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Found 1 result

  1. 5 20:32 The text of a unified national law card BAGHDAD / Obelisk: publish 'Obelisk', the text of a unified national card law, passed by the House of Representatives in its regular, Tuesday. According to the text of the law, according to a statement of the Council, 'on behalf of the people, the presidency, based on what was approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic and based on the provisions of subsection [first] of article [61] and item [iII] of article [73] of the Constitution, issued the following law: No. [] to the year 2015, the national law of the card: The first chapter Definitions and goals Article 1 - - the following terms, for the purposes of this Act the meanings indicated opposite thereto: First - The Ministry: The Ministry of the Interior. Secondly - Minister: The Minister of the Interior. Directorate General III: ¬ General Directorate of Nationality. IV Director General: The Director General of nationality. V. Directorate: Nationality Directorate of Civil and information. Iraqi VI: The person who has Iraqi citizenship. VII National Card: ¬ document adopted a law to define the person who has come back to him and given to the Iraqis, the director general or authorized under this Act. VIII civil limitation: the basic unit of the base scalable data so that it contains demographic and life information relating to the stages of life of the citizen since his birth and after his death and have an ID code to an independent, non-repeat can be the mediator electronic access to information specific limitation through it. IX mediator mail: program or an electronic system to a computer or any other electronic means used to perform an action or respond to an intent to create, send or receive a message information. X. Civil Information: What is contained in the registered civil registration in accordance with the provisions of this law of natural qualities and personal and family that distinguish a person from others and determine the position with his family. XI Civil Registry Foundation record containing the civil status of Iraqis restrictions who is president of the sources of civil registration information. Sub-twelfth record: record that includes information and facts of civilian Iraqis details. XIII accident: Civil Kaloladh incident, marriage, divorce, death and others. XIV abstract Name: The name of the person who sets it apart from others in single-family blogger in the civil registry and database information. Fifteenth - Family: married, or was married to a man or a woman, or both, and their children and Almtalqon if any is by virtue of the family for the purposes of this unmarried law, who scored alone or with others clinging during the general registration in 10/12/1957 or during recording sub-in civil registry and civil information base. XVI head of the family - the husband or wife when the death of a spouse or children are not the biggest or acceptable to the family of her Lord. XVII on: all those who were enrolled in a family newspaper during the general registration or registration of the sub itself is family members. Title XVIII: nickname adopted by the head of the family, recorded in the civil registry and civil information base. XIX. ID of the individual: the number that gives the Iraqis a one-time only from the moment of his birth and stays until after his death and have [digitally] and independent does not accept the repetition by which to distinguish the person without other access to civil registration information. Ashron- ID of the family: No. non-repeatable grant per household distinguishes each family as other records within the limitation of the individual in the database, and is a substitute for the No. newspaper and the private record the family and can be reached by any of its members enrolled in the system and gain access to all family members. XI and Ashron- electronic means: devices, equipment, tools, electric, magnetic, optical, electromagnetic or any other similar means used in the creation and processing of information, sharing and storage. Second and Ashron- electronic transactions: applications, documents and transactions by electronic means. Third and twenty - electronic documents: papers and documents that arise or integrate, store or send or receive whole or in part by electronic means Ashron- fourth and information processing system: the electronic system or computer programs used to set up information or sent, received or processed or stored electronically Fifth and twenty - database: a group organization of interconnected relationships of data, and are used in multiple applications, and stored independently of the programs that are using this data, and is used commonly and the Court of ways to add new data in the edit and retrieve data stored in them. Sixth and twenty - LAN: One of the electronic means used by information processing for high speed data transfer system within a specific geographic area, but individuals have the power to use, this network and connect a range of workstations identify and administered under the supervision of the Directorate-General, to allow them to exchange information, and may not be by no means are they relate or any of its means or Saitha international network [internet]. Seventh and twenty - Civil information system: an integrated system of electronic media and the electronic media and systems process information belonging to individuals of the Civil Status Information [data civil and well-maintained and Information housing and sexual information in the form of a civil restrictions are stored in a central database is managed and protected at the national level, so linking government institutions within a local area network designed to unify the work in sexual Directorate and the Directorate of Civil Status and the Directorate of housing information in one Directorate is the Directorate of Civil and citizenship information for the purpose of issuing the national card. Twenty-eighth - Taxpayer: Iraqi citizen dwells inside Iraq, who completed [18] eighteen years of age. Twenty-ninth - domicile or residence: in charge of the shop, home or residence. Thirty - Accommodation form or residence: information concerning the whereabouts housing form or setting up usually in charge and address and other data relating to him or members of his family living with him in a permanent or temporary, and information on the form to change domicile or residence. Thirty XI - Accommodation Information Office: Office who shall coordinate conservation and deposited forms of housing has a marking change of the Iraqi housing and to provide government agencies with information Civil whole or in part in accordance with the provisions of this law. Second and Thelathon- temporary housing: housing in the place of residence for a period of not more than thirty days such as visits and various movements with a view to then return to the place of permanent housing. Article -2 - First: This law aims to adjust the civil restrictions for Iraqis inside and outside of the Republic of Iraq and to provide government agencies with information Civil whole or in part in accordance with the provisions of this law. Second: This law seeks to achieve its goals the following means: A - the establishment of a civilian information system to regulate the gathering of Iraqi restrictions Iraqi nationality certificate document information and identity information Civil Status Civil and consolidated information and information residence card or any updated information. B - Customize the number one civil definitions fixed number for each Iraqi and Iraqi families. C-C issuance of national card Iraqis to replace the certificate of nationality and civil status card and card-based housing. Chapter II: Civil Information Base Article 3 - - First - developed in sexual Directorate General Directorate called [the Directorate of Civil and sexual information] run by employees in the second degree or a brigadier in the least. Second-divisions Directorate stipulated specified in item [first] of this article and functions of the instructions issued by the Minister. Article -4 - The Directorate shall perform the following tasks: First - the establishment of a civilian information on the electronic computer system and determine the type of system-based and its branches within the Republic of Iraq and abroad. Second deportation of nationality restrictions and limitations of civil records to the Iraqis and addresses of housing to civil information system. III linking identification numbers for members of one family and set up simultaneous and interrelated constraints in the database to identify the clarifications and visas belonging to the family. Article -5 - First: be all electronic transactions and information in the civil code information, images and certification system extracted from the system body electronic documents legally argument unless the contrary is proved by judicial decision. Secondly - Information constraints occur in the civil information system on an ongoing basis to make them conform to the reality of the case 0 Chapter III: Housing Information Article 6 - - Offices housing the local network system information associated with the civil information Article - 7. The Information Office of housing as follows: First - housing registration information in the civil information and support and update the system. Second - provide housing information system that addresses housing for individuals covered by the provisions of this law. Thirdly - to keep the previous Bastmarat housing. Article - 8. First - The General Directorate of Nationality provide the means and electronic media to the appropriate offices housing information and rehabilitation of their employees so that they can perform their tasks in accordance with the provisions of this law. Second - The Director-General authorize the Director of the Office of housing information and follow-up audit of housing information circulating via LAN. Article - 9 - I. - Each person registered in the civil information system includes the title of the place of residence of residence permanently. Secondly - the title of the minor or incompetent or interdicted is the title of staying with him in his daily life or his legal representative and have lost the title the same title as his legal representative. Thirdly - be registered in the civil information system is to pick the person's address in all transactions that require proof of address and where the individual is the Directorate and the formations are the competent authority to provide data for the titles of individuals to government departments and the public sector in accordance with the provisions of this law. Article - 10 - First - is committed head of the family news items from the residence and his family address and the codification of all information and data included in the housing form and stay on him and members of his family who live with him enhanced his signature, and is a form provided by the head of the family a notice to provide the form of every single one of them. Secondly - every Iraqi submit to the Republic of Iraq is committed to and has never fill housing form, review the information office in the area of ​​residence to fill the form through [30] thirty days from the date of entry of the Republic of Iraq. Thirdly - if it is in charge of the place of residence or permanent residence individually or with family members or some of them, he must review the information office in the place of residence or the new residence and notified variables and fill out a form questionnaire prepared for this purpose. Fourthly - temporary housing are excluded from the provisions of items [first] and [iI] and [iII] of this article. Chapter IV: The enrollment in the civil information system Article -11 - The head of the family or his representative legally News Directorate or formations Civil informative and located emerging private with his family during the [60] sixty days from the date of the incident and news of the Iraqi consulates during the said period for Iraqis living outside Iraq and who receives the news to give the detective a receipt so after the verification of his personality. Article - 12 - First: (a) the competent health authorities to provide the Directorate or formations incident birth and death issued during that [30] for thirty days from the incident in accordance with the approved by the Ministry of Health for this purpose model. B - recorded Directorate incident birth or death set forth in item [first] of this article electronically. Secondly - a - the personal status courts and personal material, the courts and other competent courts or configurations to provide the Directorate with a copy of the marriage contract or decision of divorce or annulment or separation and the arguments after acquiring the degree of bits. B - Directorate recorded a marriage contract or divorce decision electronically. Thirdly - Iraqi who lives