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IT PASSED Urgent .. Vote on the budget of the House of Representatives for 2012


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Sticks? Stryker is dating sticks? Or playing pool? Ohhhhh golf.....his game should be better than usual.

You're almost right zig it does involve balls at the other end of them...OK I set myself up for something…

I really got to go…what a day…hoping for the best and someone better call me if something big happens, I keep forgetting what that is though…...laugh.giflaugh.gif

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This is good news. Really. Unless they change their minds which they have been known to do.

However on the front page of the Times Iraq suffered several attacks via car bombs and such killing 40 people. The people believe and I agree the insurgents are Al Qaeda. Most attacks were towards military and police forces. One thing struck me in the article, an Iraqi stated, "Iraq will be like this for 10 to 15 years, we're use to it, its an every day occurrence." In the article it is believed by the Iraqi people these attacks are directed to Iraq s working for democracy and a strong country. I agree. Interesting these attacks have been engaged when the government is moving to passing a budget, HCL, Article 140 and guests from the Arab nations....not to mention the on and off National meeting.

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Sorry, this might just cheer you all up a little more.....

In other articles today, there are mentions that issues of Article 140 AND Peshmerga Pay may be included in the budget. These are two HUGE items from the Erbill Agreement, and it sure would be sweet to have these items checked off the list before the National Meeting, as well as the Kurds being happy. If their deal was to assist the Alliance by giving them a supermajority in Parliament voting (Kurds had to give something...), things could really start moving!

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Is this the HCL law? Read below...

House vote approves oil revenue distribution to the Iraqi people

Posted: February 23, 2012

House vote approves the allocation of 25% of oil imports for distribution to the Iraqi people

Thursday, February 23, 2012 16:37

The MP said the Sadrists Jawad Alshahyla in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “the House of Representatives voted to approve the proposal of the Sadrist movement within the budget bill, fiscal year 2012 allocation [25]% of the increase in oil exports are distributed to the people the Iraqi people in the budget this year. “

The MP for the coalition of state law fair-Maliki has assured [where] that “the budget in 2012 included a proposal to the Sadrist movement, where it was agreed that the calculated [20]% of oil imports paid to the Iraqi people after the agreement on the mechanism regulating this process to be put through Six months from the date of approval of the financial budget. “

The House of Representatives held its regular Thursday’s voting on the budget bill for fiscal 2012

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GUUUUGH!!! Yooooooota!!!! You are NOT making it easy for me today! I have two big tests and now I'll be squirming in my seat trying to get decimal places out of my head! HA HA HA!!!

I shuda waited to check on things until AFTER our tests!! Now I cannot wait to hear how the Kurds react (excellent point, Sonny)!!

Best wishes everyone! GREAT news. Indeed, Tony...the first domino has been bumped!!!B)

Good luck on your test, and don't rush through it, we'll be here when your done

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]hey guys i hate to do this but gonna hit you all with this article now [/b]is this all making sense? RV is on the horizion, check this out and compare the wording from this recent article to this one

CNH: Shabibi: Central bank will follow the government’s budget allocations in order to adjust the exchange rate February 8th, 2011 09:35 am · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) LINK

Shabibi: the independence of the Central Bank of the umbrella of a protector of state funds

Baghdad (news) .. called Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi to the independence of the Bank that the umbrella of a protector of state funds. Shabibi said during a symposium hosted by the Foundation (range) to discuss the issue of independence of the Central Bank and attended by a reporter Agency (news): “The granting of independence to the Central Bank is of great significance because it is the umbrella of a protector of state funds, “

Afterthought: “But the government might not understand that the bank isolated it, but we are working with the market and the government significantly.”

He Shabibi: can not separation between the government and the central bank because the importance of monetary policy depends according to the law on cooperation with the government. He pointed out that the basis of the economy the Bank is to fight inflation, which happen because the government or the private sector, and works on the application of monetary policy both in the interest rates to stabilize the growth and support for banks in crisis through direct coordination.

And Shabibi: that the central bank will follow the government’s budget allocations in order to adjust the exchange rate and reduce address the imbalance

so basically this tells me now that they passed the budget that the exchange rate adjustment will follow :)

Yeah easy; Good news really pi_ ses me off!

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Rumor has it that a "rate" is in the budget... I hate Rumors and "pumpers" I wonder if there is a way to see the budget online... to read...

Still wondering how this will play out... they have mentioned 2 currencies side by side... so here is three senarios...

1) Take 25K note and get 25K in redominated currency... GOOD THING (means RV)

2) You buy a refrigerator.. and it shows 2 prices on the tag, 950K/950 ID... NOT GOOD (NO RV) [meaning 25K=25 ID]

3) You buy a refigerator... and it shows 2 prices on the tag, 1K/1000 ID... GOOD THING (means RV)

All three show a 1 to 1 value with different ratios, inversely and straight out.

Im hoping for the 1st and 3rd options, but Iraq did say 50K note would be the new 50 ID note... got to keep that in the back of your minds...

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