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Found 17 results

  1. I saw a post about a good price offered to sell your Dinar to exchange of America and started checking to see who's offering best price for dinar right now as far as us selling, and noticed exchange of America is DinarTrade, TampaDinar, DinarInc, and maybe more companies. This got me kind of curious, are there really a bunch of Dinar dealers out there or is it one or two giant company owning all these sub companies under different branding? I noticed on another site that Sterling Currency Group and Gid & Associates and DinarBanker all seem to be the same company as well. I used to think where were a dozen or more different Dinar dealers out there but it seems as if its like 2-3 dealers with just different branding. Corporation Name STERLING CURRENCY GROUP LLC Fictitious Names GID ASSOCIATES GID PARTNERS WWW.DINARBANKER.COM Doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but just thought it was funny we here are always talking about who to buy from, who we like, who we don't like, etc and it seems as if we are talking about the same company just differnet names lol
  2. A friend of mine has been buying Dong like crazy, he claims he has a contract and is acquiring as much Dong as he can to send away to someone on January 12th and claims he'll then be receiving a wire back. I've told him I don't think it's smart to to send money away to strangers with a promise of getting paid but he's dead set on doing this. We'll see if he gets paid or not, I'm guessing not. He keeps saying he can get me in as well, I'm gonna pass.
  3. Okay, so I have a bank story. Before you all tune out nothing crazy about numbers on the screens or anything like that and really nothign definitive but did find it refreshing. Was inline at a BMO bank the other day, bank of montreal I think its called formerly harris bank. I don't have an account there but had gotten a check issued by their bank so was cashing it. The gentelment in front of me was tryin to sell them various foreign currencies from vacations along with some Iraqi Dinar mixed in. The tell took pretty much evertyhing but the Dinar and some money from like norway or something like that. I overheard him asking about why they didn't take the Dinar. She said they only dealt with a handful of currencies and typically no thte more rare or exotic ones as there isn't as much demand. She did however say in branch meetings tellers were all voicing to management a large number of customer requests and questions and basically kind of left it as a possibility it may be something they would deal with in the future. I think its not a decision they can make at a branch level from what she was saing corporate or something would need to give the okay to make that a currency they can buy in or request. NOthing concrete or groundbreaking with this story but in the past anytime I heard Dinar mentioned in a bank it was dealt with with a stern no and kind of a dont bother us with that crap attitude so this was a little better.
  4. Over the past year or two I have gotten a call or two from people who say they want to buy my DInar. Different scenarios and situations but it's always something involving a group or trust or chinese group. OFtentimes telling me they will pay $8 per Dinar. I know there's a lot of scams out there where people request you send them your Dinar, often its to Reno or other places with the promise of big payouts. I've had a few friends and colleages who have gotten similar calls. NOw before you tell me its a scam believe me I know that, I would never let my Dinar out of my site, however what I'm curious about is how are people getting our phone numbers and how do they know we have Dinar, thats the part I find wierd? I may have posted on this forum or others that I'm looking to sell my dinar but don't think I've ever posted my cell number. The last guy who called me recently I was tempted to hangup immediatley but decided just to play along for a minute. I was like look this sounds well and good but why would you pay me $8 for my dinar when you can go buy Dinar from a dealer at about a grand per million? He said they are trying to get tehir hands on as much Dinar as possible quickly, blah blah blah. His response was basically why do you care this is a lot of money. I basically just responded it sounds too good to be true, it doesn't make sense why would anyone pay more than they have to for something. I quickly tired of the situation and just hungup but thought it was wierd and also couldn't figure out who this was or how they got my number.
  5. A coworker of mine has been trying to convince me to setup a trust with his wife who happens to provide this service. Basically it's going to cost $4,000 but he says do it now because after the RV it's going to cost $10,000. FIrst off I was wondering if any of you have trusts setup? Secondly how much did it cost as $4,000 seems pretty high for filling out some paperwork. I imagine the filling fee is a few hundred bucks and her fee is the thousands on top of that. Also what are the benefits of a trust? I'm not going to do it. I don't need a trust now and IF there were to be an RV who really cares about paying an extra $5,000 or $6,000 at that point. I'd rather pay a bit more later than shellout thousands now for something I don't need at this time. Anyhow, just curious if anyone can share experience or comment on trusts in general. Thanks.
  6. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the prices we consumers pay. About two years ago if I remember correctly prices were at like $1250 per million. The official rate has gone up but prices have dropped to around $1020 or $1030. Kind of strange that value goes up and prices go down. Now, with seemingly no good or bad news about the Dinar I now see DinarTrade is back to $980 per million from about $1040 and I can't remember where I saw it but one dealer was even at $950 per million. What's with prices being so low.
  7. Hey, quick question. Just noticed something I've never noticed before. The security threads on my 25,000 Dinar notes is not in the same palce on all notes. If I line notes up the thread lines up in the same spot but if you look at the picture on the notes of that tractor on some notes the thread is to the right of the tractor wheel, on other notes its on the tractor wheel and on some its to the left of the tractor wheel. This is if you are looking at the side of the note not with 25,000 but the other side which has teh guy with wheat and the tractor to the right of him. Sorry wont let me attach pics says they are too big. Please look at your notes and see if you notice though.
