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Found 1 result

  1. Good morning all! Today is Sunday, 24th of November 2019. I made a mention this week about Iraq being in a good place - my optimism continues. Before I get into that, however, I also mentioned Black Friday specials coming... ... those start NOW! Coupon code "go2019rv" is good for 25% off any VIP package for the entire week. Apply the code after you choose your VIP package here. This will work if you are already VIP and want to upgrade to Platinum (Lifetime), or if you just want to save some money and extend another 3 months or more. Back to Iraq: Every week, I read thousands of posts made by the members here on DinarVets. This last week, I read one that hit me right in the chest. (Boom. Right there.) It read like this: As I reflected on those words, I can't help but think how true it is. And how obvious! Iraq has made tons of progress. They were thrown into a dark hole when Saddam Hussein was removed. Their currency plummeted from a high value down to a lowly scrap, and it barely retained scrap value at one time. Then the country began to rebuild, with the help of outside forces (which were necessary, since they had lost their right to militarily protect themselves and much more), and eventually the world recognized their progress with the official lifting of Chapter 7 sanctions. More progress has been made, hurdles have been cleared, and Iraq is nowhere near what it was in 2003. All along the path of this rebuilding, we've been watching and waiting for a major change. Not that the change from 4000:1 to the current 1190:1 isn't a "major change"! That's a big deal, and kudos to them for the commendable progress since they fell from financial grace, but it's not the "major" change they are capable of. It's not "the" change we are waiting for. It's not the change that we know is coming. As we look back on the last decade plus, with the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to see how and why they haven't RV'd yet. It's quite simple, really: Political players and parties have been able to manipulate the status quo, and profit from it. I would say it's fair to write down as fact that there are players in this situation that have worked specifically against the RV... because they were making money on the system as it was, and why would they change that?! You can name the "bad guys" just as easy as I can, so I won't bore you with a list and an hour of finger pointing. Although tremendous ground has been covered in Iraq's journey back to prosperity, there have been people and groups that had a vested interest in seeing Iraq maintain the status quo (no RV), and keep the people impoverished. Hope is not lost, though. Far from it, in fact! The players and groups that have an interest in keeping the exchange rate as it is are not a huge group. The "bad" part of the Government of Iraq isn't the majority... it's a small number, an amount that is surmountable. And it appears that change is happening now. Since early October, there have been serious protests in Iraq, and the pressure has resulted in Iraq moving towards some changes that (in hindsight) have been necessary this whole time. A few of the "bad guys" aren't going to be happy, and they will put up some resistance still, but they will fall to the side and Iraq's currency will not stay in the "XXXX:1" range. The question has always been "when", not "if". Over the recent years, Iraq has been at a tipping point. SO CLOSE, all the time! In hindsight, what was needed is obvious. And it's happening right now. ============================ Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! When the RV is announced, and it will be announced at some point, I have always felt like it would take the world by surprise. They aren't going to give a "heads up", they aren't going to do anything to attract currency speculators. It's going to happen suddenly, and when it is announced, it will be too late to buy in. Too late to sign up for VIP. Too late to benefit. I doubt "this week" is when we will see the RV announced, but that may be exactly why it IS announced this week! Either way, if you're not in VIP when it's announced, you will NEVER be able to get in. The doors, and your opportunity, close immediately when the RV is announced. I'll send out an email later this week with some info on VIP for those of you who don't already know "why" you want to be VIP. (You do!) For now... it's a beautiful Sunday, my family is waking up, and I've got pancakes to make. Go Iraq. Go Progress. GOOOOOO RRRRRVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam P.S. Gobble gobble turkey week! Get in VIP at a 25% discount here with the coupon code "go2019rv". See you in there.
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