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Found 25 results

  1. CNN. Broadcasting While Eavesdropping In On The Talks - I Wonder If They Can See My Size 22 Clown Shoes Sticking Out From Beneath Those Curtains To The Right... LINK Baghdad and Erbil to resume dialogue 4th August, 2020 The Iraqi PM Spokesman Ahmed Mulla Talal has revealed in a press conference today that the discussion between Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government will be resumed soon. “Dialogue is the only choice for two parties to make an agreement that confirms the constitution. The government will hold its sessions in all governorates without distinction”, he explained. Adding that “The government will find a financial and legal solution to help the contract staffs and day workers” “A committee led by the Minister of Water Resources was created to manage the issue of water and dams with turkey”, he said, revealing that “the Minister of Water Resources will lead a delegation to Turkey to discuss the share of Iraq according to the international conventions”. “The PM ordered to hold a session to discuss the next school year, in order to prevent the same complication that happened at the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic”, he added.
  2. CNN. Broadcasting From A Swanky Restaurant In Erbil ! Barzani Party - Ur Table For 487 Is Ready ! But Please Return All Of The Silverware That U ‘Borrowed’ The Last Time... Barzani party member accuses Baghdad of breaking with previous agreements with Erbil: We need a comprehensive agreement Policy 07/20/2020 15:47 407 Baghdad today - Kurdistan Member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Imad Bajlan, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the lack of implementation of the constitution by the federal government is the basis of the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil. Baglan told (Baghdad Today), "In every meeting between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government in Baghdad, the region demands the application of the constitution and asylum to the Federal Court in contentious issues, but different governments in Baghdad apply it selectively." He added that "any agreement between the two governments will be temporary, because all previous agreements are not implemented and Baghdad will soon be disavowed due to the failure to apply the articles of the constitution." And he stated, "We need a comprehensive legal agreement that guarantees the rights of citizens in the region, as well as the rights of Baghdad, and this matter will not be applied through visits or relations between two governments because it will soon end as it happened with the previous agreement in the government of Abdul-Mahdi, for that constitution is Al-Faisal." Before that, Baglan confirmed that the Kurdistan region is owed 27 billion dollars because of Baghdad's failure to pay the region's dues. Baglan said that "the Kurdistan region was delivering 250 thousand barrels according to the 2019 budget while receiving half of the agreed amount and not more than 450 million," stressing that "the Kurdistan government does not take a share of the petrodollars like the Iraqi provinces." He added: "In the days of the war against ISIS, the government borrowed 65 billion dollars and did not give it a dollar to the Kurdistan Region in the face of terrorism and now deducts part of the payment from the region." He stressed that "the Kurdistan region owes $ 27 billion, which is because Baghdad stopped paying the region's dues at a time when it was fighting terrorism and saving the salaries of its employees forced." A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government is preparing to visit the capital, Baghdad, as a prelude to completing negotiations on an agreement to deliver oil and revenue from border crossings in exchange for the federal government sending financial dues to the region's employees. LINK
  3. CNN. Broadcasting While The Ayatollah Sits On A Popsicle And Tries To Guess What Flavor It Is ! Hint: It’s A Jamaal Watermelon ... And Notice The Grandma Shawl And The Kitchen Towel That He’s Using For Warmth ... In his meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister .. Khamenei vows to strike the Americans in response to the killing of Soleimani - 19 Minutes Ago Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that his country would deal a blow to America in response to the killing of the prominent commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, adding that his country would not interfere in Baghdad's relationship with Washington. Khamenei made his threat in Tuesday's meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, according to the official website of the Iranian guide. Khamenei told the Iraqi Prime Minister - who is visiting Tehran - that his country will not interfere in Baghdad's relationship with Washington, but he warned that the American presence on the Iranian border is causing security chaos. Al-Kazemi met Khamenei in Tehran on Tuesday during his first official visit abroad since he took office in May. Khamenei said that "Iran will not interfere in Iraq’s relations with America, but expects Iraqi friends to know America and realize that its presence in any country causes corruption, destruction and destruction." He continued, "The Islamic Republic expects to abide by the decision of the (Iraqi) parliament to expel American forces, as their presence is a reason for insecurity." America and Iran Khamenei indicated that Soleimani was killed in an American air strike by a plane near Baghdad airport at the beginning of the year, after which the Iraqi parliament requested the withdrawal of American forces. "They killed your guest in your house and rudely admitted that," he said. He added that Iran "will never forget this and will certainly strike a retaliatory blow to the Americans." Tehran responded to the killing of Soleimani by launching ballistic missiles at bases used by American forces in Iraq, knowing that Trump refused to respond militarily to this strike. The missile attack targeting the al-Asad base in western Iraq did not result in deaths among US forces, but it wounded soldiers with brain tremors. Khamenei said that Iran opposes "what weakens the Iraqi government," contrary to Washington, which he said does not want "an independent and strong Iraqi government elected by popular vote." Source: Agencies link
  4. CNN. Broadcasting An Actual Iraqi With ‘Intelligence’ ! A prominent negotiator and a cunning player" ... Who is the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi? Posted in: 05/08/2020 - 17:37 Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi. © AFP Text: Boualem Ghobshi On Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi managed to extract the confidence of parliament in the formation of his government to put an end to five months of political labor, during which other personalities were unable to carry out this task. Al-Kazemi has run Iraqi intelligence since 2016, and he is originally a writer, journalist and human rights activist who lived for years in exile before returning to his country after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, and a huge task awaits him given the scale of the crisis in the country. Who is Al-Kazemi? Will he succeed in overcoming this crisis? After five months of political struggle, the political parties in the Iraqi parliament met around the government of Mustafa al-Kazimi, which Thursday won the confidence of the political blocs in the legislative institution. Al-Kazemi is a well-known name for the Iraqi political class by virtue of the fact that he occupied the mission of head of the intelligence service since 2016. The first test that the new Iraqi Prime Minister will face is the extent of his ability to send signs of hope in the present and future of the country, to gain the confidence of Iraqis who are angry at the country's bitter economic and social reality, and who have intensively taken to the streets in demonstrations that rocked the country for several weeks. However, this matter seems difficult with the increasing financial expectations, which worsen day by day, and the country is entering a difficult economic year, and its GDP is expected to decrease by 9.7 percent, according to the World Bank. The media also reported that Baghdad was considering the possibility of deducting the salaries of employees, in a move that would undoubtedly receive popular rejection, and put the new prime minister face to face with the street. Al-Kazemi’s choice is the third attempt to form a new government since the beginning of the year 2020, after Adnan Al-Zarfi’s apology, and Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi accepted it. How to shine star with Al-Kazemi? In 2016, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi surprised the Iraqis by appointing a figure as Mustafa al-Kazimi, the journalist and human rights activist, to head intelligence. This