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Member of the Committee on Energy: Kuwait over the rights of Iraq's oil using horizontal drilling

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Member of the Committee on Energy: Kuwait over the rights of Iraq's oil using horizontal drilling

On: Wednesday 02/22/2012 11:09

Baghdad (news) ..

Warned a member of the Committee on Energy and MP for the oil / mass change / Bayazid Hassan Kuwait over the rights of Iraq's oil through the use of horizontal drilling on its oil fields near the Iraqi border.

Hassan said (to the Agency news) on Wednesday: The use of the Kuwait modern technology known drilling horizontal to extract oil from fields near the Iraqi territory Saatheraly oil reserves in the fields of Basra and the offense must be viewed through diplomatic channels and dialogue between the two sides to resolve it.

He added that the Iraqi Oil Ministry was not aware that there is a case of stealing oil from the Kuwaiti side, calling on the Ministry of Oil to the need to verify the authenticity of the news by the Kuwaiti side and knowledge of its consequences, and causes of being a threat to the Iraqi economy, the danger and the formation of a committee to follow up the matter.

In the same context, a source from the Federal Ministry of Oil in a statement (the news) for the theft of Iraqi oil by the two neighbors, Iran and Kuwait Bastkhaddamanma drilling technology horizontal to the fields near the Iraqi territory, which led to the withdrawal of Iraqi oil fields. / Finished / 8. D. Q /

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I can understand Iraq's still being miffed about this,

but is NOW really the time to address it,

when they're trying to get out from under CHVII and should be playing nicely w/Kuwait?!

Sure hope this isn't antoher excuse for a delay.

Man, oh, man can these guys milk a grudge!

Hopefully the UN'll step in and say, enuf! (for now)....

Oy Vay!

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