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Breitlings Monday Show "Great News" Feb 20, 2012

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yes, he talks about this article.

denominations (2currencies coexisting).

February 10, 2010

Two currencies coexist together and gradual replacement

Central Bank (time): Delete the zeros start end of the year

BAGHDAD - Ahmed Saleh Khyoun

CBI begins the end of the year and gradually replace the currency now in circulation a new currency which zeroes deleted within the strategy to reform the monetary system started in 2005.

Bank consultant and announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told (time) on that (the bank has completed 50 percent of a strategy switch in and out, delete the zeros of the nominal value of the new currency while retaining the cash value and purchasing power), said that (the replacement process will be gradually and spontaneously high and without fanfare, as will be There are two currencies to trade at the same time go hand in hand), but (that the purchasing power of the new currency will remain fixed).

Saleh said (there are multiple advantages of this strategy, including ease of trading between the citizens and facilitate the work of banks, counting, sorting, and stand on the counterfeit currency and to facilitate transactions of the citizens with the banks on the deposits and withdrawals in addition to facilitating the process of monetary reform after hitting a currency issued in circulation now 25 trillion dinars, while in 1990 was about 25 billion dinars and this in itself calls for the deletion of zeros).

In the answer to a question by (time) whether the Central Bank has set a deadline for the replacement of the currency said (we did not define this ceiling until now that the matter is still under study and the reality of work at that time will decide how long the replacement process).

Responding to another question about the Iraqi currency held abroad and how to replace it "(The right of a citizen is to remove the $ 200 thousand dinars and he could replace it like any ordinary citizen here in Iraq, either from abroad, the banks in the States would be responsible to us of the assets of our currency, too), He pointed out that (a media campaign will precede and guide the process in order to raise public awareness of the importance of this and that our banks and our will all be ready to provide all facilities to the citizens and emphasize once again that the process does not affect absolute quiet in the market also ...

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I have reread the article a few times the word that sticks in my head is... citizen here in Iraq, either from abroad.

It states no where non-citizens status would be the same rules, or would apply to us, right. The executive order 13303 states nothing to protect US citizens, as it is totally rapped around the oil industry within the country, not currency.

Dr. Shabibi never lies...

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