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Found 76 results

  1. Stryker Blog Update - 07/19/2013 Maliki There seems to be some confusion on where I stand on Maliki so I wanted to clear this up. It has been years now since I found out what Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was doing to this country that we are so invested in and for who he really is. Maliki has caused every chaos and crisis in Iraq and hasn’t implemented the very thing that got him re-elected for his second term, the Arbil Agreement. The Arbil Agreement was offered to Allawi first because the 2010 election was so close it came down to the Kurd’s votes to decide the vector. After Allawi turned the Kurds demands down, Maliki agreed to it and signed it. Knowing good and well that the constitution would need to be amended for some of these agreements. Maliki shortly after started using the constitution against this very same agreement that he had signed, causing one delay after another. The payment of the Kurdistan Army, Article 140, the Kurdish language added to the new currency that we are so needing to see implemented, payments of oil contractor’s in the Kurdish region, etc. have all been delayed because of Maliki. Maliki imprisoned anyone that did not go along with his plans, provisional politicians and judges just to name a few. Here are the ones that have caused the most chaos: Maliki had his judge buddy sign off on an arrest warrant causing Vic President of Iraq Tariq al- Hashimi to go into exile in Turkey and his corrupted Justice system found him guilty without him being in Iraq to defend himself. He knew if he returned he would be imprisoned and would be convicted. Then another one of Maliki’s false arrest warrants detaining Finance Minister Rafei al-Essawi and his body guards caused the demonstrations that started as far back as December 2012 and that are still in the streets of Iraq now. Oh, and yes Sinan Al Shabibi, the once Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq all have been accused of false accusations from this Maliki dude, so please don’t think I am naive about this guy because I know all about him. The Judge that signed these arrest warrants was Chief Justice Midhat al-Mahmoud a known Ba’ath Party Member and one of the reasons the Ba’ath Party laws amendment has had so much controversy. They say that the laws are ready for parliament now and let us hope they are right because the law will throw out any of them that have been known to be a part of the Saddam Ba’ath Party. Like this corrupted Judge! The person that I see that has done more for his people and the Iraqi citizens than any of these so called politicians is the President of Kurdistan Massoud Barzani. One only needs to google the Kurdistan Region to see that they have shopping malls that make some of ours look small in comparison, growth and security that Iraq itself is so behind on. If he was in charge of Iraq, we would have had currency reform a long time ago. Do I have any faith in Maliki, no but I have a lot in Barzani and as long as Barzani believes that Maliki has agreed to solve the issues I will stick with Barzani, but the day I see Barzani lose confidence in Maliki I will too! If this day comes we all will know that their deal wasn’t as carved in stone as Barzani thought it was. My bet is still on Barzani knowing something we nor the press are not privy too. The fighting right now on these laws are mainly because of the parliament members and their upcoming re-elections. The blocs have agreed to pass these laws, but the parliament members are doing what they want to get re-elected and until they get together they are being delayed. So as long as Parliament is in session, we have a chance to see currency reform because we have a chance at stability, the very thing that everyone says they need for currency reform, including another well respected man, Shabibi. Hanging in there, that is all we can do! Have a great day, Stryker
  2. NY Times Kuwait RV Article Reposted from SWFG Friday PM - 07/19/2013 Note: This article was mentioned on Tonys CC today and For those who are requesting this article. Here it is, reposted from SWFG Last Year. SWFG is missed. Thank you ~The Dinar Recaps Team SWFloridaGuy: NY TIMES(Kuwait RV): Published: March 25, 1991 It still has no water and little electricity or food, but Kuwait revived its banking system today, introducing a new currency...... Banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi occupation forces shut them down in December. Thousands of people lined up to exchange their old Kuwaiti dinars for crisp new ones and to withdraw a limited amount of money..... The Central Bank is canceling the value of Kuwaiti dinars that were seized from the Central Bank and put into circulation by the Iraqis. The invalid serial numbers were posted today in front of all banks in the city....All other old dinars can be exchanged for new ones on a one-to-one rate until May 7, when the old dinars become invalid. The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar. [sWFloridaGuru] ruthie Of course. We're talking about the details of the Kuwaiti RV and the procedures they followed. There isn't much press available on it and it's good to see how that compares to Iraq. Although they are completely different situations it does show us rules that were applied during cash out and how it was announced to the citizens. [williamB] From March 18, 1975 to January 4, 2003 the dinar was pegged to a weighted currency basket. From January 5, 2003 until May 20, 2007, the pegging was switched to 1 U.S. dollar = 0.29963 dinar with margins of ±3.5%.[2] The central rate translates to approximately 1 dinar = 3.33745 dollars. From June 16, 2007, the Kuwaiti dinar was re-pegged to a basket of currencies,[3] and is now worth about US$3.609 (€2.686). It is the world's highest-valued currency unit.
  3. Stryker Update - 07/18/2013 Bond Sales A very good sign when Saleh is talking international government bond sales, as he is in this article: LINK: Saleh appearance: Iraq can be classified as credit through government bonds Big corporations and governments will have bond sales for many reasons but sometimes they use this tool of raising money (taking a loan) to pay off existing debt, as a means of a debt consolidation tool. Well it looks like Iraq is about to enter the global bond market as soon as they get their official credit rating, which could be any day now. According to this article the process started last year but no credit rating could be placed on Iraq because they were considered to still be a threat to the international peace and security. Now that Chapter VII has been moved to Chapter VI and those days, we hope are things of the past we see Iraq preparing themselves for the global market. Selling bonds is considered taking out a loan as defined in Wikipedia and has options on how these bonds are paid off at maturity: QUOTE: Although bonds are usually discussed in terms of a government 'selling' a bond, what is really happening is that a government is taking out a loan against the ability of its population to return that loan over time through taxes. QUOTE: Government bonds are usually referred to as risk-free bonds, because the government can raise taxes or create additional currency in order to redeem the bond at maturity. Link 4 Government bonds: Deferring debt is exactly what Iraq needs but it must be arranged first. By raising money this way, it takes the responsibility off the oil revenue to pay debt payments or whatever they use it for, which assents that money can then be used for other projects. The purpose of a free market economy for Iraq or any country is to build the private sectors which then increases Iraq's tax revenue and could put repayment on taxation over a longer period of time. OR, they could create additional currency (post currency reform) in order to redeem these bonds at maturity, as I point this part out again: QUOTE: or create additional currency in order to redeem the bond at maturity See, IF they were to use those funds to pay off other debt, let's say Kuwait's $11 billion for example, then they can get released completely from that last remaining piece of the puzzle that lingers over Iraq from Chapter VII, which in return will give Iraq their own protection of their own assets as a real full sovereign state, no more US protection required. BTW, Iraq can't enter the global market and be under the protection of another sovereign country, if you can't control your own funds in your own country how can you be taken seriously in the global stage? The answer is, they can't, and it just makes common sense that they need these debts arranged before they can play with the big boys, in the big playground. They may not do what I just described, but when this country of Iraq continues to have a surplus of budget funds year after year and doesn't have a cash flow issue, then it makes aperson wonder what the big picture is. Also, remember that the last we heard about the Standby Agreement from the IMF was; Iraq has not needed to borrow much from this fund because they can't even spend all their budget funds in a calendar year, thus the surplus last year and the last two years before that. The question should be, why Iraq just did not use their assets to pay Kuwait off, we know they have other liquid assets that they could use other than their nations hard currency reserves? Unless they want all their assets to justify something much larger. Regardless, Iraq once again is showing signs of re-entering the global market and that Folks is good for us investors. They need a convertible currency to also play in that big playground, to be able to exchange their dinar with other countries’ currencies, so they can accomplish transactions like bond sales, dinar exchanged through market makers, other countries stock markets, etc.... See this link for more information on: Currency Convertibility Bond sales are used to stabilize economies and offer protection to investors as well. Have a great day, Stryker
  4. Kaperoni / Tlar & DA Member Discussion - 07/15/2013 AdminBob Site Owner: Financial: wait for the claim of Central Bank of Iraq to discuss with us the subject delete zeros 15/07/13 She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, najeeba Najib, said that the Committee was discussing with the Iraqi Central Bank subject to delete zeros from the local currency, after taking his Abdul Basit Turki, the parliamentary Finance Committee pending the CBI claim to discuss with him. Najib said that "previous administrative body of the Central Bank presented a study on the preparation of the project to delete zeros, noting that the study was scientific and professional companies that have been included with the agreement for the implementation of the project". And Financial Committee Member representative stressed that "Iraq needs some salt to delete zeros from its currency, because the size of the money supply in circulation of great magnitude. LINK: Art: good post bob thanks Tlar; She as others continue to reference the scientific study to delete the zeros. The only study that was done on this subject was done in 2008 to my knowledge. In that study it explored the subject thoroughly with the goal of trying to find out at what rate the CBI could support the currency and what's its value should be. The conclusions were that the rate should be $1.13 and that the CBI should defend that rate for two years before allowing the rate to float. In other words a controlled value much like we see today. This lady is on the finance committee and is therefore most likely to be ":in the know" after having just sat with Turki. This sentence I've copied below, is very telling to me. It indicates that to me Turki, is meeting with individual members of both the finance and the economic committees, selling the "scientific study" that was done in 2008 under Shabibi's watch. "Najib said that "previous administrative body of the Central Bank presented a study on the preparation of the project to delete zeros," . Dr. Nan: Well, at least we know, rather it appears we know, that things are going on over there. They are not sitting around doing nothing. "Life is a series of new beginnings!" Punisher: Tlar, ....and that makes me happy if they are contemplating that Supporting $1.13 out of tha gate until it eventually reaches $3 over a few years sounds great to me! Kaperoni: I love when we get a translated word that means this case... "Iraq needs some salt to delete zeros from its currency,..." In other words, some "perseverance," "hardiness," "resilience,” “ambition,” lol Tlar: Punisher, the rate today may be different than the rate suggest in 2008. Since 2008 a lot more currency had hit the streets even though we know they have been buying and retiring as much as possible through the auctions. Also the reserves and the new monies coming to the reserves (80 billion + 82 billion + 3 billion) are significantly higher than they were in 2008. I think based on the slip up from the finance guy in his interview while talking about the 2014 budget and the parts that go into making it up, tells us more about the new rate than the 2008 study. He slipped up and told us that each dollar will equal 1.16 dinars which is 86 cents. That is exactly what we would expect if they drop the leading zeros of the exchange rate. .00086 to .86. I think Turki is using the study as a proof source when selling the deletion of the zeros, but he most likely updates the rate to conform to the conditions today. Punisher: Either way Tlar...I will be a happy camper Anything over .86 at starting point is solid in my book...I am not a greedy person.
