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Found 76 results

  1. Tidbits from Frank26 and KTFA Members Sunday Morning - 10/26/2014 (From Saturday Night) NOVA : I Would Say It This Way, No Matter What Happens Tomorrow, For The First Time The ISX Has The Ability To Be International. Nova Sager: Just throwing some thoughts here...I simply cannot see them upgrading their platform, only to keep running on the current. Also, I cannot see them running two platforms at once. It just does not make sense to me. On a technical level, when you perform an upgrade, the new system replaces the old. It not only replaces it, but overwrites it. If Microsoft Windows XP is installed on your laptop, there's no sense in installing windows 7 on a separate instance on your laptop. Instead, windows upgrade software would simply overwrite the existing platform with new code. Why run two operating systems? You either choose one or the other. .... Imo that's exactly what will happen with x-stream. X-stream code/softwarep will overwrite the existing software/code and will run on a new, improved, more advanced platform. Time will tell... Sager ********** Frank26: Indeed. From Your lips .......... To God's Ears....... Amen. KTFA, Frank ********** quattro1 » October 26th, 2014, 1:58 am Excellent point Sager! Certainly makes no sense to go to all of the trouble, expense and inconvenience of shutting a system like the ISX down ... (in effect upgrading to a system capable of "running with the big boys") ... and then not taking off the training wheels. Come on CBI ... time to take your foot off the clutch and show the world what's really under the hood!!! ********** Fact Checker: Thank you Sager! They might run 2 platforms until the rate is released. On a computer you can have a dual operating system. I have 2 laptops with dual operating systems. Its all in how they install the operating systems on the hard drive. You simply choose which operating system to use at startup. It's very convenient actually. So, until the CBI gives a rate they will probably run under the old system IMO. ********** Sager: I completely agree that dual systems is possible in this case, but I have a hard time seeing how it would benefit them. If they do, then I don't see them doing it for long. ********** Frank26: Three days ago: "KTFA FAMILY ........... Do not be sad if You do not see the ISX open on Sunday .......IMO it will NOT open. It would encourage me knowing they are working with the CBI to establish an International platform........" Remember? So what's next? Go to Church today and Praise God. Then what? Cheer for my Lions in London......... lol Love You ......... KTFA, Frank ********** Shade :I think we may have to wait for M's CC to get an answer. ********** Frank26: Yup.But IMO ............ NOVA gave You the matrix of what we want to tell You tomorrow. MY LADIES are ready for tomorrow's CC ......... DELTA ....... Then I. KTFA, Frank ********** contender17 : The international platform points to capability not timing; it points to the certainty of the blessings. ********** Frank26: BINGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did ITEAM tell MY LADIES last week ......... Do not look for a DATE....... Look for an event that gives You a date. Exact Words. KTFA, Frank ********** Another mailman wrote on October 26th, 2014, 2:01 am:Hi Frank! Even though the ISX will be International tomorrow, is it possible that they may hold off on resuming trade until the adoption of the 2014 budget next week? ********** Frank26: As I said last CC ......... It would make me so happy if they did NOT open on the 26th .......... Remember? .......... Wink? So as of this morning ..............(Happy Snoopy Dance) KTFA, Frank ********** Shade wrote on October 26th, 2014, 9:03 am: hmmm I guess the ISX was open for trading today. ********** NOVA » October 26th, 2014, 9:08 am Yes, It Tells Us So Right On Their Site. Nova ********** My Ladies: WE STAND CORRECTED..ISX DID OPEN AND TRADED...HUMMM BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD... ********** torch123 » October 26th, 2014, 10:07 am ISX They may be running 2 systems....the one I've been going to is still showing a last update of 10-16 it does show the 89.75....... but I'll take what the ISX site states over any media outlet....JMO
  2. Hi Folks, Here's Mtn Goat's latest lengthy perspective for those of you who are interested or curious as to what she/he has to say. As always, eat the meat and spit out the bones. Please don't shoot the messenger. Have a great Tuesday, and be blessed...! RON Mnt Goat Tuesday Update - "The Spiders Web" Part 1 - 10/7/2014 UU9933 - “The Spiders Web” by Mnt Goat Hi Everyone, Today southern Bavaria is experiencing some of the nicest fall weather I have ever experienced in theAlps. The trees are simply bright colors and beautiful and the air is crisp and clean. However this all such short term beauty that will quickly fade into cold and snow. Then another miracle occurs. The season of winter begins and we encounter the joys of this new wonderland. Now Meine Kinderen are in der schule and I am sitting on a large outcrop rock overlooking the village today. Meine Hubby is here too so we are free today to discuss the pages and pages of notes I have written from hours on the tele with Iraq contacts. I come to you today to share my recent findings and give you an update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq. Today's news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 10/5 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news. I am sorry once again. There was just so much news and clarity that needed to be given to you concerning events now happening in Iraq and about the RV in general. Before I knew it I had 8 pages to send you. I am really trying to keep it short. Is this a record….lol....? I want to thank everyone for your great comments in your emails and letters. This feedback helps me s much to focus on your misunderstandings and so I can then explain further in my next news letter. I hope this news letter is once again informative. Today’s News Today is Tuesday 10/7 and the news is all very good however I still see some are clinging onto these make believe fantasies about how the formation of the new government is working. Perhaps it’s because you have been told so many times by the so called “gurus” this information. I do not want to address this disinformation now so much in this news letter as I already passed my thoughts on to you before. About The Global Currency Reset (GCR) What is this GCR? After all we are hearing this almost term almost daily in the dinar investment community. First I want to tell you there is not, and I whole heartedly know this for a fact, that there is not going to be 200+ never mind even 10 currencies all revaluing at the same time in the near future. The term GCR is not even recognized by the IMF. There is no GCR planned. Yes – there is a global reset that is ongoing and it has been for four years now. The IMF has already revalued or devalued over 150+ currencies since then. They had to adjust these currencies since many of these countries had bad balance sheets and were on the verge of insolvency. So this is the history of the term. Someone at around 2010 began using the term GCR in the dinar investment community. One these so called gurus. They did it to attract attention to their info calls. They may have meant well but they once again totally misinterpreted the data in this matter from the IMF. So typical of these irresponsible people. Thus the term was spread as rumor at first and now it has been used so many times people now just accept it as fact. It is all a big fat lie. Sorry to disappoint you ! Did you hear me…..a BIG FAT LIE. I am not saying that many currencies will not simultaneously revalue when the IQD does. But it is fact that 200+ currencies will not revalue together. If this was true then why do we only keep getting about a hand full of the same currencies listed by these guru’s? You know the ones I mean. It’s the same list that keeps popping up over and over again – the IQD, VND, ZWD, INR, WON, etc. When you ask them about the other 195+ currencies they never can give you a straight answer or any rates for that matter. Funny how though they can give you consistently the rates for these other five currencies. Why don’t they simply look on their back room bank screens and check the others out for us too? The answer is they can’t because there are no other 195+ currencies revaluing and when you press the point they simply can’t produce the evidence. I got to tell you there is absolutely no factual basis for this rumor for 200+ currencies to revalue. Enough said on this topic. It is growing very old. About the “Cabal” You have heard it many times statements like “the Cabal must fall prior to any RV or GCR”. What? Cabal defined- A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers: "Espionage is quite precisely it a cabal of powerful men, working secretly" So let me tell you something now that is very important. If it were not for the “Cabal”, as many of you refer to with vengeance I your voice and minds, there would have not been victory in WWII since who do you think forked up the money for the war effort? Also who do you think is now financing the global debt? Why has your standard of living risen so much in the last 20 years. Who lends you the money for these personal “luxuries”? More people in the USA now own private homes, drive multiple cars and go one annual vacations then ever before in the history of the USA. Why do you think they allow so much consumer credit debt? Of course it good business but where does the money come from? Are they not allowed to make money too? Do you think they are going to just give you their money? So you have to be careful about the “Cabal” since it is the hand that feeds you. Do away with them and replace them with what? Do you want a communist system of total control over all aspects of you lives and absolutely no say in the government. Do you want to live in high rise government housing using mass transportation as your only means of transportation. Will this then make you happier when the “Cabal” is gone? Do you want no freedom of choice? Always remember there are forces behind the scenes ever so secretly and almost unnoticeable putting the seeds of dissention into society. Yes they want to replace the current PTB or Cabal but with what and why? Are there motives other than looking out for you? Just remember what happened with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Go read about it. It is a very good lesson on politics. It all started off with very good intentions. We witnessed the lasting results over the dark communist years and now the aftermath with ex KGB leaders like Putin. Maybe this is a good example of what could happen to the entire free world if we are not careful in whom we listen to. Just some food for thought. Update on the Remaining Minister Positions As you know there are still two of the critical positions in Abadi’s cabinet to be permanently seated. They are minister of Defense and Interior. Currently they are being held as proxy positions by the candidates originally send to Parliament many weeks ago for confirmation. They were rejected then. I am now hearing the front runner candidates are - for the Interior is Hadi al Amri and defense Khaldi Al-Obeidi. Earlier this week we heard more latitude was given to Abadi to select the minister of Defense. Personally I believe he is going to pick Khaldi Al-Obeidi and he has been his choice all along. Obeidi is also now serving as the proxy minister and was the original submitted candidate that was rejected. This will probably, more than likely, be the next confirmed Defense minister if Abadi can convince the opposition he is right for the position. For the Interior minister, I am hearing the National Alliance is now causing the delay and has now finally submitted 5 candidates as they were previously in objection to the candidate originally submitted but would not forward any alternatives either. One of which is Hadi al Amri. I believe strongly this will be the final candidate submitted to the house for confirmation. Now I want to tell you how I came up with my opinion of these two ministry candidates. I had been told almost 3 weeks ago that Iraq's vice-president Tareq al-Hashemi (you know the one sentenced to death) was involved in a high level meeting in USA at this time early in the election process. He submitted the two names as appropriate candidates to the USA government. Iraq has been trying to back into these candidates along the proces. This is how I know these will eventually be the ministers. They just have to convince the parties they are the right ones. It is all about to be settled. So what are the other delays in getting these ministers in place then? The delay, as I am told, is that they also need to clean up much of the corruption that has been involved in these ministries. Then they need to put laws in place for future prevention of this long standing corruption that has been going on. It is sometimes not easy for us to understand just the amount of corruption involved. Maliki used the ministries as his main source of power grip and thus the ties with generals and upper military leadership must be severed and the proper legal chain of command once again restored. Also mechanisms used in the ministries of interior and defense for the past eight years has caused the loss of Iraq in the hundreds of billions of dollars through a complex network of thieves and fraudulent activities. Most of it is legal but obviously not ethical since there were no hard laws in place to prevent it. They can force many of these unethical politicians and leaders to resign but they can’t fully prosecute them. For instance one deal was for the importation of explosives detectors. These detectors turned out to be phony and did not work costing billions and also many Iraq lives. The cost of them was only half of the allocated money. So where is the rest of the money? Next Abadi’s cabinet investigation is finding it difficult to understand how financial records are showing that Iraq has already spent all the money derived from the export of oil since February 2014, even though Maliki did not pay amounts due for Kurdistan or oil revenues due Basra and other oil producing provinces. Also most of the other financial obligations to the provinces, which had fallen to the Daash and assistance was promised. So it is actually very simple to understand if you are told the truth as why it is taking so long to seat these ministers. These two ministries are at the heart of the Maliki corruption scandal that has taken place not just over the last 4 years but over the last 8 years. Abadi and vowed to provide all official investigations to prove Maliki and others involvement in these crimes to justice, no matter what position the hold, or immunity they may have. So in conclusion - can you see now why Maliki (as current vice president) is pushing his influence on his remaining goons in the government not to support Abadi and his cabinet on the choices for candidates for these two remaining ministries? It all makes perfect sense when you look at the big picture. I know it was along explanation but this is the delay. I wanted to give some details so you can understand and know the truth. It is not a simple process Abadi is going through as most believe. There is no conspiracy holding this up by the “Cabal” or the PTB…….lol..…Many are saying its not Iraq causing any delay in the RV but when they do this they automatically exclude an entire set of legitimate reasons as to why we still wait for the RV. They make it sound (directly or indirectly) like the USA is a conspirator in holding up the RV….just total nonsense ! So who is really pushing this conspiracy stuff on you Iraq’s Economy These same “gurus” fail to mention that Iraq’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. Oh did they happen to mention this? Of course not. They hide this from you or maybe its because their “contacts” failed to mention it to them cause they think it is having no impact on the RV….lol….. Just a minor detail overlooked……lol….? This is due mainly now to the funds having to pour into the effort to fight ISIS. Millions of dollars are spend everyday in the effort to rid Iraq of these insurgents. The recent financial news explains this situation very clearly. We can see article after article on this topic. Once again we can turn to the prior Maliki administration and point fingers to the legacy he has left behind and the long road to cleaning it up. It is also due to the huge ring of corruption in his administration. There are billions of missing funds. The good news is the Kurds are boosting crude output threefold by the end of next year and are now resuming talks with Abadi’s new central government, signaling that a battlefield partnership against insurgents is helping mend ties with Baghdad. The Kurds will increase production to 1 million barrels a day by the end of 2015 from a current level of 320,000, said Sherko Jawdat, head of the natural resources committee in the Kurdish region’s parliament. Output will rise to 500,000 barrels a day by year-end, he said in an interview in Erbil. So we see that long range funding may not be an issue and it seems that full HCL implementation is not far either since oil revenues is going to be the savior for Iraq in the long run and it is forcing the issue. Also this past week Abadi has come out in public and clearly stated he strongly favors full implementation of HCL and Article 140 along all constitutional mandates. It will not be long. I mentioned this too because, as I said in prior news letters, I believe this is what the USA really wants. A guarantee that the petro-dollar will be used in the sale of Iraq oil. This is all in the HCL law and impacts Article 140 disputes. This lays the ground work for a real possibility of bringing back their currency to pre-war levels plus equity. This is what investors have been waiting for. PART 2 Follows Below: Mnt Goat Tuesday Update - "The Spiders Web" Part 2 - 10/7/2014 The Ongoing Budget Saga I am now told that parliament will hold discussions on the budget this Thursday 10/9. I now need to discuss the holdup in dealing with the budget and why it is taking so darn long to vote on and open the 2014 budget. There is much concern in the dinar investment community and many believe the RV is dependent on the budget being passed and opened. So I will clarify. But like most issues there simply is not a short answer (if you truly want to understand the hold up). Where do I start? This is complicated but I will address this issue and summarize it for you the best I can. To truly understand this budget delay we must understand the root of the issues. There are no short answers. First let me say that in the past, post-war Iraq had very little control over the allocation of funds from their oil revenues. Due to the war their oil revenues were placed in a holding account (escrow account) outside of Iraq and controlled by the IMF. This was done to insure they could not buy weapons to be used against the coalition forces occupying Iraq at the time. This is common practice in post- war torn countries. Once most of Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted these funds now became the property of Iraq and thus get handed back to the country. This money now is in the hundreds of billions of dollars in these accounts. Also there are additional funds too confiscated from Saddam accounts throughout the world that were frozen and will be released back to Iraq. So how did Iraq survive? In past years, prior to 2014, Iraq simply proposed a line item budget and submitted it to the IMF for approval. Once the IMF reviewed it and saw that it was clean the money was released to the CBI. The CBI then has a special account where it could disperse the funds to other banks throughout Iraq that were used to work directly with paying out contractors or loading electronic cards for government payments. They found that the more they used electronic banking the less money could be stolen and lost as unaccountable. Corruption was huge. Total allocated funds were seldom never used up entirely since some of the funds were earmarked for the revaluation project and other project that have not yet completed. These funds were rolled up into supplementing the next year’s budget amount but for these same projects. So the uncompleted projects just keep rolling over along with the funding for them. Projects like housing, water purification plants, electrical stations, sewage lines, new schools and hospitals, etc. The question as to why these projects did not get completed is another topic but we know why (it is called the 8 year Maliki syndrome…lol…) So now we come upon the 2014 budget. Based on what I just said can you now see the dilemma in controlling this 2014 budget? This budge is huge and they also know now the make up of the new government and really, really want to kick start the economy by releasing these funds to finally complete these projects. Can you imagine the impact on their economy when they do this? - hundreds of billions (this is in USD not at the 1166 rate) being allocated all of a sudden into the economy. This will directly impact not just the Iraq economy but indirectly other countries too where much of the contract work comes from. For instance USA, Japan, China and many EU countries have already signed contracts for this work. They are just waiting for stability and the means to do business in Iraq (the green light). The Spider’s Web is Weaved Looking at three main issues facing Iraq: 1) Security needed for the contractors and banks; 2) rid of the government corruption; 3) the fear factor (a road not traveled) These factors are all interconnected and can’t be separated in their implementation. As we know ISIS has taken control of many of the provinces or has the potential to do so. The future is uncertain. Oh- there is the uncertainty factor! How do insurance companies or bonding agencies work under such conditions on these very costly projects? So how do you allocate millions if not billions to a province if it will only get into the hands of ISIS? The answer is you don’t. Okay so you don’t fund that providence then and move on to other safer one. But what if ISIS then overruns that providence that was secure just days ago? You simply can’t control the future unless they get this security issue resolved and ensure the funds will not get into the hands of the terrorists or corrupt politicians. So do you think they will need a competent and honest Security and Defense ministers in place first to ensure the issues with ISIS and the new slotted weapon purchases (also in the budget) are used appropriately? Oh…wait a second….did I hear Defense minister? Could this be why it is taking so long to get this minister seated. Could the budget possibly be connected to this event too? Next there needs to be some house cleaning in the government too. It includes new anti-corruption laws especially when working inside the ministry of Interior. This department handles the contracting and is the liaison between the government, the local banks and the CBI. Oh…wait one second….did you say Interior ministry? Do you now see why it is taking so long to get a good candidate seated and confirmed in this ministry. Could this also be connected with the budget? Are you connecting the dots in this big picture yet? Work with me on this….will you? Some of these new laws are already written and are in the Erbil Agreement as I keep harping on so much. These are now rolled over in the 20 Unity Reforms I also mentioned many times. People it is ALL INTERCONNECTED ! Let me now address the FEAR factor. What do I mean by this? Well the fear I am referring to is the fear of the government having control of literally hundreds of billions of dollars (in USD) for the first time as a new nation. Yes as I mentioned above this is the first budget they do not need a line item accountability with the IMF. This new government is very aware of the past corruption. Much of this corruption has gone on so long unchallenged that it has become a part of normal business practices in the government. This all has to end and end now, says the new prime minister Abadi. Second there is the unknown. They have never chartered down this road before. When this budget is opened there will be literally an explosion (no pun intended…lol…) of contractors and investors coming into Iraq. The country must be safe and they will know shortly afterwards if all their new banking rules, electronic systems and upgrades can work with the international community financial institutions for there will be global transfers of huge amounts on payments for work being completed in contracts, investors building and stocking news stores, shopping malls, museums, utility projects, you name it…etc. Did I mention the billions to be made off the tariffs and how the IMF set them up on the electronic global billing system (need an international currency for the system to work) . I mentioned this in more detail in one of my last post early this year. Do you now see how it all ties together like a spider’s web. It is complicated. So many of you investors want the RV and think it so simple. You make statements like -How hard can it be for them just to just pass the budget and spend it? Can you see now this is not that simple. Oh and did I mention that to pull all this off ….they will need an international currency and have it revalued to a true asset backed rate thus a true market value. MARKET RATES FOR IRAQI NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES: (as of 10/6) Iraq (Dinar) - 1 IQD = 1166 USD(provisional post-war rate) Saudi Arabia (Riyal) - 1 SAR = .27 USD Jordan (Dinar) - 1 JOD = 1.41 USD Syria (Pound) - 1 SYP = .006 USD(beginning of hyperinflation due to war) Turkey (Lira) - 1 TRY = .44 USD Kuwait (Dinar) - 1 KWD = 3.46 USD Iran (Rial) - 1 IRR = .000037 USD (experiencing severe hyperinflation due to embargo) Can you see now that enormous wealth is being poured down the toilet everyday they leave the IQD currency at the artificial rate of 1166. Just look at the value of Kuwait cuurency. Kuwait has much less resources than Iraq however the political management of the country has not yet caught up to the financial. It is lagging behind. This is part of the “stabilization” of the country that is needed. Summary So today I send you an update. Sorry no RV happening today. I want to emphasize however that events in Iraq could happen suddenly and there is often a lag in sending the news west so things could be changing as I write this news letter. We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers to be seated. You know how amazing this one event is connected to so many other issues and events (i.e. security, budget and reforms implementation). They are all interconnected and like the spiders web. They are all driving each other (interdependent on each other). Do you now see why this is being delayed so long? Even “long” in really is not that long as it is only a couple weeks now. I compare the interconnectivity of these ongoing events to a spiders web. Did you ever wonder how this very sophisticated device of the spider works? The spider sets his web and then lays back and waits. The spider awaits and senses even a tiny touch anywhere on the web, then it knows it’s dinner time……. But if there should be hole, a gap in the web, it’s prey then sneaks through and it misses it’s meal. Iraq now has to close it’s gaps (corruption) to capture it’s meal (prosperity). I sense this is literally Iraq’s last chance. If this is not done correctly this time around favor with the international community will be lost and the advantages they gained will be gone forever. This spider’s analogy is true to what we are now experiencing with the last steps to forming the new government of Iraq. When I say “formed” many of you I see are still confused. You think I have fooled you since I said that once it was formed we would see the RV happen. You listened to the main stream news media and they told you it was formed weeks ago. I have not tricked you. I just want to tell you the truth that is all. You have you ideal of “formed” and I have mine. But I then told you what truly happened behind the scenes and why they intentionally put temporary candidates in place for the Defense and Interior (and a few other ministries) knowing darn well they would be rejected in the confirmation process. Then according to their law, they can still declare the government as “fully” formed yet leave these as proxy ministers until they get new, more qualified candidates confirmed. I also explained to you the importance of why they desperately needed to do this to meet the constitutional deadline. Since they still argued over the candidates for these positions, they formulated a plan. It worked and everyone was happy as a result. Please go back and re-read my past 5 posts. This is an ongoing saga please catch up in your reading….lol…. Can you now see (using the spider’s web analogy) when the government will truly be completely (fully) formed and stable and what I mean by this statement. I make this analogy because the events going on now in Iraq are complicated and everything is closely interconnected and interdependent like the spider’s web. As spectators we want desperately to peg a single event to the RV. We want to have a pin point date and a target. It is human nature to feel this way. If you want this then watch for these events I bring to you in my news letters. Keep track of them and watch and read articles. This is as close as anyone can get to any date. Google the titles and research. The news is all there for the taking. You also now know more about this budget issue and the seating these last ministers and why it is taking so long. It is all not some secret conspiracy to hold up the RV. The RV is a matter of course and is not driving anything. Did you hear me? It is not the driving force! The RV is a byproduct of progress not a driving factor. When Iraq gets to a certain point they will have no choice but to go international. It will happen when they are ready to do international business such as via banking, capital, contracting, foreign investors, or new ventures. They will have to talk the same financial language to the rest of the world. They will literally lose not billions but trillions if they do not do so when the timing is right. We now have events to watch to see when this time is near. I have shown you the rates of neighboring countries to Iraq. So you tell me how can they prosper in the future when they must deal with their neighbors when they have no currency? In reality their neighbors will also be the rest of the international community too not just immediate geographical neighbors. Can you also see some currency growth opportunities too in other currencies of the neighboring countries? hint..hint..hint.. Then when can we expect the RV? All I will say is what I have been saying all along in that we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now FULLY formed and seated. I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed. This I know now as fact not rumor. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  3. Mnt Goat Update: "What, No RV Again?" Part 1 - 10/5/2014 UU9929 - “ What No RV again…lol… ?” by mnt goat Hi Everyone, I come to you today to give you a quick update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq. Today's news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 9/29 as this news letter is a continuation of this news. The news is long and I am sorry but once again there are issues I need to clarify and so I hope you take the time to read it and appreciate it. There is again much disinformation being passed around as many are intentionally or unintentionally drawing the wrong conclusions as to the events taking place now in Iraq. .... I do not know too if it is a matter of just a lack of common sense or if they themselves really believe in what they are passing out as information about the RV. So I need to address some of this nonsense now in this news letter. Today’s News Today is Sunday 10/5 and still no RV. What do you mean no RV? It was supposed to RV over the weekend…….Do you wonder why it didn’t? I am of course being very sarcastic in my statements because I think some entity is pumping this misinformation to the dinar holder community and using these intel gurus to do it. This is becoming very disturbing and to the point of almost alarming for what these people are doing to the dinar holders. I am saying this because if you knew what I know then you too would understand there is no way in h*ll the PTB are going to let the RV happen anytime in the near future. Enough said on this topic. Let's move on to the real news. Update on the Economic Reforms First let me say some are making lots of assumptions in defining what Iraq means by using this terminology. What does economic reform mean to Iraq may not be what it means to us. I am being told that for Iraq it means fixing the payment system for the citizens once and for all. Payment System - I asked my contact? You know the electronic debit system using the Qi cards. So according to my source the reforms they spoke about recently have nothing to do with the revaluation. Are there other economic reforms too that need to be implemented? Yes – and they will continue with the reforms as needed but in this case once again an Arabic translation caused lots of hype for nothing. Time to stand back and take a hard look at just how foolish all this recent hype has been. Once again I will say the $3.58 rate was merely paying the citizens of Iraq their long overdue government payments on programs such as rations, pensions, unemployment, retirement, etc,. It has absolutely nothing to do with the revaluation of their currency. I tell you nothing! They have paid out under the electronic Qi card process before and will be paying out on it again. They waited so long to pay out this time because of the pressure of using much of the financial resources allocated for this purpose going instead to fight the ISIS. So the financial committee had to reshuffle funding to make these payments at the request of the new government. They are having technical difficulties aligning all the provinces to the same standardized rates in this system. This effort also does not mean an RV is imminent. This too is something they are plagued with each time they make these payments. Eventually they will resolve all these issues as each payment process is completed and the fix more of the bugs in the system. They are now saying the payments will conclude on 10/8. Iraq’s Economy These same “gurus” fail to mention that Iraq’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. Oh did they happen to mention this? Of course not. They hide this from you or maybe its because their “contacts” failed to mention it to them cause they think it is having no impact on the RV….lol….. This is due mainly now to the funds having to poor into the effort to fight ISIS. Millions of dollars are spend everyday in the effort to rid Iraq of these insurgents. The recent financial news explains this situation very clearly. WE can see article after article on this topic. Once again we can turn to the prior Maliki administration and point fingers to the legacy he has left behind and the long road to cleaning it up. The good news is the Kurds are boosting crude output threefold by the end of next year and plan soon to resume talks with the new central government, signaling that a battlefield partnership against insurgents is helping mend ties with Baghdad. The Kurds will increase production to 1 million barrels a day by the end of 2015 from a current level of 320,000, said Sherko Jawdat, head of the natural resources committee in the Kurdish region’s parliament. Output will rise to 500,000 barrels a day by year-end, he said in an interview in Erbil. So we see that long range funding may not be an issue and it seems that full HCL implementation is not far either since oil revenues is going to be the savior for Iraq in the long run and it is forcing the issue. Also this past week Abadi has also come out in public and clearly stated he strongly favors full implementation of HCL and Article 140 along all constitutional mandates. It will not be long. I mentioned this too because, as I said in prior news letters, I believe this is what the USA really wants. A guarantee that the petro-dollar will be used in the sale of Iraq oil. This is all in the HCL law. This lays the ground work for a real possibility of bringing back their currency to pre-war levels plus equity. This is what us investors have been waiting for. ISIS Update As a first effort, however it is imperative to get the security situation under control then Iraq can begin implementing the needed laws to safeguard security, the judiciary and the economy from corruption. Getting rid of Maliki too is on the agenda. I can assure you of this. The process has already begun. So far the new prime minister Abadi has repeatedly stated he does not want massive foreign troop ground forces in his country. So far it seems Iraq is not able to handle ISIS on its own and the air support supplied by the USA and GB is not enough to rid them and can only contain them somewhat, but they adapt. I have said this before and I will say it again that I totally believe it will take foreign troops on the ground in Iraq to resolve this situation. It is only a matter of time before the Iraq government too realizes this and finally requests the help as Anbar is taken by ISIS yesterday. This will be the turning point for Iraq in the fight against ISIS. Something to watch for. However when they do this it will be costly since any country fighting in this effort will be billing Iraq for its efforts to help them. This support already has not been cheap and ground troops could cost Iraq billions more in the future. So far what foreign troops that are in Iraq have been isolated from the general Iraqi public as they do not want to stir up more tensions and do want to present an image of being able to secure its own boarders to the rest of the world. They can not keep covering this situation up much longer. It is coming to a head. Okay now so do you all see how the dictatorship of Maliki is working to destroy Iraq? Do you see how he and his goons are plotting to regain control if the situation comes to massive chaos and desperation? This is the only way these dictators can maintain control. So Maliki is not gone yet. We know the ISIS saga begins with Maliki as does the financial situation too. Remember how he tried to block any oil exports from Kurdistan to the USA. Why do you think he was doing this? He wants the Abadi government to fail. In the process, while he was still prime minister (and commander and chief), he stole billions of the budgetary funding in the process of fighting ISIS. He did this when Iraq was most venerable and parliament freely granted him a large chunk of money for this purpose. Of course he created the situation to start so for him is was totally under his control. Remember he wanted that “emergency powers” granted to way prior the April elections even taking place. Much of this missing money was supposed to go towards the payments on the government programs. This is why now the Abadi government was so late in the payments. Do you see the connection now? This is why the citizens took to the streets in riots requesting their money. Maliki tried to create decent against the Abadi government. he was setting Abadi (or any new prime minister) up for failure even before the elections. He also instigated these riots. An investigation has now found that this has been confirmed. So you see this man and his goons can not be trusted and are only out to destroy Iraq. We will not see any peace or rest in Iraq as long as he still has any influence or presence in Iraq. This brings to the recent effort that begins the process of ridding Iraq of Maliki forever. Part 2 Follows: Mnt.Goat Update: "What, No RV Again?" Part 2 - 10/5/2014 The Beginning of the End of Maliki The International Criminal Court (ICC) has already begun its investigation into the files turned over from Iraq on Maliki and his corrupt goons. The situation with the Stryker AFB was the icing on the cake (the nail in the coffin) for Maliki. There is proof once again he allowed this situation to happen and in fact instigated it. ICC is pursuing efforts to prosecute Maliki and all those involved under crimes against humanity. Why are they all of a sudden now doing this? Surely Maliki has been committing these crimes before and they are also noted in the corruption files presented to ICC. .... Well this time it is different since with Stryker AFB it involves the USA directly. At the time of the attack there was already plans to begin the process of training pilots and ground forces to support operations against ISIS. Stryker AFB is the largest AFB in Iraq and was turned over to Iraq when the pullout happened in 2011. It is a huge modern base. So this is a real sore spot for the USA especially now since their relations with Maliki have gone sour. It is the USA now pushing ICC in this direction and they are pushing hard. Did I mention Maliki’s immunity in his snug vice presidential role does will not prevent him from standing trial in an international court when it comes to crimes against humanity. So they expect that between now and December, a hearing will be held and from that a trial on this case. Once this case is pursued I suspect other allegations too will come forward and all will be exposed. This is the beginning of the end of Maliki for Iraq once and for all. This is how they plan to finally rid themselves of this parasite. This is when we really see Iraq take off and begin to move forward. 2014 Budget Saga Update Nothing substantial came out concerning passing and implementing the budget last week other than they intend to begin the next sessions of parliament on 10/14 and the budget will be the first on the agenda. This has come imperative and in a critical state now since they just spend billions already on the payment programs to the citizens, as I mentioned above. Do you see now how they are always being forced to work in a crisis mode. One crisis after another. How is it that they are able to even get anything done? I mentioned why above. Until this entity (Maliki and his goons) are gone once and for all this will continue. Maliki sets Iraq up for crisis after crisis. Even now when he has taken a backseat he manages to cause chaos. He is always many steps ahead of those who really want to help Iraq. So hopefully we will see some forward movement on the budget next week (not this week) and more forward movement once heis indited. Summary So today I send you an update. Sorry no RV happening in the near future. I wish there was but I can not justify saying so and I will not lie just to make you happy. We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers to be seated. This now includes the Defense and Interior ministers – 2 of the key ministerial positions. I was told there was a very good possibility this could happen quickly after the holiday since the negotiations are ongoing and they have plenty of time to resolve differences. Also this week much progress was accomplished on the 2014 budget as it was forwarded to parliament. But we still do not see it done and implemented (opened to spend). As I said previously – The budget depends on the RV and not the other way around. In other words we need an RV first and then the budget can be opened. The opening of the budget is NOT going to initiate the RV. We saw this week the payout once again to government programs on the Qi cards (electronic debit cards). Where did Iraq get all this money all of a sudden? Remember too when you are trying to figure out what is going on you must think that nothing just happens by coincidence. Something(s) prior triggered the current event. The current constant state of crisis in Iraq politics just does not happen. Someone is behind it all setting up events to cause the constant crisis and chaos. The good guys in Iraq know who this villain is and there is a plan to stamp him out once and for all. This madness must end. In past news letters I also talked about the past laws that were written and are just waiting on implementation. These are the laws needed to the enforcement of judiciary reform and anti-corruption reforms in all sectors of Iraq. These laws were in the Erbil Agreement of 2010 and we now await their implementation in the new set of Unity Reforms put together to help tie the formation of this new government. Something to watch for. These laws once implemented will serge Iraq forward. Then when can we expect the RV? All I will say is what I have been saying all along in that we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now FULLY formed and seated. I do not want to paint a gloomy picture in that I do not believe the RV is years away. In fact I believe we may have to wait till the end of the year and I am coming to this conclusion more and more everyday. However, if the government could progress forward much faster than anticipated it could be much sooner than later. This every weekend RV rollercoaster must stop as it is not healthy and is causing much anxiety and stress for many of my readers. I can sense it in the many emails I receive. I do not feel sorry for you as I can not help your desire for the “hopium” rush. I do not have a crystal ball and so I can not foretell the future. I can only go by the events in real life. These events may not be what we desire but they are real and we have to face them. They are not events being played out to “fool” us as many are saying. They are not events to “cover up” the process of an imminent RV either. They are real events told to us in the articles and the news from Iraq. They may stall any chance of a quicker revaluation of the Iraq currency but it is what it is. I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed. This I know now as fact not rumor. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  4. Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - Part 1 of 2 06/11/2014 (Thank you George for sending this to Recaps.) UU6666 A Desperate Man Hi Everyone, This morning I sit and overlook the valley below. It is a very peaceful as the sun settles on the chalets and warms the cool morning air. It is a nice time to be alive and live in the Alpine region of Bavaria. It is safe and peaceful. Meine Kinder sind in der Schule this day so I am here alone to think. As I sit I cry out to the Lord to protect the average family in Iraq that now must endure this violence that is being perpetrated on them for political objectives. I say when will it all end? I see now the madness, the darkness and the evil of one man at work– Nori Al-Maliki. I bring some sad news today and I will not sugar coat it. I am still hopeful all will work out as the coming weeks progress. Sorry if this news letter is extra long today but. I really believe we all need to know just how dire this situation is and that it is real and desperate. Today’s News As you may remember I stated in my last couple news letters that this would be a pivotal week for the country of Iraq. I made this statement because the world was to see the announcement of the ratified election results today. So what happened? We are actually almost now 2 days past June 10th in Iraqi time and still no news on the ratified election results. We know this news is critical since it will show us the majority party, the new prime minister candidate, and the winners of parliamentary seats. This is all the foundation of the new government and it will tell us what direction Iraq is going to take and how stable it will be. Let us not also forget the mandate for the Maliki government and his goons expires at the end of this week. Iraq has a chance to finally break free from this tyranny and move forward as a nation. The current Iraq terrorism explained- We have seen through articles the desperate moves this current prime minister has done recently in an attempt to stay in power including the ballot box stuffing and all the other election corruption as noted in the 800+ election appeals filed since April 30th. I have stated that our biggest fear now should be the antics that Maliki will try next in order to stay in power. If you remember back prior to the April 30th elections Maliki tried to get parliament to vote in a his so-called “National Emergency” law. This law was written by the State Law coalition Council of Ministers. In this law it stated that the Prime Minister could declare a National Emergency without having to go through parliament and thus declare Marshal Law, suspending parliament, the Iraqi constitution any time national security was threatened. This new law would have given the Maliki government enormous, unprecedented powers and just in time to create monkey business during the election process too (an election he knew he could not win honestly and fairly). We believe the true intent of this newly proposed law was so he could legally take control of the election process and dismantle it for his benefit. He wanted to do this in order to create chaos and disorder to delay the elections indefinitely, thus staying in power. This new law would have given him the final means to complete his strong hold of terror on Iraq (as some say was already worst than the Saddam Hussein era). He would then have complete and irrevocable power in Iraq, essentially a legal dictatorship. Well this did not happen and the new law was never even considered in Parliament since, as it was stated by the leader of the council of representatives, (and I am not quoting) – [the power to declare national emergencies rest within parliament and only parliament as per Iraq constitution. The government must come to parliament in times of crisis and emergencies, present the needs with solutions to the crisis as appropriate. The deemed necessary support from parliament to deal with such crisis will be decided]. In other words we can see that parliament was not about to voluntarily give away their constitutionally granted powers to the central government. Especially to this man. So why did Maliki actually think they might let him have his way since it seems logical to us this was such a ridiculous law to even propose in the first place(based on his past performance) ? To answer this question you only have to go back to WWII and study the Nazi regime in Germany and the methods they used to gain power and stay in power. So now I will quote directly on what Hermann Goering's said on war and violence during the Nuremburg trials and how to get the people to go along with it. "Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY." --Goering at the Nuremberg Trials So why do I take the time to tell you this today? It is because once again, as we near June 14th, just days away from the end of the mandate for the prime minister, we are witnessing a desperate attempt to use this “national emergency” tactic to take control of the country. We saw it once and we are seeing it again. So let us now see how this applies to the recent violence and terrorism attacks in Mosul, as Goering described it in the 1940’s: Here is the attack: If you have been paying attention to the news from Iraq you noticed the Islamic militants overran parts of Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, on Tuesday (today), driving security forces from their posts and seizing the provincial government headquarters, security bases and other key buildings. Why on Tuesday? Why today? Is this not the day the judiciary was supposed to announce the ratified election results thus the players in the new government of Iraq. Maliki was not going to be part of it. Here is the fear: It was reported in today’s news that the battle for Mosul was a serious blow to Baghdad's attempts to tame a widening insurgency by a breakaway al-Qaida group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Earlier this year, the group took over another Iraqi city, Fallujah, in the west of the country, and government forces have been unable to take it back after months of fighting. (Note how the news did not ridicule the prime minister for lack of security measures to combat the violence) Here is the “I will save you”: The timing of this event could not be more obvious as to what Maliki is attempting to do. Yesterday in a nationally televised press conference, Nori Al-Maliki asked parliament to convene an urgent session to declare a state of emergency. What a surprise! Don’t worry Maliki will save everyone from this attack ……lol…. Oh! Maybe he should stay on as prime minister for a 3rd term? We need his protection! Just kidding……lol,..,, FYI- Under the Iraq constitution, parliament can declare a 30-day state of emergency on a two-thirds vote by its members, granting the prime minister the necessary powers to run the country. But the speaker of the house must bring this proposal to the members for a vote. He refused in the past and so far he is still refusing. Can you imagine this – Maliki having this kind of power at this critical time? It is my opinion that parliament would have to be insane to grand this prime minister these kind of powers at this critical junction of time. As I stated this is a pivotal point in the history of Iraq. Will they now make the correct critical decisions necessary to move forward and take their government back from this would be dictator or will they allow this tyranny to continue for yet another 4 years. If you read my recent past news letters you can also see some long term consequences way beyond the next 4 years for Iraq and the region that could and most probably would prevail if Maliki could have more time to sink his nasty roots. . Surprise…Surprise ! Does it surprise you now to know that the parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi is from Mosul and we all know his is a Sunni. Do you see the connection yet? (Sunni vs Shuites) Nothing is coincidental...! Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - Part 2 of 2 06/11/2014 We have seen the recent violence in Ninewa, Anbar, Fellugah and now this current violence as reported in Mosul seesm to have been stepped up. Today the violence entered the city of Baiji the second largest city in Iraq. Is this coincidental that Baiji refinery is Iraq’s biggest, supplying oil products to most of the country’s provinces. Remember too that the Kurds are moving forward in selling their oil since Maliki has stalled HCL and refused to budge on any real honest agreements on this topic. We have seen all the articles on the ongoing dispute and the ship now pirated by Maliki sitting offshore with 1 million barrels of oil destined for German and Italian ports. Why is it okey for him to illegally give oil to Syria last year when Kurdistan now is just trying to live upto HCl and the constitutional rights in dealing with the sale of oil. So what now is the real intent of Maliki in orchestrating this violence? If gone unchecked what is his final objective? Are you beginning to piece this together yet? It is of course only the outcome of years of neglect in taking the proper security measures to combat these terrorists in the first place. Powers that Maliki already has since he never seated an parliamentary approved security minister, Instead he appointed a proxy minister. Thus this gave him the needed latitude to manipulate the security ministry to create chaos when deemed necessary to satisfy his political agenda. He has been doing this all along. The UN has files on all this. There is only one person to blame for these recent terrorists attacks and that in Nori Al-Maliki. So he is the root cause and could not prevent the attacks in the past (as he has said) then how does he plan to combat them any different now if these necessary “emergency powers” were to be granted to him? The answer is - There is no difference since this is not his legitimate intent of his request for more power. He is creating this violence with the hope that the parliament will cave in under pressure for a solution and grant him the powers he requested. This is his last desperate attempt to stay in power. The good news is the United States yesterday agreed to provide all appropriate assistance to the Government of Iraq under the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) to help ensure that these efforts succeed. I talked about the SFA in one of my recent news letters and how it might be used to control Maliki in his last desperate days. Sure enough here we go ! By the way the elite Peshmerga forces from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are also now getting involved to assist. I guess the 1 million manned army of Maliki’s central government can’t (or won’t) handle the situation. I got to tell you there is much more going on then I am telling you but I need for you to see the big picture and so I am trying to give you enough pieces to draw your own conclusions. So why do I believe much of the radical terrorism and violence will simply disappear once Maliki and his goons are no longer in control? 1) the Maliki government will no longer be in power to support these terrorists; 2) they will have a seated security ministry, trained and capable of being proactive in the fight against these kind of insurgents who are not welcome in Iraq; 3) the USA is much more likely to assist Iraq and provide support in the fight with more modern weapons and devices if they can trust the government in using them for there intended purposes; 4) there will also be a more opne channel of communications set up with the new security ministry for the average citizen to report such activities without themselves being implicated and jailed for making these reports, as is now done with the crocked security forces of Maliki; 5) today there is no real will of the government to combat this kind of terror since it is being used politically by the central government of Iraq for political objectives. This all must change if you are going to have any kind of real peace in Iraq; 6) they must rid themselves of a prime minister who supports terrorism in his own country as a means of creating fear and reprisals against his policies and anyone who apposes him. Will Maliki succeed? Time will tell but if the election results are delayed beyond June 15th we are in trouble. The longer we wait this would only give Maliki yet more time to maneuver his way into the 3rd term. What tricks await us ? Its not official until its announced. Time always seems to be on his side. I have noticed over the last 8 years this is a common theme for Maliki and his goons. They seem to somehow cause this constant fear and chaos in the country and use this to legally keep stalling parliament and nothing ever seems to make any real progress. The only real achievements are that they always seem to make the money allocated for projects for the people to disappear and with no accountability. They always have an excuse too, Someone or something else is to blame. This is very typical of these would be dictators. This is a common tactic used. It is a well known fact in the intelligence arena . This is how they stay in power. Summary In the recent past news letters I have given you some timelines. I also stated we had to stand back and watch to see how Maliki would attempt to derail the election process and delay these coming announcements. Could he succeed? I tried to explain the implications if he did happen to get a 3rd term. I do not bring you such great news today and I am saddened that Iraq did not make the announcements of the election results as scheduled. But I am still hopeful that they will not allow this terrorism situation to set them on a course of constant delays and roller coaster ride again with Maliki. I am also hopeful that they have the fortitude to stand up to him and do grant these emergency powers he seeks. We all know the devastating consequences this could have on Iraq. By the way this would only delay the RV yet longer and I can assure you it would be a long time till we saw any revaluation of the IQD go global. I am very fearful today that this current prime minister is so desperate that he may try yet an even greater event to create yet more fear and chaos to gain yet more power since his recent plot to get emergency powers does not seem to be working. He has only 4 days remaining of his 4 year mandate to run the government. You must remember that in Iraq it is very much like living in any town or city. We must have empathy for the common Iraq citizen. The majority of the people desire peace, mothers send their kids to school and their husbands to work each day. They shop and buy groceries. They attend church services. They desire to raise their families in peaceful neighborhoods. They desire for an honest, fair and open government. Do we not all want this? They are no different. These insurgents are most likely not even from Iraq. Once the dust settles we will find that they are from Iran. They are manipulated minds doing the dirty work of someone else. Think about this. What really do the insurgents have to gain by what they do? It is so obvious that there is another underlying root cause for what they do. Is it really sectarianism or religious beliefs that is causing all the violence? I believe these are but excuses given to us to detail the real intent of what is actually going on. Let me explain. By comparison to the majority of average citizen in Iraq these terrorists are a very small minority. It is my strong belief that they could never coexist in the Iraq society of today and do the violence they do if it was not for some kind of government support and immunity granted to these terrorist by the government security forces. Iraq does not live in a stone age and do not walk around in loincloths and live in caves contrary to what most USA people believe. Iraq is a modern society and moving more in this direction each day. Such violence and in a modern society can not coexist. The Iraqi people do support peace contrary to what most Americans believe. I hear statements like “they will always be fighting” or “they have been fighting for a thousand years and it will never end”. These are of course statements made by outsiders and very narrow minds. They do not really understand the Iraq people. They have never visited or lived in Iraq. These narrow minds then, by this kind of thinking, never get around to really looking at the big picture of who is causing the violence and why the violence is in Iraq. They narrow their ability to objectively investigate the root cause since they already dismissed it as inevitable. Peace is always an alternative it is never off the table. The strong desire for peace by the average citizen is very evident by what we witnessed during the massive demonstrations last year. The people of Iraq are simply fed up with all the violence and those in the government that are perpetrating this on them. They see the violence first hand everyday. There is something to be said about a government feared by the people it is supposed to serve. Is this not how a democracy is supposed to work? Believe me there is much more to this terrorism and violence than we hear from the international news media. Since we all know who owns all the major news outlets in Iraq does it surprise us it is so hard to get the truth? From the current events of violence my sources in Iraq are telling me this is Maliki’s own revenge war on the people of Iraq, especially the Sunni provinces for the lack of support during the elections. I am inclined to believe every word of it. So how can the average citizen in Iraq be instrumental in making the needed changes. What alternatives do they have but to riot and protest? They have attempted to use the democratic process in 2010 but see who they got for a prime minister. I believe the system it is failing them because of outside influences from Iran and the USA, who are still bent on political agendas of manipulation of resources for their wealthy constituents. Some say it all must change for Iraq to be successful. I am hopeful it will change and I agree. But the there are different degrees of success and change. It all depends on which side you come from and what are your objectives. For instance if you are the average citizen success then is defined as having peace and being able to raise your children in a decent homes (with clean running water and shelter); educate them and provide for them. Maybe going on a vacation once a year and eventually having the opportunity to accumulate some wealth and elevate your status. But if you are of Iranian or of the USA influence in Iraq, your objectives are much different and success in gauged in other terms. They really do not care much about the average citizen or the happiness of their lives. Instead citizens are just political pawns being used to satisfy the desires of the politicians. Sometimes they get in the way and must be dealt with. So you see the level of success in Iraq is always going to be in conflict unless the people truly have control over their own destiny. So today is Wednesday June 11th and I am still very hopeful we will hear the announcements sometime today if not next week. I am also hopeful that Maliki and those associated with his tyranny will be shortly a thing of the past. Some intel providers in the USA are saying this recent rash of violence is just a decoy for the RV rollout. This is my comments on that - total illogical nonsense. They have gone over the top on this one with their nonsense they are now spreading. Go tell that to the people of Iraq who had to leave their homes in the middle of the night to escape the violence. This is not a decoy it is really happening and it is real ! The really funny part of it all is that some people are actually believing this nonsense and will ridicule and bash me for telling the truth. We all want the RV so bad that we will say and believe anything that gives us hopium. I do not expect to see any IQD revaluation international until just prior to or after the announcements of the new government with relative stability. I am now hearing from my Iraq sources that the judiciary will now wait until next week (past June 14th) to make the announcements since they are fearful Maliki’s goons will assassinate the candidates prior to being seated into their positions. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  5. Tlar: "Chalabi Will Be The PM" - 06/08/2014 Lojak: Its always good to see Iran not sticking its head out in support for Maliki...they want to be with the winner too Khamenei does not support al-Maliki and the names of four of the current prime minister Baghdad / Orr News Credible political sources said that Tehran has not taken a final position on the issue of forming the next government did not suggest a name for the presidency, and that contrary to what the members of the coalition tries to diffusion of state law. The sources indicated that "the religious leadership of Iran does not want to have its position Mottagataa position with reference Najaf, Consistent with this, the resolution of Tehran awaiting word from Sistani reference in the process of naming the next head of government." ~~~ The sources pointed out that "there are four names approved by the blessing and support of the Iraqi political forces and there is no veto by Iranian or American, they are: Adel Abdul Mahdi and Tariq Ahmad Chalabi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari and a star." The sources pointed out that "al-Maliki if he is certain that his chance to return to the palace of government has become non-existent, it will insist on the choice of henchman and his chief of staff and closest to him Tariq star to head the government, while the Islamic Council, it does not tend to star preferably Chalabi or Adel Abdul-Mahdias heralding the Sadrists Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who believe in tolerance and Artakaúh an opportunity to influence the return to the state and the street together. " Americans, according to sources, there is no clear vision or specific position adopted by Washington about the future of Baghdad during the next four years, but the former U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, does not conceal his desire to return al-Maliki to head the government, but the conditions of them to get rid of last tendency acquisitions and exclusion and to return to his approach in the management of the state during his first term. The sources did not rule out the fact that all these names at a given moment and to highlight the name of the scene is not punctual any party to fill the position, which was and remains the subject of dispute and conflict and the removal and replacement. BlueyesinLevis: This is very very GOOD! DreamWeaver: Yes ... the "Seal of Disapproval" by religious leader of Iran and Iraq has no doubt sealed Maliki's fate. Ralph: Sistani refuses to again receive the envoys of al-Maliki Najaf / Orr News Sources Najafip informed of the refusal of the religious authority Ali al-Sistani, receiving emissaries of Prime Minister outgoing, to discuss the formation of the new government file. The source said "the holy sites" in Najaf, said Sistani, rejected three visits to the envoys of al-Maliki, including a personal adviser, Abdel Halim Zuhairi, during the last two weeks. The source, who requested anonymity, that "the Office of Sistani told not to receive any government delegation at the moment, as well as the rest of the religious references." The source explained the move as "a rejection of the third term of the owners, especially with the fear of the reference held responsible for the failure of government and exacerbate political problems after blessing the second term of the owners, in the recent period." He noted that the Shiite "determined position of talks to form a government with two points, namely: a government that includes all Iraqis does not exclude anyone, and then change the status quo," a word of understanding some politicians as "an explicit call for change and refused to give al-Maliki for a third term." It was on the new position of reference mixed reactions among political leaders in Iraq, parallel to the continuation of the meetings of the political blocs to formulate a clear position on the map of political alliances to form the largest bloc, which would give birth to the new government in the country. The leader of the Sadrist Hussein optical method has religious references four in Najaf, and in the forefront of the supreme authority Ali al-Sistani, has been known for years, was rejected to meet someone who means a rejection of him in full, which is interpreted by us by refusing to meet with Maliki, or his envoys, but hopefully to turn the role of the reference to the compressor on the political blocs to expedite the formation of the government, specifically because some are trying to take the weight of the reference in the Iraqi street and the political center, the mantle Atdther out when needed. In contrast, the MP for the coalition of al-Maliki, Sami al-Askari, the position of the reference and the political consensus is not sufficient in determining the form of government, but it "depends on the consent of the countries of the region and the United States," and said that "the choice of al-Maliki as prime minister for the second session was part of the agreement Iranian Turkish Syrian and Iraqi internal. " And puts the observers refused to receive delegations from al-Maliki in Najaf, Mr. al-Sistani, in the box to strengthen the position of religious authority, Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi, who had previously denied Maliki's election, and called for a change in public. They said that the closure of the door of the reference in the face of al-Maliki in the time that remains rope friendliness existed between the political blocs and the rest of the references, is lined with a message to him after he had hoped to support religiously after failing to persuade the Shiite politicians within the National Alliance to take over his support for a third term. Shelby: Now all we need is to see the NA to say they are nomination Chalabi! Lojak: Shelby, you are on top of this !!!! Shelby: The Chalabi announcement simply has to be forthcoming within hours at worst don't you think? Lojak: Well, this is Iraq... Mike1422: I think the National Alliance are waiting for the official election results before they lower the boom on Mr. Potato Head Tlar: Mike, you hit the nail on the head. Once the final results are in this should go very fast. Nothing happens until then unless the SOL disavows M and selects a new PM candidate. Until either the results being announced on the 10th or a move by the SOL happens, we are and have been in a holding pattern as they negotiate away. I am hoping to see the SOL do their thing within the next 24 hours. I feel comfortable they have already made their approach to the coalition and are in negotiations as I write this. That’s why M went to them saying please only nominate someone who will protect us all. He was really more worried about himself. The SOL is going to nominate a different PM but you can best bet they are talking to Hakim and Chalabi trying to make a deal that does not include M. That’s why IMO Chalabi will be the PM because that is the coalition’s first choice. Think of it this way; If the SOL nominates Chalabi, the rest of the NA will jump on board quickly because that is their choice. Also the Kurds and Sunnis have already given a thumbs up to Chalabi as has the US and al/Sistani and now Iran. That’s why I have said on day one, the 15th, they walk in and vote Chalabi in. The Kurds and Sunnis have already picked the pres and VPs from their areas so it should only take days to put the government together. Tlar Lojak: ditto TLAR National Alliance: Maliki's reign ended after he settled the name of the Prime Minister Agency eighth day June 8, 2014 BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) National Alliance said that the name of the next prime minister will be announcing soon after the ratification of the election results by the Electoral Commission for elections. A source in the coalition told the "eighth day," said the candidate for the post of prime minister will be supported by the basic components of the Iraqi people. He added that the next prime minister, has a strong character, proven competence and integrity and will lead a harmonious strong team capable of fighting terrorism and embark on a puppet reconstruction of the country and its institutions, civilian and military. The source declined to name the next prime minister before the ratification of the results, but stressed that Iraq will not be a new era of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki any executive role in it, but a coalition of state law Iris Soasl his parliamentary deputy. A different source: National Alliance: There will be no role for the owners in the next government Under section: political Dated: June 8, 2014 Baghdad / Iraq News Network - The National Alliance to name the next prime minister will be announcing after the ratification of the election results by the Electoral Commission for elections. Said a source in the Alliance: The candidate for the post of prime minister will be supported by the basic components of the Iraqi people. He added that the next prime minister, has a strong character, proven competence, integrity, and will lead the team harmonious strong is able to fight terrorism and to embark on a puppet reconstruction of the country and its institutions, civilian and military. Source declined to name the next prime minister before the ratification of the results but stressed that Iraq will witness a new era will be Nuri Maliki any executive role in it. LINK Timber: Kurdistan's (et al): if Maliki knows that he is a legal action to hold the third state By Adminmo 08.06.2014 01:12 | Brother - and Sam Mulla Kurdistan Alliance saw that stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the state came third because of "illegal acts" carried out by noting that (al-Maliki) knows that he will be tried in the event of his release from the prime minister. And the MP for the Kurdistan happy messenger in a statement singled out by the reporter and the Agency for News News (et) that "stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the state of the three because he did not work legally, noting" that al-Maliki knows if his exit will lawsuits be tried. " And the Messenger "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki if he knew he had worked legally to hold the third state, explaining that" Maliki knows it will open all the previous files and provides lawsuits against him, for this is Emtemk power. " The MP said the Kurdistan "alliance accept any person nominated by the National Alliance, with the exception of the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki." Sparked media leaks about the attempts by some political blocs to open files financial and administrative corruption against the prime minister in the event of his release from the prime minister.
  6. This is an excellent read and will put tears in your eyes and/or a lump in your throat...Enjoy...RON "Teddy Stoddard" Posted by Angel8 at TNT - 01/11/2014 As she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. However, that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a little boy named Teddy Stoddard. Mrs. Thompson had watched Teddy the year before and noticed that he did not play well with the other children, that his clothes were messy and that he constantly needed a bath. In addition, Teddy could be unpleasant. It got to the point where Mrs. Thompson would actually take delight in marking his papers with a broad red pen, making bold X's and then putting a big "F" at the top of his papers. At the school where Mrs. Thompson taught, she was required to review each child's past records and she put Teddy's off until last. However, when she reviewed his file, she was in for a surprise. Teddy's first grade teacher wrote, "Teddy is a bright child with a ready laugh. He does his work neatly and has good manners... he is a joy to be around.." His second grade teacher wrote, "Teddy is an excellent student, well liked by his classmates, but he is troubled because his mother has a terminal illness and life at home must be a struggle." His third grade teacher wrote, "His mother's death has been hard on him. He tries to do his best, but his father doesn't show much interest and his home life will soon affect him if some steps aren't taken." Teddy's fourth grade teacher wrote, "Teddy is withdrawn and doesn't show much interest in school. He doesn't have many friends and he sometimes sleeps in class." By now, Mrs. Thompson realized the problem and she was ashamed of herself. She felt even worse when her students brought her Christmas presents, wrapped in beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except for Teddy's. His present was clumsily wrapped in the heavy, brown paper That he got from a grocery bag. Mrs. Thompson took pains to open it in the middle of the other presents. Some of the children started to laugh when she found a rhinestone bracelet with some of the stones missing, and a bottle that was one-quarter full of perfume.. But she stifled the children's laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the bracelet was, putting it on, and dabbing some of the perfume on her wrist. Teddy Stoddard stayed after school that day just long enough to say, "Mrs. Thompson, today you smelled just like my Mom used to." After the children left, she cried for at least an hour. On that very day, she quit teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Instead, she began to teach children. Mrs. Thompson paid particular attention to Teddy. As she worked with him, his mind seemed to come alive. The more she encouraged him, the faster he responded. By the end of the year, Teddy had become one of the smartest children in the class and, despite her lie that she would love all the children the same, Teddy became one of her "teacher's pets.." A year later, she found a note under her door, from Teddy, telling* her that she was still the best teacher he ever had in his whole life. Six years went by before she got another note from Teddy. He then wrote that he had finished high school, third in his class, and she was still the best teacher he ever had in life. Four years after that, she got another letter, saying that while things had been tough at times, he'd stayed in school, had stuck with it, and would soon graduate from college with the highest of honors. He assured Mrs. Thompson that she was still the best and favorite teacher he had ever had in his whole life. Then four more years passed and yet another letter came. This time he explained that after he got his bachelor's degree, he decided to go a little further. The letter explained that she was still the best and favorite teacher he ever had. But now his name was a little longer.... The letter was signed, Theodore F. Stoddard, MD. The story does not end there. You see, there was yet another letter that spring. Teddy said he had met this girl and was going to be married. He explained that his father had died a couple of years ago and he was wondering if Mrs. Thompson might agree to sit at the wedding in the place that was usually reserved for the mother of the groom. Of course, Mrs. Thompson did. And guess what? She wore that bracelet, the one with several rhinestones missing. Moreover, she made sure she was wearing the perfume that Teddy remembered his mother wearing on their last Christmas together. They hugged each other, and Dr. Stoddard whispered in Mrs. Thompson's ear, "Thank you Mrs. Thompson for* believing in me. Thank you so much for making me feel important and showing me that I could make a difference." Mrs. Thompson, with tears in her eyes, whispered back. She said, "Teddy, you have it all wrong. You were the one who taught me that I could make a difference. I didn't know how to teach until I met you." (For you that don't know, Teddy Stoddard is the Dr. at Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines that has the Stoddard Cancer Wing.) Warm someone's heart today. . . pass this along. I love this story so very much, I cry every time I read it. Just try to make a difference in someone's life today? tomorrow? Just "do it". Random acts of kindness, I think they call it? "Believe in Angels, then return the favor." Share and keep this message spreading!
