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Found 41 results

  1. Mnt Goat Monday Update - "To Activate the Non-Oil Productive Sectors in Iraq" - Part 1 of 2 - 1/25/2016 UU6861 – “To Activate the Non-Oil Productive Sectors in Iraq” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, So today I want to say one more time we will not see any significant value increase in the dinar unless certain laws and conditions are met. One of those conditions is the cleaning up of the CBI. I firmly believe that Dr Shabibi must be back in the CBI and it must be announced publicly that he is at the helm “officially” once again. From everything I am hearing from my CBI contact the USA is very angry that this has not yet already happened. ​They have also sent legislative consultants to assist in streamlining the parliamentary process and so keep asking what is the hold up in passing of the few last remaining needed laws. As far as any progress on currency reform process we all know that the USA, WTO and the IMF want the lower denominations launched, like yesterday. So where are they? ​This weekend I figured it was time to catch up on any new news concerning the currency reform progress. So this was the big weekend to make my call. The contact in the CBI is telling me that Iraq is intentionally stalling, mostly from corruption in the leadership of the CBI. They tell me that since mid November they (meaning GOI) has scheduled the launching of the lower denominations twice already but still no action by the CBI. The good news is there is no more guessing games. We now know who and the reason for holding up this event. One of the reasons is corruption since the currency auctions will end once the RV happens. There is a ton of corruption in the auctions and huge sums of money being made by those controlling it. The other reason I am hearing is that some in the GOI finance committee feels it is not yet ready in meeting WTO requirements. On the other hand the WTO with the IMF say Iraq is more than ready. So each points fingers at the other. This is of course ridiculous and so I want to add what I believe is happening. I believe it is the corruption in the CBI pure and simple and the GOI does not want to admit it has lost control of its monetary policy to the Maliki goons to the IMF or the USA. Remember the last two proxy governors were appointed by Maliki while he still held the prime minister position. But the good news is there is a plan to end this stalemate and return the CBI over to an independent monetary policy regulatory agency once again. I am being told the plan is to bring back Dr Shabibi. We know that once they do launch the lower denominations their must be a 1:1 par with the US dollar for inflation adjustments first, then later a full scale RV is planned at a much higher rate (pre-war plus equity). Do not be fooled in thinking that this initial inflation adjustment is the RV, it is NOT. Many of these so called intel “gurus” will tell you it is and get you all hyper. They will use it to promote their wed sites and forums. But then when it does not show up in the exchanges or the banks, all will be disappointed once again for the 1,001 time. So please just ignore all these people since they haven’t a clue as to what is going on in Iraq. For instance in Iraq (Iraq only) this is how it will work. Right now a 25,000 dinar note is worth about $23 US dollars. So once they adjust for inflation, the same note will be worth $22,500 – $28,500. Citizens will gladly run to the bank to exchange their bulky 3 zero notes (part of deletion of the zeros project) for the more secure, cleaner, newer notes and coins. They will no longer have to carry a stack of currency to the market for shopping or be weary of carrying stacks of currency home on pay day. We may NEVER see this adjustment on the global exchanges since it will take between 5-10 days to rollout and monitor the impact first in Iraq. Get it straight in your head right now that Iraqi citizens will be converting from dinar old rate to dinar new rate and so when you hear rates in Iraq you must remember and apply this. For all of us in Europe, USA, Canada etc, we will be converting our dinar to our rate of exchange for our countries of origin currency. So you see in Germany my rate may be different than yours in USA since I am going from dinar to Euro and you are going from dinar to US dollars. Yes- you may hear about different rates in different countries. It all makes perfect sense (if we use our common sense). I know, I know …..that these so called intel “gurus” get everyone very confused instead of truly helping since with all their jabber they always talk about rates in Iraq as they listen to their so called “boots on the ground” who know even less than they. Moving forward: I have heard that a delegation headed by secretary of the state for USA proceeded recently to Iraq for the main reason of moving the currency reform along and we may see some progress soon. Look for articles about the change over in the CBI prior to any launching of these lower denominations. Today’s News Today is Monday January 25th 2016 and just 6 more days remaining in January. Parliament is now in session almost a week already and we have not yet seen much on the needed laws we have been waiting for. Yesterday once again we hear confirmation that the Amnesty law is agreed upon by all and ready for a final vote. Will they vote on it soon? The 2016 budget has also been passed, ratified and in the gazette. It is now open for spending allocations, but no RV(as I said it is not any indicator of the RV anyhow, it was not in 2015 and is not in 2016). The problem of a huge deficit for 2016 still lingers as Abadi and parliament try to find ways to fill the gap. Now recent news that they are at least considering under study of increasing the value of the currency as an alternative. As I also commented many times already Iraq is trying to milk the west for more money and still feels it is entitled to it since it was bombed and the west should pay for its reconstruction. This is the attitude and they feel they are entitled to it. So this too has an impact on any movement for Iraq to take advantage for themselves the financial gains they can realize if they just moved forward more aggressively in all directions. They also say that we must consider the large sums of monetary drain on fighting ISIS and DAASH on their economy. This is a factor that is impacting progress in the financial and economic sectors. But this fighting will not last much longer and then what will be their excuse? Update: Needed Laws Article Begins NASSIF CONFIRM THE EXISTENCE OF A FULL AGREEMENT TO PASS A GENERAL AMNESTY LAW Special - scales News He confirmed a member of the House of Representatives for high Nassif, on Thursday the National Alliance, there is full agreement to pass the amnesty law in the new legislative term, indicating that there is a partial agreement on the Federal Court Act. Nassif said, L / scales News /, that "there is complete agreement between the political forces in the House of Representatives on the amnesty law," noting that "this law possible to pass in the new legislative term." She added that "there are some partial agreements on the Federal Court Act in order to also passed in the current legislative term," pointing to "the need to amend the election law and amend the law of parties, which did not emanate to figure out where you this, O Party, which may not reach some kind of consensus between the Political forces". The House of Representatives last Tuesday for its first session of the second legislative term to Thursday. Article Ends Update: Currency Reforms So I bring the article below which I believe is a very good summary of just where Iraq is now in their economy. Seems they know the problem but do not have the solution. The interesting part of the article is that this is the third time already we are hearing about the study underway of increasing the value of the dinar as an alternative to bridging the gap in the deficit. The article is also warning everyone that if something is not done quickly that a severe financial crisis will emerge during the next 2 months. I quote from the article below – “The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said earlier that the government continues to search for sources of funding out of the economic crisis, including internal and external borrowing and taxation and activating the customs tariff and selling bonds, international and internal subscription and implementation of projects on credit.” I quote from the article below- “that Iraq will go through a severe financial crisis during the next two months” I quote from the article below- “there is a crisis of confidence between the Iraqi government and international banks and even friendly countries of Iraq, as Iraq may not be able to pay its debts in the future for not the existence of an integrated infrastructure in addition to the lack of productivity of vital sectors can be an alternative to oil, such as agriculture, industry and tourism, as well as who is waging war against Iraq and the terrorist gangs that need to be big money.” I quote from the article below – “He continued, so the international banks apologize for Iraq if he asked her to lend to face the financial crisis or to fill the budget deficit, calling on the government to resort to other alternatives other than oil, including a focus on productive sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism as well as the awareness of citizens and instill confidence in it in order to deposit his money in Iraqi banks on the grounds that there is also a crisis of confidence between the government and local banks on the one hand and between the Iraqi citizen on the other.” I quote from the article below – “As a member of the Finance Committee MP Ahmad Rashid stressed that "the economic situation may be confusing but bridging the fiscal deficit is a real dilemma, noting that" there are several measures of the government to overcome this crisis and is now in the process of study, INCLUDING RAISING TAXES AND THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY for the purpose of bridging the budget deficit . Article Begins SPECIALISTS: INTERNATIONAL BANKS MAY LEND TO APOLOGIZE FOR IRAQ BAGHDAD / JD / .. after the decline in oil prices to unprecedented levels, and the absence of a prudent economic policy read the economic and financial future of the country by successive governments, have warned a number of specialists and observers of the financial and economic vulnerability of the country to the financial bankruptcy and the inability of the government to pay the salaries of the affair employees and retirees to the lack of sufficient cash flow in light of the low world oil prices, Marjaheen the arrival of oil prices to below $ 10 a barrel, as pointed out that international banks and friendly countries may apologize for lending to Iraq to cope with its financial crisis because of the lack of real assurances the ability of the Iraqi government to repay debt in the future. He says a member of the economic and investment commission deputy Almamori proof, that Iraq will go through a severe financial crisis during the next two months, which may lead to a lack of staff salaries the timing of schedule, because of low world oil prices. He Mamouri told / JD /: that the solutions the government of the current financial crisis and processors and threats to the country does not do any good, including external borrowing, which may not be achieved because there is a crisis of confidence between the Iraqi government and international banks and even friendly countries of Iraq, as Iraq may not be able to pay its debts in the future for not the existence of an integrated infrastructure in addition to the LACK OF PRODUCTIVITY OF VITAL SECTORS CAN BE AN ALTERNATIVE TO OIL, SUCH AS AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRY AND TOURISM, AS WELL AS WHO IS WAGING WAR AGAINST IRAQ AND THE TERRORIST GANGS THAT NEED TO BE BIG MONEY. He continued, so the international banks apologize for Iraq if he asked her to lend to face the financial crisis or to fill the budget deficit, calling on the government to resort to other alternatives other than oil, including a focus on productive sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism as well as the awareness of citizens and instil confidence in it in order to deposit his money in Iraqi banks on the grounds that there is also a crisis of confidence between the government and local banks on the one hand and between the Iraqi citizen on the other. The member of the parliamentary Economic Committee on the government to invest the border crossing points and activating the levies for some service organizations, as well as fees and taxes. As a member of the Finance Committee MP Ahmad Rashid stressed that "the economic situation may be confusing but bridging the fiscal deficit is a real dilemma, noting that" there are several measures of the government to overcome this crisis and is now in the process of study, including raising taxes and the value of the currency for the purpose of bridging the budget deficit . He told / JD / "The government is going to have all the answers and simple proportions even not be the there are gaps or heavy burden on the citizen. He noted that "the country to the brink of bankruptcy as a result of the financial crisis and low oil prices," likely the arrival of oil prices below $ 10. It is noteworthy that, oil prices witnessed over the past week, a remarkable collapse which recorded the lowest level over the past 12 years since I arrived last Friday to $ 25 a barrel for the OPEC basket of crudes and less than $ 30 for Brent. The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said earlier that the government continues to search for sources of funding out of the economic crisis, including internal and external borrowing and taxation and activating the customs tariff and selling bonds, international and internal subscription and implementation of projects on credit. For its part, the Supreme religious authority warned of the collapse of the economic situation in the country, stressing that successive governments have wasted financial resources without the benefit them economically. The representative of the religious authority in the province of Karbala, Ahmed net during his speech at the Friday prayer sermon, that "everyone knows that Iraq has economic and financial elements of a strong state and what God blessed him of Yes various whether the potential of the minds and the arms of his sons or natural wealth in the ground and the face of it, but the successive governments of the country for decades did not work to harness this potential to serve the people and to provide a decent life for him, but most of its financial resources wasted in successive freaks and temporary dictators wars. " He said net "in recent years, despite emitted governments of free elections, but the situation has not changed for the better in a lot of areas, but increased the suffering of the citizens, many aspects of the Poor management and broad scale financial and administrative hand-corruption and security situations deteriorating the other hand, was prevented from investment potential of the country and financial resources for the sake of his children and their happiness service. " He called on the government to the need to find real alternatives and plans to address the financial crisis. Article Ends ************************************************************* Mnt Goat Monday Update - "To Activate the Non-Oil Productive Sectors in Iraq" Part 2 - 1/25/2016 Update: Abadi Economic Reforms In my last news letter I brought you news of the necessity for Iraq to coordinate with the WTO and to reform the Iraqi banking system. Now we hear news of Prime Abadi on Wednesday participating in the Davos World Economic Summit in Switzerland and meeting with the WTO president Jim Yong Kim. What do you think this meeting was all about? I quote from the article below – “"the Prime Minister met today, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and his entourage, were discussed during the meeting of the World Bank for Iraq SUPPORT EXPERTISE AND SIMPLIFICATION OF PROCEDURES AND ASSISTANCE FOR THE REFORM OF THE BANKING SYSTEM”. I need everyone to wake up and take off your blinders as to what is going on now in Iraq. The GOI is moving towards a global economy but there are procedures and banking practices that need to first be in place. How many times must I show you this in articles, SMP, MOU, etc before you believe it? You want to know why Iraq does not yet have a global currency…well here it is. I quote from the article below – World Bank President stressed that "Iraq's success is important to the whole world and they are ready for all that Iraq needs support in the experience." So do you think Iraq is about to go global with their currency? You tell me. I can’t give you an exact date but I will say that Abadi is moving aggressively in this direction and it will not be long. But let’s read the articles and listen to the news. They will tell us. Article Begins ABADI MEET WITH WORLD BANK PRESIDENT IN DAVOS ON THE SIDELINES OF THE WORLD ECONOMIC 1/21/2016 Information / BAGHDAD / ..He met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. Ebadi said Office in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, "the Prime Minister met today, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and his entourage, were discussed during the meeting of the World Bank for Iraq support expertise and simplification of procedures and assistance for the reform of the banking system and provide expertise resources management water. " The statement added that it "has been discussed participation of the World Bank experts in workshops and help reform the provinces to complete the transfer of powers in addition to their support for the reforms carried out by al-Abadi." For his part, World Bank President stressed that "Iraq's success is important to the whole world and they are ready for all that Iraq needs support in the experience." Article Ends Article Begins ACTIVATING THE PRODUCTION DOUBLES THE REVENUE FROM NON-OIL SECTORS 1/24/2016 BAGHDAD – Imad emirate called for an academic economist to activate the productive sectors which would achieve the increase in public revenues, particularly from non-oil sectors. He d. Imad al-Ani THAT CAN INCREASE OVERALL REVENUES, PARTICULARLY NON-OIL BY STARTING TO EXPLOIT THE AVAILABLE RESOURCES OF MINERAL RAW MATERIALS, PARTICULARLY NATURAL GAS RESOURCES in a way that Cbraaidat possible. And between access this objective by raising the level of properties of the State General Administration of land and real estate and property Other terms of effectiveness and efficiency, as well as the establishment of free zones and the optimum exploitation of the geographical position enjoyed by Iraq. He pointed to the need for investment properties Awqaf and Religious interest over activating the religious tourism, and management of public institutions and companies in accordance with the foundations of accounting standards and modern supply the government's share of the surplus profits. He pointed to the importance of the development of the government securities market in Iraq, to their importance in the financing of the general budget, as well as its important role in the economy and its many dimensions and this Macher him INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES IN IT, INDICATING THAT IT HAS MANY BENEFITS, PERHAPS THE MOST NOTABLE IT REPRESENTS A WIDE RANGE OF ACTION OF FISCAL POLICY THE IMPACT ON THE OVERALL FINANCIAL AND MONETARY VARIABLES, PARTICULARLY ON INTEREST RATES AND THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE LOCAL CURRENCY INFLATION. Concluded d. Imad al-Ani, saying: These procedures give ample space for the application of more efficient and effective monetary policy by the central bank's operations, as the government bond market while providing the opportunity for monetary authorities to achieve many related to the functions and activities of these authorities, benefits, and most important of these benefits and advantages that the existence of such markets help in the transition towards the use of indirect instruments of monetary policy management and, in particular, market operations. Article Ends Update: Fighting ISIS I present the article below on the latest news of the future efforts to retake Mosul. I quote from the article below – “US secretary of defense explained that the plan provides for the restoration of mosul through a double process, since Iraqi forces launched an offensive from the south, while chen iraqi Kurdish forces attacked from the north”. Now we know their basic strategy. This strategy was reviewed twice both in a Paris meeting with core coalition countries (and agreed to) and again in the Davos meeting. Article Begins CARTER'S PLAN FOR THE RESTORATION OF MOSUL: IRAQI FORCES IN THE SOUTH AND NORTH OF THE PESHMERGA ACCEPTABLE PLAN Friday 22-01-2016 Twilight News / US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Friday in Davos, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the same wave with the international coalition in the campaign against the organization of the Islamic state and the goal of the restoration of Mosul. Carter told reporters after his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister on the sidelines of the World Economic Summit in Davos that "conceivable (Abadi) to plan the battle" against the jihadists "are the same as those discussed by the beginning of the week in Paris." Carter was referring to a meeting of the core countries participating in the coalition against al-Islamic state Wednesday in Paris, which considered that the goal in Iraq now lies in the focus on the restoration of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, dominated by the organization in June 2014. US SECRETARY OF DEFENSE EXPLAINED THAT THE PLAN PROVIDES FOR THE RESTORATION OF MOSUL THROUGH A DOUBLE PROCESS, SINCE IRAQI FORCES LAUNCHED AN OFFENSIVE FROM THE SOUTH, WHILE CHEN IRAQI KURDISH FORCES ATTACKED FROM THE NORTH. Carter pointed out that "this plan acceptable to both Baghdad and Erbil," the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. He said that this "momentum born of the victory of the" Iraqi forces in Ramadi, "further support the benefit of Mr. Abadi, the Iraqi government." Carter pointed out that this creates for the Iraqi government "opportunities for further efforts", in parallel with the increase of the coalition military efforts, according to what has been agreed in Paris. He focused the Paris meeting to take advantage of the "Undo" jihadists organization of the Islamic state and to work on the hit "centers of influence" in tenderness and Mosul. Article Ends Article Begins MYSTERY SURROUNDS THE IRAQI POSITION ON THE DEPLOYMENT OF US TROOPS TO SECURE THE BORDER WITH SYRIA : 01/24/2016 Long-Presse / Baghdad Expects that the US deployment of "special forces" near the Iraqi-Syrian border in preparation for battle retrieval of Mosul "Daash". The new troops will come from Kuwait and will work on the separation of "Daash Iraq" from the other in Syria, according to the parliamentary committee for security and defense. Furthermore, it does not exclude the parties in opposition to the National Alliance of the United States, and hinting to the possibility of using "force" against any foreign military presence in Iraq. And speak other parties in the National Alliance for the existence of "quasi-consensus" within the Shiite bloc to reject Western interference in the country without government approval. Despite the rejection that reported by the Prime Minister for the deployment of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil, but mystery still surrounds the official Iraqi position about the American officials statements. Constipation border with Syria In turn, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Friday that the coalition led by the United States to fight "Daash" restore the cities of Mosul and tenderness, and that he will use "ground forces" in the framework of Strutijeth to achieve this. He said Carter, who was speaking in Davos, Switzerland, "we must eliminate them in two places and I would like to make progress in this regard as soon as possible." He said the coalition raids and bombs used to control the roads between the two cities and cutting off communications between them. "Of course this will separate the Iraqi theater of the Syrian theater." Carter said he will be sending more ground troops likely to support the existing forces there but also part of a strategy to mobilize local forces "and not try to solve them. For his part, says Mohammed al-Karbouli, a member of the parliamentary security committee, said that "liberalization of Mosul need to cut supplies coming from the Syrian tenderness controlled by Daash". It is likely Karbouli, in connection with the (range), that "the US 101 Airborne Division in that task." The 101st one of the elite units of the US military, and specializes in the use of helicopters to carry out offensive operations. Band phones, described as an atmosphere of more American teams and a number of 16 thousand troops and 270 Apache attack helicopters and Black Hawk helicopters and Chinook helicopters and contributed to the Kuwait war in 1991 and the Iraq war in 2003. In late 2015 quoted (Army Times) American military, for military leaders as saying that "the headquarters of Task Force 101 in Kentucky will move to Kuwait, to lead combat missions and operations training and consulting Iraqi security forces during the battles for nine months." Gen. Gary Viluxa, the division commander, confirmed that "the primary concern for the past three months was the study of the situation in Iraq." He pointed out that "the band mission in Iraq will start with the beginning of next year." Forces free...! The Iraqi government, in turn confirmed a month ago that any deployment of foreign troops on Iraqi soil needs to coordinate with them. He said al-Abadi deploy troops without the consent of his government "is hostile." But Karbouli says that "the government agreed to the international coalition, and the new force will be part of that alliance," adding that "the new forces are not wild in the conventional sense, but rather the quality of forces will have a special mission." The president of the parliamentary bloc solution rejected the deployment of US forces Iraq to fight Daash that he "would be an incorrect decision." Karbouli says that "American power will provide free of weapons and control of the border 24 hours, with Iraq desperately needs so he was facing a financial crisis." Member of the Commission on Security asserts that "Daash still fighting fiercely in Anbar and Salahuddin, despite victories in Ramadi and Tikrit," stressing that "Iraq needs US intervention to resolve the battles there and reduce the loss of local forces." He says a member of the Union forces, the most prominent Sunni blocs, "The United States is responsible for the chaos in Iraq and the correct mistakes," but he corrects saying "Anscheran for a new occupation, but they are created from the problems and addressed them." Liberal: Snquaomanm again In parallel confirms Deputy for the Sadrist movement that "resistance factions would expel US forces as it did previously unknown, if entered in spite of the government." The MP Mazen Mezni, a member of the Liberal bloc in an interview (range), that "the deployment of Western troops in Iraq would be a steal for victories popular crowd." Mezni added that "the Iraqi forces and the crowd does not need foreign troops, especially as it has its own editing a number of cities." On the other hand confirms the Liberal bloc member that "the National Alliance agreed almost entirely to reject the deployment of foreign troops, and that the head of government is part of that alliance." He called the Sadrist bloc member US forces to "refrain from interfering in the affairs of Iraq," pointing out that "Iraq does not need even Astbartah to information from Washington and have to leave us and leave." The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr suspended, the end of 2015, on news the deployment of US forces in Iraq as "rejects any kind of interference, whether land or air or even freely." Citizen: accept conditions On the other hand says MP Habib Terminal, a spokesman for the citizen's parliamentary bloc, said that "there is an agreement between the government and all political forces to reject any interference RSVP without government approval." And confirms Terminal, through a statement with the (range), that "the government does not yet apply to the deployment of US forces in Iraq." But he said, "would be in favor of the citizen block any effort in supporting Iraq fighter Daash condition the government's approval." Terminal ruled out that the United States of meddling in Iraq without the approval of his government, expecting that "the United States would not violate the security agreement signed between the two countries." Article Ends One more item today: Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing. Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow. “Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and Coalition Soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be Victorious against them! We ask that the Victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin! We pray for the process of the currency reform, the full implementation of the Iraqi economy to full international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“ Amen! Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  2. Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - "We Must Re-focus and Pay Attention" - 12/09/2015 Part 1 of 2 Thank you George for sending this to D.Recaps.) UU6843 –“ We Must Re-focus and Pay Attention “ by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, So today I am writing a short and to the point news letter. There is not a lot of new current news concerning the currency reform and the needed laws. Until Abadi solidifies his reform coalition these last remaining needed laws will just sit there on the shelf and collect dust. Today’s News Today is Wednesday December 9th and yes we are now entering the second week of December already and still no RV. Many events seem to converge on the month of December, and in particular mid December, so let’s pay close attention to what is happening this month. I believe in retrospect we will say this was a very significant month. Update: Currency Reform I want to keep all of us focused on currency reform. Right now this is exactly what we should be watching in expectation of the launching of the lower denominations. Many sources have told me the plan of the CBI is to launch the lower denominations sometime before or by the end of the year. Will it occur? We can only wait and watch. Can I scream it any louder, again and again watch for ….CURRENCY REFORM….. CURRENCY REFORM ! So in my last news letter dated 12/7, I had to clarify 4 points once again that many where still VERY confused over. One of these items reviewed the currency auctions and I presented to you an article at that time topic. Did you read the article? Did you learn anything from it? So today we get yet another article on the same topic. As I keep saying – if the government or the CBI has multiple articles on the same topic all in just a matter of days it means they are concerned and thus this is where we should then focus our attention. They are about to do something in this area. So what are they about to do with the currency auctions? Months ago the CBI told us the currency auctions would be scaled down and by end of the year 2015 they would end. We are just weeks away. Now we see a member of the finance ministry, Majida al-Tamimi, being out spoken about the practices in these past auctions and how the selling of the Iraqi currency and its corruption has held back its true value from being realized. I quote from today’s article below - “pointed out the need to abolish auction currency called to distance his administration from quotas partisan and political” Tamimi also questions if other neighboring countries have currency auctions. They do not and it is a rhetorical question. I quote again from the article below - " stressing the necessity to run the central bank by specialists in the economy and financial sectors and not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of the Iraq economy”. So we see Tamami also does not like how the CBI is now being run. She feels the need for much more expertise. She sees corruption in the money auctions. So like I said I do not believe Dr Shabibi is back at the helm. He may poke his head up once in a while, give his opinion but he IS NOT RUNNING THE CBI ! This article alone is very strong evidence of it. I have presented evidence before but many still doubt what I say. Article Begins TAMIMI: AUCTION CURRENCY DESTROYED IRAQ'S ECONOMY 08/12/2015 BAGHDAD / JD / .. criticized a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi current Central Bank, as pointed out the need to abolish auction currency called to distance his administration from quotas partisan and political. She said Tamimi, a statement posted on its official website and seen by Agency / KD / The quotas political and partisan confound the work of government institutions, particularly the economic ones, "stressing" the necessity to run the central bank by specialists economy and money, not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of Iraq's economy. "She said al-Tamimi said the currency auction in a large increase in spite of our pleas to the many Bank Central need to reduce the sales of hard currency, especially since these sales sometimes be covered by the reserve value negatively affect the quantity, "emphasizing" the importance of maintaining the size of the reserve and in line with international standards. "The eye that" there is a great imbalance in the auction currency "which showed that the central bank customers from the private sector are buying the dollar at the official rate under the pretext of covering imports State and this move carry an imbalance intentional, the fact that the sale of the dollar at the official rate goes into the pockets of corrupt" .ostgrepett Tamimi of the "insistence of the central bank to hold an auction of currency", wondering "Is there in the neighboring countries of the coin auction as is the case in Iraq / end / 22 Article Ends Article Begins TAMIMI STRESSES THE ABOLITION OF THE CURRENCY AUCTION AND KEEP THE CENTRAL BANK FROM QUOTAS Baghdad- criticized a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi current Central Bank, "stressing" the need to cancel the auction currency and the dimensions of Directors of the Bank for quotas partisan and political. " Said al-Tamimi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq a copy of it, that "political and partisan quotas confused the work of government institutions, particularly the economic ones," stressing "the necessity to run the central bank by specialists economy and money, not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of the economy Iraq. "Tamimi said and explained," currency auction in a large increase in spite of our pleas many of the Central Bank of the need to reduce the sales of hard currency, especially since these sales sometimes be covered by the reserve value negatively affect the quantity, "stressing the" importance of maintaining the size of the reserve and in line with international standards. "It pointed out that" there is a great imbalance in the currency auction, "noting that" the central bank customers from the private sector are buying the dollar at the official rate under the pretext of covering imports State and this move carry an imbalance intentional, the fact that the sale of the dollar at the official rate goes into the pockets corrupt. "and was amazed Tamimi of the" insistence of the central bank to hold an auction of the currency, "she wondered," Is there in the neighboring countries, an auction of the coin as is the case in Iraq. ​ "and raised suspicions of corruption and operations of laundering money through the central bank auction where announced, specialized issues of integrity and crime a misdemeanor court Economic and money laundering, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and a fine against officials in the Rafidain and North after being convicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, a banner earlier in the presence of 20 defendants in this some issues largely chairman. "The Federal Court Supreme, announced on the sixth of July, several articles unconstitutional in budget 2015 law, including Article 50, the judge to "compel the Central Bank identifies sales of hard currency [the dollar] in its daily auction ceiling does not exceed $ 75 million a day." with the exception of the Governor Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, the court's decision as "came in accordance with the Constitution and the Law on the Central Bank, which is a great importance because of its impact in promoting and supporting the independence of the Bank and remove him from influencing the policies and decisions." The relationships declared in 20 of the month of November last that the bank reserves foreign exchange of 60 billion dollars, "adding that" enough for six months, "noting that" the Central Bank is working on the application of parallel policy to maintain the overall stability of prices and curb inflation, " Article Ends Article Begins AN URGENT NEED FOR ACTION TO RAISE THE VALUE OF THE DINAR IN THE EXCHANGE Dec 6, 2015 BAGHDAD - Imad emirate There are economic convinced strong that the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate with a surplus in the balance of payments reflects the fact that the national currency undervalued real value, so there is an urgent need for action to raise the value of the dinar in the exchange market through direct and constant intervention of the Central Bank Iraq to reduce the sale price of the dollar against the dinar in the currency auction. This form-oriented basis points in the direction of strengthening the exchange value of the dinar against the dollar, by taking administrative decisions in a row by the monetary authority, this argument completely intact from the point of this analysis Aloguetsada.dmn oriented academic d said. Awad Fadhil importance of this road in the exchange rate management to be desirable high domestic inflation rate, and raise the value of national currency against the dollar from 2004 until the first quarter of 2010 was in line with the objective to be achieved, a stop the rise in the general level of prices, and strive to reduce the rate of inflation at acceptable levels economically, but who got to the monetary authority continued to approach raising the value of the dinar against the dollar (ie reduce the value of the dollar denominated in dinars) after the decline in the rate of inflation and to control it and install the official exchange rate at a level may not necessarily reflect the level of equilibrium in the market. And when you return to economic indicators easily realize that increasing the degree of intervention in the exchange market and the persistent administrative move towards the low value of the dollar or the selling price was not officially compatible with fundamentals Alkla.ooodh d.Awad when devoting the vast proportion of resources in favor of consumption this with limited capacity in the absorptive INVESTING energy, low competitiveness of industries producing goods traded (except oil), and the tyranny of service activities and the acceleration of price levels and the high level of unemployment and the decline in the relative productivity of industrial and agricultural sector and high production costs All of this leads to the effect brake on Aloguetsad.utaba development: It is practically impossible that a single monetary tool you can achieve more than one goal has not been used other tools to achieve especially necessary adjustments both financial and structural including help to put the economy on track, the dosing sequence in adjust the exchange rate administratively was in itself incompatible with the economy as a whole as a result of this situation that eventually become the national market value of the national currency is determined in response to market forces, which in turn reflect the economic and political situation in the country is desired. It is normal in this case to become the nominal exchange local currency denominated higher than its market value any higher than its equilibrium, reflecting the possibility of the dinar exchange in the market price moved to a lower level than the level at which settled upon by government intervention and the imposition of decision Aladarei.okhls to say: This economic vision strengthened through the big difference between the dollar sale scheduled to price in a market auction Central Bank and its price generated in the free market by supply and demand forces of reaction, since no longer the difference confined to the rank of decimal but exceeded for up to two places decimal places, and so is no longer within the limits or economically acceptable ranges at the international level and Mahla.alomr other is that private demand for the national currency prevailing market price or the current is less than the total special offer, and that the central bank intervenes in the foreign exchange market to buy the difference in order to support the local currency internationally. This shows clearly that the Iraqi Central Bank intervenes to artificially create intentional or on the request of the national currency against the Show more foreign currency, so that the quantity purchased from the local currency, which was higher than can be purchased in normal circumstances to sustain high and stable exchange rate. Article Ends Discontinuing the money auctions at the end of December So now here is the juicy part of today’s news. More FACTS - The CBI has told us in two articles already, one of which I presented to you in my past news letter, that they will scale down the money auctions to the point of discontinuing them at the end of this year (meaning the end of 2015). Do you really understand what the auctions do for Iraq? The CBI sells dinar at these auctions for US dollars. This helps increase the CBI reserves. Countries do not keep their own currencies in their reserves. Instead they keep valuable, stable currencies of other countries. Thus Iraq wants to collect US dollars. But the corruption in the auctions is that the currency is being sold at an undervalued rate. This is at the heart of the problem. This is what is driving down the rate. Let’s now look at a recent article I provided below. It is from a financial expert in Iraq. The most interesting part of the article below is when the financial expert says and I quote – “calling on the central bank to the need to implement the project to delete the three zeroes instead of resorting to the issuance of new editions (referring to the 50k, 100k and 500 notes) may affect the trade balance in the market”. ***************************************************************************** Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - "We Must Re-focus and Pay Attention" - 12/09/2015 .. Part 2 of 2 So what will happen when the currency auctions do end...? What will happen when 2016 comes rolling around and we have not yet seen any significant increase in the IQD rate? Will they still re-launch the 50k notes and launch the 100k notes as they told us they will do? So I want everyone reading this news letter to realize that the news about the revaluation of currency focus should be on the actions of the CBI and the statements made by the Finance Ministry. The value of Yuan in China or the value of the Canadian dollar does not matter to us. No one is exchanging ZIM or any other currency at any significant increase. Jut ask them to tell you the bank so you can go exchange too and see how they fumble for an answer. This is all nonsense and only shows to me these intel providers are shooting at straws to get some news to bring you. They do not have a pulse on what is really happening in this area of currency reform. They are all bent on just giving you this hyped up nonsense news. All these other issues we seem to be bent on focusing our attention and effort on have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with revaluing the IQD nor impact its value. Plain and simply put, the increase of the value of the dinar is dependent on four main factors: 1. The ability of the CBI to manage its value – must get the value to a 1:1 in order to see the full RV. 2. The prevention of money laundering and counterfeiting – directly effects it value 3. The security measures being taken in Iraq – need level of stability to allow it, the GOI must sign off 4. The Reconciliation efforts in Iraq – need laws to implement resolutions to agreed promised by GOI to allow it. The GOI must sign off. I wish I could eliminate any one or more of these items from the list and tell you any of them are “all done”. Any or all of them could still have a major impact at this timing of the RV. But let us focus on today’s news for this is what we do know for sure. So what happened in mid November...? We witnessed an enormous amount of activity towards the movement of the “project to delete the zeros”. Then suddenly is got all quite again on this topic. This is where we are now. So what happened? We need to address this today since I had a very long talk with my contact in the CBI and what they are attempting to do and were driving towards since November. When did it get so quite...? It got very quite on this topic right after the CBI announced is was going to “postpone” (or “halt” ) the further launching of the 50k notes until 2016. This was is the last week on November. Why did they do this? All we know about this subject matter is what they tell us in the news. No one can read their minds. So what they told me is the launching of the 50k notes was not as successful as they had hoped. It did not serve its overall purpose and was met with much resistance. The citizens do not want more of the same 3 zero notes. Now they are telling us the money auctions are driving down the rate of the dinar and is that RESISTANCE FACTOR they must overcome. There is no alternative now but to launch the lower denominations and to drive the rate up somehow for the next step in the process to work. But how do they do this...? If you have been paying attention the only conclusion to this news now is in two different, closely dated articles. They are trying to figure out what is holding back the rate of the dinar. They are indirectly telling us they know they need to raise the rate and we all know darn well this rate must be a 1:1 par with the US dollar since they have told us this over and over again [yet many of you deny it because you are stuck in your heads on the fact this is going to be the RV and I keep telling you do not mix apples with oranges. This is NOT the RV but a measure being taken to combat inflation and kick start the process. The RV comes later once the 1:1 rate is reached]. Please get out of this thinking and do mind shift. It will help you understand this entire process better. Are you opened minded now to listen...? So by taking all this information I just told you we can see that they want to pop out these lower denominations but can’t until they get the rate under control and are able to raise its value to the required and planned rate, about a 1:1 par value to the US dollar. I say “about” because it does not have to be exact but close enough. But if there is more demand for the US dollar (thus a higher rate and demand for USD) then how do they overcome this? I can assure you they are brainstorming now as I write this news letter and are dying to launch the lower denominations any day now. So I am now hearing they may wait until very early in 2016. Why...? They may wait until the money auctions are over and watch the impact the scarcity of the currency has on the rate. Remember I told you that if you create scarcity of almost anything and the demand is still strong you will increase its value. So by getting rid of these money auctions they hope to create a shortage of the dinar. Remember the dilemma they are in. Let me spell it out for you now. But we have to take a step back in time to understand. Years ago they already have drawn in nearly 80-90 % of the 3 zero notes from inside Iraq. The CBI told us this so it is FACT. In 2012 they had hoped to RV. They gained the advantage at that time because the demand for the dinar was high since they artificially created the needed scarcity of the currency. The flow of US dollars had not yet filled the gap. Remember? This gap is the VERY IMPORTANT part I need to emphasize today. They need to recreate this gap somehow. This will drive up the rate of the dinar. But now since they let this opportunity slide by them in 2012 and its almost 3 years later, the US dollar has filled the gap left by the scarcity of the dinars. So on these money auctions they tried to draw in the dollars from the economy and artificially open up this gap once again thus creating a situation to get to a 1:1 value. This has been ongoing over and over again and we have seen them even increase the money auctions in the past without any success in this area. So now the tactics have to change. This tactic did not work for two reasons: 1) corruption in the private banks sold the dinar at undervalued rates at the auctions 2) some of the dinars ended up back into the streets. So what do they need to do now...? They first needed to draw in the dinars back into the CBI from the Iraqi in-country. The 50k notes were part of this solution. This event is not meant to directly increase the value but was hoped to begin the cycle of scarcity. At the same time if they stop the currency auctions this will also cause yet more scarcity of dinars. So they plan to end the currency auctions by the end of the year. They also just announced that they need a set of regulations to govern the future actions of the CBI and so we saw this set of regulations going before parliament soon for a vote and implementation. These regulations set strict rules for the money auctions and handling of the sale of currency. This they hope will eliminate corruption that seems to constantly drive down the rate of the dinar. Folks I do not know how to explain this any better. In order to fully understand what is going now in the CBI you have to remember the past news and put the pieces together with what we are now hearing in the news. It does all make sense and is all very logical. There are no “secret” sources or bank memos or screens that are going to tell you the timing of the RV. You surely don’t have to pay donations to some site either to tell you this. Instead all the information is out there for you to read for yourselves and learn. But remember it is a culmination of events over time that tells the story of this saga. If you are paying attention you can see the big picture. I am trying to do this for those of you that don’t have this ability and I resent the fact that these other idiots keeps messing with your minds to convince you it depends up some TRNs or what China or any other country is doing. How about watching Iraq? After all it is the Iraqi dinar we are watching to RV….right? So if you really want to know what is holding up any significant increase in the value of the IQD just follow the money, the money in Iraq. After all it is all about money and the money we are watching is the IQD ! All we can do now is sit back and wait and watch what happens next. Our focus must be on the actions of these two agencies – the CBI and the Finance Ministry. Update: Maliki Syndrome I thought all passports were invoked for all high level officials having any dealings with the Mosul and ISIS incident last June. How does Maliki now get to travel around and even worst receive 3 billion dinars from the Iraq people to cover his expenses? Maybe there is much more to this visit than meets the eye? We will just have to wait and see how it all works out. See article below. Article Begins PRESIDENCY OF THE REPUBLIC ACCOUNTS: VICE PRESIDENT NURI AL-MALIKI TO IRAN, THE EXPENSES OF THREE BILLION DINARS! Date: Tuesday 08/12/2015 13:43 A source in the Department of Finance reported to the Presidency of the Republic, the Vice President of the Republic asked the Department of Finance to conduct a three billion Iraqi dinars under the pretext of treatment expenses within the Republic of Iran. The source, who did not want to disclose his identity in a statement singled out our website on Tuesday: that Maliki although relieved of his post as vice president a sovereign decision, but that he had asked the amount of three billion dinars claims he used to handle himself during his tenure as vice president. He announced Nuri al-Maliki's office, the latter went to the Iranian capital Tehran to visit therapeutic, will continue for several days. "The last visit to Nuri al-Maliki to Iran was in August 2015, where he met with Iranian officials and discussed with them the latest security and political developments in Iraq and the region and as a result returned with many items on a promise list he was hopeful of regaining power and implement. Article Ends Update: Fighting ISIS Iraqi government forces Tuesday evening regained its headquarters operations in Anbar from the grip of Daash. and have now recaptured a key district in the city of Ramadi. It's a matter of days to control other districts in the heart of the city of Ramdi. So far they have retaken key districts like Tamim in the west, Albu Farraj and Albu Ziyab in the north, Tash and Anbar University in the south. These are key areas and this effort is looking very good. There is a lot of recent propaganda being put out about the negativity of Turkey or any US elite ground forces coming into Iraq. I can assure you it is all nonsense since there is a huge coalition of over 100,000 soldiers frm Turkey to sweep into these regions to assist. These are coalition soldiers and not some political maneuver from Trukey to split Iraq. The resistance (Maliki and his terrorists) of course are afraid of any assistance being given to Iraq of this nature. They will tell you all sorts of patriotic reasons why this should not happen. Oh – but what about their private militias who ran their own security forces to enforce their kind of corrupt law over the last 4 years in Iraq. Where was the patriotism then? You must put this all into perspective and know the propaganda machine is still putting out their version of the news. This is why I talked in one of my articles on how to differentiate between the garbage and reality. I hope you were listening. Let’s keep the daily prayers coming for the success of the fight against ISIS everywhere in the world. Praying does not mean we are weak. Instead it puts God on our side for the righteous and so how can you go wrong if God is on your side helping to protect the innocent and the helpless. It really comes down to loving all of the human race but we have a right to protect and defend ourselves against evil too. Article Begins URGENT .. IRAQI FORCES REGAIN "OPERATIONS ANBAR Twilight News / security sources reported on Tuesday evening that the Iraqi security forces regained its headquarters operations in Anbar from the grip of Daash. A security source said the Twilight News that he "was edited Anbar Operations Command headquarters north of Ramadi and in full control of the headquarters and raising the Iraqi flag above it." "The co-operation of the regiment commando operations Anbar attribution of tanks and tankers flying and the international coalition and the Iraqi" which was confirmed by other sources. The military media cell in a statement that the Anbar operations have killed dozens and destroyed the headquarters of a number of terrorist Daash in Albu Faraj Abu Diab area during the progress of the former headquarters of the Anbar operations in coordination with the international airline alliance. " Article Ends Article Begins IRAQ RETAKES RAMADI DISTRICT FROM ISIS AFP Iraqi security forces member in the town of Husayba, east of Ramadi (7 December 2015) Iraqi government forces have recaptured a key district in the city of Ramadi, which is controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State, officials say. The Counter-Terrorism Service said it had cleared the south-western area of Tamim on Tuesday after a fierce battle. Soldiers and militiamen have been preparing for months for a final assault on Ramadi, and recently told residents to leave the city centre. Ramadi was captured by ISIS in May in an embarrassing defeat for the Iraqi army. Last month, government forces completed their encirclement of the city when they retook the Palestine Bridge, which straddles the River Euphrates in the north-west. AFP Iraqi troops and pro-government militiamen have encircled Ramadi in recent months The move cut off IS militants inside Ramadi, about 90km (55 miles) west of Baghdad, from their strongholds elsewhere in Anbar province and in Syria. 