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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning all! Today has some huge potential for us! The Vienna OPEC meeting is under way as of a couple hours ago (6AM Chicago time). The meeting, including non-OPEC admissions, is set to be done by about 2PM (Chicago time) today. We are still waiting on word about anything specific to Iraq at this time, but that was to be expected. Like I mentioned in the VIP section yesterday, I expect to have a grasp on "what's up" with the situation by later today or this weekend at the latest, but nonetheless I'm being advised to close VIP, ASAP. My advisors wanted it closed YESTERDAY, but I gave my word that I would hold till today... so it's still open for a few new members. I'm sitting here with my thumb on the pulse right now, and this is very important to understand as someone (you) who may be sitting on the fence about VIP right now: I'm locking it down no later than 5PM CST today. The reason is simple - if I'm 5 minutes late in closing the doors, we could have a massive influx of new members, and then I'm forced to accomodate a much bigger group... I'm not going to put myself in a position like that. This is no different than why the CBI is going to put a mandatory "Cash In" period on the old (current) notes. They have to mitigate their business just like I do. If you want in, click this link and do it immediately: Maybe we have breaking news today or tomorrow, maybe not... but if NOT, I will still have a lot of work to do and we can't afford to be distracted with "last minute speculators". Just like the CBI. I'll still try to get a few updates out here, but for the immediate future, all weekly scheduled chats are paused. I'll do what I can, but no promises other than a simple "RV Announcement" email and of course texts to those who paid for it, and then my focus is 100% on VIP members. As of right now, the discount code is still valid: goRVmay25 gets you a 25% discount in the VIP store here: [LINK] VIPs, I'll be updating [THIS THREAD] pretty often for the next couple days unless circumstances force (privilege) me with the opportunity to create new threads. New threads that will be focusing on the long awaited Post-RV infos, of course! That's it for this morning - I'm back to work, my phone is ringing off the hook and it's not even 7AM here! Don't quit your job yet. But as a courtesy, you may want to study up: #justsayin #goRV #bringiton!
  2. Good Morning Dinar enthusiasts! I have a feeling... that today is going to be a VERY busy day for me. Well, it may not be so much a "feeling" as it is a very strict "to-do" list that my staff gave me at 5AM this morning And I can not tell you how happy this makes me!!!! I can't remember the last time I was this excited about having SO much to get done in one day! If you're just catching up on the latest Dinar news, here's the deal: OPEC is set to meet tomorrow (Thursday 25th of May). Today's preliminary meetings went extremely well, and all my sources are telling me that the process should be a very amicable one tomorrow, when they make it official. This is NOT like an Iraqi Parliament meeting... we're not expecting this to drag out till the "next session". This should be solid TOMORROW. And what we are hoping for, fingers crossed, is that Iraq is quietly granted an exemption to the oil output deal for a limited time. This is going to be an incredibly opportune time for them to pop their HCL into place either immediately, possibly the same day or the 26th, or it will prompt them into taking the actions that will show us the HCL immediately following Ramadan. Either way, we're hoping for an exemption on Iraq. The exemption should be good for the duration of the deal all of the OPEC participating countries have already informally agreed to (6, possibly 9) months, which is an ideal time frame for Iraq to pass the HCL and change the rate on the dinar. This is a PERFECT situation for us! I have more to say, but I'm saving that for the VIP section. Out here in public, I'll just summarize... if Iraq is granted ANY kind of exempt status from the limiting of oil production (that Russia and Saudi Arabia and others already agreed to take part in), this is red carpet and golden ropes time! Here's a short reminder - the 25th is coming QUICK, and so is the end of your opportunity to lock in a great discount on VIP! Not only that, there is a good chance that this is your LAST chance to get in my VIP group. In hopes of a May 25 celebration, this is a 25% discount. We're talking $100 off your PLATINUM upgrade, or a 5 month VIP membership for less than $60 - that's 2 extra months for only $5 per month! I've adjusted the settings so the discount can be applied to more than one product, and also for renewals, so if you want to get yourself a Platinum upgrade and a gift of 5 months for a friend, you'll get the discount on the ENTIRE order. Code is goRVmay25, use it at this link: Why do you want to be VIP? Well, you could ask ANY of our current VIPs what they think about the information and VALUE in our private section, and you'll be overwhelmed with the positive responses! But I'll break it down in a couple lines: 1. Guaranteed - yes, GUARANTEED - more money in your pocket by being part of our VIP group after the rate is raised. And that guarantee is backed by a 100% MONEY BACK PROMISE. No fine print, no catch! 2. Access to literally thousands of dollars worth of information that you can use immediately to start preparing for not only a dinar RV, but also much more in your business and personal life. 3. Read and take part in our high-level conversations, where you'll be hearing directly from myself and many other incredible successful and extremely intelligent people. 4. Perhaps most importantly, access to a plethora of interesting and very profitable ventures Post-RV, where the goal is to maximize your returns and limit losses to taxes and other dangers. I could go on and on about this stuff, but that's what's in the VIP section. Just look back up to #1 if you're not convinced yet! I'll just add one thing... you might wonder "Why does ADAM want me in the VIP section?" The answer is quite simple. By creating this VIP group, and growing it into the largest, most sophisticated, well educated, and prepared group of dinar investors on the planet, I've been able to leverage amazing opportunities for us that I could not do on my own. We have strength in numbers, and that is something I want you to be a part of. To break it down even further... it's good for me, my family, and I love helping people. The opportunity that I have, to help you and others, is a great thing. It motivates and inspires me every day... but lately, the inspiration and motivation has only grown thanks to the amazing direction this situation is travelling. I'll also explain why the doors are closing, and why you won't be able to join after the RV: First, I value customer service. I know how much my services will cost, and I know how many VIPs I can support. I will not dilute the quality of the service by allowing an infinite number of clients into my group. Second, if you're not willing to support this site and my work before the RV... you don't get to benefit from the opportunities after the RV. Join us in VIP if you're not there already. You won't regret it. Here's the weekly Q's, and I'll have more to say in the VIP section later. GOOOO RRRRRVVVVV!!!! That is incorrect. I don't have time to go into a full lecture on it right now, but hopefully we'll just get to watch the markets in real time (soon) rather than me explaining it. Good question! Strategically, I don't think Abadi would be wise to make that claim, despite the fact that he certainly could make that claim... I'll defer to a famous expert that you have probably heard of: “Be extremely subtle even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War At this time, I am prepared for that and the likelihood of it happening is HIGH. This is a possibility, but we won't know what terms or options we have until we see how stable the currency (and the entire region) is once the rate is changed. We have several contingency plans and arrangements in the VIP section that will allow us to take advantage of this kind of opportunity and also many others, but it all depends on many factors that will be revealed as the situation develops. One thing you do NOT want to do is delay getting in my VIP group... I love doing these weekly chats and updates, but as of about 15 minutes ago my "public" time became very limited, and after the RV is announced that time will be non-existent. That's it for now! Like I mentioned, this might be your last chance to join my exclusive VIP group, and with a discount to boot. Ignore this opportunity at your own peril! Code is goRVmay25 for that discount, and the link is: - Adam
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