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Iraqi Central Bank to take a new financial measures in the coming days


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the reason why they could announce this is because they are not printing anymore dinar in its current 000 state.

so for them to announce this wouldn't matter, they sucked enough dinar back in to the central bank to the point that there comfortable, so cbi knows what they will be on the hook for.

the dinar that is out is out, they will not get any u.s dinar back, since all it does here in the states is go from speculator to speculator when one sells.

plus all they did is what they always do, they identify a problem, then it takes forever for them to act on it.

moving the rate to 1000-1 doesn't do iraq any good, there next move will be an actual rv, or redenominate (which at this point is very unlikely)


If you are right that they are not printing any more dinar for speculation outside of Iraq, they lose nothing by projecting the RV. They know how much is out there and no more will go out. They just replace dinar or destroy it, in country to manage the supply, or decrease it.

In fact, it is to their advantage to predict the RV, if this is true, because they must educate Iraqis and they don't want to dance around the truth or falsity of an RV as they do it with the "raising the zeros" BS ambiguity. They can be straightforward and make their education campaign easier.

If they do let on there will be an RV, it might create problems in country - as Iraqis will hoard dinar and not turn them in for USD. However, this doesn't seem to be happening as they are going after USD. And perhaps this does not matter - they want them to eventually use dinar and not the dollar. And whoever has dinar has a right to benefit from an RV as it is a return to their formerly lost assets in the invasion.

Just thinking through this on the fly....

BUT the main idea you bring to the table is by far the best new idea here Nawty - we here at DV have always assumed that Iraq will "smoke and mirrors" their way to a secret RV. Perhaps this notion is untrue, at this point in the evolution of their money supply. It may have been true in the past, depending on their printing practices.

There is one niggling possibility that would be very bad - they are moving toward an RD because it doesn't matter if they tell the truth - so they are telling the truth because they have nothing to lose by the same idea. But then other factors don't add up to an RD, so probably unlikely. :D

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Wow, this tells me something is about to happen because the pressure is on and its coming to a head. The smuggling, the influx of U.S dollars and the inflation and lack of purchase power now everyone do the math here. This thing needs to pop and soon.

Sounds more a good fashion lancing is the order for the day. It ain't popping so fix it with a scalpal!! Just slice and dice it baby any old way you wanna. Just Hit the dang RV button Shabilicious..... You Know You wanna!!!!!!

:woot: :woot: :woot::twothumbs::woot: :woot: :woot:

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no, i feel it will initially come out higher, but for the free market economy to work properly, it atleast has to be recognized at $.01.

there are so many factors, and so much iraq needs monetarily that slow movements at this point (1000-1) will not work.

my students and sonny1 who i got into this years ago have been trying to get me to come on here for years, but now that a conclusion seems certain, i decided to have sonny sign me up a few weeks back, and i am glad i did, i like intelligent debate. thanks

For the people of Iraq, I would think that rolling the rv out in slow movements would be very confusing to the unsophisticated person, which could lead to more corruption, and that coming at at 1:1 makes the most sense, especially considering they can afford it. They do not want failure with the people due to the consequences: the banking industry is attempting to ground itself and become a part of the everyday goings on for the Iraqis. If the people are taken advantage of by anyone, the people will never trust the banks, nor the system. They put themselves back to before Saddam's reign. There are too many systems that have been implemented, and their success is their utilization by the populus.

Nawty, this opinion is coming from a student and not a teacher. B)

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It's good to see you coming around, Truthful, but I have to say, I too am suspicious of an article that indicates, almost matter-of-factly, an imminent RV. What is the legitimacy of Orr News in Iraq? Honestly, I do not know one of their news agencies from another, be it their equivalents of the Washington Post or the Washington Times.

Sorry, I can't help you as to what level of legitimacy this source of news has, but if you simply google Baghdad/ Orr News ( as I did) you will find numorous articles spread out over a substantial period of time. I read several, they all seem legit, so even though I can't say that this ranks up there with the "Wall Street Journal", it does appear to have credability.


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i am glad this is posted, i got this sent to me a few hours, i hope they do what this says, not that it matters, but i am hearing it could already of happened (i have been wrong before....alot)

i hope everyone is doing well...

ill go back into hibernation now....

I'm doing GREAT Sonny1!!! I know I'm always open to your input, be it right, wrong, or indifferent. You are just about as solid as they come so please don't fear saying what you think. I would not ever dream of neg'ing you, out of respect! (Plus you know more then I do) :P

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It seems odd Iraq would tell people they are going to RV. Wouldn't they just have done it and revealed it after the fact? I think something is getting lost in translation.

I think they are losing control of the situation and their backs are agains the wall. They already know that we know that they in the final minutes of the 4th quarter and have only 10 little yards standing between us and that old knarly goal post. At this point, is it even a revealing statement????? :)

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I agree with you 100%. I have not once thought that Iraq would RD/LOP. It would serve no purpose from economic standpoint in my mind. I have always maintained that we will see an RV close to 1 to 1. I happen to be an accounting nerd and I have spent many moons banging my head against the wall trying to learn and figure this investment out.

What is bothersome to me is that IQD is not an internationally tradeable currency as of today. What are your thoughts on that? I have a quick fix plan in the event we see an RV and the IQD is not recognized in our banking systems. I plan to visit my local Travelex office with a few notes to convert to USD. That should pad my account for a few days and pay for a trip to Vegas and Tahoe.

Please let me know your thoughts.



hey .. yes travelex is my solution also with a few .. they did say though they are expensive .. as currency exchanges go?

also I was in a Bank of The West here Colo. Yesterday and the manager told us that they are all into the Dinars and she couldn't talk of what that Bank is doing towards this subject but I read between the lines to believe that ,, they are doing something ? she acted as if there was things happening at the U.S. BANKING LEVELS HERE IN DENVER AREA ?

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Your wrong....not to be mean or anything, I just feel if the smallest dinar a Iraq owns is the 5,000 and they adjust the rates then when Joe the Iraqi goes and buys a coke costing 2 dinar its going to be impossible to make change. How does he make change....the lowers have to be released or it will force Joe the Iraq to buy 5,000 dinar worth of crap when all he wanted was a coke.

Also the CBI is stating it will adjust rate in the coming weeks because Iran's people are exchange to the dollar on the black market inside Iraq boarders. So the would not make change with the dollar.....because they want to dedollarize the country. Their will be an exchange period for Iraqi is guaranteed!!! Anyone telling you different is not analyzing this investment.

Go R.V!!!!

The contractor also has regular conversations with who he says is a top guy at the US embassy. He said this person says that everything is in place to implement a monetary change in Iraq. This person says that he feels that the USD are in the streets by design as the lower USD denominations will be used temporarily with the new denominations for the dinar in order to have small enough notes to make change in the market easily.This will stay the case until ALL of the new denominations are in the market place and Iraqi citizens have restored their faith in their own currency. He also said that many of the Iraqis have specifically told him that they will not relenquish the USD until their currency can be used instead. He assumes this means that in order to accomplish what they want, the dinar will need to be at least on par with the USD. This also created an atmosphere where the large (3 zero) notes would be handed over without much question. This obviously was a masterful plan.

What if I am not wrong?

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