'Mobile bridges' Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service spokesman Sabah al-Numani told the AFP news agency that after troops launched their assault on Tamim, IS militants "had no choice except to surrender or fight and they were completely destroyed". Anbar's police chief, Maj Gen Hadi Irzayij, also confirmed that Tamim, which is separated from the centre of Ramadi by a tributary of the Euphrates, had been retaken. It is the first significant incursion into Ramadi since the army dropped leaflets over the centre last week warning residents to leave. It's a matter of days to control other districts in the heart of the city," an Iraqi army source told the BBC. ​ We have retaken key districts like Tamim in the west, Albu Farraj and Albu Ziyab in the north, Tash and Anbar University in the south. The source said the key challenge now was how to approach the city centre, where roads and buildings were likely to have been rigged with bombs. AP A US-led coalition has been carrying out air strikes in support of the offensive "We are using mobile military bridges to cross the Euphrates to the city centre from the north and the west as the main bridges have been destroyed in the intense battles with the terrorists," the source added. the US military last month estimated there were between 600 and 1,000 IS militants in Ramadi. On Monday, the US-led coalition against ISIS said it had carried out six air strikes targeting the group's units, weaponry and positions in the Ramadi area. Article Ends One more item today: Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing. “Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and Coalition Soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be Victorious against them! We ask that the Victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin! Amen! Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  3. Stevel Update & Comments - 11/24/2015 Stevel: Greetings, I rarely do updates but wanted to share these articles and news. Look who is promoting the new currency and valuation now, yes Iraq themselves. These articles come from some very close friends of mine and wanted me to share. If you recall, Ray and I have shared our comments for months about no changes until ISIS is under control. These articles back that up 100% and makes our sources in Iraq some of the best credible sources anyone can have. Pack your bags and get ready. This is so "IN our faces". The IMF has told the world that they expect Iraq to re-enter the "market" before the first half of 2016. Now we have a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee while speaking about future revenue happen to say "oh, by the way the 1, 5, 10, 20 and 100 IQD notes are going to be distributed during 2016." ~~~ I am like "WOW". Do we just choose to not believe what we are being told?It certainly appears to me that they (Iraq, CBI, GOI) intend to change the value of the IQD...I believe, unlike previous years, and I have never liked dates, but in this case the window of opportunity starts January 1, 2016. Financial Parliament (time): next year the economic situation will not be different from the current – November 21, 2015 Private Bankers Association warns of cash crunch Financial Parliament (time): next year the economic situation will not be different from the current BAGHDAD – Tamara Abdul RazakParliamentary Finance Committee predicted not different economic situation for the next year for this, while the private banks association confirmed the possibility of financial distress traffic with low oil prices and increased government spending. Said committee member Mohammed Abdul Khaliq (time) yesterday that (the 2016 is no different from 2015 in the budget situation, there may be a slight difference industrial and agricultural loans in addition to projects that pay on credit and has also been a mechanism in place for private sector companies to contract and labor). He (there is not an economic crisis but a cash crisis due to low oil prices and the solutions lie in unpaid loans from the central bank as well as the payment term loans in addition to the issuance of the investment law in Iraq). He said that Abdul-Khaliq (the new currency trading category 50 000 dinars, where specifications are difficult to falsify being printed at a global and specialized companies As for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars premature Valammer). Stressing that (based on the dinar exchange rate, particularly that protected reserve role to maintain the exchange rate and the purchasing power in this case is not affected because there is a very large reserve). Adding that (the dinar exchange rate against the dollar will not be a change if the central bank continued to provide the need of dollar traders and those who need these currency). He pointed out that (deletion of zeros from the dinar was discussed a meeting held at the central bank and this decision may exhibit some of the negatives and deferred for the time being). The director of the Association of private banks Ali Tariq (time) yesterday (next year will see significant financial hardship and fall in oil prices will increase government expenditures), he said (there are certain things several State followed to avoid economic disaster which reduce government expenditures and the expansion of the collection of customs and tax any obtained from eligible and not raise their value since there are more than 50 percent of the traders do not pay customs duty and tax for one reason or another as well as providing appropriate) investment environment. He pointed out that (the central bank next year will present another new currency worth 100 000 dinars and then followed the process of deleting the zeros currency in circulation is to be one dinar and 5 dinars and 10 dinars and 25 dinars and 100 dinars). He pointed out that (the dinar exchange rate stable against the dollar and the value of 1220 dinars to the dollar will be stable throughout the year). The economic expert contrary goldsmith said (time) yesterday (thousand new dinars, the 50 category which was approved reprinted contribute significantly to ease circulated and traded between traders and shoppers as well as they constitute facilitate financial transactions in economic activity within the market process). He pointed out that (the decision to issue currency not related to the process or raise the value of the dinar plan, because raising the value depends on the increased economic activity of the country and domestic production multi-species in all sectors. When it increased the country's activity and production increased value of the dinar worldwide). He added that the (main objective of issuing currency to facilitate daily transactions, especially that the country does not have the significant digits in the dinar). He explained that (the authorities concerned to do the decision to delete the zeros and it contributes significantly to the process of reading the amounts documented in the financial accounts and in particular it aims to facilitate this process). ------------------------------------ Parliamentary Economy: delete the zeros need a safe environment and next year will see the issuance of a class of 100 thousand dinars BAGHDAD / Ali Al-Shammari 11/22/2015 A commission parliamentary economy, on Saturday, for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars cash currency early next year in order to market need to handle them, pointing out that legal action properly and in conformity with the laws of the central bank, while stressing specialists in economic affairs that the issuance of the big currencies, whether of class 50 100 000 dinars, or is part of a large project to restructure the Iraqi currency. Said committee member economy parliamentary Najiba Najib said in an interview to the "long" that there is a tendency to issue small groups also categories of 50 and 100 dinars. And for the project to delete the zeros confirmed Najib said "the Iraqi Central Bank completed the previously all preparations for the project, indicating that it" has been postponed because of the situation security is stable "in what it said that" the application of the project to delete the zeros needs to assign by the government and parliament to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country because the ground current is suitable for the implementation of such a project. "said Najib that" the subject of deletion of zeros is linked to the security situation closely because it will include all operating in the country banks to receive the old currency and replaced by the new and the old collection and destruction of pointing out the difficulty of the success of that process in the provinces experiencing control Daash parts of them. "The central bank announced in the (November 11, 2015) for issuing new cash paper category 50 thousand dinars, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation. For his part, counting the economic expert on behalf of Anton in an interview with the "long" that the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable, stressing that "the change the Central Bank of Iraq administration caused the postponement of this project, "said Anton that" the issuance of large denominations will reduce trading in foreign currency and facilitate the transfer of large sums of money from one place to another process. "He explained that" the current currency consumed much of it because of dealing directly without relying Visa card, as in most countries and that a large currency will facilitate banks and companies work and reduces the number of Trustees of the Fund in. "He called Antoine" the central bank to explain the cause of the issuance of the large cash currency through educational seminars to prevent cases of concern in the Iraqi market and the fear of issuance Because of the weakness of the culture of this topic ", stressing that" the currency and medium of exchange nor a target and weaknesses and strength are linked to the country's economy. "said the governor of the bank on the Keywords in the (3 March 2015) that the project to delete the zeros existing project has been put into practice and that gave light Green to start with, "he said." The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more. " LINK Stevel: You all have a very safe holiday and we will update you as we learn more. This info is just huge. These also assure me that yes, the time has come and start preparing for our lives to change. Blessings until our next update. Steve buck72801: Economy Monday 23 November 2015 | 12:48 | Number of readings: 328 Economist: Central Bank refused to distribution of salaries in dollars "correct decision" BAGHDAD / ... considered the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Monday, the central bank rejected a proposal to the employees' salaries or part of the distribution of the dollar as a "correct decision", among that raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar needs to be other economic steps TheWoods: Thanks for asking me to elaborate on my opinion, sorry about the delay, Anyway... I'm saying that the CBI is right. The dinar will NOT go up in value, if they disperse salaries in dollars. Iraqi's prefer dollars now, and they are trying to get away from that. Not to mention, to be "sovereign" they can't use (WB or IMF guidelines, i forget which one) dual currencies, except for oil & remittances, if they are to be a part of that/those organizations... And the "Other steps" they speak of, we all know what they should & will Be - Lord willing! imho not so humble huh??? "we have a national currency and the distribution of the dollar affects the sovereignty of the country and will create many distortions in the market and will face accountants, bankers have great difficulty Regardless salaries. " Stevel: This is a very good thing. We all want Iraq to use their own currency. If they switch to the USD, then we would have some or many concerns. The people are sick and tired of hearing about how great their currency is going to be but yet still nothing is done about it, yet! I love the yet. The yet is next. Have a safe Thanksgiving and enjoy your travels. Blessings, Steve
  4. Wednesday Mnt Goat Update - "More WOW!!! News" - 11/11/2015 (Part 1 of 2) UU6831 –“ More WOW!!! News “ by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, I want to wish everyone in USA a Happy Veterans day and to all members who served, not only in USA forces, but in any armed forces around the globe, in any country that supports freedom, compassion and love – Thank You! Being a prior member of the armed forces myself for many years I am fully aware of the sacrifice and dedication that is needed. Often while on military leave, upon returning home, you see a different perspective on the place you left behind. Sometimes you witness the folks going about their daily lives, their comfortable jobs and just living and enjoying their families. While your life is turned upside down fighting the bad guys and living often in harsh conditions. But you persevere and you sacrifice because you know there are going to be better days when it is all over. Soon someday this day does come and you are discharged. But the bad guys never seem to go away. I now have my own family and we live in southern Germany now. I do enjoy the freedoms and I have two children and a loving hubby. Our business is good for our Gasthaus. We do not ask for much. Simply raising our children and having opportunities and money to enjoy my family is all I ask. What is wrong with just living simple and enjoying the small things. These so called small things may be small to others but I have come to realize I could not live without them. They are HUGE for me. They include my favorite hikes up the mountains, the peaceful times when I can sit with my two girls or watch them play in the alpine meadow, and then what about the loving hands of my hubby as he gracefully stokes my hair, looks kindly into my eyes and I know he loves me dearly. This is all simple freedom. Some say that FREEDOM is not cheap and there is price to pay for it. I say they are foolish idiots. FREEDOM is totally FREE and there is no price for it. God has given us this gift. It is us who take it for granted and abuse it upon our fellow human beings. It is we who are stupid. We throw this gift away and then think we have to fight to get it back. We never learn our lesson and it seems we keep throwing it away and keep fighting to get it back. We teach our children too that violence is being strong, that offense is the best defense. We spend so many hours a day watching violent TV and we keep telling ourselves it is only entertainment. Really? Do you not think this violence impacts your moods, dreams, and reactions? Could it maybe be at the root of some of the violence? So why do be let it continue? Some say it is our freedom to watch what we want. Again I say to this we throw away our freedom by our daily choices and then we wonder later where it has gone. How about thinking about these choices for a change and realize they may be the wrong choices? It is totally up to us as to know that this FREEDOM is a privilege only God has given us. Like so many privileges we do not understand the responsibility that comes along with them. Yes- it is a responsibility as to how you decide to treat other human beings. You always have a choice. You can decide to treat others with dignity and unselfish love or you can let those evil desires take control over you. There is always a choice and you just have to realize this choice too is part of the FREEDOM. I am not saying it is always easy. I know it is hard. Oh boy there are times when I would just like too hammer someone. But in respect I reframe and remember they may not realize they have just hurt me so much and sometimes a not so violent reminder like a kind word does more good then harm. Unfortunately there are those that do not realize this gift and do not want to work for opportunities to get ahead. They are lazy and would rather use excuses (like religion and ideals) for this laziness to plunder and take what is rightfully not theirs and others work hard to get. They abuse their own freedom. We see it now in this terrorism movement. If nothing else during this terrorist crisis you all need to truly understand the motives behind this terrorism movement. Learn for yourselves but make sure you truly know the true motives and not just the ideals and propaganda used to recruit. In doing so you will see just this laziness and extreme need and struggle for world control, dominance and power and once again the plundering of the world’s wealth. There is nothing else. There is really no high and almighty ideals of freedom fighting involved or protecting loving families. Plain and simple - it is a struggle of greed and power. So many of you now might be asking - what does this lecture on choices and freedom have to do with Veterans day? To all you who have to ask yourselves this question all I can say is this is my point. We simply do not understand what freedom is and truly how to be free. So on this occasion of Veterans day I want to say - War is hell on earth and is evil. It should be banned permanently from the face of the earth. This should be the basis for all discussions on this matter. You want to truly understand war? Then join the military and get sent to the front lines. Or better yet have one of you own children go to war and lose that child. Or maybe experience having one of your siblings injured and see how it impacts his/her life. Yes- these are parts of the sacrifices we mention so many times. I guarantee you will soon become an anti-war activists. There is nothing wrong with peaceful people or those apposed to war. Since this should be our natural state and someday we can become this too. Yes we can all truly be free. But this will not happen in supporting violent TV shows, video games, sports or any activity that fosters these tools of brainwashing of violence. We have become a violent society. Do you wonder why? It is up to us to tone down this violence. In fact it is part of our responsibility of our freedom to do so. You want to talk about freedom and preserving it? Well this is it. So often we ask where does all this perpetual war come from? When will we finally have peace? All I can say is in my life so far I have come to realize that it all begins at home with each and everyone of us. When will we finally have peace on earth? We will have peace when enough of us truly want it. It is really that simple! Today’s News Today is Wednesday November 11th. I know I just wrote a news letter yesterday but all the news is just so good I had to come to you again and tell you about what is now happening. ************************************************ "More WOW!!! News" - 11/11/2015 (Part 2 of 2) Today’s News Today is Wednesday November 11th. I know I just wrote a news letter yesterday but all the news is just so good I had to come to you again and tell you about what is now happening. Can we possibly see an RV this coming weekend? I hesitate to give a timeframe so close to seeing many other events, that I believe still must happen prior to any RV, however I will say that the news on the currency reform subject matter is just amazing and all of it is just what we should expect prior to any RV. From it all we know that we are very, very close to something happening in regards to the currency of Iraq. We are soon moving into the third week of November already and we see this movement to get the budget completed by the end of the month. We are also now witnessing new pro-reform blocks arising. These new blocks have been the handy work of the Sadarist, Kurds, Hamid and of course orchestrated by Abadi. I fully believe that they are doing this in order to slowly over take those apposing a free Iraq such as all these so called Abadi reforms will bring. This new movement will create such a majority in parliament it will quicken the pace of the reform movement and we will finally see the needed laws that have been stalled. I presented the article below. NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS. I like this article because it is telling us many things that we suspected already. First it is telling us the mandate to withdrawal confidence from the Abadi gov’t will not happen and I quote from the article - “withdrawal of the parliamentary mandate of the head of government, except for the issuance of some individual statements of some of the characters that may not represent the opinion of a particular” So all this garbage about any withdrawal of Abadi’s govt is just that – propaganda and foolishness from Maliki and his goons. Again I quote from the article – “Revealed political sources, what it called the invisible hands which is seeking to block government reforms, indicating that the majority of those who damaged their interests and have lost their privileges by the implementation or the issuance of a number of decisions which they considered a violation of the mandate granted by Parliament to Ebadi as prime minister. Remember everyone I told you to look for a breakup of the Dowa party and the State law coalition. This is happening as I write this news letter. This would have to happen to segregate Maliki and his goons yet more and isolate them politically. Looks like Maliki will no longer be heading the Dowa party. What does this all mean? As I said in prior news letters too this isolation makes Maliki and his goons very venerable to the justice system since they no longer have any real political base to stand on. Also with the passing of the Parties law, this is the final nail in his coffin since the Dowa party or any party member for that matter can not longer support him due to his military affiliation. Since he was acting commander and chief of the armed forces in Iraq (refused to designate a permanent defense minister) he is automatically excluded from politics. Maliki must be brought down prior to any RV. I still FIRMLY stand my ground on this conviction. Why? Because this will be the end to the Iranian influence, the level of influence that has disrupted and corrupted Iraq since the beginning of post war and the pulling out of USA troops in Dec 2011. It is time for a new Iraq! We have been told over and over again this Iranian influence and its connection to terrorism and corruption in Iraq MUST END prior to getting fully out of sanctions. What is left for sanctions over Iraq? Just the giving back their currency under Article 8 of Chapter VII sanctions. So do you see the connection? In my last news letter (LINK) I also mentioned news of a swat team now being formed to serve arrest warrants on these “high” ranking officials for crimes as evidenced in the files from Chalibi. This is all happening so fast. We watch for this news in the coming days too. Article Begins ​ ABADI POLITICAL MOBILITY LEADS TO THE FORMATION OF PRO-BLOCKS REFORMS 11/11/2015 A visit by the prime minister and the speaker of parliament to Najaf to meet with religious authorities there, mixed reactions in the popular and political circles, accompanied by visions variation on the implementation of government paper reform and anti-corruption campaign launched by the Prime Minister recently decisions, some led to the threat of the need to re-demarcation of the relationship between the three authorities and arrangement of the powers in accordance with the the meantime, see the corridors of Parliament Achtdada political ferment and split the parliamentary blocs into two streams, one in favor and supportive of the government and another conservative on some of those decisions and the mechanism for its implementation, which he described as «were not responsive to the ambitious». According to sources close to the government, the prime minister is leading a quiet political mobility and an undeclared form a parliamentary bloc in support of his government to ensure the implementation of reforms and pass laws and legislation in the House of Representatives away from obstacles differences and rivalries between the political blocs. Revealed political sources {morning}, what it called »invisible hands» which is seeking to block government reforms, indicating that the majority of those who damaged their interests and have lost their privileges by the implementation or the issuance of a number of decisions which they considered a violation of the mandate granted by Parliament to Ebadi as prime minister. In the midst of these interactions, it did not announce any block so far and officially for real mobility for the withdrawal of the parliamentary mandate of the head of government, except for the issuance of some individual statements of some of the characters that may not represent the opinion of a particular block. لا مواقف مضادة للحكومة No anti-government positions The leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, Hamid burdensome, denied in an exclusive interview with «morning», the existence of any permit or formal talk of any party adopts an anti-government stance or reforms approved by pointing to the existence of some of the deputies who share in some reservations and observations, expressing It hoped that exceeded there to be real and meaningful, useful and fruitful reform process, stressing rejection of any party and its mass stand against reform or rejected or hindered. ورقة المجلس الاعلى Sheet of the Supreme Council He revealed burdensome for the most important paragraphs contained in the paper of the Supreme Council to support the government, noting that the Council had announced in advance, first and foremost is that the reforms in order to be realistic and real it is necessary to be unconstitutional and intersecting with the law so that it can not object to them from any of the parties political. He added that the second paragraph states that the reforms must be comprehensive and not partial or Trgiah lest he look just like to soak up the street congestion and response to the demands of a transient, but comes in the framework of an integrated vision of a package of reforms ». And the third paragraph, said the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, said he «must be balanced reforms and that has the support of all political forces to be based on a strong and stable base without being challenged and be the focus of controversy and give and take, so that Parliament could be passed easily». He added that the fourth paragraph indicates that the reforms must be radical, not cosmetic solution such as certain ministries, when we look at it realistically we find it just as the integration of the ministries remained ministries that are supposed to have been abolished and all its employees and their belongings ». انطباع القوى السياسية The impression of political forces And on reading the Parliament of government measures and reforms, Maaleh said the impression among some political forces is that the reforms «were not meet the ambitious», stressing that the current phase Witnessing political mobility in order to translate those reforms and head of government paper and develop a program to achieve its objectives which they were intended. He also stressed Maaleh need the government to support the parliament and support the parliamentary blocs to implement and pass legislation that supports the reforms, so there motionless sustained political with the prime minister, adding that the meeting, which was held last week and which was chaired by the Prime Minister with the political body of the National Alliance, was not a meeting in order to Collect supporters of the blocks present to the government, but rather was intended to reach understandings and communication between the political forces to be the House of Representatives on a line parallel with the government in its reform program, noting that consultations were on the level of heads of blocs and the presidencies of the executive and legislative authorities. القاعدة الداعمة للاصلاح Support base for reform He stressed the need to Maaleh that al-Qaeda Parliament in support of the march Government Reform provides, noting that the meeting was to discuss the demands made by the delegation of coalition forces, which were not not outside the framework of the political consensus paper, which was formed on the light of the government. He said Maaleh that there is confusion between the rumors about the withdrawal of the mandate of the government and the withdrawal of confidence, saying, «We do not know whether this confused intentional or unintentional», pointing out that the withdrawal of the authorization is the process of redrawing or three of the powers of the authorities to install rights so as not to invest vote the former on the reforms package beyond what is likely to bear the vote. Article Ends In my last news letter (LINK) I talked about many GOLDEN NUGGETs. Wow! In fact it seems almost weird how just in the last couple news letters I talked about looking for these signs to give an indication that an RV was on the near horizon. Do you remember these signs? Signs like Iraq telling of the project to delete the zeros, the launching of the lower denoms and coins, launching the 50k and 100k notes, float vs fixed, going international, etc, etc… So then what happened? Out pops all these articles in a matter of just days. Yes just days. All of them about the monetary reforms and setting up for the revaluation of the currency. I got to tell you I was not surprised since I expected this news any day and it had to come soon, since December is just around the corner. But I was shocked that this situation now could be so predicable and so logical. As a result of this news I know someone from Iraq news media is reading my news letters. Probably getting them tweeted or reading Dinar Recaps. So I then thank whomever delivered this news to us and I can ask to keep the news media real, honest and keep it coming….lol…. So in this regards today is Wednesday and out pops another one of these GOLDEN NUGGETs. I included the article below. This is one for the launching of the 50k notes. Again it WOWED me ! We know the CBI can not launch these notes without also soon launching the lower denominations and coins and they can not do this unless they also have some kind of revaluation or significant increase in the value of their currency. Something is going on here! Lets see in the coming days what comes from all these GOLDEN NUGGETs as of lately on the currency reform subject. Seems possible too that maybe an RV prior to December could happen after seeing all this news lately. The rate they are moving is amazing. Again it would not surprise me if they did move quicken even more on this currency reform program since the IMF has what they needed namely - the Investment law, cleaned up these money auctions, conducted IMF bank audits, Anti-money laundering bill, and soon a realistic 2016 budget, fully funded. Article Begins THE CENTRAL BANK ISSUED BANKNOTES FIFTY THOUSAND (50 000) DINARS CATEGORY Sumaria News / Baghdad Announced the Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, for issuing a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation, as he emphasized that it contains "structures against attempts at counterfeiting. Balastantsak." he said Bank in a statement received Alsumaria News, "it was issued banknotes category 50,000 thousand dinars dimensions of 65 mm width, 156 mm length, which is dominated by light brown except Framework decorations that took bold color," adding that "the purpose of the issuance is to complete Iraqi papers monetary structure and the development of high-value category in circulation. " Article Ends Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  5. Enorrste: Emphasizing A Few Interesting Points - 11/11/2015 The Central Bank Issued Banknotes Fifty Thousand Baghdad and babysit - The Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, for issuing a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation, as he emphasized that it contains "structures against attempts at counterfeiting Balastantsak". Enorrste: Once again we see that the plan is still in place, although delayed. We had expected to see this in August as I recall. Coming out now is just about consistent with our understanding of Iraq's delayed timing schedule. Enorrste: This confirms for me, in spades, that we will see the withdrawal of the 25000 notes during the next month or so, followed by a gradual reduction in the money supply total itself (value, as well as number of notes in circulation), thus setting up the scenario required to release the dinar to a free float. ~~~ Enorrste: I would not even be surprised to see a 100000 note come out within the next 45 days. All in all this is turning out to be a very good week. Enorrste More Comments On ARTICLE: Experts called on the government to take the advice of the Federal Reserve and are demanding monitors currency auction Enorrste: There are a few interesting points that I read in this article that I would like to emphasize. (Article in full posted below comments) Enorrste: The first point is that the intervention of the US into Iraqi affairs is, first and foremost, given to stop dollars from going to Iran and/or Isis from Iraq. This is why they are recommending the discontinuance of the auctions. Enorrste: The second point is that it is clear from this article that the CBI has failed to move forward, in spite of its saying that it wants to move forward, largely out of fear of failure. The article specifically states that they are afraid to unpeg the dinar out of fear that it will fall in value rather than rise in value. Enorrste: The third point is that the CBI is also afraid to release the dinar because it fears that their reserves will disappear overnight. This is an unfounded fear, incidentally, because a freely floating currency will have no impact directly on reserves UNLESS the CBI intervenes, which would NOT occur if the currency floated FREELY. Enorrste: The fourth point is that the US is backing the play of the IMF in calling for both the cancellation of the auctions and a release of the dinar to a free float. ​ Enorrste: This is powerful indeed, because the backing of the US Fed is significant backing. We may safely conclude that the US Fed has been working with the IMF directly to get this ball moving, finally. Enorrste: All in all this has been a great day for dinar news! ARTICLE: Experts called on the government to take the advice of the Federal Reserve and are demanding monitors currency auction BAGHDAD / Ibrahim Ibrahim He called on the Iraqi government economists to take the advice of the US Federal Bank to curb the smuggling of currency operations and control the flow of money, demanding to find alternatives to currency auction without affecting the stability of domestic prices to the market. The economist said Maytham coffee in an interview (range), that "the US Federal Bank's position on the Central Bank, is the practice of two main functions, the first is the support and assistance and to express an opinion and advice, the second is an observation in terms of financial and drag-and-flow processes to the government, and also control and money coming into Iraq Fund as a result of the sale of oil. "He added that" the Fed is watching the money that could be smuggling operations occur in the Iraqi Central Bank usually offers advice to the Iraqi side the need to address the exchange rate towards liberalization and subjected to the forces of supply and demand than in the keep under the control of the Bank and the currency determined by the auction. " He said that "at the same time advised to cash in general and economic stability in order to prevent exposure economy big shocks, as advised to maintain foreign reserves and not depleted." He continued, "The currency auction and the proposed suspension by the central bank, the bank could provide on the move, what their impact on the breach of economic stability and the fear of rising dollar exchange rate and the decline of the dinar value, especially with the inability of the economy to generate production and its dependence on imports, and the existence of a group traders and dealers would be conducted by speculation that could lead to a sharp rise in the dollar exchange rate. "He noted that "The central bank looking for alternative solutions to the auction currency, so as to ensure the achievement of the equation is not easy to include the preservation of foreign reserves and prevent drained quickly, with the continuation of the monetary and economic stability, the equation is far from easy, and that with such a situation in which the economy back on Exchange Rate Powered by the bank over the long years. "Allowal Street Journal revealed that the Federal Central Bank and the US Treasury cut off the flow of American cash to the Iraqi Central Bank account this summer, because of fears of Iranian money in banks or in the hands of Daash. To resume transfers only after the approval of Iraqi officials to impose strict controls on the dollar coin distribution. For his part, economist Mustafa Mohamed Habib said in an interview (range), "The way the Central Bank's work in recent years has raised a lot of questions about the amount of money smuggled out of the country by the daily currency auction." He added that "the doubts and the information provided to the bank US Fed, led to the direct warnings to the administration to the central bank on the effectiveness of local laws towards big waste of foreign currency. "He said the beloved" The Iraqi economy is not in isolation from the world economic movement, and there is a global supervisory institutions for the movement of the dollar in different directions can determine the direction of money and methods various washed. "He said the" work of the US Federal bank regulatory only and has the ability to advise you of some of the international institutions for the development of internal work, including the Central Bank of Iraq. "He pointed to" the need to take the government's advice provided and built upon to rid the work of the Bank of the phenomena of rampant financial corruption inside the local market and a private auction sale of foreign currencies, which drives the local market according to data to be mostly different from the laws and regulations currently in. "The Central Bank of Iraq denied, earlier reports that indicated to stop pumping money to him from his accounts in the US Federal. The bank said In a statement, the "long" has received a copy of "the news reported by some newspapers and news sites about the stop pumping money to him by his calculations by the US Federal baseless." The bank said that "the US Federal continuously conducting all events of accounts being the only party responsible for the it. " LINK