  5. Frank26 CC Notes by Bulldogford65 from Tuesday PM Call - 07/16/2013 BulldogFord65 » July 16th, 2013, 9:54 pm • Hello Family: Here are the notes from tonight's CC. May the Lord's blessings be on each of you! “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16 KVJ Frank26 IQD Update after Bible Study Tuesday, July 16, 2013 • The ISX has traded 2 trillion dinar this year, not bad for penny stocks! • There is so much going on, the CBI and GOI working together; how is the stock market doing today? Frank will come back to this later • Article: The economic parliamentary said the current currency is not worthy in Iraq – meaning the value is not acceptable for the explosion that is about to happen in their economy • CBI currency auctions are huge, and notice it’s their own currency, not foreign currency that’s being traded; couple it with 2 trillion on the stock market and it’s obvious that something is happening! • M has been “tagged” and now it’s his turn to go to Kurdistan; in Frank’s opinion, about a week after M’s visit, we’ll see B go to Baghdad • Frank read Society’s post from today and agreed that it’s correct except that Frank will not back down from the CNN International report, he stands behind this report, if he had reason to retract it, he would, but he continues to stand behind it • Walkingstick article today quoting B statement that he will not be president for life, it’s temporary; article from yesterday that M wants to seek a third term -- B is showing that he’s the “good son” • The USA has been decreased in its credit rating twice by the IMF; today an article came out from the Deputy Governor of the CBI (Mohamed Shaleh) discussing the credit rating of Iraq which is backed by bonds, and although low rating, it’s better than none – but, the rating is class B (which even at 1166 rate is better than the USA!!). He went on to say that the rating will increase with their oil wealth, etc • Article about ISX going electronic was old, they have been electronic since 2009, but yesterday was the first time NASDAQ used their electronic platform to conduct trading with Iraq; for the first time today, US stocks began trading in the Green Zone!! • Frank asked the family to do homework on the ISX, and Goldman Sachs is a good place to start • Frank reported yesterday that M and S will both make announcements; Frank then role played a call from M to B: M has a “blank check” for B; THIS WAS THE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM M TO THE CITIZENS OF IRAQ! • In Frank’s opinion, he hopes to see the announcement from S next week • Hakim met with the Emir and Prince of Kuwait: they know it’s very important to meet the obligation of the money that is owed • Frank read post 281 by El Camino from the 7/15 thread regarding attitude – story of a man who viewed everything as a choice: be in good or bad mood? Choose good; be a victim or learn from bad experience? Choose to learn; every situation is a choice – it’s our choice how we live our life; the man was shot in a robbery, and his choice to be positive and his choice to live in the face of a near-fatal wound saved his life; we have the choice to live fully or not, and our attitude is everything • In response to this post, MDretiree replied how much the post meant to him, especially in the face of his own very serious health issues, that he chooses to live his life to the fullest with whatever purpose the Lord has for him; Frank was very touched that MDretiree’s focus is on serving the Lord in whatever way he can for however long he can; his focus is not on the IQD or the RV, his purpose is to serve God • Frank shared a bank story : About 3 weeks ago, a trusted friend/advisor of Frank’s in TX was contacted by WF with the offer to provide any needed service; Frank’s friend asked the banker about the IQD, but the banker said it is not his dept., knows nothing about it but will try to find out; the banker just called Frank’s friend, and reported that he spoke with 5 very highly placed wealth managers at WF a few days ago, and asked about the IQD; all 5 confirmed that they are advising their clients to carry IQD in their portfolio, that it will increase in value, they don’t know when but they know what’s going on; this is a huge turn around, WF is no longer denying the IQD, they are training tellers how to direct exchange requests, and the wealth managers are advising 5 – 15% of portfolio to be in IQD; it’s not difficult to understand what’s going on • Link all of this with Shaleh speaking, the NASDAQ link with the ISX, US stocks trading the Green Zone, M’s “blank check” to B – it all adds up to increase in the value of the IQD • Frank asked for prayer for Joe, a 10 year old boy with leukemia, and all who stand in need of prayer at this time Eagle1 came on the call at this point • Eagle1 gave an update: expecting to see currencies on the ForEx, but did not go because the IQD is the pivot currency and the IMF codes expired because of the delay in Iraq; new codes have been provided by the IMF, and we now wait to see if it happens tonight or tomorrow – or not • Frank commented there will be those that complain about “another excuse” and Frank asked that Regner pray for them • The conference call concluded with Eagle1 offering prayer for Frank and Tink, and for those who are burdened and troubled with concerns about their investment; Andy then lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast, and Frank closed with singing “Amazing Grace”
  6. BLC Admin Tlm724 Article Breakdown - 07/16/2013 I'd like to break down an article for you all. Here is the title and link : New proposals for the adoption of the law infrastructure LINK I'll just bring in some of the quotes for reference. Help keep your eye strain at a minimum lol "hoped to pass the law of infrastructure during future periods of the life of Parliament, especially after a number of amendments to the paragraphs, which ensured review of contracts to be performed by the four companies, global consulting specialist, tend not to any other party certain political , as well as emphasis on non-mortgage Altherutin oil and gas for the implementation of projects, being the property of the people. " They are being advised by four companies that DO NOT have political connections. Quite obvious to me that the HCL Law (non-mortage being non-implementation) is necessary to the success of the Infrastructure Law as stated above. When we see the HCL finalized we will see the Infrastructure law as well. They go hand in hand imo "The Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary been revealed earlier in the words of its member for the rule of law, Ihsan al-Awadi, that the law of the infrastructure will shorten 5 7 years of work life of Iraq in the year one" Contracts that took 5 to 7 years previously will be shortened to one year due to the reduction in red tape associated with the contracts. It will also ensure full compliance by contractors as they will held accountable within the legal framework of this law. The contracts will be fulfilled in a timely, predetermined time frame thus shortening the time to complete them. "were included amendments that start with calculations of the Committee and of the political blocs to the law and well tuned, expected that in the case took political blocs such modifications it is possible to vote and passed in the times to come" They have had meetings and gathered all the necessary requirements from each bloc, compiled the information and made the modifications and it is now ready to be presented to Parliament for the vote however, as I said above the HCL is tied to this as well as the terms of Article 140 of the Constitution " oil and gas for the implementation of projects, being the property of the people" "showed Tamimi most amendments to the law, pointing out that the review of contracts by four international companies, international not have any bias toward any political party in order to diagnose bugs in contracts if any" They have four international companies helping them formulate this law . These companies have NO political affiliation thereby ensuring " a fairness" within the law, making all future contracts whether it's a mom and pop business or a multi - billion dollar company equal on the playing field. "the most prominent paragraphs that were added to the law, new look, as well as emphasis on not compromising Baltherutin oil and gas and do not let Brhenhma for the implementation of projects," You bet your sweet a** they will NOT compromise the oil and gas law or any contracts associated with it. This countries whole foundation is oil ! Think about it, if these contracts aren't right the first time it will be disastrous and cost Iraq in the long run ! Remember they have to build refineries etc.. big money contracts ! Get it right the first time and that includes this law ! "alluded to the existence of fear parliament on the issue of payment on credit that permeates the law infrastructure pretext that the country will then be heavily indebted, stressing that a country like Iraq can not be the case because of its oil wealth and large metal which is still buried in the ground" The fears of some of the Ministers is unfounded because Iraq has it all OIL , GOLD ( large metal which is still buried in the ground) and untold MINERALS, the will not fail IF this is done right ! "noting that the objection coalition of Kurdish blocs on the law of the infrastructure was in principle for non-allocation accounted for 17 percent of the funds and projects in this law for the Kurdistan region" Again HCL and Article 140 ! "in addition to foreign companies, which will examine the contracts and the implementation of projects are not the same that work at home there can be no room for corruption" Outside mediation will curb 99 % of the corruption, taking the governments hands out of the pot so to speak ! "unlikely to be voted on this law during the current parliamentary session" This is not unexpected now that we are seeing the correlation between the laws. When we see the HCL and full implementation of Article 140 we will see this Infrastructure Law as well... and then things will be just right. The CBI should feel warm and fuzzy and quite comfortable doing what needs to be done, just sayin.... please remember that I was just giving my opinion based on what I have been taught and common sense plays in here too (winks) it has everything to do with MONEY period !! Parliament is back on Thursday the 18th of July and we could see all this come to pass ! So be encouraged
  7. Stryker Blog Update - 07/15/2013 We are seeing the transition unfold right in front of use! Dr. Shabibi is back and boy does he have a lot to say but the most important things in my opinion that he shared with the world is that Iraq is undergoing a period of transition into a free market economy and also a move to an economy of peace from the past. Quote: Iraq is undergoing a period of transition, there is first the transition towards market economy and has the text of the Constitution on the importance of the private sector within it. Quote: There is also a move to an economy of peace from war and siege economy (which has been with us for a long time) which is a development of great importance He also said something that I have tried to convey for weeks now, they must get their remaining debt in line before they can make Monetary Reform, or regain their International Status. Quote: There is also integration with the international community, which ust settle things with him as most of Iraq's problems with international dimensions. Quote: This includes solving the debt problem Quote: the normalization of economic relations with the international community He then concludes with what is necessary to get Iraq its international status returned. Here are a series of quotes: *** To deal with the international community, *** which acquired great importance in our development requires significant administrative capacities *** and substantial international support *** demonstrated the importance of this during our negotiations with the Paris Club *** and the monetary *** and financial negotiations with international institutions, *** especially the International Monetary Fund. Read more: Dr. Sinan Mohammed rida Al-Shabibi *: auction of foreign currency. Central Bank crisis or crisis economy? LINK : Tomorrow we will see the return of Parliament and the other thing that I believe needs to take place before they reset their currency, which is the passage of the stalled laws as they call them, HCL, Accountability & Justice, Amnesty and others. I like our chances. Have a great day and I hope you tune in this evening to our broadcast, a lot of activity in Iraq and I will try my best to cover it all on: “A Fast Track Look At The News”. Stryker
  8. Frank26 and Team CC Notes by BulldogFord65 Monday Evening - 07/15/2013 BulldogFord65 » July 15th, 2013, 10:16 pm Hello Family: Here are tonight's CC notes -- enjoy! Have a peaceful and blessed night! “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal; For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6: 19 – 21 KJV Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, July 15, 2013 • Frank began the conference call by giving a title or theme to the call for the first time: “Shock and Awe” • Frank asked everyone to remember to pray, to go to God in prayer, and to leave it with God, and not in the pit of our stomach • Frank offered prayer, and then Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast • Need to update our notes, and tonight there will be things explained that we do not yet know • Do not be concerned about other websites and anything they may say about KTFAlways, don’t contend , just leave it alone • There will be an update from all teams and Delta, will reveal what Delta has been doing, and then Eagle1 will be on the call; also bank stories • WEDNESDAY’S CONFERENCE CALL IS CANCELLED due to Frank having a surgical procedure early on Thursday morning, THERE WILL BE A CALL ON TUESDAY, BUT NO CALL ON WEDNESDAY • The GOI stated that Iraq banking systems on a steady growth path; notice that it’s the GOI saying – it’s a marriage, cooperation • The MoP and MoF asked for a rate of 1.13 and the CBI refused, saying no, what is needed is 3.86 • The conducting of the census is something they can use from 2007; the GOI is moving forward with the planned census, but it is not the key point • Laws are being passed left and right, but the one that Frank and his team are watching is the HCL • Article “Failed banking system promotes Iraq to hold gold”…… . • On Thursday, Frank’s team alerted that China visited Wash DC and left over the weekend; there was no media coverage; what did they bring? GOLD • UN wants Iraq to pay $11billion to Kuwait; Ban Ki Moon said Iraq still has several obligations before the lifting of CH7; as Frank has been saying, Iraq will never see the keys to their shackles until then raise the rate! • Iran is giving the blessing for Barzani and Maliki to share power in Baghdad; who cares? • Parliament is demanding the lifting of the 3 zeros – notice it’s the GOI asking for the lifting of the 3 zeros • Forget Maliki, he’s only interested in a third term, don’t pay attention to what he says • 70,000 degrees (70,000 educated people) are returning to Iraq/stepping up in Iraq to take jobs to guide the country’s future • the US$ can move in value at the speed of light when it wants to, all systems are calibrated and tested • for the budget, the total revenue is 143.3 trillion dinars, expenditures of 157 trillion dinars, with deficit to expenditures of 14.68 trillion dinars; based on oil calculated at $90 per barrel; is this 2013 or 2014 budget? And how can it be if only 30 trillion dinars were printed? The rate is not in the 2013 budget, believes it’s in the 2014 budget • In UN report, the World Bank moved Iraq to “upper middle income” countries group – how??? This as it downgrades US$ • Army apologizes for scaring people in Washington state by flying/hovering low unannounced at