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Found 16 results

  1. Many of you do not know me. I have not been around for a long time. Life got a bit too busy. Anyway..... Those who do.... Will tell you I am a good and genuine individual. These are just my thoughts and nothing more. I have not been in this as long as many of you have but like us all.....i am entitled to my opinion. THE GURUS.......Take with as much beer as you can manage and laugh NEVER EVER TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! MOSUL......Light at the end of the tunnel and will be done by the first week in June. Honestly think nothing will happen with their currency until MOSUL is well under control. THE BIGGY....THE RV/ RI...... If we do not see this by the first week in July...... I do not think it will happen this year. I do not mean this to be negative or in any way discourage you all. I want this like yesterday. I am at a stage like many of you, I want to do other things with my life. I just need Iraq to get their finger out to help me do some of it. Al Malaki...... Will continue to reek havoc inside Iraq unless the rest of the world puts a stop to him. How often have they tried to get him one way or another and he has always worked his way out. He is a sociopath. They will get him eventually but they are always the most difficult to catch. THE FUTURE...IRAQ WILL THRIVE AND IT WILL BE THE PLACE TO INVEST. IF IT GOES THIS YEAR I WILL BUY MORE DONG Just as a side..... I have a friend who works as a medium. The last day she was in my house I gave her a 10,000 dinar note to hold. She saw money piling up for me and said I soul get it in May / June this year. Hoping as we all are. Have a wonderful day. .. Boop. X
  2. OMG!!! This woman is so long winded -- it just amazes me how she can go on & on -- I hope she is wrong about it maybe being another month !!!! UU1012 – “Re-positioning Iraq for Wealth” by Mnt Goat Hi Everyone, Today’s news letter is a long one. Sorry but there is so much confusion now and people are anxious and wondering where is the RV. So I have to take some time now to explain to you what is going on. I hope everyone also read my last news letter dated 01/28 and 01/30 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga and this news letter will then make more sense to you. Today’s News Today is Monday Feb 2nd and still no RV. Very, very interesting articles coming out of Iraq now in the aftermath of last week’s historical passing of the 2015 Budget Law. One article in particular I thought I would share with you and should be explained in detail since it is telling so much on when they intend to open and spend parts of their budget. We all should know by now that when they do begin to spend the 2015 budget they will need to fund it somehow. They will have to have an international currency to meet their international obligations. There is no way around it. Perceptions/Speculation If they open this budget and do not have the funding to meet it (liquidity) they will be insolvent. This will not go over too well with the international community since there are international obligations within the budget they needed to fulfill. They will lose credibility. In the face of what they are confronting with the money needed to fight ISIS and all the bad publicity about the corruption of Maliki, (the 800+ billion of missing funds) and how they are trying to create a safe haven for investors and tourists to come into Iraq, I sincerely do not believe they will want to be looked at as an insolvent country. I do not believe this will happen. In fact in my mind I fully believe this funding must come very soon. I believe they have already provided for some of these funds, as I described in my last couple news letters. I will not explain this again and I rely on you to go read them. We see yet more articles too on this topic coming out such as the needed international tie-in for the Mastercard. Did you read this one? I sensed a frustration in that one. There is also the ATM machines where they can not use the 3 zero notes. These machines have been purchased as a great cost to modernize Iraq years ago however they can only be used when the lower denominations are issued (such as when the purchasing power of their currency increases significantly). Kuwait too has decided to postpone future war reparation payments as they make backdoor deals to get this owed money on other terms. Can they ratify the budget and then just sit on it? Yes they certainly can do this. They have done this with countless other laws already. This has been a huge problem all along for anyone trying to figure out this process. It is the not as straight forward as we would like it to be. But remember also we are not in the Maliki administration anymore. Things are now different and moving along. There is a whole “package” of laws they are sitting on. They are all related and interconnected with the implementation of the budget law and so we can expect them all to be released about the same timeframe. Something for all of us to watch for in the Iraqi news. Could it be other laws still need a fine-tuning? Does placing the budget in the Gazette (their law library) automatically cause it to be implemented? Technically the answer to this question is – YES. This is how it is supposed to work. However they have already taken many laws in the past and posted them in the Gazette only to implement them months later. So