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Found 3 results

  1. Adam : some time ago there was dialog around Iraq printing new currency notes. My notes are going on 12 yrs old now and I am wondering if they are still good or just so much gerbil bedding My notes are 10K and 25K. Thanks Jack
  2. Happy Wednesday all! My apologies in advance - this update will be kind of shorthand. 'Tis the season for tidying up and staying busy outside before the weather gets too uncomfortable! It's been a while since I gave a shout out to the Weekly Powerballs, so let's get that out of the way first: Bitcoin - Are we at the bottom? I've seen a lot of comments, both here and in the other groups I read and participate in, regarding cryptocurrencies. BTC at it's current price of $8,200 is still more than double where it started 2019. The eccentric and entertaining John McAfee's prediction of $1,000,000 per BTC by end of 2020 doesn't seem likely (too bad for his junk!), but the big picture is still extremely positive for BTC as many positive avenues exist. HODL to the moon! That's still my motto. GOLD - $1500 at the moment. Who currently gives the best price for physical gold? I've never actually sold any of my gold, I've only bought - but I might sell a chunk and buy BTC, then sell the BTC at 10,000 and buy the gold back. Just for fun. OIL - currently WTI at $52. Stable enough, no worries there. Iraq and China was a big story last week, and it still is, even though it's out of the limelight a little. There was some discussion on the topic of how Iraq will pay China. Some of the articles suggest Iraq will pay with oil, while others state it will be financed by oil... the exact method doesn't matter. What is important to understand is that Iraq has oil. That's it. Whether they barter directly for oil or not is kind of irrelevant. China probably doesn't give a hoot either way, because they know exactly what we know - Iraq is rich with oil, Iraq will not be an impoverished land with no way to pay their debts, and Iraq has every ability to pay their debts... because of oil. It's no surprise that oil is mentioned in almost all of these articles: I wish I had a date to put out here, but you all know by now I won't do that. It sure does look promising, though! Iraq has an RV button to push. I have a text message to send, and a lot of plans in place for our Post-RV activities. Standing by. - Adam
  3. Morning all! It’s a cheery day in my part of Dinar-land, for a couple reasons… one is probably more important than the rest, so I’ll hop straight into that piece. GOI. The “Government Of Iraq” has always been a crucial part of this journey. There’s simply no way to raise the value of the dinar, and then maintain a higher rate, without a stable GOI. Those of you that have been around a while probably recognize “Groundhog Day” when you see it - we are currently wading through the murky waters of a dubious election process. This can be extremely confusing, particularly when we are trying to get our news from mostly poorly translated news articles, so I’ll break it down. I’m also going to explain why this is a “cheery” time in my opinion! The recent elections went down pretty much exactly like the last 2 or 3 election cycles… votes were cast, accusations of fraud were thrown around, and weeks post-election there is no clear victor. Let’s look past the “headlines”, though. Look at what’s actually happening, and things clear up a bit. Abadi's opposition is reported to have won something of a majority of the votes, so it’s possible that he’ll be donning the captain hat. Abadi, in the meantime, is apparently ignoring the entire issue and has moved forward with a good number of items that he could have easily ignored or postponed to dump off on the future President, should it come to light that he has lost his seat. This tells me that one of two things is happening… either Abadi is confident that he’ll retain his position and is eager to continue moving Iraq forward (towards an RV, of course!), OR he’s on the same page as his “opponent” regarding the future of Iraq. Either outcome is fine - the way things are moving forward is positive for us. I figure it will take a couple weeks for everything to shake out. If Abadi is ousted, he is still laying very solid groundwork for his successor. If he retains his position, he’s setting himself and Iraq up with a solid launchpad. No matter who is in charge a month from now, we’re heading the right direction, and with good speed. And that, my friends, is good news to me! Everything else is moving at a good pace, I figure we’re on pace to see some solid resolutions over the coming weeks. Don’t forget to add your numbers to our Lottery pool: And here’s the weekly Q’s: I already touched on the GOI, so regarding OPEC - that's fairly straightforward. Iraq is still in prime position to take advantage of everything OPEC has done over the last couple years. It's almost like they are setting Iraq up for success! But at the same time, OPEC won't "force" Iraq to RV - their actions and positions are only encouraging them to do so. Oil is stable and still perfect for everything we want to happen. I've spent a little time on that subject over the last month or so. I'm seeing a couple different possible scenarios, but I'm still strong on .10 Let's see how these next couple weeks shake out! I'm pretty optimistic about our upcoming timeline. That is one of the million dinar questions for sure! Luckily for us, in my opinion, it probably doesn't matter. I went into detail on how the CBI works and what to watch for with them - grab it for free in the VIP section here: ============================ All good stuff, my friends! I'm looking forward to the coming days, hang in there with me and if you're not in VIP - get in! That's it for this morning, have a fantastic day and GOOO RVVVVVVV!!!!!
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