to sell back in my dinar and buy new ones?

#3 Last I kept up with this back in 2010, the chapter 7 release was the magic ticket for everything to happen. Is this still the case?

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