is at the height of the war against the "Islamic State" that occupied part of the country in a period of time before the Iraqi army, with the support of the international coalition, succeeded in defeating it. Al-Kazemi's complex relations with the political class inside and outside Iraq helped him find his way to the premiership steadily, knowing that his name has been frequently reported to hold this position since 2018 after the legislative elections that resulted in Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the resigned prime minister. Al-Kazemi took advantage of his position as head of intelligence, to forge several links with dozens of countries and agencies operating within the international coalition. During a rare visit with former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in 2017 to Riyadh, he was seen embracing at length his personal friend, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Al-Kazimi is said to know how to be a friend to everyone. He is considered "a person who is not hostile to anyone, who has a pragmatic mentality, and has relations with all the main players on the Iraqi scene: a good relationship with the Americans, and a relationship that has recently returned to Iran," according to what one of his close associates told Agence France-Presse. About a month ago, an Iraqi faction close to Iran accused Al-Kazemi of having a role in the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Deputy Chairman of the Popular Mobilization Organization, which was carried out by Washington in Baghdad. He had to re-polish his image in front of the Iranians, and he did. Al-Kazemi is seen as a skilled negotiator, who Iraqis are counting on today to harness his extensive network of relations in Washington, as in Tehran, to save Iraq from an economic and political disaster. "He is a prominent negotiator and a cunning player," said Tobi Dodge, director of studies at the Middle East Institute at the London School of Economics, in a statement to Agence France-Presse. Press, intelligence, and then prime minister Al-Kazemi, whose real name is Mustafa Abd al-Latif Misht, was born in Baghdad in 1967 where he studied law before leaving his country for Britain in 1985. He chose the title of Al-Kazemi during his exile in Britain and columnist and director of the liberation of the Iraq section of the American "Monitor" site. After the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003, Al-Kazimi returned to Iraq to participate in the founding of the Iraqi Media Network. He also ran the "Iraqi Memory Foundation", which worked to document the testimonies of the victims of Saddam Hussein's regime. Al-Kazemi also worked as editor-in-chief of the "Weekly" magazine, which was issued by a Kurdish institution in the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah during the years 2010-2011, and published several books including: "The Iraq Question ... Reconciliation between the Past and the Future." Will Al-Kazemi succeed in overcoming the current crisis in the country? It seems that the nature of the Iraqi political system makes it difficult for the new prime minister’s mission to lead a ship this stage according to what the Iraqi street expects, according to the interpretation of the Iraqi analyst Maan Al-Jubouri in an interview with France 24. Al-Jubouri says, "Successive government failures are many and expectations are great." The prime minister's margin is very narrow. "The Iraqi street is betting on Al-Kazemi's arrangement for this stage to allow the dissolution of the parliament and the organization of elections," Jubouri explains, adding that the new prime minister, "even if it is not counted on religious parties, and this is a positive thing, will collide with the parliament in the sense of the parties in power, if he wants Do any repair step. " Al-Jubouri did not seem very optimistic about what Al-Kazemi could do to overcome the current crisis in which Iraq is floundering, because "any major accomplishment the prime minister is trying to do cannot be passed in parliament, because these parties are in control of it," the analyst said. Al-Jubouri continues that the only remaining bet is: "pressure the street to impose change on these political organizations." Boualem Ghobshi link
  5. CNN. Broadcasting While Sounding The Iraqi Battle Horn Kazoos - Which Is Sure To Strike Epically Paralyzing Fear Into ‘The Shiite For Brains’ Iranians ! Al-Kazemi responds to Iran's provocations with the Battle of the Land Ports - 4 Hours Ago BAGHDAD - Baghdad responded strongly Saturday to indications indicating Tehran's intention to stimulate hostile security activities inside Iraq, when the Armed Forces Command in Basra, in the south, announced direct drilling of a trench in the vicinity of a border port to cut off drug and arms smuggling from Iran. Pictures showed mechanisms operating under the guard of Iraqi army soldiers to cut off irregular dirt roads used by smugglers linked to armed militias, to introduce drugs and weapons from Iran to Iraq and transfer the US dollar from Iraq to Iran. And the sale of Iranian drugs in Iraq generates big profits, after this country turned from a mere passage of this substance to other countries, to a consumer. Iran depends on selling drugs in the southern Iraqi cities, exchanging the return for the American currency, then returning it from the borders. Iran also provides weapons to its militias and sells to all clans and those willing to possess all the weapons and ammunition they need. Most of this material is introduced through dirt roads near the Shalamcheh border crossing between Iraq and Iran in Basra Governorate. Military sources said that the Iraqi army forces received direct instructions from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to stop smuggling operations between Iran and Iraq urgently, confirming that the Basra Operations Command has started since Saturday morning the establishment of a trench protected by an earthen shield that runs along the flat area near the Shalamcheh port, where it was built Militias are dirt roads. This development comes after the Iraqi authorities announced hostile security activities - believed to be carried out by pro-Iranian groups in Baghdad and southern cities - targeting American interests. It also came a few days after Al-Kazemi ended a visit to Tehran, which was surrounded by widespread controversy, and leaked from her that the Iraqi Prime Minister rejected an Iranian request to facilitate Tehran's acquisition of the US dollar. The Iraqi and Iranian governments are reluctant to disclose the nature of the relationship between the two countries now, and whether they are really tense, against the background of the failure of Al-Kazimi's visit to Tehran. Al-Kazemi’s directives did not stop at the level of stopping the smuggling of drugs and weapons from Iran to Iraq through the Shalamcheh outlet. Rather, it extended to include 13 other outlets, the most prominent of which is with Iran, including one with Saudi Arabia that was not opened mainly. The Joint Operations Command, which is the highest military formation in Iraq, said that Al-Kazemi issued directives to “seize all border crossings, enforce the law in them, combat abuses and corruption and waste public money,” announcing its initiation of “allocating security forces to all outlets and the size of the assigned security force according to the nature of each Outlet, where protection responsibility has been defined for all outlets on the Iraqi army’s parts. ” The leadership indicated that the forces empowered to protect the port and the customs sanctuary are “empowered with all legal powers to hold accountable any violation and from whomever it was.” Sources say that this type of measure directly affects militia activity linked to Iran within Iraqi territory. The government's actions reveal a clear plan to tighten control of the road linking Iran and Syria, via Iraq. And if Iran uses its ports with Iraq in Basra and Diyala to introduce weapons, then it uses Anbar outlets to transfer weapons from Syria to Iraq. These measures may provide a picture to answer the question that arises in multiple circles regarding the nature of the relationship between the Kazemi government and Iran. But Al-Kazemi, according to observers, does not want to enter into an all-out war with Iran's arms in Iraq, which is besieged by the stifling economic and health crises. Therefore, Al-Kazemi moves slowly and chooses files that do not raise media hustle, with the aim of strengthening the state’s influence versus that of the militias. Observers say that without the support of the international community, Al-Kazemi may find himself powerless to cope with the tremendous momentum that Iran can manufacture in Iraq, through forces that view the country and its organs lightly. The Arabs LINK