night over a small town; O is using citizens for target practice • Article about enactment of the laws of oil and gas (HCL) likely between Erbil and Baghdad; it’s the GOI saying that they are encouraging the CBI; the GOI encouraging the House of Representatives to pass the laws in the remainder of the current term – there is a “serious intention” to approve the law • Article: HCL is the most important for the country, and should be included in the current discussions • Kurdish law makers also saying there is serious intention to pass the oil and gas laws • The visit between the political blocs (M and were successful, and now the results are being seen • Those who demand to see the blessing now, to see the rate now, want to get money now is very old, tiring, it shows ignorance and lack of any understanding; let it go; act responsibly; take it to God in prayer; Frank does not give a date or a rate! STOP asking; ask instead: are there laws being passed? Yes! Is there progress being made? Yes! • There are many important laws being passed and that must be passed; article stating the oil and gas laws very unlikely to be delayed • There are those who are concerned with amnesty, but the amnesty laws are not more important than the HCL! The HCL has 4 parts: 1)GOI profits, 2) Iraq refinery profits, 3) international investors profit, and 4) Iraqi citizens profit – this is more important than amnesty • Remember, UN Sec Gen Ban stated Iraq still has obligations before release from CH7! • Frank role played a conversation: Message to teams that S had another holiday created, it was a government holiday, not a holy day; was this the 3-day holiday Frank has been anticipating? Probably not – keep watch for another holiday giving a 3-day weekend, a government holiday, not a holy day • Government ministers on the time line for the budget of laws to the house – Frank and his teams believe when these laws are passed, we may see the 2014 budget • Article “the minister of pain completed a draft budget…” it appears fiscal year 2013 must be abandoned, and look to 2014 for the budget • Article saying the financial committee members “need salt” to delete the 3 zeros, it is of importance • Article: Financial Committee (GOI) waiting for the claim of the CBI to discuss the deletion of the 3 zeros from the currency! • SHOCK #1: GOI waiting for implementation of the plan by Dr S that S completed almost exactly 1 year ago • Previous administration body of the CBI completed study which was professional and scientific and to be included in the agreement being discussed with M and B • In the meeting with M and B, the Financial Ministers stressed that the time to change the currency was appropriate in the last year, now it’s not appropriate – meaning it must be done NOW • Foreign currency auctions yesterday and today were astronomical and made people think they were using US$, but they were not; people will know in a few days • Iraq is an oasis of economics, economies are waiting; and oasis of economic reform • Iraq needs a strong economy and currency urgently – this stated by Najafi • All of these articles are a dream come true • Did the ISX go live today? No, but we’ll come back to this • Iraq index down 0.4% today in international trading – if it went international, it would not have gone down • Referring back to the homework Frank gave: how long will it take to pass these laws? There is a rumor that it will take 15 days because Zebari referenced 15 days to pass laws, but this is what we are being told; parliament starts next Tuesday and meets 15 days • The articles that we read are like a stock tip – the people giving them are networked in and they are ahead of the curve of what’s being done, and they will pull out just at the apex before we realize what is happening – the articles are manipulation to spur the growth, but for the benefit of those feeding the articles • Post from Skull Crusher, The Snod: Take them more seriously, the IMF cleared the runway for Art 6 and M and B worked out the Erbil agreement, and way cleared for the monies to come back, but now looks like things being held up for laws, unless something powerful is being done behind the scenes – Frank interjected that the RD is done in-country; The Snod ends with stability needed, and that this is a highly important week; Frank interjected keep following the laws, keep following the HCL • Article that contradicts itself – Dinar became undesirable internationally after withdrawl from CH7 – don’t get caught up in this! Also, remember that the articles we receive are about 3 days old – they are like stock tips! • Bernake gave a speech last week that lit a fuse to the global currency reform, and caused movement in the international stock exchanges; Bernake does not open his mouth unless there is a “chess piece” to be moved; it was important • The ISX was open today, it opens for about 4 days per week, and only about 4 hours per day; the ISX is going to come back on the July 21s • The ISX linked up with NASDAQ for 2 hours today, so they kept their promise to go global today! • Franks said Bernake’s testimony was a break in pattern • The ISX has gone fully electronic, but this also sets them up to trade internationally; means things are moving forward; they are poised to be a ME hub; Iraq is poised to be a ME banking hub to lend money to the rest of the world • Many things that were to happen today are still waiting on the laws • When we see things like the ISX linking up with the NASDAQ, STOP asking if we will now see the rate!! Instead ask if this means their economy is about to explode, and then praise God!! • Walkingstick Post 246 from 7/14 thread: Parliament calls to speed up the deletion of the 3 zeros – the currency is not worthy of Iraq’s economy, it’s not favorable; article is delicious! • Frank addressed numerous articles in general • There are many laws being passed now, many we will never know about; there will be a vote tomorrow • Confirmed were the financial affairs key to raise the value of the dinar; recall the photo of the soldiers standing in front of a cave stacked with gold up to their chest and went back further than could be seen; Iraq has mountains of gold, they will never tell how much they have or it could encourage a war • The most important line to know about: the bank reduction and heading toward metal will contribute to the raising of the dinar and makes Iraq a free economy, essential the CBI allocated the amount of gold as legal and moral support to retain as support to raise the balance of the currency; what gold? the gold stolen by M • Frank role played a call: forum member just went to ISX and shows that it was closed, they are open 2am -4am EDT which coincides with what Frank has said that the blessing will happen in the still of the night • Delta called and gave 2-part report: one is Iraqia TV is blasting out all of this information, the GOI owns the media, and they’re blasting out this information to every corner of Iraq • SHOCK #2: I Team is now reporting that as of Sunday (Iraq time), Dr S -- the Gov of the CBI -- is now back in Iraq! In Baghdad! Tie this back to tonight’s first shock: we’re nearly 1 year to the day of Dr S’s plan ready for implementation, and will be making and announcement very soon; I Team believes everything is good to go, not waiting on laws, ready to go with monetary reform • Frank asked I Team what happened, why has it taken 3 ½ weeks? There was something to be worked on, but will not reveal what, but a process being worked out with M, B, S and every gov’t official – all I Team could reveal is that B was not happy with something, it’s okay, still being worked on, but still no longer seems to be problem; “B is not a numbers guy,” B is a soldier trying to be a politician, some things need to be explained for his understanding • M is also going to make an announcement on TV, Frank’s teams do know what it will be about, it’s about their currency, about national pride, taking their place internationally; the announcement is only for Iraq and about Iraq, not to us for us Eagle1 came on the call at this point • SHOCK #3: M made a speech on CNN International, and said ISX to go global on July 15 and currency to go global on July 15; today we saw the ISX join NASDAQ for 2 hours today and Eagle1 has a source saying that the UN Operational Rates were linked with ForEx and that it will show tonight; M’s speech came from CNN foreign news station, and forex/UN op rates came from a trusted source • Frank then said he has a source at WF who had been talking to him for several months, source was hired specifically for currency exchange; first call said they were being trained on international currency, and then specifically training on IQD; second call reported that WF was hiring many people all across the USA; third call about 3 days ago, the source reported that status was changed to full time, and asked Supervisor about working some OT; the Supervisor said that in July and August there will be all of the OT they can handle; call #4 today: it never happened before, but today there was an email to WF through international sources that was HUGE, it went on and on and on -- the email was only regarding foreign currency exchange; they have been given instructions that as customers come in to exchange, they will be directed to only at 2 locations for the state of NC (there will be other locations in other states, this source is in NC): customers will be directed to “foreign currency exchange centers” which are off-site; they are unmarked buildings dedicated for sole purpose to exchange currency; if not a WF client (account holder) can only exchange up to $3,000 US, but if WF account holder, can make an unlimited exchange Bluestar came on the call at this point • Bluestar asked for a link to the CNN report; Eagle1 replied there is no link, but it was seen by several trusted sources Delta report (Frank played a recording of Delta’s voice mail) • Wished Frank well with his surgery, and said he is feeling better with his allergies • He will join next week Tues and Wed to give complete full report • Greetings to the family, Iraqia TV has been saying GOI Finance committee is pressing CBI to lift the 3 zeros, think they are very close , much closer than ever before • Article which talked about deleting 3 zeros to get to 1.16, all will be shocked at the plan (in a good way) • No one knows the date or the rate!!! Hopefully by next week the currency will have been revalued, it could happen any day, any minute, and the rate will shock a lot of people in a good way • Qi cards: there is gen 1 and gen 2 – been looking for gen2 as this is the international card; some gov’t employees got paid, but the gen 2 card is still not active outside Iraq, can’t use outside until the currency is tradable internationally • Iraqia TV talking about tremendous, tremendous pressure to on the CBI to increase the rate of the dinar • CBI did auction of currency on official holiday (Sunday), which never happened before, it’s a pattern break Frank will give more information about WF on tomorrow’s call after Bible study
  9. MtnGoat: Hi Everyone. I hope I am not repeating myself since I was not done with writing my post and somehow I hit a key and my screen closed. I hate when that happens. I can't find it anywhere so I guess it got deleted? I will start again. But in case you also catch a half completed post somewhere please ignore it. This is the real deal. It is nice to be on ****** and I hope we all stay friendly over here. Lets get down to business of this post. This morning I talked to 3 contacts in Iraq. This is what they told me. Remember I am only repeating the news as I get it. To make you understand I have to regress a bit to the past so bear with me. Okay? As we know the SMART cards were activated but only in certain beta tests users and a % distribution in each providence. They needed to know they worked prior to doing the entire rollout countrywide. They used a rate of $3.44 as we know. They had to go live with some. Once these tests where done they had to rollout the rest in groups. Second, if you remember Iraq had technical difficulties rolling out the activation of the cards. It took entirely too long, longer than the planned 10 days they told the IMF. They requested a 48 hour extension window and they got the extension. After the 48 hours they are still not completed. The IMF was not so happy to put it simply. Next a huge meeting took place to look at the impacts of going full international RV while they complete the SMART card activations. The IMF decided to go ahead anyway with the RV. Incidentally many of the articles you are seeing from Iraq about removing the zeros are from the frustrations of the Economic and Finance ministries telling the CBI to go ahead with the final project to remove the zeros. The translations of these articles are not so good. Also they must cover their butts with the population since they don't want riots. Someone has to take the blame someone. The CBI had begun the project already but they wanted the people to believe that the CBI was the bad guy and hold up. Someone had to take the blame. Its all politics. Most citizens over there would not even believe what is really going on so why tell them. We know from our perspective it is held up due to the rate not showing up internationally as of yet. The CBI is working with the IMF to get it done. There is so much now at stake. I was told to disregard all the articles about starting the project to remove the zeros. Its already done. Its all just a cover story. Over to a call to the IMF contact today- I asked the contact - So why don't we see it international and at the banks as of yet, if in fact it did RV? he said, oh ! did RV for sure. The CBI let it go already. So the saga continues...... So I asked then what is taking so long for us to see it? He answered- The IMF had to run the algorithms to assign the new rates again since the clock kept ticking with all the additional days. This should have been no big deal. As you may know the algorithm balances out the rates among countries according to the assets of that country. It assigns a new rate. There are maximum thresholds on the rates. Once the code runs they check the rates. Since this has been held for the SMART card issues the plan changed. Other currencies slotted for the second basket had to be moved over to the first basket. Why..I was not given that information. But it happened and there were impacts when they did it. Some of the rates got flagged were too high. They are now trying to fix the code to get the rates to balance again. They will continue but even when they do get it right there is still timing issues to contend with since financial institutions, time zones, etc,, must coincide when they roll out this many changes in currencies all at once. I am told they expect to have it completed today and we should see the new rates later today or tomorrow early. Remember I said expect to get it done today. It is not me promising anything. If it was up to me we would have been at the bank and back home,... If they don't fix it we could be sitting here waiting longer. Then again who is to say more issues of another nature don't crop up. Once they roll the rates out it will show on the CBI site too at the same time. Later FOREX will get it and away we go...Some of the banks are seeing changes in the rates pushed down to them and some don't. These rates are just test rates. There will be a final push once they are ready. So we should ignore these inactive rates for now and don't go into a hype it you see something crazy again. In summary all I can say is it was a mess! Plain and simple. Like a soap on American was the overall feeling I got. We all would think that something of this magnitude would be well organized and work like clockwork. That is just not the case. Maybe the next baskets will go more smoothly. The good news is we are almost there and this could be our week to finally see it. I wish I could give you a more specific date for sure but I can't.