  6. Friday Mnt Goat Update - "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast" Part 1 - 10/30/2015 (Thank you George for emailing this to D.Recaps.) UU6826 – "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast" by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, So this week there is much news again. Much of it was WOW news and long awaited news. So where do we go from here now that many of these laws are done? I will tell you today. Sorry this news letter is very long today but mostly due to a few long articles. Please take the time to read it since I have taken much of my time to prepare it for you. I wish everyone a very good weekend and we will see what next week brings us. I will emphasize that today’s news is about Maliki’s fate. Have you ever been to the deli counter at the grocery store? There you have to take a number and wait your turn for service. So this is like Maliki too only he does not know it fully yet. But soon his number is about to be called…….lol…I think he would look very nice in an orange jumper suit! Today’s News Today is Friday October 30th and still no RV. I am hearing once again a possible RV window coming up in mid November. Folks all I can say is stay off this RV roller coaster. Stay way from this stuff. Once again so called intel “gurus” will try to convince you that the RV window is going to happen. Oh they will sound forceful and know it all. They will sound convincing too. Do not fall for it again….please. It is a mind trap. This is all nonsense. Like they themselves tell you that “no one will know the date or time of the RV”….so why do they then know? Why don’t they follow their own advise? Oh but they will claim they have special contacts that spill the beans only to them. They brag that only they can tell them the up-to-date, minute-by-minute news of any RV. Really? Well if they do then how is it that they have NEVER been correct in the five years they have been having their conference calls? So how good are these contacts anyhow. Why even bother? Incidentally most of their contacts I know all about and they are people just like you and me trying to put this info together. They know no more than we do. Funny how there is always something else that stops it. Folks I am trying to tell you there will ALWAYS be something that stops it because these RV windows are just projections and nothing more. They are not meant for the general public consumption. These gurus are doing you disservice not a service. They are not helping you but making you drink the RV poison cool-aid. It is very upsetting and some government officials should step in and resolve these perpetrators. When the PTB are ready to push this RV for Iraq NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will stop it.. I have explained these projected RV windows to you over and over again. In the government the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. They pop out of these meetings and go full swing towards the “go ahead” for an RV but the other hand knows darn well it will only be stopped later in the cycle. I do not know why they need to get everyone excited each time. So relax and watch the news. This is the best source of cure for the RV blues…. No prospects for an RV either in the coming month of November. Sorry Folks! Later December and possibly early Jauary has prospects but let’s all listen to the news first before we go off half cocked and hyped up. We need to see how Iraq progresses in all the areas we have been talking about in these news letters. There is a target and a plan I can assure you of this. They are moving at lighting speed to get there. We also found out this week there has been a special committee set up specifically to assist Iraq in reviewing matters associated with issues in going back to the international arena. They have set a target of mid 2016 to be fully international. Did you hear me? I said fully international by mid 2016. My personal beliefs: If the world does not explode into WWIII over the Syrian / Iranian / Russia crisis and they can work through this Assad issue there is hope that maybe Iraq can meet this target in 2016. The holidays are coming soon and so take time to prepare and get your minds off this RV. Let the holidays bring many blessings with or without an RV. Update: On The Needed Reform Laws So many of you emailed me and are upset that the RV has not yet happened since this week alone we have heard fantastic news about the passing of many of the needed, long awaited reforms laws, i.e. Investment law, National ID cards bill, the National Guard law and many others. The only answer I can give to you is this – GET A LIFE! Do you really know what is going on in Iraq? Do you really think someone is just standing by waiting to flick the RV switch once these laws were passed? How many times must I tell you they need three things to happen prior to any RV – Political, Economic and Security Stability. So do you really feel they now have all this…Really? But they are getting very close as I know ISIS does not have to be perfectly gone in order to RV. Also the economy must be stable meaning they must meet their budget somehow and be utilizing their revenues to fund projects rather than have them squandered by corrupted officials. We are now seeing this cleaned up. But the one item we are seeing a reluctance to get is the full ridding of Iranian influence in Iraqi politics. If Iraq is to be truly a sovereign nation it must proof itself worthy and be a sovereign nation. The USA is standing firm on this issue since they know Iran is an axis of evil and a terrorist nation. They will NOT allow Iranian influence in Iraq any longer. Since now that the National Guard law is passed they are working on how to fill the ranks of the government legalized militias in the provinces. How will they do this? If you have been paying attention to past news you read an article I presented on “conscripting” citizens for these National Guard units. This idea was highly recommended as a solution by the USA. So now we see a bill being worked on namely a bill for conscripting (somewhat like the DRAFT) Iraq citizens. The training camps (boot camps) are already established and coalition advisors/trainers are ready for these new recruits. We wait again to see how all this plays out. But his new bill will give us a sense of timing. We know it takes about 8-12 weeks to fully train a soldier. Next we still need the Amnesty law to be fully implemented and passed. In reality we know they have already let many political prisoners out of jail. But the bill was never officially passed and this has other ramifications and provisions once they do. What are they waiting for? I am not certain but I suspect there must be a connection with something else they are working on. Maybe it is the National Guard units and maybe will now see the Amnesty go thru? Update: On the Maliki Syndrome Still the demonstrators call out for Maliki to stand trial for corruption and genocide. The pressure is building for justice. So today, once again, I want to emphasize to you that Maliki must be taken down and brought to justice or there will be no RV. How do I know this and why am I so sure? I say this because the demonstrators going back even to 2013, as they still continue to demand justice with all these high ranking officials involved in these corruption cases. We have recently seen the judicial, under these pressures, pluck out hundreds more of these officials are prosecute them. So when is it Maliki’s turn? When will he be wearing that orange jump suite? I can assure you this must be done prior to the scheduled December Reconciliation (or Unity) Conference or they will not get anywhere in the conference and it will only be a failure. They have tried this conference before and do not want to fail again. This time they want to review all the demands of the people and slant the government’s progress report in this direction. So Maliki must be taken down and with him goes the Iranian influence. I included a couple articles below to give you a taste of what is happening in this direction. I suspect we will see his trial sometime in early November. This is only conjecture on my part and we will see how it all plays out. I also want to let you know that the Accountability and Justice law is also much needed (not yet passed) and this law may be the breaking point for President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud. Must they wait for this law first before reaching out for Maliki? Do they also intend to go after Mahmoud? I can assure you of this – none of them will walk free from all this corruption while under the Maliki administration. It is just a matter of time – “The die has already been cast!” Do you know what this saying means? Article Begins 500 BILLION DOLLARS STOLEN UNDER MALIKI RULE IN IRAQ: OFFICIAL DAILY SABAH ISTANBUL PublishedOctober 28, 2015 A file picture taken on February 5, 2011, shows at the time Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki listening to a question during an interview in Baghdad. (AFP Photo) The Iraqi Commission of Integrity (CoI) spokesman Adil Nouri has claimed that half of the government's oil income and funds for reconstruction were 'stolen' and 'vanished' from Iraq during the 8-year period of office of former President Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Speaking at the Iraqi Parliament, Nouri said that around 500 billion dollars from government coffers has "disappeared" and is perhaps the greatest corruption in history. Underlining that Iraq's oil income between 2006 and 2014 alone was only $ 822 billion, he said that the Maliki government had also received more than $250 billion in funds from many countries, namely the U.S., used to pay the salaries and pensions of Iraqi government workers and for reconstruction projects. Within the scope of corruption investigations carried out by the CoI, Nouri stated that former defense minister Hazm Shalan, former trade minister Abdul-Fatah Sudani and former electricity minister Aiham al-Sammarae were involved in graft during their tenures and charged of corruption. Along with 53 other officials, a prosecution against the Iraqi Red Crescent authorities was also brought and is still continuing. Adding that some of the investigations have been concluded, Nouri said "600 officials including ministers, deputy ministers, advisors, general directors have been sued on grounds of corruption. There are even officials who have been sentenced to 130 years in jail." "Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has also been sued for corruption but there is still no solid decision or development so, he is still out of jail," Nouri stated. Nouri also pointed out that graft was mostly revealed within the military, particularly in the purchase firearms. "There are a great number of them (ghost employees) in the ministry of interior…There are 57,000 people being paid as workers since 2007, when in fact they have not been to work a single day," added Nouri. "The ministry of defense has started carrying out some procedures to eliminate this kind of corruption. It has been decided to make everyone receive his own salary in person instead of lists," he said as reported by Rudaw, a Kurdish media network. In September Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had removed 123 deputy ministers and director generals amid a reform drive aimed at curbing corruption and streamlining the government. Parliament also signed off on a reform plan proposed by Abadi as well as additional measures, and the prime minister began issuing orders for changes, including cutting 11 cabinet posts and slashing the bloated number of guards for officials Article Ends Article Begins TAKE DOWN HAWIJA REVEALS THE SECRET "DAASH" FOR JAPANESE TOYOTA CARS 10/29/2015 BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - October 29 / October: The newspaper "Okaz" Saudi Arabia, an Iraqi security source as saying that "a Daash leaders who were arrested in the process of the American landing in Hawija, last Thursday, it was revealed the party that provides organization of cargo", noting, "The preliminary information, suggesting that the merchant who hails from Kurdish origin, provided the organization Daash hundreds of modern cars and four-wheel drive vehicles pregnancy (Pickup) under swap large quantities of oil getaway process," he described. So a security source said, "The US ambassador in Baghdad," Stewart Jones ", handed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi security information included merchant who is to provide the so-called organized Daash cars Toyota newly manufactured name," adding, "The US Department of the Treasury, was had requested weeks ago, the Toyota Motor Company to provide information on how to get the organization Daash, on a huge amount of the SUV from the Japanese company's production. " Ended Article Ends Article Begins MALIKI WILL BE TRIED AND THE JUDICIARY CAN NOT COVER UP FOR HIS CRIMES 29-10-2015 03:30 PM Chairman of the Security Committee in Parliament of quitting, said Thursday, "The last panel discussion I shared the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud and the presence of the prosecutor and most of the judges and the Chancellery of the National Security great political figures during the discussion paper reform the judiciary, asked Mahmood that these reforms be real and the field and to Anjaml one in this task the paper, especially the fall of the city of Mosul file, however, the terrorist groups. " He added in a press statement today, he said that "the fall of Mosul sent a file to the main Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prosecutor General and the ministers of defense, interior and was supposed to take action about this file. "He said," The committee fall of Mosul made a great effort in the investigation on the causes of the disaster that befell the city during a meeting of more than 100 military, political and civilian personal as well as a 185-hour investigative contains 23 issue of financial and administrative corruption, a real file containing many of the documents, evidence and pictures that condemns some military and civilian figures, "noting that" no one can cover up this sensitive and important to the file ". He said chairman of the security and defense committee in Parliament by saying, "so he asked the President of the Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud position of this report and to how far arrived. " He noted that "the Attorney General He answered that the report has been transferred sections of it to the integrity and the other to the courts," said Zamili, "waiting for the courts after two weeks to hold a dialogue with members of the Judicial Council." He revealed Zamili, "Send book to the Judicial Council to be considered a witness in this case, "pointing to" possession of documents and testimonies and images because most of the meetings was the photographer. "In response to a question about enabling the Iraqi judiciary to bring the condemned figures in the report of the fall of the city of Mosul, Zamili said:" There is fear and the cover-up and some trying to influence the judiciary. "The hit Zamili, for example, about the period that can be done to cover up the fall of Mosul file, saying:" If we go back to history and say how it executed Saddam Hussein ?, on any issue executed, Saddam Hussein, was convicted and executed on the Dujail case which has from long duration of Saddam and managed to covering up the crime in the killing of Dujail sons due to intimidate citizens and having the power to eliminate the time, but history re-open the case again and executed Saddam. "He continued," So there may be a delay and cover up the fall of Mosul file, but no one can The gloss it because we have copies of 175 pages, documents and evidence has been investigated in accordance with the correct and legal contexts did not appease one did not target people a particular country or destination. "He pointed out that the report of the fall of Mosul, and signed by 19 members of the Commission of the total 21 were present at the meeting , "The five who objected to the report did not object to the facts in the file but was intercepted on the conversion of the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the judiciary." He revealed Zamili, he was "subjected to many pressures from countries tried to push through some of her limbs in Iraq and ambassadors and political figures, asking that the report included the names of some political figures, but I did not Ahadden in this matter. "He declined Zamili naming callers by saying:" It is well-known. "He called Zamili former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to" give himself up to the judiciary to show Do you innocent or guilty, "returned Report Mosul, "as significant and should not leave it." promised security system management in a period of eight years of rule by former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki to "bad management of the system's mission and sensitive". He said: "In any country in the world to Aeetmkn any leader of national security, intelligence and defense department and Acting Interior to Aeetmkn of control. "He noted that al-Maliki," put in these security systems are people who have no relationship to security and did not work in security and direct missions manages an important detail in the intelligence service or the Ministry of the Interior and the Director General in the Ministry of Defense. "The head of the security committee and defense parliamentary: "I talked a lot with many politicians not to courtesy to receive important joints from security systems to people to Aevgahoa in security nothing, and asked them to possible courtesy to other ministries but courtesy on Iraqi blood account never is not permitted," noting that "those who were running These ministries are corrupt and bad. "He explained that" the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki was for a period of four years, runs the defense and interior proxy, and as a result he failed to manage it in lost differences partisan as well as problems with the Kurds and with the Sunnis and the Sadrists and the Supreme Council, "noting that it" gave the image that Maliki wants to control everybody. "and between, it's" this period emerged from corruption and bad management contracts and slouch and a legion of aliens." Article Ends ***************************************** Friday Mnt Goat Update - "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast" Part 2 - 10/30/2015 Update: Iraqi Economic Situation I included this article today to reveal its significance to you . There are a few golden nuggets in this article , as is in most articles if you read them carefully. First - the article below is telling us Iraq is trying to get loans once again from the IMF to make up the upcoming deficit. We have heard they want to complete this 2016 budget no later than December. It has already gone to the parliament for discussion. I have told you also not to put any weight on this budget as it will NOT force the RV. Again I say it will not force the RV. If this was the case they would certainly not be going to the World Bank for a loan. Secondly – we are beginning to see how politics is already raising is ugly head in this matter of the budget. We wonder all the time how it takes so long to get anything done. So here we see parliamentary member Ahmed al-Badri saying “that he will not pass the federal budget for the next year in 2016 unless it includes the application of the petro-dollar law and give the oil-producing provinces right for every barrel of oil produced, as likely rebalancing to the Cabinet, as the government called for the application without delay” So I have told you before this new oil law is all about giving oil producing regions full rights to sell their oil above and beyond meeting the government quotas as needed to fulfill the budget. As we know oil produced for the government only get the provinces 17% oil revenue kickbacks and this too is usually delayed now due to the economy and the cost of fighting ISIS. So through this new oil bill, the provinces want to produce and sell oil and be able to keep all the proceeds, just as long as they also meet government quotas for the budget. The article just confirmed what I have been saying. We will see there is now becoming pressure to get this done. The next article in this section is also telling us much. We now know that nearly half of the oil revenues produced over the last 8 years of the Maliki administration was either waisted or stolen. Anyway it did not go towards the intended reconstruction efforts. So now Iraq must increase its oil production and negotiate sales of oil around the world to make up this difference. So for the economy of Iraq this is what we do know. Have you ever heard the term the middle eastern countries are “swimming in oil”? Well soon Iraq will be swimming in money. We have heard about their new program with emphasis on DIVERSIFACTION into agriculture, minerals and other products. So this is a top priority for Iraq as it is said these efforts can generate equal amounts of revenue as from the oil. Oh- did I mention the projected Tariff revenues (if they can get the currency back online) can also reval that of oil production? Oh – did I mention the recovery of 60+ billion dollars (not dinars) from stolen funds from Iraq (and more to come)? So why all the loans then? What everyone does not know and these articles about these loans do not tell us is this money obtained is ear marked for certain projects. It must go directly to the projects. These are “pet” projects in Iraq agreed to by Iraq long time ago. They now included them in their budget and so want these organizations to pay for them. Article Begins PARLIAMENTARY FINANCE REVEAL MEETINGS BETWEEN IRAQ AND THE WORLD BANK EARLY NEXT MONTH Economy and Tenders Since 10/29/2015 17:06 pm (Baghdad time) Special - scales News Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, on Thursday, the existence of meetings between the Iraqi government and the World Bank will be held early next month in Jordan in order to obtain financial loans. He said Mohammed's / scales News /, that "the federal government in coordination with the Ministry of Finance meetings with the World Bank early next month will be held in the State of Jordan in order to obtain financial loans and assistance in the shortfall in the fiscal budget for next year after a drop in oil prices." The member of the parliamentary finance committee, said that "some political blocs demanded installed the rights represented by the provinces in the federal budget for next year, and despite the lack of budget, but claims that this is the natural right of the citizens." It is said that "the Committee of the Regions and the provinces parliamentary member Ahmed al-Badri confirmed L / scales News /, earlier, that he will not pass the federal budget for the next year in 2016 unless it includes the application of the petro-dollar law and give the oil-producing provinces right for every barrel of oil produced, as likely rebalancing to the Cabinet, as the government called for the application of paragraph petro-dollar order not to delay the adoption of Almoisnh.anthy 29/28 Article Ends Article Begins IRAQ TO REPLACE SAUDI ARABIA AS THE LARGEST OIL SUPPLIER TO INDIA .. AND THE PRICES GO UP WITH THE DECLINE IN INVENTOR Delhi - London / Reuters Iraq replaced Saudi Arabia as the largest exporter of crude oil to India in September for the third time this year, according to data Shipping obtained by Reuters in the framework of the competition between the two members of the OPEC, the major Asian markets, while oil prices rose on Wednesday, a day after a report showed the decline Oil inventories in the delivery in Cushing, Oklahoma, the US point. Saudi Arabia has lost its position as the largest exporter of crude oil to China last month, as Russia has replaced the largest exporter of crude oil in the world as the largest supplier to China for the second time this year. Traders attributed to an increase in Saudi Arabia's official selling price. Showed data obtained by Reuters Thomson Reuters service oil analysis and collected that India imported 640 thousand and 300 barrels per day from Saudi Arabia last month, down about 30 percent from August but the figure remains high 12.8 percent from the previous year. In While Saudi Arabia's share in the Indian market over Iraq's share in one of the world's fastest-growing markets are shrinking and by offering attractive prices. He said Ihsan big right analyst at KBC Energy Aikenomks Consulting London-based "sell Saudi oil official price under specific agreements term while Iraqi oil is sold in the spot market. In a market experiencing tremendous oversupplied usually find that the Iraqi barrels are sold at a discount from the official price. "India and bought about 20 percent of its imports from Iraq in September, while Saudi Arabia's share fell to 17 percent from about 22 percent in August. He said Ihsan right "when Iran back to the market will be a heated battle between Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia." In a related context Oil prices rose on Wednesday, a day after a report showed a decline in oil inventories at the delivery point in Cushing, United States, Oklahoma, but gains It was limited as investors awaited official data on oil stocks in the United States. It is expected that crude oil and oil products data announced by the Energy Information Administration at 1430 GMT increase in US inventories at a time when the largest exporters of crude produced at record rates to maintain market shares appear. rose Brent crude for December 49 cents delivery to $ 47.30 a barrel 1118 GMT, and had fallen to the lowest level since mid-September yesterday Tuesday and ended a series of highs and reached the crude price to $ 54 this month. US crude price of December 45 cents delivered to the to $ 43.65 a barrel. The contract touched the level of 42.58 Althelathaoualvait at the lowest level since late August. And reached southern Iraq's oil exports volume since the beginning of the month so far 3.1 million barrels, which gives the signal to continued high production of major countries members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Article Ends Update: On IMF Global Reforms Now I want to shake off the dust from everyone’s memories. Do you remember the IMF reforms that the USA refused to even vote on to support the IMF in strategy for global reforms? These reforms go back as far as 2010. These reforms were agreed to by the USA in 2010 at the G20 summit although never even brought up for vote since then. Now the article below is telling us the USA senate supports these reforms and Congress may soon vote on them. What impact will this have on Iraq? Well the USA will certainly be giving up voting rights and this could move many decisions away from consensus in USA terms. It could also be a bargaining chip for the USA in terms of getting what it wants for Iraq out of the IMF. Article BeginsUS congress push to implement IMF reforms WORLD Friday 30 October 2015 - 2:34am File: International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde during an IMF summit. The IMF executive board has approved a $932 million loan program for Jamaica. WASHINGTON - Senior U.S. officials said on Thursday they hoped to see the U.S. Congress approve reforms to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which will give emerging markets a bigger say at the global lender. ​ Reforms agreed in 2010 would put Brazil, China, India and Russia among the fund's top 10 shareholders but have been held up in Congress, which must back them. (BRIC if they would put it in the correct order) A source familiar with IMF discussions said there appeared to be a chance of a deal to pass the reforms before Group of 20 leaders meet in Turkey on November 15-16. U.S. Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs, Nathan Sheets, said the Obama administration was focused on getting the deal done, although he did not specify a timeframe. "The case has been effectively made on the Hill. Senior legislators from both parties recognize the importance and I remain hopeful that we will see it," he said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. White House G20 adviser Caroline Atkinson said the IMF reform was very important and she continued to press for it. The Senate appropriations committee has approved a funding bill that would also implement the IMF reforms, although the House version of the bill excludes them. News agency Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Republican lawmaker Kay Granger, who is responsible for shepherding the House bill, said she was optimistic the two chambers could work out a compromise. - Reuters Article Ends Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  7. Mnt.Goat Update 10-9-15: "Is the Economy the Reason for the RV Delay?" PART 1 of 2 Thanks GeorgeH for sending this to us today: UU6816 –“ Is the Economy Just the Reason for the RV Delay? ” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, Again lots of important news to report today. It is all pointing in the direction of getting these very last items corrected so Iraq can move towards completing the currency reforms / project to delete the zeros. I wanted to include a shorter than usual news letter and give you another reading break today…… However once again I am giving you many golden nuggets. Todays news is all about UNDERSTANDING what is really going on with Abadi’s reforms. No hype about a pending RV this weekend….so sorry! .... Today’s News Today is Friday October 9th and still no RV. So this week Iraq has given us golden nuggets of information. The finance committee has come right out and told us why the project to delete the zeros had been postponed. When will they then continue it? We simply had to wait for the events to unfold that are required to bring the political stability, physical security and the economic stability needed for this RV event to occur. Why would they bring back the currency when the reason they shut it down in the first place is still evident? Iraq must get to a state of stability or there will be no RV….get it? But when will they reach the needed of stability? Today I talk about what is happening in all three of these categories of stability and you be the judge and tell me if you see an RV on the very near horizon unless Abadi can get his reforms instituted. We may be even closer to resolving many of these issues than we are told since we do not get all the complete news from Iraq. The RV just may happen much sooner than later, but regardless what we do know for sure there is still much work to be done. I know I have been sounding like a broken record for many months but I see my efforts have helped many of your dinarians now to understand what is going on in Iraq. You too have learned to read the news from Iraq for yourselves. I congratulate many of you for making this effort. Kudos to you all! Many however simply like the day by day drama and the anytime hype and this is your problem.This news letter is not for you so go get your hype somewhere else….lol….lol…. Having said all this then what should we be looking from Iraq to indicate to us they are gaining the stability needed in these three areas of concern? 1) POLITICAL STABILITY (getting rid of Maliki and the Iranian influence); 2) PHYSICAL SECURITY (getting rid of ISIS and DAASH); 3) ECONOMIC STABILITY (ending the corruption, returning the loss Iraq funds, the return of Dr Shabibi to the CBI and the diversification efforts in the Iraqi economy, price of oil on the rise). So let me now review with you the current status of each of these three elements. We are witnessing the final demise of the Iranian influence and we see the outward admonishment of Maliki and the other former corrupt officials ( I have called Maliki goons) and the funds they have stolen. Much of these funds have been located, are now frozen and will soon be returned back to Iraq after a final verdict is rendered in Maliki trial. Maliki will no longer have any possibility for any political position in Iraq government in the future. Nor will anyone convicted of crimes of corruption or against humanity. So this all adds up to the needed political security. However I am still waiting to hear news of the Accountability and Justice law. Iraq has been very quite on the status of this recently. There is a major shake up coming soon to the judiciary. In Anbar and Mosul we are witnessing the coalition forces against ISIS and DAASH making overwhelming progress and stockpile of weapons and ammo have been bombed and confiscated. Prisoners are being taken and ISIS will not be allowed to reoccupy the resolved areas once taken. The National Guard law is said to be in the process of being implemented even though we have not see the law “officially” passed in parliament. We have read months ago about the process of training Iraqi troops for these positions. Many of the former officers from the Hussein regiments have been released and are now filling the ranks thru the Amnesty program. So this is adding to the needed physical security. But Amnesty too is not “officially” passed in parliament. Just recently we have read multiple articles about the clean up of the CBI and the return of Dr Sahbib to once again take of more formal role as the governor. We also have seen the Investment law that was rejected once again last Tuesday due to two sections that needed to be updated regarding arbitration process. We are told now this law will be passed by the end of this month. We have seen the restructuring of the major banks and application of modern banking practices and electronics in order to conduct business with the rest of the world and inside Iraq. All these are indicators we expected to see as we move very close to having the needed economic stability needed. But we are not there yet. Most of the major reform laws we are looking for have had a second reading in parliament already and wait a final voting session, which more than likely will be by the end of October. We also wait for the National Reconciliation conference and we know they are planning for this event by the end of the year but most likey sooner than later. But they need to get Abadi’s reforms instituted first. Iraq will not have this conference until they feel comfortable that they can move forward aggressively in politics and their economy. Afterall what would be the purpose of holding this conference if the reconciliation issues are not complete. We can see more pressure to get these reforms laws passed as religious leaders, the demonstrating citizens, and now even the rest of the Arab community (GCC) are exerting pressure on parliament and all eyes are now on the government to conclude with this corruption and set Iraq on a straight and normalized path. So what pops out today –more pressure to pass the needed changes in HCL that Kurdistan has been asking for resolution. I reviewed these changes with you in one of my past news letters. Do we need these changes for an RV? This is the million dollar question. I know they need to make good on the HCL and put some of that oil money in the hands of the average citizen prior to any RV. Iraq has been told this many times by the USA. One provision they can not escape. Can they feel comfortable doing this financially with the budget deficit? Are they now financially capable of allocating oil royalties at this point in time? So can this part wait for the future, as long as the laws needed to support it are passed? See article below as the answer may be there. Remember HCL technically does not have to go through parliament for a vote to become law, just that the GOI and Kurdistan must agree. Article Begins COMMISSION INTENDS TO PROPOSE THE OIL LAW ON OIL AND GAS LEGISLATION WITHOUT WAITING FOR THE GOVERNMENT BAGHDAD / JD / .. A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary deputy Zaher al-Abadi, the determination of his committee's proposal oil and gas law and enacted in Parliament in the event of the failure of the government to send a bill to the House of Representatives. Ebadi said the agency / JD /: "The oil and gas law is one of the important laws, which will eliminate a lot of outstanding problems regarding the oil especially between the federal and provincial Governments, "adding that" the government withdrew oil and gas law for the purpose of Parliament make amendments to it. " He added that "in the event of the failure of the government to send the amended version of the oil and gas law Vstljo the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary to propose a new law on oil and gas legislation in parliament without reference to the government," ./ ended Article Ends Next we see an article this week pop out explaining the stalling of the project to delete the zeros. Interesting article because it makes reference to the 2010 timeframe and not the 2012 timeframe, when we all read articles about Dr. Shabibi wanting to bring out the lower denoms and coins in Sept- Oct of that year. This could mean nothing more than an RV was pending in the near future. Again this was 2012. So why are they talking about 2010 and why are they telling us the economy was not so good back then when the oil prices were over $100 a barrel and life was good. Even though there was corruption from Maliki’s administration the country observed a relative sense of stability. Soon after this period all hell broke loose. Even Dr Shabibi has told us this was a golden opportunity that was missed to complete the currency reform project. I quote from the article – “draft deletion of zeros from the local currency stopped by the House of Representatives in 2010 due to legislative differences within the parliament," So what is their current reason? Could it still be the economy and was it ever the economy? Based on this conflicting news I must disregard this article since it does not make any sense. Article Begins PARLIAMENTARY FINANCE: DETERIORATING ECONOMIC CONDITIONS DISRUPTED THE DELETION OF ZEROS FROM CURRENCY Special - scales News Ruled out the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, on Wednesday, the application of a draft resolution to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency during the coming period due to the deteriorating economic conditions experienced by the country, noting that he can not determine the time of application of the project unless stabilized the security and economic situation in Iraq. Said Mohammed's / scales News / "The project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency will help to use the currency are the biggest," noting that "the difficulty of the application of this project during these economic conditions experienced by Iraq." He said the parliamentary finance committee member, said "money inflation in the Iraqi market with the economic downturn currently lead to the descent of the currency rate to hit the country's economy," adding, "it was postponing the process of deleting the zeros to settling the Iraqi currency put the Iraqi economy in a stable and good condition." The "Committee for Economy and Investment parliamentary member Ahmed Salim Abdul Rahman said, earlier, that the deletion of zeros from the local currency is not appropriate at this time, especially in the big decline and deterioration in the economic conditions of the country." It is worth mentioning that the "economic expert Abdul Hassan al-Shammari said, earlier, that the draft deletion of zeros from the local currency stopped by the House of Representatives in 2010 due to legislative differences within the parliament," noting that "print local currency Iraqi government cost $ 250 million annually ". Article Ends Mnt.Goat Update 10-9-15: "Is the Economy the Reason for the RV Delay?" PART 2 of 2 Then today also out pops this article below from Iraq, once again talking about the reasons for the down turn of the Iraqi economy, its causes and the as possible solutions. So what are problems and the solution(s) to the economic crisis? We all should know these solutions by now. I have gone over them again and again with you as I have presented article talking about the Abadi reforms. Do you now see why he is instituting these reforms and why they are needed? Let me list them once again for you as they talked about them in the article below. Remember this is their words not mine. No hype, No rumor, just the FACTS. I am quoting from this article below .... Problems with the Iraqi Economy: 1) “economic deficit due to falling oil prices” 2) “lack of state resources (over a trillion dollars in stolen funds -Who stole the $$?) 3) “sagging economic structure” 4) “prevalence of corruption” (money laundering, falsified contracts, ghost soldiers, etc) 5) “inability for the state to fund development benefits and services, sustain health and social programs, including salaries of employees”. (the money needed to pay these programs is gone, stolen) Solutions to the Economic Crisis in Iraq: 1) “realistic treatments of the crisis” (make the necessary difficult changes) 2) “control over the budget deficit” 3) “adoption of groups of economic policies that would reduce public spending” 4) “promote opportunities to find additional resources” (diversify Iraqi’s economy) 5) “develop regulatory programs administratively and financially to eliminate the phenomenon of serious corruption in the economic institution”. (need reform laws) Article Begins IRAQI ECONOMY AND PROPOSALS OF TREATMENT 8/10/2015 0:00 BAGHDAD – A morning plenty of propositions suggests many procedural processors at the suffering of the Iraqi economic landscape, which has become open to a lot of crises, including Maitalq economic deficit due to falling oil prices in global markets and the lack of state resources, and sagging economic structure and the prevalence of corruption, including the associated the weakness of the Iraqi economic system's ability to meet the development benefits and services and sustain health and social programs, including salaries of employees in various sectors of the state. These propositions need a program, and to approved national depends realistic treatments of the crisis, starting with control over the budget deficit, and work on the adoption of groups of economic policies that would reduce public spending, and promote opportunities to find additional resources pride of national economies, and develop regulatory programs administratively and financially to eliminate the phenomenon of serious corruption in the economic institution. The absence of a clear vision and strategic planning may Akunan of the most causes of the crisis industry, which have a set of data pertaining to disable any process to revitalize the economic system in the agricultural, commercial and banking sectors, as shares of the accumulation of major problems in these sectors disable any real deal to the crisis of the Iraqi economy and the adoption of proper work contexts that promote institutional building first, and reinforce citizens' confidence in the future of the economy and its ability to withstand the burden of social life and security problems Secondly, as well as international agencies confidence to the banking business level to ensure a guaranteed financial relationships legally in banking markets, and in the presence of operational frameworks that accommodate all the changes that can occur here or there. Addressing the problems of the Iraqi economy needs to have a economic environment is good, and to foster good practices for the recovery of this environment, and in attracting scientific and research and encourage efficiencies and invest their energies in the economic sectors, and in the control of the banking system and the system of hard currency conversion for the protection of national wealth, as well as in the search for what can enhance the resources of the state starting from reconsider in the import programs, and to promote national export a lot of goods that can be organized according contexts economic agreements with countries that are involved Iraq in investment and import areas, and the end of the organization of legal contexts to impose Alkmarki system and thus contributing to the provision of economic resources, and to secure the Iraqi product that should be encouraged Protection its markets and securing real opportunities for the marketing of Daath. Article Ends Now read the article below and connect the dots. Can you do this? Can you see how there is political resistance to Abadi’s changes within the reforms. In Iraq they are so used to operating the government with a high level of corruption that they simply so not want to let it go. The oil revenues too have flowed freely and, since no benefits rarely went to the average citizen (except spoiled food in food ration programs, constant overdue salaries and pension payments, etc) there were always plenty of spoils to go around. Now this is all going to stop and Abadi is attempting to make the GOI a responsible government. Hell ! they haven’t even reconstructed many of the bombed out buildings from 2003 or have 24/7 electricity. So where in hell did all the money go over these past 12 years? Having said all this – Do you understand the major shakeup going on now in Iraq. What will it lead to? Can Abadi survive? How am I so certain Abadi’s reform program will be successful and I quote from the article below – “that "all of this will be under the US support, because America does not want in any way the return of al-Maliki wing, which has good relations with Iran in particular." Article Begins SHAMMARI: ABADI TAKE DIFFICULT DECISIONS AWAY FROM POLITICAL BLOCS TO WIN THE DEMONSTRATORS AND REFERENCE Shammari: Abadi take difficult decisions away from political blocs to win t demonstrators and reference Political Since 08/10/2015 14:41 pm (Baghdad time) Special - scales news The head of the political thinking of the Iraqi Center Ihsan al-Shammari, Thursday, that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will be directed away from the political blocs to make decisions "difficult," noting that al-Abadi is trying to gain the trust of the demonstrators supreme religious authority. Al-Shammari said L / scales News /, "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Pat senses he remained alone did not have the political cover that or those political incubator in which they can support the path of reform or even the nature of his internal and external trends." He added that "a meeting Abadi with Obame solo following the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations and talk too much before US President think it indicate beyond any doubt that al-Abadi will move away from political blocs because he has become convinced that these blocs will look for a replacement for that will be made possible that decisions Kacalh be difficult and corrupt political leaders and push away from the laws of the political blocs to win the demonstrators and reference. " He pointed out that "all of this will be under the US support, because America does not want in any way the return of al-Maliki wing, which has good relations with Iran in particular." It is worth noting that the Office spokesman Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi detection, earlier, about having great difficulties in implementing the reforms launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as he emphasized that al-Abadi continuously in the reform package. It ended 29 quarters e Article Ends Article Begins GOVERNMENT UNABLE TO PAY THE SALARIES OF STATE EMPLOYEES The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords that Iraq is facing great financial difficulties after the sharp decline of oil prices the world. Keywords and he said in a press interview that despite the decline in oil prices, but the digital existing indicators for this moment the government does not come to its inability to pay the salaries of state employees. He noted that the financial crisis which passes Iraq must be a great lesson for a review of fiscal policy in the first place, and the nature of government spending, tax policy, pointing out that marred much of the imbalance in the structure and organization, calling for real reforms in the financial and tax system structure, and structure the economy in general. He pointed out that spending in past years did not hurt to expand the productive base of the country, and the development of economic activities in order to achieve Iraq's resources on the one hand and also run unemployment is widely widening the productive base. He added that the government spending in the previous period of his wisdom and political factors rather than economic factors, indicating that discussions about adding allocations and expenditures are always going on in the framework of political gain. He said natural in all countries of the world that when financial crises State resort to other sources to cover a temporary shortfall in their budgets until survive the crisis, pointing out that Iraq has a chance in that low-resource today may rise in the coming period Article Ends [update on Physical Stability: Fighting ISIS] This article below came out on Wednesday 10/7 and was sweet words to my ears…PHYSICAL SECURITY! I quote from the article - :” announced the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism fund, Wednesday, that the World Bank loan amounting to $ 350 million will be launched during the month”. So what does this mean? This means they intend to be concluded with ISIS and begin reconstruction of the areas beginning in October. Yes that is this month of October in 2015. Article Begins KARBOULI CONFIRMS THAT THE END OF THE DAY WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE LIBERATION OF ANBAR Sky Press 10/07/15 17:15 MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, the Anbar Wednesday, the end of the day we will announce the liberation of Anbar from dance bands criminal, daash all politicians to reunite and forget the past and to build the province and unite. Karbouli said to 'Sky Press', ' the thought aldaasha exists in the hearts and mind of the killers and criminals and there is a political conflict, if there are tribes and engaged are few, they should check themselves and here I invite everyone has the possibility to reunite and forget the past to go to build the province and unite.' He stressed the importance of 'Activating reconciliation between everyone without exception and go to rebuild Iraq, especially Anbar that is the security gate of several States', pointing out that the 'organization Daash ideology has not adopted any point, whether internal or external, and it will be eliminated.' Karbouli confirmed that the 'sons of the popular fighters from the crowd and people of other provinces and the sons of the tribes and the Iraqi army are determined to defeat the Daash and finally expelled from Iraq and the end of the day will be announced Anbar military operations and edit operations center of the province.' --------- Related Item The World Bank will lend Iraq $ 350 million for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism. BAGHDAD / Sky Press announced the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism fund, Wednesday, that the World Bank loan amounting to $ 350 million will be launched during the month. Said Fund Chairman Abdul Basit Turki on the sidelines of a meeting with the Middle East, the World Bank director Fred Hajj the building fund Article Ends Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  8. Mnt.Goat Update 10/5/2015: "Under Pressure" Part 1 Thanks GeorgeH For Sending this to us today: UU6814 –“Under Pressure – Now Going After High Officials on Corruption Charges” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, Lots of big news to report today. I am sorry but the news letter is very long again. I just can’t help it either. I do select only the most juicy articles to bring to you. Believe me I could have written a book today for you. It has been an interesting weekend about this Iraqi dinar RV and so I want to tell you about it. In my last news letter dated 10/2 I asked the question if the relative quietness of this past week could be the calm before the storm. Was the spigot about to open and pour out some juicily news to us? So the spigot did open up. Today I am going to present a case to you that Iraq, under pressure from the citizens and the religious authorties, is now beginning the progress of going after high government officials on corruption charges. We all knew this would begin someday and so the day is now here. .... There is also some great CBI news to share today with you and an updated on the Investment law. I have included the articles below. Today’s News Today is Monday October 5th and still no RV. So today I want to bring you the Iraq dinar RV news in its truest sense. No hype, No rumors just the facts. Let us begin today’s news with the major theme of the recent headlines from many articles. The overall theme is corruption and the needed pressure to fully implement the reforms and do them fairly across every aspect regardless of seniority, wealth or ranking position. This is what the protestors now want. They cry out and ask “why have you not prosecuted the “culprits”. “, meaning the instigators of this corruption? Seems upto now the government has only gone after the “little” guy. This at least is the perception of the average citizen. So now even the religious authorities speak out and support what the people want. So this is what they are going to get. This is the momentum Abadi wanted and needed to go forward fully to the end with his reforms on corruption. Get ready its coming. So the golden nugget of this week is to finally bring us a conclusion to what we have been waiting for the most for so long – the trial and the sentencing of the political menace Nori al-Maliki and his final demise. Will this finally happen? To many of these alleged corrupt Iraqi officials, the government has already suspended their passports and put them under house arrests. It is round up time…….lol…. But do they need the Accountability and Justice law first before they begin these trials? Some say this is the next step and so I believe it too. Just in case you forgot I will remind you once again of the fact that I have said repeatedly told you that “there will be no RV until Iraq deals with Maliki and the Iranian political influence in their affairs”. So another item being taken care of getting us that much closer to the political stability needed to give us the RV. The USA and UN have told Iraq either they will deal with Maliki or Iraq must. Iraq stated they would do it their way and this way took much longer but creates much more political stability. So the plan - The citizens had to be slowly prepped and the corruption publicly exposed. Iraq agreed to a timeline and this timeline has expired. Either way Maliki must go and will go shortly. Please read the lovely articles below. They make me jump for joy! The weeks ahead are going to be VERY interesting. Article Begins PROTESTERS TAHRIR SQUARE TO DEMAND THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION AND REFORM OF STATE INSTITUTIONS 02/10/2015 18:18 pm (Baghdad time) Baghdad scales News He said reporter / scales News / that thousands of people demonstrated in the province of Baghdad, on Friday, in Tahrir Square to demand the fight against corruption and reform of state institutions, accusing the government and parliament to "procrastination" reforms announced recently. The correspondent added that "the security forces have spread extensively, and proceeded to cut some roads and streets leading to the scene of the demonstration." The "capital Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces experiencing since several weeks to organize massive demonstrations to demand better services, and reforms, and the fight against financial and administrative corruption" .anthy 29/9 P Article Ends URGENT RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY STRESSES THE NEED TO PURSUE AND ACCOUNTING OF THE SPOILED AND WASTED THE PEOPLE'S MONEY History of edits:: 2015/10/2 12:42 • 99 visits readable Baghdad Stressed the religious authority on the need to develop a well thought out plan for real reform, and the prosecution and accountability of the spoiled and wasted the people's money ..itba Article Ends Article Begins PARLIAMENT QUESTIONED DEFENSE MINISTER TOMORROW ON CORRUPTION CHARGES History of edits:: 2015/10/2 [baghdad-where] Hold the House of Representatives, on Saturday, its regular and its agenda includes the questioning of the Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obeidi, who faces charges of corruption and functional exceeded his powers. It was scheduled that the parliament questioned al-Obeidi in its meeting last Tuesday, but House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri announced to postpone the questioning to next Saturday [tomorrow] at the request of the minister because he is busy matters related to military aspects. And include a table of tomorrow's meeting the work according to a statement of the Council received by the agency all of Iraq [ where] a copy of it, "vote on the membership of some of Representatives health, and vote on the draft law on ratification of the Republic of Iraq on the Statute of the Council of the Arab Peace and Security Law." It also includes the agenda, "the Health Committee's recommendations regarding the integration of the Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Health, and after the show questioning of the Minister of Defense , displaying the work of the Finance Committee the second legislative year plan. "She was a member of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity high Nassif said to [where], that" the questions questioning Secretary of Defense submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and seen by indicating that "Questions comprehensive saluting no administrative irregularities as well as exploitation Minister career to his personal reconciliation with the irregularities Administrative its decisions in the General Staff as well as several questions about the corruption of the contracts entered into by the ministry, "she said. It will be Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, who