  7. Once again Mtn.Goat explains her info from her sources and the latest reasonings as to why things hadn't occurred as prognosticated. I bring this over for those who are interested in what she has to say, not for those who don't like her . - if you don't, don't read this - LOL. I'm simply providing info for our DV readers who might be curious.....that's why this is in "RUMORS" ..... Read at your own risk...LOL...! Be blessed and have a great Week & Thanksgiving everyone...! RON "The Final Conclusion" by Mnt.Goat - Mon. PM - 11/25/2013 (Posted by GeorgeH at TNT Forum) Hello all, Got some news from the goat today. This is not what I expected but it makes sense to me. A good read but lengthy. Be preared to open your mind. George Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone, I really thought my last email would be my very last one. Events however do not always progress as planned and so I thought it would be a good time to talk now about the hold up and give some recent news on the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. Today I will not talk about my family, as they are fine and preparing for much celebration. I do have very important revaluation news to bring and I need to get right to the point. I have held off on this news until now since this is what I was told to do by the IMF sources. However I have now been told, after checking with my sources today, that I can tell all as I will proceed to so now. This news letter may be lengthy today. On Friday 11/15 I received a call from IMF source and here is what I was told. They began by explaining how Iraq wanted to stall the international rollout until it could fully implement some final banking laws effective on Dec 1, 2013. The USA of course was not happy about this situation but really had no choice but to instruct all parties involved in the rollout to attempt to stall until this point. I have been told many, many times and even laughed at by many intel providers that my past news of Iraq had no longer any impact or significance in this RV matter and yet time and time again this has been proven wrong and now I am being told once again the same and I believe once again this intel is correct in that Iraq has asked to hold this activation up until December 1, 2013. What do these new Iraq banking laws tell us? (effective 12/1) · USD will no longer be acceptable currency in banking and market transactions in Iraq · Markets should now use Dinar at current in-country reinstatement rates $3.44+ (meaning one price structure for all goods), · lower denominations fully in circulation all banks as of 12/1. · As of 12/1 the three zero notes are not longer legal tender in Iraq. In other words citizens have until 12/1 to turn in and exchange all the remaining provisional currency in their possession · Banks can no longer charge in excess of 2% for exchanging currency..Up to now these charges were the sole sources of profits for most banks in exchanging currencies at very high spreads · Banks must now move forward to the real business of banking – keeping saving acounts, checking accounts. investments and managing loans to businesses as their source of profits or close. I know this may be very hard to swallow and for me this news was not very good news either. I wanted to jump on email and let everyone know, but I was instructed to keep it to myself until such time I could bring this forward. Now is the time, as I am told. Read these new laws. How could they go international with their dinar without these very basic laws enacted? Made total sense to me when I was told this information. So the stalling began two weeks ago, when this decision was made and agreed to. Excuse after excuse and we can now all see how this is occurring. It is now only a big game of tricks and monkey business until next Monday December 1st when we have the best possible change of activation of the rates and getting the 800#s. If you don’t believe me fine. Just wait and remember this post. I hope you too remembered when I was telling you in the past Maliki was the hold up? Remember how he had to deliver a speech and do it correctly. Sounded like he has some influence to me. This of course was just one example that surfaced for all to see. You know I get really tired sometimes of trying to convince people of the legitimacy of my information. So I will just say one last note – wait and see who is right once again! This is not even about who is right or who is wrong but about trying to figure this out together. Let’s look at the progression of these recent stalling tactics by the UST ( if you don’t believe me) 1. I was told us we would see this over the timeframe Thurs 11/14 – Sunday 11/17. I relayed this info to you in my last news letter. When this window expired I was told there were still agencies not onboard and these agencies did not give an accurate estimate of the situation. So the activation was held up until this was settled. In fact the RV was not yet complete. Okay so I believed and went on with my life. Then it got even better. 2. Then on Monday 11/18 I was told the activation would happen once the $3.44 in country Iraq rate reached $3.87. This happened on Tuesday night $3.89 however still no activation. I know for a fact the rates were live for a short period of time and then put again on hold. This time the 800#s were in fact given to the banks for the first time , yet still no activation for us. What is going on I asked? 3. Then not much happened all week until we hit the Thurs – Sunday window again. This time I was told they would launch the activation once an automated time sequence hit a certain combination and it could activate the rates anytime. This was to prevent fraud and insider trading. This timing began Thurs 11/21 in the afternoon and was to end Sunday 11/24. The activation could happen anytime prior to midnight 11/24. Stalling again. It gave them 4 more days. Getting closer to 12/1 but not there yet ! Was there more insider trading going on? 4. Today is Monday 11/25 and still no activation, yet I know the rates are at the banks in a admin hold status and could be activated in a matter of minutes. I was not given any logical explanation as to why the activation was once again held from us. My only sarcastic remark was – the UST must have run out of excuses to give us. Stalling again. Yet another day passed. I think Tony and his DC guy said it all on the TNT call today. 5. Now on Monday 11/25 we are told that the IMF may take control again if this does not get activated by 9 am Tuesday morning 11/26. I don’t understand? I told my source, - why not just activate it now and get it done? Stalling again? They then told me CL will activate it by Tuesday – Wednesday 11/26-11/17 if the UST does not. Really? I wait to hear what excuse we will get on Wednesday. If the IMF does take control we are told it could take up to 48 hours to activate. Why? The rates are done and the activation on only on an admin hold at the banks. The banks have the 800#s. So why 48 hours? 6. This brings us to Thursday thru Sunday window once again. How convenient ! Can you now see the intentional stalling taking place. Is it just me or am I making this up? I had to ask once again what is going on? So I have to think only one thing now that my source in IMF telling that this will be held up until Dec 1st is in fact accurate since I see the stalling playing out right in front of our faces. I do not really care what the UST is telling these intel providers. They are only messengers passing along the stalling until the time is ready. They believe what they are telling but we shall all see as all in good time who is correct and this will be our proof. I think this RV was handled as one big mess. In USA let’s not all forget this in 2016….hint…hint…hint……… Putting this whole mess into perspective There are only a few words to describe this mess….corruption and incompetence. Yet the entire whole world awaits and needs these currencies to reset as a major part of the rebalancing that needs to take place? We have seen in the past that there have been exchanges taking place already for those privileged. I do not have to remind anyone this is unlawful and had stiff penalties as it is in violation of the US and international IMF exchange commissions laws. So why do the elite privileged do it and get to exchange and yet the rest of the world is held up? (I won’t mention the global reset effecting all aspects of our lives….opps I mentioned it…). I do not have the answer to this question but I am sure there are reasons and we are told we just must wait our turn. Okay- as long as our turn gives us the same benefits. These early exchanges for the privileged do, however now have an impact in going forward if the IMF has to take over this activation as we are being set up now to believe may happen on Tuesday (tomorrow). Would our rate then be reduced to the Iraq $3.44? Why not then the $3.89 as this we were told was the current IQD rate on last Tuesday (but how do we prove or disprove this?) The ramifications are such that all those funds to the elite over the $3.44 rate that we may be reduced to may have to be paid back to the banks (thus UST). Do these elitist (senators, congressman and others) want this to happen? As it stands they could be under deep scrutiny now since they are in violation of about 20 security and exchange laws still in force. Simply put you just cannot put spilt milk back into the bottle. Exchange at a rate that is not announced to the rest of the world? Prevent the international currency rollout by insider trading? Do not give everyone a fair chance at the same opportunity to do the same AT THE SAME TIME on an open market basis? The rate must be on the exchange prior to any selling or buying. This would be “rigging the market” or better known as “Insider Trading”. Since when to do the “privileged” go ahead of the line and violate these principles established years ago and in force today…..and in a time of a global economic crisis when they are attempting to resolve such bad past financial practices ? Wow ! Definitely not a good thing to do in this time of global economic crisis and get caught at it too! If this was to go public! It will only take one bad apple to blow the whistle. This brings us to the NDA….I do not need to go any further….I will stop here. This is why I do not think we will get the lower rates. What do you believe? If we do get the lower rates- all I can say is perhaps this has been the plan all along? Simply put - a set up all along?, and we have had to go down this road for months now?. I wonder how many millions of dollars were spent on layaways and reserves. Any connection? I do not make accusations but only ask these questions as an intelligent person. These last 2 weeks just baffles my mind ! I sincerely hope this is the final conclusion whether it is Tuesday 11/26 , Wednesday 11/27, Monday 12/1 or shortly afterwards. Peace and Luv to ya, mnt goat
  8. "CBI is Ready" by Mnt. Goat on TNT Forum Wed. Night - 11/06/2013 Posted by GeorgeH Hello all- just got an update from mnt goat and I'd thought I'd pass it along to the dinarian community here on TNT. I am so excited I can barely write this post. GeorgeH Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone, Guten Tag Dinarians. I will make this update brief. Today all sources in Iraq have nothing but very good news. The CBI is planning to bring up their new site and post new rate for final activation of their currency international. I have been told this will occur between sometime early Thursday morning and late Friday night. I have converted to eastern standard times already for USA folks. As you know I have said this many times in past that this is the final step to RV process of their currency. The final steps and process is now in play and if all goes well we might be at the banks within 48 - 96 hours from the time of this post. As you know I cannot guarentee what I am hearing is 100% accurate but these sources have been spot on each and every time so far. Everyone in the CBI and the Finance ministry in Iraq seem very, very optimistic and I myself have never been more excited. Could this really finally be over? As I have said many times in past letters and posts no one knows the date or rate so let us all pray that my intel sources are now correct and we can finally have our blessing and rest after this long stressfull journey. Peace and Luv to ya, mnt goat
  9. This is a very long blog by Mtn Goat, and I hadn't read much of it yet. I just wanted to bring it over so those of you who are interested in her perspective would have it to evaluate...happy Blessed everyone...! RON Mtn Goat & Iraq Currency Revaluation Update - 11/03/2013 Post By TNT Member George H Hi all. Looks like cooking lessons from mnt in time for the holidays. Actually she had some excellent news today so I thought I would pass it along. George H Hi Everyone, Guten Tag Dinarians. Meine Familie is doing well today as I wish yours is too. Today I decided it was time to begin some cooking lessons for Meinen Kinder. So we got out the aprons and began. By the way we also decided to get Meinen Hubby involved since Meinen Kinder are now better cooks than he. These lessons can be fun since the whole familie is participating but they can also be messy since pans overflow and counters get sticky. What I have learned is that new cooks often do not appreciate the need to slowly cook their foods to let the flavors savor together. Some things are just now (NOT) meant to be rushed. Do you know what I mean? I come today to give an update on situation of Iraq currency revaluation. Over the last couple days I have talked to many contacts inside Iraq and in IMF and so there ist sehr gut information to share. I am also listening to many perspectives as to how close we are and what has just taken place in USA and so I will address these topics too. If you are reading this letter and just expect a quick date and/or a rate, I will say once again- MY INFORMATION SOURCE IS NOT FOR YOU. Again there is much hype and almost madness the last couple days about this topic of imminent revaluation and GCR and there should be since we are that close. But let us take this a few logical steps closer and see that it can in fact happen any day now but not everyday. There is in fact no mysterious person or event holding this up. The fact that intel providers keep telling you this is the primary reasons for your frustrations and stress. If this is in fact what you do chose to believe than you can go right ahead and believe it but I have to tell you it is not a nice way to live. What I want to tell you in this letter is not easy since it is not so black and white as most believe of this RV process. However I will try. I hope it all makes sense. In my last letter I stated there was a very good window of revaluation announcement happening between last Thursday to Sunday (today). Again from all the news I am hearing the next window is once again from next Thursday to Sunday. I do not believe that we will see any changes until this next window if we do not see this happen today (Sunday Nov 3rd). There are very good reasons why I am stating this new window but this information would not make any sense anyway to most so I will forgo any detailed explanation at this time. You will see my meaning at a date in the very near future. As you know I always come back in future letters and explain what has taken place and why. Just that in the moment sometimes it is not practical since the information can be sensitive (and sometimes almost unbelievable!). Last week’s meetings in DC Let me clarify first that the meetings between the prime minister of Iraq (and other dignitaries) and US president Obama (and other dignitaries) held last week in DC had nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with the revaluation of the IQD or the GCR. First let me say that as usual there were agendas by both parties. My contacts in Iraq explicitly stated to me of a news briefing that took place in Baghdad including comments made by Nori Al Maliki prior to his departure to the USA. The news reported that his mission on attending meetings in DC was at the request of the US presidential office in order to discuss security issues and to gain assistance and aid from the USA in this matter. What Maliki was actually hoping for was to gain enough confidence from USA so as to complete the arms deal with USA for the promised F16 fighters and other military equipment agreed to years ago. He also wanted to show his people that he was still in charge, trusted and supported by the US government on international matters of Iraq. As we all should know by now another term as prime minister or getting these arms will never happen since he has proven himself time and time again unworthy of any real trust as a leader. So this past week there were the usual cocktail parties and dinners given to dignitaries but nothing out of the ordinary for us and certainly no grand announcements made out of the ordinary about the financial structure of Iraq, the revaluation of its currency or the global reset. It is just amazing how many want this RV so bad that they can literally conjure up stories to suit their purposes. So please let me put these rumors to rest. These meeting were not about our currency investments. President Obama, on the other hand, had his good reasons for inviting the Iraq delegation to DC. His primary purpose was to secure an updated Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) from the 2008 agreement going forward so US troops have the legal protections and immunities they need in their new missions in the area. There are also provisions as to the future role the US military can and will play in the country of Iraq. Remember the Syrian and Iranian issues are not yet dead. Issues pertaining to use of chemical weapons in Syria were also discussed and the role Iraq might play in the disposal of the NBC material from the September UN mandate on this topic. There was also a short meeting with president GW Bush, PM Maliki and President Obama. I can only imagine the agenda but it was brief and I would believe it had to do with some past agreements between the US and Iraq that have not yet been honored and are way overdue. GW Bush may have had to remind Maliki in the presence of Obama. I wonder what these agreements are about? Why do we still wait for the RV? As I have stated in my last letter it does not surprise me for one second some monkey business once again is taking place over the last couple years on this topic. This mess began in the planning to use the IQD as the base currency for the GCR process. With the advent of the internet and cell phone technologies it is hard to control the flow of information. Times have changed and it is harder and harder to hide information. Since the longer they waited to do this event the more publicized is has become. I think now perhaps they are in damage control mode and just attempting to lessen the damage and now complete this process. Do not be so shocked about the nondisclosure agreement (NDA) you will have to sign. It is now part of this process to silence or tone down those who will partake in the rewards of this financial rewards. Remember I have also stated in my past letters that the US government decided not to fund the war by doing a massive US Bond drive. Instead they schemed the plan to use Exec Order 13303 to which in part allows average US citizens private ownership of the Iraq currency. This was important since at the time of this act Iraq was on the terrorist list and procession of its currency was illegal. So this still is the plan to be used to pay for the war in Iraq and we are the so-called investors who supported this plan. We can be proud of ourselves since we have been instrumental in helping millions of Iraq citizens survive the aftermath of the war and to help that country build up their CBI reserves for reconstruction. All they truly need now is to revalue the provisional currency and have the leadership going forward to use their new wealth in a meaningful manner for society. Remember the next 10 year reconstruction plan (that began November 1) is now underway. What will the next 10 years bring for Iraq? Tidbits about Exec Order 13303 extension So just how long can they keep the new rate from us? We know for a fact that there have been at least 3 differing rates already loaded on the SMART Cards. People are spending money in Iraq as goods, services, pension funds, ration programs and other long awaited monies. But still the best is yet to come. They are using this money now but only in country. Each of these rates are well above the existing official currency rate of 1166 as they coincide with agreed upon rates for the various programs to which the money has been allocated. For example the HCL law allows for payments at a rate of $1.17, pensions funds at .96 and certain contractor work at $3.44. We can also see that the UN article 8 provisions are satisfied except for the allowance and ease of capital flow between countries with Iraq. This can not be fully accomplished as needed by the IMF under this article unless the IQD currency is brought back from the provisional currency status of pre 2003 (as by sanctions under chapter 7) to an international status. Some say this has in part already taken place and I would agree in part but they need full international recognition to allow investors, market players and exchanges to flow freely. This is what must eventually take place and very soon. I believe they are at the brink of accomplishing this. I have felt this way for months now and I am standing firm that we are yet today even closer than ever from the news of my contacts. Now once again I do want to say something and I want everyone to listen and realize (please) what is going on in Iraq. I have tried to explain it many times with many emails and letters but some still do not fully understand. The revaluation of the Iraq dinar is a process. It is a long drawn out process. If you know the process you can follow it and see the progress being made. I will admit I know the process very well but at times even I slip up in the application of it since my mind does not want to grasp the idea that it can take so darn long and they are sooo slow in doing anything in Iraq. When Dr Shabibi was acting governor of the CBI he stated many times that the introduction of the lower denominations would be gradual and slowly phased into the economy. So why do we not hesitate to dispute the sudden introduction of new currency in USA but do not apply the same logic to the Iraq new currency? I have proof that the lower denoms first began being slowing introduced and showing up in the banks for usage back in April of this year and have increasingly become more circulated. Today, 6 months later, we know that almost every providence in Iraq now has the lower denoms and they are now allowed to circulate them (as in use them in transactions). As people use their SMART cards with the existing monies loaded they are now allowed to carry the lower denoms in their pockets in excess from ATM withdrawals and bank transactions. In the past there were 2 different price tags at the markets. One tag for IQD price and the other for USD price. Prices today now have been adjusted and it is becoming more and more common in the markets that the USD price tags are now slowly going away. In some stores citizens now see only the new IQD prices on signs. This may seem like a trivial item but for me it was huge news today. This is really good news for all of us. They can do this since in their eyes, these already hold an increased value from whatever rate they were paid on their cards. Think about this for a few minutes. If this were not the case then how would they get any value out of the goods they are now buying and how could they use the lower denoms? We are now witnessing the final stages of the rolling out of the lower denoms. The finance ministry has also announced that November 1st was the last day allowed to turn in any of the old provisional currency notes (3 zero notes). What does this tell us? This all speaks to us RV, RV, RV…RV !!!! The news from Iraq could not get any better. Please do not tell me ever that this RV has nothing to do with Iraq ! I fully believe that this RV is going to be like a pan of rice coming to a boil. This is one of the dishes I showed my family how to cook today and it made sense to use it now as a comparison. When you cook rice you should always start off with cold water. Turn the heat up and let the rice slowly cook. As it cooks, all of a sudden the starches in the rice will pop (like the currency rates will get activated) as the starch in the rice all of a sudden comes to a certain temperature, it will foam up and overflow the rim of the pan (as will we and with our new wealth) if you are not watching it. As it does this it will make a huge mess if you do not watch it and be careful. You can monitor the heat and adjust it so it will not overflow but you must be vigilant. The CBI has tools too that they have been using to monitor this currency RV process. If they are not careful they can ruin the process and it may take yet even longer to make the needed corrections. From what I heard this weekend this is just what did happen twice already. Just like if you turn the heat up on the rice too much the meal spoils. At times when they could have turned the heat up a bit more to quicken the process the government of Iraq stepped in and slowed the process. But eventually the meal will get cooked just as the country of Iraq will have to force out the new rate to the world. What I have heard about Dr Shabibi is that he was frustrated as governor of the CBI and left Iraq only to consult since the process could not be controlled as needed with constant interference for the government of Iraq in its controls and implementation of this process. So if you truly want to know what is now holding up the RV I will tell you….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! Hopes this helps everyone. Peace and Luv to ya mnt goat
  10. Frank26 Tidbit from KTFA Forum Tuesday AM - 11/05/2013 agold: Frank,Given Maliki will use the revalue in his re election bid, O is planning to do the same for the 2014 elections and help his damaged legacy! You wrote "INSIDE OF SOFA THERE ARE MANY STRUCTURES FOR THE USA TO LAUNCH IRAQ INTO AN INTERNATIONAL ORBIT AROUND THE EARTH. "IMO, This means O can claim he did this.(in past he has taken credit for things done by others) and now he has a document with his and Maliki's signature with " launch Iraq". Note this is very good news, presuming he has anything to say about it, since he can claim direct involvement, he will now encourage the revalue. Frank26: BRAVO!!! Many can NOT see past their pressing needs ................ M has just been given a GIANT responsibility to deliver a message. TEAMS: O made M wait in a musty motel for four days then sent him packing without the opportunity to say .........I'm going to Disneyland!!! Now ............. We wait for M. So does the CBI. KTFA, Frank
  11. Well everyone, here's another CC from Frank26 for those of you who are curious about what Frank has to say about Iraq, and his opinions about events. If you don't like Frank, please don't waste your time to read it, then hammer him for his opinions - remember everyone has one - LOL...! Please don't shoot the messenger.....RON Frank26: Sunday Night CC @ KTFA - 11/04/2013 Here are some rough notes I took on the dinar portion of F26's Sunday night cc... Go GOD!!! Go RVVV!!! Abundant blessings to all, S~ aka Feeling Blessed :-) F26 is saying that it's time to start a new chapter in our life. He is opening up his mother's Bible that he hadn't opened up since she passed away 5+ years ago, and he got emotional. He feels deep in his heart that we are being prepared to do great things for God. F is going to start with our veterans, soldiers, handicapped, widows, widowers, buy debts to help people with their mortgages, etc.; go to the 4 corners of the world. F said how many times have we said that nobody likes Maliki. Nobody wants to support him. F is telling us, because O can't do anything with this blessing that is about to occur. So O invited M over. O gave M a dirty look and M goes up to O and says he would like F16s, helicopters, tanks, drones, etc. In the meantime, O is giving him a dirty look. M asks him to support M running for a third term. The next thing you know, O says (per F's dream on his blue couch)...O said, you want what? Are you crazy? Show me the money! M said can we buy these things then? O said no...hold is what he thinks we are going to do. We're going to tell you... (Not sure if he said these numbers as a date or what..I missed this part...17th, 18th, 19th) can have these things under one condition...that we drive them, we train them, we have control over them. F says there is a lot more to this...he'll share on Monday's cc. He believes we are very close. He wants to tell us something. If you did not read post #1 or post #2 from this week. Understand the 6 month process up until May 2014. What did Delta tell you about this coming out at a sucker bet? If they come out at a 1 to 1, we'll be running over each other to get to the banks. Countries around the world are using the IQD to support their currency or their in federal reserves or currency back-ups. They have a lot. Do you think when the value goes up...let's say it goes up tomorrow, 1 to 1, do you think these countries are going to cash out the dinars they have on reserve? Light bulbs. Why not, F asks. Join us after our first hour of investment night on Monday night's cc, we will bring you dinar info starting in the 2nd hour. O told M to get himself home quickly, to go int'l. Monday we'll be talking about the WTO telling Iraq to hurry to get in there. Also will talk about many banks are doing things that are going to surprise you. We'll give you an 800 number of banks in the U.S. that have been a pain to you. If you read post #2, did you read how F defined the election law? Did he not say, maybe it could make it easier for the distribution of lower denoms for the citizens of Iraq? Monday they'll talk about the citizens each getting a chunk of money. Will also talk about key (Qi) cards. Behind the mosque walls where they pray at 5:00 a.m., they have a leader announce things, and they are not going to tell you about what they hear, nor will they share it on the streets. They will only share it privately. F's teams will be able to share. Do not be so much in a hurry over the next 6 months. Understand what Delta told us about 1 to 1. When are they going to come out with this? F said he already told us it would be in the year 2013. Deep in his heart, we need to start to get ready. If it hasn't happened by Monday, F is going to start to tell people how to exchange their currencies. Many of you are going to cash out their dinars right away. See you on Monday at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard time.
  12. Stryker Blog Update11/02/2013 Hello Folks. Great news, Maliki has finally had to ask the United States for help and if President Obama has any real support in following through with a true partnership they have a chance. For those that have been wondering what was talked about between Obama and Maliki our own ol lar just posted the official White House Statements & Releases on the subject: Joint Statement by the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq Full Article Below Or Follow LINK I hear rumors that Maliki is heading back to Iraq to pull the trigger but do yourself a favor and don't fail for it. If anything Maliki knows now that he must make sure that their Election Laws gets passed and fast or the US will not support his position any longer. We need President Obama to act on his position and force Maliki to do his job before we comment our troops to help him combat terrorism. Stay focused on the facts and not the rumors because there is no RV taking place right now but with any luck we could still see it happen at the beginning of 2014. It is all in the hands of the Iraqi politicians, notably Maliki.... If Barzani losses complete confidence in Maliki we are in a much longer wait, so let's hope for the best. FULL ARTICLE: The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release November 01, 2013 Joint Statement by the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq In their meeting today at the White House, President Obama and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki reaffirmed the strategic partnership between the United States and the Republic of Iraq and pledged to advance common interests to support a stable, secure, and prosperous Iraq and Middle East. They also discussed their shared commitment to enhance cooperation under the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA). The two leaders noted that it has been nearly two years since the final American troops departed Iraq and the United States and Iraq entered a new phase of their relationship, based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to build a strategic partnership between two sovereign nations. They recalled the thousands of Americans and Iraqis who have given their lives in our common fight against terrorism and extremism in Iraq. The President and Prime Minister renewed their determination to honor the memory and sacrifice of those killed by strengthening our joint long-term strategic partnership across the fields covered by the SFA, including security, diplomacy, trade, education, energy, culture, science, and justice. Following the President’s meeting with the Prime Minister, Vice President Biden and Prime Minister Maliki convened the Higher Coordination Committee (HCC). This was the fourth meeting of the HCC since it was established in 2008 under the SFA. Regional Integration The U.S. and Iraqi delegations discussed Iraq’s position as an emerging democracy in the region, leading energy producer, and a nation representing a diversity of social customs, religions, and ethnicities. The Iraqi delegation described the challenges Iraq faces due to its geography and the legacy of the former regime after decades of wars and international isolation. In this regard, both delegations welcomed the full restoration of relations between Iraq and Kuwait, expanding energy, security, and commercial ties with Jordan, and improving relations with Turkey. Both delegations also welcomed ongoing exchanges of high-level visits with Turkey, as well as a strategic dialogue to be held later this month between the United States, Iraq, and other regional partners, with an emphasis on supporting moderates and isolating extremists in the region. The Iraqi delegation noted that with seventeen Arab embassies open in Baghdad, the Government of Iraq recently renewed an invitation to other Arab countries to open an embassy as soon as possible. In this regard, the United States welcomed the participation of the Iraqi Security Forces in joint exercises with regional partners over the past six months, including the Eager Lion exercise in Jordan, and surface warfare and mine countermeasures exercise in Bahrain. The United States pledged its ongoing diplomatic coordination under the SFA in these and other areas. Countering Al-Qaida Affiliated Groups The two delegations shared an assessment of al Qaida affiliated groups threatening Iraq, with particular emphasis on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The Iraqi delegation confirmed a comprehensive strategy to isolate ISIL and other extremist groups through coordinated security, economic, and political measures. This strategy includes security operations coordinated with local officials, and renewed efforts to empower local security structures, such as the Sons of Iraq, to mitigate extremist infiltration. Both sides emphasized – on an urgent basis – the need for additional equipment for Iraqi forces to conduct ongoing operations in remote areas where terrorist camps are located. The Iraqi delegation stressed its desire to purchase U.S. equipment as a means of strengthening long-term institutional ties with the United States, and confirmed its commitment to ensure strict compliance with U.S. laws and regulations on the use of such equipment. Both delegations further confirmed the need for aggressive political outreach as a means to isolate and defeat ISIL and other extremist networks. They welcomed the national charter of social peace signed last month by political and religious leaders from across Iraq. Both parties welcomed calls to reject violence and sectarian incitement, and discussed the critical role of religious leaders as a force of moderation in the region. Both delegations also noted the recent resolution from the Iraqi Council of Representatives stating that national elections would be held no later than April 30, 2014. The Iraqi delegation confirmed its commitment to holding these elections on time. Both parties emphasized the importance of the Iraqi government’s determination to hold elections on time and its support to the High Electoral Commission to ensure that the elections are well prepared. The United States offered its technical support in full coordination with the Government of Iraq and the United Nations. Energy The U.S. and Iraqi delegations reiterated the importance of Iraq’s future energy sector development and economic growth so all Iraqis can share equitably from its resources, as well as the valuable role that Iraq plays in providing a steady flow of energy resources to global markets. In this regard, the Iraqi side presented Iraq’s new five-year $357 billion development plan and their long-term vision for developing strategic infrastructure that provides energy system resilience and new commercial opportunities, with multiple oil export routes through the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, and Mediterranean. The delegations welcomed the opportunity to expand cooperation on energy, including steps to advance these projects, at the next Energy Joint Coordination Committee in early 2014. Syria The Iraqi delegation confirmed its support for the Geneva II process and efforts to forge a diplomatic settlement to the ongoing conflict in Syria. The United States took note of the important role Iraq can play in helping to shape conditions conducive to a peaceful political settlement. The Iraqi delegation expressed its increasing concern about weapons coming into Iraq from Syria for use against the Iraqi people, emphasizing the need to take increasing measures to police its borders and airspace against the transit of weapons or cargo proscribed by applicable U.N. Security Council Resolutions, and called on all neighboring states to cooperate fully. Trade The Iraqi delegation stressed their desire to harness the U.S. private sector to advance mutual interests in Iraq and the United States. The delegations noted the signing earlier this year of the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, which will help increase American exports to Iraq and provide more economic opportunities for the Iraqi people. Both delegations welcomed the steady increase in U.S. companies doing business in Iraq – including major corporations such as Citibank, Ford, General Electric, and Boeing. The Iraqi delegation expressed hope that U.S. businesses can have a prominent role in their country’s rapidly developing energy, transportation, banking, and health sectors. In this regard, both delegations looked forward to mutual trade events to be held over the coming months. Education and Exchange Programs The Iraqi delegation discussed their vision to strengthen their nation through education and exchange programs with an emerging generation. They noted that twenty-five percent of their population – nearly 8 million Iraqis – was born after 2003, and that the Government of Iraq is determined to give this generation educational opportunities inside Iraq and abroad, including at American colleges and universities. Both delegations agreed that the best way to honor our shared sacrifice over the past decade is to provide these young Iraqis with opportunities never enjoyed by other generations. The U.S. delegation noted that under the SFA and the educational programs established through bilateral Joint Coordinating Committees, the number of Iraqi students studying in the United States has grown to nearly 1,000 – and that a university fair last month in Baghdad attracted 30 U.S. universities and 2,000 Iraqi scholarship students. Conclusion The two delegations closed the meeting with a shared commitment to increase the numbers of Iraqis studying in the United States, in addition to strengthening other institutional ties beyond government-to-government ties, to include cultural, artistic, and scientific exchanges. Both sides again reflected on the sacrifice that has made this progress possible, while recognizing the very serious challenges that must be confronted together.