  10. Eagle1 Update From KTFA Forum Tuesday Evening - 07/09/2013 Eagle1 » July 9th, 2013, 6:57 pm • Latest Developments Good Afternoon, Family! Frank and I will be discussing some of these things tonight on the CC, but here are a few tidbits for you. IMF is telling us (and so are people at Chase and WF) that 198 currencies should (and I emphasize, "SHOULD!") go live tonight on FOREX. FOX Business News reported this morning that the FDIC voted this morning to implement Basel III tomorrow, July 10. The news is also reporting that banks that are not compliant may use IQD or other currencies to beef up their asset or capital base in order to become compliant. In Bloomberg News, the European Central Bank (ECB) also voted today to begin requiring all European banks to begin compliance procedures tomorrow, and that they must be Basel III compliant by August 1. If they are not compliant by that date, they are required to do a Cyprus-style haircut on their bank bondholders (as opposed to bank depositors like Cyprus did) in order to reach required liquidity levels. The U.S. Dollar is part of the 198 currencies expected to go "live" tonight, and is expected to lose up to 50% of its value against many world currencies. I've already suggested to many folks who have the ability to do so to either move their funds into Canadian banks or convert any excess cash into Canadian dollars, since the CAD will increase in value by 10 - 20%. Many of the big banks are in the process (and have been) of beefing up their security in preparation for customers coming in for the exchange. Even for us here in the Yakima Valley, although we don't have a large population base comparatively speaking, there are many hundreds of Dinar holders who need a place of exchange, and Wells Fargo has already prepared a separate location in order to accomplish the security issues. Once again, it is appropriate to warn everyone that just because we're going to see these massive move all at once with the USD devaluing in the midst of it, this is NOT the end of the unfolding events. We still have the roll-out of the new Treasury-backed USD on or about October 8th, and the news of that event continues to spell out the fact that bank depositors will take a serious hit on the Fed funds they have on deposit. This piece of news is not totally confirmed, so take this for the moment as a rumor. Those people who exchange their IQD WILL BE PAID in the new U.S. Treasury-backed dollars. So long as they deposit the proceeds into a non-interest-bearing checking account that has NO Fed funds in it before hand, the monies in that account will be treated as untouchable when the October 8th event takes place. Bear in mind that if you utilize the funds in that account, you may NOT deposit any funds into that account that are not UST backed or the entire balance will be treated as the old Federal Reserve monies. Confirmation one way or another of the above should follow before too long, and I will pass it along. Blessings on you. Eagle1
  11. Frank26 and KTFA Members Tidbits Tuesday Afternoon - 07/09/2013 Bandit : According to my notes from Frank's calls....... I think we are still going by.... June RD (Redenomination in country) July RI (Reinstatement) August/September RV (Revalue) October new USA $100 bill November/December Paradise found Hawaiian KTFA Party IMO... I think we could see a rate of 1:1 or $1.00 anytime in July/August then by January 2014 the rate could go above $2.50 After that the sky's the limit. Frank26: 2010 prepared the way for 2011. S and AoP were ready but ........ O ........ Took the troops out at end of 11. In 12 M stole and killed as much as he could get away with. 13 has been a miracle IMO. LD's have been in place ....... Secured .......... For many years now. Some here at KTFA even saw then delivered by USA convoys a few years ago when stationed there. KTFA, Frank lan :Delta has shared LOTS of info with us... He has popped on numerous times to let us know what Iraqi TV is saying... IF something so big as Qi Cards being loaded we would surly see a post from Delta.. Of course just my opinion... I know I wouldnt keep quiet lol but then again perhaps sometimes I need to ********** Frank26: CC last night was 3.5 hours .............. Exhausting. You need to review the counterfeiting of IQD vs it being done by a .....Qi Card. I say ......... Go ahead make my day .......... Does Delta have his? LOL. Ask him the next time You hear from him at .............. KTFA. KTFA, Frank.......... ************* choke1 » July 9th, 2013, 12:32 pm • Frank, I want to share a bank story that occurred yesterday. I called my local bank (chase) to check my account and then I had to just ask the big ?. I asked the teller thst since they now have a bank in Iraq, would they be dealing in the Iraqi Dinar? She said, "l don't know let ask." She must have placed the phone near her chest cause I could hear her ask someone, "Did we put a bank in Iraq?" The other person said, "yes we did!" She then asked, "Are we dealing with the Iraqi Dinar?" The male voice on the other side said, "not at this time but we will be." She then relayed the same message. I said thank you and hung up. I was so excited and then thought to myself, most of these banking employees don't know what's fixing to hit them. Get excited folks cause this is a smaller bank in a small town in West Texas. Thank you for reading and God Bless and continue to Pray! ************ Frank26: NOT ........ ALL ........ BANKS will be involved with the exchange!!! NOT even all WF banks in the USA!!! Hence to be a KTFA member will be valuable when the rate is released.......... I will share ALL BANK INTEL/INFO we have at that time!!! IMO bank will be overwhelmed!!! KTFA,Frank ************ james49 :Frank I am still at a loss with the vnd. Our question is why does the vnd or other currencies have to wait for iraq to make up their minds to reather they have the guts to raise the rate or their dinars or not. Viet nam was not under the marshell plan was it ? and if they wernt why cant they just rv their monies and Iraq can just be in shackles till ---- freezes over. why should other countries suffer just because iraq is so slow?. Why should being in the same basket hold up every country that wants to restructure there currency? I have tryed to read and understand all the post and to tell you the truth hearing about the articals over and over and still no rate gets me a little under the collar. Now dont get me wrong I know the Lord will bless us Christians when its time but really its getting a little out of hand and someone needs to push the button. Why are we(America) letting them get away with this crap when we are in charge. I know that America has Trillions of dinars in our treasury so why arent we making them show a rate it would get us out of debit and people would be happy again and once more be able to believe in the American dream and prosper?. I know I have asked you about the vnd before but its just puzzleing. I want to thank you for all the time you put into your Christian family. I can only imagine being in your shoes and having all those these thornes thrown at you. I see how you handle yourself under pressure and know that only God can be guiding you. Maylone, Dave and I send you and Jan all our Christian love, no one desirves it more then you both.God bless you and keep you in his embrace, ************** Frank26: Sir............. There is a new sheriff in Global Currency Town. It used to be that the world always waited for the .......... USD. Paring and backing via our once powerful reserves. Not anymore. Now we ...... The VND ..... Other currencies and You ........... MUST wait for the birth of a new ......... Global Currency partner.......... The IQD.Ta Da . KTFJ..............Keep The Faith James ………..Frank ************* XenaWP » What happen to this being a world reset with the currency? what happen to baskets 1, 2 & 3? So i guess we are waiting on Iraq to do what they need before anything happens with the other currency's? I'm just asking cause it seems like nobody talks about it? ************* Frank26: This is exactly what I have been saying. Nothing new here........... But glad You now seem to understand. The IQD MUST and WILL LEAD ALL world currencies ........... FIRST!!! KTFA, Frank *************** starfire1 :Delta stated that many would be shocked by the IQD rate. The question for Delta is -- shocked happy or shocked sad? **************** Frank26: So Happy…. that you will need ........ Shock Therapy ........ KTFA, Frank **************** chacha » July 9th, 2013, 1:11 pm • Just for fun!!! 1.Law of Mechanical Repair - After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you'll have to pee. 2.Law of Gravity - Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner. 3. Law of Probability- The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. 4.Law of Random Numbers - If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal and someone always answers. 5. Supermarket Law - As soon as you get in the smallest line, the cashier will have to call for help. 6.Variation Law -If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now. 7.Law of the Bath - When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings. 8. Law of Close Encounters - The probability of meeting someone you know increases dramatically when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with. 9. Law of the Result - When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, it will. 10. Law of Biomechanics - The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach. 11. Law of the Theatre & Hockey Arena - At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle, always arrive last. They are the ones who will leave their seats several times to go for food, beer, or the toilet and who leave early before the end of the performance or the game is over. The folks in the aisle seats come early, never move once, have long gangly legs or big bellies and stay to the bitter end of the performance. The aisle people also are very surly folk. 12. The Coffee Law - As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold. 13. Murphy's Law of Lockers - If there are only 2 people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers. 14. Law of Physical Surfaces - The chances of an open-faced jam sandwich landing face down on a floor, are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet or rug. 15.Law of Logical Argument-Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about. 16. Brown's Law of Physical Appearance - If the clothes fit, they're ugly. 17.Oliver's Law of Public Speaking- A closed mouth gathers no feet. 18.Wilson's Law of Commercial Marketing Strategy -As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it. 19. Doctors' Law- If you don't feel well, make an appointment to go to the doctor, by the time you get there you'll feel better... But don't make an appointment, and you'll stay sick. This has been proven over and over with taking children to the pediatrician.
  12. Frank26/KTFA CC Notes from Monday Night Call - 07/09/2013 BulldogFord65 » Monday July 9th, 2013, 2:39 am • Hello Family: Here are the CC notes from tonight. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31 KJV Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, July 8, 2013 • Frank began the conference call by asking everyone to remember to pray, and to go to God in prayer in all we do, and then he offered prayer; Andy then lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast • Frank stated that we are seeing a historic break in pattern – they are actually doing what they say they are doing! • The Marshall Plan was a 10 year plan, and we invaded Iraq in 2003; Frank expected that it would only take 8 years, but O made a campaign promise to pull the troops from Iraq, and simply to keep the campaign promise, he pulled them out prematurely and set back the plan, and the troops have had to return again to move the plan forward again • Do not expect a date or a rate; there are many on the forum asking for a date; there is no date given, only windows for study • Frank spoke about the laws of the land perverting God’s laws, and it’s important that we use this blessing to build the church • Frank reviewed: Maliki (M) has turned from good to bad and back and forth: recently M had turned bad, but now is behaving again • I Team reports that Barzani ( is in Baghdad and has been, not just for one day as reported • Talibani (T) is also in Baghdad, and Frank believes we will learn this soon from the media • B and T have been brought together and we saw meeting 1 and 2 last month • Frank believes Kuwait is in control of Chpt 7, and Kurdistan is in control of the mood of the AoP • This weekend there were more meetings • News reports last week that the RV would be delayed until 2014, there were many negative articles last week – remember that M is leading the GOI, and the news came from the GOI; what did we see this weekend? All positive! • There was an article with a photo of a bank teller, and on each side of the teller were stacks of dinars – why would there be stacks of IQD in this photo?? The LD’s are in banks now – the vaults are full of the LD’s and they have to stack cash outside of the vaults • B met with M and they were a complete turn around from articles at the end of last week; B’s arrival is HUGE – in Frank’s opinion this is to show the people that the rate is about to be announced before it’s shown to the world • Najafe described the meeting between M and B as a genuine will to resolve the issues between Kurdistan and Baghdad – this is a break in pattern and means something – they are doing what they are saying • This is a long process, it took 3 months to accomplish what we saw this weekend, and we still have not seen the total picture; M is doing everything possible to make B happy; M denied the existence of any differences between Kurdistan and Baghdad • A member of the economics committee of the GOI stated that the value of the IQD will rise against the USD and they will see the rise globally; they stated the CBI is obliged to be a new rate against the USD; again this is historic – the articles are stating what we are seeing • What is the difference between adding value and adding power the IQD? They have added value but we have not seen it yet; M is behaving, why?? for the money! • Article 140 and the HCL are very important – they got Chpt 7 because these are settled and done, and we see an article saying it’s settled • M spoke with banks over the weekend – JP Morgan Chase and Citibank, and told parliament and the GOI that they will take urgent steps to strengthen the IQD • M told the GOI that with the lifting of Chpt 7 they gain control over their economy • Al Halfi said in another article that the IQD will replace the USD in many economies as the reserve currency • JPMorganChase, the wholesaler of the IQD in the USA is now coming to Iraq/the GOI • Over the weekend, M also showed the 2014 budget to B, this is the beginning of the 2014 fiscal year in Iraq (remember they are following the Islamic calendar, and Shabibi (S) has always planned to start the new rate in fiscal 2014) • M said he and B have the will to resolve any differences between Baghdad and Erbil, and both are available; this indicates that B was happy with the 2014 budget • The USA/AoP and B love laws; the market must be opened to investment laws that are in place after lifting of Chpt 7; B and Kuwait have kept faith • M said banking system is key to the construction and re-construction of Iraq • B’s visit to M is the compliment of M’s visit to B • The GOI stated the political problems will not affect the project to delete the 3 zeros after coming out of Chpt 7 • 20 new entries in the journal; there is urgency, something is about to happen; in the coming days we will continue to see so much more • The CBI and the GOI are saying the same things and want the same things • Do not believe articles stating there are secret agreements between M and B • The great demand for, and coming days will see a rise in the IQD • Remember soon after the capture of Saddam, there was a photo of 2 US soldiers standing near a cave entrance and there were stacks of gold bars – those assets were frozen, it was money that Saddam stole, along with over 700 billion in foreign currency, of which 90 billion was USD; that money is frozen; right now these frozen assets are being released, and will transfer to the CBI • Another article states the level of the economy will raise • Delta has not been on the call because Frank is protecting him, and Delta is busy intel gathering • Qi cards will prevent counterfeiting; in the past the government had a lot to do with the counterfeiting, but M has been neutralized • Another article stating the demand of the CBI to speed up the deletion of the 3 zeros after the lifting of Chpt 7 • Another article: It is not in the best interest of Iraq to have their rate so irregular; they will take urgent steps to transform the Iraqi market • Frank reviewed several other articles all saying the same thing • None of this matters if rate is not changed – there are no jobs, the economy does not improve, etc at 1166 • Article: Finance committee will host managers of banks and pension managers to discuss the exchange rate • Article regarding the completion of 2014 budget draft • Go to the Legal Law library of the Gazette, the 2013 budget was posted without the new rate • Have we ever seen this much activity in the past 10 years? Have we ever seen 2 budgets come out in the same year? • Article stating the tariff laws are being voted on – this is HUGE • Iraq made USD620 billion this year in energy sales alone; it’s incredible what they have to back their currency • Italy has increased the volume of their trade with Iraq • JPMorganChase is the next big thing in Iraq • 2 of 3 remaining issues have been moved from Chpt 7 to Chpt 6; there is one remaining issue under Chpt 7 – the issue is the repayment of Kuwait (11 billion) • The UNSC was not to vote until the middle of July, and B was not to visit Baghdad until late July but all was moved up approx. 18 days • With Iraq out of Chpt 7, it’s necessary to set a date to bring out the new rate Bluestar came on the call at this point • Bluestar asked what is left to do for this to pop? Frank replied to watch B as he sets the mood for the AoP; the AoP are in the USA, but they are not in Washington; Kurdistan is in control of the heartbeat of the relationship; M is neutralized; what do we need to see next? Kuwait is done, S is in the right place, look for B to come back to Baghdad; Ramadan is not a problem, they are working on Fridays (their holy day) so Ramadan will not be a problem; S remains in NYC; keys are B coming back, and Qi cards are important; expect B to come back before the end of Ramadan; looking for B, then S, then LD’s and Qi cards; they are being very transparent and obvious • In Frank’s opinion, the RV will occur “nanoseconds” after the HCL is done Frank then played Delta’s voice mail report (audio was very garbled an hard to understand) • Delta hopes to join the call live next week • In Delta’s opinion the rate will be a shock to a lot of people • Iraqia TV is talking about adding value to their currency Frank told the story about a forum member who has a WF account, and the bank has been waiving the service fee every month for the past 11 months. The email confirming the service fee was waived has been the same for the past 11 months. Last month’s email broke form and added “talk to you soon.” Congratulations again to the new Admins, Andy and 7-FA. The next new Admins will likely be from Australia and/or UK. Bluestar was able to hear Delta’s call clearly and will make separate notes – there’s no significance to the notes being separate, only that the voice mail was clear on Frank’s side but garbled on the forum side and the play back. Frank concluded the call with prayer and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast.
