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Found 3 results

  1. 6/8/2018 DJ...Did you know... Good Evening, Once again, all sources are reporting the GCR/RV has begun in earnest. There are reports that the tier 4 groups have begun. and reports from attorney paymasters that they have been given the green light to distribute funds to holder accounts and that it has been done. The funds are not spendable yet but are landing in accounts. There are conversations with Iraqi generals who have stated their RV begins Aug 8th. A lot of conversations on the exact detail of how this will go down procedure wise are circulating. Various superpowers have positioned themselves for the imminent global reset of debt and financial systems. The narratives and information streams are articulated is such a plausible manor that it is very easy to digest as profound and accurate. In other words, we are shown what it is we want to see. But plausible is only theory and reality is reality. There are currently over 6000 bills and laws being presented, for vote to the finance committee of the 115th Congress. That is just the Finance Committee alone. There is a lot of minutia in these 6000 plus bills, laws and policies such as printing a particular memorabilia coin or laws on controlling crypto currency from illicit behavior and so on. But there are also a vast amount of laws and amendments that have to be passed or have been passed, in order for this GCR/RV to process into our economy. You cannot just say, “Do it” and it will just manifest. Laws have to be created and policies amended to support and control the activities generated from this global reset. This scenario holds true in every participating country. These countries also have to build the legal support systems that will allow the integration of these funds into their particular economies and each country has their own particular set of circumstances they have to deal with to make it happen. The point being, is it is a process, and procedures take time. 209 countries have to process through their parliamentary or congressional procedures plus international compliance issues, for this to event to manifest. There is and always will be a misconception of events and circumstances that get labeled as trigger events or are considered to be a necessary component for the GCR/RV to occur. When presented to us, we can tend to assimilate them on face value and move on. However, when you dig deeper into the reality of these functions, one discovers the real purpose and motivations behind the development of these functions is singular in purpose and are only a piece of the puzzle, not the entire puzzle. By functions, I am refereeing to things such as the C.I.P.S., AIIB, BRICS, Paris Accords, NAFTA, FATCA, Sovereign Elections, Financial Systems, Gold Reserves, Asset Reserves, and so on. All are piece of the puzzle but not “THE’ puzzle. The real delays generally come from the situations as stated above and are geopolitical in nature and not a logistics or fiduciary component or rather how the funds are to be delivered and who takes on the function and authority of its delivery. There has been an ongoing narrative that the Zim and the perceived in-ground assets of Zimbabwe are the building blocks that will support the GCR. When I say, “Perceived “I mean just that. No one really knows how much rare mineral deposits or in-ground assets actually exist. It ranges from 5 million ounces of gold to 58 million tones. I mention gold because there are a host of other minerals that are derivatives of gold exploration and mining IE: Platinum, Silver, Nickel, Lithium, Rhodium and Chrome Ore. The huge variance comes from the historical mining culture of Zimbabwe. About 60% of Zimbabwe’s land surface comprises an Archaean age basement known as the Zimbabwe Craton, which is dominated by granitic rocks locally enclosing remnants of volcanic sedimentary piles known as greenstone belts. Greenstone belts, hosts to most gold deposits, are prime agricultural areas as a result of their rich red loamy soils. Mineral exploration is prohibited in cultivated areas or areas registered for cultivation, except with the consent of the landowner, which is not always easy to come by. Laws are currently be established to circumvent those restrictions. As a result, mining has been mainly confined to hilly areas that have high incidences of hosting quartz vein deposits. The greenstone belts are also renowned for the rich variety of mineral resources, including gold, base metals and industrial minerals. The Great Dyke marking the upper boundary of the Archaean in Zimbabwe, hosts world-class reserves of platinum group metals and chrome ore. Production since independence in 1980 of over 400 tons of gold from several thousand shear quartz vein-based small mines located on lines of ancient workings, Zimbabwe is generally considered to be a country of small gold deposits Although the Zimbabwe Craton has one of the highest gold productivities per square kilometer, the available technical information (Because of the lack of geologistmany gold deposits in Zimbabwe were discovered without using geological modelling because of the existence of the ancient workings that simplified the exploration) suggests that the country is under-explored.
  2. Luigi says... Treat this as a rumor until verified. TNT stated earlier this week...we will not get out of June without seeing the RV. Then again, he said the same thing about May, April, March, Feb, Jan, etc... 23 June 2018 KittynDog: RUMORED : The rv was released for tier 4 in reno for paymasters at 1 pm....lets see if we find any truth to this lets keep watching 23 June 2018 Restored Republic... 1. The deposited RV funds have been cleared and are now available. 2. The exchanges/redemptions may now begin at any time. 3. Several Tier 3 individuals and groups already received liquid funds. 4. Sources believe the toll-free 800 numbers will be released once banks open in Hong Kong. 5. (Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of EDT. Saturday night is the one time that all banks across the globe are closed, so it could be assumed that we are talking some time Sunday June 24 for 800 numbers release). 22 June 2018 TNT... We won't get out of June without an RV.
  3. Luigi found this article of Dinarian intrest... Just got back from my WF branch bank, asked why the Gen 64-WF groups were not notified. WF Customer Service said they do not recognize the IQD period. Take all of this a a rumor. Not varified. 12 May 2017 Judy Byington...Compiled 12:01 EDT Restored Republic...Bruce Call. 1-We began the process yesterday May 10th. 2-This was a deliberate rollout & there was a method to it. 3-The GCR was officially underway at 4:00 PM EDT Tuesday May 9. 4-At one point last week we had 9 administrative holds. Yesterday May 10 the last hold came off. 5-Yesterday May 10 it was go time just not yet for for the 5 million+ internet group. 6-There are Tier 4 being paid out. Tier 1 Sovereign Nations done. Tier 2 Elders paid now. Tier 3 are starting now. Tier 4 Monday May 15th. 7-Banks have permission to pay some people Tonight May 11th. 8-US banks have enough liquidity that they will be Basil 4 compliant. 9-Iraq internet will be set up by Saturday May 13 for major announcements on Sunday May 14. 10-UN Operational Rates will take effect Monday May 15. 11-Redemption Centers still active & on lockdown.

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