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Found 3 results

  1. Joint Operations for "tomorrow Press": Ayman Mosul ended militarily March 27, 2017 BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: confirmed the Joint Special Operations Command, said on Monday that the right side in Mosul ended in military terms, but it is made clear that al - Daesh still uses civilians as human shields to impede the progress of the security cuts in the remaining districts. A spokesman for the command, Brigadier General Yahya messenger for "tomorrow 's Press," that " the right side of the connector over from the military point of leaving only a cleansing of the remaining areas of the process , " pointing out that "the rest of the elements Daesh are remnants of gangs being targeted thoroughly by the security forces. " He added, " The organization Daesh collapsed as evidenced by the use of civilians as human shields and trying to stop the progress of which our units , " he said , adding that "security forces used the tactic and approach the end thereof to maintain the citizens and their lives by liberating the land." The media declared war cell, on Sunday, edit neighborhoods Arabism and Industrial Zone and the Valley of the eye and the southern heap iron plant and filling Badush west of Mosul Cement.
  2. Abadi heralds the IMMINENT liberalization of Mosul .. and Daesh last throes March 16, 2017 Treasures Media / Baghdad to coincide with the progress of the security forces and the declaration of its control over the old bridge , which is an important conduit for entering the heart of Mosul , a stronghold Daesh organization, the Iraqi prime minister , "Haider al - Abadi , " preached that the liberation of the city is now in its final stages. With the burning of the remaining elements Daesh and the execution of those who wish to surrender, al-Abadi warned at a news conference on Tuesday night, the terrorists of the organization that the fate of death that did not surrender. They had seized control of both the third and rapid response of the federal police divisions, the old bridge in Mosul and darted towards Ras Al Khor to edit it, according Masrah by the Iraqi Federal Police captain, "Raed Shakir Jawdat." In central Mosul, Iraqi forces are editing the Passports Department in the "new door" for the region, followed by subsequent "white gate" area. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi army to expel terrorists from Daesh east of Mosul in recent times, and now continues to lead in the western sector in the process that began in October / October. For his part , Iraqi Prime Minister stressed that the organization of the terrorist Daesh Pat , gasping for breath, saying: Daesh became day after day trapped in a narrow area, know that Aldoaash trapped in their last days. In a gesture to express the goodwill of the Iraqi forces in the event of surrendered elements Daesh Abadi said even civilian families of Doaash keep them non - combatants, protect our families and we are exposed to the families, but the terrorists Daesh Nguets of them, if you were arrested Nahilhm to a fair trial and if the confrontation killed. The city of Mosul, lying on the Tigris River, the last bastion of Daesh in Iraq, particularly as it was considered the capital of the so-called succession Aldaashah after being dominated by the elements of the organization in 2014. Daesh burn nine civilians , including four children , and from inside the terrorist organization, rather than surrender the elements of the terrorist organization burned nine civilians , including four children , on charges of escape with families besieged southwest of Kirkuk province. A security source from inside Kirkuk to Sumerian News: The Islamist al Daesh they make today (Wednesday), the burning of nine people , including four children , residents of Hawija (55 km southwest of Kirkuk) on charges of escape from the land of the caliphate. Burning elements Daesh nine civilians after they arrested them on the road link between Riyadh and hand Hamrin mountains, to submit subsequently burned in front of a group of civilians who were in the way of their displacement direction in terms of science eastern Salahuddin. It is noteworthy that 150 thousand civilians Fur of Hawija and the areas of al - Rashad and Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi southwest of Kirkuk , which is subject since the tenth of June 2014, the control of the terrorist organization Daesh.