outside the Republic of Iraq notice Directorate or representation Iraqi special, or their deputies incident marriage, divorce, annulment or separation concerning him and the Director or his nominee that is well-maintained pointing in civil credited based on the data or documents issued by foreign entities and certified committed Iraqi representation abroad or from representation foreign country in the Republic of Iraq or its substitute after combined with the ratification by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be pointing those in the database based on the support of the Iraqi diplomatic missions abroad in the absence of data and documents mentioned to the person taking into account the provisions of Articles 26 ] and [27] of the Act. Fourthly - indicate Directorate for Naturalization and formations competent decisions granting or withdrawal of nationality or canceled or replay or loss of or recovered and sent to the Civil information system after issuance according to the form prepared for this purpose. Fifthly - Directorate to ask the competent authorities of population census information and data for the purpose of renovation Civil information system limitations and compare it with the database. Article - 13 - Ergn enrollment in the civil information system decision of the Director-General or his nominee in one of the following two cases: First - loss or withdrawal of Iraqi nationality. Secondly - record enrollment illegally or to be bis or does not fulfill the legal requirements. Chapter V: Civil trading information Article -14 - head of the household or the owner of the constraint or brothers or sons Ouahd Owalakhuat spouse or guardian or guardian Ooagaym or agent to ask for official transactions of the Directorate and the configurations to provide him with a copy of its restriction of civil information system ratified by the Director or his nominee. Article -15 - the data may not be civil and restrictions and electronic documents circulation or make any electronic transactions with the database being Aogert outside the control and supervision of the General Directorate or took place without the consent of the Director-General or his nominee or used in the areas of violation of the provisions of this law. Article -16 - to the minister that foreign agencies are providing special restrictions criminals in an international character and installed in the civilian system information upon request crimes, according to the provisions of the law. Article - 17 - First - the Director-General to provide the government and non-government agencies with the necessary information recorded in the civil information system after confirmation of the reasons for the request and his request was denied reasoned decision. Second - Anyone who has obtained information in accordance with the provisions of this article shall be used by the purpose for which it is asked for. Thirdly - the General Directorate oversees the local civilian network information system and the follow-up electronic transactions transmitted through electronic media intended for the purposes of this law. Article -18 - may be limited image constraint on some civil registration information. Chapter VI: well-maintained record Article - 19 - First - new births recorded in the form of restrictions in the civil information system based on the testimony and the arguments of birth issued by the competent authorities. Secondly - the full name is included if the person's name and the name of the abstract and the name of his father, grandfather and the correct title, if any. Third - if the name is incomplete For the person completing the manner stipulated in this Law. Fourthly - health authorities and the Directorate refrain after the entry into force of this law for the registration of births name if indicated by the recipes that are obscene or contrary to public order or morals or the Del Alahth or insult. Article - 20 - First - the juvenile court and secretly send a copy of the decision to choose the name or foundling of unknown parentage, date and place of birth and the institution that Ute history and find it to the Directorate according to the model prepared for this purpose. Second - it is a foundling of unknown parentage or a Muslim Iraqis unless proven otherwise. Thirdly - juvenile court sent to the Ministry of Health and the Directorate copy of the resolution to include a child who do not know enough information about under his parents and their names because of their death or the death of one of them or their absence or the absence of one of them, including the child's name, surname, my name his parents and grandparents and the date and place of birth based on the medical report and the Ministry of Health to issue birth certificate. Fourthly - excluded births foundlings with the exception of unknown proportions, and the children of the deceased and absentees and dropouts of two news stipulated in this Law and the decision of the Court of events as news about it. Fifthly - foundling of unknown parentage or records based on the argument or decision issued by a competent court, both occurred before the birth registration of Statistics (NBS) in 1957 or thereafter in one of the following two cases: A - if not issued a birth certificate under the law of birth and death registration number [148] for the year 19 710 B - if it does not issue a decision would Baltrbeb in or attached to the family, according to the Juvenile Welfare Act No. 76 of 1983. Sixth - the competent court shall issue the argument or decision in secret at the request of the person if an adult [15] age of fifteen years or at the request of a temporary guardian attributing the competent court if the person has completed [7] The seventh did not report [15] XV of age. Seventh - determine the registration procedures in the civil information system for the bastard and unknown parentage and the son of the absent and missing and of the Son and interrupted the illegal instructions issued by the Minister. Article -21 - first - person correct full name and the name of his mother and grandfather to his mother only once and has a one-time also switch named abstract and title that is currently only that the names of parents and grandparents and recorded note correction in the family. Secondly - excludes from the provisions of subsection [first] of this article I change from religion to religion of Islam. Article -22 - The Director-General switch abstract name, title based on a written request from the owner of