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Found 76 results

  1. Vetran member of Seal Team 6 Don Mann, Newyork times best seller talks about Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong as the best investments because of emerging markets of war torn countries.
  2. I was reading an article found here: ******************************* I was wondering about where to invest and to get valid information about the correct exchange rate for the Dinar. Seeing this guy get such a differing amount makes me nervous about who and where to get the best valuation. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  3. Greetings, Dinar Exchange Rate Linked to Oil Exports, Federal Reserves According to an Iraqi financial expert, the value of Iraq’s federal reserves currently amounts to about $80 billion, following the recent increase in the country’s oil exports On how the reserves are formed, Asadi said, “Iraq’s annual budget is in Iraqi dinars, which the CBI owns. The state’s revenues are from oil exports, and they are mostly in US dollars. The government buys dinars from the bank, which results in profits for the bank. … The total CBI profits from selling dinars to the state constitute the country’s federal reserve, whose growth is associated with state spending. State spending increases in proportion with its oil exports With the expected increase in Iraq’s oil exports in the near future, the country’s reserves are likely to grow to a large extent in the coming years. Iraqi MP Abdul Hussein Abtan, who is a member of the parliamentary economic committee, said to Al-Monitor, “The total value of funds and precious metals that make up Iraq’s federal reserves amounts to about $76 billion.” He added, “This reserve was only invested in projects to support the stability of the Iraqi dinar’s exchange rate.” Abtan also talked about the currency auction, where the bank is putting up amounts of US dollars in cash for auction three times per week, to provide hard currency for traders and suppliers. Sincerely, BradyBear
  4. Greetings, Here is yet another good reason we have not had the RV yet. I keep reading logial reasons that Iraq is rebuilding and shall continue to do until they are firmly grounded and up and completely functioning. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says Iraq has signed a $6 billion deal with Swiss company Satarem to build and run southern Iraq’s first new, large-scale refinery in 30 years. The oompany will set up the 150,000 barrel-per-day refinery near Amara, in Missan [Maysan] province, on a 50-year build-own-operate (BOO) contract. Satarem was created in 1992 by Mr.Jérôme Friler and Mr.Adolf Wong, registered in Switzerland and operating across the globe providing solutions for heavy engineering industries. Sincerely, BradyBear
  5. Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of vice magazine and their youtube documentaries and stuff. Just noticed they did an article on the Dinar about a year back. Really strange article about a guy going into the desert to buy from a safe in his daughers bedroom because he doesn't trust hte mail, yeah seems kinda odd to me too. Also, he seems like he's using it to hedge against the dollar, kinda dumb if you ask me Iraq is one of the last currencies i would buy if that were my strategy. anyhow always find it interesting when non dinar publications, sites, magazines, people etc do stories about the dinar. Thought you guys might enjoy
  6. Good Morning I am relatively new to the Dinar rooms and thank you for having a place that so many visit and I can ask a question. Much is made of Reno and the private placement as well as a revaluation of the Iraq Dinar. With the end of the war in Iraq and rebuilding of the infrastructure in Iraq, it is easy to see how the value of the currency in Iraq should increase. I have bought Dinar so I want everyone to know I want this as badly as everyone else. But, I also hear of a reset of all currencies based on assets which ultimately I believe to be a good thing but to happen overnight seems unrealistic. It also seems that almost nowhere besides the Dinar rooms is their anyone that believes this. If something that would be such a monumental change globally be reported by the major news groups. Something this big would leak out without question. Also, if there was going to be a soon to happen global reset, the currency markets would be going ballistic but trading is within norms (maybe not Indonesia, but that is different story). With the worldwide professionals in the currency market, it is hard to believe that word would not leak out of a global reset. I read so many numbers for a reset value of the Dinar, some inline with Kuwait and some that are purely preposterous that would value the Iraq Dinar to total more than all the currencies in the world combined. How can an overnight revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar 3000% be realistic? Would this type of valuation be honored by companies sending goods and services into Iraq? With the amount of counterfeit Dinar in the market, who would revalue the Dinar before first changing the currency and dropping the amounts of the Dinar notes? Could it be that the hoopla with the IMF, UST, and others at this point is only concerning the private placement and has nothing to do with a public revaluation? I hope my concerns are unfounded and the Dinar Revalues to 50 and all the problems with the global currencies are fixed. Readers, please point out why my concerns are unfounded. Thanks again for having a wonderful site and best wishes to all, Jim
