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Found 63 results

  1. $3.22 on 3/22. Just 'cause… Illuminati Freemason symbolism anyone? Go RV.
  2. from another source... WE ARE WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF THE RV HAPPENING 3-11-2015 Intel Guru TNT Tony [via Adept1] The RV could have been done a year ago, two years ago, and everything done up to today could have been done after the RV. It might have been more dangerous, but that was the plan until those in key positions didn’t do what they agreed to do, once they were in power. We report what is happening right now, what we see and what they are trying to get accomplished. ...we have NEVER been in this position. Even though we're within ten minutes of the RV happening, we were never in this place before, with all these parts done. Everything is good, no bad news....they just don’t want everyone to know the exact day and time...we are there, numbers are there...All we’re waiting for is the moment of truth. Everyone in key positions in the US and in Iraq are very excited today, and you should be too.
  3. from other sources... 3-5-15 OilRat: Ok guys here's what I got for today.....I have not signed any NDA yet so I can still say this.....I am part of a small group (with major contacts) for Dong exchange and our private wealth manager from a major bank contacted us today and said to be ready by Sunday/Monday to exchange. We have not heard from the wealth mgr for over two weeks, so hoping this is it. JMO....I do not believe groups will go before all the the info I'm telling you means you all will be at the banks as well.....JMO.
  4. from another source... We made it. We are there. CURRENCY CONVERTER SHOWING $1.00 IQD = $8.76 USD, 17 FEB From TerryK. Best wishes.
  5. Greetings, I have been on this Roller Coaster trip for nearly 7 years and now am Wondering where's it going? Can there still be an RV with Mosul, Iraqs second largest city belonging to ISIS? Sadly, I doubt it and President Bambam certainly isn't going to Help the Arab Nations that are now Scared enough to try and actually fight ISIS. What's Your Opinion?
  8. Luigi1

    GCR is real.

    from another source... To all naysayers calling the GCR a fantacy...More evidence the GCR is real. Cooper (@coopersmith648) FEBRUARY 4, 2015 AT 6:24 PM For anyone that’s got 3 hours to spare (lol) here’s the UN WebTVs 1st meeting on Sovereign Debt Restructuring Processes LINK Someone to pay attention to as the UN proposal for a Debt Workout Mechanism or SDRM unfolds is Professor José Antonio Ocampo. Acting as keynote speaker for the first hour in the above UN WebTV broadcast, he appears to be spearheading the campaign. Also in Breaking News: IMF boss calls for changes in global currency system to increase financial stability ~~~
  9. from another source... Abadi has hinted on several occasions including in Switzerland & Germany of the IQD coming out at or near $.10 cents or two zeros then rising quickly to three zeros as the economy improves. Guru Montana comes the closest to the RV prediction if Abadi's hints & clues are of any indication. What are your thoughts on this? ELIAM:Abadi said it again! 5 billion Iraqi Dinar = 440 million U.S. Dollars Listen for yourselves from the 29th minute in his address to the Koerber-Stiftung Forum in Germany. If Abadi has made the same mistake as in Davos - I can only speculate why. Is he incompetent? Is he making a political statement to force the issue? The calculation works out to be around (just under) 9 cents per dinar. Again, obviously this is well below what we believe (are being told) it will RI/RV at - but then again 8/9 cents per Dong is also well below what we believe (are being told) the dong will revalue at also.
  10. from another source... A nice find by Guru Exogen... Take this for what it's worth... Stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, he will announce next week a new initiative aimed at strengthening the Iraqi economy through the support of the private sector, pointing to the allocation of funds in the federal budget to repair the devastation caused by "Daash" a number of cities in Iraq.Ebadi said in a speech on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, "The government will work to reduce burdensome regulations and the privatization of some companies owned and encourage domestic and foreign investment," adding that he would announce "next week for a new initiative to strengthen the Iraqi economy through the support of the private sector." Abadi stated.
