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Found 4 results

  1. 2019/11/25 13:49 The number of readings 47 Section: Iraq New election law includes 100% win BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The head of the alliance in the province of Diyala MP Burhan al-Mamouri, said Monday, that the new election law will ensure the winner of the highest votes 100%. His office said in a statement received to the obelisk, that "the parliamentary bloc Sairon will change the Electoral Commission and its law," noting that it "stands with multiple constituencies and win the highest votes." "The last election law was based on the amended Saint Lego law and there is a tendency to change this law in response to the demands of the demonstrators," Mamouri said. He added that "the parliamentary bloc Sairon proposed to amend the election law of the current House of Representatives," noting that "the new amendment to the law will ensure the winner of the highest votes 100%," noting that "The new amendment will include the conduct of elections in various districts at the level of districts." He pointed out that "the law will achieve real representation of the will of the voters transparent and fair elections between the contenders," pointing out that "the mass of Sairon submitted an official request earlier to the Presidency of the House of Representatives to amend the statutes of the Commission and the elections." The Obeliskقانون-الانتخابات-الجديد-يتضمن-فوز-صاحب-اعلى-الاصوات-100
  2. Electoral Commission granted the license to five new parties 26 minutes ago Last updated 02:45 PM BAGHDAD / Tomorrow 's Press: announced the Election Commission on Tuesday ratified the granting of the license to five new parties. The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at the Electoral Commission, Serbest Mustafa Rashid in a statement, received "Tomorrow Press", a copy of it, that " the Board of Commissioners approved the granting of the license, five new parties , namely , ( the party wall of Iraq, the Islamic Movement of 15 August, brings hope, stream of justice and the advancement of the popular assembly and independent). " He added that " the parties mentioned, completed all the procedures and instructions issued by the Commission and the rules of conduct, according to the paragraphs of the political parties law , the legislator by the House of Representatives." The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners called for "all the advanced parties for the purpose of incorporation, which recorded and cut the legal period, to complete the procedures for registration in preparation for granting them licenses of incorporation." The Political Parties Law No. (36) for the year 2015 may be prescribed by the House of Representatives, UNHCR and began work whereby after it was published in the Official Gazette, where he made political parties intending to participate in the upcoming electoral benefits for the purpose of registration, in accordance with procedures, instructions and rules of conduct issued. The Electoral Commission had announced earlier last April, the granting of licenses for the establishment of five new political parties, while all parties called for the completion of the procedures for registration in preparation for the establishment of licenses granted.
  3. Electoral Commission: Iraq has 210 political parties Political | 01:33 - 13/07/2019 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News The Independent High Electoral Commission revealed on Saturday that Iraq has 210 political parties. "The Commission has registered about eight new parties, including secular and Islamic, since the end of the parliamentary elections last year," said a member of the Commission of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission, Riad Badran. He pointed out that "the registration process is still ongoing, not limited to a particular season, and now Iraq has about 210 parties."
  4. Legal representative: Tomorrow's session will vote on the dismissal of the Commission 1 hour ago Policy 36 Visit Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed on Saturday that the meeting on Sunday will show the vote on the dismissal of the electoral commission, or not, by agreement with the heads of the political blocs of the Presidency of the Council. She said committee member MP Ibtisam Hilali, said that "meetings took place between the heads of political blocs and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives during the last week on a date to vote on the dismissal of the Electoral Commission whether or not an agreement that led to the inclusion of paragraph within the next Sunday session of the work." She added that "several attempts were made by some of the heads of blocs demanded to wait to vote for the offer as will cause a constitutional vacuum in case the vote on the dismissal of the Commission." The MP for the Liberal bloc Zainab first Sahlani on Thursday warned not to dismiss the election commission, confirmed the determination of the mass deportation of violations file to the judiciary to hold accountable those involved regardless of party affiliation.
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