there is no guarantee they will not now do this with the 2015 budget law if they get stalled in implementing the revaluing process of their currency. I am not saying they are going to do this but I am saying it is a possibility. If we do not see some re-pricing of the dinar very soon – like this week sometime we know the CBI is having issues with establishing the value they need for the currency and they will not revalue until the economy of Iraq is re-positioned to do so. I explain all this in much more detail under the topic of “future value of the IQD” section of this news letter. What explain what I mean by “re-positioned” or “re-positioning”. But first let’s look at the current news about the 2015 budget saga because this event is driven by the target timeline (or deadline) of this re-positioning to be completed as you will see. Current News Article It was announced by the parliamentary Finance Committee member Ola Nashi that the 2015 budget was sent to the presidency on Sunday for ratification as required. The president of Iraq now has 30 days to approve the bill or voice his objections to parliament. Nashi also added in a statement to the press that the process of sending the law to the presidency and ratified take one month only. So he confirmed the process for us. Nashi also commented that it would be announced in the Official Gazette and rendering it to online sites for the citizens to view. Now here is the interesting part of her news blast. She also explained that money to allocated to the ministries of justice, agriculture, trade, and for Intelligence and National Security will begin as of the first of the next month of March. The allocations for the Ministry of Education will begin starting from September of this year. What does this mean to us. This tells us where they are in the process of finalizing the budget. Technically president Masoum could take till the end of February to ratify it and they could be in a holding pattern for any re-pricing of their currency until this timeframe. Nashi does say in fact that the allocations for certain ministries would not begin until March. This tells that even if Masoum does speedily ratify the budget they are not in a position to open it and begin spending it for these ministries until this time. I believe she is making this news conference to satisfy the citizens and to let them know when the funding is to be applied. sort of settling the crowds since they have been promised these reforms for so long. But what about all the other ministries like the interior ministry? There are huge sums allocated for items related to this ministry. Here we see is where all the reconstruction projects are and the money for the National Guard efforts. We know these security forces have been without pay now for over a month. They are now threatening to walk off the job if not paid. Can they wait until March? Nashi is not saying they would since she does not talk about when the allocations for this ministry would be spent. $$$ Future Value of the IQD $$$ This is one of the most misunderstood issues in these dinar intel forums. I see how these so called dinar “gurus” have messed with your minds and totally confused many on this topic. Many of these gurus have no business preaching news about this currency revaluation since they really know very little. So let me explain and clarify this topic for you. I hope this will help you. However it is a long read and my explanation takes time to understand but it is well worth the long read. So please settle back and relax. Get a cup of coffee and your reading glasses. Maybe even print it out and take it to the toilet with you….lol….. Remember the CBI can not just arbitrarily just say their currency is worth a new value. THEY MUST CREATE THE VALUE FIRST ! So what does it mean to CREATE VALUE to a currency? For the sake of argument let’s say Iraq did arbitrarily come out with a $3.58 rate. Can they sustain this rate long term? Many of you are now saying – Of course they can! Do you say this just because you heard about all the oil reserves they have? Really? Think not! Let me explain. You probably answered this question only from what these “gurus” have been telling you and not from the facts of where the re-pricing process currently is. Re-pricing process? Yes - there is a plan and this is why everyone keeps saying there is so much for the CBI to do to set up for the revaluation. However it is really not so much the CBI as it is the GOI doing all the ground work. We see this everyday with the new laws and the unification process. This is all related the positioning of Iraq for a new phase in its history. Abadi and his team along with the parliament and the workforce here. The CBI is just the brains of this re-positioning effort. So how to find the value of this $3.58 rate I would first ask this question - What did they “peg” it to? There must be a standard currency used to gauge the new value. The US dollar index is the most widely used and it is widely used in pricing for trade between nations. You see this international trade is very important. They will need to peg it to something since any rate is arbitrary until substantiated. Trade revenue is what brings in wealth from other nations. The game is simple- you (meaning other international countries) have wealth and we (Iraq) would like to have it. If we are successful in our trade policies we can provide goods and services to you and