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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

All is good in Warka land


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Just a thought. And it is our Method. Due to Warka Roller Coaster Ride. Keep minimum amount on deposit. Get ISX issued trading number. Warka did this for us. Buy Shares. Or. Maybe Get out of Dodge. Buy Cold hard Cash IQD after wiring back to home. Or Some of Both. You can always go back to Dodge. When the Gun Smoke Clears. Warka had A Proxy Account. But if all goes South the Proxy may too. No Panic. Just making Good Humans Aware of All Possibilities. Even ISX issued number we were issued could be false. We have tried to contact ISX directly in this regard, more than once, and no reply. Warka / ISX still ONE BIG DESERT SLOT MACHINE. IQD Cash has many faults. Yes. But Humans can Hold it, Cuddle it and take it to the Zoo to see home town Camels.

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Very good...thank you for the update.


wow !!!!! i think they saw goldie and having a tough time on the beach ,,,and warka ,,,got togeather and desided they would make it good ,,,credit too goldie girl??? ;) of course if the need for body lotion might come up !!!! i might be handy :lol:

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