  7. I wasn`t sure if I wanted too actually start a tread on this idea, it has had me puzzled as a lot of us has been.. the big question { why has this not popped yet ? what are they waiting on ??? and things like this } I have been in the side spots as of lately , the pump we were getting from the chapter 7 deal, the taken over of the funds , the relations of the Kuwait and Iraq , every thing seems to be going sideways from a lot of the reports we have been giving --- from the Iraqi sources , most likely controlled by the g.o.i in some way or other ! the BIGGEST KICK I seem to have grabbed onto , was that bestest article ,, the dinar is worth , and can handle, 2.50 per dinar , then the same guy comes out and states the effect of not going ahead with the re-value or redenomination of the currency is going to cost billions too the economy of Iraq! { this guy is the minister of commerce and trading <---- I think that one is right } .... now we are seeing they will not have any movement in the currency until after the election of parliament, or government officials next year, ... now lets take a step back and look at what seems too be going on --- 1 they are ready as heck { or so they act like it } to get the dinar on it`s feet and the economy going as it was in the past ----> { over 3.00 } but this idea is coming off a bit hazy , if they can go back to when it was in this range they also must be thinking they need a government that was in place at that time , a dictatorship , { the more I read maliki is here and there and his hands are in every thing he looks like the big tator < ---- if you get my drift ...} but if they are going to get the ministers and the judicial side of government on line { on line meaning , voted or appointed to office , this must be the lines we keep seeing ------> not moving until next year , don`t get me wrong I would really like too see this at a, 2 too 1 value ,, yesterday ! but I have said a couple time already through other postings I feel like the 1 2014 time line , and now that is looking a bit too soon ... we need ministers in all offices , we need the judicial system and judges in office and government officers working like it is in other western ideal situations , { which means those blast that are going off every day need to be slowed wayyyy down to almost non existence , which is going to be a monumental task ,} and with the new guy on the scene , not getting along with maliki and going to the other area`s of Iraq and talking to those leaders , looks like he is either going to run for prime minister, or a government big job that will need 2 or 3 big players backing him , { for get the guys name but he is in the news last couple days , } we see electric is about 24 hours aday , the water system I think is coming along , they are hitting that one hard also , to provide for farming , and inter-city ,, ! but at the end of my rant here , don`t get too put off , and discouraged , they still have a few hundred bills to pass, and seats in government to get filled, but between now and then c.b.i. could let this deal push right out , and get passed through the g.o.i . when I started looing at the head lines a few years ago, I put Iraq at a time line of when the early America was just getting out and heading west , a lot to do and a lot has been completed, now ,, they seem to be in the 1960`s area of government --- and the banking is in the late 1980`s and early to late 1990`s , as far as electronic , and data cards ... so when all the news looks like every thing is looking like up to date , government and regional goveremnts are getting along ... that will be a big pointer in what Iraq is getting done ... just my thoughts and sorry if it went on to long just wanting a 25,ooo to be a 25,ooo
  8. I'm looking to sell some 2013 Silver American Eagle coins. I have a sealed Monster Box from the mint. Would be willing to sell the entire box for $12,500, tubes of 20 coins for $510, or per coin at $26 per coin. These are San Franciscos which tend to be much more sought after than regular Eagles. I bought these with a friend was planning on sending the whole box in to get graded and selling the MS69 and MS70s for a premium however I didn't realize it was going to cost a few thousand dollars to get them graded, a few thousand dollars I don't have so looking to sell about half and keep the rest however would be willing to sell the whole box if someone is interested. I'd prefer not getting down into selling single coins and would at least like to sell in lots of 5 or 10. Will take paypal or cashiers check.