you provide us with a stream of revenue. If Iraq manages these new revenues appropriately (prevent corruption) they can become a very wealthy nation. Contrary to many who believe that Iraq is already wealthy let me say this. Wealth is real money in the bank or a legally substantiated potential for wealth. Iraq will not be “wealthy” until they can figure out how to milk their trading partners and do it so their trade balance is normalized with higher net revenues (cost of net exports exceeds cost of net imports). I am no economist but this was all clearly explained to me as to how the CBI plans to create value to their new currency. This value must be realized prior to any revaluation. So listen carefully to these next paragraphs as to how they intend to do this. All these laws you have been reading about are not for nothing. They all move this country in a direction towards increased “future” wealth. It is more than just reinstating the IQD such as what they did in Kuwait and I think this is leading many to confusion. The effort in Iraq is monumental in what they are doing in comparison. We should all be glad too since Iraq will then be able to sustain long term growth. I can’t wait for the huge spike in value too once the investors home in. Personally I am taking 10% of my IQD and putting it aside to exchange later on this spike in value. I am going to be patient and wait. This is my plan not any advisement. Back to the news….lol… Next I would look as a host of variables that substantiate the increased value, i.e. how much oil, gold and other minerals. There have been many articles in this area so we know they have the wealth in the ground as with their great oil reserves. But also I would look at the exports. What exports does Iraq currently have? Yes oil is an export but it does no good if kept in the ground. It is not an export if in the ground. Wealth is measured at realized revenue stream or a legalized potential for wealth. This is in part what brings up the value of your currency. So oil reserves discovered in the ground is great but alone is not true wealth. Having a legalized plan (pumping so many barrels per year to market) is a projected export. But still how do you guarantee this extraction and the bringing of it to market s you can include this value into your currency valuation equation? (especially when you know the tribes do not get along in Iraq. The Kurds own all the oil and the Sheites and Sunnis need it). They must establish legal pumping requirements to let investors know what they intend to take out of the ground on a scheduled basis. If this becomes law then they can substantiate this future wealth. Get how it works? Thus you can now see the need for the HCL law and why it was so important? Why they needed this law to establish any real future and present value from this oil commodity? We have read many articles from the WTO and the IMF too already stating that Iraq must diversify its exports such as in agriculture and other products for trade. What did they mean by this? Let me give you a few examples. We also know they have not one but two of the largest gold mines. What will they do with all this gold? They will make it into products of course such marketable items as necklaces, watchbands, rings, etc..and then export them or sell them to tourists. Gold is also used in electronics and many other industrial processes. Iraq also has the largest bauxite ore mine in the world. Did you know this? Do you know what bauxite is used for? It is to be exported as a raw mineral in the making of aircraft parts. It is used in the manufacturing of light weight, high strength aluminum skins and parts for aircraft. So these are just some of their higher end exports. But again how do they get the bauxite ore to the barges to ship as an export? Again this is where the funding of the 2015 budget comes into play. There is funding for infrastructure of roads and rail lines from the mines upto the ports for transportation. Are you now getting it? So if they can substantiate and show how they can bring this bauxite ore to market then it becomes a REAL part of the value equation (of any revaluation formula) and not just ore sitting in the ground. Many politicians are simple politicians and do not understand this. Dr, Shabibi knows it well and is coaching them well on this topic. But what about the potential for a booming tourism trade? Don’t under rate the revenues from tourism. They can be substantial. But they will need security and a safe place to have fun and see the sites of the cradle of civilization and museums. Thus the National Guard and other infrastructure funding is important such as the need for constant electricity, hospitals, good airports, transportation, shopping malls, hotels, roads, clean cities, etc,,. This is in the budget too. Thus this effort to decentralize has a duel purpose. Are you beginning now to see how it is all interconnected? The 2015 budget is to provide the funding for these efforts. You now see how it all pieces together nicely to begin to CREATE value to the Iraq dinar by legally obligating them to complete these projects by providing the funding. See how Iraq is positioning itself to provide for this REAL future value in their currency. See how they must implement some of these simple laws we overlook as trivial but are important to any RV. So to make a long story short we will never figure out just how they are re-pricing their