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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, as I'm sure most people are aware of by now DinarTrade is now either run or owned by exchange of America. I was just curious if Ali still owns DinarTrade and is just having someone else fullfill orders and run day to day or if it was completely bought out? I know in Alis email he made it sound as if they were just fulfiilling ordes but was reading on another forum Nenos place all the goings on. This neno fellow who seems to be friends with ali is being very vague and seems to be trying to make it seem as if its still run by ali but many forum members say they have called and been told tehre's no affiliation. This neno guy seems to almost covering up making it seem as if its still run by ali. Seems very strange but here's the link if anyone is interested. Also if anyone knows if ali is still running DT post what you know... Also, just on the offchance a link isn't allowed even though its obviously not promoting anything I'll put some captions from the discussion below... No not at all, he is working on the next stages of the future with his business and can not run both entities with all the traveling so he has appointed a company to handle the buying and selling for now. Dinar Trade the way I am explained it is still the name behind it and he is still the one supporting behind the scenes his customers.... I got bad weather here and loosing connection. trying to get this information out as fast as I can. Sending a mass email out as connections connect. Just giving the NNP Members the heads up. These serving locations are up and running now for all's convenience now.. ------ This is the owner and only principle of record and used to known as DI collectibles which I believe was a coin shop. Detail by Entity Name Florida Profit CorporationXCHANGE OF AMERICA, INC. Filing Information Document NumberP07000131461FEI/EIN Number061831072Date Filed12/12/2007StateFLStatusACTIVEEffective Date12/10/2007Last EventAMENDMENT AND NAME CHANGEEvent Date Filed07/06/2012Event Effective DateNONE Principal Address 819 SW FEDERAL HIGHWAY STUART, FL 34994 Changed: 02/09/2012 Mailing Address 819 SW FEDERAL HIGHWAY STUART, FL 34994 ---- Yes correct, DinarTrade has contracted the serving to Robert Hoffman. I would have eventually gotten this info available but do to timing with work and play, work gets most of my time. There will be newer banners coming up soon as they just got designed and I just received them and have forwarded them to my programmer. More info to follow soon... ---- just wondering why the biggest dinar dealer would sell out to someone else? ----- Correction, has not sold out as stated in the first post oh wait, I didn't get top post what I sent for approval. But if you do click the link, it is the servicing of the buying and selling for the time being was how I was explained while he tends to other future moves. Then again, read between the lines on what the CBI has put out lately... ----- spoke to stacy at XOA in nevada and she said no afilation to dinar trade> was suprised to hear they had nothing to do with dinar trade! called dinar trade at xxx) xxx-xxxx ------ Nothing more I can add then already said at this time. It is what it is. Tried to explain the way explained to me, all I can do... ----- lol, I have said all that there is to be said to say including that NO he has not sold out. He himself even states on the site that they have contracted their buying and selling servicing part to XOA moving forward. Why? If I could say I would, only thing allowed was future plans. Sorry gang but it is all I know. ------ The XOA servicing took in all Dinar trade employees. That is all there is to that. As far as the Texas Office, he said I could still have that if I wanted but I told him lets see how this XOA works out with the 8 offices now and 10 more coming. May not be no need just not sure yet. ----- Yes, well established company that already deals in many many currencies: ----- yep with no ties>> LOl ----- Well it just means that NNP is free to do as it wishes, not having to answer to anyone is always the best approach. I will be sending a email out in a week or two for a chat where I will show other means of choices. I am and have always been in thought of freedom of choice. I think that that is good business practice but with the loyalty I have had all these years I have to do some research before that chat...
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