  9. I always hear people talk about these confrence calls with some guy named TNT Tony. I did some google searching but everything I find is from calls setup months ago. Wondering what these confrence calls are all about adn how I can find out about upcomming ones?
  10. Hey guys, there's a list of what a number of dealers are charging for Dinar. Went ahead and posted this because as some of you may have already noticed you can no longer buy large quantiies of Dinar off ebay.
  11. I have 3 million Dinar in uncirculated 1,000 denomination notes. Asking $1200 per million. Most dealers charging around $1900. Will accept papal if you pay the fees which should come to about $35 or cashiers check for $1200. Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I've been looking around, and it appears that there are no banks in the UK that cash in Dinar anymore. Is this the case? I can't seem to find any legit financial institution that will give me anywhere near what I paid for it. Any thoughts on where I might go to do this, and who has the best buyback rate, much appreciated.
  13. Okay so someone else made an interesting thread talking about people who are positive about the DInar and pumpers as well as people who are pessimistic or negative about the Dinar. I was just wondering. I can understand someone saying a pumper has an alterior motive ie if they are a dealer say hey it's gonna revalue tomorrow maybe it will stir up some business and get people buying dinar again. What possible agenda could someone being negative about the Dinar have? I have seen other people say pessimistic things and even said pessimistic things myself and heard people say things like you want to get rich but nobody else to get rich. I can't see any reason for someone to try to convince someone else not to buy dinar besides them thinking its not a smart thing to do. NObody has anything to gain by someoen else not buying Dinar. Always thought this was interesting and wondered why people think anyone who says anything negative has anything to gain by telling someone not to buy or by being pessimistic. On the other hand I can see a motive behind a pumper.
  14. The Iraqi Dinar is going to revalue tomorrow June 2, 2013 at 4:00PM Iraqi time. Why? Because I think so. How did I confimr it? I just did. I would recommend everyone run out, clear out your 401k accounts, checking accounts, sell everything you own and buy more Dinar. No intel, no inside information, this is based on nothing. I just think so.
  15. Why are we waiting on the Iraqi Dinar to RV before any other currency RV's? Why can't the Dong or any other currency RV first? What makes the Dinar so important?
  16. I noticed alot of people on ebay these days selling Dinar options and I find it very hard to believe these people actually have the dinar to back up the options. Many of these sellers I see selling options aren't even registered with the Treasury as Dinar sellers. They don't have a very professional presentation and don't have very long history of ebay transactions yet they are selling tens of millions of dinar on option. I imagine though its basically free money to the seller it's relatively small profits considering the amount of money you should be stocking away dinar if your doing it properly. For example say your charging $75 for 5 million dinar. That's $75 pure profit, however your also tying up almost 5k in dinar your holding for someone. That's a relatively small option as well seeing as how many sell optionss for 10, 15, 30, even 50 million or more. People if doing it properly should have 50k worth of dinar tucked away just to make a profit of a few hundred bucks. Start selling a number of these and people should have hundreds of thousands laid away for customers in the case of an rv. I personally am not a big fan of options to begin with I think buying physical dinar even if only a little bit is better than an option but thats just my opinion. THat said I highly doubt any of these ebayers actually have dinar to back up these options they are selling. what do you think.