  13. Hi Everyone....Here's another of Frank26's CC's - I just thought I'd bring this over, since some here at D.Vets are curious about what Frank thinks, or what he has to say. ...Please don't shoot the messenger...PS: If you don't like Frank, please don't read this, then trash me for his opinions...LOL Thanks - RON KTFA's Frank26 Tuesday Night CC Notes - 10/15/2013 BulldogFord65 » October 15th, 2013, 9:36 pm • Hello Family: here are the notes from tonight's CC; blessings to each of you! Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Bible Study Tuesday, October 15, 2013 IQD update • Frank did a high-level review of the calls from Sunday and Monday • Frank clarified the subtle differences in the view of Eagle1, Nova and himself; Nova believes there will be adjustment of many currencies, but he does not know how many; Eagle1 believes there will be adjustment of all 198 global currencies (although some may not change or the change will be miniscule); Frank believes there are “pillar” currencies that other currencies piggy-back on, or are pegged to, which will adjust and take the others with them Bluestar came on the call at this point • (connection lost to Bluestar for a couple of minutes) • Bluestar recapped what he believes is the deal being worked out to get the debt limit raised and the govt back to work • Bluestar’s opinion is that a large number of Reps in the House are meeting in committee until they have the number for votes on Republican side, then they will send the bill from the House to the Senate where in Bluestar’s opinion they probably already have an arrangement, and it will get forwarded onto O, hopefully will see the evidence by Thursday • Frank’s opinion is that the govt may come back and get organized a bit before we see at rate; Bluestar agreed • Frank asked Bluestar if he’s heard this will be postponed to Feb 2014; Bluestar has not heard this; both Frank agrees with Nova that we have the G20 and Iraq here now, and they will not send them away just to call them back in another month • Frank believes there will be a grand show to pose and gain public opinion and power • Frank believes that trillions are being moved around the world and banks are clearing their debt but it’s none of our business and it’s not public; there’s no way out, there are no other options than to go further in to monetary reform; don’t ever forget it’s about control – the taxation of the middle class is power and control; control comes from debt; it’s not about the money in the bank, it’s about the debt of nations and individuals • O wanted a 61-11 bomb which is normally tested over water, but he wanted it tested over Nevada to see the effects of an EMP; Frank warned against conspiracy theories about this, leave it alone, let it rest • An article in the WSJ about China rice production is slipping coupled with article from Japan, showing their currencies are about to adjust • The stock market is not going to crash, do not worry about this • In Frank’s opinion, he does not believe the RV will happen this week • I Team report from today: regarding the RV, no one knows the date, but we are close; I Team believes this is the storm before the RV, and we are witnessing the world beginning to work together; I Team said it’s gone to total silence, and Frank asked if it’s because the people they secure are in DC? There was silence…. (which is understood as agreement) Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast At least thhis is much shorter than his last CC ..... as DinarThug called it "Franks Foot Long"......!!!
  15. Morning TD Update - 10/21/2013 According to what I'm told at The Central Banks meetings held in washington , the IMF did (and has stated for couple months now) that Iraq (as a sovereign nation) could INTRODUCE their currency at any time. And that they would be supportive and help out in any way they could BUT that if they gave it more time and focused on a laundry list of actions to take namely robust private sector banking, production of other goods & services (not just rely on oil) , make foreign investment & capital more attractive, increase security issues and provide a atmosphere of safe tourism , They also have expressed the need for political stability. This is the recipe of SUSTAINABILITY of a strong currency to introduce & manage with less volatility. The IMF is a body of guidance and assistance. It isn't one really of enforcement such as many have alluded to . The issue of concerns that the IMF has addressed to Iraq is not just to introduce the currency which in a nutshell they have said sure do it whenever but it's your ball and you bear the results and consequences. IMHO ( and this has been explained to me numerous times by my contact) the premise that any other country or any 3 letter organization is in charge of the rollout of another sovereign nations currency program is false. None of them want the responsibility of failure. And make no mistake about it : SUSTAINABILITY is the key. That's why I completely reject the notion of an introduction of a $20 + rate. And some believe that's a rate only for us here in the USA while everyone else gets much, much less. Well, I won't even answer that. According to what I was explained, there have been two schools of thought in Iraq for some time ( and I've reported this many times before) . There's the camp of economists and lawmakers adhering to the IMF plan , in fact components of which were drafted in the Economic Reform Law (hopefully to pass this week) and rollout of it's policies in months ahead and the other camp of immediate action ( in fact as many have reported , myself included) sometime here in late October/early November. Evidently what scares the IMF about this plan is it's aggressive nature in terms of both timing & rate and that there's a fear of (high) rate tanking in the open market. According to what I was learning Saturday there seems to be a growing consensus to follow the IMF advice, rollout the Economic Reform Law and build a platform of sustained growth. I believe that's the road they will take. But this is Iraq and we have been surprised many times over. I do expect a better than expected rate if they focus on a recipe of sustained growth . We all want to be at the banks today but just consider them introducing at 1000-1 ( JUST AN EXAMPLE) and having it sit there on the free market with no movement or the alternative of introducing a much stronger rate down the road and our return is much better. Which would you prefer ?? C'mon Iraq let's build a country !!! Regards, TD
  16. Hi Everyone - this is a long post, but it presents a good perspective of what might be happening behind the scenes. I brought this over because I think many DVers might be interested in the information presented. Please don't shoot the messenger - read and choose what you think - eat the meat & spit out the bones....RON "It's About Time" By Mnt.Goat Posted by GeorgeH at TNT Forum Tues.PM -10/15/2013 GeorgeH: Just wanted to post this news from mnt goat. Hope all are well. Thanks George ___________________________________________________________________________________ Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone, Last week the familie and I went to the Oktoberfest in Munich. We had a wonderful time! As you may know transportation is very good in Germany and so we hopped on a train to the city. This revaluation reminds me of that train ride. We arrived at the station early so as not to miss the train. However in doing this we had to wait patiently with the anticipation for the train to arrive. It finally arrived on time as it always does. So I asked myself why did we arrive at the station so early? Our Business of Today This revaluation process for us is like my train ride to Munich last week. We were given the train schedule last April and anticipated the train to arrive on time. However it did not arrive. Since then again and again it was announced that the train would arrive and again we sat and waited in great anticipation. We knew, like I knew last week, that once I got on that train the next stop was going to be a wonderful time. But when will the train arrive? We still sit and wait. Today is Tuesday October 15th already and we were told our train would arrive for sure last Thursday October 10th. So what happened? Sorry this is going to be a long email once again. We can all see that nothing in this process of the GCR is going as planned. These changes are not the IMF decisions but a matter of compromises on the part with the USA. So who are the players in this plan? Let’s look at who is involved in this event. Maybe we can then understand what is going on. On one hand we have the government of Iraq. There were many obligations that they had to satisfy to even get to a level where they could revaluate their provisional currency and bring it back to an international status. They have now met all these requirements. There is nothing else for Iraq to do. In fact technically they have already had their RV in country and are now working in this manner. However they can not officially go international until the GCR is released. This is creating some difficulties for them. What do they now think of the USA? I have said in my past post that this would happen if the GCR was held up any longer. Next there is the UN with the IMF in this case watching over the process and the gatekeepers of it. The IMF is also orchestrating this GCR as this is their master minded plan to save the world’s economies. This event will occur. Believe me when I say the worst global depression ever is just a matter of seconds away if you knew what was really going on in the larger scale. They wanted the rollout of the GCR to be completed long before now like last April. The next set of players are all the developed nations of the world and in particular the USA. This GCR plan is in conflict with the master plan for the Middle East (as planned by the USA) however we all know they blended the plans together to make the GCR work. A lot of compromises have already been made. This is our first delay in 2011. A Little More History I hope you do not mind that I have taken some time to give a short history of the players in this GCR in order for you to be able to see where we are today. Please be patient and read on as you will begin to see the light and it will all make sense as I describe how the players come into this drama. So let’s begin. I do know for a fact that the IMF ( part of the UN) is now looking at the USA as an obstacle in the process of the GCR. Yes, you heard it correctly. The USA is now a liability and it is felt in the upper circles of the IMF and was also discussed at the recent G20 summit in Washington DC last week behind closed doors that the USA is no longer going to be a leader in the global financial arena. This happened due to the lack of fiscal responsibility as a nation. We have to ask ourselves this – Was the USA ever a fiscal responsible nation? Once it decided to get off the gold standard it would be just a matter of time before the inevitable happened. What are they planning to do about it now? As history is written there were many pros and cons in going strictly to a gold backed standard for currencies. If you think about it anything can really back a currency if there is value to it. All you need is someone (the holder of the note) to believe in the certificate. It is all about perception. So why in the past was gold used as a backing for currencies? Why do some still insist on the strict use of gold.. The answer to this question is simple. It is all about control. Take a scarce resource, maintain control over it and you maintain the wealthy you need. The more scarce the more value. With this wealth you maintain power through the ability to buy armies. Who do you control? You control your citizens and your neighboring countries. The more control the more power. Power soon extends beyond your boarders and drives yet more riches from conquests. So to make a long story short in todays world the IMF has decided to no longer strictly use the “gold” standard as the measure of wealth or use fiat currency (not backed by anything, just a speculative currency). Now precious metals and other assets will be used for this purpose. If we look at what the IMF is now doing in a logical sense, with the GCR and the Basel III compliance, we can see that this is needed. After all in the not so distant past if you had 2 dairy cows and someone gave you an IOU for them (which might have valued at a perceived value of an ounce of gold) but since you do not have the wealth to posses the gold you may never see the gold but eventually trade this same IOU for 10 sacks of grain because 10 sacks of grain would be worth the same amount of a perceived ounce of gold or the 2 dairy cows. Understand? Later as society progressed some did posses gold but rather than farmer Joe giving farmer Jim an ounce of gold for the 2 cows and then farmer Jim turning around and handing the ounce of gold right back to farmer Joe for the 10 sacks of grain an IOU system was developed and would be much more efficient and easy to carry around. This then evolved to a paper currency. If a country were to stay strictly at using gold for payment of this transaction (i.e gold coins for currency), still only one ounce of gold would be needed to back my example. But two transactions were made. How could this be? Only one ounce of gold needed? Can you see how less gold would be needed, if there was no time delay? Also without the gold for the transaction in this example, the transaction may have never happened since the farmers in this case are poor and do not possess any gold. Commerce would stop and society in this village or between villages would not flourish. Many items not produced in one village could not be obtained from another village. The quality of life would be lowered. So a standard measure for trade must be established. To standardize and maintain this sense of value, the government thus steps in. They would regulate and standardize the IOUs process by printing money in it’s place. If they back this printed money with gold, then they standardize the measurement and everyone then knows that the 2 cows are worth two $100 bills or an once of gold or the 10 sacks of grain are worth two $100 bills or an ounce of gold. Money then flows freely and trade and commerce can then bring the wealth to the villages. People then become affluent and live in abundance. But in this example you will need 2 ounces of gold. One for each $100 bill. Can you understand now how everything got messed up once the USA decided to go off the gold standard and began printing money for IOU but did not have anything to back the standardization of the value of the notes. Lets look at what really happened and why the USA got off the gold standard. First let me say that if you were living back in those times, when the USA decided to go off the gold standard, you might not have thought this was such a bad idea. Since in the short term this process was very good for the USA and the entire world since it allowed for a large influx of the US dollar currency in to the markets. The USA could now print money at will instead of first gaining the wealth in gold to back it. They did this to create a huge demand for the US dollar and to allow the banks to loan out money to the citizens and to the government. This became a way to finance wars and to finance society. If you go back and study how president FDR had to finance the WWII effort you would better understand. This has all changed. So if you do not have gold backing you currency you can literally print as much as you like. Oh…an opportunity for corruption ! You can then spend as much as you like. Oh…yet another opportunity for corruption ! Too much in circulation causes inflation (higher prices). You set up regulators (Federal Reserve) to keep tabs on it so the supply of money stays just where you need it to keep everything in a state of relative stability. prices go up but the Feds keep it under control. Printed currency then can take on the same levels of confidence the gold once had. Can it? Does it really? No- not really! As I said above this wealth brings power and power brings control. Once you have this control you can do yet more of what you want to do regardless of the international laws. You can create and afford war to sustain yet more control, also the banks can loan out yet more money to create an affluent society and all the wonderful concepts like private home ownership, two cars in every garage, vacations, college loans, etc. Money flows and life is good. But for how long? In the past the rest of the world looked at the USA and would marvel at what they saw. What they saw were large grocery stores, countless sky scraper buildings, jobs, a booming economy, paved roads, bridges and opulence. Life seemed much better in the USA than in their country. But what they did not see was the eventual hidden monster lurking behind the curtain. Eventually this has to catch up since how much money could the government borrow and pay interest on before the interest on the debt far out weighted the total revenues of the country. Soon there is no more money from revenues to fund items for society’s needs. Like it or not the USA is a socialistic capitalistic society since the tax revenue is supposed to be redistributed by the government for the benefit of society as a whole. The voting process decides who get paid what and what programs are put in place. Is this system working now in the USA? Today what is now really happening to the revenues of the UST? Why is the system broken? On one hand the politicians know it’s show time. They know they can not keep business as usual since all the revenues will surely be going towards the interest on the national debt very shortly. So how does the USA then pay it’s other bills? This is the real debate going on now in Washington right now. It is time to decide how this is going to be managed before its too late. We all know that the USA posses large amounts of Iraq dinar as reserve currency. We all heard recently that Jack Lewis proposed using some of these reserves to pay off the US debt. But this was to help assist in paying off the bills not the national debt. If this is true then how was this done without an RV? Oh wait…did the RV already happen? Last Wednesday there was a negotiated extension of the debt ceiling until mid November 2013. This was to give more time to review ways to reduce gov’t spending and to negotiate and repeal parts of the Affordable HealthCare bill. Last weekend another agreement was discussed and is on the table for voting in today’s session. This agreement will give the government deficit spending extension until early 2014. There is political leverage being used by both parties- 1) is the holding up of the GCR by one party (the current democratic administration) and 2) the hold up of the funding for the Affordable HealthCare bill (the republican held seats in Congress). The democrats or republicans both don’t really care if the GCR ever happens. In the meantime prior to early 2014, the GCR must take place and lay the groundwork for the eventual paying off the US national debt. The questions now to be asked are how much of the debt will they payoff? and when will this process begin? This is the timing for our GCR. I believe this must occur very shortly if not this week. Watch for an agreement in your government early this week. This will be the first sign of implementation of this process. This was planned to begin last week. I also want to state that both party members (bankers and lawyers) have had it way too good for too long and do not want to give it all up. Give what up …you might ask? Give up the trillions of US dollars being taken from the American people in the largest scam in history. They do it legally by forcing the constant debt on the American people in the name of progress. But in reality look at the results and see where the USA now is. Are we now under such prosperous times in USA? See what they have done to destroy the USA as part of this scheme. This was all done for short term greed. I have recommended some reading list in one of my recent emails and I hope all have had the opportunity to do some reading. Summary So in ending this email let me ask you just one more question. If you had a gravy train and you legally maneuvered yourself into a position of making billions of dollars each and every month would you want to give it all up for the sake of making maybe a few more billion on a one time shot of a revaluation of a currency? Of course not! People keep asking this same question on the intel calls and I also get lots if emails on this topic too. It’s as if you think these politicians holding up this GCR have so much at stake to lose in lost money from the revaluation if it does not happen. They do not ! Don’t be so naive. Believe me they have far much more to lose from doing it than to gain from doing it. I hope you now understand. This is the why they hold it up. This GCR is the beginning of the eventual end of their scamming the American people since the inception of the Federal Reserve. Just have patients. Eventually, if nothing else, the GCR will be forced out and it will occur. That time is coming near. As I have said above the IMF are the real gatekeepers of this process. They have been very patient with the USA but this is about to end. Hopes this helps everyone. Peace and Luv to ya, mnt goat
  17. Hi Everyone....Just thought I'd bring this over, since there are many D.Vets who are curious about what Frank thinks, or what he has to say. I'm only posting this here to keep our members informed...Please don't shoot the messenger...Thanks - RON PS: If you don't like Frank, please don't read this, then trash me for his opinions...LOL Frank26 Monday Night CC Notes - 10/15/2013 BulldogFord65 » October 15th, 2013, 7:43 pm • Hello Family: here are the CC notes from Monday night Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Investment Night Monday, October 14, 2013 IQD update • Frank began with a review of some of the information shared on Sunday night’s emergency call • Frank then brought Nova onto the call; Nova is purchasing a bank and has direct experience with the UST, IMF, WB, etc. • Frank stated that in his opinion, Janet Yellen is being brought back into the FedRes at this time as she and Jack Lew worked together in the Clinton administration when the KWD RI’ed; he believes they are tasked to work on the GCR • Nova observed that it’s very interesting that people who went thru the KWD RI during the Clinton administration have been brought back at this time, and they are likely a part of the GCR team, however the bigger picture is that the top 20 countries of the world monetary reform managers, central bankers financial leaders and nation leaders were all invited and have converged on Wash DC last week • Frank observed that it seems odd that our govt is shut down rather shouting and bragging about this great meeting • Nova stated that in his opinion, whenever the final items are checked off and complete, the AoP will flip the switch, no matter what day it is or what time it is; history may lead one to conclude that certain days or time of day is prime to see an announcement, but in his opinion, the GCR can be done any day at any time; while we are studying all we can about this investment, in his opinion, we should not get hung up on one specific item and say when that item is done, the RV must occur; it’s more nuanced than that, and ultimately we do not know what all is on the checklist to be done • Nova asked an associate who deals with the Chinese concerning cyber attacks/hacking, and he asked his friend if we know the Chinese are breaking into our system and they know we are breaking into theirs, what do we do? His friend replied that they try to put out misinformation and false leads to keep the Chinese running in circles – Nova believes this applied to the GCR as well, there is a purposeful campaign of disinformation; when we receive intel from a source that does not happen as laid out, it’s not that the source is being deceitful, it’s that they only know what they have been told, and those at the top are purposefully circulating misinformation; in Nova’s opinion, the key is to watch what they DO more so that what they say – example of Jack Lew going to O for his signature on the law that is over 100 years old that allows the USA to do business in foreign currency; Nova believes this is very significant in his opinion; what we do not know is how much more needs to be done, but this allows for the UST for the first time to allow the US to deal in currency other than the USD • Does this directly mean that the IQD is going to RV? No, not directly, but look at all of the things that have happened since June 27 – it paints a picture that something much bigger is going on which in KTFA we refer to as the GCR (this is not an official term, but what we are dubbing it at KTFA); we now have an agreement to business together in foreign currencies, and currency swap – no longer necessary for other nations to exchange first into USD, they can trade in their own currencies directly; so what does this mean? • The same people that control the European central banks also control the Federal Reserve, and they are allowing or entering into an agreement with the Chinese – why? Then couple that with the govt shut down and Lew implementing a 100 year old law – put it all together and in Nova’s opinion, we are watching the most significant shift in currency power in the world, and a part of the shift in power will include the IQD RV and RV of other currencies; in Nova’s opinion we will look back one day and realize the complexity of all that happened, and that our investment was only a small part of it • Along this same track, how can we say there have been delays? Who knows what is on the checklist, what has been done and what is left to do? No one but those directly involved and managing the plan know that, so we cannot talk of delays because we don’t know what is left to do; some of the smartest people in the world are working on shifting global economics • There are many countries teetering on the brink of financial collapse: Japan, China, Russia, EU -- some of these problems make the