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Found 1 result

  1. The Iraq Dinar Will Never RV And Never Make You Rich So let’s get this straight we imagined a supposed meeting that would be taking place, we imagined a price of $0.60/0.64 and your Guru’s who you trust wholeheartedly came out and backed us up *much to our surprise* (We MADE THAT UP!!! There was no meeting and yet your so called guru’s fell for it hook, line and sinker) We almost feel as though we gave your Guru’s an easy week. We did the talking and they did the confirming, a week off for them from having to think outside of that 10 YEAR OLD BOX!!!!! For example – we posted that the Dinar had revalued and worldwide joy had begun to spread and as a result your favourite guru’s whom have been filling your head with utter crap for the last 10 years reacted as follows: [theviking] GB is confirming it has happened. [byecar] what did gb say?? [theviking] That the Baghdad invest story is true and it has happened [theviking] GB has really good sources and has been more correct than anyone else imho. [rmjgold] gb also said peeps in iraq sent pictures of their money they got [ [theviking] GB is none other the one and only Georgia Boy that got to the punch first now. [theviking] gb said he has gotten about 17 confirmations it has happened [sherlockdinar] theviking 17 confirmations is strong! Thoughts from BeagleMan HELLO: FIRSTLY, WANTED ALL TO KNOW THAT I HAVE LOOKED INTO THIS IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE AT THIS TIME OF DAY…. ( Regarding the Baghdad Invest Article) WE KNOW, THE CBI WEBSITE IS A BIT SLOW TO POST THINGS, BUT AS INDICATED IN THE ARTICLE, THAT THERE WOULD BE A MEETING SUNDAY THE 10TH. NOW, THAT SAID, I DO KNOW FOR A FACT THAT A CERTAIN BOA CONTACT OF MINE IS ON SHORT CALL NOTICE AND IS WORKING LONG HOURS. [lgtennis] Can i have ur attention everyone [lgtennis] Just talked with tk and he is having some trouble getting you [lgtennis] Wanted me to get this message to you all [lgtennis] He has seen that article and says and agrees its legit [lgtennis] And confirming lots of intel [taylor09] lgtennis so what was said yesterday about the rv happened was true? [lgtennis] yes [taylor09] ok so how much longer? [taylor09] tomorrow, Sunday,Monday lol mdj: Tony seems to be lining up with what the Baghdad Invest site is saying about announcement after sign-off during Parliament meeting with the CBI on Sunday morning. That is why no one should be quick to dismiss other info… [lgtennis] Confirmed article was legit too [fuldon35] lgtennis That’s right! Everything that has happened and the momentum of the last 6 months point to now. I am believing it is now. No if’s and’s or butt’s. It is a process that is not concerned with us, but we are concerned with it. It will happen and happen soon. [diwd] lgtennis do u know how many intel gathers have confirmed that article. [lgtennis] diwd several yes We came up with a random range of numbers to make the story a little more believable – we said 1 IQD would be worth anywhere between $0.60 and $0.64. The Guru community reacted as follows: [chevylady] Hi all I don’t chat much…I’m working on a phone but I just wanted to share some great news with all here [TexasMom] chevylady woo hoo we love good news!!! [chevylady] The article in bagdadinvest with a rate of .60 is great, this is step 1 RI [chevylady] Step 2 is Red redenominated [chevylady] Step 3 is what we get and that is our RV [chevylady] So that article of .60 is our RI, Next comes RD, then our RV. Hope this helps everyone [@theend] chevylady ah, I get what you are saying, ty [free4flight] There is no way that the currency that is to bail out the debt of the entire world and for which the GCR is hinged upon is sitting at .60 !!! Bail out the debt of the entire world????? Can we just say something, America rapes Iraq for it’s oil and minerals and then expects Iraq to bail out the worlds entire debt? Come on – be serious…. Iraq is NOT America lapdog. Egotistical nut-jobs! The sad thing is – upon coming up with any random number we stuck with $0.62 – We have seen floods and floods of people complaining as they were expecting it to be more like $30. Even if you were to have seen $0.62 your ROI on just $1,000 invested would of been around $800,000!!! Greed – the root of all evil. In reality this whole exercise has been interesting for us. We have learnt a number of valuable lessons. We have seen comments saying “Thank god for this amazing opportunity” “God is blessing us with this RV” – People WAKE UP!!!! SNAP OUT OF IT! MILLIONS OF IRAQIS HAVE BEEN KILLED, HOMES DESTROYED, FAMILIES TORN APART, Just so “God” can bless you with a pot of cash! We wish every single person on this planet well, we wish every single person has what they want. BUT to destroy a country and then EXPECT “God” to furnish you with just rewards is absolutely insane. Where is your head??? Has the Government been messing with your head that much that you have lost your sense of realism. Times are tough, we get that. We all look for that little opportunity to make a little extra cash. We have seen the most disturbing comments ever. People Eat, Drink, Sleep and flipping breathe RV – Revaluation -Iraq – Dinar!! (This cannot be healthy) We found our little experiment interesting to realise the one dominating source of our traffic, over 80% has come from America the one country which seems to think this was meant to be. It really saddens us to think that you can come destroy a country and then walk away (10 years and counting) later with the population becoming millionaires from buying worthless currency. Did you really think Iraq is yours? I mean you feel as though America owns Iraq? Seriously – you do not! We feel as though we have given your “Iraqi Dinar Guru’s” an easy week. It must be VERY difficult to talk the same crap for 10 years – “It’s happening next week” “We’re finally there” “OMG just had this email” “URGENT notice just came in” “Any time within 48 hours” Please for the sake of your minds, the sake of your children, the sake of humanity – give it a break. Turn the computer off – rest. The Iraq Dinar is not going to turn your $500 investment into $10 million. Take a step back from the situation and have a long hard and most importantly – deep think. Life is not easy – you didn’t just happen to come across a golden ticket. Iraq is not your route out of hardship, life is simply not that easy. Conclusion: Yes, we shouldn’t of done what we did. After years of emails coming in, “RV this” “RV that” “Dinar this” “Dinar that” – we wanted to make our stance extremely crystal clear – There is no frigging Iraq Dinar RV that will change the world and unleash your wildest dreams. We are not for one second suggesting you are deluded and out of your mind, we realise the power these “Dinar Guru’s” have over you and the sublime quality they have to engineer there way through 52 weeks of the year maintaining and keep the dream alive for hundreds of thousands of you so called “Dinarians” – tragic. Finally, this time next year – you will be sitting in front of the same computer screen with more wrinkles and more grey hair – just no RV. Meanwhile the “Dinar Guru’s” will still be feeding you the manure you seek. Go live your life – go dedicate your time to your children/grand children and forget about this worthless pipe-dream. Just in case you have any doubt – Baghdad Invest does NOT endorse the Iraq Dinar as an investment, never have and never will.
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