  17. Well I'm cheap and a bit of a bargain hunter so I'm always looking for deals, not trying to pay dealer prices if I can avoid it. I've bought and sold from other members of this site before and had no problems but I'm always a bit skeptical of dealing with a stranger when it comes to larger amounts of money, especially when there's really no safeguards in place. I know there's a lot of debate over whether you should buy from ebay or not but lately I've been doing most of my buying from ebay. There are some fantastic deals on there from individuals selling off their personal collection and I've bought full millions of uncirculated notes for $850 or so. There's also no worry about getting scammed as ebay and paypal both have great buyer protection programs that protect you if you don't get your item or are shorted on the amount of dinar you ordered. You also wind up with a receipt which you otherwise don't get buying from a private individual on a forum. And lastly I personally try to buy from individuals becauese the prices tend to be lower, hwoever for those of you who insist on buying from someone registered with the treasury or insist on getting a certificate with your dinar there are plenty of larger sellers who are registered and provide certificates. I know ebay has been discussed alot on here but just figured it would be worth thorwing up a post since the market on ebay has really changed, prices have come down, more sellers and more professional sellers and also less dealers accepting paypal and credit cards these days so here's a good alternative to be able to pay with those methods. Just wnated to share that with everyone.
  18. 26-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad The price of U.S. dollar in the domestic market rose sharply during the past few days, if the price of one dollar towards the 1280 Iraqi dinars, after it had been during the past month varies in the range of 1200. Traders said foreign currency in Baghdad, in conversations with "Alsumaria News", the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar, has been a remarkable rise since the beginning of this month, but this increase reached its peak on Wednesday, after he scored the exchange rate of one U.S. dollar 1285 dinars. Neighboring countries and internal reasons behind the rise of the dollar in the markets At a time when the central bank seeks through an auction hosted by the currency for years, to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in the currency market, but the witness exchange rate fluctuation clear since late last year. Economic expert Majid picture says in an interview for "Alsumaria News" that "the situation Regional in the region, particularly the situation surrounding the neighboring countries of Iraq, especially Iran and Syria, one of the main reasons behind the high price of the dollar in recent times in the Iraqi market," noting that "the central bank sales in cash increased in recent more than الحولات because of a cash deal these two countries in their trade due to the economic blockade imposed on them. " He figurehead that "the Bank sold $ 100 million a day, it means he sold $ 500 million per week and therefore it is $ 26 billion go out of Iraq for the purposes of import," adding that "most of these amounts smuggled out of Iraq without the benefit of them." And refers Suri said that "the difference in sells for the CBI to the dollar of 1189 dinars to the dollar and is present in the local market of 1280 dinars to the dollar encouraged speculators, traders and citizens to go to buy dollars from the central bank in order to take advantage of the price difference, which has increased the demand on internally dollar ", pointing out that" this increase can not be reduced without regulating trade import Amlebatt for Iraq. " And sells the central bank in the currency auction its U.S. dollar per b 1179 dinars, private banks and supply companies, but he does not sell to the citizens directly, while selling private banks authorized to sell the currency, the dollar by 1189 dinars, the citizens directly. Currency smuggling mafias He says economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine "The demand for the dollar is greater than the supply located because there are mafias collect the dollar and تهربه out of Iraq under the pretext of import operations from outside Iraq," noting that "the amounts of money that comes out of Iraq are not commensurate with the quantities of goods entering him . " He adds Antoine in an interview for "Alsumaria News" that "Iraq has five offices for money laundering, but that these offices are still below the level of detection for smuggling of foreign currency out of Iraq," stressing "the need to cooperate with all parties among themselves whether Central Bank or customs, border control, taxes and fight corruption and increase oversight and