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  1. CNN. Broadcasting Off Of The Dollar Menu From A Baghdad McDonald’s - Super Size Me ! An economist talks about what controls the dollar exchange rate in Iraq Economie 7/20/2020 19:41 441 Baghdad today - Baghdad Economist, Humam Al-Shamaa, on Tuesday (28 July 2020), talked about what controls the dollar exchange rate in Iraq and the effect of internal factors on it. Al-Shamaa said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the exchange rate of the dollar in local markets has nothing to do with the exchange rate of the doll
  2. CNN. Broadcasting While Handing Out The Corona Masks (Secretly Dipped In Laughing Gas) For The Meeting ! The second round of strategic dialogue between Iraq and America will start soon, amid Sunni-Kurdish support - 10 Hours Elapsed ; Political circles in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and the Kurdistan region of Iraq are awaiting the results of the second round of "strategic dialogue" negotiations between Iraq and the United States of America, scheduled to begin on August 20, during a visi
  3. CNN. Broadcasting The Ninth Indicator That Iraq Is Back On Track - As Provided By The DV Members ! Go Ahead And Jump On Out There With Ur Bad Self HorseSoldier... LINK Report: 8 indicators that Iraq is back on track 6th August, 2020 A report by the "Wall Street Journal" said that Iraq is finally back on the right track, although it is going through an unenviable situation at the present time as a result of the Corona pandemic and the conflict of regional and international wills within its territories. The report mon
  4. CNN. Broadcasting While Stopping For Directions ! A road map for solving the financial crisis a member of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Sahib al-Darraji, has proposed a road map to solve the financial crisis. Given that the economic and financial situation in Iraq has reached the bottleneck stage, there must be solutions applicable to the near and far ranges, and through some of the professional experiences gained in the areas of government executive and parliamentary legislative work, with accumulated experience from working in the
  5. CNN. Broadcasting With The Keys - The exchange rate is one of the “keys” to the solution ! The Iraqi economy ... the predicament of the situation and the problem of the solution KARAR AL-ASADI SUN, 19-07-2020, PM 8:06 By: Dr. Imad Abdul Latif Salem The price of Brent "Al Mubarak" crude today 19-7-2020 .. is 43.10 dollars a barrel. And according to estimates of the average annual price of Brent crude, the price of selling our blessed oil is usually estimated in our blessed public budget for the blessed fiscal year 2020 ... which is th
  6. CNN. Broadcasting From An Iraqi Border Crossing While A Herd Of Sheep Passes Thru To Iran - But The Guys Counting Them Keep Falling Asleep ! Iraq begins paying its debts to Iran with goods 07/25 2020 08:29:49 PM Baghdad / extent The Secretary General of the Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce Hamid Hosseini announced the establishment of a company in Iraq to settle Baghdad's debts to Tehran, which amount to about five billion dollars, according to a report published by Iranian websites. Hosseini told Farda radio
  7. CNN. Broadcasting With Crayons While Working On The ‘White Paper’ ! The government begins implementing the steps of the White Paper and Parliament welcomes 11/07/2020 09:02:53 PM Baghdad / extent The Parliamentary Finance and Economy Committees welcomed the control of the security forces over the first border entry points (Mandali and Munthiriya). They said that these measures are part of the economic reform plan (the white paper) that the government has promised to implement. (Al-Mada) revealed
  8. CNN. Broadcasting fundamental changes in the central bank during the coming period ! Washington-Baghdad Dialogue: America wants to strictly implement the sanctions list 7/21/2020 About two weeks before the second session of the strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq, in which Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is to participate, an Iraqi official revealed that Washington included a paragraph related to the names of Iraqi, Syri
  9. CNN. Broadcasting While Yelling - Start The ‘LD’ Presses ! A "serious" note from specialists and interested in the money market .. Has Iraq resorted to printing the currency? 2020-07-07 Yassin Iraq: Baghdad A page dedicated to currencies and exchange-rate monitoring posed a serious question looming over “printing the currency”. The page wrote a post that was monitored by "Yassin Iraq" as well as some comments, which I indicated through the continued pumping and delivery of banks "
  10. CNN. Broadcasting From An ‘Institution’ ! Institutional performance update Sunday 05 July 2020 Yasser Al-Metwally In the midst of the government's tendencies and within its plan for administrative reform to make possible changes to public administrations in state institutions and replace them with specialized technocrats that fall within the concept of modernizing institutional performance and address the imbalance that has caused the root of corruption and management chaos. Here we b
  11. CNN. No Longer Broadcasting On ‘Fumes’ ! The Central Bank of Iraq supports the Ministry of Finance with 8 trillion dinars, and provides salaries for three months Economy , 7/22/2020 13:52 Follow up - Iraq today: The Central Bank announced the details of its contribution in the face of the financial crisis, and while confirming the re-deduction of bonds for the Ministry of Finance to secure salaries f
  12. CNN. Broadcasting From The Valet Camel Parking Stand At The CBI’s Headquarters ! The parliamentary finance decision talks about a threat to the central bank's foreign currency reserves Economie 06/20/2020 19:04 421 Baghdad today - Baghdad A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said today, Monday, that the Central Bank of Iraq succeeded in light of the global crisis caused by the collapse of oil prices, while stressing that the window to sell the dollar currently poses a risk to the bank's reserve
  13. CNN. Broadcasting While Scribbling A Write In Vote For Shabbi In Crayon ! LINK By documents .. Al-Kazemi decides to keep Al-Fayyad and Al-Alaq in their posts 18th June, 2020 Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided, on Wednesday, to keep the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh Al-Fayyad, the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, and the director of the retirement board, Ahmed Abdul-Jalil, to continue working in their positions. According to documents issued by Al-Kazemi’s office obtained by Al-Akhbariya, acc
