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  1. The Sisters of the Valley, who say they do not follow any traditional religion, hope they can make marijuana ‘a healing industry instead of a stoner industry’ Julia Carrie Wong Monday 25 January 2016 13.02 GMT The Sisters of the Valley’s “abbey” is a modest three-bedroom house on the outskirts of Merced, in a cul-de-sac next to the railroad tracks. (Sister Kate calls the frequent noise from passing trains “part of our penance”.) When visitors come to the door, Sister Kate asks them to wait outside until she can “sage” them with the smoke from a piece of wood from a Russian t
  2. Susanne Hinte, who damaged ticket in washing machine, must wait for all winning claims to be investigated Steven Morris and agencies Monday 25 January 2016 10.09 GMT A Worcestershire woman who believes she has won £33m in the National Lottery faces an agonising wait after apparently putting the winning ticket through a washing machine in the pocket of her jeans. Relatives of Susanne Hinte, from Warndon, Worcester, have said the winning numbers were “visible but faded” and she had contacted the Lotto operator, Camelot, to claim the prize. Camelot refused to comment on
  3. Gun businesses are seeing record sales and profits as people rush out to arm themselves – and Shot Show in Las Vegas has 12 miles of exhibitions to help Rupert Neate and Mae Ryan in Las Vegas Saturday 23 January 2016 12.00 GMT “We’re sort of firearms connoisseurs,” Whitney Condit said as she excitedly explored the latest handguns and semi-automatic assault rifles to hit the market at Shot Show, the world’s largest gun industry trade fair. As she spoke, fellow enthusiasts spread out over the 2.25m square feet Sands Expo convention centre at the Venetian casino on Las Vegas’
  4. Spain’s prime minister lacks support to form coalition with Socialists next to try to piece together a government after inconclusive elections Associated Press in Madrid Friday 22 January 2016 21.00 GMT Spain’s conservative prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has turned down an offer by King Felipe VI to try to form a new government following last month’s inconclusive elections. The news, in a statement from Spain’s royal palace on Friday evening, followed a week of talks between the monarch and party leaders. In a statement, the palace said the king would begin fresh tal
  5. US academic says Turkish president – who has condemned leftwing critics for ignorance – has been aiding Isis, which he blamed for bomb attack on Istanbul Matthew Weaver Thursday 14 January 2016 12.29 GMT The leftwing US academic Noam Chomsky has hit back at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the Turkish president accused him of ignorance and sympathising with terrorists. Hours after Tuesday’s bomb attack on a tourist area of Istanbul, Erdoğan delivered a sneering criticism of Chomsky and “so-called intellectuals” who had signed a letter calling on Turkey to end the “deliberate m
  6. $10bn purchase of new planes from Airbus and return of Daimler truck business among first moves as analysts hail turning point for Iranian economy Saeed Kamali Dehghan Monday 18 January 2016 11.15 GMT Western businesses are jockeying for investment opportunities in Iran as the country regains access to the global financial system following the lifting of sanctions at the weekend. Russian investment firm Renaissance Capital has described Iran as “the last remaining sizeable global economy cut off from international capital to reopen”. The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani
  7. At least 27 killed in overnight assault by al-Qaida-linked terrorists on hotel popular with UN staff and foreigners Nadia Khomami and agencies in Ouagadougou Saturday 16 January 2016 16.26 GMT At least 27 people of 18 nationalities have been killed in an attack on a hotel in the capital of Burkina Faso by al-Qaida-linked militants, security officials have confirmed. Two French nationals were among the dead, the French foreign ministry said. Three jihadis, including an Arab and two black Africans, were also killed in the assault on the Splendid hotel and the nearby Ca
  8. The 30-year-old Kurdish woman from Raqqa risked her life by openly criticising the regime on Facebook. Her friends, family and fellow activists remember her determination to tell the world the grim truth about life in Syria Homa Khaleeli, Aisha Gani and Mais al-Bayaa Wednesday 13 January 2016 18.48 GMT In July 2015, Ruqia Hassan posted a message on her Facebook page: “Greetings to every girl celebrating Eid in her pyjamas!” It was the kind of dig her followers loved; a sarcastic acknowledgment that small pleasures – such as wearing new clothes on Eid – had become impossible si