  11. from another source... USB is on the move in Switzerland. Stage3alpha: Ml February 6, 2015 I listened in on the Big Call last night -- just love the tone of that call. There was a caller that said his friend received a call from his WM at USB - a bank in Switzerland that they were expecting exchanges to begin that night through Saturday. It added to the air of expectancy that the event is close. G T February 6, 2015 So The Picture Clues Reveal we Should Look For Our Blessing By The 12th of The Month (I'm hearing it should arrive Before then) R.V. / GCR February 6, 2015 at 1:23pm Moving quickly to the end of phase 3 ...moving into phase 4 …unpegging of countries currencies and moving re-valuations... where’s the basel 3 treaty hmmmm.... Id tell you but you already know really ,wheres the currency exchange? You’re last, but the currencies are nudged in between the next two phases....ciao...PT
  12. Millionday News 1/31/15 Part 1 Welcome to for news time with Millionday! Millionday: GOOD TO SEE EVERYONE FOR SUCH A NEWS PACKED NIGHT Millionday: I THINK IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO NOT MISS ANY NEWS Millionday: OK HERE WE GO Millionday: FIRST OF ALL WE WOULD LIKE SOME KIND OF DATE Millionday: Chairman of the advisers in the Cabinet Thamer Ghadhban that "revealed on 12 February will be launched under the auspices of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi" economic strategy. " And between Ghadhban told (brother) that "there are a lot of services will be given to the private sector within the government program," pointing to the existence of a serious approach to tip the electricity sector and the private sector invested by investment companies. " Millionday: NOTE -- THE PRIME MINISTER`S ADVISERS ANNOUNCED TODAY THAT FEB 12 WILL BE WHEN THE ECONOMIC STRATEGIES OF THE GOV PROGRAM WILL BE LAUNCHED ~~~
  13. from other sources... 1-25-2015 Newshound Guru sczin11 *** BREAKING NEWS *** JUST RELEASED...12:05 PM EST SUNDAY JANUARY 25, 2015 "Member of the Finance Committee: 2015 budget will be approved next Thursday". Treat this as a rumor until it is verified by multiple sources. 1-25-2015 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 AT SOME POINT IRAQ WILL HAVE TO MAKE THE DECISION ON THEIR CURRENCY, I AM OF THE OPINION THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE AND NEXT WEEK WILL BE MOST REVEALING... The Budget will be voted this coming week and expect to see the real fireworks on or before 1/28.
  14. from other sources... 08-01-2015-Guru TerryK-We have an RV. The VND is first to pop. USD/VND Overnight 2.29/89 0.00 0.00% Today's Range 2.29 - 2.29 Pr. Year Close 1.93 ISIN:FFXUSDVNDON Set alert Sources IDC Forward Real-time Open Close 2.29 2.29 Year Change % Year Change 18.65% 0.36 52 Week High 52 Week Low 11.00 -0.87 Volume Inc. Vol N/A N/A News Log in for real-time news 08-20:15 USD/TWD gains may slow near-term, but still upside FxWire Pro D:15 08-20:07 USD/IDR likely to trade 12650-12700 ahead of US unemployment tonight FxWire Pro D:15 08-19:55 US retail sales unlikely to repeat november’s bumper print FxWire Pro D:15 08-19:54 NetDania: New 12 months Low: EUR/TRY Netdania Notify 08-19:32 * IG report says several new york FED staff members did not know what deliverables were expected from continuous monitoring of banks FxWire Pro D:15 08-19:31 * Seoul open up 0.80 pct at 246.01 FxWire Pro D:15 08-19:31 * South Korean WON opens onshore trade at 1,095.6 per Dollar vs. 1,096.9 at previous close FxWire Pro D:15 08-19:30 * Tokyo"s Nikkei share average opens up 0.88 pct at 17,318.74 FxWire Pro D:15
  15. Do you think that Iraq would RV with ISIL holding so much Dinar.That would make them billionars. You realize they took the bank in Mosal and other cities. Just wondering.
  16. Looking at everything and just reading people's opinions throughout the release of articles, I'm just not seeing anything good coming out of Abadi and the new government. I don't feel like it does anything to influence the likelihood of any kind of "revaluation" of the dinar. Neg me if you will, it's just my opinion; I just feel like lately this is just looking like it's fading into obscurity and the people behind this have all long done made their money while we persevere hoping for a miracle.