USA’s problems look small; if the USD collapsed tomorrow, Japan would collapse and Asia follows; the USD has lost over 3 ½ % over the last 3 months, has anyone felt it? This is an economic balancing act of unbelievable proportion • Frank asked Nova who showed up in DC for this top 20 country meeting? Nova replied there are a couple of interesting meetings per year, Jackson Hole and the G20, but what is really interesting are some fringe meetings – PIMCO wealth management, BoA, WF, Merril Lynch, Chase – it was not just a gathering of govt guys getting together, it included financial institutions, and Turki was invited to come • Who attended can be found in Bloomberg, but what is so interesting is what has transpired, the group that attended and then the shut down of the US govt?? something of global proportion is happening • Jamie Dimon’s “retirement” was not anticipated, but the fines they have to pay are inconsequential to Chase • The things the UST can do during the partial shut down and O’s signature on implementing the 100 yr old currency law are things that could NOT happen if the US govt was up and running! In Nova’s opinion, at the end of the day, no one wants any nation to collapse, so they are trying to rebalance the world’s currencies and level the playing field, then it’s each country for themselves – if we don’t fix our problems, then we will go down but it will not trigger collapse in other nations, the impact will be less than it would now – the same with other nations, if they go down, it will not jolt global finances as it would today; included in this was the 5 day banking shut down in Panama, this is another telling piece of the puzzle, in his opinion it was purposeful and planned • Frank stated that I Team reported last week on a “spread” in the ME, but it’s not the same as what we are familiar with; Frank said when we make agreements for currency swap, the question is at what rate? • Nova stated we don’t know what the deals are between the various countries and central banks, and in Nova’s opinion we likely will never know the details – it is not something that is talked about, it’s no one’s business, and he’s skeptical of anyone claiming to know; Nova said if we who are invested in the IQD are able to take $1000 and turn it into $1,000,000 or $3,000,000 or whatever the rate is, why do we care what anyone else makes?? What business is it of ours?? Why should we care how much WF makes?? How is that any of our business?? We shouldn’t care, and it’s none of our business; in Nova’s opinion, what I Team heard about the spread was likely talk between themselves of excitement over the deal they made for themselves; these people, the central banks need to make more money than we do or it does not work • Nova stated the press release announcing Turki was coming to DC was interesting because it said Turki and a delegation were coming; Frank interjected that I Team believe the CBI board has gone to DC because they do not see them in Iraq at this time • Frank believes the shut down of the US govt is to hide this meeting, and said we shout at Iraq to reform their currency, don’t use the USD, follow article 8, etc; Frank asked Nova if with our govt shut down, is the USA article 8 compliant? Nova replied that with the govt shut down, we can do things and push things thru that we could not if the govt was running, so with the govt shut down, the UST can do what it needs to do and remain article 8 compliant, but we would not be article 8 compliant if the govt was open and running • Frank said M has now been invited to DC, but he’s the last one invited • Nova said there are so many things happening now; Nova stated that the CBI and the ISX have never closed down for a week during a holiday; Nova said people are taking one little thing like a holiday or bank closure and then when it reopens and there’s no rate, everyone is depressed – we cannot do that because we don’t know what’s on the checklist – but all the things that are happening globally is evidence that something is huge is going on, and we should just sit back and watch it unfold, and one day we will sit back and say “wow” • Frank asked if there is also orchestration going on for a soft landing for the USD? Nova replied there are 3 camps – the “oblivious” that believe the USD will not change, life goes on; another camp that believes the USD will be crushed and martial law enacted; and a third camp that sees this as an orchestration of a shift in the currency power of the world, but not necessarily to 1 country, more of a balancing • Frank asked if we can tell China to go jump in the lake? Nova replied we don’t want to do that – we want to have a few currencies in the world with equitable trade, with health and strength so that no one currency in the world can take down the entire global economy; after this if we don’t fix our problems, we will go down, but we won’t take the world with us • Frank asked if it the FedRes or UST that’s more involved? Nova’s opinion is that both are involved; Frank’s opinion is that the FedRes and UST will slowly merge into one; Frank asked about whose signatures are required on the agreements now being signed? Nova stated again that in our emergency state of govt shut down, we can do things we could not do otherwise and remain article 8 compliant • Nova stated that from the time that Shabibi was at the Jackson Hole meetings, the Chinese RMB was agreed as a “support currency;” what does that mean? Central banks around the world will hold RMB as a reserve to their balance sheets; now with the G20 meetings, we have Turki and Iraq coming in, this is significant; in Nova’s opinion, we need a handful of support or reserve currencies to assure that if any country fails, the impact will be limited • Frank said he is praying for a soft landing of the USD; Nova said in his opinion, too many people are putting too much weight on our UST and that we’re waiting on the UST to pull the trigger – if we buy into the term of GCR (and Nova stated he does not buy into that term), but this is a world event, so we need to take a step back and say who is controlling it, and ask is the UST doing the things it needs to do for this world event? In Nova’s opinion, this is what we are seeing with Jack Lew, the govt shut down and the implementation of the 100 yr old law allowing the US to do business in foreign currency – in his opinion, we are seeing the UST do its part in this world event for whomever is in control • Nova stated the people that control the central banks of Europe also control the central banks of Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Japan and USA – do we really think they want any of these countries to collapse? • Frank said all the evidence points to something happening on a global scale Bluestar came on the call at this point • In Bluestar’s opinion what is going on in DC is “very bad theatre” and what we’re seeing happen now was decided/planned about 6 months ago, in his opinion; Bluestar’s opinion is that on Tues morning, the House will send a bill to the Senate, and the Senate will approve on Wednesday and govt reopen on Thursday • Nova agrees that in his opinion this whole show has been planned out for some time; Nova agrees there will be a balancing of world currencies, only the term “GCR, global currency reset” is a term that has been developed in the dinar world, it’s not referred to as such by the IMF or AoP • Frank’s opinion is that whomever controls the debt of a nation or of a person, holds the power; Bluestar agreed that the PTB love to see Americans dependent on entitlements (food stamps, welfare) because it enslaves the people and puts them under the govt control • Nova stated that the USA is not the only nation in deep debt, the world is broke, China is very deeply in debt, and due to their media control, most are not aware of how serious it really is, China is broke; the only way that the people at the top, the AoP is going to continue to reap the interest is to rebalance the world’s currencies; if any country goes down now, we all go down – all nations owe their soul to the same bank, to the same people at the top of the pyramid, and the only way they continue to generate wealth and hold control is to rebalance all the world’s currencies • Frank observed that in his opinion, banks only care about how much debt they can load people with so they can take as much as possible; Bluestar stated again all that’s going on in DC is contrived theatre, remember that only 15% of the US govt is shut down, not the entire govt, so this is more about show than substance • Nova and Bluestar both agree in their opinions all of the world’s currencies will be rebalanced or reset at once – the switch will be flipped and all will revalue up or down, the question is when and how much (date and rate), and that is unknown; Nova stated in his opinion we don’t know if all 198 global currencies will revalue or not – if the Columbian Peso does not RV, who cares?? If some small nation in Africa does not RV, who cares?? Frank stated that even if a nation’s currency does not revalue, they will be supported and strengthened by those that do • Nova asked if anyone has noticed or asked the question how did the govt have signs up stating closure due to debt ceiling/sequestration within 24 hours of the event?? It appears it was planned and they were ready for it to happen • Bluestar believes there will be resolution to the debt on Wednesday, and in his opinion, anytime thereafter is most interesting; he believes the deal is already brokered whether the GCR happens right away or next month or into next year • Frank said his current timeframe of study is through Oct 18 • Nova commented that he is not in any way stating that the currency reset is happening at this time (no one knows the date!), and things in the financial world change very quickly, but we brought all of these people here last week (the top 20 nations plus Turki and delegation from Iraq), and so if this gets pushed out 30 days, we will need to bring everyone back; again, Nova stated he does not know if we will see it Wed/Thurs, but in his opinion, if it’s pushed out another 30 days, all these leaders will need to come back again Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast
  18. Hi Everyone....Just thought I'd bring this over, since there are many D.Vets who are curious about what Frank thinks, or what he has to say. I'm only posting this here to keep our members informed...Please don't shoot the messenger...Thanks - RON PS: If you don't like Frank, please don't read this, then trash me for his opinions...LOL Frank26 IQD Special Conference Sunday, October 13, 2013 BulldogFord65 » October 13th, 2013, 9:52 pm • Hello family: here are the notes from tonight’s CC call. Blessings to each of you! IQD update • Frank began the call with prayer, requesting George Robinson to pray, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast • Frank and his teams feel that it is important to put out information tonight in anticipation of things we might see this week • There are things going on with the government of the USA, and there are patterns that Frank’s teams are watching • Frank is bringing forward information that is not available anywhere else on the internet, and all glory goes to God; please take everything to God in prayer, and please do not seek a date or a rate; there is no date or rate offered here, please take all information to God in prayer • Frank and his teams have been studying the time frame study to Oct 18, and has to do with what is going on in Washington DC • So far we see no evidence that KW was paid in full, but please have confidence that they have been paid in full; Frank’s teams have confirmed it • What is happening now in Wash DC – not with O, but with our gov’t; it’s definite that KW is paid in full, and they are now silent; only the Kurds are talking, pay attention to that • Janet Yellin has been brought into the FedRes, and she was with Jack Lew under Clinton; they are back together again • Pay attention to the UN rates coming at the end of the month • In DC right now, every wealth management firm, company, business is in DC right now, from Bilderbergs, to Rockefellers, to all governors of all global central banks, all monetary reform planners – this is unprecedented, it is not normal, and it is not safe; to have all these people together in one place, it is for a purpose and has never been seen before; even M will be joining soon • the USA’s debt ceiling problems are in Jack Lew’s hands, there is no debt ceiling problem due to the 20-30 trillion IQD the UST has; this is a political show • the USA gov’t is saying this debt ceiling gov’t shut down in Frank’s opinion is so that we do not see what is going on in Wash DC; the gov’t is scaring the citizens of the USA to mask what is happening, and the O-care legislation is a most dangerous piece of legislation; O-care contains legislation that allows the gov’t to withdraw money directly from our bank accounts; O’s administration has built a powerful database with information on every citizen of the USA • in Frank’s opinion, the debt ceiling is already resolved, this is all show and posturing, and do we really expect on the 17th or 18th they will come out and say it’s extended for another month – no; it will be done • on Thursday, the mayor of DC was on Rush Limbaugh with Harry Reid and was expressing anger, and Reid tried to silence the DC mayor • Taliban leader said to O, stop stealing the money of the US citizens; everyone is pushing for the GCR • Frank asked for the family’s help, and to take it all to God in prayer; first, know that all is not doom and gloom • Post 195 by Walkingstick: “gov’t facilitates need for traders to vaccinate;” the banks in Iraq were dead, but they have been made well, what they have done is amazing; they have opened up doing business internationally, we simply have not been told yet; at what rate? It’s all been done, finished, and in Frank’s opinion that’s why all are in DC just waiting for this to happen; article says they are now at a level to view, communicate and transact with international banks – really? At 1166 toilet paper currency; also says they are entering WTO – but they have to have international currency to do that; there is something going on in DC, and it has nothing to do with the debt, there is political posturing, but the debt is solved; listen to what they will say by the 17th and 18th; no signatures can be given until we have a gov’t back • Banks in Iraq will be closed for about 1 week (Eid) and Frank will talk about it tomorrow • The CBI auctions are abnormal, and they are confusing, it’s a break in pattern • I Team report: reported a lot of chatter going on, I Team is in the room with the monetary reform people and CBI; there is a lot of talk about the monetary reform among these people, and coupling that with what is going on in DC, the leader of I Team said they attracted his attention; the last 4 days they have been talking about monetary reform which is a break in pattern, they are talking in a manner I Team has not seen before, talking about the reinstatement of international status, etc. • On Friday, I Team gave an update, and said the people are still chattering, and now they are talking about a “spread” between banks – but in the ME a bank spread is NOT the same meaning as in the USA; Frank asked for an explanation, and he is looking for an explanation and update from I Team tomorrow • Frank believes that Jack Lew is working on the monetary reform and our gov’t is not actually shut down; O is not telling the truth about what is going on, and the shut-down is a mask • Try to find ways to learn more than what the media is reporting • What is the rate of an RI? $3.22, where they were before the sanctions and 1166 program rate • Frank believes that on the 17th and 18th, we will learn a lot • Frank will go deeper into it on Monday’s call • Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast
  19. Hi Everyone, here's Frank26's CC from tonight...I haven't had a chancer to read it, but brought it over for those of you who like to know what he has to say ... Good, Bad, or BS...! Please don't shoot the messenger; and if you don't like Frank, then please don't read him. Eat whatever meat there might be, and spit out the bones. Frank26 IQD Conference Call - Tuesday, Sept 17, 2013 Post By BulldogFord65 » September 17th, 2013, 9:43 pm • Family: Here are the CC notes from tonight; blessings to all! “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” John 11:25 – 26 KJV Frank26 IQD Conference Call - Tuesday, September 17, 2013 IQD update • Frank began with expressing thanks to Dame who has stepped down as an Admin as of today; Frank expressed gratitude for the tremendous amount of work she has done over the last 3 years • Frank also expressed thanks to Zeke who is still a Staff member but posted for the last time last month. • There have been several articles about international banks coming into Iraq – banks from all around the world; Zerb posted on this as well; the SWIFT codes (allowing banks to communicate with each other) have been transmitted and they are ready; why would they do this for valueless currency which cannot be traded internationally?? They would not • Frank read an email from a forum member sharing a personal experience • Frank then gave I Team’s report: They were in Israel all of last month, their mission is to secure and protect; Frank told us to forget Syria, it’s taken care of and of no impact to our investment; on Sunday I Team moved back to Baghdad, and were ordered to wait; Frank’s opinion is that is has something to do with Talibani; today Frank received a report that I Team was told to stand down • Najafe wants to talk tomorrow, then we have the National Meeting, and the UN General Assembly so the timing is very interesting • The question remains, is I Team to protect Talibani, or to guard his body (if he is deceased??); however, I Team has been told to stand down until Sept 20, which is Sunday – the first day of the week; does this affect our investment? But they want to talk now – Najafe, National Meeting and UN; I Team was moved, so the stand down order is interesting and it is not known at this moment exactly what it means • Frank returned to a file he opened up about a month ago; Frank asked us to pay attention to oil and gas prices, precious metals, and the value of the dollar • In Q1, USD was $0.71 and gold at $1800-1900; when the rumor came out that the rate was in the budget, the value of the US$ went up, but gold stayed the same; now, the USD is around $0.81 and gold is down; why? Countries are moving their gold around, there have been massive movements; the relationship of the USD and gold is unbalanced; a lot of gold has been sold by banks and it has been bought up – by whom? Iraq for one; but they have plenty of gold, so why? China bought as much gold as possible; Asian countries have bought a mountain of gold; the IMF bought gold • Silver has not changed much • Gold is around $1200 this week, it’s been flipping between $1200 - $1400; look for patterns; notice that no one flinched with the NASDAQ and NYSE went down 3 times • Kuwait is getting a new currency in October, and the USA is also getting a new currency in October – too many things are lining up, too many things are overlapping • Walkingstick post 23 – pay attention to Dr S and what he, the UN and IMF are doing; articles on the budget for 2014: state 812 Trillion and 263 Billion – what do we see??? Two sets of books with 2 completely different numbers • Frank then played Delta’s report: Delta said hello to everyone, still looking at September as a pretty big month, there is a 5 year plan that is huge for Iraq; there was a big celebration at a major hotel with very high level officials, M is very busy signing documents, Iraqia TV is saying the currency has to be recognized internationally, Delta still looks for the IN-country rate to come out at $0.86 and stay there a couple of years; the National Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, and he is looking for contracts to be signed • Frank will be on a webinar tomorrow for the Tesla product; a post will be made with the details so that anyone who wants to join can attend; Frank encourages us learn about it and study it • In Frank’s opinion, he does not except the rate to be announced tomorrow by Najafe, his opinion is that it’s probably the status of the banks and their readiness • Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast
  20. Here's Frankie 26 for those of you who are curious about what he has to say, since there are some here at DV who might be interested. Please don't shoot the messenger (LOL)...! KTFA's Frank26 CC Notes - 09/09/2013 Post By BulldogFord65 » September 9th, 2013, 9:33 pm • Hello Family: here are the notes from tonight's CC; blessings to each of you! “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3: 5-6 KJV Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Investment Night Monday, September 9, 2013 IQD update • The news about Turki’s resignation is an old article re-hashed • Iraq does not just have veins of gold, they have mountains of gold • Iraq has fantastic wealth, it is powerful and attractive to the rest of the world who knows the potential of Iraq • Long ago, Frank told us that water would become the next commodity of great value; last Friday, and article was posted that Iraq has wealth, but lacks fresh water • Iraq also has plentiful quantities of phosphorus • Frank asked us to pay attention to water, in Iraq, and in the world • Please do not bring articles from any other dinar site to KTFA; article “Committee Member denies zero’s dropping in early 2014; Says it must be done ASAP” is a false article from another website, not true • international companies pouring in to Iraq, and the GOI is being somewhat truthful about it – the whole world is coming in; why now and not in 2004 – 2012? Anticipation of the RV • the GOI is telling the truth about some things, but also using some trickery in their truth telling • Frank read a couple of posts from the forum that were of interest Eagle1 came on the call at this point • Frank asked Eagle1 if Turki has actually stepped down? E1 stated in his opinion, if Turki has stepped down, it’s because his mission is accomplished; if the rumors are not true, then the articles are a distraction to divert attention from what is happening; Frank iterated that O is doing the same thing, diverting attention with going to congress over Syria and going to the G20 with the Syria issue; now O is inviting any and all to interview him about reasons for not striking…. • The Syrian conflict is NOT going to derail the RV; the pipeline, ports, etc are not going to affect the global currency reset – Syria is already done and handled • Frank asked Eagle1 about IQD available for sale – Eagle1 agrees with Frank that there was a certain amount of dinar printed for sale outside of Iraq; the supply of IQD for sale outside of Iraq is almost depleted; the only bank globally still selling dinar is in Kuwait, all other banks are out; brokers are nearly out of IQD, and they have notified the UST that they are nearly out; this intel is HUGE – realize what this means • Eagle1 gave a report from 2 sources – this is given as rumor/opinion, not a date: E1’s WF source states the RV is to happen “momentarily;” E1’s ForEx source said it can happen tonight IF one last piece of housekeeping is cleaned up by the IMF – but we don’t know if the IMF will get it cleaned up tonight • In E1’s opinion, M is not involved in anything that’s going on • Frank said Najafe wants a meeting this weekend with certain gov’t heads, and he wants some things signed; concurrently, O is blanketing the media talking about anything but global currency; there is a UN meeting set for 9/17 • Eagle1 said there is an article in the WSJ today about 3 currencies about to explode in value • Frank: pay attention to the value of the USD, the price of gold and the price of oil • Eagle1’s intel also says that the IMF has decided that the value of the IQD will parallel the KWD • In Eagle1’s opinion, if the IQD comes out at a low rate ($0.86 - $1.00 range), E1 believes it will be a free float; if it comes out at $3 +, it will be a managed float • Frank has a report from Delta: Delta’s opinion is that the Turki resignation article is just a re-hashed old article; Delta said that Turki was very angry about the article, and he went on TV today and made a statement that he is not resigning, that he’s still at the CBI, that they are deleting the 3 zeros, that he is staying to ensure the monetary reform is completed, and that he will fight back against this false article • Frank reminded that the NASDAQ went down again last Wednesday; E1 stated other sites went down as well, and when the NASDAQ went down on Wednesday, the global currency reset was implemented, it’s being rolled out systematically, and the IMF needs to clean up just one more piece of housekeeping • Please vote for the family in Hawaii with the disabled daughter Ava, so they can win free electricity and solar panels to help with their electric bills (well over $800 per month) for Ava’s medical equipment • Frank closed the call with singing “Amazing Grace”
  21. Currency Auctions Announcement No. (2474) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on Tuesday, the 10th-Sep-2013 . The results were as follows: DETAILS ---------------------- & -------------------- NOTES Number of banks ------------------------------------ 21 Auction price selling dinar / US$ ----------------- 1166 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----------------- ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) -------------- 238,217,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- ----- Total offers for buying (US$) ---------------------- 238,217,000 Total offers for selling (US$) ---------------------- ----- Exchange rates Dollar's exchange rates / in Baghdad markets