  8. Hey guys, I know there's been a lot of discussion about the Guru sites and pumper websites. I know Dinar Recaps has been catching a lot of flack lately on here. I've spoken to a couple of these site owners in the past and learned something very interesting. I know alot of dinar people put so much stock in the opinions of site owners but having spoken to a few most of these guys are just affiliate marketers and don't really have any special info or knowledge on currency or finance. Basically they did a search on google keyword tool found dinar is a high paying keyword with very little competition and decided to start a website about it. Had they found that RC remote control cars or cough medicine was high paying words they would have chosen those. Just want to point out that just because the guy who runs another site or **************** or whatever site says something it doesn't mean they are experts on currency it simply means they understand SEO and affiliate marketing and decided to start a website. Don't put too much stock in their personal opinions.
  9. I'm not a fan of options but have some friends who are. Some ebay sellers are considerably cheaper than some of the regular dealers selling options. It seems there's only a handful of sellers selling options maybe 2 or 3. I was just curious if anyone on here has bought from them and if so what was your experience? Is it a striaght option or do they give you some free notes with the option like sterling and some of the others so at least you have something tanginble to show for your money in addition to the option? Are their certificates professional and written in a way that it would hold up legally if it came down to it? And lastly I doubt anyone can know this for sure but anyway to know if these dealers actually have the Dinar stashed away to back these options and they are't selling thin air? Interseting One This seller above actually calls out the big option seller on ebay saying there's no way he can back all the options he's selling. I can't believe people are buying options from the guy with the videos. He's sold several billion in IQD options, there's no way he'll be able to deliver in the case of an RV. Please consider that fact when purchasing options. I have a very limited supply of IQD to option. In the past, I've done auctions for 1M IQD - 10M IQD, but it's easier to auction my 50M to only 2 people at once. I imagine in the case of an RV, I'll only have to work with 2 folks to get this IQD in their hands. I can't even imagine dealing with hundreds of customers like the guy selling options on here with the videos. IF you bid on this auction, you understand this is for collector's purpose only. I am not selling or giving any type of investment advice, nor am I saying an RV will happen any time soon or make you a millionaire if it does happen. I am simply providing a vehicle for you to control 25 Million uncirculated, authentic IQD without having to for the upfront costs of $30,000+ (based on current market price). Exercise price on the option is $1,900 per million and you have 60 days from auction end to exercise. I only have 2 of these available, once they sell - the rights of the IQD sit with the highest bidder for 60 days beginning when the auction ends. You MUST submit payment within 24 hours of auction end. I will send you an right-to-buy agreement via email. Please note my seller status when bidding. And lastly, please go to "sold listings" on a search for "iraqi Dinar options" and see the hundreds of billions of Dinar that the video guy has optioned. There is no way he controls that much IQD, just want to put the warning out there for everyone. Keywords: Dinar, Iraq, Iraqi, IQD, RV, RD Thanks
  10. Hey, just thought this may be of interest to some of you. Just got an email from Amazon saying a Dinar Kindle book I might like is Free for the next 3 days. I actually already read this as most of the DInar Books are Free with Prime Accounts but this seems to be Free to anyone for the next couple days. I read it a few weeks back, not pumping at all but not really negative either. Pretty good read only thing its not that easyy to read cuz its written like an interview which is kinda a pain to read but none the less some good info though most I already knew.
  11. I guess it was only a matter of time but looks like 2 dinar dealers are now accepting bitcoins currencytradeinternational and buyiraqidinarhere. figured it was only a matter of time with all the hype about them these days. i had posted the other day i was looking to liquidate some of my dinar to buy bitcoins. i wonder if these dealers will buy dinar and pay out in bitcoins but i doubt it. probably gonna check though.
  12. A topic I have asked a few times as well as a question I've seen others ask if whether people selling options can back them? I believe Sterling can back theirs aside from them I personally doubt anyone can be it ebay sellers or bigger dealers. I found this pretty interesting, found an ebay listing where the seller calls out another ebayer saying he's sold billions of dinar in options in the past month and there's no way he has millions if not billions of dollars sitting around to back all these options. Thought this was pretty interesting... Here's the listing.... Here's what he says... I can't believe people are buying options from the guy with the videos. He's sold several billion in IQD options, there's no way he'll be able to deliver in the case of an RV. Please consider that fact when purchasing options. I have a very limited supply of IQD to option. In the past, I've done auctions for 1M IQD - 10M IQD, but it's easier to auction my 50M to only 2 people at once. I imagine in the case of an RV, I'll only have to work with 2 folks to get this IQD in their hands. I can't even imagine dealing with hundreds of customers like the guy selling options on here with the videos. Here is the seller he's calling out.... Looks like these sellers are going to war over our business lol.
