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Found 4 results

  1. 2019/12/15 14:03 Views 49 Section: Iraq The Kurdistani Democrat sets a condition for the next prime minister: not to harm our agreements with Abdul-Mahdi Baghdad / Obelisk: The Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Masoud Barzani, decided on Sunday, conditions that must be met by the next prime minister. The party member, Repin Salam, told local media that he "did not offer us specific names for the prime minister and we did not reject them." He added, "We do not have certain names that we insist on assuming the position of prime minister, as it is up to the Shiite blocs, given that this position is her choice." And Salam continued, "We have certain conditions, including acceptability and not harming our previous agreements with the government of Abdul Mahdi, especially with regard to salaries, budget and understanding on the points of contention. As for others, the Shiite blocs are obligated to choose well." The constitutional deadline for the President of the Republic ends next Tuesday, to present his candidate for the position of prime minister. Follow the obeliskالديمقراطي-الكردستاني-يحدد-شرط-لرئيس-الحكومة-المقبل-عدم-الإضرار-باتفاقياتنا-مع-عبد-المهدي
  2. Political Thursday, November 21, 2019 12:05 PM | Number Of Hits: 79 Legal expert confirms: What happened to the activists is "kidnappings" and not arrest Baghdad / ... Legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, said Thursday, that the absence of activists over the past few days were kidnappings and not legal arrests. Al-Tamimi told "Eye of Iraq News," that "there was no kidnapping, this is a non-governmental and the law says that the arrest or arrest only by a decision of the investigating judge in the sense that the body that takes activists and interrogated with them is a non-governmental", noting that " The state should investigate to find out these actors, especially in cooperation with the released activists who were kidnapped to find out who is kidnapped and called the "deep state" and here is a disaster to be a state within the state. "This is not only a kidnapping, it is a compound kidnapping because that body is not a state, nor is it a gang, since the gangs demand a ransom in return for release," he said. It is noteworthy that many activists in the demonstrations and in various governorates have been kidnapped during the past period and by unknown armed parties, while some of them who talked about being held by an unknown security agency for interrogation on various charges, most notably receiving support from abroad, while not Official authorities never comment on these incidents. Finished 2
  3. 2019/11/01 21:07 Number of readings 242 Section: Iraq In the document .. New appointments to independent bodies Baghdad / Obelisk: The Council of Ministers, according to a document circulated by local media, the appointment of nine personalities in senior positions within the independent bodies . The appointments, according to the document, which were not verified by the obelisk, were divided between the rank of undersecretary in the Hajj and Umrah Commission, the Secretariat of Baghdad, the Integrity Commission, the Shiite Endowment Bureau, the Endowment Bureau of other religions, the Accountability and Justice Commission, the Central Bank of Iraq, the Investment Commission and the Prisoners' Foundation. Follow / Obeliskبالوثيقة-تعيينات-جديدة-في-الهيئات-المستقلة
  4. Iraq loses membership in the Human Rights Council Policy 2019-10-17 | 15:42 Source: Iraq has lost its membership in the Human Rights Council, an informed source said Thursday. The source said in an interview for Alsumaria News, that " Iraq has lost its membership in the Human Rights Council during the elections held in the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York ." He added that " Iraq did not get only 121 voted lags behind Andonossia 174 voice and Japan and the Republic of Korea 165 and the voice of the Marshall Islands 123 where the voice of the vacant seats for the Group of Asian States , four and five was the number of applicants." On December 9, 2016, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced that Iraq had won the post of Vice-President of the UN Human Rights Council.سياسة/321991/العراق-يخسر-عضويته-في-مجلس-حقوق-الانسان
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