  13. "Where We Are" Thoughts from Bluestar at KTFA Forum Thurs.AM - 07/04/2013 BLUESTAR » July 4th, 2013, 1:31 am Dear Family: This past night I promised you that I would post my BLUE COUCH EQUATION. I cooked this up during "our call" hosted by the ever mighty Frank (how he does these calls night after night is a true marvel!). How did I come up with this idea and what does it mean? During the past 3 days, I have been on NUMEROUS calls as either a listener, questioner or lead guest(active debate about the Dinar history). I've taken 20 pages of notes and gleaned insight into where I think we finally are and here is my equation expressing this as succinctly as possible: UN Sec. vote Chapter 7 June 27th + UN mandate to get the currency out (no 15-0 vote without a mandate and possible knowledge of approximate date) + reports of the GOI saying that citizens will have a good Ramadan + reports of smart cards being handed out + If country does not have an RV by July 8th, then the shackles will be put back on + Shabibi's work on unfreezing assets ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Reports of a scroll under Iraqi TV declaring when the RV will be (no date but it's JUST BEFORE RAMADAN!). Let's hope and pray that my solo trip to Frankee's magic blue couch is an accurate one!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND LORD PLEASE HEAR OUR PRAYERS AND BRING FORTH THIS RV SO WE CAN BRING MORE GLORY TO YOU!!!
  16. Update from MntGoat Emailed to Recaps Tuesday AM - 07/02/2013 Hello Eveyone: I will not do any formalities today and will go right to the information because it is so good. First let me say I wanted to give you an update over the weekend however the news was extremely hard to get out of Iraq and I could not reach my contacts. Finally yesterday I got through to Iraq. So why have we not seen the RV already? Its July 1st already I stated. I asked this question to my contact and here is what I was told- (I will try to quote as much as possible) The National Meeting was a huge success on Saturday and all the politicians made their grand speeches. The Federation Council was activated. It was apparent at the meeting that Maliki was stepping back and not really in control any longer. Some small groups of people lingered in the streets late in the night after the meeting and celebrations tampered down and became to get angry as they expected to see the new rate immediately (and he laughed) after the meeting. What hold up? said my contact. We are just fine over here. All is well over here. The currencys' new rate has been activated mid Monday. It is $3.44 now as shown on posters in the windows at the banks. I also have a freind who tried to use the ATM to get cash and could not yet do it however the new rate was showing. The cards are activated as others are using the machines successfully. The new lower denoms are but being rolled out according to type of payout. People were told on the TVs a schedule to watch for their activation. Tarriffs are implemented as the TV news is also telling us over here. So I asked myself...If it is activated in Iraq on Monday then why have we not seen it yet in the USA? I don't know said my Iraq contact. Thus I made yet another call to my contact in the IMF. He is telling me that any country that is not fully Basil III compliant will cause a delay in activation until the final requirements are ironed out. The USA is one of these countries. I was told this issue is now resolved (he told me how but I will not repeat it since you would not like the politics involved). I also agreed not to talk about it. The important part is the USA should see activation sometime during the next couple days. Please don't shoot the messenger. Like you, I surely hope this information is true. Let's see how it all plays out in the next couple days. I think we will all be at the bank on Weds or by the end of the week for sure. Peace and Luv to ya all. Mnt Goat
  17. BulldogFord65 » June 24th, 2013, 9:47 pm Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, June 24, 2013 • Frank began with his declaration of faith, that he is a Christian, and he begins and ends each conference call by honoring God in prayer; after prayer, Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast • Frank reviewed that Monday nights are IQD-only calls, Tuesdays are Bible study night followed by IQD update, and Wednesdays are investment night followed by an IQD update • The past 5 days and today in particular witnessed historic events happening, Frank will explain in detail what happened, and the importance and meaning • Frank encouraged us to pray for one another • Frank gave a preview of a product which will be highlighted on investment night, a water bottle that not only purifies water, but also removes radiation • Review from last week – we look for remaining items to be transferred from Chpt 7 to Chpt 6, and release of Chpt 7 • Frank is confident in his opinion that chpt 7 will never be lifted, they will never see the keys to their shackles until they raise the value of their currency; he has been sharing the proof of his opinion for the last 4 years • UN wants Iraq to obey ALL of the mandates • S went to NYC; Frank has always maintained that at the end, S would be back, not visibly in charge, but behind the scenes in charge; we are seeing this • I Teams released 4 people from their security detail, S, Z and 2 others; S and Z are still in NYC, and they will stay there through June 27 • I Team was instructed on Thursday to return to Saudi Arabia; while there, on Saturday night going into Sunday morning, on Saudi TV, the King spoke and said that the ME has recognized the weekend as Thursday/Friday, and he announced that they will align with the rest of the world and end the week on Friday/Saturday; not only in SA, but all the ME; this aligns them with the world’s financial and banking system; this was agreed to during meeting #2 • I Team is back in Baghdad, left Sunday night, and they are there now, waiting for next orders; in Frank’s opinion, they were moved back to protect something or someone; the ME is working hand in hand with what’s going on at the UN • The change in the official weekend in the ME aligns the banks with the world as in Frank’s opinion, the CBI will feed vital nutrients to the world economy • Frank’s strong opinion that chpt 7 cannot be released until the value of the currency is raised, and UN is pushing Iraq to make the change; the re-alignment of the weekend is HUGE – this changes 2,000 years of tradition overnight – WHY?? This is a MAJOR move, WHY?? This cannot be ignored; this was also one of the mandates to lift chpt 7! • The SA King is a kingpin in the ME, he leads in many ways that we don’t understand; OPEC is powerful; the ME will follow the King of SA, it was important that he lead and that he make the announcement • Frank and Eagle1 both put out emergency posts this weekend, and Jack Lew also talked this weekend, the RUMOR is that he talked about the RV of 66 currencies • WF source said they understand the RV, they can see it on their screens, and no more big jumps, only small (penny) changes; they agree that we need to see chpt 7 for the release of the rate • I Team is concerned what will happen in Iraq when chpt 7 is released, the celebration is anticipated to be of epic proportion, and fear is that it will get out of control, not from the citizens, but from enemies • The entire monetary reform has been through S, and he’ll stay through 27th, then?? • I Team reported they took Eagle1’s information to analysts in-country, and the analysts concur that Eagle1’s information is spot-on correct! • Major financial house in NY is backing wealth management with bonds and IQD; wealth management insurance company in TX is backing their investment portfolio 5% with IQD • Request to pray for Iraq, for their safety after chpt 7 is lifted, the celebrations will be “nuts” • Iraqiya TV is going crazy with the chpt 7 news story, and that they are about to explode as a country – growth, investment, prosperity; unfortunately, there will be those outside of the country and factions that are/will be jealous of their new-found prosperity, and unfortunately, probably not all of the news will be good, there will likely be some serious and tragic problems problems • Frank reviewed some of the forum posts from over the weekend, and reminded everyone that he does not give a date or rate • Last October, Frank introduced the Indonesian Rupiah and the South Korean Wong, other sites do not do this, and some actually discourage – learn and study from Frank’s intel • There are emails going out from Africa and other countries with people seeking money, promising to pay back large amounts – these are scams and do not send money or information • Parliamentary economy is post-chpt 7; why is S staying in NYC? Because he’s preparing phase 2, what they will do in chpt 6, he has the numbers that the GOI want (RV) • The parliamentary economy and investment will transform and restructure the region; article stating “all financial obstacles” will be removed, this cannot be done with “toilet paper currency”; watch what they do from June 28 – July 7; will all be accomplished overnight when they are released? We watch 6/28 – 7/7 • WF: Frank is weary of them treating the family like fools • Article stating that Iraq will have total sovereignty post-chpt 7; they cannot be sovereign with toilet paper currency • Frank reviewed a post by Walkingstick that explains Iraq’s status as a hub of trade in the region and the currency controls in the open market and the black market interaction • Frank reviewed a forum post questioning if chpt 7 can be lifted without raising their currency; Frank’s answer is to take all the evidence to God in prayer; Frank reviewed a reply post from one the Skull Crushers that thoroughly explained that no way can Iraq pay their debt or finance their projects at 1166 • 6/23 thread, Post 293 from JustMichelle speaking of the change in official weekend, read and study it! • Back in 2008, Frank and a small team launched KTFAlways, and Frank led with intel that on 12/15/08 Chase and Citibank would stop selling IQD; this indeed came to pass, and all wanted to know how he knew? Frank had an intel team already assembled; the group’s next question was what banks should we now pay attention to?? Frank named 4 banks: BofA, Chase, WF, CitiGroup • BofA: this is the piggy bank of the USA/US Treasury, they will become the wholesalers of the new Marshall Plan currency; ChaseManhattanJPMorgan: BoA/UST asked them to be the retailer of the IQD to the people for new Marshall plan; WF: they will be the exchanger of the dinar and work with other private banks and the UST, they have been misleading to diffuse the attention until chpt 7 is lifted; Citibank: they will be the bridge to Iraq, through Warka, they were built in the Green Zone and they have flourished over the past 10 years, Warka paid interest on the IQD and allowed investment in the Iraqi stock market • Citibank said it obtained approval from the CBI to open an office in Baghdad; they have a bank in Jordan, but they say they expect prosperity in Iraq; Frank’s opinion paraphrase: Citi is salivating to get in with the CBI and be established when chpt 7 is lifted; they are ecstatic to be there to make money when chpt 7 is lifted • Frank read an article about a whistle-blower inside the Fed Reserve, saying a small group of individuals are power-hungry and corrupt; network of whistle-blowers trying to expose, but in Frank’s opinion, it will not happen because the trail leads to the GCR • Article from Citibank says it obtained prelim approval from the CBI, and by 2050, Iraq’s economy will be in the trillions, and they want to be a part of building (financing) infrastructure projects, with foreign investment, it will happen in a few short years; how? With toilet paper money?????? No • Article stating Iraq is on the verge of a new future after release from chpt 7 • Is there really any question that the UN expects the currency value to be raised before chpt 7 is lifted??? The official weekend tradition that has stood for 2,000 years has just been changed overnight????? Read and study, take it to God in prayer • Frank use an analogy of a caged animal: when the cage is opened, will the animal just sit and stare at it? No, they will run like the wind; Iraq is poised for explosive growth once they are released, but just like the caged animal, there is one moment of confusion and disarray when the door swings open, but it is only a moment, and then it is confidently on its way; Iraq has been anticipating this for 20 years, these are epic moments, historic moments for Iraq, and a new beginning • Article stating chpt 7 nightmare haunts Iraq, and the signs for release are imminent; IQD haunts the GOI, they should feel guilty for waiting, and they cannot go anywhere without raising the value • If the LD’s do not show and a rate does not show by July 7, Iraq will have put the shackles back on themselves, and so Frank stands by his opinion that they won’t see the keys to their shackles without raising the rate; also remember this not only about Iraq, it is about the world • Frank read a post by Skull Crusher Zochowski about Islamic (Lunar) calendar vs Gregorian calendar, and articles written to the citizens refer to the Islamic calendar and confuses us thinking in terms of the Gregorian calendar • Article from Dame about the change of definition of the products in the budget – why? Did the math change? Yes (with rate change) • Gearhead post exit from chpt 7 will stop the thievery of the IQD • Mary Cooper 6/23 thread post 195 about international investment – the IQD has no choice but to increase with the positive forces opening up to do business with/in Iraq; they will not come or stay for toilet paper currency • Article about MoF and MoP talking about foreign investment diversifying revenue and absorbing unemployment; it will fuel the country and the economy • Ramjet 6/23 thread post 201 was an excellent summary; go back and read it; IQD must bring back their currency to an international rate, they must drop the 3 zeros; Iraq must get their citizens to use the IQD; the GOI must raise the value IN-country, but it has no connection to the OUT-of-country rate; all eyes are on the LD’s, looking for them to come out; WF has kept silent and will say nothing until chpt 7 is lifted, and at that time we should see the rate on the CBI website and on the ForEx; Frank is watching closely for the LD’s between 6/28 – 7/7; remember Frank’s opinion of: June = RD (in-country only), July = RI (out-of-country), Aug/Sept = RV, the rise in value to the asset rate set by the Basel III protocols, Oct = new UST notes in USA (Frank further expounded: this does not mean our bank accounts will be half overnight, but it means cost of imported goods will go up, and the US$ will not go as far, it will take more US$ to make purchases, but in the long run, it will be good for the USA); reminder from Ramjet that currency, including 60 day layaway is available from Frank on his website, or by calling him • Frank has 30 and 60 day lay away plans, credit cards are accepted (not for lay away though); Frank has Indonesian Rupiah, S Korean Wong, and other currencies • Frank also accepts prayer requests, and there are Prayer Warriors on the forum staff • Review Eagle1’s post from the weekend, very important • Things are looking good, there’s no date or rate, and Frank is not changing or backing off of his opinions and intel that has been previously been presented • Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted up the prayer with the shofar horn blast, and a review of the MB group status