  6. CNN. Broadcasting A Talking Watermelon On The Last Line - Wait For It ... The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for “Al-Sabah”: The aim of Al-Kazemi’s visit to Riyadh is to find an umbrella for investment Monday 20 July 2020 Baghdad / Al-Sabah / Muhannad Abdul-Wahab Hazim Muhammad Habib Iraq is launching in its external relationship its permanent affirmation of the need to move away from the policy of axes and conflicts, and to adopt constructive dialogue in dealing with crises in a manner that enhances the chances of peace in the region, and to obtain the support of the international community in preserving its sovereignty, security and stability, and in this context come the two expected visits of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the visits of foreign ministers of countries in the region and the world to Baghdad, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the most important files that will be discussed during the visit of the Prime Minister and the accompanying ministerial delegation to Riyadh today, and his discussions with leaders The kingdom is to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and discuss political, economic, energy and agricultural issues. The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said in an interview with “Al-Sabah”: The visit by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the ministerial delegation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and his meeting with Saudi leaders will have repercussions on the economic and political conditions and the expansion of Saudi investments in Iraq, noting that the delegation The minister accompanying the Prime Minister is multisectoral and includes the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Finance Ali Abdel Amir Allawi, Planning Minister Khaled Battal, Health Hassan Al-Tamimi, Agriculture Muhammad Al-Khafaji, Youth and Sports, Adnan Darjal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Hamid Al-Ghazi, in addition to other officials in different sectors.Al-Sahaf added that the delegation will hold in-depth meetings and dialogues whose primary goal is to find an umbrella for investment in the energy, agriculture, and youth sectors and to enable and integrate it, indicating that the visit will provide multi-arm interests, as well as the political and diplomatic side of the visit, which is to affirm Iraq's openness to all parties, within the framework of the awareness of its constitutional reference and the laws in force And his awareness of his internal national needs, with the aim of maximizing the nature of the governmental response to the needs of the Iraqi society and the popular demands. The press, which noted that Iraq has great strengths that need real flexibility and rationality in managing interests, stressed that the government seeks to find multiple balanced partnerships and openness to all parties in order to diversify Economic and investment portals to Iraq, indicating that the visit to the Islamic Republic will be in the same address and content as the visit of the Saudi Arabian Queen. To that, the deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc Diar Barwari stressed that the visits of foreign ministers of countries in the region and the world to Iraq and the visits that the Prime Minister will make, are important to strengthen the bonds of diplomatic relations and distance from the axes policy, indicating that Iraq needs the cooperation of neighboring countries to enhance security and control borders Revitalizing the economy and avoiding regional conflicts. In an interview with Al-Sabah, Barawi added that the Iraqi government always affirms in its speech its sincere desire to build relations based on common interests and respect for its sovereignty and lay the foundations for peace and security in the region and the world, pointing out that Al-Kazemi’s visit to Riyadh and Tehran because they are two central capitals that have their weight and influence In the area. Prurai pointed out that the establishment of balanced relations with all the surrounding countries will secure the borders of Iraq, especially since the border tensions are continuing with the countries surrounding Iraq, indicating that the Turkish violations of the borders with Iraq require a national position that leads to the protection of the borders in a way that is in the interest of Iraqi society and does not constitute a threat to neighboring countries And reassure the neighboring countries that Iraq does not constitute a threat to anyone and is ready to protect the borders, which are considered security operations and linked to the federal authority. For his part, the deputy of the Iraqi Forces Alliance Ahmad al-Mashhadani counted the mutual visits between Iraq and the countries of the region and the world as "positive" aimed at drawing diplomatic policy, opening new pages and building common interests between Iraq and the surrounding Arab, regional and international levels. Al-Mashhadani said to “Al-Sabah”: The diplomatic steps taken by the Prime Minister and his visit to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries indicate a new era of economic openness and communication by building a network of interests away from conflicts, indicating that Iraq is establishing its relations on economic and political cooperation, which constitutes steps Positive in opening up to the world. In the same context, the leader of the Al-Fateh coalition, Ghazanfar Al-Battikh, in a press statement, the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is important and has many dimensions, especially in relation to the economic and financial side, due to the difficult situation Iraq lives. The watermelon said: LINK
  7. CNN. Broadcasting While Taking ‘Shots’ At The Border ! LINK Al-Kazemi: The military forces are empowered to shoot at the border crossers 11th July, 2020 On Saturday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi authorized the security forces to shoot at those who crossed the border crossings, during his visit since Mandali’s border with Iran Al-Kazimi said during his visit to the port, that "the military forces are authorized to shoot at the violators at the border crossings. He added, "The customs campus is under the protection of military forces Al-Kazemi continued, "I asked the head of the outlets to prepare a plan to rehabilitate all the outlets. Al-Kazimi said during the opening of the port, "Our visit to the port is a clear message to all the corrupt that you do not have a foothold in the border crossings as a whole and all departments should work to fight corruption because it is a public demand And, "Our visit to the Mandali port is a clear message to all the corrupt that you do not exist, and we have prepared plans to fight you and everyone should join hands to fulfill this demand He said: "He gave us powers to head the Border Crossings Authority to fight and chase corrupt people in all border crossings
  8. CNN. Broadcasting With An ‘Immunity Idol’ From A Box Of Cracker Jacks ! LINK The official does not touch .. Deputy: the influential parties built empires immune to the law 7/6/22020 11:07:46 Deputy Alia Nassif confirmed, on Monday, that the influential political parties built empires immune to the law, while indicating that the official is immune and the sanctions extend to those without him. Nassif said in an interview with {Euphrates News} that "the official is immune in relation to financial and administrative matters and the sanctions extend to those without the official," noting that "the wrong establishment of the political process led to parties engaging in quotas and sharing the spoils." Nassif added that "the parties were talking about economics lightly and today began to announce their economies clearly and those responsible for the economy have become well known," stressing that "this indulgence made them immune to the law." Nassif continued, "Many of the files, such as oil and ports, the central bank or banks and the Internet, are political fronts for the powerful parties and built empires immune to the law, and therefore the implementation of the law is weak against them." Regarding the Federal Court Law, Nassif indicated that "it is assumed that the Federal Court Law will be enacted that can solve many outstanding issues such as the oil and gas law and the differences between the region and the center and between the provinces or the laws issued by Parliament." And she added that "the Federal Court, according to the Bremer Law, has become a source of weakness in the Iraqi state," noting that "we went to restore the error committed by the Federal Court by canceling a article related to the mechanism of nominating an alternative from the members of the court because today the Federal Court is suspended because of this paragraph that made it incomplete quorum." He pointed out that it "collected 50 signatures of parliament to amend the law of the Federal Court, " asserting that it "submitted a request to the President of Parliament for the inclusion of the amendment on the agenda of future meetings of the parliament".