  3. Iraqi forces to open a SECOND FRONT in southern Mosul - 6.19.2016 1:05:00 a.m. 6.19.2016 | (Voice of Iraq Reuters) Iraqi forces opened a second front on Saturday as part of their preparation for an attack on Mosul , a stronghold of the organization of the Islamic state a day after government forces victory over the militants in Fallujah. Security officials said that the anti - terrorism forces , which the elite forces of two divisions supported by air strikes by the coalition led by the United States made from plant oil refinery in the north of the country towards the airport seen as an important position in the crawl to restore Mosul. and Mosul , the largest city in northern Iraq, a stronghold of the organization of the Islamic state in Iraq. he said the security officials said government forces had cleared two villages and made about 20 kilometers along the desert road west of Baiji , in his first lead after the city since restored in October. he said defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi said the attack marked the start of operations to flush out militants of the Islamic State of Qayyarah , located 115 kilometers north of Baiji , where they can use the existing airport area as a rallying point for troops to launch an attack later on Mosul , another 60 kilometers to the north. on the west drunken separate front on the other side of the Tigris River , the government forces have made little progress during the last three months. Obeidi said on Twitter next to a picture of Humvees and a start on the road desert "sectors are now beginning to move operations edit Qayyarah and God of victory by hand and clear victory willing , and our forces will within a few victory hours on the Qayyarah area." Iraqi forces entered the heart of the city of Fallujah , which lies an hour 's drive from Baghdad on Friday morning after the operations of a week - long caused the flight of tens of thousands of the population into the neighboring camps of displaced people are overcrowded. * still a long way and declared Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi victory over the militants , but police sources said on Saturday that government forces had not yet several neighborhoods in northern Fallujah intervention is still under the control of the organization and still are clearing areas in the south of the city. clashed forces government with militants in Baghdad Street , a main road between the east and west of Fallujah , and fired missiles on their sites and faced snipers and mortar fire. a military statement said the anti - terrorism forces took control of the hospital in Fallujah , which has been a center for militants who had set fire to large parts of them before they fled and it is cleared officers eastern district of the city. he said Colonel Chris Garver , a spokesman for the coalition led by the United States was "still a long way ... there is still a lot of work to be done in relation to the expulsion of all those bad guys from Fallujah and cleared of IEDs." showed a live broadcast on state television from outside the hospital clouds of smoke rising and members of the special forces to combat terrorism celebrating, waving the Iraqi flag. seen Fallujah -the historic Sunni stronghold to resist US forces that toppled Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in 2003, anti - government led by Shiites in after - as a springboard of bombings carried out by a recent regulation in Baghdad. the international Organization for migration ( IOM ) said on Saturday that more than 81 thousand people have fled their homes because of the fighting in Fallujah , which was home to three times that figure by the takeover of the organization in 2014. the organization said on Twitter "needs: tents, water and supplies. " after meeting with officials from the United Nations to discuss the humanitarian crisis is Abadi , emergency procedures , including the deployment of mobile clinics and vaccination of children and the distribution of water and electricity supply within five days. * western desert road Colonel army Mohammed Abdullah from the leadership of Salahuddin operations of the militants tried to slow the progression north of Baiji troops attacks with mortars killed two policemen and wounded three soldiers. military sources said he was foiled attack car bombs through the implementation of air strikes before the arrival of the cars for their goals despite the dust clouds that made it difficult to target militants and slower progress forces. a spokesman said on behalf of the coalition led by the United States that the helicopters Apache helicopters carried out operations in support of Iraqi forces in the valley of the Tigris River , an area offering troops. he said Colonel Mohammed al - Asadi Iraqi army spokesman said government forces advancing across the desert road to the west of the rapid main road linking Baghdad Mosul and planted mines and passes the villages with a heavy fighters of the Islamic State. the senior officers in the anti - terrorism unit may have told Reuters that troops would not enter the strongholds of the Islamic state in the region , such as Sharqat and Hawija to avoid the entry side battles. the Abadi has said that Iraqi forces will regain control of Mosul this year , but many doubt whether the army was prepared to do this on time especially after he suffered a partial collapse of the invasion of militants of the Islamic state to a third of the country in June 2014. the restoration of Qayyarah refinery oil adjacent net production capacity of 16 thousand barrels per day can also be a blow to finance the Islamic state.
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