  18. Stryker Blog Update .. 24 June 2013 Interesting weekend and I believe it will only get more so, as we get closer to the UN Security Council Meeting, their vote on Iraq's release from Chapter VII on Thursday the 27th and to the start of the second half of 2013. Yesterday there were a few articles that stated parliament would not return until July 2nd and many more that just said they will return next Tuesday (tomorrow). Confusing, yes but not unexpected coming from Iraqi news sources, Parliaments is in fact working today as you can see in this quote: *** Parliament welcomed the various blocks Monday And its article: Parliament welcomed the amendment of the law and criticism of the State of law to withdraw from yesterday's meeting LINK Does this mean that they will return tomorrow, not sure but you can bet we will be watching to see, my guess would be yes. OK, Friday and Saturday were as equally confusing with articles stating that Sunday was the next Parliament session and then articles like these (Deputy citizen Abdul Hussein abtan block: blocks agreed to include the law criminalizing the Baath Party meeting next Monday) that stated that Monday was. As everyone can see Sunday was in fact their session and in fact they are meeting today as well but don't confuse a session with a meeting. LINK So as far as the articles yesterday that said they would not return until July 2nd, let’s say we can only assume that they have their facts wrong or we are losing something in translation when they talk about that date or they are talking about a meeting and not a session. Here is the quote: *** decided to adjourn the meeting until the day Tuesday, 02.07.2013 ... "MEETING" Or this one: *** and provide financial and legal committees than raise its second next July. .... "COMMITTEES" Articles: House of Representatives raises its to early next month after the vote on the amendment of the law governorates not organized province and finished re LINK I myself am looking for a day of celebration in Iraq on June 27th if the UN releases Iraqi from all sanctions and that all the demonstrator’s start celebrating along the sides of all the Iraqi citizens. Will all the laws be passed by the end of the month, no but I really believe the ones that are not, will be and they have already signed agreements to do so. This speculation comes from reading hundreds of articles this last week but I could be completely wrong as well but I really don’t think so. Just because our U.S. House of Representatives are not in a session in the house does not mean that they are not there working in their offices or in meetings with their own parties or with each other folks. Too many people are assuming that the Iraqi Parliament only works when they are in session but that would be 100% wrong, they work every day that they are not in session as our own government works. The only time that they don't is when they are on holiday breaks or they are between legislative sessions. On my Saturday’s broadcast I went over the Parliament sessions according to the Iraqi constitutional outline. Their 8 month legislative sessions are broken into two yearly legislative terms, the first starts March 1st and ends June 30th, the second starts September 1st and ends December 31st, every year. You can bet that they are working very hard this week, can everything get done that they need done, well that part we just need to wait to see but rest assured that they are working harder knowing that they can see Chapter VII as part of their past. I will go over more of this on my broadcast this evening. Now can we wake tomorrow to no Parliament in a session or voting, sure but you can bet that they are there working like today. Let us watch for an agenda today to try and confirm a session tomorrow, like I said, it will only get more interesting as we get closer to Chapter VII release and all the sanctions that go with it. Have a great Monday everyone, Stryker
  19. Notes from Frank26 CC Tues. Night, 5/28/2013, with Eagle1 and Delta Frank26 Conference Call after Bible Study Tuesday, May 28, 2013 Notes by BulldogFord65............ Please enjoy: • Frank will not talk about our troops out of respect for their duty and security; only one word: engagement; when they are done, then it can be discussed • Take everything from the conference call to God in prayer • Jack Lew is in Hong Kong, or may have just left; working on 2 of the largest Asian accounts, and they are moving large amounts of money through the Bank of International Settlement; believe it may be in regard to the DFI funds • Shabibi is in Jordan • Maliki is running for his life, and is missing – no trace of him since last Wednesday; none of the KTFA teams have seen or heard of him, no articles mentioning him, no photos, no one knows where he is. If he acts like he is concerned about security, he is not! • 900 million stolen or missing from Q1 taken by GOI members: I-Teams report not to worry about it because it was blocked , it was electronic in their accounts; the money has been recovered • banking systems and electronic systems in Iraq are done and are being loaded up; the work on the banking system was done last year (old news/last year), the new news is the systems are being loaded now and about to be activated(new news/this year) • O and Biden have no solutions or answers to remedy the delays and internal problems, and the meetings they wanted with the GOI would have been nothing but a waste of time • The Emir of Kuwait is ecstatic – this is important • US$ costs a lot because the people must buy off the streets; the CBI sold them to anyone and everyone whether or not they had a Qi card; why? This is about the RD; they have a goal to reach to get them to 1:1 IN COUNTRY; this has nothing to do with the rate outside of Iraq, it’s to reach 1:1 inside Iraq; there is a lot of smoke and confusion about this. We outside look for what they do not talk about ; the RI/RV maybe 3+. • On Iraqiya TV they are telling the citizens they are about to raise the value of the dinar in June; Delta has seen it on TV • 1:1000 is for in-country deletion of the 3 zeros: Family you must understand the difference between RD/RI/RV • Believe the 1:1 rate is in-country only; the exchange rate to other countries TBD; the rate can be 1:1 inside Iraq and a different exchange rate outside Iraq • USAID agency is going to announce the funding of a project that will reduce the dependency on oil revenues inside Iraq because the IMF has mandated that Iraq enter international status, and they need to develop the private sector so they are not 100% dependent on oil revenues; this is needed before they raise the value of their currency; this is HUGE • Farmers are receiving financial compensation through the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait; this is one reason why the Emir of Kuwait is ecstatic; things are happening right in front of our eyes; these are war mandates that are being met • Every one of these things just mentioned is the same as saying that Iraq is out of Chpt 7 • Iraq is #6 in the world in gas production; 121 Billion was invested and experts are saying it’s going to pay off “big time;” Baghdad has 112 trillion cu ft of gas and they burn off 700 million cu ft at their oil refineries – it is wasted due to lack of infrastructure, and this is nothing compared to Kurdistan; need to grow up and • Why is F26 so happy about the IQD? 1) our troops are there, 2) announcing on Iraqiya TV that the value of the IQD is being raised, 3) M is gone or going, 4) Emir of Kuwait is ecstatic, 5) the IMF has brought them to Chpt 8, 6) the WTO has welcomed Iraq with open arms, 7) because the IMF wants them to stop using the US$ and raise the value of their currency and use it to pay their debts • The citizens are buying US$ and holding on to their 000. 0's and 00's are used to buy the USDs; they are hoarding the 3 zero notes because they know what they will be worth outside of Iraq. Then why give up these smaller dinars ........... Because when the IQD goes up they can use the USD to buy the new LD's! • US$ hit 84.30 today; Frank still looking for 84.55 by the end of this week • There are very long lines in Iraqi banks right now, trying to buy US$; this is not a bad thing – they can be used to buy LD’s after the RV citizens are smart. Been tricked too many times. • Post # 272 (5/27) by WS, Iraqi citizens will see the distribution of surplus oil revenues among the people in June/HCL? • Kuwait finally gets the prisoners transferred; it is accomplished; this alone is reason to talk about Chpt 7 being lifted • I-Team’s report that IN THEIR OPINION, there is no more Chpt 7; money is flowing into Iraq at high rates of speed and Eagle1’s information is “spot on”, Shabibi is doing what he’s supposed to do very quietly, and with US protection • I-Team almost consider what M did to S a blessing because now S can be protected and shielded from the constant delays of M as he finished with UST/IMF/WB/WTO/Finance Minister. • In I-Team’s opinion, the RD is imminent because Iraq was taken out of the monetary reform policy when M dismissed S. Advancement was reached without a fear of M. *********** Atlas came on the call at this point: KTFA House-Keeping and site Information *********** At this point, Eagle1 came on the call • Frank relayed that I-Team is very impressed with Eagle1’s knowledge because he’s been “spot on” with all of his intel • What is Basel III? Eagle1 explained it’s named for Basel, Switzerland where Bush 43 met with central bankers and IMF to develop protocols to take all nations from fiat currency to asset-based currency; for some nations, these protocols will devalue their currency and for other countries, it will substantially increase their currency value • At the time, world banks were running Babylon 1 software which was “a joke,” it could not manage the complex revaluations of all the currencies; new software was needed • There are 3 baskets of currencies: 25 currencies in the first basket, and the next 2 baskets have 30 currencies each; the plan is to revalue or re-align all 85 currencies by June 30; there are a total of 198 countries participating in this, it is a massive undertaking • Frank asked about the large amounts of money transferring over the weekend and now? I-Team is based in Saudi Arabia, and right now I-Team is in the Green Zone; on Thursday they will go to SA for a touch down only to pick up a package (banking center) and then to Jordan to pick up another package (S is in Jordan), then back to the GZ in Baghdad; maybe some Kuwait reps will be there? in Frank’s opinion, this is being done to justify the lifting of Chpt 7 (this intel of I-Team movement is not classified) • Eagle1 has also see the large amounts of money moving into Iraq over the past 2 weeks • Frank asked if all that’s happening is to lift Chpt 7? Yes! This is why the Emir of Kuwait is ecstatic – watch where he goes, follow the Emir of Kuwait • Large amounts of monies are flowing in probably from the countries that are in the baskets as the RV will wipe out their national debts • A number of countries in the ME are in the first basket, and their values are going up; they are being propped up by the IQD as it will be a reserve currency in their central banks • Frank’s opinion is that we don’t see these large movements until the last moment; there is much evidence supporting that something is happening now; also this is another reason for flushing the 3 zeros in Iraq with US$; also, terrorists are being flushed at the same time • This is a massive campaign to bring in the equipment, software, protocols, etc for this global currency reset, however we cannot see it as it’s being kept hidden; this is a world-changing event, the IQD gets to be at the center of it, but it’s not all about the IQD, this is a global currency reset, and it’s all interwoven ********** After prayer and the shofar horn, Frank played a voice message from Delta: • Delta could not join as he’s on assignment, everything is still on track, still on very high alert, and in his opinion as he posted, he would be very surprised if the RV goes past the first week of June • Delta confirmed the message on Iraqiya TV to implement the increase in the exchange rate of the IQD • Delta said the people don’t have confidence in the GOI and so will keep using the US$ until they see something happen
  20. Admin Shredd & BondLadys Corner Member Chat - 05/21/2013 [lightingcslt] DogzNova you see how high those auctions were [DogzNova] lightingcslt yes.. 283,000,000 ... They pulling money off the streets ya think [lightingcslt] DogzNova yeah talk about flooding, just give me a few more of those auctions [DogzNova] I'm sure there wiil be [shredd] DogzNova what trends are you seeing in the auctions? [DogzNova] well today was the first time I have seen it in the high 280,000,000 in quite some time, if it stays that high.. they will pull the market price right down... it was just at 1292 a few days a go.. And yesterday it was at 1250.. so they pulled 42 pips out quite fast.. [shredd] ok ty [therealbubbie] 42 pips! chump change !! [DogzNova] now.. if you remember last yr.. Shabs dropped the market price as fast as I've seen it since i've been watching this.. In October of 2012 S pulled it right down. [waitingondinar] DogzNova if the dinars to $ goes down, that is bad for us, correct? [DogzNova] no.. it's kind of confusing.. If the number goes down.. The value actully goes up for us [therealbubbie] if it goes from 1166 to 1000 to one the dinar is going down but the value is going up !! correct !! [DogzNova] therealbubbie correct [lightingcslt] pip me baby to 1000 [DogzNova] the lower the number.. The higher the value for us.. For instance 300 to 1.. see what I'm saying..... 