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Found 5 results

  1. 4 Sep 2019 TNT Bank Story... (Late Wed. Night) OM bank story this morning: Someone had someone that went to bank, the WF that was told that they had training on exchanging small currency (Zim) been in 12 years. So he showed the bank member that he had 10,000 and I think 20,000 Zim’s and was told they were waiting for the go ahead at any time. She told him they would be exchanging the 50 & 100T notes, she would be giving him a 50T note! told him the 800’s will be out soon. During today’s TNT call I got a call from A friend that is a Senior mgr at a tier 2 bank. She got a call at 8 AM this morning and was notified that the 800#’s will be released over the weekend and for her to be ready. She was also told that the plan was to complete all tiers by 9/10...
  2. 15 Feb 2018 FUSE... Well guys this time I went into the same WF, to make a deposit. The Senior female Foreign Currency teller was handling a customer, so I went to the least experience female teller, who told me she had been handling Foreign Currency exchanges for about 2 years, back on update #3 (Jan 23rd). I told her I was just making a deposit. I started the process and then asked her, “have you guys received a memo regarding a large amount of foreign currency exchanges coming soon? She said no, I have not heard anything. So while the young teller continued the completion of my deposit, I eased over to the senior teller, who now had no customer; I leaned in a little then said lowly, “have you guys got a memo regarding a large number of foreign currency exchanges coming up soon? She responded in kind, “they said something about doing it this weekend”. She then freaked me out! She stepped back a little and in a louder voice (but not screaming)said, ” but I can’t order any Foreign Currency and want discuss any Foreign Currency until next week! Guys, I was like what the ______ was that? But I played it cool and just said OK, see you next week. I got my deposit slip and bounced. When I got in the car I told my wife about it, and she said, it’s obvious She was trying to cover herself…. I think this deal is rolling out guys! This may be my final update….
  3. TNT bank story 07 Feb 2017... I am an average person, always discounted bank stories, never asked bankers about currency, just ordered and left. Friday I got a call from one of the banks I have purchased Dong from. Call was from banks corporate office in another state, wealth management office. No way a wealth manager could be interested in me based on my deposits. I called him, he offered to set me up with a wealth manager in my area, said we could talk about something I wanted to talk about. My appointment is set for 9AM tomorrow, Tuesday.
  4. Luigi says... Take as a rumor. Here's to hope she is right. 19 Sept 2015...Utahgirl... just stopping in to share some news! I went to work this afternoon at one of the big banks...on my log in screen was a message that all foreign currency exchanges will be suspended until 6 pm on the 19th due to changes being made to the currencies....hmmmmmmm
  5. from another source... We All Love A Bank Story...This Is A Long Read But Well Worth It. Enjoy. BlackeyedP said 03:50 AM Mar 7, 2015 I have a bank story and it is a really good one! Let me start off thanking DC and Tony, AlreadyBlessed and RayRen and All the Mods! God bless you really really big! (Can you tell I am excited??) Well I am! Now for a little history – we have been in this for the last 7 years come April. It has been a rough ride – lost our home, our business, 2 of our best friends and 3 family members to death. Broke my heart they didn't survive to experience what we have been promised. Anyway, maybe 3 years back - we went to a Tier 1 Wells Fargo bank to do some banking business. It seems the bank lost one of our deposits and bounced some checks. While they hunted for it in the bank - we were sitting in the branch Vice President's office. We thought maybe we would bring up the dinar and see what reaction we would get. Well, the lady Vice President got very hostile towards us and told us there had been many people who had believed this scam and would be very disappointed. She said she even had a family member who fell for this scam. She kinda rolled her eyes and basically dismissed us as crazy. Strike one! We left shortly after this meeting - once they found where they put our deposit. I must say it somewhat offended us since we had been with Wells Fargo since 2009. Well, we decided we would remember her name and maybe come back one day and ask her what she thought of banking accounts now. And so a few months pass and we continued to listen to all Tony's calls. Once again it seems things were getting close again and just might be ready to revalue – so I called my favorite small Wells Fargo branch and asked if they would give me the name and number of a Wells Fargo wealth manager. This time they gave me a name of a woman who worked outside of this particular branch near Tomball, Tx – a small town just outside of Houston. She had been with Wells Fargo for almost 20 years or so – if my memory serves me right. We told her about the dinar and asked her if she knew anything about it. She told us that she had quite a few clients who had talked to her about it but when she asked her superiors concerning this – she was always told it was a scam. She said her clients were very insistent concerning this but none the less – her superiors still denied it was legit. She later had some family issues and quit her job. Strike two! So I just decided to just wait and see what happens next with this revaluation since it seemed we kept striking out. Maybe we would not need to know a banker personally and could get by – by "what" we knew and not "who" we knew. (Right? - Wrong!) So now for the latest news – taa dah! (I am happy, happy, happy!) Last week we went to the bank to deposit a check I had gotten for my birthday. Again I was at my favorite small Wells Fargo branch. Maybe a Tier 3 bank. I love them there because they are so friendly. I had talked to the folks in this tiny branch many times about dinar - remember - we are in Houston, Tx. They never knew anything and would refer me to the larger Tier 1 branch down the street from this one. There you go folks – this is my story! No bashing please! I am a detailed person – so you had to read everything to read that God hit a Home Run for Us!!! But after all – this is my story – not yours! GO RV! AND THANK YOU, JESUS!!! That was the same bank where the branch Vice President thought we were nuts. Anyway, I decided to ask one of the ladies who worked at this branch could she refer me to a private banker who was down to earth and kind and honest. (I hate being around stuck up folks who think they are better than everyone.) So this lady told me she used to work at this other branch a few streets away from this branch for several years. She told me she knew just the person to refer us to. She wrote down his name and phone number and we left. When I got back to the hotel (that is where we have been living the past 1 ½ years). I called the personal banker and introduced myself carefully. I was careful to be cryptic so he would not think I was nuts. I told him we were fixing to come into some money that would range somewhere between $28M to $44M in the next few weeks and we would need help managing that kind of money. (I remembered what Tony and DC had said about being polite and let them know you have a plan and were planning on growing our money.) I shared just a little of my plan with him – trying to coax him into saying something that would give me an idea as to whether or not he knew what was going on and was informed with present events in Iraq. After talking a few minutes, I mentioned we had some currency we needed to exchange and he said he would be glad to order some currency for us. I corrected him and repeated to him “no, we would be exchanging currency – not ordering it”. He said immediately – that would be no problem – they could handle that for us. So we then began discussing some annuities, trusts, and investments. He said he could help me with all of these things and looked forward to meeting me in person. We planned to meet him sometime this past Wednesday. I told him we would call him before my husband and I would drop by his bank. He wanted to put a face with the voice - so he said. Well, Wednesday when "the call" times were delayed – we decided to stick pretty close to home so we could get on "the call" whenever Tony decided to scheduled it. When we got home from running errands – we found out it had been canceled. (I get all the tweets!) I got busy and forgot to call the banker. So then yesterday – during Thursday's call the banker called me. I started to ignore the incoming call but at the last minute decided to pick up the phone. I had “Tony and DC's call” blasting in my hotel room and had to jump up and turn down my speakers in order to hear him. I apologized for not calling him Wednesday and that we had gotten busy and missed calling him. Well, as we continued to talk he began to spill some information that told me he knew all about the revaluation. He was well informed about everything and after many calls from him TODAY – being Friday – March 6 – he shared with me he knew all about the GCR, RI and RV and CONTRACT RATES!!! There was much discussion that continued after he shared that. I was very bold and very frank about what we wanted from the bank and what we were willing to do with them. I told him about the news this coming Sunday that was shared on "the call" – that Iraq would begin bank wiring inside and outside of Iraq. He corrected me and said “no wiring over the weekends – so we should be looking for Monday or Tuesday for an appointment!!” God found me the right banker for us and our group with very little effort! Tony and DC - no buses here!! Barring the creek don't rise or another disaster or war happens – we are a BIG GO!!!
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