currency and what formulas they are using since it is a kept secret. I can go on forever on this topic. So please put this to rest. Stop guessing on what rate will come out. Take your time instead to study more of how they could increase the value by what they are doing in all these projects they have slated. Study the new laws, the future infrastructure projects, exporting practices, tariffs and the timing to rolling them out. This is time better spent ! This will give you more of an indication of the RV timing than anything else. Please stop listening to these “guru” who are telling you everyday its going to RV just because their “contacts” tell them it will. They may be well intended but not factual. How many of you readers work in the insurance industry? Would you give away your underwriting secrets and actuarial formulas to competitors? Of course not. This is your bread and butter. If you were to know this information you could drastically alter and influence the marketable rates of your competitors. So it is the same with a countries currency rates. You could theoretically influence an entire economy of a country and cause currency manipulations if you knew these secrets. You could make billions in currency trading and you could create havoc. So my advice is just stop trying to figure out what the new rate of the dinar will be. It is way too complicated for us. We know the rate will be fair and that Dr Shabibi (now heading the CBI once again) wants it as high as needed to jump start their economy. But first there must be these re-valuing items like I mentioned about put into place so he can substantiate the value prior to rolling it out. He is relying on the GOI and parliament to do this for him. He is not in control of this area. He has had many meetings already with the GOI and head of parliament to establish is expectations in this area. So we must look at what we know to be facts. This is all we can go by. The only facts we have is what they tell us in the articles, the news media and any contacts we might have in Iraq feeding us day-to-day information. We can’t forget what was told to us in the past. We must remember and tie it in with what they now are doing. Everything has a purpose. Everything is for a reason. The CBI did say they would be pegging the new value to a “basket of currencies”. What is in this basket is not yet officially known. We wait for them to announce it to us. This will be a huge sign to us that we are yet even closer to the revaluation. I believe the Kuwait dinar and currencies of other neighboring countries will be included in this basket. This is my opinion. But remember this is only one or many factors used in the re-pricing. Other facts that we know is that the CBI has begun the project to delete the zeros YEARS AGO and is completed with the project in-country. Nearly 80% of all the 3 zero notes have been recycled back to the banks and turned back into the CBI already. In return the CBI gave them USD. This was in an article by the CBI not rumor but fact. So there are very little dinars left on the streets in Iraq. So where are they going to get this $119 trillion dinars from for the new budget funding? Did you wonder about this? So the mainstream currency being used in Iraq is once again the US dollar since they turned in 80% of the 3 zero notes in exchange for USD. Now that they dollarized once again it is time to de-dollarize to complete the conversion process for the next step. You can’t just give out FREE money. So the next step is to exchange the USD for the lower denom notes or coins ($1. $5, $10, $20, $50 bills). But here is the clincher. The CBI has told us in many articles that they are prohibiting the future use of the USD in international trade transactions and in-country commerce. So you now see why they did this. They have not yet enforced this law. Just another one of those laws ratified and in the Gazette but not yet fully implemented, as I mentioned. How can they do this until the lower denoms are fully distributed and the new currency value is announced. Do you see what I mean? There is so much interconnected in this revaluation process. It is truly almost all set up now. So there you have it. You now know why it may or may not take a bit more time to “position” the country to a revaluing situation. If Iraq can not truly substantiate the value they need they will continue this re-positioning effort until the CBI is satisfied of the value needed. It may take some more time or they be now be completed. Who truly knows- do you? So bottom line – If no REAL substantiated value for an increase in rate then no RV will happen. This process is spearheaded by the GOI with guidance from the CBI. The governor of the CBI knows this process well and is working closely with the GOI to complete this re-positioning process. It will be completed soon. It simply has to. Since no one really knows just how far reaching this effort goes (we don’t have a checklist) we can only suppose that the RV could happen any day now but from what the recent articles are telling me it might be later than sooner meaning maybe another month. Just my opinion from what I am now hearing and reading. Please don’t shoot the messenger ! I too find it hard to believe we must wait this long. So you see Al-Abadi along with the CBI have to make a decision soon on when to RV this currency. I believe this decision has already been made weeks ago and we are now in the final countdown window now that the budget is truly done. Can Iraq be fully positioned in increased value in time to open and begin spending this budget to meet this RV timeline? Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  3. Good morning everyone! Welcome to another edition of "This Week In Dinar", which will hopefully be one of the last of it's kind. Why do I say that today? ========================================================== Well, take a minute to look at the most recent news. Progress in the HCL. A push to resolve the Budget. Iraq is fortifying their oil reserves, plan to increase the dinar, and the ISX is moving towards an international platform! Anyone that doesn't see value here is either a huge pessimist or just extremely sour about something in their life... that's not me, though, and I am excited! Here's a few links to back up my emotion: Iraq to quadruple production to increase reserves?! Value of the Dinar to improve in next couple weeks?! ISX preparing to go International?! Maliki pushing for a budget soon?! Progress in the HCL??!! ========================================================== Pretty good stuff, right? I think so! Now for the questions: Because they are Middle Easterners and that's what they do. There are a million indications that we will wait and a million others that say it will happen soon. I try not to read into every tiny detail, but instead stay focused on the big picture. See the username below. As a businessman, I can't give you any more than what anyone else on the open market would give you for it! I did hear of a Wells Fargo offering $1.11 to anyone that would take it, but that offer might not be on the table anymore Hey Frank - I haven't logged into Warka in a while, I'm not sure what the latest is over there. Sorry bud. Article 8 (the one that all the buzz has been about) does not have a significant bearing on the IQD becoming an internationally traded currency. Nope. Who would want it?! That's a great question - I don't see any serious contenders either way, so it's kind of a moot question. That's it for now folks! VIP members, email coming your way shortly, and I'll also send the link to this chat by email to all members. Have a great day, and GOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey everyone, Happy Wednesday! I’m sure you’ve all noticed, but there’s a LOT going on in the news regarding oil, Kurdistan, Erbil… this is ALL good for progress on the HCL, which I mentioned last week (and the week before I believe!). Example: With that said, most of what I want to say will be answered in the weekly dinar questions… so here we go! Hey eburt - that's been floating around for a while now on various news channels. The opposite has also been making the rounds... I don't see any reason to worry about it any more than any other news reports. I don't think it will happen. What I was referring to was the progress on the HCL! The Kurds meeting in Baghdad to discuss oil and the recent discussions on Erbil are EXACTLY that... this is good stuff! The name below: Obviously the HCL isn't resolved yet, but we're seeing a major flurry of news on it. I'm pretty excited about it right now. And "1166 to 1165"... , yes I guess that is *technically* a move in the right direction, but I don't believe that will be the case! I can't give an exact date on Parliament, and even if I did they could change it. They are indeed making progress towards resolving the oil laws and I don't think the WTO is a requirement, either legally or fundamentally. Note: they don't have to be in full agreement on the oil situation in order to RV. They can RV and still continue to argue, just like they did before the value dropped. Anyone who thinks they have to all hold hands and sing a happy song together before they will raise the value is simply wrong. First, the HCL: Look for oil news in the News Forum here at dinarvets. Second, WTO: If they raise the value of their dinar, who here thinks they won't be ushered into the WTO shortly after? WTO doesn't have to come first! Make sense? Like I said above, they will always dig their heels and bicker, even after the RV. That's just their culture. Richard Sherman, the guy who singlehandedly made every undecided fan an instant Broncos supporter? That guy obviously has no class, and he showed it right there. I feel bad for his teammates. (Except for the fact that he is actually really good ) That's a great question, and believe it or not... it's been asked and answered a bunch of times in the past. I'll give you my opinion. First, these "trillion dollar contracts" aren't paid out in lump sums - they are paid in installments, just like any other contract. So when the value of the dinar spikes drastically, the future value of the unpaid work is like the future value of a loaf of bread. A loaf of bread that's worth 2000 dinar today is not going to be worth 2000 dinar after the RV. Second, the contracts that are paid in trillions of dinars aren't kept in dinars under some contractors bed.... they are converted to another currency. Therefore the "trillions" of dinars have already been converted to millions of (USD or some other currency), which really makes this question a fun brain teaser... but not much of an argument against an RV. And as I'm sure you all know about me... I don't waste my time arguing about it anyway. We will all see how it pans out one way or another, and hopefully pretty soon!