  9. Six explosions reported in Indonesian capital Five attackers and two other people confirmed dead Police say they have taken control of the area Michael Safi and Matthew Weaver Thursday 14 January 2016 09.24 GMT
  10. It was interesting to hear Trump and his supporters’ viewpoints for more than just the few seconds offered by most soundbites, even though I disagreed Wednesday 13 January 2016 11.45 GMT By Kaddie Abdul After Rose Hamid’s horrifying experience at Trump’s rally on Friday in South Carolina, many people might wonder how I survived a Trump rally wearing a bright-orange headscarf while holding a giant Qur’an – or why I went at all. I went because I firmly believe that Hamid was on the right path: it is important for people to stand-up peacefully for the right things, even if we
  11. Swift resolution contradicts speculation Revolutionary Guards might use incident to derail improving relations between Tehran and west Saeed Kamali Dehghan in London and Spencer Ackerman in New York Wednesday 13 January 2016 13.09 GMT Ten US sailors who were captured by Revolutionary Guards after entering Iranian waters have been released, soothing tensions during a week in which Iran is expected to receive the first wave of sanctions relief from the landmark nuclear accords. The US military confirmed the sailors’ release after the Guards issued a statement claiming the
  12. Husband and wife from Scottish Borders intend to make first dent in £33m ($47.5M) fortune by flying daughter from Australia first class Libby Brooks Scotland correspondent Wednesday 13 January 2016 11.55 GMT Carol and David Martin, the couple who have won half of Saturday’s £66m ($95.1M) lottery jackpot, have described their shock at scooping a share of the biggest ever Lotto prize. The Martins, both 54, from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, said they only checked their winning ticket after a friend urged them to see if they had the right numbers on Sunday morning.
  13. Local newspaper says attackers arranged via Facebook to go on ‘manhunt’ of foreigners after assaults on women on New Year’s Eve Josie Le Blond in Berlin and agencies Monday 11 January 2016 13.09 GMT Gangs attacked groups of foreigners in four separate incidents on Sunday in Cologne, the city where dozens of New Year’s Eve assaults on women took place, German police have said, as the government warned against letting the incident lead to suspicion of all migrants. Cologne police said on Monday afternoon that the victims were two Pakistanis, two Syrians and a group of Afri
  14. An industry that dates back to 1614 in the US, mail-order marriages continue to be popular for women living in bleak conditions abroad, and US blue-collar men Olga Oksman Monday 11 January 2016 17.30 GMT Vitalina Wilson had never planned to marry a foreign man whose language she did not speak. Nor did she plan to move 6,000 miles away from her family to a country she knew nothing about. She had a really good job in the accounting department of a large importer in her native Ukraine. She was also divorced, after marrying at 21 to a man whom she describes as “not suited to fam
  15. Angela Merkel says German nationals ‘probably’ among victims after 10 people killed in blast in Sultanahmet district Follow the latest developments Ghaith Abdul-Ahad in Istanbul, Kareem Shaheen and agencies Tuesday 12 January 2016 13.20 GMT Turkey’s president has said a suicide bomber of Syrian origin is thought to be responsible for a blast near Istanbul’s grandest tourist attractions that has killed 10 people, including foreigners. “I condemn the terror incident in Istanbul, assessed to be an attack by a suicide bomber with Syrian origin,” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
  16. President tweets ‘We’ve got him’ six months after notorious drug cartel leader Joaquín Guzmán made elaborate escape from maximum-security prison David Agren in Mexico City Friday 8 January 2016 18.44 GMT Mexico’s president has announced the recapture of cartel kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, whose escape in July from a maximum-security prison – the second in less than 15 years – humiliated the country’s federal government and exposed corruption in the country’s prison system. President Enrique Peña Nieto made the announcement on Twitter, saying: “Mission accomplished:
  17. Rose Hamid, who wore a shirt that read ‘Salam, I come in peace’, was aggressively heckled as she was escorted from the campaign event in South Carolina Amanda Holpuch in New York Saturday 9 January 2016 15.19 GMT A Muslim woman was escorted from a Donald Trump rally on Friday night, after she stood silently behind the Republican frontrunner wearing a shirt that read: “Salam, I come in peace.” Rose Hamid, who was also wearing a hijab, said people near her in a crowd of more than 6,000 people in Rock Hill, South Carolina, were kind to her until she began her protest. “My