  9. CNN. Broadcasting From Chico’s Bail Bonds - Across The Street From Parliament ! The Iraqi government makes new statements about the course of the session and makes clear about arrest warrants and their number Policy 06/1920 2020 17:38 1857 Baghdad today - Baghdad Ahmed Mulla Talal, the spokesperson for Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, made today, Tuesday, new statements regarding the "process of the session." Talal said in a press conference attended (Baghdad today), "Last week, intelligence information was received about an attempt to target sensitive areas and international representation in Baghdad." He added that "the counter-terrorism agency dealt quickly with that attempt," noting that "the arrest warrant was issued against one person, while 13 people who were present with the wanted were arrested." He continued, "The prime minister has no interference with the issued judicial orders," noting that "the government's responsibility is to impose the prestige of the state." On Friday (26 June 2020), the Joint Operations Command issued a statement regarding the arrest of 14 elements, which it said had arrested them near a missile launcher targeting the Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad. The leadership stated in a statement: "Our Iraqi people and the world have been busy launching indirect fire at the country's headquarters, Iraqi military camps and foreign embassies protected by the state for the past years, and because of the importance of the issue and its negative repercussions on the Iraqi national security, has become a follow-up topic from the highest levels." The leadership mentioned six points, "With the aim of informing the Iraqi people and public opinion of the truth regarding this matter and the developments taking place thereon on the night of June 26th," it came as follows: 1. Accurate intelligence was available on persons who had previously targeted the Green Zone and Baghdad International Airport with indirect fire several times. 2. The agencies concerned detected new intentions to carry out shootings against government targets inside the Green Zone. 3- The whereabouts of the group that carried out the intelligence fire was determined, and a fundamental arrest warrant against them from the Iraqi judiciary was prepared in accordance with the anti-terrorism law. 4. The Counter-Terrorism Agency was assigned to implement the duty to arrest and prevent the terrorist act against state sites, according to jurisdiction, and the agency carried out the mission with a high professionalism, arresting fourteen defendants, many of whom are a whole group with the criminal evidence of two launch bases. 5. Upon completion of the implementation process, a special investigation committee headed by the Ministry of Interior and membership of the security services was formed. 6- After the arrest process was completed, it was clear that armed parties moved with government wheels, and without official approval, towards government headquarters from inside and outside the Green Zone. These parties do not want to be part of the state and its obligations and seek to remain outside the authority of the Commander-in-Chief of the constitutional and legal armed forces. The leadership concluded its statement by saying: "We, while confirming the seriousness of this behavior and its threat to the security of the state and its democratic political system, show that these entities have used the capabilities of the state. And what can not be allowed under any pretext," stressing "the insistence to continue the march in achieving security The Iraqi people and entrust the matter to the judiciary the competent authority. " LINK
  10. CNN. Broadcasting While Trying To Rub Off Some Of That ‘Prestige’ Onto Their Currency ! The prestige of Iraq ... the ultimate goal of Mustafa Al-Kazemi - 4 Days Past Because Iraq and its financial and economic capabilities are an ethical trust and a national responsibility under the responsibility of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Prime Minister of Iraq, the Ministry of Communications announced the launch of the shock operations under the guidance of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to detect and combat the smuggling of Internet capacities in Iraq, pointing out that it is the largest joint specialized operations. In a statement, Minister of Communications Arkan Al-Shaibani said that the operation was launched with the direct guidance of the Prime Minister and with support, cooperation and joint coordination with the intelligence and national security services and rapid response forces to uncover sites, towers and smuggling systems of Internet capacities in Diyala and the rest of the provinces - Mosul and Kirkuk - adding that these operations It will continue until the smuggling is completely eradicated and the authorities behind this issue are reached. The statement called on the national companies working in the communications and internet sector to support the process and report any smuggling operation to the capacitors in a manner that guarantees the preservation of the national security and the Iraqi economy. This operation aims to combat smuggling in the international information network “the Internet” and eliminate thefts in this vital economic services sector in Iraq. Because its smuggling and theft negatively affects the Iraqi state’s treasury revenues, which causes it to lose hundreds of millions of dollars. This smuggling is not a result of this moment, but rather dates back to previous years, and its source is in northern Iraq. Mustafa Al-Kazemi profoundly realizes that countering these robberies is like a person who enters himself with a "nest of the hornets", yet he does not care about him as long as the goal is moral and patriotic, which is re-imposing the prestige of the Iraqi state on Iraqi soil. The prestige means to Mustafa al-Kazemi restoring the citizen’s confidence in the state and its institutions, and getting Iraq out of the failed state classification circle. And save the Iraqi state from fragmentation and weakness. And the restoration of Iraq as an active country in the Arab, regional and international environment, meaning that Iraq is a player in the region and not just a playground for regional and international countries. In this context, the trauma process comes as an entry point for Mustafa Al-Kazemi to fight a form of corruption in Iraq. Therefore, the Iraqi national forces must stand by him and work with him to overcome the difficulties that he will surely face in combating corruption. The fight against corruption comes as a priority for Mustafa Al-Kazemi because he understands that the corruption that is rampant in the Iraqi state detracts from Iraq's internal sovereignty and embarrasses Iraq externally. This matter is not accepted by its moral and national conscience. Whoever confronts him in the recent past and with great determination the ISIS terrorist crime, is able to confront the wasp's nest. In line with the economic aspect of imposing the prestige of the state through trauma operations, once Mustafa Al-Kazemi formed his government and won the confidence of the House of Representatives, the security services carried out an intelligence operation regarding the authorities that strike rockets at the headquarters of the Iraqi army and arrest those who carry out these actions who are . Because the prestige of the Iraqi army is prestige of the Iraqi state, and individuals or armed groups outside the law cannot tamper with the reputation of Iraq and its military establishment. He directed the armed forces to operations in Kirkuk to pursue the terrorist cells of ISIS, whose activities diminished after these operations. Also, Mustafa al-Kazimi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, directed the prosecution of all those who committed crimes and fled outside Iraq, and appeared to arrest a criminal who killed a group of Ponmer clans. Because this directive sends reassurance to the hearts of citizens and sends messages stating that the state is able to extend its authority over all, and that the application of the law is the exclusive right of the state to all those who begged themselves to break the law. In addition to the arrest of criminals who tamper with the security of citizens in the regions, many of them have been arrested. Mustafa Al-Kazemi understands the importance of security. Security, economic prosperity, and political stability are two sides of the same coin, because no state in modern and contemporary history has advanced economically without stabilizing the security situation. Iraqi Studies Unit LINK
  11. CNN. Broadcasting While Kazemi Opens Up An Entire 6 Pack Of ‘Whoop A$$’ ! LINK Deputy: Al-Kazemi's government is able to devise radical solutions to all problems 10th June, 2020 Member of Parliament Fares Al-Brifkani confirmed, on Wednesday, the ability of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to devise radical solutions to the problems facing the country. And Al-Brifkani said, "The Al-Kazemi government has obtained unanimity from all components, spectrums and parties," noting that "the formation of the government took place in a record period, which gives hope for its ability to develop radical solutions to the cumulative problems." He added, "The Al-Kazemi government enjoys international support, which paves the way for opening new horizons," explaining that "the House of Representatives has worked in earnest to support the formation of the government and give it confidence." He pointed out that "Parliament will legislate laws that support the government, which would alleviate the suffering of the citizen."