  17. With all the hype out these days, (when haven't we seen hype) about the current political situation and Parliaments session successfully fulfilling their constitutional obligations of a new PM an such. Has anyone considered the fact that; we may see nothing at that point? Especially if budget and HCL is not resolved and even if they did resolve those outstanding issues as well? That we may see no movement in the IQD yet still? If we come to that point, I believe the issuing of bonds would be the next hope-full event that could spur a RV (2015?). However, as much of a realist that I am. I still believe things can happen at any-time. Any movement would be great at this point and time. My point is that even though I personally believe we are within a few short months to-...dare I say it..years away from possibly one of the greatest windfalls of all time. That we have a couple of events that could end up bringing in the desired "change" we are all looking for. I will be completely honest that over the past years of being vested in IQD, I have never seen the type of "enthusiasm" and co-operation from parliament that I have seen in the last couple months. Which leads me to believe in the possibility of a imminent RV/RI. Does anyone have the latest article concerning the issuing of bonds, and the latest article concerning the HCL as well as the article concerning the budget that have all come out as of late from what I can remember?
  18. A dinarvet member by name "TODO" posted some posts concerning the timing of revaluation. In these posts in 2011, "TODO" said that the timing of the RV would be around the 2nd jewish passover and either on a tuesday or a wednesday. I do not know as to how to get in touch with him. Based on his calls for fixing the time for RV, May 14th of 2014 is the 2nd passover date and this happens to be on Wednesday. I would like some input from "TODO" or other members who happened to have read his posts. Please note that Tetra blood red moons start off from the passover (April 14, 2014) and extend into 2015. Lot of christians have been looking for this time period to usher in some global changes. Any ways, based on "TODO" posts and my own inspiration, I am hoping for a RV around the mid-May of this year. This post is meant to be positive for all concerned and it is OK if you happen to be not comfortable with all the contents of this post. Blessings tsr
  19. I've been really excited lately about the news that the CBI has been significantly adding to their gold reserves. But, as I think about it, I'm not sure it's a good thing. Here is my question: If the CBI knew a revalue was coming, why would they buy gold today? Why wouldn't they wait and buy it after the dinar revalued and was worth much more? With a revalued dinar, they could get a whole lot more gold for the same amount of "money". Think about that for a minute. If they knew a revalue was coming, why would they buy anything now? Why not wait until their buying power had revalued higher? And, it doesn't matter whether they bought the gold with US dollars, Euros, or the Dinar. Either way, they are essentially buying it with dinar. If they bought the gold with Euros, then they had to sell dinar to get the euros, so it is really all the same. They bought the gold with dinar that is currently worth very little. Why would they do that if they knew a RV was coming? That question is making me fell a little sick - I have lots of dinar and I'm going to keep it. But, that thought kind of takes my hope away. Here is an analogy: If you owned some shares of Apple's stock, and you KNEW Apple's stock was for sure going to go up by 10,000% really soon, would you sell the stock today and buy gold? No way. You'd wait until the stock went up 10,000% and then sell it for a ton more cash ... which you could used to buy a whole lot more gold. I believe the CBI knows if the dinar is going to revalue or not. If they know, why would they buy gold today? Why? It makes no sense to me unless they know it is not going to RV. I hope someone can logically tell me why I'm wrong. I'm not trying to be negative. I'm just trying to assess the facts and figure out what it all means. Thanks.