the constraint or his legal representative is required to make this switch that there are convincing reasons calls for it to take charge of the Directorate General of publication of the application in a local newspaper for once at the expense of the plaintiff It is seen in demand after [15] fifteen days from the date of publication. Article -23 - to those who may not be corrected his name or title to return to the same name and surname debugger by switching. Article -24 - I. The Director-General or his nominee registration of the title of the person in the absence of his title in enrollment based on a written request submitted to the General Directorate condition that does not imply Alahth or an insult or public order and morality. Second publishes the application in a local newspaper for once at the expense of the caller and when you do not challenge it through [10] ten days from the date of publication issue a general manager or his nominee a decision to register the title and at the time of the objection could a person to resort to the competent court within [90] ninety days from the date of notification to object. III marks a change in the title is in the family Article - 25 - I. boys in the family holds the title of their father and the competent employee to add this title to the blogger enrolled in the civil information system and indicates the title in under the family in case of non-existence and for them after puberty or when the marriage registration or switch titles 0 Second may one spouse or his deputy in cases of dissolution of the marriage contract submit a request to lift the title of the husband and the wife to return to her surname before marriage found that the decision of the Director-General or his nominee. III decision of the Director-General of the freezing ID number for the family in the civil information system in case of dissolution of the marriage contract and the absence of children may be. IV divorced wife returned to the ID to her family before marriage. Article - 26 - First: a non-Muslim may switch his religion and according to the law. Second follows the boys of minors in religion embraced the Islamic faith of their parents. III switch is located debt provided for in item [first] of this article and switch abstract name if coupled with the debt swap in court personal material is not subject in this case for publication Article - 27 - First: indicate births and deaths in the civil information system under certificates issued in accordance with the law of registration of births and deaths as well as the legal arguments and decisions issued by the competent courts after registration with the health authorities. Second Directorate to conduct under the Civil added in the information system of the deceased and edit notes Almqtadhah restrictions boys and husband or wife, and added in under the family III ID number for the family in addition to ID where the newborn. IV correct mistakes for adding birth and death in the civil information system that determines how the instructions issued by the Minister. Article - 28 - First: is added under the civil marriage in the information system and modify the couple's marital status based on a marriage contract or prove the marriage decision issued by the competent courts. Second: the establishment of the Directorate under the definitions of the family. III added marriage or divorce or annulment or disperse Iraqi women from foreign recorded in the records with her children and found that not including registration of foreign spouse is the wife with her children, her family registered identification number 0 IV added marriage or divorce or the dissolution of the Iraqi or foreign disperse from his wife and recorded with him and his children and his family are preparing them to record identification number. V. any of the couple set up the proceedings at the competent court corrects the date of the marriage, divorce or annulment or separation or the name of any of the couple mentioned in the legitimate decisions. VI died if the couple, who have not registered their marriage contract and left the children Vllola Ouahd guardian or adult children to sue one of the heirs or legally valid for the purpose of marital prove paternity before him. VII died if one spouse did not score the marriage contract is permissible for the husband set up the other suit on one of the heirs of the deceased spouse or of a legally valid for the purpose of proving the marriage before him. VIII added annulment or separation before entering the re-entry of both spouses and marital status to what it was before marriage and the Director-General to freeze ID number for the family in the civil information system. Chapter VII: correction Article - 29 - First: The Director-General or his nominee to decide based on a written request from the owner of the constraint or a right related to him or from the small Crown or of the relevant official bodies make corrections to all the data mentioned in the Civil information arising from the fault system restrictions It has added to the constraint on the basis of documents or official gripping issued by a competent authority 0 Second: the Director-General to review the administrative decision of rejection by [30] thirty days from the date of issue if the applicant made a new formal gripping enough to make the required correction 0 Article -30 - First: the relationship with the correction in the suit unify their applications when multiple errors in the full name and the name of the father and grandfather and grandfather is claiming the right one, but if there were legitimate reasons for the split. Second request correction of any part of the component parts of the history of birth day, month, or year is an admission policies included the rest of the health of other parts may not be set up more than one action to correct the said date. III in the case of a lack of information on the history of birth Viclv citizen to submit official archives that complement the shortfall for the purpose of adding them in under the Civil information. Article - 31 - The minister, based on a reasoned proposal from the Director General to issue regulations to add data limitation. Chapter VIII: punctuation enrollment Article - 32 - of any of the members of the family that resides case of punctuation in a phantom or family members in the competent court and restrictions on the introduction of a family court competent departments and members of a third person in the case. Article - 33 - held