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I didn't neg you, but I thought you were responding to a the guy who posted the Okie letter, but now it appears I was wrong and you were responding to Okie. That is much different, and you didn't deserve a neg for that. But people probably just misunderstood like I did and thought you were responding to someone else's comment on here, rather than to Okie, himself.

When I responded to the post that is directly before mine, I was the first to reply to it, as it was in a thread of its own. I guess the mods moved it to this one. I was just simply stating that the original poster had "posted" something that had already been stated in a different thread. As for Okie, I never "respond" to what he posts, as I know as well as anyone that has been on this site for a few months or longer, that his drivel is just that. Francie, thanks for your honest and apology, however it wasn't necessary!

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