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Found 9 results

  1. Luigi says... Various sources says the negotiations are at a delicate stage. This may explain the lack of Intel. It's Do Or Die. The 2018 Budget Must Pass. The Kurds issue appears to have been resolved & they will get paid. The budget should pass if Parliament stops fighting amongst themselves. All eyes are on the Kuwait Donor Summit next week. Go RV. 6 Feb 2018 Sources from around the web... Sources in the loop with the RV process have all gone silent. No information is currently being given about the RV (at least not publicly). It is suspected that a gag has been given to sources in preparation for the imminent RV release. The Alliance is winning and the Cabal is losing. Victory nears as each day passes. These are great times, even better than 1776. Keep the faith. It's almost over. 2-5-2018 Newshound Guru G-Lin Article: "Deputy reveals the condition of the IMF to support the government for the allocation of 14% of the budget for Kurdistan" They better be quick. IMF told them they need to have the budget complete before the Kuwait Conf. That is next Monday. And they are not meeting again until next Sunday. Snap, snap Iraq. 2-5-2018 Newshound Guru chattels Article: " ...saw the parliament cafeteria several differences and reached the degree of engagement fistfights." parliament suspended its week amid a fight.
  2. Luigi says... The Goose has so much Intel inside his head but he just can't tell us. He has placed himself under self imposed gag orders once again for the sake of all humanity. That was so nice of him. Not verified. Your opine. 30Nov 2017 Bruce The Goose... I was advised Intel wise to lay low tonight. Don’t say a whole lot because where we are and we are so close. A lot is going on behind the scenes. I will just say this, when it comes to Iraq, Iraq is the lead dog on this. Let’s release this. Iraqi stock exchange, ISX, closed for about 6 days. They are opening up their ISX tomorrow approximately 9am Iraqi time. Do you realize they suppose to have their new rate showing? That program rate we have seen for so long is gone and the new rate is in. That allows a lot more people to see it and trade on it and bring the value of the dinar up even higher.
  3. Luigi says... BluWolf has been gagged. He has so much knowledge & intel in his head but can't share it with none of us. BLUWOLF TIDBIT, 16 AUGUST Blu wants everyone to know he is bound by his word not to share info right now , but he has not forgotten the room and all of us. We love you Blu!
  4. Luigis says...GAGGED... It's looking like Bruce & his contacts are out of business. His sources had their phones taken away. 31 May 2017 Bruce... Our sources we had in the past have gone dark. They literally can't use their phones. Their phones are cut off literally. It it literally hard to get that source of information. That was the same yesterday & somewhat the same today.
  5. Luigi the garbage man may have found the juiciest rumor yet. Could Trump be gagged before the RV rollout? 1 June 2017 Restored Republic Judy Byington...We are there in the midst of the rollout. Sources in DC & Reno say everything is set to go live. Certain people are in the War Room to protect the Redemption Centers.
  6. Luigi says... Yet another Guru has been gag ordered. What's going on around this place? Inquiring minds want to know. 16 March 2017 Bruce: We are in a situation now we are so close to the blessing to fruition. There is very little active Intel out there. There are a few things here and there and some things are too sensitive to go into. We have been asked not to do very much Intel at all. What I am thinking is to tell you we are at a position from what I have heard that we are so close that we don’t want to say anything to jeopardize our position in this. When we are asked not to say much then from our perspective many things are DONE.
  7. from Guru RA...the gagged one... RA April 23, 2015 at 12:33pm Hello to all s3 members, I have been off the net for some time due to restraints(gagged)placed on me on reporting on the net. However, I have been given permission(un-gagged)to pass on some information at this time. Many of the reports that you have been hearing are correct, the movements have begun. What I can state is that the infrastructure is solid and so much is being done behind the scenes now that will affect a major change for everyone on this planet. The change is occurring as I write this but I know for many of you, you have been unable to see much at all on a personal level. I speak to the many who have patiently waited and understand the pressures you must be under right now. But if the foundation is not secure, it will crumble. HOWEVER, the foundation has been laid and we are moving forward. I am in contact with some of you now behind the scenes but am not allowed(re-gagged)to post much publicly due to the sensitivity of the matter. I can confirm though that much you are hearing is true and movement has begun. Thank you for your patience and hang on cause this is truly happening. RA The GAGGED ONE. Did RA change his user name from TerryK to Guru RA? Are they both one & the same. Does he have too much data in his head? Should we pick his brain? Luigi wants to know.
  8. from S3A... OK...first TerryK was Gagged...then DC & TNT S3A puts himself on voluntary gag orders. What's going on around this place? Stage3Alpha: Kilo15 March 14, 2015 at 10:36am Good morning S3A people. Final stages of this coming into play and our lives changing. OilRat: March 14, 2015 at 11:02am Based on the info I just received this may be my last post on this site.... I will be signing an NDA which eliminates my ability to speak of anything regarding currencies. The news just received was anytime from now till Tuesday this is scheduled to "pop." We are about to see a whole new professional, and enjoy being a millionaire......if this is my last post, God Bless to all and I've enjoyed this internet family!!! of the sudden all the Gurus are on gag orders because they have too much knowledge.
  9. from others sources... It appears that Guru TerrK is not the only Guru under gag orders from the powers that be. TNT Tony & DC now join this exclusive club. This is the price they must pay for having too much knowledge in their heads. GAGGED. TNT Tony: We will tell you as much as we can, but we have been asked to be careful (which tells you something.) DC: We have been asked by many to be careful and circumspect, and if that helps the process we are happy to do so. For those that don’t care about the details. On Friday we said in 3-4 days we should be ready to go, and that is still the case. It’s 3-4 days from Friday and we are sitting on the Go.
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