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Direct referral projects 2012

E. 1999

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Kut - Hassan Shaheed Al-Azzawi

said governor of Wasit province Mahdi al-Zubaidi that the budget for the province last year carried out fully, stressing that the province began to refer the draft budget 2012 to implementation.

and Zubaidi said that the budget of the Wasit province last year, carried out by 100 percent through the implementation of 192 projects were divided 49 projects of the Department of Roads, bridges, and 35 projects educationally and 33 of the Department of Electricity and 32 of the Department of Water and 25 municipalities of districts and areas, and 13 of the Directorate of Municipality of Kut, in addition to the ten projects for the Department of Health, three projects of the Department of sewage and two of the local administration and one for each of the departments of Agriculture, urban planning, housing and water resources.

said Zubaidi, that the preservation began to refer projects 2012 to implement since last December, noting that the budget for the province for the current year amounting to 216 billion dinars, distributed among the service sectors, basic as projects sanitation, bridges, tunnels, roads, calling for the House of Representatives passage of the budget year, to be able to maintain the payment of dues for companies that contracted with them.

The Governor emphasized that the province will see significant changes in all the projects this year, after it was opened for bidding to all companies for the implementation of the first package of projects at a cost of more than 60 billion dinars.

He added that the province called on companies and contractors to compete in tenders implementation package of projects within the plan year 2012, which included the development of the regions of the officers and human rights activists in the neighborhood of Damouk city of Kut, and the freedom in the district of the neighborhood and street rehabilitation of the industrial district and extending water and sewer, telephone and electricity underground in addition to the municipal integrated business.

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