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Iraq terminate the contract with the Swiss company charged with examining imported goods

Sara Johnson

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Iraq terminate thecontract with the Swiss company charged with examining imported goods

01/02/2012 15:38

Baghdad, February 1 (Rn) - The Iraqi Planning Ministry saidon Wednesday it canceled a contract concluded with the Swiss company to examinethe goods imported to Iraq in the country of origin after they refused toanswer questions about the reluctance to work.

Contract and the Central Agency for Standardization andquality control of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning at the end of January of 2011with two world wars, one French and one Swiss to check goods entering Iraqthrough the border points.

Under the contract the two companies (SGS) of Switzerlandand (Rio Veritas) French wars, which both have branches in all over the world,examine the material in the country of origin to ensure identicalspecifications of Iraq through laboratories accredited certificates ofconformity and sent electronically to the Central and copy it to the port theborder.

Said the spokesman of the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahraal-Hindawi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Ministry decidedtoday to terminate the contract of SGS company Swiss company after it refusedto send position statement on the lag in the process of examining thegoods."

"The Swiss company was taking .004 of the value of theimported goods that are examined and did not take any money from thegovernment."

He pointed out that the Ministry of Planning will go tocontract with other international companies more committed and able to implementthe terms of the contract. "

The flow of foreign goods to the Iraqi market since thelifting of the siege in 2003.

But the Iraqis often complain about the goods enter thecorrupt or expired to the markets of the country as a result of poor qualitycontrol at border crossings as well as the presence of corruption.

And associated Iraq with neighboring countries through 13outlet boundary, in addition to five outlets air and five ports freely, mostnotably the border crossings Abraham with Turkey, and an outlet newborn andRabia with Syria, and port Trebil with Jordan, and port Arar with Saudi Arabia,and an outlet Shalamjah and Mundhiriyah with Iran.

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