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Parliamentary economy, confirm that the desire to pass infrastructure projects within the federal budget

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Parliamentaryeconomy, confirm that the desire to pass infrastructure projects within thefederal budget

22/02/2012 08:31

Baghdad, February 22 (Rn) - A committee of economy andinvestment representative, Wednesday, about not wanting the most of thepolitical parties to pass a paragraph within the budget for 2012 sets theallocation of $ 18 trillion dinars for infrastructure projects to pay oncredit, indicating that Iraq has a multitude of Mali can use it to financethese the projects.

The former House refused to pass a bill of infrastructuremade by the government of 70 billion dollars for political motives.

It conducts economic and financial discussions in the Houseof Representatives on resolving the paragraph concerning the implementation ofinfrastructure projects are still under study.

It is hoped that the exposure of the federal budget nextMonday to vote in the House of Representatives, but some of the parties so asto exclude the presence of many of the points of contention.

Committee Chairman Ahmed al-Alwani told the Kurdish newsagency (Rn), "There is a reluctance to pass the paragraph in the federalbudget, which includes the allocation of $ 18 trillion dinars for theimplementation of infrastructure projects to pay on credit," noting that"the lack of desire comes from the belief that these projects Stkplsubsequent governments significant financial debt. "

Alwani said that "Iraq has accumulated abundantfinancial year and can be used to implement projects and payment method but noton credit," adding that "his committee did not encourage suchprojects."

The amount allocated for infrastructure projects to pass anew gateway projects, payment on credit, the Government intends to implement abill through the infrastructure which was ratified earlier, a value of $ 37.5billion and referred to the House of Representatives, but suffers from problemsin the approval.

Under the draft law on the implementation of newinfrastructure, particularly foreign companies, including Korean infrastructureprojects, such as schools, hospitals, water projects, method of payment oncredit.

Iraq has suffered from dilapidated infrastructure sectors inthe overall result of long years of siege and war during the last two decadesof the last century.

Despite the passage of eight years to overthrow the formerIraqi regime, the Iraqi government could not provide basic public services forcitizens, which often protesting the lack of it.

The Iraqi government says that the financial allocationswithin the annual budgets of the country is able alone to promoteinfrastructure projects that require large sums of money.

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