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Found 1 result

  1. When I was younger, my parents used to always watch Paul Harvey's short show about the rest of the story. It seems to me that over the last more than ten years I have been watching this Iraqi Dinar option with such great hope and inspiration that it has becoming blinding to other possibilities. But I had a glimmer of reality enter my brain today when these thoughts came together. First, I have to recall the purpose of the the Iraqi invasion in 2003. Going against all aspects of practical Sun Zu Art of War and modern day warfare planning, the forces taking Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein, did a direct attack straight through, all the way to Baghdad! This went against every planner, practical war thinking aspect imagined. If this was really a war event, there would have been a solid wave of allied forces covering all aspects of invading the country. However, the real purpose as it has been discovered, was to acquire the historical artifacts which were being found more often around tikrit and the Mesopotamian valley over the recent 5, 10 years. The artifacts were being stored and catalogued in the basement of the Iraq History Museum and pieces of the true story about the real history of the world was being further identified. The initial forces after hitting baghdad and causing the collective defensive forces to scatter, allowed a discreet special unit to get into the museum, blast through intensively secure basement doors and quickly secure the items to get them away. Then they were taken to the airport and flown out on some of the first flights to leave the country after the airport was secured. Seems far fetched, no it is reality. The people of the country within hours of the taking of Baghdad, were rallied around removing items resembling Saddam Hussein, but that was all a distraction. Then as the country fell into chaos, there were not enough troops to keep order, and money, other than American dollars became worthless. There is a hidden secret government which has created an underground politic across the world. The removal of any government which does not have their banking system in it, is brought down. They also have historical artifacts, very very old world historical object that are of great value for the knowledge they maintain. This is because of how we have been misled since the 1200's and 1300's when the biblical information we have been given was being re-written. You see, the process of historical revisioning was being pushed here to prevent the real story from coming out. The dinar story, becoming rich and wealthy because of a country recovering from war is a falsity, as there are so many dinars being removed from circulation within Iraq, then shipped out in huge shipping containers for "collectors," before they can re-denominate their currency. What better way to remove those larger bills, than by selling to the unsuspecting world middle class and poor who all hope for a better life. The plan has been from the start, with the state department, the CIA, the International Special Intelligence Service, and other shadow agencies to prop up the world's super wealthy and elite in pushing their one world electronic banking system throughout the middle east. To do it however, all the countries which were not part of their elite banking collective have to be taken down. Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, a few small countries in Africa have now fallen victim to the collective elite. Now to finish the process, they must add to these, Syria and Korea, two of the last of a very small number of countries not under their control! They are not part of the international elite banking set, and therefore they must be broken and forced into the it! (a comment I cannot remember who said it, "We will have a one world government by either consent, or conquest!"). We are seeing this put into practice before our eyes. The elite cannot allow for any other monies to make people wealthy in this process. We saw in Kuwait, they removed or withdrew the Kuwaiti Dinars from trade on the world market as Iraq forced the kuwaiti people to use more kuwaiti dinars at cheaper values. Then after the retaking of Kuwait, and even before electricity was restored for the country, the banks identified the old currency and the monies Iraqi pushed onto them, and said this is not going to work. They made new Kuwaiti money and offered an equal trade in for what it was worth before the invasion! Out with the old, in with the new, from March 25th 1991 until May 7th 1991, the kuwaiti people needed to exchange all the old money. Then, with an exchange rate of 3.5, they restarted their economy! Iraq is not the same or even a similiar story. Iraq's currency became worthless with the invasion. American dollars began to be used, and was a preferred money for a long time. Iraqi dinars were removed from the world stage because they became worthless. They have not recovered their value, and in order to follow the plan of decreasing the cost managing so much cash in country, approximately 6-8% of GDP in managing all that weak money, the mathematically described theory of homogenous function has been pushed since before the taking over of Iraq in it recovery. (Supposedly a US state department memo identified it in 2002 or 2003). I heard about this when I was in Baghdad in May 2004, after I bought a collection of Iraqi Dinar, and was told by a VIP patient who I took care of, that I may only get back what I put into those dinars. (If I was told about this in 2004, then they knew about it before). Thus, if I remember homogenous function, we will have the same strength of money before the process as we will have after, i.e. if 25000 dinar buys a fast food dinner before they do this, then 25 dinar will buy the same after this. But unfortunately for all humanity, the study of history for every body on earth, only 400 to 600 of the over 10,000 items taken from the basement of the Iraqi history museum were ever recovered! And now you know the rest of the story!
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