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Found 6 results

  1. Time to diversify. I have 15 Mil for sale @ $900 per mil. Any takers? I live in the Seattle,Wa area. Mark
  2. Adam has a dinar seller advertising on this site. Has anyone used the company? Any other places to purchase dinar (banks or online)... not including private parties? Prefer NorCal if someone has to list a private party. Thanks
  3. Looking to buy between 1 and 3 Million Dinar. Open to uncirculated or circulated, prefer 25,000 notes. PM me with an e-mail or phone where I can contact you. Prefer Paypal but may be open to COD.
  4. Hello my fellow DV'ers, Well, it's sad to say, but I am selling off 1/2 of my IQD portfolio due to some pretty rough times my family and I are now experiencing. As my username suggests, I started out a member here when I was in Saudi Arabia, flush with cash, and not a worry in the world. As the months and years progressed after our demobilization, the volitility of aircraft maintenance work here in the states has taken it's toll. Long story short, I wish to sell 1 Million new, uncirculated Dinar in an even (or close to it) split of 10k's and 25k notes. Have no proof of purchase, but I know they are genuine as I've checked each and every one of them against the known safety features documented here at DV, and other legit sites. Quick story on how I acquired them. Working in Riyadh for 6 years beginning in '03, the F-15 PDM program I was working employed many different nationalities. Among them, about 50% of them were ex-RSAF personnel. Most of these Saudis were trained in the states, spoke good english, and had no problem adapting to western culture (when it suited them ;o). One day in early '04, some Saudi friends and I started talking about the new war in Iraq, it's affect on Saudi's, and if we thought more SCUDs might start flying. Frankly, after our compound got bombed in May of '03, we were all still wondering if the Saudi govnm't was going to get thier house in order (they finally did). Anyway, the subject of the NEW IRAQI DINAR came up and what it's potential as a future money-maker might be. Then my good friend Khaled chimed in saying that his brother worked at a bank in Jeddah and that he would call and see if he could get some of that new fangled Deenar (he was clear on the massive new currency influx into Iraq - and NOT the Saddam crap). The next day at work, he said he could get all the new, uncirculated stuff we wanted. Our price was going to be 3000 Riyal ($800). That's when I ordered from him a million in 10k notes and a million in 25k notes (and gave cash up front - knowing he wouldn't rip us off because A.) We worked together and would be for a long time, and B.) Saudi's hate to lose face. The following Sunday after the weekend (Fri/Sat in KSA), here comes Khaled with a bag of cash. He said he drove to Jeddah to see his brother and all went well. Bottom line here, I know for certain that IT'S ALL REAL and uncirculated (seriously, how much circulation could have gone on that early in the currency's life). That said, I know by reading Doc31's profile posts that he has reached his quota (for the time being). I would really like to deal with someone REPUTABLE on this site. Someone with whom others here have dealt successfully with. I am asking $850 for an even split of 10k and 25k notes to total 1 million IQD. Of course, I would like to NET that amount (buyer pays shipping - his/her option of methods). As far as the money transaction, not sure how to proceed on that. I am not VIP, so I can't PM, but can provide personal email if seriously interested. I do have an active PayPal acct. As you all can see from my profile, I've been here awhile, but really haven't contributed too much (thanks for pointing that out Dontlop ;o). I have learned sooooo much though about Iraq, the region, and other things from this site which is what keeps me coming back and remaining hopeful. Thanks Adam for your "sticktoitiveness" over the years. In conclusion all, myself and the Mrs. are hoping this goes well as we really need it to. We will hang on to our other million for another 10 years if need be! Thanks, -RnS-
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and also fairly new to buying/selling Dinar. I currently have 1 million iraqi dinar that I inherited. To my knowledge they are "uncirculated". I am asking 900 for the million but like all things, the price is flexible. I reside in Alabama. If interested please let me know ASAP. Thank you to all.
  6. I only have a few million available.. Will sell at $900/ million of uncirculated 25K notes.. Taxes hit me hard this year.. email me .. Thanks.
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