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Found 1 result

  1. As i have watched the events play out throughout the days their have been some things that stood out to me that just didnt make sense. For one, The timing of this so called war to break out right before the NEW pm is announced and right before Maliki's term officially comes to an end on June 14. So my question is IF Iraq is on the brink of Civil war explain this: Commercial markets filled with shoppers and day and night 6/15/2014 0:00 Citizens: rumors will not deter us and are involved in the sustainability of life BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb - Mustafa al-Hashemi witnessing the commercial market in Baghdad sought naturally where the market is full of materials various consumer and the movement of supply and demand do not marred by any defect as a result of military events taking place in some Iraqi cities. in return going normal life where work is continuing in all the joints of the local markets, referring to the cohesion of the internal front Just moving the citizen to work and function in the morning and come back pm find the evening the expanse of the citizen to the shop assured vigilantly warned our security forces in dealing with those who try to disturb the living. Natural movement at the airport in Baghdad 6/15/2014 0:00 Delegation of Immigration to Dohuk to follow up the situation of the displaced people of Nineveh Baghdad delegates morning confirmed that the Ministry of Transport said bookings on board the aircraft, Iraqi Airways continuing to and from all airports in the country. As directed Saturday morning a delegation from the Department of Immigration to Dohuk governorate to follow up the situation of the displaced families, called the Council of Baghdad security forces to provide adequate protection to international organizations to deliver aid to them. flights natural director of the airline in the Ministry of Transport, Captain Saad al-Khafaji said the commissioner "morning" virgin-Hassani, said air traffic running normally. confirmed al-Khafaji said bookings on board the aircraft company continuing to and from all airports in the country, with the exception of Mosul. explained that what is rumored in some media outlets intended to provoke panic and fear among the citizens, denying rumors recently about the cancellation of all flights, stressing at the same time that the Mosul International Airport will return to carry out his functions air soon . said Khafaji said booking flights are handled in the same context, typically through the company's offices in both inside and outside the country, which noted that it is open around the clock to receive all bookings. delegation of immigration to this, the director of the branches in the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Mohammed disturb Naimi to delegate the "morning" Isra al-Samarrai, a delegation headed by senior agent of the ministry in addition to its agent artwork went yesterday morning to the province of Dohuk to follow the conditions of the displaced families from the province of Nineveh. explained that the branch migration in Dohuk distributed seven thousand blankets among the displaced, in addition to its tireless efforts to provide aid food because of the dire situation experienced by families after being displaced as a result of lack of ownership of the Maoi and shortages of food and baby milk and money, noting that the ministry embarked on the distribution of grants displaced families from Anbar province to all provinces. international organizations, for his part, called on the Baghdad provincial council security forces to provide adequate protection international organizations in order to deliver aid to displaced families from the province of Nineveh, according to a member of the Council Mahdia Abdul Hassan. reported in a statement to the commissioner, "morning" Wafaa Amer, that a lot of international humanitarian organizations, as well as the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had approached the committee of civil society organizations in the Council to take action necessary to facilitate their access to areas that have been displaced them residents of Mosul. noted that the work of the organizations listed will focus two-way first to deliver aid to them, and the second arrival of its members to these areas to keep records and find out their needs to be covered in the form required. showed that it requires to provide protection to members of the organizations until the arrival to the places of the displaced , as well as ease of entry into the areas of the Kurdistan region, especially that these organizations had approached the impossibility of a lot of people of Mosul to stay in the region to the difficulty of access to shelter as refugee, as well as the inability of low-income rental role appropriate to the high cost of their, which must move before to find housing in the region instead of returning to conflict zones. http://www.alsabaah....w.aspx?ID=72786 If they were truly fearing for their lives and possibly reaching baghdad ask yourself this: A. Would the U.s let it all slip away everything they fought for and blood being spilled by Americans to just lose it to ISIS?LOL B. Wheres China's help? where are all the other countries that have invested billions in Iraq to let it go down the drain? something is just NOT right about this whole thing. Posted Yesterday, 03:19 AM Britain issued Islamic bonds coming weeks Britain issued Islamic bonds coming weeks News Source:Ali Salman Section:Page economic June 14, 2014 7:49 Readers Number:42 Said British finance minister George Osborne said on Thursday that his government will issue a sovereign Islamic bonds in the next few weeks with an effort to London to become a center for Islamic finance. Britain will become the first Western country issue Islamic bonds, or so-called instruments, and see the British government issued these bonds is an important step on the road to promote the status of London compared with rival financial centers specializing in the field of Islamic finance in Asia and the Middle East. In the past year, Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to issue Islamic bonds (Sukuk) worth 200 million pounds (336 million dollars). 12/5/140614

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