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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all i am looking to buy some dinars. Please hit me up if you have some for sale. At least two million for now circulated or uncirculated are fine
  2. Central Bank underlines the lack of any withdrawal from the trading category to coincide with the release of the 50 thousand dinars November 25, 2015 2 Our economy / Baghdad Central Bank underlines the lack of any withdrawal from the trading category to coincide with the release of the 50 thousand dinars.
  3. Greetings All, At present we have 5,000,000,000 Dinars available for sale in 25Bills, the three horses, the most wanted! Interested parties email: Serious inquires only Regards C.Crossley
  4. Here's someting that may be of interest. Forward it as you wish but do not use my name or screen name please. I've been reading that Wells Fargo is somehow a key to this and that having a WF account might move you ahead of others. I visited a WF branch today intending to open up a modest checking account, $4,000 so I wouldn't have to pay fees. As we started I casually asked the new accounts clerk "have you heard anything about a revaluation of the Iraqi currency called dinars". She froze for a moment. Then said "yes, I have. You know it is a complete hoax, I don't know how it got started and don't know how Wells Fargo became the target as the primary bank involved". I then said "I'm sure Wells Fargo personnel have been told to say that if asked". Still smiling. I then said "I'll go ahead and open up an account just in case". She excused herself. Within ten seconds she returned with the branch manager who said "this dinar thing is a hoax and I can give you the phone number of an individual at our corporate headquarters who is in the IRAQI DINAR DEPARTMENT who can explain the hoax to you --". I cut her off saying "there is AN ENTIRE DEPARTMENT FOR IRAQI DINARS at Wells Fargo!!??". Instant red face and stammering. She regained her composure saying "if your only interest in opening up a checking account is Iraqi dinars we do not want your business." "So I can't open up a checking account with $4,000 cash in hand?" "No, I'm sorry". She almost pulled me out of my chair and escorted me to my car! She stood there until I drove off. What did I do next? - I drove to another WF branch and opened up an account saying nothing about dinars. Fortunately, the first encounter did not get far enough along to even get my name. Something is VERY odd about WF and dinars. What are the odds that word has gotten out within WF to where even basic tellers have their assets down to their socks invested in dinars? AND if an RV occurs they will all get the best rate and the earliest payouts It was a VERY strange day for me. Take it for what it's worth.
  5. Hey guys not sure if anyone else has noticed this new policy but it really sucks. In the past dealers and individuals on ebay were selling 5 Million Dinar, 10 Million Dinar, etc. There was one ebayer who had a very good price up for 10 million, I was considering buying and had recently noticed he took it down. I then noticed almost all ebayers took down large listings. I called around to a few and asked why. They informed me in the past you could buy for example over 5 million Dinar on ebay but just couldn't pay with Paypal b/c Paypal limited them to sales of $1000 and under,however you could pay with a cashiers check. They said ebay basically adopted the Paypal policy so now they can't even list items over $1,000 on ebay. I decided to call up ebay and ask them about it, they apparently don't understand their own policy. They claim its a sanctioned item, however this can't be true as a sanctioned item couldn't be sold at all, not just under $1,000. They said this policy applies to the Dinar but not the Dong or ohter currencies. I found this to be really odd but you can't argue with ebay. I contacted a few ebay sellers and people offered to do sales outside of ebay and lie on Paypal invoices saying its jewelry or other items, however I imagine that would violate my Paypal buyer protection so don't plan on doing it. Anyone else know anything else or come to find out aobut this policy htemselves?
  6. Hey guys, there's a list of what a number of dealers are charging for Dinar. Went ahead and posted this because as some of you may have already noticed you can no longer buy large quantiies of Dinar off ebay.
  7. I have 3 million Dinar in uncirculated 1,000 denomination notes. Asking $1200 per million. Most dealers charging around $1900. Will accept papal if you pay the fees which should come to about $35 or cashiers check for $1200. Thanks
  8. I noticed alot of people on ebay these days selling Dinar options and I find it very hard to believe these people actually have the dinar to back up the options. Many of these sellers I see selling options aren't even registered with the Treasury as Dinar sellers. They don't have a very professional presentation and don't have very long history of ebay transactions yet they are selling tens of millions of dinar on option. I imagine though its basically free money to the seller it's relatively small profits considering the amount of money you should be stocking away dinar if your doing it properly. For example say your charging $75 for 5 million dinar. That's $75 pure profit, however your also tying up almost 5k in dinar your holding for someone. That's a relatively small option as well seeing as how many sell optionss for 10, 15, 30, even 50 million or more. People if doing it properly should have 50k worth of dinar tucked away just to make a profit of a few hundred bucks. Start selling a number of these and people should have hundreds of thousands laid away for customers in the case of an rv. I personally am not a big fan of options to begin with I think buying physical dinar even if only a little bit is better than an option but thats just my opinion. THat said I highly doubt any of these ebayers actually have dinar to back up these options they are selling. what do you think.
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