  12. CNN. Broadcasting A “new reform phase that puts Iraq on the right path." LINK Al-Kazemi from the cabinet session: We are facing a real challenge as a result of the major crises 9th June, 2020 Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed today, Tuesday, that the country faces a stage of real challenge as a result of the major crises facing it. Al-Kazimi said, during the cabinet session, that "the reform that we are working on to establish a new reality is not affected by the changes, and establishes a new reform phase that puts Iraq on the right path." He added: "We respond to the demands of the citizens, feel their suffering, and work with the utmost efforts to meet the aspirations of our people." He continued: "We are facing a stage of real challenge as a result of the major crises facing the country, and we have no choice but to succeed." ########### Al-Kazemi from the cabinet session: We are facing a stage of real challenge as a result of major crises LINK
  13. CNN. Broadcasting While Pointing At Maliki And Telling Them Where To Start ! The Prime Minister assures the President of the Republic that the government will use all its capabilities to improve the service reality and confront corruption Policy 06/20/2020 16:23 228 Baghdad today - Baghdad Prime Minister, Barham Salih, on Sunday, June 7, 2020, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed that the government would use all its capabilities to improve the service reality and confront corruption. An official statement issued by the Prime Minister's Information Office said that he "received the President of the Republic and a number of key issues were discussed during the meeting." During the meeting, the President of the Republic congratulated the Prime Minister on the completion of the ministerial cabinet, to implement his government program voted by Parliament, and to make every effort to provide services to citizens in accordance with the statement. The statement stressed that "the Presidents of the Council of Ministers and the Republic discussed the latest developments on the internal level, the economic and security conditions, and the steps to be taken in light of the challenges facing the country due to the Corona pandemic, and the deterioration of world oil prices." Al-Kazimi pointed out, according to the statement, that "the government will employ all its capabilities in order to improve the service realities of citizens, confront corruption and reveal its potentials, and to achieve the aspirations of citizens in achieving the desired reform in all joints of the state." LINK
  14. CNN. Broadcasting From The State Department - Just Go With It ... Washington and Baghdad are preparing for a realistic strategic dialogue - 49 Minutes Ago BAGHDAD - The initial composition of the Iraqi delegation tasked with participating in the strategic dialogue to be held later this month with the United States of America carried features of a realistic approach away from the exaggerations of some Iraqi political parties known to be close to Iran, which were promoted for a dialogue that would be a radical change in relations between Baghdad And Washington does not fully exclude the end of the US military presence on Iraqi soil. The delegation, whose members were leaked to the media, included former and current Iraqi diplomats with experience in international relations and the laws that govern them, at the top of which are the common interests between countries, knowing the extent of the great connection between Iraq and the United States and the goals that Washington cannot abandon in any upcoming dialogue. Informed Iraqi sources revealed to the Arabs that there was some pressure from the hawks of the pro-Iranian camp to push the Iraqi side during its negotiations with the American side to toughen the issue of removing American forces from Iraq, but the same sources added that this camp will not be effective because of a conviction that prevails even within the parties Pro-Tehran that the current circumstances do not allow Baghdad to negotiate with Washington in terms of strength, and that the economic conditions that the Corona pandemic has complicated will make Iraq’s success in obtaining American aid and its exclusion from the sanctions imposed by Washington on Tehran itself an achievement. On the procedural side, Al-Arab learned that negotiations to be held between Iraq and the United States will take place via closed-circuit television, instead of direct meetings due to the restrictions imposed by the outbreak of the Corona virus. Baghdad lacks power cards in its negotiations with Washington. And collecting American aid will itself be an achievement Senior diplomatic sources said that Baghdad and Washington agreed to start the dialogue via closed-circuit television after abandoning the idea of exchanging visits between the negotiating delegations in the two countries. The sources added that the first television meeting between the delegations of the two countries will take place in the middle of this month. Until the beginning of the month, discussions between Baghdad and Washington revolved around arrangements for a US delegation to visit Iraq to start the first round of the upcoming dialogue. On the composition of the Iraqi negotiation team, Al-Arab learned that it includes Baghdad's ambassador to Washington Farid Yassin, the former Iraqi ambassador to Washington Lukman Al-Faili and a prominent official in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Abdul Karim Hashem. Yassin and Al-Faili are held accountable for the diplomatic technocrats because of their extensive international relations and the experiences they each had in the diplomatic corps. The names of the Iraqi negotiating team were met with great satisfaction among the observers amid leaks indicating the presence of other names well versed in international affairs and foreign relations. Observers believe that the composition of the Iraqi negotiating team is balanced, which may constitute a message that the Americans may receive comfortably. The sources say that the negotiations of the two countries will focus on four issues, political, security, economic and cultural. In the political file, the two countries may exchange some observations about each other’s mission, but the most important issue is security, as it falls within its items the future of the American military presence in Iraq. The sources say that the United States hinted at the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi of its willingness to withdraw all its military forces from his country, in implementation of the parliament’s decision in this regard. The risk of losing American security and military support at a time when Iraq appears to be resuming its battle against ISIS, which in recent months has recorded a remarkable return to activity in a number of regions of the country. Observers say that the Iraqi government fears a repeat of the 2014 scenario when the organization invaded vast Iraqi areas three years after the US military withdrew from Iraq, under former President Barack Obama. According to observers' estimates, the Iraqi side will try to maintain American military support now, provided that its points of departure are at home from the west of the country, where the Ain al-Assad base is in Anbar province, and from the north where the Silk base is in the city of Erbil. On the other hand, the American negotiator will seek to extract a complete Iraqi commitment to rein in the Shiite militias loyal to Iran, accused of bombing the Washington embassy in Baghdad again and again, and attacking Iraqi military bases hosting American forces. Iraqi government sources say that Washington understands the complexities of this file, so perhaps you will not press Iraq to open it soon, with the aim of giving Al-Kazemi’s government a breathtaking opportunity, after being born in a jungle of dangerous challenges. The sources add, that the Al-Kazemi government will take the path of dialogue to disarm the pro-Iranian militias in the first stage, in the hope of neutralizing the largest number of Iraqi factions. Perhaps dealing with this file is an essential pillar in dealing with the great imbalance in the relations of Iraq and Iran, where the former appears to be merely a subsidiary of the second. The sources say that the economic file in the negotiations will receive the attention of the Iraqi team, as Baghdad needs unconventional solutions to overcome its financial crisis, which is renewed whenever oil prices fall. The two parties will deliberate on a package of economic proposals, including increasing Iraq’s share in the international oil market and soft loans, and urging foreign companies to postpone the collection of debts due from Iraq and others. The American Ambassador to Baghdad Matthew Toler had clarified in previous statements the framework in which the strategic dialogue with Iraq will take place, stressing that it is a comprehensive political, economic, cultural, human rights and security framework, indicating that the dialogue will not be merely negotiations on arrangements to withdraw American forces from Iraqi territory. Non". The Arabs LINK
  15. CNN. Broadcasting While Some Of Parliament Tries Calling In Sick For Tomorrow ! A deputy affirms that the majority of members of parliament and their families are infected and protected in Corona: Holding Wednesday's session threatens our lives! Localities 02/20/2020 21:12 972 Baghdad today - Baghdad Today, Tuesday, Al-Hikmah’s deputy, Asaad Al-Murshidi, affirmed that most members of the House of Representatives and their families are infected with and protected by the Corona virus, while holding a session of the House of Representatives tomorrow, Wednesday, “risking the lives of deputies and parliament employees,” he said. Al-Murshidi said in an interview with him (Baghdad today), "The news that a number of members of the House of Representatives suffered from the Corona pandemic with their families and their protection is correct," stressing that "it is dangerous to hold a session of the House of Representatives tomorrow, Wednesday." He added that "holding the session indiscriminately without following the health conditions would be a danger for parliamentarians and employees in Parliament," noting that "the parliament session tomorrow is an adventure because there is nothing important and it deserves to be held by the session under the current circumstances." And that "if the government sent the budget law for the year 2020 or completed the cabinet, it would be worth the attendance, and the deputies could bear the consequences, but tomorrow's session will be normal and not worth the risk." He pointed out that "the injured MPs are afraid to disclose their affliction of corona for fear of political downfall and unethical comments through social media." Yesterday, the lawmaker revealed the State of Law coalition, Hisham Al-Suhail, that deputies with their families were infected with the Corona virus. Al-Suhail said in a televised statement followed by (today Baghdad) that "there are a large number of members of Parliament who were infected with the Corona virus with their families and their protection." He added, "Representatives are no better than citizens, as the virus infected them and infected their families." link
  16. CNN. Broadcasting As The Camel Trading Reaches A Furious High Pitched Crescendo In Anticipation Of Humpday ! LINK Al-Fath expects to pass 3 ministries on Wednesday and the postponement of others 18:43 - 1/06/2020 The Al-Fateh coalition expected, on Monday, that Wednesday's session will witness the passage of three ministries and the postponement of the other until the agreement on them is concluded between the political blocs. The deputy from Al-Fateh Hanin Al-Qaddou said to the "information" that "the political blocs have not yet agreed on all the remaining seven ministries, and differences still exist regarding some of them." He added, "The session may witness the passage of 3 ministries and discussion of new matters, and then be postponed to another week until the agreement is reached on the remaining vacant ministries."
