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Found 1 result

  1. CNN. Broadcasting A Smackdown On Those Tools In Parliament ! Parliament is a tool to divide the wealth of Iraq among its members A member of parliament in Iraq does not see in parliament only a bank that stores the wealth of Iraq and its goal to reach the parliament to get the most proportion, some of which he called the cake and cut the cake according to the agreement and thus became thieves commit to divide their thefts according to agreement and if we see some differences and disputes not because their consciences are true, for each one of them It is well known that the parliament in the world is considered one of the holiest sacred people because it represents the people represents the honor and dignity of the people represents the elite of sacrifice chosen by the people represents the spirit of the people chosen by the people for this people's peace, dignity, honor and wealth handed over to the chosen class. Parliament should be worthy of trust Therefore, we see the members of parliament in these countries competing in the service of the people and the fulfillment of the wishes of the people and proceed from the interest of the people and the benefit of the people, not from their own interests and self-benefits, so that they ignore their own interests and benefits and deny it and despise anyone who thinks of his own interest for this MP believes health in the health of his people even if He was sick and saw satiety in the fullness of his people even if he was hungry and rich in the wealth of his people even if he was poor and rest in the welfare of his people even if he was tired Members of parliament are citizens who have nominated themselves to serve the citizens to fulfill the desires of the citizens to eliminate their pains and troubles and realize their hopes and dreams for this must be honest honest honest flawless Unfortunately, the members of the Iraqi parliament see a group of thieves and corrupt people found in Parliament the only way to achieve their dreams and desires, where they found in the parliament the comfortable door that get access to whatever they desire and what they desire of money and influence and women and power and pour money on them without money and without any fear and embarrassment Thus, they found in the parliament a cake of pure gold. All the thieves went to enter parliament. If they were not a member of the parliament, they would be in the protection of the parliamentarian. The element of protection of the member of parliament is no less theft, fraud and power than the member of parliament. And travel, and the influence of contracts and bribes to see this MP enters barefoot naked and once sitting on the chair of the parliament turns into a billionaire and become owners of businesses and assets and real estate inside Iraq and outside Iraq and some of their families live outside Iraq on the pretext that they do not want to live in Iraq or a guy Accustomed to live in Iraq because the bad situation in Iraq does not appeal to them , this is what one of the officials said it does not mean that the MP that his family lives outside of Iraq , he is more loving and loyal to the Iraqis from the MP that his family lives in inside Iraq , perhaps even more corrupt and more predatory The person whose family lives outside of Iraq is based on his fear of the money he steals, so he can not find anyone to protect it other than his family, and he sends it to her, either the MP whose family lives inside Iraq, every member of his family steals the people's money, All the members of Parliament admitted that they failed miserably and some of them admitted that all members of parliament all officials are corrupt and if he finds a non-mortgaged member is cowardly afraid and some of them falsified in his testimony you hoped a false parliamentarian in his testimony This is the biggest proof that he is a corrupt and strange thief who is still a member of parliament in the provincial councils can not any force to tell him on your eyebrow eye This situation facilitated the entry of Wahhabism, Saddamism, and Fascists into Parliament and became the force and ability to protect and defend corrupt and terrorist Thus, Iraq has become the corrupt and terrorist people to find a program and no interest in the people and the homeland Iraq to the abyss save him There is no doubt that we need a new rabbinical fatwa, the establishment of a popular crowd and the declaration of war against corruption and corrupt people Therefore, the supreme religious authority should issue the fatwa and call upon the honorable and sincere Iraqis to defend the land, the race and the sanctities, knowing that corruption is more dangerous to the land and to the offer and to the sanctities of the occupation of Wahhabism and Saddamism We must also be aware that corruption and corruption are the mercy and terror of terrorists To God, O Commander of the Believers, Ibn Abi Talib, when you identified the source of corruption by saying If the official reconciles the community's welfare even if its members are corrupt If the official is corrupt, the society is corrupted even if its members are good How do we and all our officials corrupt Mehdi Mawla Editor Website:2018 - 01 - 09 link
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