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Found 1 result

  1. Med has said goodbye before - Today, 10:08 PM Monday April 15 2013 thank you ds for the privilege of leading this site.....but and it is ok that people think they didnt insult me.....we must remember is not the perception of the one who says it.....but the one who receives is only their perception that again ty but good bye.....good luck.....i am going to return to my normal all are close enough that i dont need to be here anymore.....the decision is made and ty med tudor: heads up all!....... just talked to Med, he is taking a different course in his life. Lanachy contacted Med and asked him to do things with him. Med will NOT be returning, it was the last straw for him. He wants all to know that he appreciates all and there is no hard feelings. Have a good life......... Today, 02:38 PM POSTED BY kSDUNLAP: Med (12:50 PM): HEY OK I HAVE FOR ME SOME GOOD NEWS tudor: oops caught me saying good things about you Med lol ok The Hawk: His message went to many sites outside. Who knows what was put in or taken out Med: HEY ALL OK THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS AS YOU ALL KNOW WE HAVE ALLOT OF PEOPLE FROM ALL FACETTS OF LIFE RICH POOR FAMOUS NOT SO FAMOUS tudor: yes Med: AND A FRIEND WHO IS BY YOU HAWK WAS OUT FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT WITH A SOUTH AMERICAN INVESTOR NOT DINAR THOUGH BUT MY FRIEND WAS TELLING HIM ABOUT MY CHAT LAST NIGHT AND ABOUT THE IRAQI PEOPLE NOT GETTING ANYTHING BUT A SWITCH OF CURRENCY AND THAT THOSE ON THE OUTSIDE WILL GET THE EXCHANGE RATE THIS MAN WHO IS ARGENTINIAN WAS AN INVESTOR IN THE BRAZILIAN CURRENCY THE SAME OR VERY SIMILAR CIRCUMSTANCES HE SAID WAS IN BRAZIL AS IN IRAQ HE SAID I WAS RIGHT THAT THE PEOPLE IN BRAZIL GOT NOTHING BUT NEW PAPER BUT HE AND ANYONE ELSE ON THE OUTSIDE MADE OUT LIKE BANDITS HE SAID THEY CANT APPLY IT INTERNATIONALLY AND THAT WHEN THEY DO CHANGE ALL HOLDERS OUTSIDE IRAQ WILL BE WINNERS NOW THIS WAS FROM A MAN WHO WAS PART OF A VERY SIMILAR SITUATION AND KUWAIT IS NOT THE SAME SO THAT IS WHY I DONT USE IT SO THAT WAS THE GOOD NEWS I GOT The Hawk: Very good news, thanks Med: YW tudor: that is great news Med, thanks for sharing it! bighope4us: great news Med: YEAH I WAS IN THE WOODS tudor: see, we are going to be just fine Med: AND I GOT A TEXT FROM MY BUDDY IN VEGAS SAYS I GOT TO TALK TO YOU HE GOES YOU ARENT GONNA BELIEVE WHO WE HAD DINNER WITH AND WENT ON TO EXPLAIN tudor: please thank him for us, that was very kind of him to share Med: YES HE IS A GOOD GUY BUT WE HAVE ALOT OF GOOD PEOPLE EVERYONE HERE AT THIS MOMENT ARE GREAT PEOPLE The Hawk: Yes tudor: I agree and we try to keep our heads on straight lol okie35: Well we have a great leader tudor: oh yes we do okie Med: OK ENOUGH tudor: hahaha its true lol Med: I AM NOT DIFFERENT THAN ANYONE ELSE WHAT WE KNOW IS TO IMPORT ONE OF THEM GURUS FROM THE OTHER SITES SOMEONE WHO REALLY tudor: that depends, which foot do you put in your pants first when getting dressed lol Med: KNOWS WHEN IT IS GOING TO RV I SEE SOME GOOD NEWS IN THE FORUM THAT THE UN IS DEMANDING tdk: hello DS hey there Med and thanks for the email and updates VMA Med: THE IMPLIMENTATION OF THE OIL AND GAS LAW tudor: yes that is good news Med tdk: thats some good news for sure tudor: I just checked and still havent recieved the e-mail, maybe tomorrow lol adroberts: is the email pretty much what was in meds chat last night tdk: yes adroberts: ty Med: hmmm yw tudor: wasnt it to get on site tdk? tdk: yes and i got a call from glk tudor: good I called her and a few others Med: WHAT I AM WONDERING tdk: if you read meds chats you will be all cought up tudor: wondering what Med tdk: not being harsh but just sayin Med: WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY PREPARING TO DELETE tdk: this is where we are right now maybe getting ready to do it tudor: hopfully they are starting the process finally wonder if they will start BEFORE Shabs gets back so M can have the glory IF Shabs does come back Maliki would not want Shab to get any of the credit for helping Iraq jmo Med: NO IT IS OK HOW CAN ANY OPINION BE WRONG AT THIS POINT tudor: so true Med, its a guessing game right now Med: IT IS ONE THING AND I DISCUSSED THIS WITH A MEMBER EARLIER tudor: fun to try and out guess them though lol Med: ON THE PHONE IS THE ASSUMPTION THAT REMOVING THE ZERO'S AUTOMATICALLY LEAVES IT AT .86 IT DOES NOT ALL IT MEANS IS THAT WE ARE NOW ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE USD tudor: yes and that is good Med: YES ksdunlap: thats great tudor: but thats when they can change the .86 amount isnt it? before RV takes affect? hope I said that right lol Med: YES N NO tudor: k Med: BBI ABOUT 5 Catfish Dave: Hey Med and folks...I see things are heating up on the dinar.....It will be very interesting to see what happens here on out or if this is just Iraq flapping their gums again.One way or the other lets get it over with!!!! By the way thanks Med for the e-mail. Bernadine: What does lop mean? guardian: basically it would mean we're screwed, no really, it means a 25000 note would still be worth today's rate after the zeros are removed i personally don't think that will happen big: I'm with you. The IMF, & World Bank don't want it guardian: nope they don't big: Countries outside of Iraq don't want it Med: I AGREE GUARDIAN AND I HOPE NOONE THOUGHT guardian: if you want to piss other countries off... big: Our treasury is looking for billions in tax revenue Med: I SAID ANYTHING DIFFERENT big: Nope, you didn't Med: OK stlou: i thought you were talking about Captain Kangaroo Med: GOOD guardian: no, it can be confusing at times though Med: TELL ME ABOUT IT MY MIND HAS STORED ENOUGH INFO..... I THINK I AM A NASA COMPUTER ranjoesgirl: big: You've forgotten more than most of us know guardian: in country no raise in rate, out of country a raise that part can be confusing stlou: Med = HAL9000
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