138 to 1 ect. [shredd] well, what i'd love to know is how much of the cash is circulated in and out via the auctions [lightingcslt] wonder how we can find that out [DogzNova] lightingcslt we all would.. I think they are with the remmitance [shredd] the auctions are a tool to manage supply which in turn affects pricing so, we could say the amount released back to the banks is based on the target pricing. which is being thrown out of wack due to high demand we simply can't add up the total of auctions and say that is the amount being brought in there is a circular process managing supply [lightingcslt] Shredd why of course they have to manage it [DogzNova] Shredd yeah... see they confuse me a bit [shredd] when they detail the participating banks they are the ones releasing cash back to cbi to maintain targeted balances.all banks operate this way the crosshairs are on the dinar supply [DogzNova] Shredd I think there might be a diff doc. on the arabic side of the CBI but last time I tried to translate it it did work.. But I think it shows how much each bank is turning in each day.. Don't quote me.. But I think I remember seeing it [shredd] yeah, makes sense [DogzNova] If you look at this chart.. You can see what shabs did last year regarding pulling down the market price.. [DogzNova] from April through Oct [shredd] DogzNova a perfect picture of the stability in the pricing that is needed [DogzNova] now remember the market price is floating against the USD.. It's just not in real time yet, it seems to be a few weeks behind if I overlap the charts.. The IQD market price over the USD dollar chart ... But if you take that CBI market price chart and the auction PDF file you can see how S pulled the market price down last yr.. It was with high auctions... Here is the PDF file if anyone wants to put the two together.. [DogzNova] And I believe that all the extra currency that was on the streets last year was from the troops leaving.. If you look at that PDF file.. you will see the auctions picked up quite a bit after Dec 1st.. Actuly it started Dec 19th 2011 Why? Cause the troops started putting all their currency on the streets as they where pulling out.. When I say the street.. I'm talking about everything besids the CBI.. So that includes all the banks and street venders.. Sorry, I Just didn't want everyone thinking the troops turned their currency into the street vendors.. No.. They turned it into the banks.. And that to me is the same as the streets.. If it's not at the CBI then it's on the streets.. Hope that made sense.. [DogzNova] I remember when S said the CBI was gonna start floating .. I think I have the art saved.. Of course they said it in a confusing way.. But S did say float... But what he didnt say was... It was the Market price that was gonna start to float.. It's the market price that is floating against the USD right now.. The exchange rate is locked at the moment we all know that.. But remember they are teaching them how to do things at the CBI step by step... Next IMO should be the exchange rate floating.. Of course they will not start to float the exchange rate at 1166.. Thats crazy talk.. But I also think it's been floating behind the scenes, again JMO and I can't prove it.. So that's just a guess on my part.. But the market price floating against the USD is NOT a guess it's FACT.. [shredd] right [DogzNova] and before He said float.. the Market price was so stable it's not even funny.. For example the market price stayed at 1200 for almost a year.. Go back and see how stable it was during the height of the WAR. How could the market price stay so stable during war time but can't now ? Because it wasn't allowed to float against the USD at that time... It was just supply and demand within the country. Shabs opened it up.. Rember it's a teaching thing... All part of the plan. [lightingcslt] DogzNova well i think they been taught enough dont you? [DogzNova] yes a 10 year plan and yes they are getting there.. [lightingcslt] DogzNova imo they are there [DogzNova] Go back and study.. you will see Shabs did it step by step.. Then supposdly got canned .. Ok cyclops [DogzNova] lightingcslt is the new CBI building opened ? [lightingcslt] DogzNova I dont think so still being built [DogzNova] Let me know when it opens .. k [lightingcslt] DogzNova why? [DogzNova] it's due to open at the end of 2013, all part of the plan. [lightingcslt] DogzNova this is going down before that opening DogzNova Shredd lightingcslt out From Dogz: This article is from 9/16/2012 Arab Monetary Fund: the managed float system supports Iraq currency exchange 2012-09-16 Baghdad/JD/... Arab Monetary Fund stressed that Iraq among States that depend on the managed float system of currency, Exchange systems prevailing in global economics and Arabic currency, include 3 types of first “ full floating, which leaves most of the market-determined exchange rate, while others adopt a “ peg in one currency or basket of currencies and countries most “ most cooperation, Jordan and Lebanon, in addition to exchange systems that combine both systems. Head of training section of the Fund during the session “ most financial stability, which concluded Saturday at the headquarters of the Fund in Abu Dhabi, Ibrahim alkrasnh “ currency systems vary in the Arabic States to 3 types of most, noting that both Jordan and Lebanon and Gulf Cooperation Council linking its currency with fixed exchange rates against the dollar most. He added, linking their currencies to Libya and Syria SDR, while Morocco Dirham exchange rate link undeclared currency basket, where the greatest weight in the euro basketball and the Central Bank determines the exchange rate Moroccan Dirham per day, minimum and higher exchange rate UAE Dirham. The link to a basket of currencies is to choose a link to a basket of currencies available, such as SDR and other currencies baskets, usually based on the currencies of major trading partners. Added alkrasnh support both Iraq and Tunisia and Algeria, Mauritania and the Sudan managed floating system of Exchange “ most, where currency value is determined in accordance with the market forces of supply and demand, and Government intervention when necessary to return the path of the exchange rate, in line with a set of criteria including a current account and foreign exchange reserves, with support from Egypt and Yemen a floating exchange system. The “ free-floating exchange rate leaves the most freedom to change continuously over time, in line with market forces, limited interference by the authorities in this case to influence the pace of change in the exchange rate only, not reduce it. Alkrasnh said “ refer literature relating to exchange rate systems that exchange-rate impact on economic growth and have it influence either directly through the affected Exchange rates or indirect effect of exchange rate on both investment and trade and financial sector development most. Economic theory suggests that the effectiveness of States to deal with trade shocks depends primarily on the Exchange system adopted in these countries, which in turn is reflected in the economic growth of the State. “ If he declined a State export prices, the reflection on economic growth depends on the exchange rate regime, whether fixed or floating, pointing out that the low price of exports would reduce State revenue, which will lead to a decline in economic activity, as well as in most employment. “ If a State adopted a fixed exchange rate system, it requires the State to intervene to maintain the exchange rate of the local currency by starting to buy local currency, what will reduce this currency, for granting facilities and investments which would reflect negatively on the most economic growth. He stated that if the adoption of flexible exchange rate or floating, the State is under no obligation to intervene to lift the rate the resultant lack of foreign currency, leading to a further decline in local currency which would reflect positively on exports and an increase in economic growth. The impact of exchange rate system depends on the level of sophistication in the financial markets, where flexible exchange rate is usually coupled with high fluctuations that can have a negative impact on the economy unless the financial system able to absorb shock and provide appropriate hedging tools dealers, therefore believed that there should be a developed financial system if I want to take advantage of the flexible exchange rate.//
  21. Frank-Delta-Ghost2-Eagle1 --Monday night Call Notes from TerryML -- 05/20/2013 [FRANK] Dr. Shabibi, The Finance Minister, and the US of America are literally controlling the country, from within! It's not Maliki it's not the government of Iraq. It's these 3. My brother Delta, are you there? [DELTA] Yes Frankie, I'm here. [FRANK] I want you to take it and run with it. That Maliki is offering these sit-in protesters money! It turns out that these tribal leaders of these sit-in people have accepted Maliki's money. They're spreading it among the people. And they told the people, "you've got 72 hours to stop the sit ins", so we can clear the check. And I love the fact that they're going to move and the American troops are coming in. And now... NOW let me see a delay. Delta, knock yourself out buddy. [DELTA] I'm going to give you a report from Iraq; what's going on. The most important statement and article, and you probably noticed that too, was the fluxuation of the Iraqi dinar. And if you think that's a small coincidence, then you don't know what's going on. Just to let you know what's being done right now, has been done on purpose. And I'll explain to you exactly what's going on. And what's going on, believe it or no, and we all talk about the reason for the delay, and this one is dragging it all the way down. It's for 2 things. The FIRST DELAY is because of what happened with Iran and Syria. That's number one. The OTHER DELAY is becaue of the Greeks. Those rich people, those rich countries can pull that. And of course the lawsuits. I always told everybody that Iraq doesn't control that. The US controls that. The US doesn't want the money to end up in the wrong hands. Especially in our enemy of the state enemoy of the US, Iran and Syria. So there's the 100% control, right there. Who's going to take them out of Chapter VII? THE US Who's going to make the dinar tradeable, who's going to take them out of Chapter 8? THE US Who's going to make the dinar tradeable in the US banks? THE US TREASURY And the US Treasury gets their authorization from where? OBAMA q has nothing to do with that. The delay has nothing to do with Iraq. It's outside of Iraq. You saw it on youtube of people fighting for the USdollars, at the banks. I saw it with my own eyes people fighting with knives, people sleeping overnight next to the banks, just to get dollars. And the reporter came up asking them, "why are you doing that?" So many of them have kids, they have a family and so many of them were trying to make a business out of it. [DELTA] Now, the CBI, they're going to flood the country with dollars. Why? Are they afraid they're going to lose the money, the reserve is going to be gone.. ???" It's all very obvious. They're trying to grab as much dinars as possible, from Iran and Syria. Remember thousands and thousands of refugees right now; they come from Syria to Iraq. The CBI is trying to make the dinar worthless. They're doing it on purpose so that people will just give away their dinars. They're trying to grab the dinars off the streets of Iraq. The second part is the IMF. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but can you tell me how many countries that give Article 4 consultation, three times a year? Frankie have you ever seen any country get Article 4 consultation three times a year? [FRANK] Noo. That's really special treatment! [DELTA] That's actually very very special! It's actually very strange, that they got one in March, they actually concluded. The second one from the IMF, they are giving the green light to do whatever they need to do. When they had the 10 days meeting that was to actually conclude Article 4. Ten days, why 10 days? Have you ever seen IMF give any other country 10 days other than Iraq? Who do you think is working inside the US Embassy in the Green zone in Iraq? The best of the best of every skill. Economics, Politics, Energy.. There are stationed people, they are the ones that are helping Iraq connecting it to the world by the undersea cables. When the IMF went to Iraq for the conclusion of Article 4, they taught them what to do and what they need to do. Sooo.. we believe that they (Iraq) is there. And we see the actions of the CBI and the auctions on Saturday. Even though we've seen that before. They're trying to flood the country with dollars. Now, you know what's going to happen is they're going to introduce the larger denomination, who's going to sell them? The CBI. How are you going to buy the larger denomination? You don't have the money. So they're going to do reverse psychology now. And they're going to go back and pay a $dollar and buy the lower denominations now. It's all a plan. It's not coincidence. It doesn't make any sense the way they explained it to the people. They can't control the rate for so many months now. The only solution now is to REVALUE THE CURRENCY. They have to bring it up to at least 1 to 1. WE'RE DEFINITELY THERE! [FRANK] I feel good about it! [GHOST 2, friend of Frank] We get a press release from the UST, in two different formats. One saying that Iran is allowed to do business with Iraq. Iraq's banks are now allowed to do business with the United States. The United States, moving troops and allowing those two countries to play again, in my opinion, is very significant. Do you agree with that, or do you have any comment on that? [DELTA] The US has sent a lot of money to Iraq and the US cannot afford to lose Iraq. The US realizes now it's very very hard to do something harmful to Iran, because Iraq and Iran's governed by Shiia. And who came up with this plan to govern with Shiia? The US. When they put down Sadaam, who was Sunni, so what they did was put in Shiia in power. So it's impossible to harm Iran, because if you harm Iran, you also harm Iraq too. Because it's all connected. You cannot. To answer your question, with President Obama coming back and giving the executive order, and giving the green light to one of the banks. All the oil is in (illegible city name), Basra, and under Shiia. And now we all have to admit that Iran has a big influence right there. The US has to protect Iraq. They've lifted the sanctions on that Bank. In my opinion, this is very significant. And look at the timing. It's amazing! ~ ~ ~ EAGLE 1 COMES ON THE CALL.. [EAGLE1] I've been getting reports out of Baghdad. And I've been getting reports from other parts of the world, that say this thing is READY TO POP! And I noticed Delta, that you didn't say we were going to see it tonight. [DELTA] Well actually it could HAPPEN ANY DAY. And you remember the article from the CBI, saying, "that this week we should see a concrete basically.. increase in the Iraqi dinar." It looks like they have an urgency. They're doing everything very fast! And it could come out at any day, and I really do agree with that! [EAGLE1] I had a conversation with a gentlement with the State Department based in Baghdad, and he made the observation to me that he had heard.. and I don't know how credible it is, and I don't think he does either.. that we were going to see the rate come out at $1.00 , maybe $1.17 , and it's going to be a dirty float. And it was going to be allowed to float pretty freely until it climbed pretty rapidly so some nations could pay off some debts. It would be clamped down on, and brought down to something in the mid-$4.00 range. [FRANK] I agree with that. I agree with all of that. [DELTA] The only thing I don't agree about the dirty float, it's going to be a managed float. They cannot guarantee a free float, it's going to be a disaster. They only export one thing, they only export oil. They import 86% of their goods. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait they all have managed float. They're going to have managed float and it's going to stay for a couple of years. [DELTA] .. and it's going to go up from there. [EAGLE] Do you have any reason to believe that we're actually going to see such a low rate when it comes out, or do you actually think we're going to have an RI? [DELTA] I think we're going to have a 1 to 1 .. I don't think they're going to have a $3 or $4 even though I know they can support that. They're going to come out with a sucker rate. They're doing that right now. If you put all the resources together, the oiil the gold, all the resources together.. right now they can support about $4.00. Because with the Basel III, you only have to have 10 % requirement. I'm talking at 100%. So if you only need 10 %, then you're talking a lot of money! [EAGLE1] Okay, okay! Do you remember last year when on Paris and Frankfurt forex, they forecast the dinar value to be $7.62 [DELTA] They cannot go higher than Kuwaiti currency. They're going to come up to $3.70 , $3.80 , maybe $4.00. That's the max I can see it. Because they have to be like Kuwait, all around. Maybe in long while, like in 2 years, see $3.86. [EAGLE1] I heard there was a gentleman who called in from South Korea, and he heard the rate was going to be $3.68. [DELTA] I don't know, it's all in the hands of the US the IMF and all those countries, and anything could happen. But for me, in my opinion, they don't want to come that high.