  22. Hi Everyone ... here is a follow up of the previous post by Mtn Goat, for those of you who might be interested in what information she claims to have, and what she has to say about it. Again I say, "Eat the meat (if any) and spit out the bones...! Have a great day DV .. RON "A Break in the Clouds" from Mnt.Goat at TNT Forum Tuesday AM - 09/03/2013 Hi Everyone, Today there is a break from the storm as there is some clearing in the skies and this will give us some hope that all may be well, at least for now. There are however many new storms brewing in the horizon and if you pay attention you too can hear the rumbling of the thunder and see the distant flashes of the lightening. A bit of house cleaning In many of my posts I use the term “they” to describe some entity that is holding back the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. I have had many requests during and after my last three posts to explain the “they”. So at requests of the members I wrote UU5422 in part to clarify this term. So I hope everyone now has a clear understanding of who is holding up the RV and their disposition? It is a group of political leaders of the USA (the bad guys) the second layer of government (the bad guys) using the RV as leverage to negotiate with groups (the good guys) who have exposed their plans for world dominance and the means to which they propose to do it. From the hundreds of replies I received from the UU5422 post I can see that about 95% of the members understand what was told them. That leaves about 5% who do not. Not a bad percentage and I will leave the 5% in their own Disney fantasy. Since TNTDINAR is not a conspiracy site but rather a site dedicated to the revaluation of the IQD I will not attempt to go any further on this topic or elaborate on anything else I said in this post. Go back and re-read it. I believe my point has been made. I can back up everything I say on my posts. I leave everyone with the seeds of truth. It is now up to you to plant them and make they grow. In other words get off you ____ and do your own research. I am not going to spoon feed you! We are all adults. This applies mostly to the 5%. I have spent years and years of investigating these facts so you too can see clearly now if you chose to. You can believe what I say or you can spend years of digging and researching as I have. I do not owe anyone anything. You do not pay me for my time spent, my telephone calls or time away from my family. I am blessed to have this 95 % of you members who do understand and I will always try to assist where I can to bring you news of this RV, if I am allowed to. But remember one thing – if you ask for the truth be careful… just may get it and it may shock you. Be prepared of it. I will always to try to answer all constructive questions when I can through the TNT mailbox. Please stop sending me your personal emails and/or telephone numbers. This is not smart no matter how much you trust me. You are all about to be millionaires. Someone can put together a nice mass marketing scheme and use your personal information. So what it the news today There are still many articles coming out of Iraq on the conversations between the CBI, the GOI and Parliament. These articles are interesting since they tell us they do need the remove the zeros and delete the zeros projects completed and they need them done now. I do want you to step back and remember these statements have been ongoing since before April of this year. That is already 5 months. So where is the RV? Why have then not completed these projects already? We know for a fact the CBI planned to RV last July 2012 over a year ago. I know for a fact there were plans to RV again in April 2013 but the CBI was told to hold off again until further notice. These projects are not completed because they await the international rollout announcement. This can not be done until the UST gives the final go ahead. This will not happen until some higher political figures authorize it. Iraq can not do anything until they are given the green light from sources that are telling them to stall. They are stalling by telling the people what they must to satisfy them and let them know its coming and they are still in control of it. But we all know who “they” are who are really in control of it. In July we saw that out of desperation they began to pay various rates on the Qi Cards depending on the program you could receive differing sums of money. Mores Notes about the Qi Cards Just want to interject a bit in my thoughts today and tell you a little more about these cards. I had a long conversation with my contact in Iraq yesterday on this topic and I wanted to pass it along to you. The citizen does not automatically get the card. They must apply for the card, go through the identity process and they return to the office to pick them up. Then depending on their program, funding can or can not be allocated on the cards. The rates vary since the laws dictate which programs are paying out what rates. So why do we hear some have no cards? Cause they never applied for them. Why do we hear some are getting paid 98 cents (ration fund), while others are getting $1.17 (pension fund) and others are getting $3.44 (money owed to contractors) and others are getting nothing $0.00. It depends on the program. You see now? So to make a long story short if you were to ask one person in a providence if they have money on their card you can see how the answers could be no. While in the same providence or another providence you could ask the same question and get an entirely different answer. This does not mean the cards are not loaded for some and they are paying out at RV rates. The maximum rate on the cards I am told in $3.44 and this makes perfect sense to me. I can remember in mid 2012 I was told that the rate would come out at $3.44. This is showing exactly what I was told over a year ago. I did not believe it then since I admit I was stuck in a process that it had to come out lower, and then have the final RV later to bring it up to the $3.44. I was wrong. But this is a dynamic situation over in Iraq and the process has now varied. Is the USA going to attack Syria On Sunday I have heard that your president Obama made an executive decision not to bomb Syria for now. Behind closed doors it was said there are other ways of dealing with the crisis. This decision was made due to lack of being able to put together a coalition and receiving the approval needed from the UN Security Council. There is also talk of not wanting to take a gamble that Iran would blockage the Straight of Hormuz in the Pursian Gulf / Gulf of Oman. Personally I believe it was a guaranteed move since Iran already came out with a warning to the USA that this would happen. The US Navy could take care of any blockage but at what cost? If this did happen it would severely impede the oil exports to the USA, China and Europe causing gas rationing and much higher cost in USA. Not a politically smart thing to do. However most importantly this could also cause an escalation of a new war in the Middle East some say WW3. So I hope you can learn from this episode why it is important that the long term strategy of the USA is to gain complete control of all the Middle East. That is their long term plan. My gut feeling has always been that this RV would have to happen prior to any bombings or invasions of Syria. That is only my personal opinion however and I have no evidence to back this up. This may in fact be also one of the reasons why Obama made his decision. How does this effect the RV rates? First let me say there was an outside window of Sept 1st planned for this RV to be activated. This date is now passed and still no RV. As I mentioned in my last post UU5422 about the impeding storm but that now it is underway. The decision not to bomb Syria is a break from the storm, a temporary clearing in the skies, the sun may even poke through and give us some warmth. So who won this battle? I believe the good guys won and we will see the lower of the rates be activated in the banks very shortly. I am hearing nothing but really good prospects that this is the week and I also heard that there are many reasons for wanting this to go international not just for us but for issues, events and pressure once again building in Iraq. They need this RV desperately. Hope this helps. Ps- this is the real goat no one has hacked into TNTDINAR….lol… Peace and Luv to ya all, mnt goat
  23. Here Tony's latest Conf Call Notes & Link for those of you who might be interested in what he has to say. Please don't shoot the messenger, since I'm only passing on what's out there in Dinarland for those curious or interested. As I always say, "Eat the meat & Spit out the bones" (LOL). Have a great Friday night & weekend DV....RON TNT Official Notes & Link & from Tony's Friday CC - 9/06/2013 REPLAY # FreeConferenceCall RECORDED LINK THIS IS TNT DINAR'S Call Notes for FRIDAY , SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 at 1pm EST and I apologize for anything missing. Please be sure to read about the Text Service and the PayPal directions. Thanks. Always keep in mind, that this is what I heard and transcribed. It's Tony's info and opinion - based on what he's received via sources in the Dinar community and the World. Feel free to always verify what you hear, and do your own due diligence. Thank you for being a part of TNT DINAR. Have a great day! Montana GOOD MORNING TNT DINAR…HOW YOU GUYS DOING THIS MORNING? DON'T KNOW-ME EITHER LOT OF GOOD THINGS GOING ON…STRANGE THINGS GOING ON…AND WANT TO LAUGH THINGS ITS A GREAT MORNING…IT WAS A WEIRD NIGHTBUT A GREAT MORNING WANT TO START OFF W/ SOMETHING FUNNY TODAY ITS ON OUR SITE…ABSOLUTELY CRACKED ME UP ITS SEPT. 6, FRIDAY ON OUR SITE, SOMEONE POSTED AN ARTICLE FROM FORBES MAGAZINE INSIDE THE DUBIOUS DINAR REVALUATION RUSE….DATED TODAY ITS ALL ABOUT THE DINAR AND THEIR INTERPRETATION SOMEONE THAT DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT THE DINAR,OR DOESN'T HAVE THE CONTACTS WE HAVE AND WHAT I REALLY THOUGHT WAS FUNNY ON P. 2 THEY TALK ABOUT THE DINAR SITES AND HOW THE EXCHANGERS RUN THE DINAR SITES AND THAT'S HOW THEY ARE MAKING MONEY ON IT OR HOW THE SITES ARE MAKING MONEY ON THE SITES AND THIS IS THE FUNNY PART TO ME…IT SPECIFICALLY TALKS ABOUT OUR SITE DOESN'T NAME US, BUT WE DON'T CHARGE, DONT' SELL ADVERTISEMENT SOME OTHER SITES MAKE 80K 100K A MONTH….WE DON'T MAKE ANY OF IT THEY DON'T KNOW HOW WE ARE DOING IT AND THAT WE RECENTLY PUT UP A DONATION BUTTON ITS NOT EVEN ENOUGH TO PAY THE PPL THAT PUT THE SITE TOGETHER AND TO PAY THE PPL INVOLVED, OR UPGRADE OUR SITE AND DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO AND WE ARE DOING THIS CALL TO KEEP YOU ON THE LINE BECAUSE THE LONGER WE HAVE YOU ON THE LINE THE MORE MONEY WE MAKE REALLY? THAT CRACKED ME UP….TO KEEP YOU ON A PHONE CALL NOT THE BANKS…NOT ONE BANK…NOT ONE DINAR EXCHANGER…NOT ONE ADVERTISER NOT ONE PH COMPANY AND IF I HADN'T STARTED OVER THERE AT THE OTHER SITE I WOULDN'T DO IT AT ALL BUT I STARTED IT AND WILL SEE IT THROUGH BUT IF SOMEONE READS THE FORBES MAGAZINE THEY'LL BELIEVE LIKE THE COMMERCIAL ON THE WEB 'ITS ON THE INTERNET'' HE'S A FRENCH MODEL ….LOL…KIND A FUNNY MY DAUGHTER CALLED ME THIS MORNING AND SAID HEY YOU ARE IN FORBES MAGAZINE BUT I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WE'RE NOT GETTING PAID BY ANYONE AND WE ARE NOT MAKING THOUSANDS A MONTH LIKE THE OTHER SITE WE HAVE A DONATE BUTTON AND WE CONSISTENTLY HAVE TO REFUND THE MONEY THAT YOU SEND AS GOODS/SERVICES WE DON'T WANT A CORPORATE ACCT…..WE AREN'T GETTING RICH OR MAKING MONEY OFF OF THIS BUT WE ARE OK THOUGHT THIS WAS FUNNY AT SOME POINT PPL WILL REALIZE THAT ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO ABLE TO DO ITAS SO MANY HAVE TOLD ME IN THE PRIVATE MESSAGES NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED SOMETIMES I ASK WHY DID I DO THAT EVEN NOW THAT WE ARE GOING THRU THIS…NEGATIVE STUFF…NEGATIVE PPL ON THE SITE I DO KNOW AGAIN, AS SO MANY OF YOU HAS SAID GOD WILL BLESS US ALL IT WILL WORK OUT IN THE END…GO THROUGH IT TO GET TO IT AND BELIEVE ME I'M GOING THROUGH IT BUT WE WILL GET THERE, AND GET THERE TOGETHER ********** OK, SO ALOT OF YOU HAD QUESTIONS ABOUT THE POST I PUT UP YESTERDAY IT SAID…DON'T WORRY …BE HAPPY….THE RATES ARE LIVE SO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT DO I MEAN WHEN I SAY LIVE RATES…TO ME, WHEN I TALK TO 1, 2 BANKS AND THEY CAN SEE THE RATES….THE IQN AND THE IQD RATES MATCH AND FLUCTUATING AND LIKE ITS BEING TRADED OR LIKE ON FOREX AND IF I CAN CALL ANOTHER PERSON AND HE CAN SAY THE SAME THING….HIS BANK, AND HE SEE'S THE SAME THING AND NO HOLDS THAT SAYS TO ME - LIVE RATE….THEY CALL IT LIVE AND ITS THEIR BIZ…..SO I CALL IT LIVE ************ IT HASN'T COME TO THE PUBLIC AND CAN IT CHANGE … WE'LL GO THROUGH THAT PART....MIGHT GO IN DEPTH THE DEAL IS THAT YESTERDAY AND THE DAY BEFORE THEY CALLED EVERYONE IN....ALL AT ONE TIME…MULTIPLE BANKS….MORE PERSONNEL THEN EVER BECAUSE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO VERIFIED THE RATE AND SENT THEM IN FROM VARIOUS LOCATIONS AND WERE READY TO ACCEPT THE PPL,,,,AND YET, HERE WE ARE YESTERDAY THEY DIDN'T DO ALL THAT…THEY WERE KINDA MAD THERE WAS A TIMER…A COUNT DOWN CLOCK TO WHEN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN 2 NIGHTS AGO IT TICKED DOWN TO ZERO….AND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN IT COULDN'T HAPPEN…THE TIMER TIMED OUT…THERE WAS A HICCUP/\...THEY DISCUSSED IT CAME TO A CONCLUSION…SO NOW THERE IS NO TIMER…IT CAN GO AT ANY TIME THEY'VE DONE EVERYTHING ELSE I THOUGHT THAT TIME DIDN'T THINK IT WAS GOING TO BE YESTERDAY I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE THE SAME TIME IT WAS SCHEDULED AND HERE WE ARE AGAIN SUPPOSED TO BE NO HOLD BACK….IT CAN GO AT ANY MOMENT *********** SO WAKE UP THIS MORNING AND TALK TO PPL…EVERYONE IS UPSET..FRUSTRATED…MADDER THAN MAD TOLD YOU THAT THE AGENCIES IN DC WERE GIVEN PERMISSION TO TALK TO EACH OTHER ABOUT IT NOT TO YOU AND ME…BUT THEY WERE GIVEN A TIME TO TALK…ITS GOING GUYS, AND BE OVER WITH AND YET WE ARE STILL HERE WAITING THIS IS WHATS GOING ON…UPS AND DOWNS OF THE DAY *********** THEN THIS MORNING, AND SEE OUR RATES HAVE NOW GONE TO 3.87 AND .98 YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS…THEY GOT TICKED OFF BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T DO IT WHEN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO IT AND AN HOUR OR TO LATER IT WAS BACK TO DOUBLE DIGITS SO, THIS IS THE UPS AND DOWNS I GO TO ON AN HOURLY BASIS AND THE INFO COMES IN AND THEY ARE FRUSTRATED…. AND AS WE SPEAK THEY ARE GOING THROUGH THE FINAL PROCESS AND THEY VOW THAT IF IT DOESN'T GO TODAY THEY AREN'T GOING TO GO THROUGH THE SAME THING AGAIN BUT THEY SAID THAT LAST YEAR..AND THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE BRINGING PPL IN, LATE HOUR, ETC.. *********** THERE IS NO POLITICAL FOOTBALL…NOW, THAT'S WHATS WE ARE TOLD…DON'T KNOW IF THAT IS TRUE PPL ARE PPL AND EMOTIONS CARRY OVER THERE IS TOO MUCH GOING ON IN THAT ARENA AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET IN DEPTH ON THAT WHILE WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT…ESPECIALLY OVER THE WEEKEND, LEADING UP TO TUESDAY WE'RE NOT - NOT TNT *********** TODAY IS NOT OVER…WASN'T AT 2AM…DOESN'T MEAN IT CAN'T BE AT 2PM AND THEY ARE BRINGING IN THEIR PERSONNEL IN FOR THE DAY AND THE WEEKEND THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU ARE INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS NO DIFF. IF YOU ARE ON YOUR JOB AND GET A 9AM MEETING AND GO BACK TO YOUR DEPT. AND THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS AND THEN YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT, IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY IN LIFE, IE. FAMILY ON THE WAY TO THE ZOO, AND GET A FLAT TIRE, SO WE CAN'T BE AT THE LION CAGE AT NOON, NOW WE ARE LATE, CAN'T HAVE LUNCH ITS BEING IN THE MOMENT IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT….AND SOME CAN'T BECAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY STRESSFUL THINGS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE YOU'RE IN A GREAT POSITION'…YOU BOUGHT DINAR….SOMEONE WILL LET YOU KNOW......GO WATCH TV ********** BUT FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT DO..WE WANT TO LEARN ABOUT THE ALL OF THIS WE'LL BECOME CFO'S OR CEO'S OR CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD EVERYTHING DOESN'T GO ACCORDING TO SCHEDULE AND THAT'S WHAT WE GO THROUGH.....ESPECIALLY THIS…WE HAVE NO CONTROL WE ARE NOT EVEN IN THE BOARD ROOM ALL WE KNOW IS THAT FROM THE HIGHEST LEVELS WE HEAR ITS A GOOD AND WE DON'T KNOW WHEN OR HOW MUCH….WE WON'T KNOW TILL IT HAPPENS WE LIKE THAT FOR THE SAME DAYS IN A ROW IT DIDN'T FLUCTUATE A PENNY AND THEN IT DIPPED DOWN AND NOW ITS BACK BUT WANT TO TALK TO ANOTHER ONE, BEFORE I *********** NOT A TIMER, SYSTEM SET AND READY TO GO…JUST THE AUTHORIZATION IT WAS PUSHED TO TELLER SCREENS AND SEE IT NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WALK IN THE BANK AND NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SEE IT EACH BANK HAS PPL CONFIRMING IT THAT THEY CAN IN FACT SEE IT YESTERDAY IT WAS THERE…THIS MORNING IT WASN'T…AND NOW IT IS SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?.......WE WAIT AND SEE. NOW IF WE GO W/ IRAQ ON THE TV THE OTHER DAY, THAT IT WOULD RV SOON, IN THE COMING DAYS AND I WAS EXCITED ABOUT IT YESTERDAY AND TODAY THEY ARE EXPLAINING TO THEM THAT THE DINAR MUST GO INTERNATIONAL, THE COMPANIES COMING IT - THEY NEED IT TO OPERATE THEY AREN'T SAYING JANUARY, FEB. OR JUNE OF NEXT YEAR THEY ARE POSTING THIS ON THEIR TV TODAY *********** ONCE AGAIN, OTHERS SAY MONTHS DOWN THE ROAD AND NOT UNTIL NEXT YEAR WHERE DO PPL GET THIS INFO ? DO YOU THINK THEY PUT THIS ON THE TV FOR SOMETHING THAT'S MONTHS FROM NOW IF IT WAS THEIR CHOICE…THEY DID THEIR PART…AND THEY SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF THAT YOU DON'T SEE THEM ARGUING IN PARLIAMENT, ABOUT THE MINISTERS, THE GOI, OR THE LAWS YOU DON'T SEE ALLAWI, OR BARZANI, OR MALIKI, FUSSING AND FIGHTING, WHY THINK THAT IS AN ISSUE ???? WHEN ITS NOT. ********** READING QUESTIONS----- THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS AND TONY READ THEM SUPER FAST, SO PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS ON THE REPLAY IF THE QUESTIONS BELOW ARE PERTINENT TO YOU. ---- I TRANSCRIBED THE LAST FEW..... [tnbullfrog] Describe what you mean when you refer to live rates. Thanks [promiselc] Once the rates are live and RV is a GO, how long before we are notified and will be allowed to go to the bank. I have heard some say it may be a few days?? Is this a possibility? [Coach12] My question is as follows; We are at the end of our waiting period and all the needed agencies involved are in agreement. Realistically, can any one agency override the next to continue in this never-ending holding pattern? Thank you [crowell] What is left to be done? What can you not share? Or, what can you share? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RATE – RV – CE – BANK QUESTIONS [graciousme] Do we have to have an announcement about being asset backed currency before an RV is announced ??? [RV4R] You mentioned that if we already have a Wealth Manager, we can talk to him directly when this RV's. Is that INSTEAD of calling the 800#? Will he be able to do the same things for me that I would get by calling the 800#? [maddendomination] are we going to see this on sites like or or onada when it RV's? [modsquad] If all I have are reserves that are still not paid off at the time of RV, and we need to keep this money separate from all other money, how can I open a new account at the bank for this money to be wired to? Is wiring the best option from an exchanger? [modsquad] I plan on paying off the reserve with RV money before the remainder is wired. [subtle] goldengirl_777: I have a question for Tony sub: Can we have more privacy with our Bank accounts so that Tellers don't know exactly how much we have in them. I thought Tony touched on it yesterday but I missed it. Thanks! [kbjock] Will Group Healthcare be one of the Perks the banks will offer? [subtle] hi...passing on a question for tony...any new or additional news for ce banks for Canadians?....has he heard anything relating to the prosperity programs being sent out ? ^^^ POST RV QUESTIONS [chicagonewbee] will Tony have a post RV site to help us / guide us thru this and help us new wealth ppl this is a scary yes i am scared to be almost in the wealthy way we have bonded here will the site contiue of close after this is done because I am scared @#+*&^*+^ A- YES, THE SITE WILL BE HERE, AND ENHANCE IT AGAIN, BE PART OF THE TEXT SYSTEM, IT WON'T BE MONDAY, WED. AND FRIDAY, BE BACK TO LIFE... BUT IF AND WHEN I DECIDE TO DO A CALL, I'LL DO A TEXT, AND THIS IS A FREE SITE, AND IT WILL COST 10K TO SEND OUT A TEXT, SO NOT GOING TO JUST SEND TEXTS, DON'T THINK WE'LL MODERATOR'S, PAM WILL HAVE ALL THAT MONEY AND WILL SAY-----" I'M NOT DOING THE BOARDS", AND MONTANA "TRANSCRIBE WHAT???" , NOT GOING TO HIRE PPL AND SPEND 50K A MONTH ON SALARY'S FOR A BOARD THAT'S FREE, I LOVE YOU BUT NOT THAT MUCH AND NOT GOING TO CHARGE YOU TO TALK W/ YOU, BUT BE ADULT ENOUGH, THE BOARD WILL BE HERE, THIS WASN'T MY IDEA, AND DIDN'T PLAN IT, BUT WE WILL BE HERE AFTER THE RV AND WE WILL DISCUSS THE RATE, AND DISCUSS WHAT YOU ARE DOING, BUT NOT 3 TIMES A WEEK. [Compassion] Tony, give us a rundown on post RV....what to expect for Conference Calls...and sharing info! ^^^ GENERAL QUESTIONS [jackaroo] okie says the rates are unbelievably high. do share please. A- THINK WE TALKED ABOUT IT [shatterstar] Jester released a rate of 3.663412 that it has been for the last 2 months. How is it that you have been aware of a rate of 23.86? Is your rate from different sources? A- DON'T KNOW WHERE HE GETS HIS RATE FROM, I GET MINE FROM BANKING PPL, THAT ARE A PART OF THE CASH OUT SYSTEM ITSELF. [iWANTANRV] I’m heading out for a week on vacation. Should I take a couple notes with me or can I leave them home? In other words are we going to get this done soon? A- IF I WAS GOING ON VACATION, I WOULD TAKE SOME W/ ME, CAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN ITS GOING TO HAPPEN AND CASH OUT SOME, GET ON A PRIVATE PLAN, AND GO HOME AND DO THE REST. IF I HAD THE POWER TO DO IT... IT WOULD BE DONE, AND WE'D GET $30, BUT ALL I DO IS PASS ON WHAT I HEAR AND PUT THE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER, AND WE TALK ABOUT IT AND WHAT MAKES SENSE. ************ LIVE Q & A NOW c- gm, thank you, you are so beloved, and provided to us, sincerely, thank you - appreciate you, when we hear - somewhat of a newbie, 3 years, have to get more grounded, when i hear what you pass on, what you are hearing and when that doesn't happen or come through - you must say to yourself, at least I know, here is my question, what are the 4 things, you remind yourself of, at least i know this......... maybe a mantra...what 4 things do I need to know, so this I know is true? t- this is what I know, without a doubt, at some point it has to happen, so I can't lose, it does have to happen, and if not today, tomorrow or the next day, #2 I know I'm talking to the right ppl, their positions and the sources , its not a lie, or to trick Tony, we don't matter that much and #3 and if all else fails, no matter what I'm doing, to put in this much money and get this return, even in 10 years, nothing else on earth, so I know I'm in the right place, and I know for sure every day I will get new info, and new piece to the puzzle and say OK, there it is. c- so that helps you last through the rumor mill t- no it helps me get through the good stuff I hear, not the junk you don't want to know the half of it c- maybe my 2nd ?, there are 2 kinds of info, article sites, and so appreciated Enoreste and Kap, and do their homework, and if you are stuck on articles... and then there is like your site, you don't talk about articles, why would I want to listen to one over the other? t- I think articles sites are great, and we went off of articles - until we built contacts, and the level of contacts, and we have a lot, its got a life of its own, and the agency ppl say you give the best info and then they want to give you more info, or hey you are doing it for the right reasons so I want to help you... i got contacts .. 