internal stakeholders. " It seems that banking offices in Baghdad, far from knowing the reasons for this increase, but there is an agreement among themselves that there is a demand for the dollar than supply in the market. He says the banking ax in Karrada Mohamed Ibrahim in an interview for "Alsumaria News" that "in spite of the Iraqi Central Bank to sell the dollar to citizens through private banks and government, but it is still demand for the dollar is greater than the supply," noting that "everything that buys of dollars a day from citizens and up to 50 thousand dollars finds it buys from the merchants, either through cash or in the form of remittances. " Official: stop the bank from the sale dollar remittances confused market The central bank says it seeks through an auction hosted by the currency for years, to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in the currency market, but the exchange rate is witnessing volatility clear since late last year The Bank offers no explanations for this discrepancy between the price and the price of the domestic market, although it is responsible for monetary policy in the country. Including exchange rate policies and being daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, except for public holidays on which depends the Bank for these auctions. Explains director of one government banks affiliated to the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad in an interview for "Alsumaria News" to "stop the Central Bank of Iraq, selling the dollar in the form of remittances for the purpose of organizing again during the last period disrupted the domestic market prompting traders to buy dollars from local markets, which led to high dollar exchange rate in these markets. " Adds the official, who preferred not to be named, said "prices remained high even after the central bank re-sell foreign remittances", stressing that "what we are witnessing today of these high prices are speculative currency traders at a high level." And committed the Central Bank of Iraq in February 2012 all Iraqi banks participating in the auction the bank to buy and sell foreign currency must disclose its customers as a condition of access to foreign currency, stressing that there is a right purchases and real but the names of an otherwise legal and banking rules. And tried to "Alsumaria News" to get any permission from the officials at the central bank, explains the reasons for the high price of the dollar, but the press office of the Bank stipulated that receives a formal letter includes an explanation of the reasons for the request for a permit, and written questions for consideration, and perhaps answer. It is known that the exchange rates are changing rapidly, and require explanations keep up. Dealers expected the local currency, the Iraqi dinar continues to decline against the dollar, in light of what they described as "incomprehensible policy of the Central Bank of Iraq." The central bank authorized some private banks in Baghdad to sell dollar directly to citizens in order to meet the growing demand. And sells private banks, 5 thousand dollars per person carrying an Iraqi passport at a price not exceeding 1189 per dollar. But observers and currency traders say that this procedure did not contribute to the stability of exchange rates, after turning to the door to corruption, due to go most of the money intended for direct sale to specific customers.
  19. Hello! You may call me INSIDER_JL! I have lurked around here for a long time now and decided I would join in on the discussions. A lot of you I feel like I already know from reading so often. I have been in this investment for about 4 years now and still eagerly waiting with the rest of you! Let's keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming weeks! It's nice to be a part of the forums here! Thanks in advanced for the welcome, Safe travels.
  20. Wow I saw this in my local online paper this morning. This happened 20 minutes from my side of town. The word is definately out about these dinar's because they are being stolen. I know everybody who has been here for years knows to keep under lock and key. I don't have that much invested like this unfortunate guy but I'd be pretty pissed to loose that much Dinar. Ouch . The link is with this story . I think you have to get a subscription to read the full story though.