  17. CNN. Broadcasting A ‘Double Wide Movement’ After Yo Mahdi (Aka - Big Girtha) Cleared The Aisles ! LINK It consists of 50 deputies .. near the formation of a parliamentary coalition in support of the Al-Kazemi government 30th May, 2020 Parliamentary sources revealed, on Saturday, that a parliamentary alliance in support of the government of Mustafa Al-Kazimi will soon be formed. The sources said, "There is a wide movement to form a new parliamentary alliance that includes representatives from several political forces and blocs in Parliament, to support Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi." She added: "The movement has made progress, and may result in a formal announcement of this alliance, which is likely to cross the barrier of fifty representatives, and its goal will be to support any reform steps or implement the demands of the demonstrators by the new Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in a step that creates further fragmentation within Parliament blocks one." She continued, "A number of deputies supporting Al-Kazemi, have fought in the last days an important movement to form a broad parliamentary coalition that supports the Al-Kazemi government and its steps towards reform." Homeland, and independent representatives from a number of other blocs." She revealed that "the number of deputies within the coalition has so far reached 50, and that the alliance will be announced at the beginning of the parliament sessions, and will adopt real national demands, not slogans, to address crises and steps for reform", stressing that "the movement continues towards all deputies without exception, and that there are expectations Broadening the alliance in the coming days.”
  18. CNN. Broadcasting On Lockup ! LINK Iraqi judiciary initiates procedures to hold MPs accountable on corruption charges 23rd May, 2020 The Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq has asked the speaker of parliament to lift the immunity of a number of legislators in order for them to be investigated on charges of corruption. While this request was previously made on an individual level, this time around, the immunity lifting request was for a group. On May 11, the judiciary requested that the immunity of 18 members of parliament belonging to various political blocs be lifted on charges of corruption and defamation. The parliament, which has yet to convene, has not been able to respond to the Judicial Council’s request. A source in the office of parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi told Al-Monitor, “We have received these requests but have yet to respond thereto. We will do so during the coming period. The speaker of the parliament is to include such requests in parliament’s agenda and put them to the vote in a bid to lift the immunity of MPs included in the requests.” According to Article 20 of the internal regulations of the Iraqi parliament, a member of parliament cannot be arrested during their legislative term unless caught in the act of committing a crime or accused of a crime, and only then once a majority approves of lifting the concerned legislator’s immunity. The same article also says that a member shall only be arrested beyond their legislative term if caught in the act of committing a crime or if accused of a crime and only if the speaker approves of lifting their immunity. Among the members of parliament who were included in the Judicial Council's request is the Faik Sheikh Ali, a controversial lawmaker whose immunity was previously lifted at the request of a number of legislators. This time around, however, the request was made by the judiciary. Member of parliament Alia Nassif, who is well known in the Iraqi media for “fighting corruption,” was also among the legislators whom the judiciary is asking to have their immunity lifted. She indicated that she thought there was no real case against her as the charges are related to three cases previously filed against her, two of which were dismissed. Nassif said in a press statement that the first dropped case against her relates to her saying that Mosul residents who approved of Islamic State crimes are partners thereof. She said the second lawsuit was closed after the former defense minister was questioned in the previous parliamentary session. She said the third case concerns the Publishing Court and that will she "will appear in court in response to all the cases filed against me.” Salah al-Arabawi, the former director of the office of the leader of the al-Hikma political coalition and a legal specialist, told Al-Monitor, “I think that the immunity issue will be politicized just like other issues that included the replacement of MPs. The speaker of the parliament should be firm in enforcing the law.” Arabawi said he believes that the measures taken by the government headed by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi can help boost accountability as far as legislative and governmental officials are concerned, and this is “an important message to the Iraqi citizens whereby lawmakers are accountable.” During the protests witnessed in the country, the Iraqi parliament voted Oct. 29 to lift the immunity of lawmakers accused of corruption once their file is received from the judiciary. While this decision can facilitate the implementation of the judicial request, it is expected to face political obstacles. Activists in Iraqi civil society consider the lifting of the immunity of a number of parliamentarrians as necessary and believe it is an essential step toward the Iraqi judiciary exercising its role in holding to account legislators who enjoy “and exploit” their immunity in illegal ways. Musa al-Aaraji, a civil society activist who took part in the protests, told Al-Monitor, “We support such necessary measures. Most MPs took advantage of their immunity to indulge in blackmail practices and pass illegal contracts and deals.” The Iraqi parliament does not seem serious about lifting the immunity of lawmakers and allowing the judiciary to interrogate them. There are many cases where legislators have been implicated in corruption files. About five years ago, former member of parliament Mishaan al-Jubouri admitted on Aletejah TV that he received a bribe during his work as a member of parliament, and no action has been taken in this regard. A professor of political science at Baghdad University, Adel Bedewi, told Al-Monitor, “The judiciary’s request to lift the immunity of some MPs is a positive step, but I believe that parliament will deal with this request from a political rather than technical perspective, and favoritism may get in the way.” Legal expert Tariq Harb told Al-Monitor that in order to lift the immunity of the legislators whose names were mentioned in the request of the Supreme Judicial Council, parliament needs a simple majority during its session, meaning half plus one. “In the event that the parliament does not lift the immunity of the MPs included in the request of the Supreme Judicial Council, the council will have to wait until the end of the parliamentary session to be able to interrogate them. If the immunity is not lifted, it will have no other option,” Harb added. The first decision to lift such immunity in Iraq was in 2008 when the parliament voted to lift the immunity of former member of parliament Mithal al-Alusi following his visit to Israel. In August 2019, the immunity of six members of parliament was lifted, but no action has been taken against them, as their blocs interfered, be it directly or indirectly, to mislead public opinion and accuse the speaker of the parliament of taking “a non-technical decision based on political calculations.” After years of facing accusations of favoring politicians and serving their interests, the Iraqi judiciary is seemingly trying to stand up for itself, but it still may be unable to interrogate lawmakers who belong to large political blocs or are linked to armed factions. In the best case scenario, it will be starting with the most vulnerable members of parliament.