  5. Good morning and Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday season. As we head into 2014 with a long year behind us, I want to take a short moment to remind you to focus on the BIG picture. Sometimes it's easy to get distracted by the little brush fires that constantly pop up in any major event or undertaking… and that is Iraq's situation. They are progressing towards a monumental return to their former glory, and along the way things will happen. As long as they keep progressing, I'm still confident in their upcoming success. Speaking of "monumental" and "success", one of the best bits of news floating around out there is the CBI being accepted into the BIS and expecting an official credit rating shortly. The unofficial rate is "B"… more on that later. The BIS will only be dealing with the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq), not Warka or National Bank of Iraq or any other bank… only the CBI. Turki tells us that "BIS plans annually to invest cash reserves deposited with him by the world's central banks…" Basically, the CBI was just accepted into the Big Boy Club, and the path to major international transactions is opening wide! How can that NOT be good for us?! Here's some food for thought... would it make sense, when ReValuing the Dinar, to use the Credit Rating as a ratio, since the Dinar is pegged directly to the Dollar? I think it's going to have some influence, at the very least! And without further adieu… here's the weekly questions! I will sprinkle some more tidbits throughout. Not only do they need a rate, they need imports upon which to collect said tariffs. With the value of the dinar so low, it makes no sense to put efforts into creating and enforcing tariffs. The more I hear about tariffs, the more I say "GOOD! RV to an increased rate so people will be buying things to be imported, and collect the revenue to help pay for the RV. Everyone wins!" Great question, and probably the only negative thing I see happening right now. Luckily Iraq is out of Chapter 7 and is free to fight for themselves, so we should see a quick resolution to this one way or another. Maliki may very well do exactly that! I was pondering the exact same thing over the last couple days. I'll add to your thoughts one thing - US Congress has been delaying sending US arms (including Apache helicopters!) to Iraq for exactly that reason... because some believe Maliki would use our weapons against the Sunnis. If Iraq ends up in desperate need of these instruments, and it finally gets through our Congress and into his hands, we may be looking at a major power shift in Iraq. If that happens, things will move even faster than ever! Hogwash. Nothing significant, unfortunately. My opinion is that it is ready to go... they are just waiting on the other pieces to line up, and then everything happens at once. Living on the dollar is fine, but it's still 1166 dinars. They aren't doing themselves any favors by keeping the rate of the dinar low. Once the rate of the dinar is back up, they won't want to use dollars anymore. That's a good question, but I don't see the investment being affected by a change in the reserve currency. The value is still the same until it is changed, whether it's written in spanish, english, or chinese. Actually, I think the opposite is true. Iraq's Dinar lost value at one point in somewhat recent history. Since that time, they have consistently proven their ability to raise and maintain the value. With that said, their track record looks very favorably on their ability to RV. That was a GREAT game! I never expected to make it that far, and them boys put in a great effort! Hey Rusty, good question. Since we won't have significant warning prior to a major rate change, I believe the ISX is a follower, not a leader. =========================== That's about it for this week (SO FAR!). Stay warm, it's cold out there for most of us!
  6. I've seen a number of posts with people who want to sell off but having trouble finding dealers will to buy. I was just curious what the reasoning for was with DInar dealers only buying in from their customers? Say I bought a million off ebay and a million from Dinar Trade. I highly doubt Dinar Trade knows the serial numbers of bills. They wouldn't know if I sent in my ebay Dinars as long as I was a customer on their books. Why is this?
  7. Hey guys, I know there's been a lot of discussion about the Guru sites and pumper websites. I know Dinar Recaps has been catching a lot of flack lately on here. I've spoken to a couple of these site owners in the past and learned something very interesting. I know alot of dinar people put so much stock in the opinions of site owners but having spoken to a few most of these guys are just affiliate marketers and don't really have any special info or knowledge on currency or finance. Basically they did a search on google keyword tool found dinar is a high paying keyword with very little competition and decided to start a website about it. Had they found that RC remote control cars or cough medicine was high paying words they would have chosen those. Just want to point out that just because the guy who runs another site or **************** or whatever site says something it doesn't mean they are experts on currency it simply means they understand SEO and affiliate marketing and decided to start a website. Don't put too much stock in their personal opinions.
  8. Credit Suisse (a leading global financial services company headquartered in Zurich.) has upgraded Genel Energy as a result of what it described as "irreversible progress" towards achieving large scale oil exports via Turkey. Believing that the Iraqi Kurdistan oil play is now lower risk, analyst Thomas Adolff says that progress has been very impressive since 2011 and "we treat recent events - the signing of the energy agreement with Turkey last week - as irreversible progress ... We believe Genel could be the bright-spot again in the UK E&P space in 2014."
  9. Hey, was just stumbling around doing some google searching for Dinar looking for some new articles and came across a new Dinar dealer I'd never seen before. Looks like a newer website. I was kinda surprised a little late to the game, seems like very few people out there still buying and overall sentiment has turned kind of pessimistic. Website looks pretty nice and professional though. Just thoguht I'd point it out and was also wondering if anyone has ever bought from these guys? Called DinarLiquidator???
  10. Hey guys stumbled across this and thought it was pretty interesting. Dinar sellers on ebay claiming they won't ship if it revalues. Now I don't doubt that pretty much any seller in the case of an rv would say sorry not shipping it and give you a refund. I don't think there's that many honest people who would pass up a huge windfall for themselves to honor an ebay sale but none the less was kinda surprised someone woudl outright say this in their listing ******Admin Note****** Removed link to other site as it is a rule violation!