  21. Living in an RV Full-Time: What You Need to Know Thinking about living the life of a nomad? Want to brave the open road in an RV? There’s a lot to love about throwing caution to the wind and exploring the world on wheels, but it’s not without its own set of complications. Before you put your house up for sale and pawn off all your worldly possessions for a mobile existence, take this guide to living in an RV into consideration. (See also: How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!)) 1. An RV May Not Be Cheaper Than Traditional Housing Think the only costs you’ll incur living in an RV is the monthly loan payment and gas? Think again. While RV living can be less expensive than a home mortgage and the regular maintenance costs that are associated with home ownership overall, there are plenty of other costs to consider. In addition to the loan payment (unless you have the cash to buy it outright) and fuel (gas ain’t cheap these days, y’all), you’ll need to pay for insurance, site rentals if you plan to stay in an RV park (which can run $300 to $500 a month), propane and electricity (which are available at RV rental sites for an additional fee), and maintenance. Considering these costs, you’ll still be paying about the same per month as you would living in a small apartment. 2. The RV Will Require Much More Gas Than a Car Many factors play into the amount of fuel consumed by an RV — the weight of the vehicle, engine size, fuel, driving habits — but even the most frugally minded RVers can expect to pay a pretty penny keeping the RV running. Smaller RVs get about 10-15 mpg while larger RVs come in at about 6-13 mpg. Most regular RVs hold between 40 and 85 gallons of gas (depending its class), which translates to between $148.12 and $314.75 per tank, based on the current average regular unleaded gas price of $3.70. 3. RV Insurance Is Not Regular Auto Insurance Because you’ll being using your RV as a mobile home, insurance considerations are different than those associated with a regular vehicle. A specialized policy may require you to cover things like total loss replacement, replacement cost of personal belongings, full-timer liability, campsite liability, emergency expenses, medium-duty tow trucks, all of which will rack up that insurance bill quickly. 4. Can You Live Without Wi-Fi and Phone Service? While many modern RV parks and campsites have Internet access on-site, Wi-Fi may not be an option. And if you’re in a remote area, you can probably forget about cell phone service, too. You’ll be able to get online from time to time, but it may be days or even weeks between access availability. So you have to ask yourself, can you live a life without being connected 24/7? Something to ponder before embarking. 5. Where Does the Mail Carrier Deliver Your Mail? If you’re not staying in one place for more than a couple weeks, how will you get your mail? You can give your personal contacts the address of the park in which you’re staying if you plan to stay in a park, but it’s not feasible to expect your bills and other important mail to arrive at each of your destinations. Thus you’ll have to cancel most of your mail and set up online bill pay so you don’t get behind on payments because you didn’t receive them. Out of sight, out of mind is an easy way to forget about your obligations, but it’ll catch up with you in a bad way eventually. 6. You Have to Drain the Sewage Yourself One of the great things about RV traveling is that the vehicle is self-contained. You can make meals in it, you can sleep comfortably in it, and you can do your 1s and 2s in it without having to pull into a rest stop or fast-food joint. Your 1s and 2s have to go somewhere though, and that somewhere is in a septic tank attached to the underside of the vehicle that will need to be emptied — and that can get messy. If you’ve got a weak stomach, definitely think hard about this necessary evil. 7. Can You Manage All the Other Stuff, Too? RV living isn’t just driving from one location to the next, parking, and propping your feet up in nomadic bliss. There are lots of little things to remember, such as checking the battery water level monthly, lowering one corner of your awning to permit easier draining when there’s precipitation, and stocking up on rectangle storage boxes so you make efficient use of limited space. Once you arrive at the RV park, there's lots more to do, starting at the front office (requesting park maps, asking about discounts, and inquiring about Internet service), and then locating your RV space and setting up, which includes deploying decks and other heavy external features of the RV, connecting electricity, turning on water pumps, and raising roof-mounted accessories, among a host of other duties. 8. You’ll Need to Earn Money Unless you’re embarking on your RV existence with a bank account full of money, you’ll need to work along the way, so you can ensure that there’s a consistent cash flow in case of emergencies, which, in an RV, can be quite costly. If you have the luxury of working remotely in your normal life, that’s still an option while living in an RV, but chances are you’ll need at least somewhat consistent Internet access. Otherwise you’ll have to find new ways to make money — helping out at the RV park, finding odd jobs on Craigslist, and other one-off projects — to bring in dough on the regular.