  13. Check out this Craigslist listing, old saddam notes and the seller "gurantees" they will be worth 100x the $8 they were worth at one time lol. This is the most outragous Dinar ad I've ever seen CLbaltimoreall for sale / wantedcollectibles - by owner Reply [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-10-29, 5:00PM EDT IRAQ, Saddam 10,000 dinar rare & collectable (Baltimore, DC, VA, PA, NY) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Hi, I have 250 of these notes in UN condition. These make great investment with high resell value. they were equal to $8.00 when they were in circulation but no that they are out of circulation they are worth much more and I can gurantee you that in 20 years they will be worth 100 times that. The notes that were in circulation in Iran in Shah time before revolution, they are selling for 100 to 500 times higher than their face value and these iraqi dinars will not be any different. I am selling these note for $12.00 a piece feel free to contact me with any questions. Get them while they last. Location: Baltimore, DC, VA, PA, NY it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Posting ID: 4159591039 Posted: 2013-10-29, 5:00PM EDT email to a friend Avoid scams, deal locally! Do NOT wire funds (Western Union, Moneygram). Beware cashier checks, money orders, shipping, non-local buyers/sellers. More info FORMAT: mobile standard © 2013 craigslist help terms privacy safety feedback about cl jobs
  14. I was just curious if any of you guys have ever followed a Guru and bought Dinar on their recommendation or prediction of a "imminent" rv? I was just trying to make sense of why people follow Gurus. First off they don't really have any credible info that can be documented. It's one thing to say alot of industry and factories are moving to Vietnam and that's good for the economy so I'll buy some Dong. It's an entirely different thing to say go by Dinar because I have "special intel" or "inside sources" that know it's gonna revalue? Also, it's one thing if you listen to a Guru once and they are wrong, fool me once shame on you right. But the second part of that is fool me twice shame on me. I just can't make any sense of these people who follow gurus like it's a religion despite the guys having been wrong with his last 20 predictions. How can someoen continue to follow and belive someone who has a track record of being wrong time and time again?
  15. Okay so I thought this was interesting. I was looking at Dinar on ebay and this particular ebay in his listing states... ATTENTION: In the event of the RV (revaluation) of the Iraqi dinar and prior to the sale item concluding or prior to order being shipped, the seller retains the right to issue a FULL REFUND in lieu of shipping the product. I thought this was kind of interesting seeing as how in a different ebay thread someone was concerned about this very thing happening. Now this is really nothing unique to ebay as many dealer have in their terms and conditions or terms of service they reserve the right to cancel any order at any time, however thought it was interesting an ebayer states right in his listing if it rv's evne if you paid he's gonna refund your money and keep your order for himself. Now of course this is against ebay rules and against ebay terms of service. If someone were to buy, and it rv'd and they complained there's really nothing the buyer or ebay can do about it, ebay can't force the seller to send their item or sell the item to them but none the less it is against ebay terms of service to have conditions like this. I guess if someone reported the listing ebay would take it down but after the fact if it were to rv really nothing ebay can do to make the seller sell it to you. Just wanted to point this out to anyone buying on ebay. I still buy on ebay but this is something to consider...
  16. Okay, so I recently signed up for Amazon Prime membership and I get to borrow Kindle books for free. There's a number of Iraqi Dinar related books on Amazon so I've been reading all of them or at least skimming all of them and reading bits and pieces. Aside from Adams book "Iraqi Dinar The Real RV Intel" which I've yet to fully read yet, every other book on there is very negative many actually refering to the Dinar as a scam. Online there's plenty of hype and gurus as we know but it doesn't take much research or facts to throw up a quick paragraph saying something like "bankers are flying here to facilitate the rv" or "iraq has enough to cover a 5:1 rv" or things like that. Anyone can throw up hype, rumors or a claim and not back it up in a blog post or forum post. To actually write a book one actually needs to do some research and hopefully have some facts or history to backup things they say. It kind of concerns me that every book related to the Dinar is negative. Makes me think there's not enough positive information out there to make a book or not enough positive information with facts and history to back it up to write a book on however there seems to be plenty of negative or pessimistic dinar info to write a book on. Wonder if that means there's more negative about a possible dinar rv than positive. I'll put a few book titles below just so you can see what I mean... The Iraqi Dinar Scam: Why Buying the Dinar is for Dummies The Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Scam: What to do if you have bought or are being offered Iraqi Dinars Confessions Of An Iraqi Dinar Dealer, No Hype, No Rumors, No Guru BS
  17. Okay so someone else made an interesting thread talking about people who are positive about the DInar and pumpers as well as people who are pessimistic or negative about the Dinar. I was just wondering. I can understand someone saying a pumper has an alterior motive ie if they are a dealer say hey it's gonna revalue tomorrow maybe it will stir up some business and get people buying dinar again. What possible agenda could someone being negative about the Dinar have? I have seen other people say pessimistic things and even said pessimistic things myself and heard people say things like you want to get rich but nobody else to get rich. I can't see any reason for someone to try to convince someone else not to buy dinar besides them thinking its not a smart thing to do. NObody has anything to gain by someoen else not buying Dinar. Always thought this was interesting and wondered why people think anyone who says anything negative has anything to gain by telling someone not to buy or by being pessimistic. On the other hand I can see a motive behind a pumper.
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