  14. CNN. Broadcasting While His Iraqi Counterpart Plans On Returning The Favor - But With A Collect Call ! Pompeo calls his Iraqi counterpart .. Development of the oil sector and investment are the most prominent files 2020.06.16 - 21:37 Baghdad - people Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein discussed with his American counterpart Mike Pompeo on Tuesday ways to develop joint cooperation between Iraq and the United States. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said i
  15. CNN. Broadcasting From A Camel Rest Stop With The Kurdish Delegation Along Side The Baghdad ‘Turnpike’ From Erbil ! LINK Carrying with him six pending files .. A delegation from the Kurdistan region visits Baghdad 16th June, 2020 A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government intends to visit Baghdad to discuss six files with the federal government. The director of relations and follow-up affairs in the regional government, Bakhtiar Haji, said in press statements, "A delegation from Kurdistan will visit Baghdad to discuss oil an
  16. CNN. Broadcasting While Pointing At Maliki As The First Place To Start ! Journey to search for 'smuggled money' ... the Integrity Committee talks about a 'tight plan'! 2020.06.14 - 16:03 Baghdad - people On Sunday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed the completion of a plan to return the smuggled money outside the country. Member of the Integrity Committee, MP Youssef Al-Kalabi, said in an interview with the official agency, and it was followed by “NAS” (June 14, 2020
  17. CNN. Broadcasting From The Camel Drive Up Window At A Baghdad Payday Loan Center Across From Parliament ! LINK Finance reveals the need for Iraq to borrow about $ 38 billion to cover the deficit 11th June, 2020 The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, today, Thursday, the amount of borrowing funds that the government needs to secure employee salaries and cover the levers in the general budget. "The finance and planning ministers informed us during the committee meeting, yesterday, Wednesday, that the government needs
  18. CNN. Broadcasting While Pitcher And I Put On Our Dinar ‘Rallying Caps’ ! An economist reveals the reason for the Iraqi dinar’s decline against the dollar Economie 06/10/2020 19:53 220 Baghdad today _ Baghdad The economic expert, Abdel-Hassan Al-Shammari, revealed today, Wednesday, the reason for the high dollar exchange rate and the Iraqi dinar price. Abdul-Hassan Al-Shammari said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the devaluation of the Iraqi dinar is very little, due to the lack of sales a
  19. CNN. Broadcasting That the government and the Ministry of Finance can manage it for the remainder of the current year exceptionally ! LINK Financial expert: The government can manage the public spending process without issuing a budget 12:30 - 09/06/2020 Financial expert, Ahmed Berihi, Tuesday, that the failure to issue a budget in 2020 due to health changes and crises and sudden drop in oil prices does not mean that the government will lose control of public spending, stressing that the gove
  20. CNN. Broadcasting That "It is possible to raise the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar,“ ! Without prejudice to the salaries of employees .. A member of Parliamentary Finance offers several alternatives to overcome the crisis Policy 05/06/2020 09:43 240 Editor: am Baghdad today - Baghdad Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Majid Al-Waeli, on Friday (05 June 2020), presented several alternatives to overcome the stormy financial crisis in the country, without touching
  21. CNN. Broadcasting The First Line In The Article (Before U Clicked On It) - Instead Of The Actual Headline ! That’s Just How This Wicked Makeup Faced Bad Boy Rolls ... I Bet It Got Yo’ Attention Though ... Mourning for {Morning}: The 2020 budget will be biannual Monday 08 June 2020 Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif Deputy Speaker of Parliament Dr. Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad revealed the readiness of 7 laws to vote during the next stage, while he stressed that voting on the 2020 budget will be in semi-annual or ot
  22. CNN. Broadcasting From The Vaults Of The CBI Amongst The Seemingly Endless Pallets Of Purina Camel Chow Making For The Brunt Of The Reserves ! What after the Central Bank of Iraq supports terrorism? Last updated: June 7, 2020 - 11:56 am Written by: Zuhair Al-Fatlawi MP Magda Al-Tamimi divided, with the auction of hard currency, which is managed by the Central Bank of Iraq, into four directions, surprisingly from its existence from the original. Al-Tamimi said that "the currency auction goes in the first quarter for the p
  23. CNN. Broadcasting The Logic That it is possible to talk about raising the price of the currency Revaluation ! Conscious / reduce the Iraqi dinar exchange rate ... punish people / d. Hussein al-Asadi June 3, 2020 Iraq is going through extremely sensitive conditions, as the Iraqi economy faces a real challenge after the catastrophic failure to find alternatives to selling crude oil. I confirm here the sale of crude oil and not the oil refining industry and the petrochemical industry. Iraq is one of the largest o
  24. CNN. Broadcasting While Kazemi Tries Looking For The Brakes On The Auction Camel ! Member of Parliament Finance: Al-Kazemi has the authority to restrict the work of the currency auction and to hold accountable the negligent Economie 02/20/2020 19:52 263 Editor: Zs Baghdad today - private Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Abd al-Hadi al-Saadawi, revealed on Tuesday (2 June 2020) that there are suspicions of corruption hovering around the work of the foreign currency auction. Al-Saadawi said in an interv
  25. CNN. Broadcasting While Invoking The Strategic Agreement ! LINK Legal expert: Iraq has the right to recover smuggled money outside the country 1st June, 2020 Legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed today, Monday, that Iraq has the right to recover smuggled money outside the country Al-Tamimi said in a statement received by "Gilgamesh Press", that the "International Anti-Corruption Agreement of 2005 signed by Iraq 2007 allows Iraq to request the United Nations to recover the smuggled money as money laundering and corrupti
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