reiterated his willingness to attend the questioning is the second minister in the government of Haider al-Abadi after Minister session electricity Qassim Fahdawi forward to parliament for questioning on charges of Fassad.anthy Article Ends Article Begins PARLIAMENTARY INTEGRITY DECLARES NEAR THE OPEN CORRUPTED FILES BELONG TO FOUR MINISTRIES October 2, 2015 walter History of edits:: 2015/10/2 14:05 • 45 visits readable {Baghdad: Euphrates News} detect the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary defense Taha, on Friday near the open corrupted files belonging to the ministries of trade, electricity, defense, and interior, as well as government and private banks. Slack said in a statement to the Agency {Euphrates News} today, “soon will open a private ministries {trade, power, defense, internal files}, government and private banks,” stressing “the existence of arrest warrants against 13 former ministers, as well as the issuance of arrest and the introduction of warrants against 80 people from the diary Special grades of Director General of the agent. “He noted that” any official or deputy opens the file corruption is exposed to many pressures, I am today expose the many pressures because of a sunbed and Minister of Commerce against the backdrop of corrupted files. “The head of the board of Integrity Hassan al-Yassiri had announced earlier for resolving the 6674 issue of the continued 13398 news and criminal, since the beginning of the year 2015. And on the arrest warrants, the president of the board of integrity agency Hassan al-Yassiri, “The number of orders judicial arrest issued based on investigations body was reached in 2128 be carried out, including 462 is, while not implemented Executive stakeholders 1395 order, and this dilemma business beyond the board of fairness or justice, and the remainder of which was canceled or was referred to the courts of investigative other. “He explained that” the number of ministers and their grade and sentenced orders arrest of nine ministers and issued against them 18 order, while those with special grades and managers reached two years and rank shall be fixed 46 was issued against them 79 order, and the port of the total orders 468 order, and did not in 1395 carried out an order which was canceled and referred to courts investigative another 271 thing. “He added that” recruitment orders amounted to 3173 is carried out including the 1943 order, while not implemented from authorities on the 811 order, and the remaining ones either canceled or referred to the views and the courts of other judicial decisions, “adding that” the number of ministers who were sentenced orders Balastkdam 13 ministers issued against them 24 something, 91 something on those with special grades and general managers, and issued their right 127 thing; the presence of accused of more than one issue. “It is said that the Supreme religious authority confirmed through its representative in the holy city of Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net today the importance placed clear and deliberate and scientific plan for real reform and the cooperation of everyone steps more important than has been done in the previous phase and the most important prosecution and hold accountable those responsible for what happened During the past years from the loss of hundreds of billions of money of the Iraqi people in fake projects and Mqalaot based on nepotism and corruption and that the real reform starts here from the prosecution and accountability of the spoiled and wasted the people’s money, or they acquired if the law did not apply the right of these and relive them money and punished for their crimes, including by matching corruption will continue and will not be deterred from corrupt practices “.anthy tc Article Ends Article Begins PARLIAMENTARY OPEN THE DOOR TO LEGAL ACCOUNTING MALIKI BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION CHARGES: WITHOUT THE "IMMUNITY"! Special - scales News Said a member of the parliamentary legal committee Saman opener, Sunday, legal accounting of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki if to prove the corruption charges against him. The opener for / scales News / that "al-Maliki is a current employee of the State, and if it were to prove corruption charges by the legal means it will be punished as the rest of the other staff," stressing that "there is no on-Maliki" immunity "offline." He said a member of the parliamentary legal committee that he "could be the former prime minister accountable for the mistakes of the previous phase, which said her current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," adding, "it was to stop the vice presidents' salaries now." The "high-level source speaking on condition of anonymity, stressed that the decisions of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi last represented a blow to a coalition of state law, and especially the Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa Party Nuri al-Maliki on the one hand, on the other hand, longer and strike painful also the Sunni community," he said. " Parliament now will find himself in the face of a serious challenge to pass the reforms. " It is worth mentioning that the "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, issued on Sunday, a number of directives included an immediate a reduction of the number of protections for all officials, among them the three presidencies, and the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister immediately, and the dimensions of all senior positions from quotas partisan and sectarian", also included also reducing its ministries and agencies to raise efficiency and reduce costs, and the abolition of the special provisions for the presidencies of bodies and state institutions and officials, retirees, and the opening of the previous and current files of corruption under the supervision of the Commission Article Ends Mnt.Goat Update 10/5/2015: "Under Pressure" Part 2 [update; Fighting ISIS / DAASH] Okay so where is Mnt Goat going with this article below? I am presenting this article to help you understand the position that the Anbar / Mosul region is in. There have been many articles over these salaries in the recent past. Did you know one reason the government stopped paying the salaries in these regions is due to the terrorists? They apparently have been forcefully taking the money from the citizens once paid and in some cases the citizens join the organization willingly an would forfeit their pay to ISIS. So to stop the flow of these funds to ISIS they simply stopped the payments. Recently there were street crowds cheering in these rallies for their money. So let me clarify. These rallies were not about the RV I can assure you. It was about these promised payments. .... These so called intel “gurus” want you to believe something different to try to connect these events for their own proof of a pending RV. I wish they would stop confusing the facts. It was instead just for the payment of their pensions and salaries as promised by the government. So now they got paid. So this may be an indication of the stability of these regions or did they pay them to prevent more from joining ISIS ? We wait to see. Article Begins MILITARY RETIREES PAY THE SALARIES OF ANBAR TODAY Anbar - Noureddine Hamid It approved the Ministry of Finance retirement and the public on the retired military pay of Anbar province in order to alleviate their suffering.The security adviser to the governor of Anbar province, Brigadier General Aziz behind Trmoz said in a statement on Sunday that the (Ministry of Finance and the General Retirement and agreed to pay pensions for the military to maintain), stressing that the (covered can receive their salaries on Monday or Tuesday). The decision to relieve the burden of military retirees who were forced to flee from the province to Baghdad and the southern governorates and the Kurdistan region to escape the military operations. Article Ends [update: on CBI] Okay now we get to the second part of the BIG News of the day, some golden nuggets to share with you with two articles below. Following this section on the CBI update I talk about the Investment law and how they now plan to vote on the law in parliament on Tuesday 10/6. Does it make sense then that they would also now roll out billions of dollars for the development of the banking sector at about the same time? Seems they really are trying to kick start this economy or “activate the private sector” as many want to call it. Also I want to reinforce something to you now once again. DR Sinan Shabibi must come back to manage the CBI officially before any RV can occur. I have stated this in the past and I am firmly standing once again behind this statement. The new prime minister has asked DR Shabibi to come back to the CBI and DR Shabibi gave him his answer. This took place months ago. Now we are seeing Abadi finally begin to address the CBI an clean it up. So this will clear the path thus allowing the governor of the CBI complete autonomy to manage the delegated responsibilities as in the CBI charter. I am now hearing we might even see Dr Shabib come back this week as they are planning to make a formal announcement of his return as heading up the CBI (officially) once again. Do you think he may pick up the progress on the currency reform from where he left off in 2012? It is very possible this may occur so be ready for some surprises in the next couple weeks. We might just see the new coins and lower denominations launched very soon. I find it also funny how economists should come out now, once again and talk about the life span of the 3 zero notes and how they must be replaced soon in the project to delete the zeros. Is this coincidental? So what do you think he will do once Dr Shabibi is back at the helm? What is the main responsibility of the CBI according to their charter - Stabilize the dinar exchange rate, manage the monetary policy and manage the reserves. All of these responsibilities have not been fulfilled correctly under the proxy governor, as set up by Maliki as they were not the intended goal of this proxy placement. We have see the exchange rate fluctuate randomly and almost uncontrollable over the last couple years. We have see almost 30 billion dollars depleted from the CBI reserves. We have see a complete postponement of the project to delete the zeros. All these trends must be reversed and will be reversed. NAJIB: CENTRAL BANK ALLOCATES BILLION DOLLARS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BANK SECTOR Author: Publisher on:October 2, 2015 In: economy BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Iraqi Central Bank decided to grant the government banks billion divided them according to the controls to improve its banking system and restore its infrastructure. The Commission said the economy and investment parliamentary Najiba member of Najib's (IMN) said that "the Iraqi Central Bank agreed to grant billion dollars of government banks to Ttaiwiramlha banking," indicating that "the advancement of the economy and other sectors depends on the development of the sector bank through the provision of infrastructure and electronic means used in banks global ". And called for the economic and investment commission in Parliament last week, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to send a draft central bank law and banks and government for the purpose of modified and approved by the Parliament. Najib added that the "State-owned banks in Iraq face legal restrictions on investment provided for in the Banking Act, where the bank is not entitled to Rafidain and Rasheed dispose of their capital in investment and increase financial revenue." Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Mohammed confirmed the appearance last month, that the Banking Act No. 94 of 2004, which includes a lot of mistakes and a lack of terminology in the Arabic language. From: Star Gazan, Edit: Ali Al-Shammari Article Ends Article Begins ECONOMIST: LIFESPAN OF THE CURRENCY PAPER 3 OCHEHR..OUALEMADENAH 25 YEARS Special - scales News Stressed the economic expert Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, Sunday, that the life span of banknotes 3 months and Mineral currency 25-year-old. Al-Shammari said L / scales News / "The life span of coin for a class of 250, 500 and 1,000 dinars is 25 years, and this long-term will save the state huge amounts of paper currency printing costs as those paper categories fast trading and consume every 3 months and will save the state 250 million dollars per year and this number is very large." He said economic expert, that "the process of removing zeros from the currency will provide a great time of employee hours and be the largest in the daily and final accounts accuracy", adding that "on the executive Council of Ministers to re-submit this law to the House of Representatives, and accelerates and Parliament by approving the provision of such amounts huge budget. " The "Iraq used coin in the sixties and seventies of the last century, and even the demise of the market traded in the Iran-Iraq war," .anthy 29 n / Article Ends [update: On Reform Laws] I have some amazing nuggets of information for you today on the status of some projects in regards to the reforms. First let me say that the Investment law is going to be voted on this week. Hurray! Iraq really needs this law. This law goes way back years ago, when Iraq had their multi-national investment seminar. Resulting from this seminar were many of these recommendations made to Iraq. They are finally going to implement them. So now this opens the door to the private sector. A better way to say it is “activating the private sector” as many like to use this term. It is about to begin and I am jumping for joy. This did not have to take place prior to an RV however we are glad to see it since it shows us the commitment of the GOI to moving forward towards creating a sound economy which could only mean they would have to RV at some point very soon after activating this law. So here are some basic points of interest in this law: I quote from the article- “supports the single window so that there will be delegates from government agencies have the powers to grant approvals for investment projects, and to facilitate access to land for the establishment of investment projects and encourage the population to expand beyond the basic design, and encourage Iraqis and foreign investors after participating with Iraqis by giving them soft loans, bound to be a ratio achievement of 25 percent and guaranteed by the project.” Latest Update - Parliament is now telling us the draft investment law will be voted on through the House of Representatives session on Tuesday 10/6. We are still waiting for the National Guard law, Three Presidencies bill and Amnesty law to be passed in parliament. All of these laws have had second readings. Article Begins ECONOMY: INVESTMENT PASS A LAW THIS MONTH 4/10/2015 0:00 BAGHDAD - Omar Abdel-Latif Suggested the committee «economy and investment» parliamentary, pass the investment law in the parliament during the current month sessions, stressing that two fundamental points setting off to delay the adoption of this law, which was hoped to be voted on before the Eid al-Adha holiday. She by Nora Albjara Committee told the «morning» Commenting on the importance of this law: that important and will change a lot of obstacles facing investors, especially that the country is looking for other financial resources after the fall in oil prices She added, that the Commission ended all comments were added to the law in the last session of parliament that preceded the Eid al-Adha , stressing that the committee met with the First Deputy House of Representatives to the President, Dr. Hamoudi, this Algrd.utabat in this context: was in the meeting, asking all what is possible to add some political blocs on this law in order to not be the there are problems during the vote in the parliament. to postpone the vote MP Albjara, pointed out that the committee. I was surprised by the request of the Presidency to postpone the vote on the law, despite his presence on the agenda grounds that the presence of some of the proposals of the executive bodies did not add to the law .waodan, that the most important points that objected to by the executive bodies, lies in that the post of head of the investment rank of minister after the Committee voted to have the rank of Deputy Minister in line with the government's measures to reduce positions .otry Albjara, that this topic surprising because what is put forward by the Commission is not commensurate with the reforms advocated by the Government in terms of reducing special grades, because in this case would be for the government armies of retirees degree two managers who finish their service in those bodies. Special interests and the postponement Committee expected to be postponed Law proposed by the Commission and materials will benefit the investment and facilities in respect of, by, but it was discovered that the topic related privileges and preference for private interests to public . With the second objection point stipulates « Enjoy the heads of investment authorities in the provinces privileges general managers during their presence in office , But Investment Authority insists on retaining their grades if they came out of the post. Obescon most prominent materials that will encourage investors to set up projects in the country, signaled a member of the economic and investment commission, that the law has encouraged Iraqi and foreign and mixed private and public sector in the new investment projects . Also supports the single window so that there will be delegates from government agencies have the powers to grant approvals for investment projects, and to facilitate access to land for the establishment of investment projects and encourage the population to expand beyond the basic design, and encourage Iraqis and foreign investors after participating with Iraqis by giving them soft loans, bound to be a ratio achievement of 25 percent and guaranteed by the project. Economic .almusharah, also said the law put obligations on the investor in the event of failure to restore the property to its owner with a fine of $ clipper, and the introduction of a new concept of investment similar to the developed countries implement strategic projects himself or by a third party. As well as oblige ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry to provide good real estate to set up investment projects, and the granting of privileges and exemption from taxes and fees for investment projects on imported assets before startup, and exemption of investment projects from taxes for 10 years. as well as the exemption of imported raw materials for commercial operation of the project fees and taxes, according to the proportions of the contribution of local materials that go into the product industry to encourage the utilization of the domestic product of Iraq, and to require government agencies in cooperation with the Organization for the completion of the direct investment project requirements within a period of 30 days after the issuance of the license ». In the end of her statement, Albjara expected, to see the law light during the current month after the end of all comments received it, suggesting that «if there were the will of the fact that the executive bodies to take advantage of this law will see the Iraqi investment and investors an opportunity to create a private in the safe areas in the center and south of major projects. Article Ends Article Begins A MEMBER OF THE PARLIAMENTARY ECONOMY IS LIKELY TO VOTE ON THE DRAFT INVESTMENT LAW SESSION TUESDAY 10/4/2015 Alsumaria News / Baghdad was likely to economic and investment commission parliamentary member of proof Mamouri, Sunday, vote on the draft investment law through the House of Representatives session on Tuesday, noting that approval of the draft law will provide the revenues of the Iraqi state. He said Mamouri in an interview with AlsumariaNews, "The meetings are ongoing between the committees of the economy and the legal Alniabaten, to establish legal frameworks for investment law, "likely" drawer bill for a vote, the House of Representatives session on Tuesday, or during the current week. " He Mamouri, the "Committee for the economy had made contact with the heads of blocs and parliamentary committees as well as the ministries concerned with the law, for approval without a difference it", stressing that "the approval will do the investment sector comes revenues for the state." The Vice President of the House of Representatives Hamoudi called, (September 1 2015), to the need to accelerate the adoption of the investment law, pointing to the importance of law in the activation of the national economy. Article Ends In conclusion I just want to make something very clear to all. So why now is everyone watching for these reform laws? Why now have you finally come to a conclusion that there might be some “meat” in the articles after all? Could it be because you lost your other so called “secret” sources or simply you can no longer trust their info since they have been proven over and over again to be misinformed and lead you down a path of foolishness and hype every time? I have to say I told you so. I told you so ! I though many said Mnt Goat was crazy and these article did not matter? I thought you said all these laws were all done already? Of course this is because many of you are simply lazy and do not want to take the time to read articles and study what is really happening in Iraq. You can read can’t you? So once again I will baby-sit all you so called “gurus” and try to help you understand the truth as I know the overall plan and I can see it being executed. No - I refuse to tell you the overall plan as it is bigger than you can imagine and probably willing to understand anyhow. If I were to tell you then you would only take it, abuse the information and use it for your own purposes to hype it up anyway. Too bad it must be this way. I will say the plan is NOT about some foolish nonsense of a GCR (global currency reset). I have had many conversations with IMF representatives and they all tell me this if foolishness and they have been working to reset the financial arena now since 2008 and it will continue. Currencies revalue each and everyday and some currencies will adjust too in the SDR basket to coincide with any significant value of the IQD or any currency in the basket. It is a slow process and just because you want or need an RV today will not make it reality. Sorry! Stop making up stories about this “GCR” as it is getting real boring. Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  9. Mtn Goat Update 9-26-15 ... 2 Parts Thanks GeorgeH for sending to D.Recaps ​UU6811 – “ Quick End of Week Update – 9/26 ” by Mnt Goat Part 1 of 2 Hello Everyone, Family and friends are having a great time at the grand daddy of all Oktoberfest in Munchen and it is nice just to be in a festive city surrounded by may who enjoy this time of year alike. Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit Der Gumutlichkeit - Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit Der Gumutlichkeit – Ticky Tocky Ticky Tocky hoy hoy hoy!!! - still rings in my ears from yesterday over and over It will be nice to return to our quiet village in the mountains once again. As you can see ich bin kein city girl. I am now sitting in meinen zimmer writing this news letter. Everyone is anxious to leave hotel to touring so I must make this very short today and to get ready….sorry. ​~~~ I need to emphasize that we are about to enter one of the most pivotal times in the weeks ahead since I have been in this investment. What I mean by pivotal is what will conclude from what I have been talking about now for months. Remember early October is coming upon us very quickly. There is a target in place and I believe they are pushing forward to attempt to meet it. The big question is will Iraq be ready? Today’s News Today is Saturday September 26th and still no RV. I also want to say that when Iraq is ready to revalue their currency and come back as an international player it will just happen. NOTHING WILL STOP IT. There are no boogie men, conspiracies or foreign countries with issues holding it back each weekend, as some make you believe. The reason we have not seen the RV yet, even though there has been many windows of opportunity planned (and I will not deny these planned windows), is because THEY HAVE NOT YET COMPLETED THE AGREED TO REFORMS! The PTB will continue to hold it back until Iraq meets its obligations even though they plan these RV windows ahead of time. Remember Iraq too wants to be ready and has set many self imposed issues that needed addressing. We see these issues too in the reforms (corruption, security, stability). I can not shout it out any louder or any simpler. It is not rocket science…is it? THEY MUST COMPLETE THE AGREED TO REFORMS! Let’s recap what has happened this week and how it relates to the RV. If there could be any theme in this week’s news it would be Abadi trying to defend his reforms in front of his political opponents. Who are these opponents? . Of course we all know these opponents very well, don’t we? Do I have to spell then out? It is the Dowa party and all those corrupt government officials now being caught in their web of lies, deception, and corruption. It is the Maliki syndrome in Iraq as they believed it would be a FREE FOR ALL after the USA and coalition pulled out in December 2011. They figured a sure thing for a third term for Maliki and a full blown dictatorship was just around the corner. At least that is what they thought they could do. But the plan did not work out when the USA finally pulled support from Maliki before the 2014 elections. It has been downhill ever since for these gangsters. But they are not yet gone and still can have much influence. So they are now paying the price as this corruption could not last forever as it could (and nearly did) destroy Iraq both economically and security wise. But those culprits on the very top (those mainly responsible) have not yet paid the price. Their turn is coming soon. This is what the citizens really want and cry out for in the demonstrations. This is what must take place. It is important to note there must be a true reconciliation in the Iraqi government if they are to get their country back, at least that is what Abadi signed up to help re-establish in 2014. So this week the news was very slow. By slow I do not mean there was not a lot of news but it was not the news of the finality of the many much needed reform laws that we expect to see. We were told these laws would be in parliament for their final votes in the coming weeks after Eid. Eid is now ending. Every time there is a holiday there is much confusion about the timeframe in this dinar investment community. Once again I hear many different views about Eid al-Adha holiday dates. I want to clarify these dates now. .Eid began on Thursday 9/24 and extends through Sunday 9/27 this year. Each year it is different timeframes as it depends on time of equinox. Iraq themselves have told us in many of their articles do not expect much during this timeframe so this is why the “official” news is very slow. Every year we must go through this same confusion. Why must it be so? However I expect an explosion of news come next week since Eid ends on Sunday 9/27. This is just 3 days from the end of the month. Some are saying Eid ended on Thursday. Really? I don’t know which calendar they are using. What are these last remaining laws we wait for? As I have said in my recent news letters we wait for: 1) the announcement of the formal finality of the Federation Council; 2) the National Guard law and specifics to be announced; 3) the Amnesty law (they did tell us this week they released many political prisoners) Could this already be done? I have been told it was signed and done but no official word. 4) the announcement of the Judicial Reforms bill being passed and implemented; 5) the passing of the Investment law (see article below); President Masuam told us earlier this week that FULL RECONCILIATION would be completed and announced after Eid. This coincides with the timetable we have been previously told. But what does this “full reconciliation” mean exactly? I will only relay to you what I have been told when I asked the same question to an Iraqi government official. I was told that full reconciliation means that all the critical needed reforms would be completed. These are those “low hanging fruits” that Iraq referred to as “hasty” reforms that could be implemented in the shortest time period to give them the highest impact on the corruption and political stability. These were the agreed to (negotiated) items. These reforms needed laws to implement them and so how do we know if they are or are not completed unless we watch for the laws to coincide with them? So this is now what we watch for. How important is the Investment law? I presented an article below that should answer this question for you. It is an excellent article and I quote from it – “ it will raise the performance of financial institutions and contributes to the Iraqi money management correctly ". Also I want to add this too and I quote from the article again – "the law will be presented to a vote after the Eid al-Adha holiday to be passed." They also tell us the hold up was due to many amendments that had to be added to the new law. Remember this law has been initially written around 2012 so it has been kicking around for a long time. Many knew it would never pass as it was written by the then current council of ministers under Maliki administration. I believe they first had to clean up the corruption in the seven state owned banks in Iraq (mainly the Rafidian and Rasheed banks). So there was work to be done first but it had to wait to get Maliki out of the way first. Now in retrospect we see that these revisions were necessary to move forward. So what do they have to do that we still don’t know about? I believe these last remaining reform laws are that “basket of laws” that will hit us all at once very suddenly after the Eid holiday. When I get excited it’s not because some “guru” told me to get excited because his “secret” source whispered in his ear the bank screens were loaded or the exchange centers are manned and ready (as we have heard this story for years now every weekend). Instead it’s because I have real proof and I have presented this proof to you over these last many months. Did you listen to me? Did you pay attention? We are in the absolute best window ever to see Iraq have a significant increase in the value of their currency sooner than later. But this increase is just a small part of the overall effort left in the process. First we must see the lower denominations begin to be distributed in exchange for the US Dollars (de-dollarization). Then we can expect to hear some news from the CBI as the project to delete the zeros begins again. Items to watch for in the news. Remember back in March the finance committee did announce they gave the CBI the “green light” or go ahead for financial reforms. So they have been moving in this direction slowly but surely ever since. So even though we here news of windows for an RV each weekend we must use our common sense that God has given us too and ask this question - How can Iraq RV if they have not even begun to 1.distribute the lower denominations or 2.announcing the continuation of the project to delete the zeros (said it would begin in early 2016 again), 3. what about the 50k and 100k notes? They said they would begin using the 50k notes before the end of the year. These are all tell tell signs that we moving in the right direction as we get closer to the end of the year. So let’s now review about that happened this past week and then I will conclude the news. ​​Article Begins IRAQI PM: PROTESTS ARE WAKE-UP CALL TO MEND POLITICAL SYSTEM Tuesday, 22 September 2015 10:09 The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi warned yesterday that the protests in the country are a wake-up call to help the government address the imbalances in the political system. Al-Abadi said: “The fight against the political quota system is an essential part of the fight against corruption because partisan or personal loyalty leads to favoring loyalists instead of professionals and this injustice destroys society.” “The Iraqi people may tolerate the difficult economic conditions but they will not tolerate having a privileged group that enjoys special treatment and protections,” he added. “I said from the beginning that the demonstrations are a warning that helps us address the imbalance in our political system and to cooperate to address the issue of salaries and protections. If the government is responsible for protecting its officials from terrorism, this does not mean having armies of protection personnel of up to 800 people. The country needs combat troops to defend the homeland and the people.” Article Ends Mtn Goat Update 9-26-15 Part 2 of 2 Article Begins CHALABI REVEALS CORRUPTION FILES TO IRAQI POLITICIANS AND MINISTERS OF THE MOST PROMINENT AL-MALIKI Date: 09/21/2015 Palm-A member of the National Alliance and head of the parliamentary finance committee, "Ahmad Chalabi," about a group of well-known names thieves of public money. He said Chalabi on his page in the social networking "facebook" site and I followed, "news agency palm" The first group of thieves Iraq, which has been its files handed over to the Supreme Judicial Integrity Commission concerning Huda Bank, United Bank, North Bank, Middle East Bank and the Bank of Assyria. ​~~~ And between a member of the National Alliance, the names that were stolen Iraq and public money are both Fadel Al Dabbas and Haitham Al Dabbas real and imaginary and their companies as well as involved fake projects and false invoices Hamad al-Musawi, as well as, the boy and his sister in the Middle East Bank on charges of money and false invoices laundering as well as the donation Tabra Aseel Tabra cousin, Hamid al-Najjar and Tarek al-Hassan and Bahaa al-Araji charges of money laundering and corruption of the central bank as well as the Contractor Essam al-Asadi and his son Haider Essam al-Asadi. He said Chalabi that Judge Jafar Mohsen al-Khazraji, along with five judges were of the defendants also as well as the official Green Real Estate Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki and his gang Abu witnessed Kazim further indicating that one of the defendants are also former Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi and former Education Minister Mohammad Tamim and inspector general of the Ministry of Health previous Adel Muhsin, revealing at the same time that "the list that has about thieves of public money in Iraq up to 300 name. It is said that the National Alliance member Ahmad Chalabi revealed a number of stories of corruption led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his son Abu assistant saw officers as well as the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi current. Article Ends Article Begins PARLIAMENTARY INVESTMENT: THE POLITICAL DIFFERENCES ABOUT THE INVESTMENT LAW PASSED WILL NOT HINDER 09/22/2015 14:50 pm (Baghdad time) Special - scales News He stressed the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Mohammed Abbas, Tuesday, that the political differences on the investment law will not affect passed, pointing out that THE LAW WILL RAISE THE PERFORMANCE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND CONTRIBUTES TO THE MANAGEMENT OF IRAQI FUNDS CORRECTLY. Abbas said L / scales News /, that "Iraq is suffering a number of economic problems, including the problem of money management as well as the scarcity of financial liquidity," adding that "the investment law, which has been read in the House of Representatives will raise the performance of financial institutions and contributes to the Iraqi money management correctly ". He said the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary "There are a number of amendments to the law will be held by experts and specialists before voting on it," stressing that "the law will be presented to a vote after the Eid al-Adha holiday to be passed." It is said that "the Chairman of the amendment of the Investment Law Nora Albjara confirmed that the amended investment law will provide 50% of the workforce for the Iraqis." This "House of Representatives postponed voting in its regular second amendment to the draft law to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006" . Article Ends The next article is interesting. So we see Abadi and Jaafari delegation heading to the USA. Why now? I believe this will be a final “progress” report to the USA by the Iraqi government on how well they completed their agreed to reforms. Will they pass the grade and move on to a full international player? Remember getting their currency back also means they will finally be truly FULLY A SOVEREIGN NATION thus article 4 of the sanctions will be lifted. Is the USA ready to give them this or do they still feel they need this leverage to do what needs to be done against ISIS and DAASH. Maybe now Abadi and Obama can agree to a much needed realistic new kind of “status of forces agreement” thus allowing for the currency reform and also thus satisfying the interest of troop buildup by the USA and coalition forces to fight terrorism in Iraq and the region overall. I included a news broadcast by ABC News summarizing the past. This is an important news cast since it brings this current situation with ISIS into proper perspective. At this time this is what I firmly believe on this subject matter – If the USA and the coalition forces can get some sort of satisfactory status of forces agreement in place with Iraq, then Iraq may meet the needed security requirements to roll out the new currency. Article Begins ABADI, AL-JAAFARI IN WASHINGTON AFTER EID 22/09/2015 10:37 Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari visited the United States after the Eid al-Adha to meet several us officials. --"News" to the "Al-Abadi, Al-Jaafari will visit the United States, after the Eid al-Adha", adding that Jaafari's visit "will precede the visit Abadi, where he is scheduled to attend UN General Assembly meetings. The paper said that "Al-Abbadi will exploit his visit to Washington to meet us officials, led by President Barack Obama, to talk about '' daash» financial crisis and u.s. support for clans of Western region, and not confrontation with the popular crowd" Article Ends Next I included one more article and I felt compelled to talk about this one. Many of you may jump the gun and not actually read the article fully or know the background. So it needs some explanation. First of all this is not talking about official policy as of yet and simply the views of the reporter in the article. Second we all know for a fact that Abadi’s council of ministers wrote a law suspending the section in the constitution regarding these three vice presidency positions (one of which Maliki was dismissed). Abadi then went before parliament and the law was passed. So this is a done deal no matter what the anti-Abadi politicians want to tell you. Relax since Maliki has no official power any longer and no immunity. Maliki still has a power base but it is a much weaker base now that he has no official capacity. Third we see that the president Fuad Masum has spoken out and wants to maintain at least one deputy vice president so I quote the article in what he has to say in the matter - President of the Republic Fuad Masum keen on the survival of his deputies in their office and talks with Prime Minister al-Abadi ongoing to reach a final agreement in this regard", pointing out that they "may agree on the survival of one deputy to the President and the al-Maliki is the top candidate to stay in office ". Forth – who will this one remaining VP be, if in fact an agreement is made to maintain one deputy? It will certainly not be Maliki I assure you of this. Many believe it very well may be Iraq's former Vice President Tareq al-Hashimi. If you have been reading my news letters all along you know where I and others are coming from on this issue. This deputy could very well be announced next week and may be needed as part of the reconciliation process. This would be a couple more nails in Maliki’s coffin….lol…lol…. ​Article Begins Basri's / scales News /: MALIKI MORE FORTUNATE TO STAY IN THE POST OF FIRST DEPUTY INFALLIBLE Since 09/23/2015 14:52 pm (Baghdad time) Special - scales News He confirmed the National Alliance member Zainab Arif visual, Wednesday, First Deputy President of the Republic "Almrhq" Nuri al-Maliki is the front-runner to stay in office, showed that with the resolution of the position will be after Eid al-Adha. Basri said L / scales News / "The decision to dismiss the Vice-President of the Republic Fuad Masum, is unconstitutional because the Constitution acknowledged that the President of the Republic his deputy and at least one", saying he "will discuss a resolution of impeachment in the House of Representatives during the next meeting Alorteurakdha after Eid al-Adha holiday after being voted by the Council of Ministers and sent it to parliament. " She said the National Alliance, a member of the "President of the Republic Fuad Masum keen on the survival of his deputies in their office and talks with Prime Minister al-Abadi ongoing to reach a final agreement in this regard", pointing out that they "may agree on the survival of one deputy to the President and the al-Maliki is the top candidate to stay in office ". It is said that "the voice of the Council of Ministers, earlier, to approve the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic Act, as three two-year assignment managers decided to retire at their request" Article Ends [Finally – Electricity coming to Iraq] An article came out on Wednesday telling us the province of Basra will install a number of electricity projects in the coming months. It also told us funds are allocated and need to be released before the summer of 2016 for more projects in electricity. So finally Iraq is beginning the projects to bring their country back online. This may not seem significant to you but this is HUGE news since lack of electricity has been a major source of contention in these recent demonstrations. Also how do you run the computers and networks necessary for commerce and the banking systems without reliable electricity 24/7? The government is finally getting around to addressing some of these issues at the heart of the desires of the people and the economy. Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Ticky Tocky Ticky Tocky hoy hoy hoy!!! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  10. This is long but very informative and well structured...enjoy..! RON ********************************************* Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “Why is the RV stalled?” Part 1 of 3 - 9/9/2015 (Thank you George for emailing this to D.Recaps.) UU6803 – “Why is the RV stalled?” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, Today I come to you once again to see what sense we can all make out of this RV saga of the Iraqi dinar. Sorry but today’s news letter is very long again. I think the longest yet. It almost has to be since there is no such thing as a short news letter anymore from what is happening in Iraq. Things are moving so fast. Even when I try to emphasis only the most important articles and news I still have a difficult time limiting the size of the news letter. After reading today’s news you would have to be (plainly speaking) darn right stupid not to realize that the revaluation of the IQD is now being stalled (delayed). So like many of my recent past news letters print it off, grab a good strong cup of strong, hot coffee and settle down in your favorite chair. Read today’s news carefully. It is chock full of goodies. Today’s News Today is Wednesday September 9th and still no RV or hopes of an RV window until at least mid September. I told you from mid August to mid September would be a very critical time for getting these reforms accomplished. I told you Abadi would make a final push to get them completed and it would be very sudden and unexpected by most. We are witnessing all of this now. So was Mnt Goat correct again. I told you there would be a progress report of the Iraq needed laws and reforms in mid September and out pops news of a scheduled third Conference 9/11-9/17. So who is right again? I told you that “if” this reform process is successful, we would be in a great window to possibly see the currency reform project pick up momentum and maybe see a significant increase the value of the Iraqi dinar and the continuation of the “deletion of the 3 zeros” project. This would occur sooner than later. Then just recently again out pops 2 important articles by MPs asking the same questions we are asking – that of why has the project to delete the zeros not been completed and why have the lower denominations not yet been distributed? Funny how we get these type of article just before a critical window of opportunity for an RV is upon us. But I also said IF THE REFORMS AND LAWS WERE DELAYED we may be seeing sometime in early 2016 for our next window of opportunity for an RV. Many still put words in my mouth and claim I am giving a 2016 date. Did you just read what I said? I said it was all dependent on the meeting being held in mid September 9/11 – 9/17 to determine actions going forward and setting new target dates. So please stop all the needless discussions and attitudes towards the 2016 timeframe. We just have to wait and see how it all plays out. But remember just because you want an RV sooner than later does not make it reality. Remember many also said in April that this RV would never make it till June timeframe. Many swore Mnt Goat was an idiot for her analysis. Now she is also saying we may not see it until 2016 but it is all dependent on the progress. I firmly expect Abadi to clean up the CBI and Dr Shabib to come back to an “official” capacity to head up the CBI once again before these projects kick off fully. We will soon see if Mnt Goat is correct on this too. Let’s get going with today’s news. There is so much news again and I will attempt to summarize it for you and put it into perspective. US NEWSPAPER: MALIKI LEFT IRAQ'S TREASURY WITH ZERO FUNDS - Published: 2015/9/7 11:22 Baghdad (AIN) - Iraq’s ability to fight Islamic State extremists who control roughly a third of the country is hampered by a financial crisis that has left the Baghdad government operating “hand to mouth,” Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily warned this week. The inability to pay salaries on time to the soldiers and militiamen fighting the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has hurt morale and hindered progress in operations to retake key hubs that were captured by the jihadists, Faily said in an interview Thursday. And belt-tightening measures such as consolidating government ministries threaten to exacerbate ethnic and sectarian tensions by upsetting the delicate power-sharing quota system that’s been in place since the U.S.-led occupation authority took charge following the invasion of 2003. “This goes back to not making your support conditional,” he added, referring to Iraqi officials’ frustration with the Obama administration’s reluctance to bail them out last year unless Baghdad first made reforms to address the corruption and ingrained sectarianism that softened the ground for the extremist takeover of Mosul in the north and most of Anbar province in the west. Faily, who belongs to the ruling Dawa Party, blamed the crisis chiefly on the plummeting price of oil — the government relies on exports for some 85 percent of revenue — though economists and foreign policy analysts say that decades of mismanagement and corruption also have contributed. Faily acknowledged government fault, citing an overdependence on oil revenues and the slow pace of addressing graft such as the use of “ghost employees,” workers who exist only on paper so that supervisors can pocket the salaries. Much of Iraq’s spending is defense-related as the country struggles simultaneously to rebuild the U.S.