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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, was just stumbling around doing some google searching for Dinar looking for some new articles and came across a new Dinar dealer I'd never seen before. Looks like a newer website. I was kinda surprised a little late to the game, seems like very few people out there still buying and overall sentiment has turned kind of pessimistic. Website looks pretty nice and professional though. Just thoguht I'd point it out and was also wondering if anyone has ever bought from these guys? Called DinarLiquidator???
  2. Hey, just thought this may be of interest to some of you. Just got an email from Amazon saying a Dinar Kindle book I might like is Free for the next 3 days. I actually already read this as most of the DInar Books are Free with Prime Accounts but this seems to be Free to anyone for the next couple days. I read it a few weeks back, not pumping at all but not really negative either. Pretty good read only thing its not that easyy to read cuz its written like an interview which is kinda a pain to read but none the less some good info though most I already knew.
  3. Okay, so I make some youtube videos from time to time just giving updates on the Dinar or giving my opinion on things related to Dinar or just talking about rumors and stuff I'm hearing. I'm by no means a pumper, if anything people would probably say I'm negative about the Dinar if anything. Anyhow, a while back I had made a video basically warning people to be wary of buying Iraqi DInar options on ebay. Personally I'm not a fan of options to begin with my personal opinion is your better off buying physical dinar, but my other two points I made in my video was your often paying inflated product prices and shipping prices for the option which really isn't surprisingly because anything bought on credit is generally going to cost more but my biggest issue is recently or at least at the time I made the video I was seeing everyone comming out of the woodwork selling options. Were talking people with like 12 feedback who have no transaction history of selling Dinar all the sudden have like 10 sales for 30 million dinar options. I find it hard to belive they have the dinar to back up the optoins and basically figure they can collect free money and not deliver a product and this was a conern of mine. I also poitned out that ebay and paypal buyer protection will not cover you as technically this is probably agianst ebay policy as they dont allow investments, securities or intangible goods, I said you'd be lucky to get your origional money back let alone make them pay you millions post rv. I didn't call any particular dealers or ebay sellers out by name simply made these points and expressed my concern. This dinar dealer/ebay seller sends me a message telling me to take the video down or he's going to send me letters and sue me lol for slander or something like that. First off I didnt call anyone out by name simply named off some concerns and secondly to sue someone for slander you have to prove you were slandered, what was said is untrue and its casued you to lose business. I never called this guy or anyone out by name.
  4. Hey guys, last week posted all the dealers buy in prices for Dinar, seeing as how prices have gone up from $980 to $1000 all the way up to $1050 depending on who you go through thought I would also go ahead and post this list of current dealer prices as well for us buying as opposed to us selling. Some of these dealers prices may be slightly higher or slightly lower depending upon whether you pay by credit card or debit card as some charge you the processing fees, and some have rewards discounts for loyal customers but in general these are the advertised prices on their sites. DINAR DEALER PRICES PER MILLION What Are Dealers Charging For A Million Iraqi Dinar? Who's Charging What? Iraqi Dinar Dealer Prices DinarTrade.Com $1020 DealOrBuyDinar.Com $1030 BuyIraqiDinarHere.Com $999 SafeDinar.Com $1010 DinarInc.Com $1220 IBuyDinar.Com $1000 GiddAssociates.Com $1020 $1050 TampaDinar.Com $1020 SilverGreetings.Com $1090 NewIraqCurrency.Com $1240 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook I should add I was recently looking to buy form Sterling and see they have $980 on their site which would as far as I can tell be the best dealer price out there by far.I dont know whats invovled but I think that's by wire and using some of your loyalty credits.
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