the proceedings in the competent courts and by jurisdiction and venue of the place of residence and the owner of the constraint on the prosecutor to highlight the image bound him and his family, according to the civil system information and keep track of legal ways to appeal in accordance with law. Chapter IX: the issuance of the national card Article - 34 - The Directorate shall issue a card to every Iraqi blogger in civil information system called the national card bearing a number and issue a special introductory card instead of lost when lost or damaged. Article -35 - I. national card accredit to the government and non-government agencies to prove personal owner and the definition of Iraqi nationality and be a substitute for Iraqi citizenship certificate and identity card and the card housing, taking into account the use of ID in their records and has under which access to civil, legal and human rights. Secondly - determines the national card model and the data contained in the procedures for obtaining them and the duration of validity and renewal date with instructions issued by the Minister. Article -36 - First - replace the national card in one of the following two cases: A - a decision by the competent authority to correct or replace any of the data included in the registration. -and Damage to the national card, or the occurrence of a linguistic error or digital therein. Second withdraw the national card when punctuation limitation. III national invalidate the card at death. Chapter X: fees Article -37 - levied fees set forth below in exchange for the issuance of cards and documents indicated opposite thereto: I. [5000] five thousand dinars to issue a national card for the first time or renewal at the end of shelf life. Secondly - [10000] ten thousand dinars to issue a national card, rather than corrupt. Thirdly - [25000] Twenty-five thousand dinars to issue a national card instead lost for the first time. Fourthly - [50000] Khmson thousand dinars issuing a single card instead of a civilian lost for the second time. Fifthly - [100000] hundred thousand dinars to issue a national card instead lost for more than twice. Sixth - [1000] thousand dinars Issuance and accreditation under the image. Seventh - [1000] thousand dinars switch name or title or any of the other data in enrollment. Chapter ten atheist: Sanctions Article -38 - shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding [3] three years and a fine of not less than [200000] two hundred thousand dinars and not more than [1000000] million dinars or either both feet incorrect information in order to obtain the national ID or image limitation. Article - 39 - shall be punished by a fine of [25000] Twenty-five thousand dinars each of defaults pointing domicile in the Information Office during the period provided for in Article [10] of the Act. Chapter XII: General Provisions Article - 40 - The Directorate shall implement the Civil information system, which includes all individuals restrictions provided for in this law within [2] two years from the effective date. Article - 41 - First: the Directorate creation of a website on the Internet is managed separately from the local network Directorate for the purpose of securing communication with citizens to receive the information on the card and notified the National revisions. Second electronic transactions set forth in the item is [first] of this article as a news nor credible as documented or electronic accompaniment only after support from the competent departments are reviewing the citizen of the Directorate or any of its affiliates from personal approval of this news. Article - 42 - First: define the instructions issued by the Minister proceedings have transactions set forth in this law and the Iraqi communities abroad. Second, the Minister upon the proposal of the Director-General to authorize the Iraqi consulates abroad or its substitute Oobed with all the powers set forth in this law for the purpose of the application of its provisions. Article - 43 - of the Director of the Directorate or authorized to ask of any individual subject to the provisions of this law make with his data or information concerning him or his representative who has to ask him to come in front of the staff of the Directorate for this purpose. Article - 44 - First - Minister issue a statement published in the official gazette includes a stop work by issuing a certificate of Iraqi nationality and civil status card and the card housing, records, Adaberha with the exception of the records that the prejudice to prove or deny that contradict well-maintained and the provisions of the law. Secondly - Directorate maintains records relating to nationality and binders circles and Civil Status Thirdly - Civil Status offices and housing information departments continue to work and prepare plants for civilian system information. IV Directorate and through the local network links and expand the development of civil registration to include the life of the individual information including fingerprints and life prints or iris images or any information that can be obtained. Article -45 - First - repealed the following: A. Civil Status Law No. [65] for the year 1972. B - the organization of shops housing and residence within Iraq No. [95] for the year 1978. Second regulations and instructions issued remain under the laws set forth in item [first] of this article window that does not contradict the provisions of this law until the issuance of the replaced or repealed. Article -46 - first - may issue regulations to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law. Second - The Minister shall issue instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law. Article -47 - This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and determines the effective date a statement issued by the minister shall be published in the Official Gazette. Reasons: Given the multiplicity of tariff documents among the citizens for the purpose of alleviating the burden on the citizen and to keep pace with progress in government work systems in the developed world through the use of the latest management systems and in order to build an integrated network for Civil Information and unify the Iraqi nationality certificate model and model ID card and a model housing card in a single document, and within the network About one and its importance in Ganab the security of the citizen and the state, this law was enacted.
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