  19. CNN. Broadcasting While Playing Iran Like A Fatwa Fiddle ! LINK Analyst: Washington played it right and deceived Tehran to pass Al-Kazemi 21st May, 2020 Political analyst Mujahid Al-Ta’i believes that the United States of America deceived Iran in order to pass the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi. Al-Taei told Al-Akhbariya that "during the past few days, Iran has been negotiating a truce with Washington in Iraq, and this has been accompanied by a silence of its pawns, calls for reconciliation, and a change in rhetoric." He added that "Iran, two days ago, returned the threatening and threatening letter and returned with the Katyusha letters," noting that "Washington played it right and deceived Tehran to pass Al-Kazemi, but will Iran and his pawns accept this deception?"
  20. CNN. Broadcasting On Semi Empty While It’s Dark And I’m Wearing Sun Glasses ! Al-Kazemi calls on the political blocs to help complete the cabinet formation and confirms that he has received a semi-empty treasury Monday 18, May 2020 22:54 | Political Baghdad / Nina / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi called on the political blocs to help complete the ministerial formation. He said in an article to be published tomorrow in a number of newspapers: I responded to bear responsibility, relying on an understanding of political blocs and leaders, indicating that he faces challenges that require everyone to join hands to overcome them. Al-Kazemi added that it is not possible to direct any serious step without embarking on what restores the state its prestige and its sovereignty. Stressing that corruption drained the wealth that entered the treasures of Iraq and found, and I am taking responsibility now, the treasury is almost empty. He explained that: the dangerous decline in the country's resources necessitates the government to search in all directions to find urgent sources for paying salaries. Al-Kazemi stressed that: No warrant has been issued and no shooting will be issued against any peaceful protester, and whoever does so will be brought to justice. / End 3 LINK
  21. CNN. Broadcasting While Taking A Poll On Popular Ramadan Lunch Dishes ! Why are Iraqis optimistic about Al-Kazemi? Candid poll, conducted by (Iraq Today) in the Iraqi street. Policy , 05/16 2020 02:11 Baghdad - Iraq today: The government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi spent the first week with a set of decisions that formed optimism among observers and followers, and won the approval of large segments of the citizens, so the opinions that differed about the mandate, have now crystallized in the form of demands that sufficient time be given to a president The government and its ministers to accomplish their tasks, despite the danger of Corona, which continues to haunt everyone, and the repercussions of the economic crisis, but the tone of optimism was clear in a conversation from a correspondent (Iraq Today), to talk about their assessment of government work in its new situation. Controversial head! Our first conversation was with Riad Zaidan, a mechanical engineer, who works in the public sector who said "I, as a simple Iraqi citizen, follow what is going on in my country, and among the reasons that frankly cause me for optimism, is that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is one of the non-controversial names (and this The people's demand and reference), and also, he had never assumed the management of any institution or ministry, except for the National Intelligence Service, which now has an honorable reputation internally and externally. He adds to (Iraq Today) that Al-Kazemi was not involved in any corruption file, whether small or large, but rather The opposite has undeclared efforts to combat corruption. " Young face and clear will Alaa Abdel-Qader, a university student who participated in the recent protest movement, said, speaking of optimism about the Al-Kazemi government, that “Al-Kazemi is one of the young faces who promises a qualitative shift in the performance of the government, after an unending series of old men who ruled the country, and that his choice comes Breaking the sanctity of the first generation and the first line who monopolized the post for nearly two decades. He added to (Iraq today) that "Al-Kazemi achieved a distinguished Shiite consensus, which means the return of internal reconciliation, which will certainly reflect internal stability, and he received explicit support from the Arab Sunnis, clearly, publicly, and not shy, and it was not said anymore that" there is the year of Al-Kazemi, "and his choice The Sunnis are satisfied that it is an option that suits the aspirations of their audiences. Likewise, Al-Kazimi was chosen by the Kurdish component without prior demands, and there are no blank signatures, and he did not make a secret visit to the region, and he did not submit obedience duties at any table. He continued, "The most important of this is that the Iraqi national space (secular, civil and progressive forces) is also an Iraqi that participated in this choice with a clear and declared consensus, and this means that the man will be a common denominator among all the Iraqi components in all their diversity." The government of the demonstrators, while Hajj Muhammad Zayer, the father of one of the injured people, protested last October, that "this government represents the demonstrators in all their spectrum." He told (Iraq Today), that "Al-Kazimi's choice came in response to the desires of the rising street, who demanded a neutral personality, who was not involved in any violence or killing and did not stain his hands with the blood of the Iraqis. ". Much work .. Speechless! As the writer and political observer Ali Al-Basri said to (Iraq Today), "Al-Kazimi through his experiences and his knowledge of what happened during the previous dictatorial regime knew the basis of the Iraqi problem, and the secret of mutual hostility between the political authority and the people, and therefore it will transcend any such complex, and also He is a diplomatic figure who is fluent in the art of dialogue, doing without noise, and working on the ground more than empty appearances, so he promises a great job in thorny files. "The man is the subject of a clear Arab welcome, and this calls me to optimism to fix the deep rift in Iraqi-Arab relations, and it can be said The warm water will return to its tracks. And he added that "Al-Kazemi is a subject of welcome and confidence on the international side as well, and he has fruitful cooperation experiences during his assumption of the Iraqi intelligence service, and this calls me to optimism also that important economic cooperation will open with international institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, China, the United States and Russia, which means that a global consensus on Supporting Iraq in its existing economic battle. LINK
  22. CNN. Broadcasting With Kurds And Whey - No Whey ! Member of Parliament of the region is likely to sign a new agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on oil and salaries after the holiday Policy 05/14 2020 20:17 341 Editor: gf Baghdad today - Erbil Member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Othman Karim, Thursday (May 14, 2020), suggested that the signing of the agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, regarding the handing over of employee salaries, will take place after the upcoming Eid Al-Fitr holiday. Karim said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that "the Kurdistan Regional Government, has no more solutions than waiting for the agreement with Baghdad, which may be signed after Eid Al-Fitr and the judge to hand over the region 250 thousand barrels of oil, in exchange for Baghdad sending salaries to employees and peshmerga in full. ". He pointed out that "the economic returns in the region have largely faded, between the drop in oil prices and the lack of the tourism sector, and the isolation measures that contributed to the spread of unemployment." He added, "The employees are demanding the delivery of their salaries, and this is a legitimate right. The provincial government is unable to find alternatives and cannot take the risk of resorting to borrowing, because that will weigh heavily on it, as it is still indebted to the oil companies, and any additional debts will be counterproductive." He pointed out that "there is a set of solutions that are being worked on, including reducing costs and reducing the salaries of the higher grades, from ministers, leaders, agents and directors, and heads of administrative units, in addition to fighting administrative and financial corruption, and facilitating the investment process." And the member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Saleh Faki, revealed on Monday (11 May 2020) a new agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, pending the approval of the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi. Faki said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that "the new Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, has a plan to resolve differences with the Kurdistan region, and we believe that most of the problems are on the way to resolving and reaching a comprehensive agreement." He added, "During the past days in which Al-Kazemi took over as prime minister, we saw him moving in the street, and this is an important matter and we expect from him a close visit to the Kurdistan region to agree to solve all outstanding problems and issues." And, "The new agreement between Erbil and Baghdad is being prepared for it, and it is awaiting the approval of the Federal Prime Minister, and includes the delivery of 250,000 barrels of oil in exchange for sending the financial dues." LINK