-trained military that collapsed during the Islamic State onslaught and to launch offensives to retake captured territories. And they’re doing this with a budget that was based on oil at $56 a barrel, though in recent weeks the fluctuating price has dipped to closer to $40 a barrel. A revenue-sharing deal between Baghdad and the mostly autonomous, oil-rich Kurdistan region has broken down, depriving the central government of another cash stream. Ben Van Heuvelen, managing editor of Iraq Oil Report, which closely monitors the Iraqi oil sector, said a major cause of the crisis is that the previous administration of Nouri al-Maliki “left zero financial buffer for the inevitable down cycle in commodity price.” He said that al-Maliki’s successor, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, has “made some good moves,” including painful spending cuts and exploring revenues outside of oil, but that he stands little chance of yanking the country back from the brink anytime soon. A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity because it involves sensitive diplomatic and defense matters, said the Obama administration has increased its military assistance to Iraq in recognition of the twin crises of the Islamic State presence and the severe financial strain due to collapsing oil prices. The official acknowledged that “it is an increasing challenge” for the Iraqis to fight the Islamic State, “and that’s why we’ve put so many of our own financial resources” into the campaign. Foreign military financing, which uses U.S. funds to procure weapons, included $300 million for Iraq for fiscal year 2014 and $150 million for 2015 before jumping again to $250 million in the current pending request for 2016. In addition, the official said, the U.S. military donated some surplus American equipment, including 300 MRAPs, mine-resistant armored vehicles. “They need a bunch of things across the board, everything from anti-tank weapons to MRAPS to Humvees to arms and equipment,” the official said. As of Aug. 15, the official said, the total cost of U.S. operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is $3.7 billion, with an average cost of $9.9 million a day. The official said critics who question why the United States is spending so much in defense of one of the world’s most oil-rich nations are ignoring the broader consequences should Iraq lose more ground to the extremist group. “You can’t look at this as an Iraqi fight,” the official said. “ISIL is a threat to the region, to the international community. It’s a mistake to look at this as an Iraqi or a Syrian fight. ISIL has shown the global implications they can have, and just their sheer brutality needs to be defeated. To characterize it as an Iraqi fight is wrong.” Faily acknowledged the U.S. help and said that the Germans and Dutch, too, have contributed light weapons, equipment and anti-tank systems. But most battle-related costs, he said, are Iraq’s responsibility. That goes not just for the regular army and security forces, he said, but also for some of the Shiite Muslim militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces. “The actual fighting on the ground we’re financing ourselves,” Faily said. “Salaries, weapons, uniforms, equipment.” But the budget crisis means that paychecks are late — “three months behind, four months behind,” Faily said — which, in turn, deals a blow to the morale of a fighting force that’s already much maligned for its evaporation during the Islamic State offensive that took Mosul, the second-largest city in the country. “You want your professional army to deal with things professionally,” Faily said. There’s also the risk, Faily said, of losing recruits to paramilitary groups, particularly the Iranian-funded militias that the U.S. government designates as dangerous “special groups.” Though just 35,000 special groups militiamen are part of the 120,000-person Shiite paramilitary structure, he said, the loss of manpower to them is a blow to the government’s effort to assert authority over all armed factions in the fight against the Islamic State. Faily said Iraq’s finance minister is traveling to London and Washington next month in hopes of selling some $6 billion in Iraqi bonds, and that the Iraqi Cabinet is scrambling to cut spending in other areas, downsizing diplomatic outposts and halting some investment projects. Iraq also received a credit rating for the first time and secured a loan agreement from the World Bank. Other budget trims have been more controversial, such as doing away with some high-ranking ceremonial positions and consolidating government ministries. The divvying up of official posts according to sect, ethnicity and political party was a longstanding tactic to appease the disparate groups that were jockeying for power after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Though some analysts are hopeful that, in the long run, the changes will do away with an ineffective patronage system, they agree that in the short term the moves threaten to further aggravate internecine tensions, jeopardizing Abadi’s broad reform agenda. And that, according to U.S. officials and analysts, opens even more opportunities for extremists to gain from the disarray. “If you believe, as I do, that deep political problems in Iraq created an environment that was ripe for ISIS to take over a third of the country, then you also believe that there needs to be some kind of political foundation to any long-term solution to the problem,” said Van Heuvelen, of Iraq Oil Report. “But if the way you’re used to finding political solutions is by throwing money at the problem and bringing constituents into the fold by promising them a slice of this very lucrative oil pie, then if that pie shrinks, your ability to create political solutions evaporates.” /End/ Article Ends Article Begins IRAQ BEGINS [ON] THURSDAY TO PROMOTE AN INTERNATIONAL BOND ISSUE OF SIX BILLION DOLLARS - 09/08/15 @ 13:53 banking sources said that the Iraqi government will start promotion campaign next Thursday for the first international bond issue in nine years as it seeks to finance a budget deficit because of falling oil prices and the war against Sunni Islamist al-Daash. Sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that "Baghdad want to combine up to six billion dollars in a series of versions of the bills dollar, but the first version is expected to be much smaller." Said Mrtbo versions that "the banks Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan arranging version and will begin meetings with investors in the United Kingdom and the United States. In spite of the political risk in Iraq is expected to contribute to Baghdad put the largest oil producer in the" Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries [OPEC] as the second to reassure buyers on entitlements and the large oil fields in the south of the country not exposed to fight directly in addition to that Iraq adopt an ambitious plan will continue for several years to increase its production of oil. It is expected that Baghdad pay a high price for borrowing, where the yield 10.37 percent on the Iraqi dollar bonds due in 2028. Prior to the sale this month, Iraq won the first his sovereign credit rating gave him Bretton where Standard & Poor's and Fitch rating B- a rating below six degrees of investment grade. He was Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in 22 of the last June that Iraq has begun promoting overseas bonds Tune six billion dollars. The government's much-needed liquidity as it expects a deficit of about $ 25 billion this year in the size of the budget of about 100 billion Dollars. Article Ends Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “Why is the RV stalled?” Part 2 of 3 - 9/9/2015 As I have been telling everyone it is very important and necessary for Iranian influence to be gone or greatly impaired in Iraqi politics and in the general influence of Iraq prior to any RV. So recently out pops a news article on the Iraqi Shiite Grand Ayatollah reportedly sending a letter to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali al-Khamenei asking about the IRGC Quds Force chief's role in Iraq. Article is below. Once again their words not mine. No hype or rumors, just the facts. This article is telling us the importance of getting rid of Iranian influence and that it is a major obstacle to the stability of Iraq. It is now a target for the religious sector as it is for the political sector. I believe it is just a matter of time before Soleimani’s Quds forces and militias will have to pull out. Remember too that the US generals do not want their USA “boots on the ground” forces fighting alongside Iranian forces. It will NEVER HAPPEN ! Being that the USA is finally committing a significant level of military forces as a surge force (50,000 troops) to free Anabar and Mosul areas, wouldn’t it be a good idea now for Iran to pull out prior to their arrival? If the do not it will be interesting to see just what will happen. This is all good news as the pressure is building now for this to happen too. Lots of pressure in all areas of getting rid of Iranian influence in Iraq, something we prayed for so long. Article Begins: SISTANI QUESTIONS QASSEM SOLEIMANI’S INFLUENCE: REPORT The Shiite Grand Ayatollah reportedly sent a letter to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali al-Khamenei asking about the IRGC Quds Force chief's role in Iraq. BEIRUT – The highly influential Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has reportedly criticized Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani’s role in Iraqi politics, in a sign of a split between the Shiite religious establishments in Iraq’s Najaf and Iran’s Qom. Asharq Alawsat reported Monday that Sistani had sent a message to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei questioning him about “Soleimani’s increasing influence in Iraq.” An unnamed Iraqi politician told the Saudi-daily that Sistani had asked “whether this had happened at Khamenei’s instruction or through Soleimani’s [own independent action.]” The normally shadowy Quds Force commander emerged as a public figure following ISIS’ sweeping advances in Iraq in the summer of 2014, appearing in a number of pictures alongside Shiite Iraqi militiamen. However, Soleimani’s media presence has shrunk in recent months, amid reports that his bombastic statements on Tehran’s foreign policy have upset Iranian leaders. The Economist on September 5 cited a source as saying that the IRGC commander had been reined in by the Iranian authorities and “can no longer act as a de facto foreign minister.” The report further stated that former IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaei had been brought out of retirement back to his former position to “keep an eye on General Suleimani.” Despite reports of Soleimani’s curtailed role, he has continued to act as a trouble-shooter in Iraq. In July, the Quds Force chief met a number of Iraqi Kurdish leaders to discuss extending Massoud Barzani’s term as president of the autonomous Kurdish Regional Government. Then in late August Soleimani appeared at a meeting of the National Alliance parliamentary coalition of Shiite parties that ended with an acrimonious exchange between him and Iraqi Premier Haidar al-Abadi. Abadi reportedly “objected strongly” when Soleimani criticized the reforms the Iraqi premier is pushing through—especially those which could harm former PM Nouri al-Maliki, who is close to Tehran. Qom-Najaf split Sistani’s growing frustration over Soleimani’s role in Iraqi politics represents growing differences between the clerical establishments in Iraq’s Najaf and Iran’s Qom, the world’s top two Shiite seminaries. Asharq Alawsat’s source said Sistani has started to realize that Iran’s intervention in Iraqi politics on behalf of Maliki “has begun to affect [Najaf’s] historic role.” The source added that Sistani’s action was evidence of “a clear dispute between the Najaf… and Qom Seminaries” in which Sistani and Khamenei are the highest authorities respectively. According to the politician’s own analysis, Khamenei’s approach to reform in Iraq focuses on “the political dimension of the issue because the holding to account of [high level] corrupt [figures] will affect powerful Shiite leaders.” “Sistani looks at the matter from a legal perspective; he believes that fighting corruption is a legal duty, regardless of the political consequences.” The Iraqi PM on August 9 announced a raft of measures to reform the Iraqi state, two days after Sistani told him to “strike against corruption with an iron fist” as Iraqis mobilized for growing protests against the state’s inability to provide basic services. Abadi’s seven-point reform plan—which was approved by the cabinet and parliament—calls for eliminating the co-vice presidential posts, one of which is held by Maliki. Maliki also faces charges of being responsible for the fall of Mosul to ISIS in 2014 when he was premier, after a parliamentary report blaming him and top commanders for the matter was referred to Iraq’s judiciary on August 17. However, Iran extended the embattled Maliki a show of support, hosting him for a visit to Tehran on August 19 during which he met with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Article Ends Update: Abadi’s Reform Laws Article Follows: INVESTMENT LAW IS READY FOR APPROVAL - 7/9/2015 0:00 BAGHDAD Completed Committee economy parliamentary and investment final draft of the second amendment to the Law on Investment Law No. (13) for the year 2006.omn scheduled lifting of the law to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on Monday in order to be included on the agenda for a vote this week. Committee member Rep. Najiba Najib confirmed in a statement »Sabah» that the committee put the finishing touches on the final draft of the new law, which ensures the previous overcome the problems and obstacles and attract local and foreign investors, likely to include it on the agenda of the meetings this week. She Najib said the Economic Commission has made great efforts work through two parliamentary commissions on fueling this law in line with the changes witnessed by the world in the field of investments, and the need for the country to major projects, especially infrastructure and services that exceed the state budget capabilities under the current circumstances through which the country projects. Waodan that the amendments included in the final draft is the result of an agreement the parties concerned the law, as it fielded committee of representatives of the national investment in the discussions, studies and workshops prepared to include the Chairperson-in-law hubs to attract major investments to the country after the formation of a sub-committee to follow up the amendments to the law The new, in addition to the legislative work and oversight. Among the most prominent amendments included by the Commission in the law, Najib indicated that the real estate foundation for investment, and that the investor had difficulty in getting on the ground to set up the project, so it was agreed that the National Investment Commission is the main factor for the provision of the land and complete all administrative and legal proceedings, and submit them ready for Msttmr.kma noted the agreement of the committee with the Investment Authority following the decentralization in the appointment of heads of bodies in the provinces, to be considered legal and constitutional issue, as the parties concluded their agreement to the notice of authorities in the provincial nomination for the post of President of the Commission in the province on the last opinion National Commission for investment. The Committee on the economy and investment were laid last week, Chairman of the National Investment Commission Dr. Sami al-Araji, to discuss the text of the second amendment to the Investment Law No. (13) of 2006 before it is submitted to a vote. Article Ends The National Guard law was expected to go before parliament on 9/8 for a final vote. Did it get passed? “The continued postponement of the NGL not only undermines efforts for national reconciliation, it also hurts the credibility of Sunni politicians in the eyes of their constituents as the initiative increasingly becomes viewed as a failure. If a long-term and sustainable solution is to be established, restoring confidence in political representatives and inclusive institutions must be an utmost priority. “ Article Follows: PARLIAMENT POSTPONED ITS MEETING HELD ON WEDNESDAY TO WEDNESDAY Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Chairman of the parliament decided on Tuesday to postpone the hearing to the 19th day on Wednesday because of differences over the National Guard Law. The parliamentary source said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The presidency of the parliament decided to postpone the 19th meeting, which was scheduled for Tuesday on Wednesday." The source, who asked not to be named, said: "the delay was due to differences on the Law of the National Guard." It was scheduled to hold the 19th session of Parliament in the ten o'clock on Tuesday morning. Article Ends Article Begins: NATIONAL GUARD LAW CONTROVERSY & FEARS OF EXPLOIT INTERNAL INFIGHTING The continuing controversy over the National Guard and law amid fears of exploitation of internal infighting - Tuesday 8 September 2015 - 9:58 Confirmed the MP for Ashwaq dry Kurdistan Alliance, the National Guard, the law can not be passed without the consensus of all political blocs it because of its impact on the security situation in the country and as pointed out that the alliance to which they belong with the approval of the law indicated the existence of some differences around between various blocs. The dry Radio tow that the Kurdistan Alliance with the approval of the law is that all the political blocs different in some articles of the law, especially with regard to the possibility of moving troops out of the province or confined to their tasks in maintaining that form where, adding that the approval of the law must be done by all the political blocs in connection with direct the security of the country. For its part, expressed its reservation on the mass of the citizen-led provincial governments Guard troops be certain that the National Alliance insists that be centralized leadership of those forces to avoid confusion in the war with Daash. He said MP from the bloc Hassan Khalati that other point, which is unfavorable to the middle provinces and the south is the mechanism of formation of these forces on the basis of the ratio of each province which sees the Sunni component, while the National Alliance demands that the popular crowd and Arab tribes fighting actually Daash is the nucleus that is formed So the guard. To that description body of opinion in the popular crowd member Karim al-Nuri law in its current form and that it will generate amalgam Musharanh militias. He said Al-Nouri told Radio tow the law allows arming those forces that will be devoted accents of the southern provinces living poverty oil while the government not be able to prosecute the wanted within the provinces will each own army and allow them to arms manufacturing as well as it is nothing more than a trap for ripping The unity of the country. He announced the coalition of state law in parliament for refusing to pass the National Guard Law, said the head were part of the coalition, the Dawa Party, a block behind Abdul Samad during a press conference held in his office in Basra said that the law had been drawn out of bounds and came to the division of Iraq within the Biden project that wills him to the United States American dividing Iraq into three mini-states, pointing out that this law aims to form armies inside Iraq fighting among themselves, he said, stressing rejection of other blocks as well as the rule of law as well as the individual to pass a law of the members of the National Guard. http://translate.googleusercontent.c...koqjSnpoalta4g Article Ends Article Follows: MALIKI: NATIONAL GUARD LAW WILL NOT PASS - By Roudao - 09/08/2015 Roudao - Erbil He said the president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki in a televised interview broadcast Monday evening on 07/09/2015 number of Iraqi Satellite TV channels that "the law of the National Guard will not pass." Maliki said "I do not think that the National Guard Law will recognize, especially after holding the Doha conference, which cause severe allergic between all shades of the Iraqi society, because such a project needs a good arm and great revenues, and can not be all that the intervention of foreign hands negative trying symbols Guard Law National derailed. " And follow-Maliki "should be popular crowd is the main base of the National Guard, Valhacd now. There are Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and even the Kurds, and approval of the National Guard Law in this period and after the Doha conference makes us imagine that there is a blueprint opens Trivl sectarianism put the ingredients, so it must We pay attention to each well of a national law enacted. " He also said "that the National Guard was a national project, but it has become dangerous for the country after foreign interventions it, it must be mixed National Guard and in all the provinces, and not to be the provinces of guards or territory, Flo has also become, we can not move any force our will, I remember there was a problem At the time, he wanted to move brigade 16 of the army and it was the Kurds, but they rebelled and took up arms, and returned to the region, so it will not accept this law because it will be the spearhead of the projects have destroyed the country. " Asked about and who took part in the Doha conference Accounting, al-Maliki said that "any official of the object was, sat down with the Baathists and terrorists in Doha will be held accountable, both within the House of Representatives or hold him accountable and prosecuted according to the Iraqi constitution and the law." When asked about his relationship with Iran, he said: "we are linked with Iran's historical ties, and the Islamic Republic a major role in the stand next to us against al Daash, both provide us with weapons or equipment, and we, the people of all of Iraq to thank Iran, Shiite and Sunni, for standing to next to us in the fight against this Organization". http://translate.googleusercontent.c...5EimNaBmW2RMSA Article Ends Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “Why is the RV stalled?” Part 3 of 3 - 9/9/2015 In my last news letter I presented an article telling us that OPEC and GCC are ready to step in an help Iraq bound back out this economic crisis. So this week out pops an article telling us that they needed help and why OPEC decided to assist in reducing oil production to drive up the cost of oil, thus more income for Iraq the second (if not the largest) oil producer in the middle east. So will the Eurobond (sovereign bonds) help raise the needed funds to help Iraq out of this slump. For all those creeps that keep whispering sweet words of nonsense in your ears that ISIS and DAASH are not much of an impact to Iraq, the RV and the the terrorists really don’t matter -- Really? Total nonsense and why would the bond market itself (Bloomberg report) be telling us this now about this impact if it just wasn’t true? I don’t understand all this foolishness from these so called intel “gurus”. I wish they would all just blow away when there is a heavy wind. See article below. I also want to remind everyone too that just recently Iraq has stated that the revenue generated from the Tariffs along could rival the income generated from the oil revenues. Did you miss this one? So the article is not very correct in the Iraq has great potential in other areas too. They are moving to a multi-faceted economy as lessons were learned from the dropping oil prices. Good article and a good read. Article Begins: TERRORISTS IN BACKYARD TO SPUR COST OF IRAQ EUROBOND EXPERIMENT Iraq’s effort to enlist bond investors in its fight against the Islamic State and a collapse in the price of crude won’t come cheap. The Gulf nation’s first trial in the Eurobond market in almost a decade means it may have to pay “double-digit” interest to lure investors, said Morten Bugge, who helps manage about $2.5 billion of emerging-market debt at Kolding, Denmark-based Global Evolution A/S. Iraq announced a $6 billion bond program on Tuesday and may hold sales meetings with international investors as soon as September, people familiar with the matter said. “It’s an oil exporter with ISIS in their backyard which weighs negatively on the bond sale,” Bugge, Global Evolution’s chief investment officer, said. Iraq has been struggling to contain the expansion of the Islamic State’s foothold a year after the radical Sunni group took the nation’s biggest northern city, Mosul, and captured Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, three months ago. The government is borrowing to close a budget shortfall as the fight against terrorism and oil’s 54 percent decline in the past year sap government finances. Compounding risks for investors is a sell off in commodity-exporting nations following last week’s yuan devaluation, while the Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates from near zero, Bugge said. Middle East and North African countries are issuing bonds this year at the slowest pace since 2011, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. “I am sure Iraq would wish for better timing,” Bugge said. Yield Spike The yield on Iraq’s only international bond jumped to their highest this year, climbing 19 basis points to 8.73 percent at 5:26 p.m. in Baghdad on Thursday. The country had to seek $1.24 billion of emergency financing from the International Monetary Fund in July after oil prices slumped to their lowest in six years. Crude contributes about 40 percent of economic output. “Iraq’s rating is very good in the current circumstances,” Majid Al-Souri, a board member of the Central Bank of Iraq said from Baghdad on Wednesday. “It has huge fortunes of oil and gas and it can’t go bankrupt,” which will reassure investors, he said. Fitch Ratings expects the country’s fiscal deficit to top 10 percent of gross domestic product for 2015 because of lower crude prices, higher military spending and costs associated with the civil unrest. Political Risk Islamic State’s presence has put political risk in Iraq at the highest among any sovereigns it rates, Fitch said this month after it assigned the country’s bonds a speculative grade of B-. The assessment is on par with Cyprus and Jamaica and two levels above Greece and Ukraine. The country’s foreign-currency reserves may drop to about $45 billion by the end of 2016, according to estimates by Exotix Partners LLP. “Iraq is probably the most oil-dependent country in the world, so falling oil prices, really, really hurt this country,” Jakob Christensen, a London-based director at Exotix, said. Reserves “could drop significantly over the next two years if oil prices stay low and they don’t adjust,” he said. Article Ends Article Begins IRAQ IS PREPARING TO SELL BONDS IN EUROS TO OBTAIN CASH FINANCING stad Baghdad and the Iraqi government during the period preceding the Labor Day holiday in the United States, which coincides with the 7 of this month to start marketing to sell bonds worth euro US and international markets to obtain cash financing. According to the news report by "Irak Basnzs News" and translated"appointed Iraq News," that the banks "City Krupp, the Bank of the Netherlands, and JP Morgan" will be the main source of Iraqi bonds expected to sell and which will be unsecured by source statement on. He said the site "that the material yield, which he hopes Iraq collected a consequence of the sale of the bonds will be $ 6 billion to cover the shortfall in the projected budget next year, comes this release to be the first in almost a decade, was the last international items Iraq has issued in 2006.anthy 5 Article Ends Is Iraq Ready for the RV? I included two articles below on this subject matter. Their words not mine. No hype or rumors just the facts. These articles begin to address the many questions that many of us are having for some time now. The questions are about the stalling of revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Who is stalling the RV and is it legal to do so? So let’s use these two recent articles below to exam these questions. In the first article a member of the parliamentary economic committee calls for the deletion of zeros and the issuance of Banknotes small (the lower denominations) to strengthen Baghdad – where a member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment has called for the issuance of Banknotes small to strengthen the Iraqi dinar. Also it was announced in the parliamentary finance committee member Faleh in force, on the 28th of last August 2015, for delivery to the committee the public prosecution and the judge who corrupted files in the money laundering related to the currency conversion. We witnessed an attempt for the resignation of the head of the Iraq Supreme Judicial Council Medhat_al-Mahmoud, only to be rejected by the council due to political obstacles. So they know who and why the corruption in this area of concern. But can they do anything legally about it without the laws in place? So please read the first article below. From the first article we know that money laundering and corruption influence from the judicial system is one reason why we have not yet seen the deletion of zeros and the issuance of Banknotes small (the lower denominations). This is now confirmed by this article so NO MORE RUMORS on this subject matter. Iraq must pass legislation (call them reforms if you want) to deal with these situations in a legal manner first prior to continuing these projects. Mnt Goat has been saying this now for many months. Mnt Goat is right again. The second article is talking about the lifting of Chapter 7 sanctions in June 2013, and is “Iraq still subject to the separation of the seventh item in the financial affairs by the UN Security Council resolutions”? In other words - what about having control over their own currency (is their currency not part of their wealth)? Why was this also not given back to them when Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted in June 2013? So the lifting of Chapter 7 sanctions in June 2013 can be considered one of Iraq’s biggest achievements since the ouster of Saddam Hussein a decade ago, ALLOWING BAGHDAD TO REGAIN CONTROL OVER ITS OWN CURRENCY, (really? I don’t think so), oil and economy. Chapter 7, imposed on Iraq by the UN Security Council after Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in 1991, froze all Iraqi assets in international banks, ordering they be used to compensate victims of the aggression. Besides placing limits on USE OF ITS WEALTH, the sanctions also placed limits on the Iraqi military. One of the biggest advantages of the lifting of the sanctions is the return of all frozen assets to the Iraqi government, estimated at $82 billion, according to Central Bank data. Its return will not only revitalize the economy, it will strengthen the value of the Iraqi dinar and increase its purchasing power. But TO THIS DAY IRAQ IS STILL FROZEN IN TIME and still using the post war provisional 3 zeroes notes, meant to be transitioned to the new, permanent currency prior to sanctions being lifted in 2013. So what happened? These two articles below are yet another inquiry into this long standing question - of where is their currency? It is being asked by yet more and more parliament members. The articles are addressed to the CBI and are inquiring about the future timing as to when the CBI is going to meet all controls subject to Chapter 7 release meaning the one remaining obligation, that of release of their currency. Folks this is important news for us. This article confirms to us exactly who is holding up the revaluation and the transition out of the provisional currency. Could the CBI want to RV and someone else like the USA or the IMF be holding them back? This is yet another question to solve since the USA does have the power to hold back the rollout to the international exchanges and banks. If this was the case we might be talking about conspiracy stuff. If you read this second article carefully, what the MP is saying is this – Why are you (the CBI and GOI) holding back the currency reform because of the necessity to create and legislate laws (calls them agreements from the translation) for the economy when it is very clear that release from Chapter 7 sanctions is also a release of the currency (meaning a release from the provisional currency). So the MP claims Iraq will still be bound by Chapter 7 until this last step is accomplished. The answer to this question from the second article is found in the first article about the necessity to legislate laws first to prevent money laundering and the prosecution of those involved. So we know the delay in currency reform and the project to delete the zeros is noted clearly and there is pressure from members of parliament finance and economic experts who see the necessity to get the currency reforms completed since these projects can only help the dragging economy. Article #1 Begins: PARLIAMENT CALLS FOR THE DELETION OF ZEROS AND THE ISSUANCE OF SMALL BANKNOTES Tuesday, 08 September, 2015 A member of the parliamentary economy calls for the deletion of zeros and the issuance of Banknotes small to strengthen Baghdad – where a member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment has called for the issuance of Banknotes small to strengthen the Iraqi dinar. Said Najiba Najib told all of Iraq the more we were able to strengthen the country’s economy will be reflected on the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, noting that “if what has been compared to the Iraqi dinar to the dollar, it is not weak equal almost to a certain extent.” The main roads to strengthen the Iraqi dinar come through the diversification of sources of revenue because Iraq’s dependence on oil only would negatively affect the economy, indicating that “monetary policy in the country need to measures by the central bank, either through deletion of zeros or the issuance of Banknotes small because they are necessary in a manner consistent with the economy and fiscal policy. The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on 17 July, said that “the Iraqi currency reserved and have a great economic power, hard currency is because it is backed also that Iraq has the potential and capabilities and we have the blessing of oil,” he said. “There is no fear on the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar compared the US dollar, and the dollar will strike prices manipulators with an iron fist. “It was announced in the parliamentary finance committee member Faleh in force, in 28 of last August, for delivery to the committee the public prosecution and the judge corrupted files money laundering related to money laundering and currency conversion to Aforeig. Article Ends Article #2 Begins: A MEMBER OF THE PARLIAMENTARY ECONOMY: CENTRAL BANK IS STILL SUBJECT TO ITEM VII AND IRAQ SIGNED AGREEMENTS DO NOT APPLY Baghdad - Member reported in the economic and investment commission in Parliament, said the representatives of the Central Bank of Iraq is still subject to the separation of the seventh item in the financial affairs by the UN Security Council resolutions. The MP said Ahmed Salim told all of Iraq , "The central bank is still subject to controls Section VII, and did not come out until this moment, even got out of what used part of the reserve of gold or pound which is owned by." Said MP said he had sent a letter to the Bank to inquire about the extent of time you specify international standards to get out of Chapter VII for Iraq's money and gold reserves and other funds. "He pointed out that" the Chapter VII sanctions lifted from Iraq, but some of the material, either article that allocate the financial affairs of Iraq did not raise them, even if lifting of the central bank deal internationally varies from dealing now, "and said," That's why more Iraqi funds sold through auction and the reason that the money paid through the sale of oil abroad to compensate for the sale of the dollar at home. "and between the economic and investment commission member, said" agreements Iraq concluded with countries that have no meaning except that Iraq emerges from chapter VII of financial affairs, and these agreements most of them do not apply the current time, but some of the agreements, which are set to the House for the purpose of legislation and ratification, which is for the economy, including cooperation between the countries and the provision of economic and trade work , Yes, this is voted on, but placed until it comes time ", adding that" in any case, Iraq will remain constrained by that never goes out of in terms of financial affairs Chapter VII. "He said a sound that" the central bank gold sale does not threaten the currency timeshare Presently, because the reserve be present at the central bank for the purpose of the necessary need to walk the things the country or improve the economic situation in a particular circumstance. "He explained," In my opinion, this does not affect, but each country is in economic conditions sudden and the central bank is a treasury of the policy of the Iraqi economy, including inflation and policy processing cash that keeps the country also maintains the Iraqi dinar, "noting that" this is part of his work and his duties to provide funds and other alternatives to assisted by gold. "The central bank had said last Saturday, that the continued sale of gold bullion for citizens processes will support the financial liquidity. said Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords in a press statement, that "the central bank, in order to support liquidity in the Iraqi state and to encourage citizen of the Optional savings to diversify its means and put forward different options for him, began by asking different alloy weights for the acquisition by citizens, taking into account the bank to the circumstances of the citizen Almaahah.anthy 2 Article Ends Many of you dinarians have asked me why I spend so much time helping you to see clearly this RV process. Meinen Hubby too asks me the same question…….I will address some of these questions now. My only answer is this – I have much expertise from prior military intelligence career that I can put to use to assist us civilians in seeing the truth in the RV process. I ask for no donations or money of any kind. I have no internet site for overhead nor do I spend time on a conference call (just social calls anyhow). Instead I spend my time writing a news letter for all my dinarian friends. It was originally for a few selected, close friends. Over time I saw the necessity to spread the truth and so many have asked if they can publish it to the general public and I agreed. Why do we need to have to be helped to see the truth? The main concern of mine is not that there is not enough good information in articles and news releases from Iraq for all of you fine dinarians to read and understand. You clearly do not need anyone telling you about this investment or so called intel providers. All the information you need is at your finger tips. The main concern and problems stem solely from these so called intel “gurus” who fill you minds and hearts with their constant info and try to wrap you into their mode of thinking. They are the source of the only problem I see with getting through to the truth about this investment. They have their own agenda. They know you are venerable. Whether it is selling dinars, having you donate to their site (making money off false intel), subscribing to an RV alert or subscribing to some post RV party (where they will take advantage of you as millionaires later). This is just to mention a few of their tricks. They already have your addresses and telephone numbers since you call into their Q & A sessions out of total ignorance of what they are really doing. Folks the world is full of these charlatans and they are wolfs in sheep clothing and you are their prey. Do you also see how many of them use prayer now to get to you. Something as sacred as prayer, shame on them……Are they really all so holy and caring….lol….? Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  11. Mnt Goat Thursday Post - “The Outer Timeframe” Part 1 of 2 - 8/6/2015 (Thank you George for emailing this to D.Recaps.) UU6725 – “The Outer Timeframe” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, If you have been following my news letters you know that I mentioned that at each month end, the government of Abadi is reviewed for progress on these reconciliation reforms. We now know that there are 30 reforms and about 20 of them are done. In recent articles this is most of what they are talking about. Its all about saving the government money and getting these reforms completed. There is so much concern and emphasis now for the completion of these reforms since mid August will make the 1 year outer timeframe for completion of these reforms. These reforms need laws in order to implement them. This is why I keep harping on the completion of these laws as they relate to the RV. No reforms No RV….sorry Charlie….! What will this mean for the RV? They are down to the end of their timeframe to complete these reforms I have referenced so many times already. This effort could not go on forever and this end had to come someday. I believe this is the beginning of our RV window and if they can complete these reforms on time we have a wonderful opportunity to see the currency reform and the project to delete the zeroes also being applied. I seriously expect to see a couple things happen next: 1)articles about the status of the reforms once again, this time mid month instead of at the end of the month. We know they can not and thus will not officially extend this deadline (but now have to work at the next best timeline which is mid Aug ). Can you see why I am saying mid Aug? 2) Look for important news on these three laws (Amnesty Law, the National Guard & the Federal Court law) since they are very important and essential for Iraq to move forward. Jubouri came right out in public last week and told us he is looking for international assistance in finding a way to implement these laws. 3)articles related to the continuance of the project to delete the zeros. This should make headlines in the next couple weeks, if they get close to meeting this mid August timeframe. Please go back and read my news letter from 7/31 (LINK), 8/2 (LINK) and 8/3 (LINK) if you don’t follow this news letter. This news letter today is another continuation of the drama unfolding. I tried to make this a short one today. Today’s News Today is Thursday August 6th and still we have no news of an RV and you now know why (due to my efforts). So today I must come to you to debunk the BS that is being spread around to create hype once again about an imminent revaluation of the Iraq dinar. I wish I did not have to do this however someone has to tell it to you straight and honesty. The first topic is about the reducing of the salaries of the government officials. No – the project has not been cancelled as of yet. In fact the GOI just came out with a statement yesterday and told us they fully intend to implement the measures to reduce the salaries of some high officials and DID TAKE THIS ACTION, AS TOLD. So this project was NOT CANCELLED as some have told you. You see once again conflicting news and you can see the misinformation and propaganda being spread around from this source. We all know who I refer to. Update: Reducing Salaries of High Officials Again I will repeat to you this effort is NOT DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE RV. Please lay off the hype! They are doing this to SAVE MONEY since there was a committee formed months ago for the purpose of looking for ways to save Iraq money and bring in new revenue (to get them out of this financial crisis). Don’t believe me then read the last paragraph of the second article I presented below on this topic. Their words not mine. We can see from the first article that the law was passed and Abadi has told us it will be executed accordingly so why is anyone questioning that they may have backed off on this law? These same “gurus” who once told us not to read the article they did not matter since they would be the distributors of any intel info we needed from their “secret” sources. Well these same source keep telling us an RV is imminent too and so where is it? Could it be you are being manipulated and these “gurus” don’t want you to think on your own? We also know the salaries of government employees are due to be paid soon since it is already Aug 6th. What impact will this have on these salaries if they do not RV prior to paying these salaries? ABSOLUTLEY NO IMPACT. They simply get paid at the old 1166 rate (just reduced amount) and life goes on. Sure some politicians will be ticked off at Abadi and we will see articles of slander against this policy. I don’t see any issue here do you? So why is anyone using this as a gauge as to determining an RV target date? We have seen the implementation of the tariffs already and now we see another effort to standardize to a common pay scale fair to all government employees. This effort will save them billions each year. So why was this not already done. Maliki had 8 years to do this? Maliki was not concerned about fairness. His only concern was ling the pockets and rewarding those who supporting him and went along with his madness and strategy to mover Iraq towards a totalitarian dictatorship. We all know his plan did not work and so Abadi has to clean up more of his mess left behind. Will this prevent extreme salaries for government officials once they have a significant increase in the value of their currency? Sure it will since they are now weeding out these extreme salaries. But this is more of an indirect intent across all pay categories. It is more about fairness than an RV. So please take off your RV glasses whoever is spreading this other BS. Everything is not all related to the RV. Article Follows URGENT MEASURES OF REDUCING SALARIES OF KEY OFFICIALS, MINISTERS, MPS EXECUTED ________________________________________ August 5, 2015 Baghdad (AIN) –A close source to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi uncovered on Wednesday the measures of reducing the salaries of the key officials, Ministers and MPs were executed, assuring that “PM will not allow any obstacle to these measures.” /End/ Article Ends Article Begins BLESSINGS OF THE NEW SALARY LAW WILL INCLUDE ALL STATE FUNCTIONS ________________________________________ Law will organize all staff salaries and fairly by giving everyone his right. BAGHDAD / obelisk confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, Wednesday, that the blessings of the new salary law will include functions "micro" and "major" in the Iraqi state. Mohammed said in a press statement, that "the blessings of the new salary law is subject to the study of the federal government for more paragraphs and the inclusion of a comprehensive law to submit a proposal to all the functions of the state." He said the parliamentary finance committee member, said "the law will include jobs in the micro-state and its ministries and institutions of the major functions and state officials and departments are largely Agents and managers of two years." He said the "law will organize all staff salaries and fairly by giving everyone his right," noting that "there is work and unremitting efforts in order to reach a final version of the law in order to pass legislation soon in the House of Representatives." It is said that "the financial advisor to the prime minister and an expert appearance of Mohammed Saleh said, earlier, that Iraq is going through the most important challenges confront Daash and lower oil prices require acceptance of the political quest to reduce the salaries of the officials." Article Ends Mnt Goat Thursday Post - "The Outer Timeframe" Part 2 of 2 - 8/06/2015 Update: Customs & Tariffs Law I wanted to reinforce the stance that the new customs and tariff law IS IN EFFECT however it is a new law and is being met with much resistance in some provinces as they try to find loopholes. Some ask the question as to how can the Iraq people afford these news goods as the tariff fees are passed on to the consumer? Also they say there must be an increase in the value of the dinar (an RV) to compensate for this increase. So now I ask you this – Why would they need a revaluation of the dinar due to these tariffs if you truly believe they have paid the citizens the RV rate already on their cards for the month of July and plan to also pay them the same for August and so forth? Many of these so called “gurus” have told you this. They hyped it all up. Do they forget their own intel from what they say from one call to the next? Don’t they remember they told you the citizens already got paid the RV rate on their cards ($3.91) and they are using mostly USD in Iraq? So once again you are fooled by this nonsense from these so called “gurus”. When will you ever learn? Shame on you. Article Follows: BASRA APPLIED CUSTOMS TARIFF IN THE BORDER OUTLETS ________________________________________ Basra / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - border crossings began in Basra province, the application of the customs tariff system on goods entering the country. And warned Iraqi ports company earlier, the reluctance of traders and suppliers from the use of Iraqi ports if the limited application of the new tariff law on the province of Basra. The Chairman of the Committee on development and investment in the Basra Governorate Council Aqeel al-Khalidi's (IMN) to maintain obliged to apply the new customs tariff law after the agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to calculate the new tariff in all outlets the region. " Khalidi added that "some merchants and suppliers will seek to circumvent the new law through legal loopholes to avoid paying customs tariff," explaining that "the Jordanian goods are exempt from customs duties by some of the gaps, according to the agreement between the two governments." Administrative adviser to the governor of Basra, al-Hassani certain promised earlier, the new customs tariff law of the jurisdiction of the federal government and local governments regarding the application of this law. From: Mohammed Nasser, editor: Ali Al-Shammari Article Ends Update: Decentralization Effort In my last news letter (LINK) I told you Iraq might get a 3 month extension on the decentralization effort and I referenced an article telling you this was the case. Well now I have to tell you this 3 month extension was rejected due the unconstitutionality of the decision by the council of ministers. Thus the effort scheduled for completion on Aug 5th, yesterday is still on the radar. Did they complete the effort? So yesterday out pops a couple articles telling us the status of some of the provinces in particular Babylon, Karbala and Dhi Qar provinces. I have included 2 of them. Why am I presenting these articles to you today? I want you to understand that this is not a huge effort and to realize who is actually holding up the transfer. Is it the provinces or the government ministry? We know from articles last week that only 8 of the 30+ ministries remain to be transferred to the provinces and many have already have completed this action. We don’t know which provinces remain and they are not telling us this information. So what do we know? In the articles below we can see this number 8 once again pop up and confirms to us there are only 8 ministries remaining, which is a good thing right? We also know they obviously have gone past their constitutional deadline of Aug 5th. We can read these two articles and assume the provinces are advertising to the people that it is not them holding up the transfer since they are ready. So they are telling the people indirectly it is the government holding back the transfer to their provinces. We do know the culprits (which ministries involved) which are from the ministries of education, finance, health, labor, youth and sports, agriculture, municipalities and housing. So most of these ministries are not BIGGIES (meaning critical ministries) except one, the finance ministry. Why has the finance ministry not yet transferred to most provinces? Do you want to take a guess? Let’s see how this plays out over the next couple days since we know they are attempting to meet this Aug 14th timeframe for all the reforms, decentralization being one of them. If they are late by a couple weeks we don’t care as long as its not 3 months….lol…. I have to tell you this news is almost predictable and like clockwork….lol…but you have to follow the saga and its like watching a soap on TV. You can’t miss an episode or you might get lost. Isn’t this exciting? Article Follows: BABYLON: READY FOR DIRECT TRANSFER OF POWERS ________________________________________ The Governor of Babylon honest Royal, Wednesday, that the Government of Babylon ready for direct transfer of powers from eight ministries. BAGHDAD / obelisk announced governor of Babylon honest Royal, Wednesday, that the Government of Babylon ready for direct transfer of powers from eight ministries, noting that the purpose of the transfer of powers is to provide services quickly without hindrance or delay. The Royal at a press conference followed the "obelisk", that "the Government of Babylon and all the province covered by the departments ready for a date for the official and set for the direct transfer of powers from the ministries of education, finance, health, labor, youth and sports, agriculture, municipalities and housing." Royal added, "The purpose of the transfer of powers is to provide services quickly, without obstacles or delay by the local government and without reference to the ministries." He pointed out that "the citizen will soon be in charge of the implementation and application of accounting after the transfer of powers to the provinces irregular province of law." The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Jamal al-Din al-Badri stressed adviser, last Tuesday (August 4, 2015), that is more the province of Babylon governorate readiness to take over the transfer of powers from the service ministries file. Article Ends Article Begins: DHI QAR CONFIRMS ITS READINESS TO TRANSFER ADMINISTRATIVE