  18. Statistics point to conspiracy theories, mediocre wages and a deeply held belief that this group is anything but racist Mona Chalabi Friday 8 January 2016 14.11 GMT Michael has presumably had a rough day. Nine hours working as an exterminator takes a physical toll on the 45-year-old, who didn’t go to college, makes $33,000 a year, and relies on a steady swarm of pests to pester people in his 90% rural county. But home, with a glass of wine and Fox News, he’s excited to hear from the only candidate who’s making any sense these days: Donald Trump. Michael is technicall
  19. Harney County sheriff speaks of ‘alternative motives’ while Ammon Bundy’s group puts away firearms to convince media it is civil rights issue Jason Wilson the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon Monday 4 January 2016 07.13 GMT On the second day of its armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the Bundy militia shifted tactics. From a state of lockdown it moved to a charm offensive, inviting a small media contingent inside its redoubt, with warm smiles and waves. The local sheriff was not convinced. “These men came to Harney County claiming to be par
  20. The French are responsible for their dreadful migrant camps. But our refusal to engage makes things worse Thursday 7 January 2016 06.30 GMT By Yvette Cooper On Britain’s doorstep is a shantytown. Scabies is rife, bronchitis too. Families sleep in flimsy tents in bitter cold. Children play in mud and rubbish. The police don’t go in; they just watch from nearby bridges, swinging batons. Volunteers do their best, bringing food, clothing, tarpaulins; smuggler gangs do their worst, preying on people’s desperation. How are we letting this happen? France and Britain each year p
  21. Henriette Reker urges women to avoid being in close proximity to strangers to prevent sexual harassment Kate Connolly in Berlin Wednesday 6 January 2016 12.07 GMT Cologne’s mayor has been widely criticised for suggesting that women “keep at an arm’s length” from strangers to avoid sexual harassment, after scores of women were sexually abused and mugged in the city during new year celebrations. Asked by a journalist how women could protect themselves, Henriette Reker said: “There’s always the possibility of keeping a certain distance of more than an arm’s length – that is to
  22. President to set out plan on Tuesday that will prevent firearms from being sold at gun shows and on the internet without having to go through necessary checks Dan Roberts in Washington Tuesday 5 January 2016 07.19 GMT Thousands of unlicensed gun shows and online dealers will be forced to conduct customer background checks for the first time in a fresh effort by Barack Obama to tackle America’s epidemic of deadly shootings. In measures aimed at circumventing political deadlock in Congress that will inevitably set off a fierce battle in the courts, the president is due to
  23. Republican uses a rally in Biloxi to accuse his rival of allowing the terror group to prosper, but fails to mention his appearance in a militant recruitment video Martin Farrer Sunday 3 January 2016 05.43 GMT Donald Trump has used his latest campaign rally to accuse Hillar-y Clinton and Barack Obama of being responsible for the rise of Islamic State. Speaking in Biloxi, Mississippi, the Republican presidential hopeful implied that the Obama administration should have heeded his call for the US to seize oil assets controlled by Isis but had instead allowed the terror grou
  24. With his reputation already in tatters, the entertainer who shattered racial barriers and conquered popular culture now faces criminal charges Rory Carroll in Los Angeles Thursday 31 December 2015 12.33 GMT After so many accusations and revelations it still came as a shock when Bill Cosby hobbled into a police station to be fingerprinted amid shouts from onlookers of “You’re a monster!”, and “Shame on you!” The tableau outside Pennsylvania’s Cheltenham Township police department on Wednesday left the entertainer facing charges of sexual assault and confirmed him in a rol
  25. Although the day when every household has its own robot is some way off, the Japanese are demonstrating a formidable acceptance of humanoids Justin McCurry in Osaka Thursday 31 December 2015 08.48 GMT Erica enjoys the theatre and animated films, would like to visit south-east Asia, and believes her ideal partner is a man with whom she can chat easily. She is less forthcoming, however, when asked her age. “That’s a slightly rude question … I’d rather not say,” comes the answer. As her embarrassed questioner shifts sideways and struggles to put the conversation on a friend
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