  11. I guess it was only a matter of time but looks like 2 dinar dealers are now accepting bitcoins currencytradeinternational and buyiraqidinarhere. figured it was only a matter of time with all the hype about them these days. i had posted the other day i was looking to liquidate some of my dinar to buy bitcoins. i wonder if these dealers will buy dinar and pay out in bitcoins but i doubt it. probably gonna check though.
  12. A topic I have asked a few times as well as a question I've seen others ask if whether people selling options can back them? I believe Sterling can back theirs aside from them I personally doubt anyone can be it ebay sellers or bigger dealers. I found this pretty interesting, found an ebay listing where the seller calls out another ebayer saying he's sold billions of dinar in options in the past month and there's no way he has millions if not billions of dollars sitting around to back all these options. Thought this was pretty interesting... Here's the listing.... Here's what he says... I can't believe people are buying options from the guy with the videos. He's sold several billion in IQD options, there's no way he'll be able to deliver in the case of an RV. Please consider that fact when purchasing options. I have a very limited supply of IQD to option. In the past, I've done auctions for 1M IQD - 10M IQD, but it's easier to auction my 50M to only 2 people at once. I imagine in the case of an RV, I'll only have to work with 2 folks to get this IQD in their hands. I can't even imagine dealing with hundreds of customers like the guy selling options on here with the videos. Here is the seller he's calling out.... Looks like these sellers are going to war over our business lol.
  13. I know some are skeptical about buying on ebay others love ebay. I was just curious what ebay users youguys have had successful transactions with and if you have a regular seller you buy from? i've had some hit or miss experiences
  14. Okay so I thought this was interesting. I was looking at Dinar on ebay and this particular ebay in his listing states... ATTENTION: In the event of the RV (revaluation) of the Iraqi dinar and prior to the sale item concluding or prior to order being shipped, the seller retains the right to issue a FULL REFUND in lieu of shipping the product. I thought this was kind of interesting seeing as how in a different ebay thread someone was concerned about this very thing happening. Now this is really nothing unique to ebay as many dealer have in their terms and conditions or terms of service they reserve the right to cancel any order at any time, however thought it was interesting an ebayer states right in his listing if it rv's evne if you paid he's gonna refund your money and keep your order for himself. Now of course this is against ebay rules and against ebay terms of service. If someone were to buy, and it rv'd and they complained there's really nothing the buyer or ebay can do about it, ebay can't force the seller to send their item or sell the item to them but none the less it is against ebay terms of service to have conditions like this. I guess if someone reported the listing ebay would take it down but after the fact if it were to rv really nothing ebay can do to make the seller sell it to you. Just wanted to point this out to anyone buying on ebay. I still buy on ebay but this is something to consider...
  15. Okay, so I recently signed up for Amazon Prime membership and I get to borrow Kindle books for free. There's a number of Iraqi Dinar related books on Amazon so I've been reading all of them or at least skimming all of them and reading bits and pieces. Aside from Adams book "Iraqi Dinar The Real RV Intel" which I've yet to fully read yet, every other book on there is very negative many actually refering to the Dinar as a scam. Online there's plenty of hype and gurus as we know but it doesn't take much research or facts to throw up a quick paragraph saying something like "bankers are flying here to facilitate the rv" or "iraq has enough to cover a 5:1 rv" or things like that. Anyone can throw up hype, rumors or a claim and not back it up in a blog post or forum post. To actually write a book one actually needs to do some research and hopefully have some facts or history to backup things they say. It kind of concerns me that every book related to the Dinar is negative. Makes me think there's not enough positive information out there to make a book or not enough positive information with facts and history to back it up to write a book on however there seems to be plenty of negative or pessimistic dinar info to write a book on. Wonder if that means there's more negative about a possible dinar rv than positive. I'll put a few book titles below just so you can see what I mean... The Iraqi Dinar Scam: Why Buying the Dinar is for Dummies The Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Scam: What to do if you have bought or are being offered Iraqi Dinars Confessions Of An Iraqi Dinar Dealer, No Hype, No Rumors, No Guru BS
  16. The Iraqi Dinar is going to revalue tomorrow June 2, 2013 at 4:00PM Iraqi time. Why? Because I think so. How did I confimr it? I just did. I would recommend everyone run out, clear out your 401k accounts, checking accounts, sell everything you own and buy more Dinar. No intel, no inside information, this is based on nothing. I just think so.
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