  20. HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE! Another week has gone by in the land of dinar with no revalue, but let's not despair. Despite the crazy opinions you might read out there (by both pumpers and loppers), it's best to always keep in mind that 85% of what you will hear or read are just that... an opinion. The other 15% might be fact, but at the end of the day I have one more fact for you: NOBODY can prove that the dinar will or will not revalue. If you bought into the dinar because you need a quick payday... maybe you should sell your dinar. But if you bought into it because you believe the fundamentals are good and there is indeed a chance to make some money... then stay in! But most importantly, stay level headed and ignore the yahoos, clowns, gurus and anti-gurus out there. You know what they say about opinions... they're like butts. I know you have one, but I don't need it shoved in my face, and most likely I don't care to hear it. On that note, here's some positive news! 1. UAE opens office in Erbil. 2. A slew of articles supporting the CBIs ability to maintain the stability of the dinar and expressing the need to support the CBI's "measures" (which happen unilaterally, by the way!). and (I know I'd support a "measure" to increase the value!) 3. Barzani actively engaged in HCL discussions: I found a few more, but to sum it up... no RV at this immediate time, but with all this positive movement, I'm going to stick it out for a bit longer. And I'm glad you're here with me! (Except the trolls... the trolls can go away.) Ok, here's the weekly questions! ====== Part 1 ====== That hasn't changed at all! We obviously need a little more before we can cash out, but that news was and is still awesome in my opinion. That's a fair question. I'm actually leaning towards a higher value the longer this takes. Depending on how the dollar holds up, a higher rate may not get us much more... but the longer Iraq has to make improvements and progress, the stronger they will be. Hi Texas, the weekly chats are almost always posted Wednesday mid-morning in the Chat Log section. Here's the direct link if you want to bookmark it: Actually - my answer is going to explain why I don't pay too much attention to the auctions. Iraq is not "running on USD" - they have a currency (IQD) that is pegged to the dollar (USD) and the purpose of the auctions is merely for the CBI to control the money supply, inflation, and the value of the dinar. With that said, I do still believe that the keys to progress here are still the same (such as Erbil, HCL, etc). Tomorrow at $7.54! But you can't hold me to that. 1. Offshore accounts are still very valuable for asset protection. The full answer to that question is explained in great detail in the VIP section - click on the links in my signature below. (If you have further questions on it, post in the VIP section.) NYK, as always you come up with great and thought provoking questions! In a word - yes. Yes, I do agree with you. MY sources told me several years ago that smaller denoms were indeed either printed or ready to be printed... but obviously we won't see them until the rate is raised significantly. Since that hasn't happened yet, it's not surprising that we haven't seen them or heard much news about them ===== To be continued shortly. =====
  21. The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Sunday that it has received a memo from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland announcing that it will accept more deposits from Iraq. “This procedure will contribute in increasing Iraq’s money revenues after keeping it in a very secure location,” the Central Bank explained. The BIS is an international organization for central banks aiming to strengthen monetary and financial cooperation worldwide.
  22. Greetings Friends, Here is some good news that Iraq is serious about gearing up to be a World player! Dubai-based MAG Container Lines (MCL), a division of the multinational MAG Group, has added three new automated vessels to its existing fleet on the UAE-Iraq route. According to the report from TradeArabia, the addition of the Al Hussein, MAG Bride (pictured) and MAG Pearl boosts the company’s potential capacity on the route by 60 percent. A total of $6 million was invested in the IAX-class vessels, which have an individual cargo capacity of 301 TEUs, or 3,549 metric tonnes, with all three ships already operational. The company first began operations in 2005 as a pioneer liner from Khalid Port in Sharjah to the high profile private port Abu-Fulus [Abu Fallous], located 25 kilometres south of Basra.
  23. Hey gang! I haven't formally introduced myself and I've been a newbie for about two months or so. I am invested in the dinar and have the faith it will RV soon! I'm ready for the good life!
  24. Hey, was just stumbling around doing some google searching for Dinar looking for some new articles and came across a new Dinar dealer I'd never seen before. Looks like a newer website. I was kinda surprised a little late to the game, seems like very few people out there still buying and overall sentiment has turned kind of pessimistic. Website looks pretty nice and professional though. Just thoguht I'd point it out and was also wondering if anyone has ever bought from these guys? Called DinarLiquidator???
  25. Greetings Friends, Wow, the good news of the Iraqi parliment actually just is becoming regular now! I enjoy reading the Iraq-Business News on a regular basis besides the Positives that Adam keeps bringing us. Today, Dec. 5, 2013 I was happy to read the following: Reuters reports that Baghdad and Erbil appear to have found a formula that will allow Iraqi Kurdistan to export oil to Turkey through a new pipeline. Following a meeting in Baghdad on Sunday with Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani, Turkey's Energy Minister, Taner Yildiz, said on Tuesday that an agreement over oil exports and revenue sharing could be reached this month. The wise Kurds will be placing all Profits in a Turkish National Bank; forcing Iraq to finish the agreement of around 17% for the Kurds and no longer screwing around and trying to continue bringing their share of the profit down! This is just one of the last bricks needing to be placed for the RVVV. Sincerely, BradyBear
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