6 degree's of separation, but prior to that, it was about articles, not mad at articles, it got us to where we need to be, some still read articles today that applied 3 years ago, they don't see where we are in the system, and we've already gone through that portion... those 6, 7 years when Iraq wasn't paying out, that's when it was done, or when they were pulling in the 3 zero notes in, and everyone told me that no, its not, and now they say oh yes, not tooting my horn, as far as the Iraq books, they are today, doing this, announcing the budget --- on Sunday a big announcement, how can they do 14 if we didn't do 13... Ki cards, etc.. don't want to degrade anyone, and that's what I look at , and its rehashing stuff from years ago, especially the 3 zero notes, so why look at articles that say it starts in Jan. t- when I began, I didn't believe this anymore than the man in the moon, but you do the research and i was excited, and this can't go on forever, and we are at the point and someone has to be bold enough to take the step, we can't say its Iraq GOI, because we don't see that anymore.. P:aliment... this was supposed to happen in April, its resolved, just waiting to be announced, so for new ppl, they have to go through it like we did, every day is a possibility and give the info that makes sense, can't give you everything I get, you wouldn't believe the call I got before this started.... t- I don't rely on one person in Iraq, we have a bunch of ppl in a bunch of locations and we have a friends nephew in law --- taxi cabs, in the Gov. in the Parliament, in the Military base and we don't rely on just one person, here in the States the same way, vast resources and every bank, all the agencies, we see the memo, got a copy of the Oct. 2 memo, it wasn't really about the RV, just training on foreign currency, but we know they got trained last year and are the locations, and every day get sent... so new process about what the exchangers do, short term, long term, etc.. it made more sense to me, to apply to that, and not the rv. next c- the guys in DC said to put the IQD in a brand new acct., so if we get interest on the acct. would it dirty the IQD t- no, lol, lets think about it, if you have Fed. money and Treasury money, and everything in your fed acct. is taxed at 39%, but all the interest in backed by Fed. and if its treasury, then all the interest is backed by Treasury funds next c- talking about Mom and Pop banks, are they going to wire the money to WF t- don't know, they brought them into the fold, and use larger banks for the qualifier... also did it so there is no back log, don't know all the details c- Dodd/Frank, locate paperwork? t- go to the UST website and search or google it c- as far as 1111, I get calls from Switzerland, and as far as Forbes, they have printed articles on how its a scam t- I thought it was funny myself c- is there someone to talk to privately after the call t- what you want to talk about c- can't say t- Pam likes to do this kind of stuff, t- throw her under the bus next c- how are you t- SUPER FANTASTIC c- thought that is what it was c- do we know how many currencies are going to rv right now t- I don't know, 193 countries and some use the same currencies, again, there was going to be 3 baskets , then it went to 2, and then all the same day, and as of Monday, 16.... this might get me in trouble, know what the 16 are, or most of them, and it may have all changed and someone listening might be able to find out the answer for me c- not sure how important it is... c- the other day the dong was over $3, never got into the dinar... where is it at now? t- I know what I was told, see here is the thing guys, double digits and over $3 t- its a double edged sword, i give you info, and then ppl are upset or curious for 1 reason, because the info is the truth or close to the truth and get mad, and they can call me at any time and tell me to shut up and believe me I would, but I give you so much info and it is being questioned...they can call me and say shut up -- Letting the whole world know that I will c- a low end they'd come in at t- the dinar low, is 3.44 and the dong low is .47 and neither one is close to either one t- the worst case scenario - the lowest we'd see it c- you think this before the firs of Sept. t- today is the 6th of Sept. so we can rule that out c- mean October t- I hope it will, it should have happened so many times - this week, and last week, and we know what the problem is, but we can't talk about it, and everyone is ready and everyone needs it.. c- so the 2014 budget has anything.... t- nothing to do w/ it t- ppl tell you in Jan or April or not ready to happen -- ask them why? t- give me more than that, what exactly needs to be done, if you know its not happening for another 30 days, if they know that, then someone told them exactly why and if its not happening now, then when is it happening t- i give you whats in the minute, and you can see whats on other boards, if 8 say the sky is blue, and 2 say pink, I'll go w/ the 8 c- just take the info, its not about us next c- I'm doing super fantastic today, will Suntrust bank do the exchange t- no idea, I know about the big 4, and they branched off to small one, but no info on any specific banks, BofA, CHASE, WF, 5/3RD...all trained next c- is this Tony t- all day every day c- I just think you are absolutely fantastic and how much of a blessing you have been in my life, wish you could announce how many are on the call, want to give you a nickname MOSES, all the attributes of him and setting ppl free, besides a Tshirt, but do something that's lovely - not everyone wears t-shirts t- don't call me Moses -- not that all T- Pam and Montana, have for the ladies, Gold Coins, and wanted to give them out for the ladies.... if they are too heavy they won't c- but a logo that came from TNT t- we'll try to do that for the ladies… now to your question c- i have an acct. at WF - is there going to be a list of local banks, I want to cash out enough to pay a trust and then do the big cash outs, how do we get the Mom and Pops list If we call the 800#, it might affect us t- i only heard one bank, and that is, w a group, and with WF and if you call using their number, once you call using their number, then you get paid off of you anyway.... c- where do we get that # from t- they'll send it to you c- not me, I only have 12 in the acct. t- not WF, the group t- you call the 800# and ask for the closest affiliate t- or call your local bank c- you don't know where I live t- might have to work harder - but it will still be there c- for rural area's t- that's why they set it up, so you wouldn't have to drive c- I'm worried about the rate being diff. t- don't worry about that c- if the release of the 660T was to pay off our debt, and I know about the republic, but why would our currency - be in the same situation as Cyprus, and I'm in the 50% group that thinks they could t- first all, pipe dream you are right, and every year - every month, someone says it, new gov. in place- makes sense to nobody c- that's 30 years old t- right, and new names and packages... none of that will happen and the 660T was divided around the world, not for the US and not for our debt, we have bonds that our Gov. will be doing, and I gave you the Treasury and FDIC, and they create them all the time, our debt will be paid when this happens, and no need to give us a haircut, t- the dollar will go down, but that how we get the higher rate, there is a method to the madness, will it come back up, yes, and we'll still have the dollars, and know how to make our money make money - put it to work and it won't be all the doom and gloom t- we as the 3M do what the rich haven't done, and that's stimulate the economy, they're scared, but if ppl don't spend money, the economy won't rebuild, and they know it c- lot of us want to get out of here though c- one more ?, is there any one question we need to ask at the currency exchange, if they throw me a sheet of paper t- i control my money, no decisions made w/ my money unless I authorize to do it, not letting it sit in an acct. and let you gamble it... they get 1% a day on your money anyway, next c- our Pres. was taking ?s at the G20 and Indonesia is backing our project, and made me think, is this a big Poker game, on the back screens has the I and R been going up t- I don't ask what happens daily, I know what supposed to happen, but don't think it has anything to do w/ whats going on today, the rates were adjusted a long time ago c- IQN OR IQD, is it actually floating t- yes it is, that's why I was excited earlier this week, and multiple banks confirmed it c- sounds like a pulse and a heartbeat c- you said 2am on the 5th t- I said that? c- no, just guessing t- that gets me in trouble c- we love your blasts, the 2 guys in the 3 letter agencies c- is this Lew and LeGaurde t- no c- have a super fantastic day, leading up to Tuesday, the Pres. speech on Tues. night but about Syria c- you think there will be an announcement t- not going to happen, and Tues. is def. about Syria c- love RayRen the RV alert and the siren goes off, what about Sunday - Eagle 1 thought it was the drop dead day, Mountain Goat too t- I'd like it to be today, they all say its good to go, but no one makes it go, I know where its at, and they need authorization, its a bigger game then the one that we are playing, more repercussions, its not supposed to be the football next c-- SantaFe --- is the IMF and UST still at odds and that's whats holding it up t- think they are the final 2 that can make it happen c- in your opinion, what or who can prevent it t- anything, from Iraq, or the other countries over there, but we hope they're not, we hope it gets done before that happens c- if everything is done, and all that is waiting for the authorization, who in the heck gives them the authorization t- the only thing that i get from the bank, want to say it right, without getting anyone mad c- I can understand, if it gets you in trouble ignore it t- the only thing they are waiting on is the authorization has to come from us, our banks can't do it, till the UST says they can t- here is the computer, I put excel and windows and its ready to go, but you can't turn it on till I tell you to….that's the bottom line….ok? c- ok t- above our pay grade c- but you know who that person is t- everyone knows c- I don't t- go ask, they'll tell you, don't want trouble next c- if a war breaks out, will this automatically stop the RV t- well, not going to say it will automatically, but most likely, yes t- if you aren't paying attention and watched the speech this morning and it will affect multiple countries and no one will do anything for some time to come c- if its before , will it stop the war t- no, its not the country being fought over, when something happens in Lybia -it affects Lybia's currency, the surrounding countries won't lose value c- what about the threat from Iran, and they say if we bomb, then they are doing something to the American's in Iraq t- they're telling their militants to attack the Embassy's, but we'll be prepared c- if the RV happened , would it have an affect t- no c- I have 2 companies that I bought dinar for, did I have to put them in the company name or can I put them in the acct. t- letter of -- POA, transfer into the company name, call the 800#, he can only wire it to the name of the person who bought it.. whose name is on it, its being tracked by the UST --- c- if you bought dinar for your family and they are all around the US and they gave you the money - but you did the transaction t- the bank -no, the currency exchangers yes, anyone can walk into a bank and exchange c- don't stop sending the blasts out, t- great team, thank you next c- thank you for all this info, its helped me and many others c- would like your opinion and more or less in between the lines, about, that Sunday the big announcement will be the RV and take about 4 days before we can exchange.. if that is true, does that mean, its only for the IQD or able to exchange the VND earlier, if that is true t- if it was true, I know there is a big announcement, could it be the RV announcement, absolutely, I'm waiting for the day, my understanding is that the banks said immediately, the other said within 2 hours, and not 4 days... the other is a tradeable currency already c- that was my only question, and the 3 baskets, and then 2 baskets,... but know that the VND and the IQD will be together t- and the Indonesian Rupiah, since you all bought it c- I have that too, a little nostalgia- my dad was born in Indonesia c- I have a private group and the local WF is ready for us, and we appreciate all you do for us ********** t- I'd like to take this time to thank RayRen, and my Mother, and Montana - Flying Star, and I think its FlyingStar and Already Blessed So Ready For it, and Angelica and RailRoader, Millionaire Mama, and our chat mods and all of them do this on our own, not getting paid, and supporting to be here and help you, and free conference call didn't know what to do with us, never had anyone reach 5K on the call, and we had 13,300 ppl and that tells you where we are at, and then we have the radio, God know how many that blasts out to -- and to go into Forbes and they directly talk about our site and that tells you the ppl you are bringing and helping each other, no fan fare, but if you do the right thing, you'll be blessed - just do the right thing and continue to help each other and I really like the way you help each other, and we have a bunch of ppl that are new, and they're excited, and I don't believe every time at 1, etc.. but at certain times, I'm excited like everyone else, and I know there is an EGO thing or a Top Tier thing, and they don't want us to know the min. but there are so many pieces in the puzzle and we are in the window, and when ppl ask questions, they don't understand the news articles are 2 years behind, or whats going on in the system, there is a reason they're not talking about it, but they don't know it, the more we can help each other and the more tolerant we are. next c- should we buy all the homes and boats now, because of a haircut t- the dollar is going to go down and I'd buy it now, before it cost me more of my dollars.... t- real estate actually is always safe and I've noticed right here in my area, we have million dollar properties are all going down and reduced 3 times in the same week, - did you turn the speaker down - must be the other guys listening - but you have to weigh it, one thing that Mountain Goat shared, the one mistake, athletes make more than anyone, they go and buy a house with a mortgage, and cars w/ car payments.... and let their agents make the payments, if you have the money - own it - doesn't make sense --- this is what you do w/ the 25% - you don't know the future, the other 25% is what you will live on and pay interest and the 50% - if its not taxed, then you have more money, and if you don't - how will you make your payments if you run out of the money.. you'll regret it c- I have a plan to increase the economy in t- I bet you do next c- you have a lot of respect for Mountain Goats, and the 3 part series - pretty sobering, t- I read them c- where things are heading and the history, is it pretty accurate of the big picture? t- one thing we can't argue w/ is history, its already happened, been telling you for 2 years is for our economy to take a hit after this happens and the reason is we will lose some value, they are dividing it up into 5 regions and more autonomous decisions without our approval all the time and it changes things... can we avert some things, every plan can be changed, and we do things we are supposed to do, stimulate the economy... are there other things in our future, and things in Obamacare I don't like and changes in our society I don't like, that our Reps signed off on, but they're in there, ID our personal gold and personal silver, 5 year prison sentence, but its in there, and that doesn't mean our society is going to hell in a hand basket, and if we are going to a gold backed society and they need to know where it is, have they don't it before, yes, it has, history, not everything that Mountain Goat said will happen, and with the new money will we have the power to change it, maybe, someday they will die off and we'll be the new millionaires, and look at everything as another piece of info and see what I see myself - what type of future is out there c- the year 2000 and Y2K, and when it came to pass, nothing -- sometimes we project things and the future is not written yet and choices exist and the PTB have a plan to implement the NWO, doesn't mean the plan will succeed t- right, just cause they made a plan, doesn't mean they all do it their way t-others put out doom and gloom scenario's, and change the things that we can change, but you can't do it if you don't have the info, the biggest thing we are trying to do here, is to open your eyes and live more than just your 5 blocks or your part of the city, for the next 20 yeas, hope you are getting an education about business and financing... world events.... sorry guys TONY LOST THE RADIO t-back to what I was saying -- hope we all use this to grow and pay attention to more than our community, but the whole world... especially as new millionaires, throw the rock and cause the ripple effect like Mountain Goat said - if we do the right thing... our community as we buy things there, the job market and a positive way to look at it, like the Iraqi dinar, we are the new foundation and have new ideas, and the stock market will be volatile and so many of us will buy for the first time and IPO's and a bunch will take back from the banks, and wont' be able to project, along w/ Hedge Funds, it will all be out of whack for the 6 month period of time and if we know that, we know how to protect ourselves, next c- we joined TNT - where do I go to speak to other Canadians t- we have a thread for Canadians Pam-- TNT Global for International Members, has a bunch of countries, but started with the Canadians c- do I go to ? or separate website Pam: are you registered in our forum Tony never tells anyone --- go to and check from there, all our call info is there and Montana's Flying Star conference call info there and our Celebrate Vegas there... c- do we send $ for the Tshirts Pam- Tony? Tony-- we can't explain about Vegas till after the RV, and as soon as we do that, we had a sign up to gauge how many , but then after the RV we will have a final numbers c- just the dong and dinar to invest in, t- lot of ppl looking at the Indonesian Rupiah t-not talking about any others now, but more to come c- you're a great human being TONY-- way to much to read, but we'll talk about later, I guess there was a way to make money on the site, is what Pam is telling me... could be related to the blog talk radio revenue options... Pam: sounds awesome, I didn't know either Pam: but that's what Blog Talk does, maybe that's why Forbes said .... Tony-- all our ppl go to Free Conf. call, and then over 13K ppl on Blog Talk, and they checked w/ Guinness, so you are doing a great thing, and I say you... unfortunately our transcribers are tired... 2 hour limit... unless I talk and its not transcribed go to the Forbes site--it had me laughing, and see what they are talking about and what we are living, so the news isn't always true It lets us know that we are the site, and another one out of Cincinnati and I think we are in the best light... we rely on you guys, I see the threads and even that I go back and see where it fits in the puzzle and fortunately get to call the sources and know... and they know there is never going to be anything like this, but either way, we try to vet it out and get a better understanding and how to be involved... with that GO IN AND THANK THE MODS EVERY DAY…THANK THEM FOR WHAT THEY DO UNSELFISHLY…AND LIKE I'M TRYING TO DO SOMEONE SHOULD START A THREAD FOR THOSE WE CAN'T IDENTIFY THANK YOU FOR WHAT INFO YOU GIVE TNT THEY LISTEN TO THE CALLS..AND THEY DO…AND SOME TEXT ME WITH THAT ENJOY THE DAY I'M STILL WAITING AND HOPING THAT THIS HAPPENS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENS LETS GO W/ THE POSITIVE…WE'LL SEE RESULTS THIS WEEKEND ENJOY YOUR DAY EVERYONE RECORDED LINK: :ruiez:
  24. Here's Frank26's latest Conf Call notes, fot those who might want to hear what he has to say. Please don't shoot the messenger - eat the meat & spit out the bones. Have a great evening & be Blessed - RON KTFA's Frank26 CC Notes - 09/04/2013 Post By BulldogFord65 » September 4th, 2013, 9:45 pm • Hello family: here are the CC notes from tonight. Wishing you each a peaceful night and a blessed day tomorrow! “And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.” Psalms 9:10 KJV Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Bible Study Wednesday, September 4, 2013 IQD update • Frank will not rehash the Syria issue, he expressed it last night, but there is an update: If O is trying to pass the buck to congress, it will not work; this is all showmanship, he does not need congressional approval to take action, and 2 weeks ago, he told the same congress this is not a war, and now he is begging approval calling it a war; until today, the Arab world has not turned out Assad, but today, the Arab world offered to pay the USA to take out Assad; even the British PM has waivered; they all know that the USA will not strike; no strike is needed to take out Assad • Recall that there are 3 targets, and what needs to be done has been done; so why is Assad still in power? • Recall M’s visit to DC; is there a deal that has been made? in exchange for help in the region, M can run for a 3rd term? However, there is still only one way M can go • The USA is brought in to do the dirty work and put together a coalition in 2003, and now the coalition will not support the USA, however, today we see a turn around; why? Because what needs to be done is being done, and this is a “squirrel” to direct our attention and conversations in another direction while what needs to be done is being done, and in Frank’s opinion, we will read about it soon • Recall the connections Frank laid out last night with Israel, Iran, N Korea, China, and Cuba – that’s why there will be no strike; it’s already been dealt with; no more to say on the topic • International bank credit: the CBI on Wednesday granted Standard bank the license to work in Iraq, to help Iraq develop the financial deal to enter the international market • Today NASDAQ “failed” again – recall it was shut down a week ago, and now again today, a week later; the world’s currencies flow thru NASDAQ, so something is going on with the world’s currencies; and, foreign investment is continuing to pour into Iraq • Walkingstick post 312, article calls for economic reform before start deleting the 3 0’s, stressing diversifying the economy, lower inflation, reform banking structure to all be of international status; after coming out of CH7 is justification; the constitution between the need to change the currency and delete the 3 0’s, calling on the parliament and GOI to get it done; all of this will aid the country and its citizens, and will contribute to revalue the IQD to the value of the USD; Frank asked this article to be brought forward and for the family to study it • NanaCarol found the date of the UN general assembly meeting, mid-September (approx. 9/20) • Frank asked the family to make a list of what’s happening in the first 3 weeks of September, list anything we think is significant, and Frank will combine the list • There is movement in the world bank credit, Iraq is bringing in international banks and impressing the IMF, their credit rating is increasing because of what they are doing • Article: Najafe calls for CBI monetary and fiscal policy unity • Article: Oil prices – problems in Syria causes oil prices to jump • Article: Cabinet (GOI) agrees to convert the purchase amount of the dinar to the dollar at the CBI – if they do this, they become international (1:1) • Article: FedRes oil holdings and exports are biggest factors for exchange rate • So many articles are telling the world that the IQD is about to be 1:1 to the USD; the deal with India and Iraq trading directly in local currency, and international banks coming in to Iraq – cannot mix with currency which is not international – these are further signs the IQD is about to be international At this point, a guest (“PA”) came on the call • The gentleman was on the call last night and heard the recording of the WF update call, and when he heard the date of Oct 2, he knew it was correct; he also recalled Frank laying out the months, with Oct = RV; this gentleman called WF and asked if they exchange the IQD, and the person put him on hold, came back and said no foreign currency exchanged at that location; he asked to speak with the manager, and he chatted with the manager, and then asked the manager if they will exchange the IQD – the manager said yes they will; he asked if he can open a non-interest bearing, 0 balance account on the phone? The manager said no problem and took care of it. The bank manager then asked the guest if he knows the date they IQD will become international, and the guest said yes, Oct 2; the bank manager replied yes that is the correct date, most people come in and do not know the date, but that’s correct for when WF will start exchanging • Frank’s teams are intently studying 9/3 – 9/8, but the entire month of September is included; in Frank’s OPINION, we will not wait until Oct 1 to see a rate • Frank ended the call with prayer
  25. Stryker Blog Post - 09/04/2013 Between April 2003 and June 2004, $12 billion in U.S. currency was shipped by the United States of America to Iraq to stabilize the Iraqi economy. Billions were said to be stolen, but this is not why I am writing about this today. I am writing this to show how the Iraqi money supply (M2) can be manipulated by the use of a dual currency economy. At the current 2003-2004 exchange rate of 1477 dinars to every $1 USD those $12 billion USD was equal at that time to 17 trillion 724 billion dinar. Or over half of what Iraq shows as their current money supply now, according to what these Iraqi reporters are reporting in their articles today. This money was not just given to Iraq, it was already their money via frozen assets recovered by the US after the fall of Saddam. Furthermore, this money was never taken out of the Iraqi economy even after the NEW IQD was printed and exchanged for the OLD IQD. To this day, Iraq is running their local economy on two currencies, the Iraqi dinar (IQD) and the US dollars. So it just makes sense that their money supply is also made up of both currencies but yet the only number that is ever talked about by the CBIand the GOI is in trillions of dinars. We know that the USD is an official Iraqi currency because one of the measures thatthe CBI has taken to control money laundering is to limit the Iraqi citizen to $5,000USD per month. This in itself tells me that the Iraqi citizens are using the USD as local currency alongside the Iraqi dinar on a daily basis. We also know this by the many articles that state the Iraqi’s would rather use the USD because the IQD is so worn-out in a lot of provinces. The locals in these provinces state that the CBI says they will replace the damaged currency but they also state that they have not as of yet. This dual currency economy allows the CBI to adjust the money supply by the USD at well, meaning that they could insert electronically USD into the M2 and reduce the same M2 figures by IQD at the same time. I believe this is why a few articles over the last few days are referring to a new program of Petrodollars. We also know that the plan is to reduce the IQD from trillions to billions in circulation so I will end with this thought. What IF the real number in the M2 in IQD is now in the billions and the balance is in USD? This is possible because most everything except for salaries is being transacted in USD? The CBI really only needs to make sure that there is enough IQD circulating back into the local banks to purchase the USD through the daily auctions. At the time of currency reform all the CBI would need to do is announce the new rate according to the real figures of the IQD in circulation and then announce the de-dollarization of the country. I could be completely wrong in my opinion on this but it is amazing that the CBI doesn’t differentiate between the two currencies in their accounting. Supporting Links: Book: Global Financial Warriors International Finance by Dr. Taylor Billions Over Baghdad Billions Over Baghdad Video
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