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History Lesson on Your Social Security Card


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Yep I do have one of those cards. I even have a Military ID Number assigned to me back in boot camp and it was not my Social Security Number as they were not used for ID purposes. This has been rotating around for a while , however I have sent it out again. Cannot circulate it enough times. :( :( :(

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I have worked around many businesses that target the Mexican population here in Washington. It is a joke as to how easy it is to get a fake driver's license and SS card here. As far as it being so difficult for someone who does not speak English being able to jump through the various hoops. Around there there are specialized interpreters just for those who only speak Spanish. From what I have seen it is probably easier for a non-American to get Social Security and other benefits than for an white person. Some of that I know for a fact because I have worked with both parties. I know how difficult it is for a white male to get any benefits verses a Mexican and especially a mexican female. This is not racial. It is simply fact.

Carlos....I strongly agree with you regarding the economy and the media. We have been sold out.

I am glad we agree on the economy. I sense you have been around enough that, since your still kicking, your probably doing something right...I'd like to point out that, that the claim this thread made of ..a lot of illigal immigrants are getting SS Benefits is still not substantiated. Only you and the guy with the lame story have responded.

In you case Desimo, I will assume that you are beyond having an agenda to promote . Whereas the guy with the lame story appears to what to prove to everybody that what he has been brainwashed into believing is true and correct and he will due anything in his power to uphold his misguided belief. I don't care if he wants to call me names, I'm past that. I'm trying to look at the issue without the blinders that we have been made to wear all of our lives.

I would not dispute the validity of an isolated event of an illigal allien obtaining false SS card to receive SS benefits, be they disability or retirement (by the way, we are not only talking about brown skin Latin people but, many people of all colors, sizes and shapes who are in this country illigaly from all around the world) but I doubt a poor, illiterate or uneducated field worker would be able to obtain a SS card that will pass all the secury set up by SS to catch fraudulent activity.

You are right about anybody being able to find fake driver's licenses and SS cards, if you know where to look anyone can buy them. You just give the lowlife a photo of certain dimentions and you return in a couple of hours and you have your fake ID and SS card. BUt....they don't pass muster. As soon as someone in authority check them out they come back as FRAUDS. I also know many people who have had to get them, this stopped with e-verify.

It's my belief that the notion that there is a herd of people down at the SS office collecting benefits with fake documents is an urban myth. A myth propagated by a group with an agenda.

The object of the exersice for me is to attack THAT agenda. I am not here to argue with anyone! I consider it part of our brainwashing and indoctrination by those who wish to further the agenda.

I understand the concern of a citizen who is worried about inapropriate behaviour going on in a system where he has contributed faithfully all his life, I could understand him wanting to concerve the integrity of the system. No one wants to see someone benefit from something he has not contributed to...right?



Thanks for the info Chas32

I guess you could'nt find a link regarding the myth of heards of mexicans down at the SS office collecting benefits?

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Do Illegal Immigrants Pay Taxes?

February 28, 2011

Illegal immigrants pay into Social Security via automatic payroll deductions, but they can never claim Social Security benefits because they are here illegally and because their Social Security numbers are fake. It’s estimated that undocumented immigrants pay about $7 billion per year in Social Security taxes that they will never be able to reclaim.



Illegal immigrants on welfare: fact or fiction?

It’s actually a myth, according to the Congressional Research Service, the investigative arm of Congress. This point is highlighted as one of the “top five immigration myths of the campaign season,” a list put out by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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