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Found 11 results

  1. Launch strategy for private sector development 1.31.2015 Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr. Mahdi Keywords detect the launch strategy for private sector development in the ninth of next February. Keywords and said in a statement seen by the Agency for News Agency (et) that the advisers in the Cabinet and in collaboration with United Nations organizations will launch on the ninth of February next strategy for private sector development, which include elements of the advancement of this important sector by supporting laws in order to take leadership role in the development of the economy. He pointed out that the government is currently working on funding support policies that help provide the private sector with all its types, noting that his role is still weak and marginal to the national economy.
  2. I used to receive a lot of e-mail specials via e-mail from Dinar dealers. I'm not necessarily in the market for more but occasionally if a great special comes along I might pick something up. SOme of the best recent ones I've seen were from DealOrBuyDinar however most dealers occasionally email out a special. Anyhow I think the last two I bought were circulated Dinar for like $860 per mill I picked up a million and also they ran a special on 500 notes for $1100 a mill which was about $800 cheaper than any other dealer had them for so jumped on that one as well. Just thought it might be worthwhile having a thread dedicated to specials and sales where we could share promo codes or coupon codes if there's any real great specials going on.
  3. Good morning everyone! Welcome to another edition of "This Week In Dinar", which will hopefully be one of the last of it's kind. Why do I say that today? ========================================================== Well, take a minute to look at the most recent news. Progress in the HCL. A push to resolve the Budget. Iraq is fortifying their oil reserves, plan to increase the dinar, and the ISX is moving towards an international platform! Anyone that doesn't see value here is either a huge pessimist or just extremely sour about something in their life... that's not me, though, and I am excited! Here's a few links to back up my emotion: Iraq to quadruple production to increase reserves?! Value of the Dinar to improve in next couple weeks?! ISX preparing to go International?! Maliki pushing for a budget soon?! Progress in the HCL??!! ========================================================== Pretty good stuff, right? I think so! Now for the questions: Because they are Middle Easterners and that's what they do. There are a million indications that we will wait and a million others that say it will happen soon. I try not to read into every tiny detail, but instead stay focused on the big picture. See the username below. As a businessman, I can't give you any more than what anyone else on the open market would give you for it! I did hear of a Wells Fargo offering $1.11 to anyone that would take it, but that offer might not be on the table anymore Hey Frank - I haven't logged into Warka in a while, I'm not sure what the latest is over there. Sorry bud. Article 8 (the one that all the buzz has been about) does not have a significant bearing on the IQD becoming an internationally traded currency. Nope. Who would want it?! That's a great question - I don't see any serious contenders either way, so it's kind of a moot question. That's it for now folks! VIP members, email coming your way shortly, and I'll also send the link to this chat by email to all members. Have a great day, and GOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I've seen a number of posts with people who want to sell off but having trouble finding dealers will to buy. I was just curious what the reasoning for was with DInar dealers only buying in from their customers? Say I bought a million off ebay and a million from Dinar Trade. I highly doubt Dinar Trade knows the serial numbers of bills. They wouldn't know if I sent in my ebay Dinars as long as I was a customer on their books. Why is this?
  5. Hey guys, I know there's been a lot of discussion about the Guru sites and pumper websites. I know Dinar Recaps has been catching a lot of flack lately on here. I've spoken to a couple of these site owners in the past and learned something very interesting. I know alot of dinar people put so much stock in the opinions of site owners but having spoken to a few most of these guys are just affiliate marketers and don't really have any special info or knowledge on currency or finance. Basically they did a search on google keyword tool found dinar is a high paying keyword with very little competition and decided to start a website about it. Had they found that RC remote control cars or cough medicine was high paying words they would have chosen those. Just want to point out that just because the guy who runs another site or **************** or whatever site says something it doesn't mean they are experts on currency it simply means they understand SEO and affiliate marketing and decided to start a website. Don't put too much stock in their personal opinions.
  6. Hey, was just stumbling around doing some google searching for Dinar looking for some new articles and came across a new Dinar dealer I'd never seen before. Looks like a newer website. I was kinda surprised a little late to the game, seems like very few people out there still buying and overall sentiment has turned kind of pessimistic. Website looks pretty nice and professional though. Just thoguht I'd point it out and was also wondering if anyone has ever bought from these guys? Called DinarLiquidator???
  7. Hey guys stumbled across this and thought it was pretty interesting. Dinar sellers on ebay claiming they won't ship if it revalues. Now I don't doubt that pretty much any seller in the case of an rv would say sorry not shipping it and give you a refund. I don't think there's that many honest people who would pass up a huge windfall for themselves to honor an ebay sale but none the less was kinda surprised someone woudl outright say this in their listing ******Admin Note****** Removed link to other site as it is a rule violation!
  8. I'm not a fan of options but have some friends who are. Some ebay sellers are considerably cheaper than some of the regular dealers selling options. It seems there's only a handful of sellers selling options maybe 2 or 3. I was just curious if anyone on here has bought from them and if so what was your experience? Is it a striaght option or do they give you some free notes with the option like sterling and some of the others so at least you have something tanginble to show for your money in addition to the option? Are their certificates professional and written in a way that it would hold up legally if it came down to it? And lastly I doubt anyone can know this for sure but anyway to know if these dealers actually have the Dinar stashed away to back these options and they are't selling thin air? Interseting One This seller above actually calls out the big option seller on ebay saying there's no way he can back all the options he's selling. I can't believe people are buying options from the guy with the videos. He's sold several billion in IQD options, there's no way he'll be able to deliver in the case of an RV. Please consider that fact when purchasing options. I have a very limited supply of IQD to option. In the past, I've done auctions for 1M IQD - 10M IQD, but it's easier to auction my 50M to only 2 people at once. I imagine in the case of an RV, I'll only have to work with 2 folks to get this IQD in their hands. I can't even imagine dealing with hundreds of customers like the guy selling options on here with the videos. IF you bid on this auction, you understand this is for collector's purpose only. I am not selling or giving any type of investment advice, nor am I saying an RV will happen any time soon or make you a millionaire if it does happen. I am simply providing a vehicle for you to control 25 Million uncirculated, authentic IQD without having to for the upfront costs of $30,000+ (based on current market price). Exercise price on the option is $1,900 per million and you have 60 days from auction end to exercise. I only have 2 of these available, once they sell - the rights of the IQD sit with the highest bidder for 60 days beginning when the auction ends. You MUST submit payment within 24 hours of auction end. I will send you an right-to-buy agreement via email. Please note my seller status when bidding. And lastly, please go to "sold listings" on a search for "iraqi Dinar options" and see the hundreds of billions of Dinar that the video guy has optioned. There is no way he controls that much IQD, just want to put the warning out there for everyone. Keywords: Dinar, Iraq, Iraqi, IQD, RV, RD Thanks
  9. I guess it was only a matter of time but looks like 2 dinar dealers are now accepting bitcoins currencytradeinternational and buyiraqidinarhere. figured it was only a matter of time with all the hype about them these days. i had posted the other day i was looking to liquidate some of my dinar to buy bitcoins. i wonder if these dealers will buy dinar and pay out in bitcoins but i doubt it. probably gonna check though.
  10. I know some are skeptical about buying on ebay others love ebay. I was just curious what ebay users youguys have had successful transactions with and if you have a regular seller you buy from? i've had some hit or miss experiences
  11. I always hear people talk about these confrence calls with some guy named TNT Tony. I did some google searching but everything I find is from calls setup months ago. Wondering what these confrence calls are all about adn how I can find out about upcomming ones?
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