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UN calls for the success of the project in Iraq, the Federation Council to strengthen the legislative power

Sara Johnson

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UN calls for thesuccess of the project in Iraq, the Federation Council to strengthen thelegislative power

Editor: BR | SZ Wed 01 شباط2012 13:52 GMT

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Invited by the Deputy Special Representative of theSecretary-General in Iraq for political affairs, on Wednesday, members ofparliament to work on the success of the project of the Council of the Union,likely to open up the efforts to shape the way for the constitutional review,as he emphasized that there is an agreement between the political leaders onthe need to implement the constitutional article of the Council.

A statement to the parliament issued today, and received"Alsumaria News", Ambassador Georgi-Posten said in a speech at theRound Table on Constitutional and legislative framework of the Council of theUnion "I am honored to address the members of Parliament and Icongratulate the leadership of the House of Representatives on the initiativeto activate the constitutional provision to establish Council of the Union inaccordance with Article 65 of the Iraqi Constitution, which calls for the establishmentof the second part of the national legislature called the Federation Council."

The Boston "This entity is comprised of representativesof the regions and governorates, and therefore it is complementary to the Houseof Representatives who represents the Iraqi people, and the terms of referenceof the Federation Council is expected to include a review of laws enacted bythe House of Representatives, in addition to other tasks that may be assignedto him under a special law."

He Posten that "many countries have formed the Councilof a second or a higher council in parliament, for various reasons as it allowsthe formation of the higher possibility of the representation of a widersegment of society, including groups, components, and interests that may not beusually represented in the legislature through the electoral process that is ofthe House of Representatives to choose the public or the Council, shall bevested in the Supreme Council has responsibility for review or believe whatcomes out of the House or the executive branch. "

The Boston that "there is broad agreement among Iraqipolitical leaders the need to implement the constitutional article No. 65 Judgeformation of the Federation Council and the legislative process under way inthat direction," pointing out that "round-table discussions willcontribute significantly to the deliberations in the House of Representativeson the draft law and will ultimately help in the formation of a LegislativeCouncil is the highest efficiency and works to promote and consolidatedemocracy in Iraq. "

He favored Boston that "opens the efforts to form aCouncil of the Union the way for renewed efforts to advance the process ofconstitutional review," noting that "At the request of the Presidencyof the Council of Representatives, presented the mission of advice andtechnical assistance to the round table, including the international experienceand comparison of the boards of the Supreme federal parliamentary democracies."

The Iraqi List, confirmed on 20 September 2011, that thelist unanimously to return to the Federal Council that led from the candidatesfor the high politics, a leader of the list, Iyad Allawi, while drawn to thelack of the possibility of a violation or obstruction of this command to Oroadhin the Constitution, considered that the activation of This Council will solvethe complex political problems between Iraq and the rule of law.

The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, on 22September 2011, the Federal Council and the Supreme Council policies with twodifferent themes, stressing the necessity of activating the Federal Councilduring the current parliamentary session, as pointed out that Iyad Allawi isgreater than that looking for the post.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said, in the 11 of August2011, not convinced by the Council of strategic policies, considering that theCouncil Aredaúah longer an issue and has no role in the solutions encounteredin the political process.

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