  22. Enorrste: This article, {BELOW} as with most, tends to have some phrases that need to be better understood in order to know what the true impact of this article is. Let's take them one at a time. "It's an important step was waiting for Iraq to raise the value of the dinar." Now, the question is this: Is the World Bank waiting for Iraq to raise the dinar value BEFORE implementing its steps with the Rasheed and Rafadain bank? Or, does the implementation of the changes at these banks make it "possible" for the dinar to rise in value? In order to understand it we go back to the first statement just prior to it: "Counting and Planning Minister Ali Shukri, Sunday, announced the World Bank to start implementing his plans..." This seems pretty clear to me: The change in the banks is now being started. Therefore, I believe that we can dispense with the first possible meaning of the second sentence, namely the they will wait for the Iraq to raise the value PRIOR to implementing the changes. This means, then, that the changes in the structure will ALLOW Iraq to raise its value, in some way. It is not yet clear to me just how a structural change in these banks would be necessary prior to going to a free float. Hopefully that reasoning will come out soon. "The announcement of the World Bank to begin implementation of its plans to restructure the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank government is an important step had been waiting Iraq." Once again we have a strange ending to an otherwise simple statement. What does "had been waiting Iraq" mean? Does it mean that the WB had been waiting on Iraq to do something prior to implementing its restructuring plans? Or does it mean that IRAQ has been waiting for this important step from the WB? In this case I believe that the true meaning of this is that the WB had lost patience, waiting on Iraq to restructure these banks, and decided to move in on its own to get the job done (in preparation for the raising of the value of the dinar). I could be mistaken in this, but the past articles seem clearly to be placing greater and greater pressure on the GOI to "git 'er done" and Maliki has been dragging his feet. So, if I am correct in this interpretation, then it means that the WB has lost patience and begun to take actions on its own, IN SPITE OF MALIKI. This is, in my view, a very good sign. "He added that 'the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the plans will be the guarantor of restoring Iraqi dinar of his value economic between foreign currencies and this will be part of this plan.'" This sentence is the most powerful of all in this article. First, the source of the comment in this sentence is the Ministry of Finance, NOT the World Bank. The Ministry of Finance is a part of the GOI, not a part of Parliament. Therefore, this statement comes from WITHIN the GOI. This is the FIRST statement of support for the raising of the value of the dinar from within the GOI. Furthermore, the statement indicates that the actions being taken by the World Bank "will be the guarantor of restoring the Iraqi dinar of its value." WOW! It would be one thing to say that it would "make it possible, someday," or "open the opportunity somehow." But instead it said it would GUARANTEE a rise in the value of the dinar. AND IT CAME FROM THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE, WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT OF IRAQ! This statement is truly a first, because it indicates that WITHIN the GOI there is now a consensus that the dinar should and WILL be raised. The big question: When? The next statement is their squeeky opening: "the World Bank said the Iraqi side that lifted the value of the Iraqi dinar should be a priority as well as he needs to political stability in the country before everything." The last part of the sentence is the "squeeker" part, namely political stability "before everything." Therefore, rather than start jumping up and down, I suggest you sit down, relax, and look to the political environment for signs of improvement. Without it, you will not see the dinar rise in value. This means we are back to Maliki (**** it!). I hate to be the bearer of sad news, but that is what the article is saying, at least to me. Until the political environment improves (before everything!) the dinar will not rise in value. Just what form that "political environment" improvement must look like is anyone's guess, but I suspect that it would AT LEAST mean that the current crisis (i.e., Maliki acting as dictator) would have to be ameliorated somewhat. That means that we are back to a no confidence vote, or a change in Maliki. Since the latter is highly unlikely we must hope for the former. Enorrste ARTICLE World Bank restructure the Rafidain and Rasheed in order to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar By Salah Mohammed - Published in the 24/03/2013Counting and Planning Minister Ali Shukri, Sunday, announced the World Bank to start implementing his plans to restructure the government banks Rafidain and Rasheed "It's an important step was waiting for Iraq to raise the value of the dinar." Said Shukri The "declaration of the World Bank to begin implementation of its plans to restructure the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank government is an important step had been waiting Iraq," noting that "financial welcomed move the World Bank in this direction because this restructuring will ensure the country make the most of these institutions big Bakdarathma human and accumulated experience cadres and joint coordination to guide these estimators. " He added that "the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the plans will be the guarantor of restoring Iraqi dinar of his value economic between foreign currencies and this will be part of this plan," explaining that "the banking sector is suffering in general laziness around to institutions consumer is active in the financial sector the most traffic The boom in the economy in general. "
  23. I have been searching but I cannot seem to find the auction results for today. Kinda unusual isn't it? If someone can find them then please attach the link
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