POWERS ________________________________________ Information / Baghdad / .. Deputy governor of Dhi Qar Mohammed Alsoala, Wednesday, that the province is ready for the transfer of powers to the eight government ministries to local government, pointing out that it contributes to the development of the province in many fields, especially economic and service projects. Said Alsoala in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, "Dhi Qar front fork legal ways to implement administrative decentralization system more broadly and as stipulated by the governorates not organized province of Law and is ready for the transfer of powers, where initiated administrative steps first to decode the link circles its ministries, pointing out that "this file will contribute significantly to the support of local governments and development through the expansion of its powers to be able to manage their own affairs." The vice governor of Dhi Qar that "the local government bygone develop administrative Mlakatha in all its departments to be able high by the administration of the province after the transfer of those powers," explaining that "the transfer of powers in the schedule will contribute to upgrading the economic and service located in the provinces." He called Alsoala all ministries to "direct rules and regulations of the transfer of powers to the province and to authorize their constituencies in the provinces to take their role and work to decentralization on the ground." Ended / 25 Article Ends Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  12. Okay....for those of you who like to see what he has to say - here is Frank26's latest Monday night Conference call and his bloviating on important and mundane issues. He adds photo articles from his site (removed), and I tried to put the articles title for most of them. i have an opinion about this, but I'll keep it to myself. This is very long and in 2 don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger...! Have fun...RON Frank26 & KTFA Conference Call Notes - Part 1 - 4/14/2015 Post From KTFA by FrostyTheSnowman » April 14th, 2015, 12:40 am • KTFA MONDAY NIGHT CONFERENCE CALL Notes 13 April 2015 ** The comments made by Frank26, TopShelf and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial advice. ** SECURITY … SECURITY … SECURITY!!! Is their price you can put on it? Would you give me a nickel for it? SECURITY … is an important issue in anything that you do. ~~~ If I went to church today … let’s hope that the Deacons, Pastors take good care of you while you’re there. Security. I’m going to the movies … you expect SECURITY. The IQD is being SECURED … and is much farther along than you may think. The banks in IRAQ have been taken back. Does that secure the MR of the IQD. Yes! You saw the articles … taking back the banks … in different providences … good stuff! How about Maliki? He’s ancient history – it’s like he doesn’t exist anymore. What other form of SECURITY do we want? The currency itself needs to be SECURED. Have you seen the COINS or LOWER DENOMS? “How’s that for SECURITY?” Do you see counterfeiting / smuggling being an issue? No, actually they talk about preventing it now. That’s SECURITY for the IQD! Tirkit … banks SECURED. Kurdistan … banks … SECURED. Anabar … getting them. I think the banks are pretty well SECURITY. It causes the CBI to brag … doesn’t it? The MR is working well! You did see what the CBI did this week … didn’t you? I’m going to show you and prove to you about what the CBI is doing. We have 19 articles to review! iTeam … you know what they do and who they protect. iTeam … has been dismissed. That is the highest form of SECURITY you can find! iTeam … is COMING HOME! Sadly … ISIS tried one more desperate attempt … they actually entered Saudi Arabia. They were looking for help … but were blown into oblivion. We were kicked out by “O” … but we’re back in for SECURITY. The lower denoms … are Dr. Shabibi’s plan. You didn’t even know that Dr. Shabibi was being protected by iTeam … did you? There are 4 parts to the monetary reform of the IQD established back in 2006. We are in the last and 4th part. If you look at the spreadsheet … the spreadsheet shows you calculations of .85 to $1.00+ We told you that Dr. Abadi would arrive in DC yesterday … he would talk to Obama on Tuesday (tomorrow) and he would leave on Thursday to head back home. It’s just a report. He [Abadi] will also give the IMF a report while here [in the USA]. The Kurdistan newspaper … purposely IN OUR OPINION … released the insurance of the 50 IQD notes with the Kurdistan language on it. The 50 and 100’s. This is the Kurds spilling the beans once again. Kurdistan newspapers came out with an article insuring that the 50 IQD notes would have the Kurdistan language on them. (WE KNOW THIS STUFF FRANK!) -- So why do I have to repeat it? Because we’re excited about what’s about to happen! In the meantime, it causes confusion for those unfamiliar with this investment. For the CBI to remove the 50’s family … and then replace it with a 50 COIN and 100 COIN … that is deep! When are you going to see the 50 replaced? (April 30th) Can we have a rate increase BEFORE you replace the 50? (Yes … but can you imagine the confusion it would cause … with simple people like Iraqi citizens?) It’s smart to remove the 50 … so not to confuse it with the 500. Once they lift the 3 zeros. But smarter … in my opinion … but that rate cannot go up until we remove … what needs to be removed. The CBI spreadsheet has a rate family between 85 cents to a dollar plus. And they tell you they will remove the 50 by April 30, 2015. Let’s see here … a rate and a date. Well … now that’s interesting – rarely seen that close together. Do you think they will be done lifting the 50’s by the 30th of April? BLUE COUCH MOMENT >>> “Hey … Dr. Shabibi … if you have collected enough 50’s by April 30th … will you lift the value of the IQD?” 800 Billion of the 50’s … that should make quite a difference right? Today the USD is at 99.97 value. Many people are confused. That’s what the study of the IQD is … and the study of the USD. The change of the monetary policy typically occurs in the middle of the month … but I don’t think that’s going to happen in this case. Citizens of IRAQ … can you please come into our banks? “No!” Ok … what if we killed the Internet and were able to talk to the citizens and tell them we are planning to lift the 3 zeros? “No!” The Rasheed Bank branches have ALLOCATED to remove the damaged currency. That’s because they don’t have much liquidity out there. They are trying to collect all of the notes that they can. The 50’s are doing well and they’re trying to get the citizens to turn in their damaged currency and open up an account … retirees … get a card, etc. But the citizens say “no.” Is this part of the delay? Not really. Because the moment that the citizens that the value is increased … they will stampede the branches. The Rasheed branches committed to replacing the damaged currency. This is a part of the MR. There is a committee right now to monitor the IQD currency process. How many dinars does the USA have in the Federal Reserve … as well as other foreign countries? They will say they don’t know. Liars! No country EVER gives you their M1, M2 and M3 figures. These committees are set up to monitor the process … of the switch of the rate. Do you understand what COINS are family? They are a FRACTION of the dinar. What is a coin worth at 1166? (LOL --- “you owe me money!” … it’s like a fraction of a fraction of a fraction). Abadi in DC … what does the IMF hold? (Article There is reason to PRAISE God! Retired US General … “The US of America allowed ISIS to gain a foothold in Iraq” – WHY? (To gather intel.) Someone said … “Hey Frank, you said that once we saw the HCL, that within a nanosecond we would see the rate.” And I said … “yes” … now let me explain what I meant by that. Can you give me one of the 7 coins right now? Dr. Shabibi, can I have one of those coins right now? No. Why not? It would be useless … worthless? Not exactly “legal and tender” right now … is it. The HCL is a MIRROR-IMAGE of the 7 COINS. The HCL is in the BUDGET … and will come out when the GOI CBI says so. If it was released right now it would be WORTHLESS. COINS are “FILS” – Google … understand what a fraction of a fraction is. Our Teams are telling us that they’ll show it to us next month. The space shuttle cannot leave the launch pad until everyone says, “go, go, go!” Of course Dr. Shabibi is taking his time. May we respect him for it. There is constant progress in what we’re seeing! SEE POST #27 … of today’s thread. These are our cliff notes for tonight’s cc. Both my forum and TopShelf’s forum … we both love Israel...! I’d like to take you on a “yellow-brick-road” to the CBI. ARTICLE #1 and # 2 This is beyond stupid. Do you know how much it costs to produce these cards? These banks in Iraq are dangling the carrot in front of the citizens to come into the banks to get the MR finished! There is SECURITY … citizens … you don’t have to be afraid anymore! ARTICLE #3 You see this committee that is watching the MR … to preserve the value against the USD. They will reach a point where they will release the 3 zeros and BOOM … they are mirror images of each other. (Lower denoms and coins). ARTICLE #4 Remove these 3 zeros right now says this committees that are with the GOICBI, UST, IMF, and even Jack Lew. This is a prelude to remove zeros from the Iraq currency! My BLUE POST COMMENT about this article >>> Snoopy DANCING … where I said … “PERFECT!” This is OBVIOUS MODE … why do you think Abadi is in DC with the IMF report? To see O? Oh heck no! Poor A is gagging because he has to see O. ARTICLE #5 EXPECTATION … in the coming days! If we POINT at a word … study it. See that word? (EXPECTATION) How many times have we told you? WOW! Delta’s Team and brother-in-law … HOORAH!!!! for finding this stuff! TA-DA!!!!!!! All honor and glory to our Heavenly Father! I have pride in my team … and that’s allowed isn’t it? I’m so sick of these teams who claim people are “cashing-out” every day! ARTICLE #6 Look at the last sentence … “EXPECTATIONS of a height in the coming days!” Hello … there it is again. And by the way … the translation should actually say … “the removal of the three zeros in the coming days.” ARTICLE #7 Good grief if we can’t get them to come into the bank then let’s take the bank to the citizens – into the streets, markets, vendors, etc. Raise the value sir [shabibi] … the USD is only going to continue to keep going up and up and up! ARTICLE #8 – Deputies for the National Government confirm the existence of a political consensus to pass the new Oil & Gas law For those of you confused..........the HCL is done........hence it is coming..! Frank26 & KTFA Conference Call Notes - Part 2 - 4/14/2015 Post From KTFA by FrostyTheSnowman » April 14th, 2015, 12:40 am • Part 2 KTFA MONDAY NIGHT CONFERENCE CALL Notes 13 April 2015 BOOM! Last night I said … “goodnight family … ALOHA dreams … a realistic hope to come!” The HCL can’t come out right now … because there isn’t a real rate to give to the citizens … 1166, the 4th part of the HCL … (the oil rights to the citizens) … cannot be calculated … there is no known math to do that type of negative math. Fascinating isn’t it? For those who say … but I thought Frank said the HCL is done? (Yes … and you’ll see it is … and it’s coming!) ARTICLE #9 ~~~ Rasheed Bank branches Allocated to receive damaged citizens currency ARTICLE #10 Expectations of low dollar exchange rates during the next two days Let me talk a little about the VND. Russia got together with four other countries that don’t like the United States and DEPEGGED from the USD and created their own oil industry, their own currency, their own federal reserves, their own contracts … their own everything. Even their own dissolution. So the USA used 3 factors … the economy, USD and the price of oil (wink, wink) -- to knock the living daylights out of these guys. It did derail them … starting in the beginning of the year. The countries started to fight / divide amongst each other. This is exactly what we wanted. The price of oil went down dramatically … that it basically choked them to death … so the USD goes up … which meant that gold went down … and that’s what they [bRICS] used to do what they were doing … but they couldn’t because gold prices dropped dramatically. So in the meantime, Vietnam comes over the backs of China and Russia and says to the United States … “pssst … pssst … pssst … can we be friends?” So we became friends with Vietnam … and all of the sudden in Jan, Feb and Mar we start seeing articles that the Vietnamese economy is exploding! Why? You don’t know about the contracts that they’ve got worldwide? You don’t know about the oil they are going to get selling in competition to the BRICS? So, Russia got so angry … [Putin] contacted Iran and asked them if they wanted to buy weapons. Iran said they shouldn’t do it because they were in “nuclear talks” with the USA. So, Russia and Iran got together … which didn’t make us [uSA] happy. While all of this was going on … the VND … the D and B says they are going to UPGRADE their credit rating. ARTICLE #11 – Economist: Cancel zeros from the currency will raise the value of the Dinar against the dollar This is the TOP of everything! Last week Delta’s team told us about a reporter who interviewed the CBI governor. An “expectation within 2 weeks.” Please STOP trying to get a DATE! Look at the progression of the process! This article is HUGE! This is the basis of what Delta’s team was talking about. ARTICLE #12 and #13 Articles on removing zeroes and adding value This is the MR process … this is the yellow-brick road … step-by-step … article by article … that leads you to the CBI .. they are going to do to their currency. They are going to add value to it! ARTICLE #14 Article reveals “The REAL solution” … that will raise the value of the IQD! It will help get the citizens in the banks. This is ASTRONOMICAL … this is GALACTIC! ARTICLE #15 Measures to improve the Iraqi Currency Seriously?!!!!! … How much more do we need family? Measure to improve … article talks about lifting the 3 zeros ARTICLE #16 and #17 The dollar and Iraqi to raise value Some might get confused. Which article do you think has strength to it? Obviously to cancel the zeros! ARTICLE #18 – VietNam keeps watchful eye on China What was last week’s keyword? …………….. (EYE) Two weeks was … SECURITY … then EXPECTATION. What is AIIB? (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) May I recommend #223 from the last thread by WalkingStick if you want to study more. ARTICLE #19 "Article MISSING" TA DA !!!!!!! Didn’t I tell you that the HCL cannot come out right now because we do not have the rate that will allow it? What is a fraction of the HCL? In other words … we need a different rate than 1166 to launch the HCL! Write this down … POST #84 … “EXPECTATION” … LOW DOLLAR EXCHANGE RATE during the NEXT TWO DAYS! TopShelf … are you there sir? TOPSHELF: I don’t know who’s had a chance to look at last week’s spreadsheet report. It’s gone 2 weeks … in a week! What I shared last week … it’s starting to show. This week they are into April – but not showing yet. Rightfully … they shouldn’t you yet … until they show you until the HCL. The VP of the USA did have a “nice” understand of certain things being done … and in place and well as certain Providences shared parts of the HCL (HYDRO-CARBON LAW) The spreadsheet … the 1st quarter is ready. I’m try to “educate” in a way … to help a few people understand the articles and to to connect the dots. Please see POST #14 – the process of removing the zeros When you put that together … you understand that a new rate will reduce the currency in circulation. It’s helpful to see the yellow-bricks on the road in my world in the yellow-brick (or cells) on a spreadsheet I’m looking at. I have to be careful what I can share now. Obviously I’ve gotten a little too much “air-time” … I need to be responsible for what I do and share. The knowledge that I have … I pass along the best that I can. This week the spreadsheet shows that they are into April. They are only 5 days behind on their spreadsheet … but when you think about it … they’re really only 3 days behind. I made the comment last week … what is their last business day of the week? If you remove 5 dollars (and burn those 5 dollars) and remove that out of circulation … but if you increase the value by 5 times … humm … just a thought. Follow the numbers! FRANK – the elimination of currency is a real big issue. I think that Jack Lew is pushing this issue with them. That’s my opinion. TOPSHELF: We know the HCL is in the budget. We know the lower denoms (and coins) are in the budget. They’ve got April 8th up now. They are more visible now [on the spreadsheet]. They now show the weekly numbers … and now they are doing it. Last week … I had Frosty post last week’s picture of the spreadsheet. This week … they are showing that … and then some. They are within 3 days of their numbers. Very interesting! I’m curious to see if they stay at that level … based on what they’re doing. Number have to start showing up. FRANK: It’s interesting that they brag that they’re in a 3 day timeframe. TOPSHELF: We can’t talk about that right now. Maybe tomorrow I can break it down for you. I’d be happy to share it. I’m happy to share the knowledge I have. I just want the family and the world to know that I’m not out to compete for recognition … I’m not out collecting … I’m just here to help. This forum is good people. Everyone deserves to hear the truth. I was a little hurt last week … because I was sharing something different … but the truth always comes out. The spreadsheet is leading us to the truth. The info your team brings in … this backs up everything you’ve been seeing in the spreadsheet. Think about what they are saying … this is a CENTRAL BANK saying these things … not just a bank! That is the number one thing that gets you a rate! FRANK: All the input/output is at the CBI. We asked you to walk on the yellow-brick road (paved with gold). Did you enjoy your cc? The CBI is in the process of lifting the 3 zeros to add value. It’s almost endless … both the GOI and CBI are boasting of the MR of the IQD. Interesting … Abadi is here … and Jack Lew is over there. RobDel … made a comment about the 50 … good job brother! TopShelf … please keep watching that spreadsheet. This 3 day thing is fascinating! We do not believe in coincidences! All of this is calculated … in many cases … years in advance. TOPSHELF: There are some interesting numbers. The note count … you think about it … is it a single piece of paper … or is it the value of the note? A lot of people think it’s the physical note. That’s not what they’re saying. FRANK: Tomorrow’s Bible study … we study “PRAYER IS …” – JOHN ch. 17 Call ended with prayer
  13. Backdoc: "The 3 Economic Adjustments" - 4/13/2015 Backdoc @ KTFA » April 13th, 2015, 6:36 pm - THE 3 ECONOMIC ADJUSTMENTS MANY WEEKS AGO WE SAW ARTICLES STATING THAT THE GOI WAS COMPLAINING OF LOWER OIL PRICES AND THE IMPACT IT WOULD HAVE ON THEIR BUDGET AND ECONOMY! BACK THEN I MENTIONED THAT THEY WOULD HAVE THREE OPTIONS: FIRST I SAID THEY WILL HAVE TO CUT THEIR BUDGET ON THE EXPENSE SIDE WHICH THEY HAVE DONE. I ALSO MENTIONED THAT THEY WOULD HAVE TO INCREASE THEIR PRODUCTION OUTPUT TO SELL MORE OIL AT THE CHEAPER PRICE, HENCE CONTRIBUTING TO AN OIL GLUT ALREADY UNDERWAY WORLD WIDE. I MENTIONED IT WOULD CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE OF OIL SALES WORLD WIDE. REMEMBER I SAID OIL WOULD FALL AND FALL IT DID! .... NOW WE SEE THEM ADMIT THEY WILL RAMP UP PRODUCTION TO SELL MORE AT THOSE LOWER PRICES STEALING BUSINESS AWAY FROM COUNTRIES WITH HIGHER EXTRACTION COSTS! IS THE REAL OIL WAR OVER OR JUST BEGINNING? MMMM WELL, TIME WILL TELL THE STORY! FINALLY, I SAID THEY WOULD NEED TO DIVERSIFY THEIR ECONOMY WITH OTHER RESOURCES SUCH AS MINING, AGRICULTURE, TOURISM ECT. TO INCREASE THEIR GDP! BINGO, THREE FOR THREE! THEY ARE DOING ALL THREE! THE OIL MINISTER AS WELL AS PM ABADI CALLED FOR ACTIVATING THE ECONOMY AND TODAY THEY ARE IN THE USA IN A HIGH DELEGATION DEALING WITH THESE VERY ISSUES! MMMM CURRENTLY, WE SEE THEM BEGINNING TO IMPLEMENT THE BUDGET PIECE BY PIECE NOW THAT IT IS PRINTED AND IN THE GAZETTE. AS THEY SAID IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS THEY WILL DISBURSE THE REMAINING 70% OF THE BUDGET! OF COURSE CURRENTLY, WHAT THEY ARE DOING ON THE DISBURSEMENT SIDE IS ALL DIGITAL! SALARIES ARE BEING DISBURSED DIGITALLY ON THE SMART CARDS! WE SEE BANKS ACCEPTING OLD DAMAGED AND WORN OUT BILLS DEPOSITED INTO DIGITAL FORMAT BUT NOT REPLACED!!! MMMMM SMART!!! THE IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE HERE IS THAT DIGITAL CAN BE ADJUSTED WHEN THE RATE GOES LIVE! YOU SEE, "VALUE CAN BE ADJUSTED INSTANTANEOUSLY”! EVERYDAY DAY THAT PASSES BY WAITING FOR THE FIFTIES TO BE HISTORY, THE ODDS RISE IN OUR FAVOR! HOW MANY ARE LEFT? WILL THEY PULL THE INTERNATIONAL TRIGGER BEFORE THE APRIL 3OTH DEADLINE? ALL GOOD QUESTIONS AND SPECULATIVE THOUGHTS OF COURSE, IF WE ONLY KNEW! TALK OF NEW 50,000 AND 100,000 DENOMS BEING RELEASED VERY SOON!! AHH, BUT NOT BEFORE A INTERNATIONAL RATE AS WE KNOW, OTHERWISE THEY WOULD DO SEVERE DAMAGE TO THE NOTE COUNT! SLAP!! WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID?? LOL INCREASED FACILITIES TO EXCHANGE THE DOLLAR ARE OPENING UP FOR THE MASS EXODUS OUT OF THEM ONCE THEY ACTIVATE THE NEW IR! TODAYS DESSERT, WITH A CHERRY ON TOP, IS THIS HIGH DELEGATION FROM IRAQ IN THE U.S. DISCUSSING MAJOR ISSUES OF WHICH THEY MENTION, DEFENSE, AND ACTIVATING THE IRAQI ECONOMY! WELL, SLAP! THAT’S US GUYS! OPEN THE FRONT DOOR AND CLOSE THE BACK DOOR!! HEEE HEEE SO DEFENSE ISSUES, HUMAN RIGHTS AND EDUCATION ISSUES, AND FINANCIAL ISSUES RELATING TO ECONOMY ACTIVATION!!! BIG SMILE!! SOUNDS LIKE OUR KIND OF DAY!! NOW, I BETTER NOT HEAR THAT OLD PHRASE ANYMORE THAT IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET, BECAUSE I’M GETTING WEARY OF IT! IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!! IT’S HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT! ONE STEP AT A TIME!! THE FRONT DOOR IS OPEN BUT WHEN THE BACK DOOR CLOSES YOU WILL WAKE UP TO AN ACTIVATED ECONOMY WITH THE INTERNATIONAL RATE!! NOW GO BACK TO SLEEP, YOU WERE JUST HAVING A BAD DREAM!! WHEN YOU WAKE UP A NEW LIFE AWAITS YOU! I KNOW YOUR TIRED, ME TOO, BUT YOU’LL FEEL BETTER WHEN YOU WAKE UP!! NOTHING BETTER THAN A LONG NIGHTS’ SLEEP TO GET A PROPER PERSPECTIVE! I’M GOING BACK INTO MY DREAM NOW OF HELPING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WITH ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS AND HELPING MISSIONS! SEE YA IN THE MORNING OF THE REALITY GOD CHOOSES! 8@8, DOC IMO Following are some important articles: *********** walkingstick » April 13th, 2015, 12:23 pm • Chuird demanding banks support investment projects to raise GDP 13/04/2015 10:50 a.m. •[baghdad-where] MP for the National Coalition Hassan Chuird, banks, with the support of investment projects that raise GDP, and raise obstacles in front of student loans. A statement by his office on Monday, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of the "Chuird met Rasheed Bank director, said during the meeting the importance of upgrading by banking services, to meet the aspiration of the Iraqi citizen, and the need to speed up the completion of transactions for integrated services and record time Short. " He called Chuird, according to the statement, to "support investment projects that raise the GDP, which can be through the establishment of residential complexes to effectively contribute to the reduction of the housing crisis in the country." He called for "lifting obstacles to the granting of loans to widows, divorcees and retirees , and advances to the marriage to subsidize this important segment to live with dignity. " The statement continued, "also met Chuird passports Mahmudiya Director Major Mohammad Mutlaq, and praised the fruitful efforts in the follow-up and completion of transactions, calling to facilitate the completion of the displaced citizens' transactions and to prevent obstruction" .anthy walkingstick » April 13th, 2015, 4:15 pm • "Information" published schedule works Abadi visit to Washington Date: 13/04/2015 source close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, that the latter and his accompanying delegation will arrive in the ninth pm America to Washington. The source said in a statement to the Agency / information /, the prime minister and his accompanying delegation will arrive in the evening, today, to Washington DC and will travel Maeshrh to the White House amid security clampdown. meet Abadi on Tuesday morning, Vice President Joe Biden and after US President Barack Obama will meet for the purpose of discussing the military file and how to arm the security forces. In the afternoon the same meet Abadi, a number of heads of economic enterprises The investment for the purpose of supporting investment and economic activity, and how the security environment for the provision of investment companies for the purpose of coming to Iraq. While he will meet on Wednesday morning, Congress and the US Senate as well as the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Senate. And meet with the delegation accompanying Ebadi will meet this morning the same number of investment companies in all areas. Finished ************ JJONESMX » April 13th, 2015, 11:02 am • Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, heading a high-level delegation heads to Washington Mon Apr 13 2015 five twenty-nine p.m. | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - heading a delegation from the Iraqi parliament and the Iraqi government to the United States at the official invitation of US President Barack Obama. The delegation included Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Oil and Minister of Defense and Minister of Education Higher MP Vian Dakhil and MP Sadiq al-Rikabi d. Bushra al-Obeidi of human rights. This is the first visit to Ebadi US capital since taking office in August / August 2014. Read more: ********** walkingstick » April 12th, 2015, 8:29 am • Abdul-Mahdi: the economy must be integrated out of the rentier state Sunday 12 April 2015 Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi stressed the importance of going out of the rentier state by ending the state monopoly on oil imports almost everything, and the inclusion of all of the works in the private law of security and pension and all other rights enjoyed by public servant sector, pointing out that the integrated economy will not be achieved if provide the private sector facilities and protections, and guarantees and special care to accomplish his mission. Abdul-Mahdi stressed the need to reform the entire Iraqi economy and opening up to the community and corporate and private investments to solve the unemployment problem and addressed the launching of the economy, pointing to the importance of the cooperation of all of the ministries and the private sector.LINK ********** walkingstick » April 12th, 2015, 8:20 am • Rasheed Bank branches allocated to receive damaged citizens currency Economic Since 04/12/2015 13:27 pm (Baghdad time) The face of the Rasheed Bank, Sunday, a number of branches in Baghdad to take over the damaged citizens currency. According to Director General of the Rasheed Bank Mohamed Abdel Wahab said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it: he "was identified ports to replace the damaged currency of citizens came based on the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq," noting that "the management of the bank and directed the Treasury Department to withdraw the damaged cash and deposited with the central bank ". Abdul Wahab said that "the branches that hired her to withdraw the damaged Monetary task is branches Shorja, beautiful and willing Khatoon neighborhood of Sumer and Baya and Utaifiyya branch Karkh addition to Yarmouk branch", knowing that the management of the bank and brought in earlier to facilitate the payment and withdrawal of instruments pilgrims in hot spots and received salaries measures retirees to those areas through the allocation of branches in Baghdad " . 29-3 / h LINK *********** Rasheed Bank branches devoted to replace damaged currency History of edits:: 4.12.2015 1:53 p.m. • [baghdad-where] the face of Rasheed Bank branches to receive damaged citizens currency. According to Director General of the Rasheed Bank Mohamed Abdel Wahab said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that he "was identified ports to replace the damaged currency of citizens and was based on the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq." He said, "we send out the Bank's management / treasury department to withdraw the damaged cash and deposited with the central bank. " said Abdul Wahab that "the branches that hired her the task of pulling the damaged cash is [shorja Branch / Branch beautiful / Branch willing Khatoon / Branch Sumer neighborhood / Baya / Utaifiyya Branch / Karkh Branch / Branch Yarmouk branch." The manager in the Rasheed Bank, "he earlier we send out the management of the bank to facilitate the procedures of the payment and the withdrawal of instruments pilgrims in hot areas and receive pensions for those areas through the allocation of branches in Baghdad," .anthy
  14. Mnt Goat Friday Post - “Quick Update 4/10” - 4/10/2015 (Thank you George for emailing this to D.Recaps.) UU3282 – “Quick Update 4/10” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, Here in Bavaria Spring has sprung into full force. Rivers and gorges are flowing with cold alpine mountain waters from the winter’s snow. Flowers are beginning to bloom and tree’s buds are swelling with anticipation of summer months. Last weekend Meinen Kinder and I went for our first long hike up my favorite mountain trail. It was a nice day of sunshine and warmth below but as we climbed the breezes above began to blow as we felt winter was not yet gone. The valley below already we could see a haze of green as leaves from shrubs, trees and flowers are underway. I wanted to come to you today to provide the latest news as I received. I have learned to use this information at my own discretion and common sense in interpreting it. I do not just regurgitate news from Iraq as I know there is much propaganda and deception going on. After all you do want as close to the truth as possible…do you not? This is a very short update on the news. I am summarizing news today in the hope to keep it very short since my last letter was a record high……. I am not going to give you a date of the revaluation so if this is what you need – go listen to one of these cheap, phony intel calls and don’t forget to make your donation so you can get on the preferred list for early exchange….lol…. If you haven’t done so already I suggest you take a few minutes and print off my last news letter dated 4/6 and read it carefully. It is chock full of good news. A long read but excellent news that we all should know if we are serious about these currency investments we are in. Today’s News Today is Friday April 10th and yes there is still no Iraq currency RV. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Are you surprised once again another week has passed and still no RV? Honestly if I thought it was going to RV any time soon (within the next days or weeks) I would honestly say so but this is just not going to be the case since there is absolutely no sound evidence of this being the case. So relax and enjoy the Springtime! We still may have a couple months (not years) to go. One call I really recommend for everyone to listen to is the GateKeepers call each Tuesday and Thursday evenings in USA. I applaud Joey, Vic, Wiskey6 and all those who bring in the articles. I can not recommend a more sound and solid source of news about this investment and the ongoing events in the Middle East. I hope this helps everyone. So what went on recently in Iraq? About a month ago we heard news from the CBI telling us they approved of the go ahead “green light” to begin, once again the project to delete the zeroes. So the process started. They developed a plan to proceed with the rollout and it began. It was carefully orchestrated. The plan to seem to begin with the gradual rollout of the lower denominations (coins and paper) to the provinces. Remember if Iraq is taking in the remaining US dollars and the three zero notes they must replace the paper currencies with something else for the citizens to use. Also remember you just don’t give out FREE money you must exchange it for something of value, usually another currency. Iraq decided to do this gradual exchange since some provinces were still under ISIS / DAASH control. As the province/region was cleared of ISIS, the implementation of the plan began in that region. Some regions were already clear and so the process began easily. It was moving forward nicely and even I thought we could see the final steps in completion soon. Since the areas held by ISIS were in outer perimeters of country (with such high concentrations in Anbar, Turick, Mosul, etc areas) they decided to hold off on the rollout to these provinces/regions till last. What they did in the other regions was to deliver the lower denominations to the banks and began a program to continue the project to delete the zeroes (in –country) in these areas. In their news and at the banks they announced a campaign to encourage citizens to bring in any remaining 3 zero notes (provisional currency) or the USD (US Dollars) they may still have to exchange. They did this by offering currency of HIGHER VALUE. Also part of this campaign was to announce that these large 3 zero notes would no longer be valid after a cut off date in-country. Part of this campaign was also to bring to their attention a the new lawimplemented last year stating Iraq would no longer use USD in-country and this currency would no longer be taken by the banks or in commerce for everyday transactions as of a cut off date (of course there would be exceptions but it would not be easy and justification would be needed). All the incentives were there and the program was moving along nicely…..until….. But instead this is what eventually happened – [so in the discussion to follow you must slow down your reading and bear with me. This is tricky reading and has many parts. But the story is good and is factual if you really, sincerely want to know where we are in this rollout of the revaluation. I hope I did the explanation justice….] During the rollout process only about one third of Iraq was actually processed and during this timeframe the USD (US Dollar) began to increase significantly in value against the Iraqi dinar. I will not get into why the USD is now so high. This was not good for the overall plan implementation and was not predicted and beneficial to plan as you can see why in my explanation above of the plan. If fact it was very counter productive and so the plan was halted. Yes –the project to delete the three zeroes was once again stopped. We read many articles on the problem of the USD against the IQD. Folks they were telling us something very important in all these articles. Yes – did say ARTICLES and news and maybe if we all paid more attention to them we would really know what is going on. Some say it was the IMF and/or the BIS that halted the effort. Why must the attitude always be of blaming someone or some entity? Who cares! The project was simply halted and there were good reasons for it. It is not all about us investors and when are we going to get paid….lol… Now citizens in many of the provinces simply do not have any paper currency except the remaining held USD and it is widely used again as the value is high in the market place for purchases. This of course is counter productive and when their plans for rollouts in the past failed, they always seem to go back to the baseline – that of using the USD. Remember too about 90% of the three zero notes (provisional currency ) are already collected in country. So in reality using the USD is good for now as it can and will be easily collected if they issue a currency in exchange with higher value (hint hint….). But this must wait until the USD is under control or some other mechanism is found to counter balance the higher rate of the USD. What plan now do they have? The CBI desires to lower the amount of hard currency in circulation going forward. How will they do this? So they actually encourage little paper currency in circulation. Eventually they want most of the currency in circulation to be of coinage which is very hard to counterfeit as you need the dies, presses and the precious metals. Thus it is expensive and so why bother. Coinage is heavy and is very hard to smuggle through customs. This is much different than what you may have heard in the past, as the lower denomination paper notes have been already printed and waiting in the vaults of the banks. But the coins is the waive of the future and this has changed in the plan over the last 4 years that most of us have been watching. I predict for everyday usage of pocket money the ratio will be something like 80% coinage to 20% paper in the near future for small purchases at the marketplace. Larger bills they will simply swipe their Qi cards. It is felt that this will significantly decrease counterfeiting and money laundering. So we have seen the effort to issue smart cards better known as Qi cards to the citizens. Almost 90%+ of all citizens receive some kind of government benefit in Iraq. In using these cards it eliminates the need to have hard currency in you pocket. Instead they can just swipe the card in most stores (more stores coming online everyday- part of the electronic banking recently instituted). This electronic payment system rollout will be ongoing for years to come. This week we heard of an announcement to recommend (yes only a recommendation not yet implemented) to begin rolling out the coins. As you may know these coins are of significant value much like the everyday EURO coins (unlike the everyday USD coins where USA has never taken to wide usage of large coin denominations). So where do we now stand on the revaluation? In my opinion if they could revalued the entire countries currency all at once they would have done so already and be done with it. But do to ISIS held control of some of the regions this was not possible. You see it is the disparity between the provinces, the partial rollout that is now causing the problem. I feel that if they had continued on the original plan (if they could without ISIS) this increase in value of the USD would have not been such a factor since the timing might have been right. So now what is the plan going forward? Will they find a way to offset the increase in USD against the IQD? The news is telling us they have a solution and it will be implemented prior to the end of April. So my interpretation is this – we can expect to see the resuming of the project to delete the zeroes prior to or at the end of April. This is all I can say and we must wait and see what happens between now and then. They will most definitely tell us in the upcoming news what they plan to do. We must watch for these articles. In the meantime I will try to bring any news I am hearing from my contacts in Iraq and in USA, but I assure you I will fine tune the information, give it my throughout discretion and not just regurgitate it to you. I want everyone to remember that this is not all about the revaluation of their currency and when do we get paid. Instead you must think more about the overall picture of what is now happening in Iraq, Syria, Iran and the plan for the next coming years for the region. Have you heard about the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Sound familiar? This is a political and economic alliance of six Middle Eastern countries—Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. The GCC was established in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia, in May 1981. The purpose of the GCC is to achieve unity among its members based on their common objectives and their similar political and cultural identities, which are rooted in Islamic beliefs. Presidency of the council rotates annually. Arguably the most important article of the GCC charter is Article 4, which states that the alliance was formed to strengthen relations among its member countries and to promote cooperation among the countries’ citizens. The GCC also has a defense planning council that coordinates MILITARY COOPERATION between member countries. So you can see that Iraq is not going to fail. It is a foundational, a pivotal country in the middle east and soon to join the GCC. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  16. This is a bit long, but I brought this over for all you MtnGoat fans....if you don't like her/it, please don't read it and complain. I'm just passing on what is out there on the forums that may be of interest to some of us on DV...RON Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “What Are We Overlooking ?” Part 1 of 2 - 4/1/2015 [Part 2 is below] (Thank you George for emailing this to D.Recaps.) UU3277 – “What Are We Overlooking ?” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, I am going to cover a lot of information today. This news letter is very long. I suggest you print it and settle down in a nice cozy chair with a hot cup of tea or coffee to carefully read it. Some of you think perhaps this is bashing but I like to call it instead HONESTY. Seems there is just not enough of this going around these days. Remember it all begins with you and me. One person at a time. If you want people to be honest then you yourself must be honest. So let’s talk honestly today. First I have to say this. No – I am not a man. I am an American by birth. I now live in the tourism part of Bavaria, Germany. I am married and have 2 children (2 lovely girls). I met Meinen Hubby during Desert Storm and he was a Deutschland Army soldier and I was a United States Army soldier. We both were in the Intelligence area and shared an office. I fell in love with him on our first date. Once I visited his home village in Bavaria and saw the peaceful and scenic mountains I decided to move to Germany and live and raise a family. I now have a dual citizenship and so yes I do care what the USA does very much. I have lived here now for many years. I could not think of a better place to raise my children than Deutschland. Meinen hubby inherited the family business of Gasthaus for tourism. We make a meager living since taxes are high but the beauty and peace makes it all worth it. Everything is not always about money! At the time I did not even know the language and still struggle with some words and phrases. All I ask is for everyone to respect my privacy and this is my right. Sorry for those who desire to bring me down into this crazy madness of dinar exposure to idiots but I don’t buy this crap. If you desire to exposure yourself fine and I respect your choice too. I have a right to stay independent and private. There are just way too many nut cases out there today and so I need to protect my family. I love my two girls and hubby. Sorry – so you can bash me all you want but it won’t get my sex changed……. I know the info I present today will open windows of opportunity to bash me and my family once again for my identity since there is nothing else you can pick on you decide to pick on this instead. This however will not change the information I bring. I decided to cover these topics today because of the hundreds of emails I am now receiving complaining and expressing their anxieties over these issues. Each weekend we hear of yet another RV window and then the excuses continue on Monday as to why the RV did not yet happen. This has been going on now since 2013. When will it all end? It will end eventually when the RV happens and them these same “intel gurus” will just tell us they were right all along as they strung us along all along…… I too remember the days when I have been fooled by falsified, misinterpreted information from many of the same contacts in Iraq. I know I can no longer depend on their info and so I listen to it but now with a grain of sale and carefully filter it. I know their intentions are good but it is just rumor spread from someone sitting in a meeting or reading notes from a meeting and taking info out of context. By the time we get it, it is already third hand knowledge and many assumptions are added it along the way. So if you don’t want to hear about the corruption and scams taking place right under your noses, this news letter today is not for you. Please close it and move on. But we must hear what is going on. How many times must I tell you? It’s all now about SECURITY, SECURITY and SECURITY ! Did I say it was about SECURITY! Meanwhile some take advantage of the situation going on in Iraq and use the lack of SECURITY and STABILITY now to continue feasting on these backdoor exchanges. Lack of SECURITY is now the NEWEST excuse as to why Iraq can not have their currency back online. However I have to say it is in part a good excuse but I do not believe an honest review of the situation is taking place of Iraq to its full extent by the USA. The USA is not listening to Iraq and expectations are beyond realistic in this area to even attempt to allow the currency to go international anytime soon. I will explain this further to you so please read on. But like I said there is a reason for this continued attitude and it is not an honest reason on the part of the USA. Today’s News Today is Wednesday April 1st and yes there is still no Iraq currency RV. Are you surprised once again? You should not be surprised since I have been telling you all along to watch out for these charlatans telling you about a GCR or Iraqi will RV everyday / any day/ every weekend. Honestly if I thought it was going to RV any time soon (within the next days or weeks) I would honestly say so but this is just not going to be the case. So Relax! We still may have a couple months. Fighting ISIS I know for a fact that Turik, as stated in yesterday’s news from Iraq, is NOTyet free of ISIS. I have talked to many of my contacts in that region yesterday and they are all saying the fighting continues. They have however encircled the remaining gangs of militia (that is what they are right now, just gangs) and are coming in for the kill. The movement has already begun towards encirclement of Mosul. The USA has dropped pamphlets over the area asking for surrender of any Iraqi Sunni that joined ISIS. Many are now walking away and going home. But the fighting still rages on and its April 1st already. About these RV “timeframes” we keep getting news of - Iraq council of ministers has weekly meetings and the CBI is invited. They ask the CBI to come up with 2 windows of possible timeframes to RV, if they had to. One is the first choice and the second is backup window. They do this every week and I mean every week since last October 2014. You don’t think I get this same info? I do and I learned to ignore it. I used to pass it along but I learned that this was just possible windows and they rarely execute on it. Yes – a couple times in the past they did progress to a new level and almost pushed out the RV but it was abruptly stopped by the USA in their refusal to complete the final rollout. This did not surprise me and seems to be still an ongoing trend. We may say this RV is in the joint hands of the CBI and the Iraq GOI but does this mean the USA still does not hold the POWER to make the final decision? Yes they do ! How do they have this power? The power lies in the USA companies owning and maintaining the systems that control the currency exchanges literally throughout the world (not all of them but most of them). The USA still maintains that right even though: 1) USA troops had left the Iraq at the end of 2011 in completing the Status of Forces Agreement. 2) USA still holds this power to control the currency today even though Iraq is out of UN sanctions. 3) USA still holds this final power to decide Iraqi’s fate even though Iraq has been taken off the nations terrorists list. Dose this all strike you as weird? This boggles my mind how they get away with this. Just when then will Iraq be a truly sovereign nation? Define sovereign nation: “The supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power by which an independent state is governed and from which all specific political powers are derived; the intentional independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign interference. Sovereignty is the power of a state to do everything necessary to govern itself, such as making, executing, and applying laws; imposing and collecting taxes; making war and peace; and forming treaties or engaging in commerce with foreign nations”. It’s this wording of “absolute power” and “engaging in commerce” part of the definition that really gets my goat….lol…. How can Iraq conduct commerce as needed without an internationally recognized currency? Who is preventing this from happening? So what are the ramifications if this continues? Later on in this news letter I also review what a Monetarily Sovereign Nation is and it will open your eyes so read on. Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “What Are We Overlooking ?” Part 2 of 2 - 4/1/2015 Just what is Mnt Goat saying here in this news letter? What I am alluding to, is this. If you are not bright enough to understand and see it, the fact is the USA is still irresponsibly holding back the final currency rollout for Iraq, even though as I explained, they have no legal basis or grounds on which to do so. Do I still hear of backdoor exchanges? Yes – they are absolutely still taking place. Why? How many times must I tell you that these backdoor exchanges will continue and they are NOT “TESTS” of the exchange procedures. How ridiculous! Do you actually buy into these explanations as some intel gurus now want you to believe and mask them under this category of “tests”. This seems to be the new hide and seek game these days. Avoid talking about the USA US Treasury at all costs and the ongoing corruption in these dinar exachanges. You see it never went away only it was tamed down on the conference calls. When they say the intel is “sensitive” they have been told to be sensitive this is what they mean – not to talk about the corruption or the rates. This is the “sensitive” they mean. Why not talk about it? Because it will fluff some feathers. Why a sudden jump in the rates? Why not talk about the rates? They are after all at the banks aren’t they? I must explain something to you if you haven’t realized it by now. The rates jump because of these “intel guru” conference calls. This is why then always need 20-30,000 faith full followers on the calls.. This is another reason why they keep the hype going for an RV everyday / any day / every weekend stuff. They do these calls to keep you pumped up so you go out and buy more currency. Don’t believe me? The statistics speak for itself. When you buy more currency the rates go up, when the rates go up have you noticed the backdoor exchanges begin once again (Oh sorry I mean “tests” of the exchange system….lol…). These exchanges only halt when the rates get too low. Have you noticed this too? I have. So while these corrupt politicians, their families and friends and preferred clients feast on the higher rates (rates you raised by buying more currency), you sit and wait. You are actually helping them in this corruption. I can guarantee you these current higher rates will suddenly drop when it is your turn to exchange. Why will they drop. As currency is exchanged (turned in or sold) it lowers the market rate just like a blue chip stock being sold on Wallstreet. Thus as the backdoor exchanges take place they bring the rates down further. You see – they have their own little currency market going on here behind everyone’s back. They are making billions and this has been going on now since October 2013. They have figured out how to manipulate the system at the banks and keep this feasting going on and on. Some banks refused to go along with it and simply will not conduct early exchanges until the rates are live at the international currency exchanges and it is all legal. I say “Kudos to you and your banks” if you are reading this news letter. Nice to see some have principles and integrity ! The corrupt banks know darn well what they are doing and in the long run they will pay the price along with all the corrupt politicians, their families and these preferred clients involved in this scam. Yes – I called it a scam. This is what it is and call it what you like but that’s the fact of the matter. Just how many times are they going to “test” this exchange system/process? Gotta laught at that one! Seems they have been testing it now since October 2013. Oh wait a second it was real exchanges back then since they weren’t yet told to call it “tests” but now its “tests” since the crowds must be silenced. Got to tell you they are good at this propaganda! Cause they need to know if and when the are ready they will call the RV but the CBI will be the next to know. These windows do not mean they are going to RV they are simply windows of possible opportunity. This "banks are on high alert" stuff? This has absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to do with the RV. It is simply a high alert to the banks warning the banks of possible terrorist activities and funneling currencies and laundering counterfeit currencies. Did it every strike you strange how all the banks (international too) are getting the same message all at once? They only selectively hear the word "CURRENCY" and automatically think it’s for the RV because this is what the want so badly. They are conditioned and think it without any forethought. Then their “contacts’ bring it to the calls and thus you get it second or third hand news. Then we get disappointed once again when if fact it has nothing ever to do with an Iraqi RV. Never did! Everything is not about the RV! Oh NO! - The US Dollar is going to collapse! Ridiculous ! This is the best word I can use to describe this notion some people have. But where do they get it from? So I am not going to explain something to everyone. Perhaps no words more accurately and succinctly illustrate the confusion about economics than “Monetary Sovereignty.” It is not a theory or a hypothesis or a philosophy. In its essence it merely is a description of the way federal financing actually works. A Monetarily Sovereign government has the exclusive and unlimited power to create its sovereign currency. Monetary Sovereignty is the foundation of economics. The United States is Monetarily Sovereign. It has the exclusively unlimited power to create the dollar. China, Canada, Australia, the UK and Japan are Monetarily Sovereign. They have the exclusively unlimited power to create their sovereign currencies. The U.S. government created the dollar from thin air, by creating from thin air, all the laws and rules that made the dollar possible. Being sovereign over the dollar, the U.S. can do anything it wishes with the dollar. It can make the dollar equal to three euros, two pumpkins or one partridge in a pear tree. The federal government’s power over the dollar is unlimited. Illinois, Cook County and Chicago are monetarily non-sovereign. The dollar is not their sovereign currency, and they do not have the unlimited power to create dollars. France, Germany and Italy are monetarily non-sovereign. They do not have the exclusively unlimited power to create their currency, the euro. You, your business and I also are monetarily non-sovereign. Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet do not have the unlimited power to create dollars. They are monetarily non-sovereign. Because our Monetarily Sovereign nation has the unlimited power to create its sovereign currency, the dollar, it never needs to ask anyone for dollars. It doesn’t need to tax or borrow, and it never can be forced into bankruptcy. It can pay any bill of any size at any time. I will add that Iraq falls under the category much like the USA in that it is a Monetarily Sovereign nation. So all the same rules must apply to it as well….right? In the future the PTB want a common middle eastern currency monetary system (Iraq, Turkey, Saudi, Kuwait and more) but this has not obviously happened, as of yet. When this happens this will change the rules but for now Iraq is a monetarily sovereign nation. So in summary those that are telling you that the US dollar is going to crash or the country will go bankrupt you must look further into these people who are pumping this info to you. Are they selling something? Usually a book. They seem to have nice credentials and should know what they are talking about….right? But if their tone is of fear and “any day crashes” or “doomsday” scenarios- just ignore them. Once again they are charlatans and are only using their credentials to mask their real intent that of TO MAKE MONEY OFF THEIR BOOK. So please can we put this issue of the US government is going belly-up, bankrupt or the US dollar is going to crash to rest ! It is all fear mongering and we make bad decisions when in a state of fear. Instead open your minds to freedom and think for yourselves. Use the hours of the day to think about good things, love and prosperity. After all is that not what FREEDOM really is about – being responsible and thinking for yourself so you can challenge those who wish to pull the wool over your eyes once again. Does it make you feel better to love or to destroy or hate out of fear? Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  17. Mnt Goat Tuesday Afternoon Update - “Security, Security, Security” - 3/24/2015 UU3267 – “Security, Security, Security” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, So what is in the making for this week. Can we expect the RV this week? You might want to read my news letter from 3/21, if you have not done so already. It will help to better understand what I am about to tell you today. Today’s News Today is Tuesday March 24rd and yes there is still no Iraq currency RV but there is some really good, long awaited news. Let me explain. First I need to make a statement and in doing so I am not bashing anyone. We all play our part in trying to unravel this intel. I have to simply make a statement about the reality of the situation. Once again we heard the RV was going to take place over the weekend and once again we are disappointed. At least maybe you were disappointed, I was not because I know better than to listen to this nonsense about every weekend. I have been telling you all along we need the National Guard and the Amnesty laws. Implementation of these laws are crucial in part of the process of creating assurances that solid security measures can be met. Security is top in the agenda prior to an RV. I can assure you of this fact. But these alone will not get us the RV either, as I will explain to you. Some intel providers are insistent that these laws do not matter. They tell you to wait and see that they are telling you the truth. This is itself is ridiculous, an oxymoron to say the least because if you wait long enough the laws will be implemented and the RV will eventually occur (not to mean we only need these laws) it is inevitable…..daaahh! . Then they will stand upon their almighty throwns and once again declare that they have been right all along. How ridiculous ! This is the illogical reasoning that really bothers me. Get real! So yesterday these same intel guru’s tell us that this RV has moved to a new height. It is immanent in the coming days, maybe today or days away but close. Really? What facts to do you have to back it up? Funny how their “immanent scenario” just happens to follow the announcement of the parliamentary session to take on the final vote of the National Guard law. It is expected to pass. Is this a coincidence? Oh but they have been saying now for over 3 weeks these laws do not matter. Well if you keep saying it long enough they will happen as the laws get scheduled for a vote and implemented and you will always be right. Do you get my point of their illogical none sense? So out pops this article over this weekend. ____________________________________________________ Legal representative: the National Guard will pass the Act political agreement Saturday, March 21, 2015 | 10: 16 am Baghdad/.. The parliamentary legal Committee, confirmed Saturday that the National Guard will pass bill to a political agreement among the blocs participating in the political process, adding that the most important items on the paper agreement that led to formation of the current Government. Committee member Elvira l "into Iraq News", that "a number of important laws before the parliamentary legal Committee to study and make the appropriate changes and then submitted to Parliament for a meeting." "The legal Committee has now clearly outline a number of laws in the Parliament session scheduled, next Tuesday." Baker said that "the adoption of the law on the National Guard in the House needs to be an agreement between all the blocks involved in the political process," he said, adding that "the most important items on the paper agreement that led to formation of the current Government." Ended 2 _____________________________________________________ No – not a coincidence but rather a reluctance to listen to reason. Instead I tell you someone is pumping them with information and they are just not smart enough to see through it and to logically disregard what does not make sense. So truly we will all see who is correct. I am only trying to help them too. Enough of this already…….lets go on to some more real intel. So we still wait to hear the fate of today’s session in parliament on the National Guard law. Also do not forget we also need Amnesty law to coincide. It should come very shortly on the heals of the passing of the National Guard law. I can assure you this WILL HAPPEN ! Why have I been telling you so forcefully that we need these two laws and need then now? First I know for a fact that the National Guard idea is part of the “Power Sharing” agreement going way back to 2009-2010. Call it whatever you want for now such as the new Unification Agreement or whatever. It all now came out of the 2014 election process but not reinvented. This will be done prior to full acceptance to any finalization in the economic reforms (currency reform we await) or moving out to the “private sector” the final part of stage 4 I mentioned in my last news letter. Why the National Guard Law? Decentralizing the military is a way to keep peace and to control the terrorists militias by each of the provinces. It is a way to safeguard against a centralized government taking complete power by force (Nori Al- Maliki almost did it too) in the future. This is why Maliki did not support it and did not implement it. This is why the USA, GB and the UN mandate this prior to any RV. Iraq can say they are ready and try to push out the RV (as they have tried many times) but time and time again the USA stops it since they are in fact not ready. Remember too when they do implement the National Guard they will have to fund it and this is a huge part of the 2014 budget. This is why they have waited so long to pass the law since they had other priorities for the funding and did not want to pay out the entire 2014 budget amounts all at once for all these programs. So just as I have been telling you all along they can not spend the money unless they have the law implemented to support it. Some say they need the RV to fund it too. This might be true so lets look at the timing and see for ourselves. National Security is now the top priority. Abadi himself has said it in many recent speeches. So why would anyone think this law is not important prior to an RV? I do not get it . To think otherwise is simply not using the brain that God gave you. After all - did the IMF not downgrade (or more like shutoff) the IQD so Saddam and terrorist could not use it to purchase weapons to fight against the coalition in Desert Storm? So why in h*ll would they now reinstitute the currency (the revaluation) unless they have assurances that these same entities now have little or no influence? If you do not agree with me than prove me wrong for I have shown you over the last many news letters why this is fact. Moving on to the Amnesty law. I do not want to bore you with every detail of why this law is sooooo important. It is obvious many innocent people are imprisoned. Torture and inhumane treatment is a common practice. It should be obvious to you, that if you listened to any of the Iraqi news over the last 10 years, you know how Maliki tricked the coalition forces in 2003-2004 into locking up many of the Ba’ath party members as terrorists. He was slick! He told them they were loyal Ba’ath party members to Saddam and would cause trouble. Trouble for whom? This is the key question. Trouble for the upcoming 2006 elections? Elections in which Maliki would surely be elected as prime minister with no opponents. Many of these men locked up were his competition/opposition and he knew it. He had everyone fooled. I tell you the USA really screwed up big time on this one. Remember the Ba’ath party infiltrated Iraq from Syria and were very loyal to Saddam. So go figure why this was easy for the USA led coalition to lock them all up. Kind of like rounding up the Nazis during the aftermath of WWII in Germany. Remember that mentality of the USA was still prevalent. This goes right back to the USA not fully understanding the geopolitics of the middle eastern region. It was one of the major blunders of the war. This is stuff taught in “reoccupation” classes at command and general staff school. Amnesty still plaques Iraq today but is all about to be concluded. Part of the Unification Agreement of 2014 is to let anyone out of prison who has not spilled Iraqi blood (or proven to be a terrorists). This is the key – since the Iraqi judicial system too must first be reformed in order to give many of these Ba’ath party members justice with Due Process of the law. This is why they have waiting so darn long to pass this law and implement it. So in reality what Maliki did was this – 1) he fixed the upcoming 2006 Iraqi election it so that any potential, viable opponents would be eliminated and 2) any disloyal individuals could not upset his upcoming administration for his future plans to seize power of full dictatorship in Iraq. But he did not lock up one very important individual. Dr Lyad Allawi. You do not hear much about this individual and he tends to stay behind the scenes. He has worked tirelessly to set up the Federation Council. He is a Ba’ath party member, only because he was forced to join under Saddam just like many former Nazis were forced to join Hitler or else. There is no man more patriotic and loyal to his country than Allawi. He also resigned from the Ba'ath party in 1975. Desert Storm took place in 2003. Go figure! He was out of Iraq at the time of the Maliki organized round up of Ba’ath party members. This is how he survived not going to prison. In fact Maliki sent his goons to London to attempt to eliminate Allawi and his family but Allawi narrowly escaped with his life (but not without taking a beating). Later he returned to Iraq to run against Maliki (for his second term) in the 2010 elections. Oh darn! We all should know the results of that election. Dr Allawi won the popular vote but it was agreed that Maliki would take the prime minister due to anti Ba’ath party language in the Iraqi constitution. Again Maliki had his way and won. Did you also know that many of the military leaders had to swear an oath to Saddam under the Ba’ath party? So this too is reason for the lack of discipline, structure and leadership in the ranks of today’s Iraq Army. Simply put –NO LEADERSHIP. They are all locked up in the prisons. This is how Maliki was able to manipulate the Army. There was no true leadership but by himself giving the orders to would-be patsy generals. If you know anything about the military you know there has to be generals and a proper chain of command. Any organized army simply will not work without it. Maliki has no military experience and did not know the essentials of a military organization. He was more worried about getting and maintaining self interests, control and power than he was of having a trained and disciplined army to fight terrorists. So you see now many things – 1) why the Iraq Army so easily fled under ISIS in Bosul 2) why they now need to let these locked up military leaders out to run the Iraq Army and the National Guard units. How else are they going to properly staff these new National Guard units? They can’t even staff their own national Army with properly trained, experienced leaders. The operative word is “experienced”. Why am I telling you all this? I know it has been a long read and I hope you are still awake. I am trying to help you understand the past politics so you can truly understand what is now happening in Iraq and how it relates to the past. I want you to think for yourselves instead of listening to some intel gurus pumping you up every weekend for an RV. Now maybe you can see the necessary importance of getting these former Ba’ath party members out of the prisons, why this is desperately necessary and thus the means to do this is implementing the Amnesty law. We must also understand how passing it at this critical junction is very important to Iraq in getting the level of needed security in Iraq prior to any RV of the currency. Do you now see how it is all interconnected? Oops I said that word again….”interconnected”……lol…. NOTHING HAPPENS BY COINCIDENCE ! So what about these possible dates for an RV we keep hearing about? Once again I am telling you the Iraq has these high level meetings every weekend. They come up with possible scenarios and dates for full implementation of economic reforms. These are windows of opportunities and just that possible window and nothing else. They are in the last and final part of stage 4 of these reforms is rolling out to the private sector (code phrase for going international). They are very close and they know it. However to conclude this they need a high level of security ( I did not say complete peace and security) and their plan includes the full and complete elimination of ISIS and DAASH from Mosul, Turick and other small key towns of the northern provinces. Fighting ISIS / DAASH In summary once again we hear that a major battle is about to be raged to retake Mosul. I assure you it will be held this time once retaken. The coalition forces seem to be using an old Russian tactic played out upon the Nazi armies in WWII. It’s called “encirclement and choke”. First they maneuver forces surrounding ISIS. They cut off all possibility of reinforcements and re-supplies. Then they begin to tighten the circle little by little until they choke off ISIS. This is harder to do in a city than in open country and it literally takes a small army in force to do it, but it is working and will continue. It is a matter of time before we hear the news. Pray that this is successful for I feel this is the key. The RV is fully in the hands of Iraq Really? On the surface if you read this statement you could think they have total power and could just RV anytime they want, or anytime they feel they are ready, right? No – this is not entirely true. This is just not the case. Yes it is now in the hands of Iraq but just what does this mean? It means they must still comply to certain demands by the USA, GB and the IMF. It is in their hands to comply and get it done and then also they also must decide for themselves what level of security above and beyond these demands they then feel comfortable with prior to any RV. The demands still exists and they are not going to go away. So don’t be fooled on what they tell you and be aware of the context it is told! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  18. Mtn Goat: "Spring Is Time For Change" Part 1 - 3/21/2015 Thanks GeorgeH. For sending to D.Recaps UU4092 – “Spring is Time for Change” by Mnt Goat Guter Tag, Spring is here as Bavaria gets its first dose of warmer weather this past week. Snow begins to melt and I look forward to climbing the mountains and enjoying those long hikes and scenic views once again. This year is a bit different though as my young girls are growing fast and they too now anticipate and tell me how they look forward to those warm summer days of hiking around the Alps with me. This delights my heart and I secretly cried for joy as I know this will be a life long connection and passion for them too as it has been for me. Once again it is coming of time to begin planning for our village maypole (or Maibaum) celebration. This is Mein Hubby’s main job now to organize. This celebration comes on 1st May in Bavaria and is a day for the local folklore group and schuhplatters to dress in their finest costumes. ~~~ We gather all the villagers together to celebrate this important annual occasion. Our village maypole is uniquely decorated with ribbons, wreaths or signs denoting our present and past local craftsmen’s guilds. Soon it is time for the brass band to tune up and accompany the dancers well into the night. We have a small local brewery in our village and they brew a lovely traditional dark “Maibock“ beer especially for the occasion. Our village has a club known as the “Burschenverein” that is akin to Young Future Farmer’s associations in USA? Long before the 1st May the young men of the Burschenverein go out to the woods to choose a tall straight pine tree that is then felled and hidden away for safe keeping. Our village does not cut a fresh tree each year, but will renew the maypole only every five years. But Burschenverein is responsible for keeping our recent pole fresh and clean so this is a chore for taking it down to do. This will happen in these coming weeks. So when we then walk past the platz and see no standing pole we all know spring fest is near and anticipate the early May celebration. Many ask me why do I tell of these celebrations from this country? First I share in my news letters to friends from northern Germany where they do not celebrate the same, as you see not all of Germany is the same and Bavarians are different. Next I share with all you dinariams friends from Europe and USA as these are special days in our family and we do not take life for granted. Also there is so much fun and gifts we have in life, simple fun and gifts but you only have to reach out and take them for they are yours. We do not need high-tech and complicated lives, electronic games, arcades, texting and smart cell phones to enjoy the blessing God has bestowed upon us on this earth. The blessings are for God’s to give to us not these corporate giants. So let us all settle down, relax and review what has happened this last week. Maybe we can clear up some confusion once again coming out of the “peanut gallery”. Can we still see a possible window of opportunity for the RV this coming week? I will also attempt to answer many of the questions emailed to me. You might want to read my news letter from 3/17 if you have not done so already. It will help to better understand what I am about to tell you today. Today’s News Today is Saturday March 21th and yes there is still no Iraq currency reinstatement announced to the world. But to all HAPPY SPRING anyhow for I believe that as sure as the snow is slowly melting in Bavaria this currency rollout is occurring before our eyes in Iraq…….lol….. Did mnt goat say the RV rollout has begun? Yes I did and this should not be new news to you since I did talk about this in my last news letter. So once again in this news letter I am telling you this slow roll out continues. The major obstacle is ISIS as it is slowing down the rollout more than was in the original plan. But be assured it is occurring. Some very ignorant dinarians (and I do not use this term lightly) are still writing posts and talking about the IQD rate coming out at the provisional or program rate (around 1166). This is of course foolish and I would have hoped by now at least my readers would know better? Do we all understand why it could not possible come out on the international exchanges (and this is what we are concerned about) at this very low rate? I will use a very simple, almost infantile explanation. I hope now you will understand since this seems to be the only one some of you can understand. First we know for a fact that Iraq is already paying out on Qi cards the adjusted rate of $3.91. This is a converted rate from their 1166 program rate to USD. I always talk in terms of USD conversion since this is still the underlying basis for all currency values like it or not. Also many of you readers are based in USA and will be converted to USD on exchange. Second if the rate was to come out so low, do you not think the hedge funds and money managers would come in and gobble up trillions worth literally within hours? Of course they would and drive up the value very quickly in doing so. But where is the initial advantages to the CBI in doing so? Where is your common sense? Iraq would literally have given away their treasures for less than a penny on the dollar. Like selling a Bently for the price of an old Ford Escort then realizing late it was worth more. Do you understand? This is just not reality! There are those that fuss and say…but the IMF announced that the IQD will come out par with the USD. No –this is not what the IMF said. What the IMF said is the IQD would come out at least equal to the value of $1.00 USD. This was referring to what I said above in that they gauge all currencies using the USD as the baseline. The IMF needed a stable currency. They would not RV until it could be valued at least to $1.00. This is all they were saying. Then in being questioned by the news media in 2010, Dr Shabibi even said the dinar could sustain a value up to $16.00. Why would he say announce this to the world if he intended to come out with initial value of 1166 or 40 cents or even $1.00 ? Can we please put this one to rest ? The rate upon going international is going to be way over $3.00 ($3.91+). More news this week Once again this past Thursday out pops an article telling us that “Iraq's Kurdistan region receives “dues” budget long-awaited Baghdad KRG received in the semi-autonomous northern Iraq, $ 420 million of the budget dues of Baghdad “. Remember this is a translation form Arabic to English. So what is this money? I thought we just read in the news last week that Kurdistan was all paid up on any money owed for back payments on oil revenue? Yes - they were paid but the oil spigot is open and they are producing in upwards of almost twice what they are announcing in the news. I know this for a fact and it is not hard to know since in Kurdistan it is public information. Iraq is floating in oil and floating in revenues. They are RICH ! There is no debt, no deficit ! This money now recently paid was for the 17% due (as it simply says in article “due”) which means “due” for payment on HCL agreement. These articles will continue as they keep pumping and selling the oil. This is all terrific news and confirms to us once again that HCL is in fact implemented and underway. The GOI is no longer holding back the revenues or limited payments to 10% or less as in the past under the Maliki administration. Remember when Kurdistan in the past even shut off the pumps and then diverted oil pipeline to Turkey to avoid Baghdad and control their oil? This aggression towards Baghdad is over and relations have normalized. So why do they keep telling us this in the news (about a deficit)? This is simply a diversion tactic being used. The GOI is pretending to the international community that they must go out a borrow funds to meet their budget, as outlined. This simply is not true as they are presenting it. Yes they do have a liquidity issue in the local banks. This issue stems from the lack of confidence in the banks and the reluctance of the citizens to deposit their funds in them. Do you know how banking works and why banks are important to any successful economy? Banks are important because they take long term deposits and invest the money. Some of the investment proceeds go back to the depositor (minimal amount) and some goes towards lending to new investors and entrepreneurs. The depositors gets a place to park his money and keep it safe, the bank get the funds to help fund a growing economy. This is what the CBI has meant all along when they claim lack of liquidity in the banks, meaning lack of these deposits to meet the minimum amounts of funds a bank must hold to meet the banking requirements to even be a bank. This forces the banks to market and go out and chase would-be depositors. So this week out pops yet again another article about the finance committee and its constant concerns about the citizens and their mistrust with the banks- “Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Thursday that the task of maintaining the citizens' deposits in banks are especially civil CBI functions, noting that bound to support banks in Iraq Committee”. Said committee member Najiba Najib for "tomorrow Press", "Some people today are reluctant to deposit their money in banks, whether civil or government due to lack of confidence in them, because of a past event or happening right now in a number of banks, which have affected the reputation of other banks, but this does not mean The banking cabin in Iraq is good or untrustworthy, "pointing out that" a large number of Iraqi private banks participated effectively in building Iraq's economy and supported the development plans. " She added that "instill confidence among citizens about Iraqi banks as well as for maintaining the financial deposits are from the central bank, which today is trying to push bank deposit protection law to the Council of Ministers tasks and then to the House of Representatives for the legislation, as well as that of his mission is to monitor banks and ways of dealing with customers depositors a task imposed upon to preserve the depositors' money. " Mtn Goat: "Spring Is Time For Change" Part 2 - 3/21/2015 UU4092 – “Spring is Time for Change” by Mnt Goat Part 2 Why this article now once again? As I said they have begun to rollout the new rate of $3.91 to the provinces but not yet to the international arena. All the mechanisms to do so are implemented, even the banks have the new rates and are live (but you need exchange codes to conduct transactions) but until the new rates flow to the international money markets and exchanges, the money spigot is not yet opened entirely to the rest of the world. This is what we need. Do you understand? So they (meaning the finance committee of Iraq) knows Iraqi citizens are now getting paid just by the fact that they are once again publishing this article. This article is telling us they want the citizens to take their new wealth and put it in the bank. They know it is needed to grow the economy. This is all good news to us. ~~~ Fighting ISIS / DAASH So we have heard repeatedly that the news from Iraq is 1-2 weeks old before it reaches the outside world. Why are they doing this? I can assure you they ARE doing this intentionally. We have already seen CNN and FOX news broadcast reports that I know for a fact are at least a week old. They are doing this delayed news to confuse. But confuse who? We know we are confused but this is not about us so much as the terrorists. They need to keep intelligence out of the hands of the terrorists and limit any news to them. The CIA has learned they were using the news media as a means to learn about successes and failures. Remember many of these regions in fighting ISIS have internet and cell phone blackouts. Have you heard about these so called blackouts? Ha Ha many are telling you and referencing a pending RV as the reason for them. How ridiculous. Just another bunch of junk they peddle! These ISIS terrorists do not have sophisticated channels of radio communication or networks, unlike the coalition forces who have organized, modern warfare capabilities. If you were in any of the armed forces branches you too know that communications on the battlefield is essential in coordinating attacks and reporting successes and failures. Commanders need constant up to date situational reports to adjust forces and re-supply. So in electronic warfare, armies of the developed combined forces can blackout all use of electronic devices and even satellite TV in any designated area desired. It is a very simple thing to do. So we get the news when it is old and does not make a difference any longer either way. Understand why and how they are doing this in Iraq? To summarize – in these ISIS reports they are much farther ahead in the efforts in Turick and are now moving on Bosul as the forces are shifting in this area. Anbar is almost entirely secure but they still see very small pockets of outbreaks, which they deal with as needed. Remember there is going to be occasional incidents and you will hear about them in the news, just as you hear about murders and incidents in your own country. Turkey as decided to commit forces to the fighting and is sending 100,000+ trained and heavily armed soldiers to the area. We all should know now what vested interest Turkey has in doing so besides showing good faith to Iraq. So we can see now that in the coming month if not maybe weeks ISIS may very well be just sore spot and no longer a major threat in Iraq. I believe too if (just if) they continue in their efforts to implement the National Guard and man these units with experienced leadership, as they are released from the prisons (– thus the need for the Amnesty law), and then continue to pop out the new denominations and payments on the Qi cards on a regular, routine manner to the people, the people will have more money and lessen the defectors to ISIS, who see this terrorist group as the means to the end. Remember many Sunni citizens still believe that Sheites are all no good and do not entirely believe Abadi (a Sheite) in what he says. The proof simply will have to come not in what is being told in words by the GOI in the mosques and news but instead what is being done in actions and deeds. They are not witnessing the actions and deeds but slowly. Needed New Laws Are there still more needed laws prior to any revaluation? Once again I am sticking to my guns on this and saying Yes, Yes and Yes. We have not heard any news about the passing of the National Guard and Amnesty Laws this past week like we were told might happen. I still am hearing these laws are needed prior to getting off the “program” rate of the IQD entirely. I am still researching on the status of these new laws. We were told they would come up for a final vote in parliament this past week. My gut feeling is that they are done completely and they are holding back the news from us but I can not as of yet confirm it. We will probably know more next week. I tried to explain to you in my above scenario for creating more peace in Iraq and discounting ISIS in the future and how this is all related to these two new very important, much needed laws. Passing these new laws is all connected and related to the speed and progress of the RV rollout in the provinces. We will not see any exchanges outside of Iraq until this is completed and the security of Iraq is maintained. They is not some “single” event that is going to get our RV. All events now happening are interrelated and very dynamic. The situation can change suddenly and we hope the trend will continue towards more stabilization. I can not over emphasize this interconnectivity enough ! Dropping Oil Prices Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called for a single currency with the Kremlin's closest ex-Soviet allies despite fraying ties in the region which is struggling with the fallout from Moscow's economic crisis. "We think the time has come to discuss opportunities to form a potential currency union," Putin said at a meeting with his Kazakh and Belarusian counterparts in Kazakhtan's capital Astana. My interpretation of this recent move by Putin is to urge closer integration for his Eurasian Economic Union -- which also includes Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Moscow is now scrambling to limit the damage from Western sanctions over Ukraine and tumbling oil prices. What impact does this have on the Iraq RV? It has plenty impact since the western influence is attempting to tie Russian hands from interfering in what is about to happen in Syria. They are basically showing Russia who is really in control of the world’s economies. Remember way, way back maybe years ago I tried to explain to you that there is an overall plan for western domination in the Middle East. It is a grand plan, well thought out and being implemented. It is not solely about freedom for the Iraq people (or Syrians too) but about controlling the resources and you do this by controlling the political aspects. As we all should know Russia had long standing ties to Syria and Iran. Who controls the oil controls power and influence over the world! So spanking Russia on the behind with sinking oil prices…lol….now is going to pay off big. When the time comes for the west to try to exert more influence in Syria it will be best for Russia to go along with the fight against Assad’s army. The Ukraine sanctions and drop in oil prices are not just coincidental. Constant Parties in Iraq? I need to clarify something that has caused much confusion. I get hundreds of emails asking me why Iraq is always having these celebrations for the RV, yet we never see the RV announced. I will tell you this on this subject. First be very careful who is telling you this information and once again the context to which they are presenting it to you. Yes – Iraq is having celebrations now and planned for the future but they have absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to do with the RV. Sorry for these idiots who make these announcements to you in the context of the RV. Iraq has many holidays and “holly” days. They do celebrate alot. That is all it is. So next time you hear about “planned” celebrations in the streets or ordered foods and banquets in the context of an RV just ignore it. It is nothing but hype. They are using an once of truth once again and twisting it for their convenience to hype you up. Why they are insistent on doing this I do not know. Maybe they feel powerful and in control….lol… I will say once again – be careful who you listen to and how they present their information. We should all listen to all sources and read the articles on our own. Try to piece it together on your own. It is not hard to do. It is just common sense. If it simply does not make any sense ignore it. It is better to ignore a piece of information that to beat your head against the wall trying to piece it in to the puzzle and disconnect yourself entirely from what you already know to be the truth. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  19. Mtn Goat: "Could This Be Our Week...?" - 3/14/2015 Thank You George for sending to Recaps UU4069 – “ Could this be our week? ” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, Let us review what has happened this last past period and see if there is a possible window of opportunity for the RV this coming week. Today’s News Today is already Saturday March 14th and yes another week has passed and still no RV. Why? What we do know is we are still now witnessing extreme pressure from many parliamentary members to complete the currency reforms. The Iraqi news media is telling the citizens that it has been completed already yet in Europe and in the West we still get news of it’s near completion. This is very weird. Did you pick up on this too? I heard that Iraq has changed strategy on how they will roll out the RV. Actually the strategy has never wavered but the GOI would have liked to have popped this out already and so they have been forced to follow the lead by the CBI. This caused confusion in mixed messages from Iraq at times and many think it is in the hands of the GOI. The truth is this current slow, methodical rollout is in the hands of the CBI. They are in the driver’s seat. This past week we have read many articles from the CBI telling us that some of the provinces are now receiving funding from the budget. Oh wait a second….some intel gurus tell us this can not possibly be true and the budget is not yet opened? How can this be if they are in fact funding some provinces already? I tell you the budget is opened but the cash flow spigot is very limited. Only selected provinces are receiving funds if deemed safe from ISIS. So a couple weeks ago we all noted the delivery of the new denominations to some of the provinces. I talked about this too in my news letters. This effort was halted due to ISIS occupation in some provinces. Now, as these towns in the provinces are liberated, the delivery once again continues. The next step is for the individual providence to push out the lower denominations when needed from the banks to make transactions for reconstruction. What rate do they use? Some are using the $3.91 rate already. If you are reading this news letter today and you dispute what I am saying, fine for you, since you have a right to your own opinion. But I am telling you they are using the new rate already in many of the provinces as they slowly reach each province in a schedule. This is fact and not my opinion! It appears to me ( I could wrong) that this rollout schedule is very dynamic and was first started with Kurdistan and then the other major cities free of ISIS. Then as they are liberated the others follow. The big million dollar question is this - So to what extent must they do this prior to the major announcement we all wait for? Just how many provinces must first be cleared? I am told by my CBI sources they have decided to wait to see if they can clear all of ISIS out of Iraq first or at least gauge a decision on a cutoff timeframe based on progress as of a certain date. I do not know this date and I think they do not even know how far they will go, as of yet. I am telling you I do not know. This plan is dynamic and depends now solely on the progress in clearing the towns of ISIS and DASH occupation. Remember back in June 2014 when some “intel gurus” were very quick to tell you that ISIS did not matter? How ridiculous! They even bashed me for telling you it was a major concern of security breech and would delay and greatly impact the revaluation rollout process. I just need you to mentally note these things since some of these gurus are quoted as “never wrong” by there little bands of bashing followers….lol…I hope they too are reading this news letter and can learn now the truth. We know for a fact the Qi cards (for social benefits and retirement pay to Iraqi citizens) are loaded with a new rate but can’t be used as of yet. It was announced in Iraq on Friday these cards would be activated in the next few days. The people are anxious and want their money. Will they activate them? It seems Iraq is capable of anything these days and always seem to skirt around and circumvent the final and full announcement of the reinstatement of their currency. So I no longer bet on anything. Anything is possible. I do not like to tie down the reinstatement announcement to any single event. This has been proven to be the wrong approach countless of times already as we can only guess at most. But personally I will say this – These Qi cards can be used (meant to be used) internationally by many sources such as students studying abroad, retirees living outside Iraq, contractors, etc… We know the mechanisms are all in place to allow these cards to be used internationally but how can they translate the Iraq dinar rate to the country of origin rate (example IQD to USD) if they are not hooked into live currency exchanges to get the current rates of the country they live in. Remember rates are very dynamic and can change suddenly and frequently throughout the day and the market drives them. You see it is a simple matter of being able to convert from dinars to another countries currency on a real-time basis. This they now can not do. So here is the really good news. We are being told that this capability of the Qi cards will be turned on during Sunday March 15th . I fully hope this will happen. How far must the security issue be addressed prior to the final rollout of the RV? I am also told they need the Amnesty law passed along with the funding law for the National Guard (part of the power sharing agreement). Both these laws are up for final vote next week. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  22. Thursday News Summaries and Commentaries byAggiedad77 - 3/12/2015 aggiedad77 @ KTFA » March 12th, 2015, 12:34 pm Thursday News Summaries and Commentaries Iraqi forces seize control of Tikrit in major battle against Islamic State Strong Iraqi combined forces are working their way into and through Tikrit, once a strong hold of ISIS....they continue to battle them in some areas around the city but 90% is said to now be in the hands of the Iraqi fighting for the lack of US air support in and around Tikrit....likely due to perceived added support from the Iranians at this time...that just makes great international business sense.... We don't like who you are rubbing elbows with so we are going to take our fighters elsewhere....what message does that send to the Iraqi' could lead to stronger bonds with the Iranians, not shy them away from them..... .... So goes our foreign policy.....yep...shaking my for the efforts of the Shiites remaining in Tikrit and what they would likely do to the Sunni inhabitants....let us hope that PM Abadi and his government would not stand for what the previous government chose to allow and enforce....pray that Iraq as a country is improving. Saudi FM: Iran is Taking Over Iraq Even the Saudi's speak of the Iranian presence in Iraq at this time as fighting grows in intensity against DAASH.....the Iraqi Foreign Minister claims that Iran is helping but has not sent armies to fight for Iraq.....that in this fight Iraq maintains its sovereignty....Iraq seeks good relations with both Iran and Saudi Arabia. Abadi infallible and affirm their support for Kirkuk and hail as "victories" on the Peshmerga (Daash) PM Abadi and President Masum both hail the efforts of the Peshmerga in and around Kirkuk as a victory....calling it success without discrimination for the area. Keywords: cash sales dollar continuously .. no ceilings on the withdrawal of funds The CBI has been reported to have given the green light on deleting the 000' well as creating new mechanisms to be used in trading the that stopping the auctions have proven to stop the smuggling of currency out of the country....and that some see a strengthening of the IQD at this time.... The governor of the CBI stated that the mechanisms they have currently chosen to follow help to eliminate money laundering and at the same time work towards maintaining a market economy for Iraq....meanwhile the CBI is working to support the private banking industry by pushing Parliament for guarantees of deposits for the banks....stating that the Bank is working on a new deposit law that will be presented to Parliament in the next few days....he does touch on the 000's project stating that it is not off the table that it is being studied carefully because its implementation will be a serious endeavor for them. Economic attributes the rise in the dollar price of Article 50 of the Budget Law Calling a spade a spade....the head of the Association of Private Banks is even saying today that the rise of the USD over the IQD i the exchange rate is the fault of Article 50 in the Budget Law....the CBI had no knowledge that the Parliament would add such a thing to the budget as the cap listed in Article 50....shaking my head at the audacity of the Parliament on some things....keep your nose out of what is not rightfully yours to regulate. The government and the central budget ... Iatradan intervention in appeals tunnel and House confirms the legitimacy of the continuation of an expanded ..tgarir A battle is shaping up against the COM and Parliament over some 17 articles that Parliament placed in the Budget Law....the primary focus of attention may indeed be Article 50 that pertains to the cap that Parliament is trying to place on the CBI with regard to daily auctions..... The CBI responded by canceling the auctions on 2/19/2015.....saying the actions by the Parliament go against the banking laws established for the CBI and the Bank consequently filed a complaint with the Federal Supreme Court because of the Parliament action.... The reaction has given way to basically two bulls in a china closet....both pushing and snarling at the other in political ways....but it seems clear to me that Parliament may have overstepped some boundaries with Article 50....but the judicial ruling is awaited at this point.... We also await an challenge that PM Abadi will be offering against the budget as written as well....meanwhile the least by one MP's claim will be moving forward with the budget as written....oh.....who remember Peyton Place from the '60's. Parliament held its starts to read a number of draft laws So the Parliament met today and commenced reading of several draft laws....all seem of lower importance than what could have been read at this point.....some laws need to find their way out of committee clutches so they too can be read. Economic parliamentary: there are more than ten thousand forged import license It would seem that over 10,000 import licenses in Iraq are forgeries.....not a good thing, but is it really all that surprising coming from the efforts of the former government.....corruption was the key buzzword for many years with this case the forgeries lead to a great disservice with regard to the Iraqi economy. Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Transport Minister hosts on the delay in the establishment of the port of Faw So the renovation work that should have been done with regard to the port of Faw in Basra was given the green light go ahead years ago....I can remember the news of it a number of years ago, yet today it sits squandered in delay after delay....the Minister of Transport is being questioned about the delays....but I suspect the true culprit in the matter lies with the former government and any investigation should be striving to find out where the money went for the project....which pocket was lined from it. Some elements of the popular crowd refused to receive Maliki, accusing him of a crime Spyker The most audacious action of the week has to be former PM Maliki showing his ugly face in Tikrit this week after Iraqi combined forces have succeeded in pushing at least 90% of ISIS out of the response the popular crowd turned their backs on the current VP of the nation....instead of receiving him with warmth they accused him of crimes within the Spyker base camp....needless to say....he didn't hang around very long....maybe for fear of "hanging around"....get it. Economic parliamentary: corruption cause deterioration of the investment in Iraq The Economic and Investment Commission claimed today that the cause of deterioration in Iraqi investments of late has been blamed on corruption both administratively and financially....the Investment Law working its way through Parliament at the moment should help with regard to corruption from the continues to regain support for investments throughout Iraq. Economist expected investment boom movement after the elimination of "Daash" With the push against DAASH and their expulsion out of Iraq expected....some economists are predicting an investment boom for Iraq in the coming future....this of course will come as security is regained in many areas of the country. Officials: Investing in Iraq has become an urgent necessity Officials within Iraq see the need to increase investment opportunities within Iraq and look to the past where issues existed with regard to administrative and financial corruption that hindered investors coming into the country.....they see the Investment Law in Parliament as a positive step towards removing the red tape associated with bad actions of the past...that and removal of security obstacles will be a big help in fostering a better investment environment for the country. Finance Minister: I'll leave Baghdad if money was not sent to Kurdistan Finance Minister Zebari, himself a Kurd, stated in Sulaymaniyah that he would leave his post in Baghdad if the portion of the budget was not forthcoming to Erbil...this is the second of such public claims that he has made on the issue....he claims that Iraq is not bankrupt and needs to follow through on budget promises to the Kurds. Saturday .. Conference to activate the partnership between the public and private sectors This coming Saturday will see the start of an intergovernmental conference designed to start the partnership between public and private sectors....the conference will see the executive procedures being developed between the two entities that will lead to the implementation of national strategies that will lead to private sector mechanisms to be launched....these will occur in three phases it is believed at this time.... The basic strategy will be to improve the business environment of the private sector, improving windows of opportunity, while working towards improvements within key industry sectors pertaining to the private sector. Parliamentary Legal: Social Security Act would give the private sector employees and to ensure a healthy retirement Once it is passed by Parliament the Social Security Act will give private sector employees a better retirement plan...equal rights to what the public sector employees receive....and will include health insurance. Kurdistan law recognizes and imports of oil and gas fund next week Supposedly the Kurdistan will see the approval of the oil and gas import fund next week in their Parliament actions....this effort is supposed to create more transparency with oil and gas transactions than in the past. People crowd: Daash leaders issued orders for its fighters to withdraw and retreat from Tikrit According to some members of the popular crowd.....DAASH leaders have issued orders for its forces to start to evacuate and retreat from Tikrit....showing a sign of defeat before the advancing Iraqi combined forces.....still in their efforts of retreat DAASH forces have executed many people in areas they are leaving. Finance and central planning to impose prepayment importers tax Warning of price increases are filtering through Iraq....due to plans of the Finance Committee and Central Bank coordinating efforts to collect taxes from importers even before their products enter Iraq....this is an attempt to stop tax evasion....however at least one economist claims this action may be the current tax law calls for the collection of taxes after the product is introduced into Iraq.... There is fear with this new mechanism that price increases will be passed along to the citizens of Iraq....well *** for tat.....the price increase ultimately hits the citizen regardless of which side of the fence the tax increase in the meantime COM has suspended actions of both the CBI and the Customs Authority in this area. Jubouri: more than one million held hostage by Daash in Mosul, Anbar and Salahuddin It is alleged and believed that within the three areas of DAASH strength they hold more than one million hostages....where it is still possible for civilians to leave areas like Mosul they are being encouraged to do so to keep DAASH from using them as human shields in their terrorist activities.....the same is true in Anbar. Kurdistan Alliance: You must activate the Federal Service Act in the case of appointments A Kurd MP is saying that the Federal Service Act must be activated to stop administrative corruption such as appointing family members to positions of is called nepotism and should not be condoned....although the former government allowed this to run rampant amongst their appointments. President Barzani: Kurdish independence delayed, not abandoned Kurd President Barzani states that ISIS threats have only slowed and delayed the Kurdish desire for has not been abandoned by any stretch of the imagination...the Kurds long term goals are towards independence....while the US is not supportive of such a move....the Kurd strong stance against DAASH has provided a spotlight for them on the international level that is gaining support for their efforts towards breaking away from Iraq at some point in the future. Abadi: Iraq beyond its economic crisis successfully PM Abadi is saying that the steps the government has drawn up with regard to battling the economic crisis of Iraq have been successful....amidst world crisis in many areas Abadi claims that Iraq is being lauded for its successful work against economic issues and at the same time doing battle with ISIS terrorists. ISIS on the run but hard struggle remains ISIS is being seen as running from the Iraqi combined forces today but running them out of Iraq....eradicating them from Iraq is not going to be easy or even the final answer......the terrorists have Syria to drop back into and until the Syrians pick up the fight the terrorists will continue to use Syrian areas as breeding grounds....the seeds of terrorism do not need to be allowed to germinate for sure. Kurdistan, Iraqi lawmakers to look into Ashti Hawrami’s possible bribery case Iraqi and Kurd lawmakers may be looking into what is believed to be issues regarding bribery that may involve the Kurd Oil Minister....the Integrity Commission along with Kurdish law makers are working on the situation now. Infallible refuses to sign any death sentence passed in the reign of al-Maliki Thus far Iraqi President Masum has refrained from issuing death sentences that were pronounced during the government of Maliki....stating there must be just cause in the way of proof...not just some political dagger against a person or group of people....even Talabani refused to sign the death sentences while he was in power with Maliki.....good to see these guys couldn't be pressured by Maliki. Conscious / Baghdad Municipality opens (14) closed a street in the municipality of Ghadeer conclusive. " Streets in and around Baghdad continue to be reopened as security is said to be continually improving in the area....these openings are helping with traffic issues and helping to improve trade for businesses. Conscious / lifting of the curfew in Ramadi and other parts of Anbar Recent curfews that were put in place in various parts of the Anbar province have again been lifted with belief that security in those areas of concern has been improved to allow the lifting to occur. Investigation Commission announces the fall of Mosul, near the submission of its A member of the Integrity Commission says their report will soon be delivered to the Speaker of Parliament....but at the same time the Commission is asking the Speaker for an extension to complete its work....which way is it....but please do be thorough in your report....get it right the first time. Parliamentary reveals meeting of heads of the blocks today to discuss what class the government of the political agreement The heads of parliamentary blocs are meeting at the home of Speaker Jubouri today to discuss political agreements reached by the government and the application of provisions....another report card being addressed by Parliament heads it seems. Hamoudi: Baghdad will stick to send the region's share of the budget One VP of Parliament is saying that Baghdad will be sending the Kurds their share of the 2015 budget....they see the efforts being accomplished by the Peshmerga forces with DAASH and are smiling with approval....he believes this will be instrumental in the efforts of Baghdad to come forward with the payments owed to the Kurds....keep in mind this is an opinion...does not mean it has been approved or that it is truth that the payment is forthcoming. Parliament lifted its 20 to Saturday After getting through the reading of a number of minor issue laws....the Parliament adjourned and will pick things back up on Saturday. Coalition: Peshmerga forces push ISIS away from Kirkuk oilfields Peshmerga forces have been successful around Kirkuk in using DAASH pockets away from some Kirkuk oilfields....this should improve the production rates for the area.....Push it...Push it...Push it real good. Kurdish lawmaker: The federal government has not acted Peshmerga salaries until now Remember just a few days ago that members of the Peshmerga met in Baghdad and seemed to walk away happy....maybe they had just heard a good joke and were laughing.....they still have not been paid....or perhaps they did reach and agreement and the "check's in the mail".....either way they need to get paid for the valiant effort they are displaying in dealing with DAASH threats in their areas. Alliance heaviest raids on Mosul As for the International Coalition of forces....I'll just say....pound them with everything you got......if it moves take it out. Sunni Waqf in Nineveh calls his staff to the activation of smart cards The Nineveh province...remember that is where Mosul is.....the Sunni Directorate is calling for smart card activation.....good signs of things to come for the people of Nineveh....signaling a coming strike force that will remove DAASH once and for all from the area.....getting payments to some who have not been paid in a while. White House: Iraqi forces succeeded progress in Salah al-Din al-Abadi and stressed that operations would not be used as an excuse for sectarian revenge Despite garbage coming from the White House....PM Abadi is providing assurances that what has been happening with the successful defeat of DAASH in the Salahuddin province has been with the active participation of Sunni tribesmen and that he is not about to allow any Iraqi efforts to turn into an excuse for sectarian revenge.....I believe the PM in his beliefs and efforts. "Jubouri" order the suspension decision to replace the House of Representatives ..? Sometimes the wording of these articles create more confusion than they resolve....but it appears here that a member of the National Alliance is accusing Speaker Jubouri of obstructing the implementation of a recent Federal Court decision that spoke to the need to replace a number of Parliament members.....from the gist of things it appears or is believed that Jubouri gave up at least one position from one province and wants to see the position filled from another province.....doesn't seem fair to me either.....I am sure we will see more on this issue before they close it out. Abadi: Iraq's sovereignty is a red line and the liberalization of the connector will be in our hands PM Abadi speaks out on the sovereignty of Iraq and the liberalization process of those areas being held hostage by DAASH today is going to be done at the hands of combined Iraqi forces.....a unity of fighting efforts....he will not stand or allow any efforts to draw things into some sectarian conflict... He sees and hears of efforts being taken to this end and has thus far been very vocal against such efforts while at the same time has been very quick to laud praise upon all factions involved in the push to remove DAASH from its strongholds in Iraq, pointing to the unified efforts of many tribal forces along with Peshmerga and Iraqi forces as well as popular crowd forces that have worked solidly together for the victories that have been recently witnessed. Abadi, stresses the importance of equitable distribution of wealth and services to all provinces Incredible....only a headline here now.....more to come from WS I am sure...but I am compelled to touch on this...equitable distribution of wealth....that can only be the HCL.....wealth and services to all provinces.....the budget is to be released...and within that budget should come the HCL with a bowtie about it.....thank you PM Abadi for the good you stand for and the way you see things through. Central Bank announces determining the customs tariff law of trusts prescribed rates on the level of each substance The CBI is working hard and heavy with the General Administration of Customs...what about....about they are to be dealt they are to work to keep pressure off the citizens of Iraq....leaving certain commodities alone....or taxed at a lower level so as to not overly burden the citizens.....taxation to help the private sector to resurrect products and process they once had working well in Iraq....get those industries restarted to create the products that make Iraqis proud...."made in Iraq" proud Abdul-Mahdi: the enemies of Baghdad and Erbil agreement on the rise and should be the age of the oil law Yes the lack of an oil and gas agreement is causing some of the crisis within Iraq today.....this is a warning of a RANT....the quibbling between Baghdad and Erbil over how much oil was delivered to Ceyhan, Turkey in January and February is such a stupid thing to be arguing about....a first year petrochemical student could figure this out, without the use of computer even....establish a common point of the Turkish border....or where all points of production become the matters not..... SOMO and the Kurds provide a representative to that common point and observe the daily, weekly, monthly measurement...whatever your basis will work from.....if you still use charts so be it....if you have advanced technologically away from charts great.....just agree on the common denominator of the point of measurement and call that good from a witnessing can all be good for both parties.... Swallow some pride and remember that PM Abadi is seeking unity and cohesiveness in everything shake hands....hug if you want to...and get over this dog's not becoming of either party.....ok....stepping down from the RANT platform....only slightly dizzy today. Abadi, stresses the importance of equitable distribution of wealth and services to all provinces Thank you WS I knew you would ferret this out.....PM Abadi stressing to the citizens of Halabja, remember the evil of Saddam the killing and know that his Baathist groups have taken arms with DAASH....they need to be removed....but do not be haste in seeking revenge....but instead be focused on not allowing this travesty to be repeated in the this he also touched on the idea that it is of critical importance to remember that all of Iraq will see equitable distribution of wealth and services.....not just one or some political faction or religious sect...but all of Iraq..... Oh yes this smells of gold being awarded across the board to all Iraqi's....can't say when....but just like driving into an oil can smell the presence before you arrive....the BEST is yet to come. Conscious / Hamoudi: the rights of the people in the oil wealth equal This cry.....this wave of coming wealth is's up.....get ready for the big one.....may the Iraq of today and its citizens soon realize a freedom from DAASH terrorists and at the same time feel a jingle in their pocket of money that was not there before....newfound wealth.....may the honor be to all Iraqis as this government follows through with its promises continuing to work towards an Iraq that is a world leader in many areas. Economist: "prosperity is coming" to Iraqis Further wisdom from a respected Iraqi economist...prosperity is around the is on the rise....DAASH is on the run.....areas that are being liberated are in need of recovery and reconstruction investments...and the future for Iraq looks bright...she knows....she recognizes.....the BEST is yet to come. Therein reads the news summaries thus far.....enjoy....and before I forget.....HAPPY you brother. Aloha Randy
  23. Late Tuesday Night "Update" by Mountain Goat - 3/10/2015 Thanks GeorgeH for sending this to us tonight. UU3066 – “ Quick Update 3/10 ” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, Let us review what has happened this last past period since my last post on 3/4. Today’s News Today is already Wednesday March 11th and yes another week has pasted and still no RV. Why? What we do know is we are now witnessing extreme pressure from many parliamentary members to straighten out the falling dinar rate against the USD. Currently the dinar is pegged to the USD. This will all change once the reinstatement takes place since the plan is to use a basket of currencies to peg the Iraq dinar and no longer just based on the USD. .... This past week we have read many articles from the CBI and the parliamentary finance committee on the currency reform. This is now a major item on their plate and is a primary item. All the news this past week points to this fact. In the news was a statement by the finance committee telling the CBI they are ready to begin the “project to delete the zeros”, they called it the go ahead and gave the “green light”. I totally believe they have begun this process already even much more deeper than the collection of over 90% of the in-country 3 zero notes held by the citizens. Will you give up your notes you own without some change in value? Our turn for them to collect our notes is coming shortly. We read articles telling us about past attempts to UNSUCCESSFULLY rollout the coins and to me some in the government seem to be now fighting this part of the plan. They can express their negative opinion in news briefs and articles but it will not effect the plan. But it is very significant since they would not be complaining about it if they did not know the rollout of the coins is just around the corner. So you see this is actually very good news for us. It was a WOW moment for me. How about you? We saw how they are taking the $50 dinar note out of circulation and gave the citizens a couple months to turn them in to the CBI (only) for bank credit. We should all know by now that this is not really a concern of ours since the majority of you don’t even own these notes anyhow. I believe they allowed the $50 dinar notes over these past years to catch the counterfeiters and so they are cleaning this up now once and for all. Also they want to eventually align the new lower demons, about to be distributed out to the public in Iraq, to coincide with the other neighboring countries currency denominations such as Kuwait, Turkey and Jordan. So why am I mentioning this to you now? I am mentioning this collection of the $50 dinar notes because I want also to tell you of a couple not so obvious reasons to some of us: 1) It is very, very significant because it is a line item on the plan of the currency reform. Folks – this is telling us another sign that they are going ahead now with the reform process of the currency and not just giving it lip service, as they have done in the past. 2) this is yet even a larger part of the overall plan to bring the Arabic countries online with a common dinar currency in the middle east. They are conforming in part of what is to come next. Do not get worried we will be out of the picture and to the bank before this happens. You see this too is very significant and good news for us! It was also WOW moment for me. How about you? There are still many in the GOI and in the financial sectors that want to move very slowly and cautiously. They need to do this transition right since there is no turning back once the announcement is made. If anything, I am hearing this is not a holdup but is slowing progress (if you want to call it that) – that of being overly cautious! Of course many of you readers only have a perception that there is a holdup but I have to tell you there is ABSOLUTELY NO HOLDUP and they are moving now on this currency reform. Soon there will be nothing else to do but to pop it out to the downstream exchanges and open the new currency up to the rest of the world. Why do we have this perception? You may feel there is a holdup only because you have heard over and over and over again by these “intel gurus” that it is going to RV every night at any second. This past weekend was yet another case of this craziness. Some said there was a 3-4 day delay and the RV should have happened last Friday but was delayed for 3-4 days longer. Really? I did not hear of any explanation from anyone I know it was delayed or even should have RV’d last Friday. So why the delay now. First it was fighting ISIS and they needed about an extra week. Now yet another delay. Oh – let me guess now that the 3-4 day delay is over they are about to tell us there is yet another delay. So on and on this roller coaster ride continues….. Well … we sit day four on the delay time frame and still no RV. Will we get the RV this week? Must we go through yet another weekend of the same anticipation or will we relax and just read the darn articles for ourselves and make up our own minds as to what is really happening. Could it happen this week? Sure but let’s just relax and find out for ourselves. I listen to many of these various dinar info calls too and they are interesting and this is what they seem to truly believe. Do they really? But I take the info and give it a grain of salt, then bounce it against what I am reading from the country of Iraq and other sources. I know we are close but I cannot predict a date since this is soooo dynamic right now. But one thing I do know they are completing the currency reforms as I write this newsletter. I havn’t heard of any delays. They have recently demonstrated to us over and over again through the hard fact filled articles they are working diligently on it. My intent is not to be mean or to bash anyone but I only want to say some need to be more responsible in passing on what they are telling you and how they are telling you. Perhaps they need to get their noses more into the articles. But when you read the articles you have to have half a brain too and look at what they are telling us in the BIG PICTURE. Maybe this ability to clearly think is part it part of the problem too? I know we all want the info in black and white and in the simplest of terms. I guess maybe it’s my background in the Army Intelligence Corps where I take this ability for granted. But it does not work that way for many. Of course you should read not just the articles but use and evaluation ALL THE INFORMATION being published and being passed out to us from the various sources. So what is this new currency? For you newbies - it’s taking the currency of Iraq out of the “program” rate downgraded for the war (the large 3 zero notes introduced in 2003) and introducing the newer lower denominations (notes and coins) to the citizens (post war). This is the long awaited permanent currency. In the process they must also announce a new rate since the pegging of the dinar will change and all Basil III banking and IMF reforms will be in effect (asset backed currency). We have seen once again this week the buying of yet more gold by the CBI. I have told you in a previous newsletter why they are doing this. This is how they are going to get the rate to come out so high (around $3.90+ USD to the IQD in exchange). When I say high many of you are shrugging your shoulders and saying this is not high since the pre-war rate was around $3.22 and they are allowed some rate equity for the last 11 years. But what I am referring to is the revaluation that comes later. You will be very surprised to see the rate climb to quickly. Remember I talked about this many, many months ago. First the reinstatement followed by a major revaluation just days or a week afterwards. I still believe this is the plan. Since they have other sources of revenue too besides oil but most of these sources are not yet fully functional or readily online to generate the needed backing for such a higher rate, thus the strategy of so much gold. The war is over and it is time to bring this country back on-line globally ! I cannot say it any differently or clearer. This reinstatement and later a major revaluation are about to happen. So this past week I also read in article that Kurdistan has been paid in full for all debt owed by the GOI. This is another tidbit of news for us. It confirms once again HCL is done and implemented. Other provinces too want their share of the funding as required by the 2015 budget (now posted in the gazette and finalized). But as we all know from experience, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So the prime minister along with the finance committee has decided they would take care of Kurdistan now and a couple other smaller contractors (who have contractual obligations with Iraq). After all oil right now is Iraqi’s primary source of revenues and they do not want any more conflicts stirring up in this area of concern (a squeaky wheel). These are all mostly dealing with oil extraction or piping contracts. So let us not also forget about other countess items too such as the recent victories over ISIS (more stability), tariffs and other programs we know have been implemented with the new rate pending in the systems but cannot yet be realized fully until the announcement. It is a very slow rollout happening right in front of our eyes. The clock is ticking. Be patient and relax! Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  24. Tlar & Members Discuss 1 Dinar To 1 Dollar - 3/7/2015 NCtallguy at March 7, 2015 at 10:01 AM ... Once again, enorrste's take on the amount of currency and a "free float". Now I ask, where has it ever been written and documented that it's going to be a free float? How can they (Kap and Enorrste) claim a gradual rise and a free float at the same time? I have seen the ink on a manged float (as all currencies are under I think) and I've seen the ink on a stationary rate (1.13 or 1.16) being held for 3 years THEN letting the dinar float. But never anything on a "free float". A free float seems like chaois to me. Below is enorrste's latest: I have never...espoused the idea that there would be an RV to $1 and a float thereafter. The RV is simply not possible. If they tried to say, "Our dinar is now worth $1", then, overnight, their money supply would be worth $40 trillion, or about 15 times the money supply of the world. That is why an RV won't work. Put another way, that is why a start rate of $1 per dinar won't work, either. As we have said before, once the exchange rate regime is changed to a freely floating currency, the OFFICIAL rate and the STREET rate become the same thing. The 2% rule is thereby satisfied immediately. 90 days later, in theory, Iraq could move to Article VIII. Tlar: NCtallguy, toward the end of 2012 and the end of Shabibi's governorship of the CBI, Shabibi had decided to just float the currency because he could not get the government to support the plan. ~~~ Tlar Continues: Maliki did not want to release the currency at all so he, being in charge of the government, set his goons out slandering Shabibi and propagandizing that this project should not be done because of the fear of mafia's counterfeiting the currency. The argument was stupid as the project would have stopped counterfeiting but that is not the point. A very frustrated Shabibi finally decided he would never get the governments support nd toward the end of 2012 he stated he would do this "whether the government was on board or not" and that he would "release the currency at 1166 and let the market decide its true value". Thus the float theory was born. Articles on deleting the zeros immediately dried up and were replaced with articles that stated the currency would float from 1166. During this period, Steve and Kaperoni were invited by Ali (DinarTrade) to visit a new facility he was building but not yet opened. They toured the facility as Ali explained to them he had recently met with Shabibi at a banking convention in England and that Shabibi had signed a contract with DinarTrade to be the facilitator of the dinar in the US for the CBI. His job as a facilitator was to do his best to drive the currency up in value. So Kap and Steve felt they had inside knowledge of what was to happen and it was supported in float articles coming out of Iraq at the time, and indeed they did. I too believed Shabibi when he said he would just float the currency starting at 1166 so at that time you could have called me a floatie too. So what changed? Shortly after Steve and Kap had made that trip the confusion started, at least for me. Shabibi, while attending another banking conference in Japan heard rumors that Maliki had placed corruption charges on him. At first he did not believe them, but as we all know those charges tuned out to be true. Shabibi was removed from the CBI by Maliki and Turki took control of the CBI having been appointed by Maliki. Within a month of Turki taking control of the CBI articles about deleting the zeros started to reappear. This was in the first part of 2013. Turki turned out not to be a Maliki minion. This might have been attributed to the IMF, WB, US Treasury showing up immediately upon Turki taking control, and camping out at the CBI until they were satisfied that Turki understood who the bad guy was, Maliki. We can assume this because Turki within a month told parliament he only answers to them and he told Maliki the government would never get their hands on the reserves. Maliki attempted to remove Turki even going so far as to try to bring charges against him. There existed a contemptuous relationship between Maliki and Turki almost from the get go and it lasted throughout Turki's tenure. The point is IMO the program that started out in 2007 known as "delete the zeros" was terminated on or around Sept/Oct of 2012 by Shabibi. He changed it to "just bring the currency out at 1166" (FLOAT), and then program was changed back again under Turki to the originaql plan of "deleting the zeros" which is where I believe we are today. Some folks got stuck in the middle where Shabibi was going to just float the currency, but most followed the articles and moved on with the change back to deleting the zeros. This is an opinion piece only even though I am absolutely sure I'm right and feel all others who have a difference in the way they see it are dead wrong. lol lolo lol The last sentence is a joke NWA - lighten up will you? tlar NCtallguy Thanks Tlar, very well said. My next question.......was Shabbi's plan a "free float" or a managed float. Still seems to me that a free float would be hard if not impossible to control. Isn't it true that there is a "rule" of 2% every 90 days? last question.....just how long would it take to get to say a dollar if 1166 floated 2 % every 90 days? Thanks Tlar NCtallguy, I have no idea. The plan never got that far because Maliki immediately went after Shabibi in order to stop the plan to float. tlar NCTallguy My quick calculations show 1166 floating 2% up every 90 days would take 6 months give or take to get to the rate of 1000. Thats if it floated UP every 90 days. Plenty of unforseen variables that could make it float DOWN during the process. Like I've said, I have never read anything other than "guru" hearsay regarding a free float, which a free float seems very chaotic to me and hard to control. What if the dinar went into a downward free float? I very much doubt Iraq just starting out would want that to happen. NCtallguy 4 trillion dinars at the value of a dollar is still.....4 trillion dinars, he's claimimg theres 40 trillion dinars in circulation but with a very low value (Which is true 1166 to 1) and once the 40 trillion low valued dinars are increased to the value of $1 then there will be $40 trillion dollars worth of dinars circulating. Brian YES but then if they decide to drop the zeros then there would be 4 billion dinars in circulation with a value of 4 billion if it rv's at $1.... Is that correct logic? D42 NC, the word "circulation" can be misleading. What banks hold as foriegn currency reserves falls in this category I believe. That number alone is massive (worldwide) and I wish the exact counts per country were public info. so we could get a better handle for our calculations. Brian brings up a good point as well, reduction of the money supply is achieved and serves to add to the proof that a 1-1 start is fesable. Mike Brian, if they remove the zero's before they raise the rate, then four trillion dinars would be 4 billion dinars. That's not good for us, we want them to raise the rate and slowly remove the 000 notes because of how hard they would be to use in day to day transactions. Can you imagine going to the falafel stand to buy two falafels and you hand them a 25K note worth roughly 25 grand? It would be very difficult to make change and have the economy function normally. Most of us call it a "lop" or a "revenue neutral event" which we're betting against because if they were going to do that, they most likely would have done it already. Clearly, we want Iraq to raise the value on whatever dinar is remaining and then slowly remove the large, 000 notes until there's nothing left but lower denominations. If the note count and circulation numbers are indeed 4 trillion dinars, then Kap and Enoresste are most likely right in their assessment. The US has roughly 1.4 trillion dollars in circulation and there's no way that Iraq, with $100 billion in annual revenue could support a 1-1 exhcange with 4 trillion dinars in circulation, they just don't have the wealth or the economy to create such a valuable currency with that much out there. The key to this is how much is really out there, it's one of the most important pieces of information and we have had no access to that since 2012. I'm confident, based on numerous news reports about the scarcity and condition of the dinar that there's less than a trillion iin circulation, probably much less but that's my conservative estimate. That being said, there are reports from the Ministry of Planning and the SIGIR that both state the dinar would come out at either .89 or 1.16, that's my best guestimate to what the original starting rate of the dinar would be, based on what they've told us in the past. All of this is academic anyway, we need Iraq to grow up, put on their big boy pants and move to Article VIII. If Vietnam can do it, Iraq should be able to do it. They just need the political willpower to step up the the plate and improve the lives of their citizens, something we've been woefully short of until Abadi became PM. Here's hoping they make a move sooner rather than later. Tlar Mike excellent points. Something that I have said in the past that is controversial and that some will disagree with, is that when they push the RV button all dinar sitting in electronic accounts on both sides of the ledger, will lose three zeros and will be adjusted commensurate with the new rate. What I mean by this is that electronic dinars will be adjusted downward to the new rate just as everything in Iraq will be. Just like it will be done in the stock market. Here's my thinking. Let's say an Iraqi who is starting a business makes a loan the night before the RV of say 50,000 dinar and then sets up a checking account from which to operate his business out of, but has yet to write his first check. If the RV takes place that night, both sides of the accounting ledger sheet must be adjusted otherwise the Iraqi just hit the lottery. In other words we understand that the loan side will be adjusted down to 50 dinars due to the law of indebtedness. My contention is this, the checking account will also have to be adjusted as will all electronic accounts be it in banking or the stock market or individuals loaning money to individuals. Only the physical dinars held by anybody will be able to prosper from this event as a dinar will still be a dinar. So even if 80% of the 37 trillion is sitting in accounts at the government banks, and the more trillions sitting in private accounts held by citizens, all will be adjusted to the new rate but they will not loose value. An Iraqi who has 100,000 dinars sitting in an account before this event, will have 100 dinar sitting in the account after the event. This is just an example only and the rate itself will dictate the actual amount of change, but every account in Iraq will have to be adjusted as will the cost of everything including hard assets and property values to the new exchange rate. This is my opinion but I don't see how else this can work any other way. An electronic dinar must be treated differently than a paper dinar. There will be no loss in value of anything electronic. If you think through this I believe you will agree with me. I am completely opened minded about this but anyone who sees it differently than me is dead wrong. lololoololol NWA - lighten up. Don't get your panties in a wad. It's an opinion piece and the last sentence is a joke. tlar
  25. Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “How Much Longer?” - 2/18/2015 (Thank you George for sending this to Recaps.)UU1099 – “How Much Longer?” by Mnt Goat Hello Everyone, Fasching is now over. Do you know what Fasching celebration is in Germany? Some call it the Mardi Gras (Karneval). Our town has its small fun version of this Mardi Gras too and we have had a nice time this past couple days. Our Mardi Gras is really a lingering of an older pagan tradition from the middle ages but when the Christian church combined with the Roman pagan religion, and became the faith of Rome, (thus the Roman Catholic church), many of these pagan ceremonies were watered down and allowed to continue and to this day. Our past is always present if we just take the time to learn and pay attention. So Fasching is really fun before the sacrifice. One last period before we start on our journey to remember our Christian roots and sacrifices of those who came before us to show us the way to better lives. With the end of Fasching, Germany's silly season, comes Lent, a Catholic tradition observed by many throughout Germany. Traditionally, Catholics throughout the country eat Herring on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Many faithful Catholics still adhere to certain restrictions during the 40 days of Lent between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday while others refrain from sweets, alcohol, meat, eggs or milk. Fish is one meal always permitted as Lenten fare. If not done for health reasons, the fasting time is usually based on religious ideas. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which is today and yes I too have the herring for our diner tonight…lol.. It is not the favorite meal for my two girls but they are getting to like it as the years pass. Lent lasts 40 days until the Saturday before Easter. We try to eat lightly at each dinner, light candles and pray so that we can be shown how to help others too during this entire season. This season is always most important to my family too as it is the first sign of the long awaited spring time coming upon us. As lent progresses my girls make note of the passing days and how the weather slowly changes and the cold days of winter finally fade into green pastures and warmer days. My favorite is the opening of the hiking trails once again as my mountain has been calling me for months. I am anxious and I wait patiently. As my girls get older now they too have learned the ways of the Alpine mountains and they have become part of them. Sometime it is hard to explain the connection but it is a sacred connection for all those that truly seek it. So now that we have socialized a bit, let us review what has happened this last past period and on this ongoing saga of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Please read the past news letter dated 2/16 to better understand this news today. Today’s News Today is Wednesday the 18th and still no RV. We waited for the announcement of the ratified 2015 budget being placed in the gazette (law library of Iraq). As I mentioned in a prior news letter this would mean the budget law is fully implemented and must be funded within 24-48 hours, as the cash flow to the provinces would have to begin for the projects. Well on yesterday, Tuesday Feb 17 it was finally announced by the Iraqi government that the ratified budget was placed in the gazette after being delayed by two days. Yes- this is now an “official” announcement not some secret news from a backdoor meeting with an intel “guru”…….lol…… But here we now sit 48 hours past the gazette publication requirement. It is done. So why are they not funding these projects now? The parliamentary Finance Committee, confirmed Wednesday today, it has opened an investigation into the reasons which led to the delay of the publication of the draft law on the federal budget for the current year in the Official Gazette. We know they hurried to get this budget done and it was surely fast-tracked this year. It is the first budget ever for Iraq in this nature. We know they have major plans for Iraq. So after considering all these past events with this budget we know for sure their intent is to more forward and progress this country into the international arena. So to us it seems to have stalled but in actuality it still is not long since the gazette publication and much lays ahead. Where do we go from here? Well be know that Prime Minister Barzani, has paid a visit to Baghdad last Sunday, to activate the oil agreement signed between Baghdad and Erbil from late last year. We know that Abadi negotiated a temporary deal for a partial payment to Kurdistan and could not fully implement the oil deal since it was claimed there was lack of liquidity in the banks to back up the 119 trillion budget bill. We believe this lack of liquidity in part is due to the failure to as of yet increase the value of the Iraq dinar. Some intel “guru” are saying that the amount of dinar currency at hand does not matter since the payments for the budget to the provinces will be in electronic form anyhow. Does this make sense to you? Think about what they are telling you. Just another blunder to confuse everyone even more. Let me explain this to you better now to eliminate your confusion. This future payment process to the provinces may be accurately stated as it will most likely be electronic form and mnt goat never said it would not. So comments made to bash me are not accurate. But there is much more to the story to tell and this is where many of these so called intel “gurus” fall short. This causes yet more confusion because they do not tell the entire story but only what is convincing enough at the time to bash someone. Maybe they too have to slowly read my news letters instead of just looking for ways to bash. So since when can Iraq just electronically increase their bank balances without backing it up with hard currency? Computer systems only record and document cash amounts. They are only electronic ledger systems. You can not create money simply by entering numbers into a computerized ledger system! Also since when can Iraq now just print money to meet their obligations to back up a ledger entry? Are they now following the policy of the USA Federal Reserve? Do these intel gurus even know that currency is a paper guarantee, a note stating the face value is an assurance of the value of the assets that back it? So this is the issue since the paper dinars (the 3 zero notes using in Iraq) have been 90% collected already and there is literally just USD remaining for the day to day transactions of the citizens. These old notes collected are now electronic numbers in the CBI reserves as the old 3 zero notes are incinerated as the banks collected them and turned them back into the CBI. So even by this process they must have backed these electronic entries with the dinars. Why is this so difficult to understand? If you did not have enough dinars to begin with then your electronic numbers will now be low to meet the $119 dinar budget. Get it? There is no way they can back $119 trillion dinar budget since there was never even $119 trillion dinars in circulation to ever collect to the CBI. Or was there ever even printed $119 trillion dinars altogether at the low 1166 rate. Do you understand now? So what they did collect from the citizens is now sitting only in electronic form at the CBI. Why does the CBI not use this money then to pay at least part of the budget debt owed to the provinces? The CBI has decided to use some of these reserves as a partial payment to Kurdistan as we read articles on this on Sunday that a negotiation was completed. . However this was at the old 1166 rate. But they simply can not continue going down this road on payments to all provinces until there is a major change to the dinar value, in fear of quickly depleting of the CBI reserves. So when these so called intel “gurus” tell you the story I wish they would tell you the complete story and not just what they want to tell you. It is obvious of their intent was to bash others first rather than trying to fill in the gaps and attempt to truly informed on what is really happening. Why is this element consistently trying to confuse you? Are they being pumped with scripts given to them by their so called “three letter agencies”? Then we read about the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) buying more gold with USD from the CBI reserves. Does this also seem strange to you at this time? Why would they be doing this now? Some say it was to shore up the liquidity of the reserves in preparation for a major change in economic polity for Iraq. To me anyhow this makes total sense since they are now converting these electronic entries (from collecting all these 3 zero notes I just talked about) into hard backed wealth, that of precious metal (gold). Gold prices are now low. If you are a Central Reserve bank you do not want just store electronic entries on your balance sheets but rather have hard backed currencies or metals as value. Gold is more stable and is used as a guarantee of wealth. This transfer from electronic entries to gold has been on going since we have been reading about this buying frenzy of the CBI for gold now for many months now. This gold must back these new lower denominations about to be introduced into circulation. Can you see the process? You can’t just give the banks paper currency unless it is strongly backed by value. Can you see how they are setting up for the next step? Crude now finally spikes to $60+ a barrel from the 30’s. Was someone waiting for crude oil prices to increase prior to implementing the budget? We know the Iraq budget is based on $60 a barrel. Do they not now have an asset backed currency? So could they be waiting for the prices of oil to increase since we now know the purpose of artificially bringing down the price in the first place has now been accomplished its goal. If you have been reading my news letters you know why the oil war had to occur and its purpose. Please refer to my news letters from early December I will not repeat the information today. They are all interconnected. How much longer will they wait?Maliki Situation The Iraq government has strong evidence that the bullet that shot Sheik Qasim also shot at the heart of national reconciliation was perpetrated by the Sheite Maliki and his goons for this purpose. In my last news letter I stated they will now move much more aggressively on the prosecution of this man and his goons to bring him to justice. It is coming shortly and the process is being sped up. So as predicted, on Tuesday out pops an article as stated below: ******“Baghdad «quds al-arabi»: Iraqi judge gave Rahim Ugaili former chairman of the commission on public integrity, a legal complaint against the former prime minister Nuri Al-Maliki, a student of his trial on charges of treason against the iraqi people. The lawsuit that accused (nuri kamal al-maliki) took over as prime minister and commander of the armed forces in iraq from 2006 to 2014 were committed during his rule a number of serious violations and crimes, so the judge asked ugaili take legal action and moving the criminal cases against the accused. And offered to suit the crimes committed by al-maliki, which was considered part of «treason» amounting to 39 crime, including the cause as the general commander of the armed forces in the fall of one-third of iraq, however, a terrorist organization (daash), and is caused by the arming of these criminal organization mechanisms and sophisticated weapons the iraqi army, valued at more than $ 15 billion”. ****** So why did Maliki orchestrate this last killing spree last week? What you may not know is Maliki requested to leave the country of Iraq. You may know he has visa restrictions on him and all his goons. Early last week he requested to leave Iraq for Germany for medical treatment for his diabetes. At least this was his explanation on his visa request. The visa was denied as he was told to use medical services in Iraq for treatment. I guess his attempt to escape failed? So do you see why the killings last Friday? This was actually more of a message sent from him telling the government he is still in control. A reprisal for his denied visa. So you see Al-Abadi along with the CBI have to make a decision soon on when to RV this currency. I believe this decision had already been made weeks ago and was postponed due to recent events in Iraq. We are now in the final countdown window now that the budget is truly ratified and the deadline for it to be posted in the gazette is now overdue. We finally heard news of this next event we looked for (gazette posting). Then Iraq must fully fund the budget within 24-48 hours (partly by a revaluation). Can Iraq be fully positioned with all these events in time to open and begin spending this 2015 budget? Already we see an investigation as to what is holding up this process. Can the USA be holding up the RV once again? Can Iraq be requesting this revaluation and the request is being denied again? Be careful who you listen to for the answers to these questions. Instead look at the facts for yourself. Articles DO TELL US MUCH and are an EXCELLENT source of information. There are those that would discourage you from this reading practice as then they would not be able to pump you with their scripted information and allow you think for yourselves. Now since the Maliki propaganda machine is all but shut down we have noticed the accuracy of the news is much better coming from Iraq. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
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