  23. CNN. Broadcasting In Closed Captioning - And Also With Mimes ! Al-Hashemi talks about a new equation between pro-Kazemi and anti-Kazami forces 2020.05.13 - 16:38 People - Baghdad On Wednesday, political and security expert Hisham Al-Hashemi shed light on the most prominent positions of the political forces on the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and the equation for changing the scales in the new stage. Al-Hashemi wrote a post, followed by “Nass,” (May 13, 2020): “What happened?… Certainly, the leaders of the Fatah conquest of the Shiite resistance factions offered Al-Kazimi closer support to obscurity, but Mr. Hadi al-Amiri, the head of the Fatah alliance, remained insistent not to It is permissible to take any step to thwart the passage of Al-Kazemi’s government, as the need for a government to face the economic and social repercussions. He added, "The State of Law coalition has become ready to accept the fait accompli, and in the end the leaders of the state of law have planned to withdraw to be opponents within Parliament and have confirmed that they will not give up their decisions for many reasons, but do the political blocs accept the exit of the rule of law block from the government zero hands?" . He continued: "The signs warn that an optimistic effort has been made between the supporters of Iyad Allawi and the supporters of Jamal Karbouli and the supporters of al-Maliki to build a popular coalition opposed to the government of Al-Kazemi. These people may call their parties to take political positions, as defending the rights of the demonstrators has become a deep-rooted political position, and they can maneuver it ". He pointed out, "The masses of the independent squares had no choice but to be silent about the new political additions on the scene, and there may be understandings between the old independent protester and the new political demonstrator, and these understandings will not continue, so imposing the fait accompli is not keen on maintaining and maintaining the status quo." ". He pointed out that "both the alliance of forces and the Alliance of the Liberated Territories feel a great degree of satisfaction with the result they achieved in their understandings with Al-Kazemi, and they quickly rushed to express acceptance and satisfaction, to confirm the fact that the dualism of the Sunni political house was not only flexible and tolerant to Al-Kazemi And really honest. " And he added, "Others enjoy a great deal of freedom of movement due to the coherence of its parliamentary bloc and the strength and charisma of the negotiator. Likewise, the blocks of wisdom and victory got real opportunities to catch a breath at the stage of forming Al-Kazemi’s government. Have them. " Finally, Hashemi went to the Kurdish position, saying: "The Kurdish alliance is still the strongest in negotiations and the hard corner stone, and they succeeded in creating opportunities that the Kurdish negotiator employed to revive the good relationship." Between Baghdad and Kurdistan, while the negotiator of the Turkmen component dispelled this opportunity after the withdrawal without any benefit, and the rest of the components of the people enjoyed more space to create many opportunities. " link
  24. CNN. Broadcasting An Investigation Into The Iranian Cronies By The New PM And The Former Director Of Intelligence ! After the Al-Kazemi Committee to investigate “The October Facts”: Representatives expect the issuance of “sudden” decisions .. and secret meetings “occupying” Al-Amiri and Al-Maliki! 2020-05-11 Yassin Iraq: Baghdad Amid the crises accompanying the Mustafa Kadhemi government’s operation, the accountability file “the killers of the demonstrators” tops the list of aspirations of large segments of the Iraqis, especially the demonstrators, and the restriction of arms to the state, which Al-Kadhimi promised, amid the lack of clarity of the scene of the mechanism through which the matter will start. File of demonstrators' killers Al-Kazemi announced the formation of a special committee to investigate and reach the scenes of the events that accompanied the protests since October 1 and until now, while the MP of the Alliance Alliance, Mahmoud Al-Zajrawi, says that the new Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has information about the parties involved in the killing of the demonstrators, since the start of the protests of the first of October 2019. Al-Zajrawi said in press statements that "the demonstrations witnessed systematic violence and killing, especially with regard to sniping operations, and there is more than one party accused of this issue, and Al-Kazimi, through the intelligence service that he headed, we believe that he is able to detect these parties." And, “The new Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi opened the file of killing and suppressing the demonstrators, which will open the door for launching media and other attacks by many parties, especially since there are accusations by political and armed parties of the file of killing and suppressing the demonstrators, but he should not pay attention to these attacks, and revealed And hold the demonstrators' killers accountable, no matter what. ” Compulsory residence of the government of Abdul-Mahdi! For his part, a member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, MP of the Al-Nasr coalition, al-Tamimi, expected an important decision from the current government to hold the pillars of the previous government accountable for the accusations against them. Al-Tamimi said in televised statements, “Al-Kazemi made important decisions at the first cabinet session, including a decision that was popularly welcomed by his fairness to the team, Abdul Wahab Al-Saadi, to bring him back to service. We call on him to take a similar decision with Lieutenant-General Raed Shaker Jawdat - the former commander of the Federal Police.” He called “Al-Kazemi to take other bold decisions, especially in the field of the war on corruption.” Expecting that Al-Kazemi will later take a decision to place former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and some ministers under house arrest for interrogation with some accusations, stressing, “He has the possibility to implement this, and the people and parliament will support Al-Kazemi in any case.” Efforts to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqis. "Secret" meetings between Al-Amiri and Al-Maliki In contrast, accounts close to the decision-making circles revealed the existence of secret meetings between the leader of the Al-Fath coalition, Hadi al-Amiri, and the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki. "Beyond the ongoing secret meetings of al-Maliki and al-Amiri," political thinker Ghaleb al-Shabandar asked in a tweet at his expense on Twitter. On the other hand, an account called the Iraq Leaks has published information about the existence of "Iranian interference that forced Khazali, Hezbollah, and other leaders and factions to abide by the views of Hadi al-Amiri." The unknown account confirmed what the Shabandar went to, stressing that “Al-Maliki holds continuous meetings with Al-Amiri and sometimes Faleh Al-Fayyad is attending and the parties are working in addition to Al-Fayyad currently to get closer to Sunni forces in the hope of preparing for a coalition that will be ready when the election comes.” link
  25. CNN. Broadcasting The New PM With That New Thread Smell ! The Prime Minister: We are determined to provide a decent life for citizens Friday 08 May 2020 Baghdad / Al-Sabah Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, affirmed the determination to provide the people with a decent and peaceful life, noting his keenness to preserve the accomplished achievements. This comes at a time when the telegrams of congratulations and blessings came from the leaders and officials of neighboring countries and the world on the occasion of Al-Kazimi's government gaining the confidence of Parliament in the session held early Thursday. A statement of the Prime Minister’s Office, which was received by Al-Sabah, stated that “yesterday, Thursday’s reception and handover of responsibility and ministerial portfolios took place in the government palace in the presence of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the head of the resigned government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the ministers of the two governments.” Al-Kazemi stressed, according to the statement, "We have vowed to protect this country and provide reassurance to citizens and to send a message to them that this government will work to provide ways of a decent life," noting "his keenness to preserve the achievements made and cooperation to face the security, economic and health challenges facing the country." For his part, Abdul-Mahdi renewed his congratulations on the formation of the new government headed by Al-Kazemi, stressing the importance of the peaceful transfer of power as a democratic aspect, despite all the known complications in the political scene, praising the selection of competent personalities for the new ministerial cabinet. To that, Al-Kazemi received a congratulatory message from His Highness the Emir of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and while the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, congratulated during a phone call to the Prime Minister, on the occasion of his government obtaining the confidence of the House of Representatives, Al-Kazemi received another phone call From US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who congratulated the formation of the new government. LINK
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