  22. Frank26/Delta CC Notes and Recording Link from Wed.PM - 05/16/2013 Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Investment Night Wed 5/16/2013: Notes by BulldogFord65 • Frank told us to study BitCoin to learn what it is; today there was a major news article on BitCoin, and we know to stay away from it as O is now messing with it • Report from Delta: there’s an article that came out today stating the IQD is devaluing rapidly against the US$; Delta called Frank around 1 am and told him that the citizens are making it very clear what they want the CBI and GOI to do – Iraqiya TV is now broadcasting what the people are demanding • Forum member asked what are the citizens yelling on Iraqiya TV? Are they screaming for the value to go back to 1166? Frank: No – the IQD is not the problem, the US$ is the problem, it’s too expensive for them; with the damaged economy of the USA, how can the dollar keep increasing?? Look back to notes from Monday and Tuesday night • The citizens are demanding the IQD to be taken to 1:1 with the US$!! • Frank said over 1 month ago to watch for the US$ to hit 83.73 – the $ goes up and down all day, but notice that it hung at 83.71 for a couple of hours today • Today Frank told the forum what the next US$ value number is to look for – you have it but we will not post it; you know what to look for next; is this written in stone? No; this comes from God. Frank prays for help and the help comes; Frank shares with the family, and it’s up to the family to take it back to God in prayer • Just look for the zone of numbers we’ve been talking about on your CCs, and pay attention over this weekend • Again, the citizens are clamoring for the IQD to go to 1:1 with the US$ • Iraq Council of Ministers is calling for a special conference to discuss the budget from 2013 - 2017 because someone got a lot of money! And we want some, and the citizens want it! This is a projection for the next 5 years – it took 5 years for their currency reform, and now they want to project for the next 5 years – follow the pattern; and the ministers want to meet in the next few days?? Early next week?? “Urgency” • Iraq is predicting a budget surplus for the next couple of years – how?? Toilet paper IQD value can not project that. • USA Today pg 4A: O’s team defends war on leaks and denies media surveillance; it’s starting to unravel • WSJ pg 4A: US opens criminal probe into IRS targeting certain groups; Controversies threaten O’s second term agenda • Today O called an emergency meeting with the US Treasury – why? To deal with IRS issue? Could be. But, what did BulldogFord65 tell on the conference call last night? What did the congressman say? “the inflation of the IQD is crazy,” and in response to the investment progress status, he replied telling today’s meeting with Ben Bernake (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) • O is not part of the Marshall plan, he has no control over the RV, so he’s just playing at his own agenda and calling meetings for himself with the UST. • US$ briefly hit 84.14 today; But over the weekend it will stabilize • International companies intensify their activities to come in to the Iraqi market – why?? What’s different in Iraq now than last year or year before?? Why do they bust down the door to invest NOW in Iraq's economy? Because it is BOOMING! • WTO has issued invitation to Iraq to join and to start NOW to do what it needs to do to complete the procedures; why? It’s blatantly obvious they have international currency with this relationship! • Ministers announce policy to reduce taxes and fees to do business in Iraq, attracting foreign investment. Of course forg. investors will jump at this opportunity. • Standard Charter bank to open branches in Iraq, and expect to see growth in loans; will open locations in Baghdad and Erbil, and next year in Basrah. Come On !!! • Many asking about the NY1958 agreement article: Iraq will be a part of it; yes it’s good, but we are focusing on other things; the purpose of this is just to protect the DFI funds from lawsuits – we’ve already covered this with M2 and M being gone; we are looking for other things • Ministers, CBI and Citizens angry that Iran banks are being promoted at the expense of the Iraq banks – why? Because they are going to be a major player on the international stage; being unfair to Iraqi private bankers; the current laws do not fit with the economic boon that Iraq is going through and now these banks are fighting with each other for the powers that be in Iraq; citizens and ministers angry that other Arab banks are being encouraged, which hurts the Iraqi private banks; take away is that something is going on with the banks in Iraq; why? Because something is going on with the currency! • Article stating still need a greater effort of the CBI for monetary reform -- you can look at this 2 ways, or from 2 perspectives: Is the glass half empty or half full? We think it’s half full! This means 1) Either they are not ready, OR 2) They are ready and looking for the rate! Frank and his team believe #2 • Go to 5/14 thread, post #339 WS’s article and read again on this subject. • something hot is happening in the Kurdistan region; don’t know what it is, but will keep looking; hopefully there will be more intel for Monday’s call, we’ll see • breaking news that it seems that the head of the IRS was just fired to cover O’s tracks in the IRS targeting scandal • Regner: anything to share? “Nothing that won’t wait” LOL. TY Kindly for these CC notes BDF65 that You do for Your KTFA Family.......Aloha \m/ KTFA, Frank
  23. Frank26 CC Notes from 4/29/3013 - By BulldogFord65 KTFA Frank26 conference call April 29, 2013 Notes By BulldogFord65 Frank is wearing a red suit, red shirt and red tie!! Red alert! Opened with prayer • News story that Iraq will come out of Chpt 7 in 2014 – Frank gave the article “the raspberries;” why? The news outlets have been shut down, and tomorrow the borders will be closed; there is too much happening – the RD is being completed, and we’re walking in to the RI; Frank believes this article is “nonsense” • Recall the article from March 22 that stated the mission is completed – remember that we had our first emergency Friday conference call, and Frank announced article 4 which bridged to article 8; meeting in Iraq ended on March 21; following this, Frank and his team were looking for a 30-day LOI • Frank and his team has not found the LOI to the IMF, however, they believe it’s been submitted based on things that are happening now; Frank now believes that we will not see any evidence of the LOI, don’t let it bother us, just pay attention to all that’s going on with the IMF and World Bank. • Have we seen the budget? Have we seen people get paid – only rumors, but no evidence • Frank read an article regarding a meeting of the mission of Article 4 – met with Turki and heads of the CBI, other key people; importance is that article 4 allowed them international status to walk into article 8 • Dame (forum name) is connected to 2 people in the IMF, from calls to them (one being Carlos Sdralevich, the person who led the meeting with the GOI and the CBI in March) and asked if Iraq is revaluing their currency? He replied that the IMF conducted an audit, but would not answer about an RV; asked if Chpt 7 will be lifted? And about DFI loans? And about the 30-day LOI? He confirmed that permission was given to CBI to revalue the currency, but claimed to have no other information and deferred to the CBI/IMF website • Addressed “pdids” question on the forum – his posting and the follow up by another forum member demanding accountability for our leader’s opinions – it has now gone viral on the internet, including that Regnar and someone else is coming to visit Frank, this is why Frank cannot give us all the information that he wants to, because it goes viral; yes, Regnar and another person is coming – why are they coming? Yes, it’s related to the RV • There will always be corruption in the ME; in the ME they think of it more as manipulation; the GOI is complete, but not fully seated; they do not always meet in a parliamentary quorum, but break out groups are meeting; look at the foreign investors and the Iraqi stock market, and that the people were “tricked” or manipulated to come in and set up accounts, it’s evidence that the banking system is ready • Maliki will go • All laws that need to be passed have been passed • If the DFI was going to be extended beyond May 22, they already would have had to submit the request for extension 30 days in advance – no evidence of any filing • Frank asked us to pay attention to Barzani going to Baghdad to sign off on the oil and gas bill; Barzani went, and signed – is it the 4th and final part of the HCL??? Not sure, trying to find out. When the 4th and final part is signed, the blessing will flow • Are we still watching for Shabibi? Probably not; Frank thinks he’ll end up with a job at the World Bank; the person to watch for is Jack Lew • Qi Cards: they declared readiness to make loans to citizens to purchase homes – this is impossible at a rate of 1166 • Elections that just occurred were preliminary; Maliki lost, regardless of reports to the contrary; Najafe called for early elections and re-seating the gov’t; Maliki’s personal safety is in danger; violence increased in April, and the longer we go without a rate, the citizens will tear the country apart • How did Frank’s team know a year ago that April would be the month? Due to his great team! • Iraq released Egyptian prisoners, and is ready to loan $4 billion to Egypt interest free!! If Iraq has no liquidity, how can they do this??? Qi cards making loans for houses if their money is worthless??? Take it to God in prayer • There are very large sums of money that are being funneled into the CBI right now, literally as we speak; the outflow is at a normal rate, but the influx of cash is at a phenomenal rate – it is the TRILLIONS ; is it possible that these are the DFI funds??????? Think of all the oil revenues that have been made over the last 10 years • M2 increased by 180% over 48 hours; how can this be hidden? It can’t, they will show the rate At this point Regner (Eagle1) came on the call • Regnar said that banks in NY (BoA, Chase, etc) were holding the DFI funds, and they will not confirm to him if they are still holding • The pace at which the money is being sent is a big clue as well – they are sending 10’s and 100’s of billions at a time; this is Regnar and Frank’s opinion, they can’t offer links to evidence, but it’s being done quickly and quietly, it’s “A + B = C” deductive reasoning; all reasoning points to the RI • Frank asked Regnar if he’s backing away at all from April – not at all, the stage is set; Regnar said he’ll gladly admit that he’s missed it if it doesn’t happen tonight/tomorrow, but he still believes the evidence points to being done in April; Frank feels good as well • Frank says we’re on high alert from now to May 13 – if we don’t see it tomorrow, the window is to May 13; why 13th? The bank/Forex exchange laws (Dodd-Franks) become effective on May 13 • Regnar reminded us that the new laws effective on May 13 have no impact on us and to our exchange, it opens up and allows banks to participate in Forex trading, and provides consumer protection • Frank asked Regnar if he thinks that Shabibi will come back and become governor of the CBI? Regnar believes that Shabibi and Turki have been working hand in hand since Shabibi’s absence, they are friends – he believes that Shabibi will likely return for a short term for the public acknowledgement, then will go off to the IMF or the World Bank; Delta’s intel says he won’t come back as governor, just coming back for a victory lap • I-teams: Frank reported that today a message came in from I-teams, and the message said “get ready” Frank ended the call with prayer
  24. Info from Frank26 - 4 April 2014 [harleyrider] Anyone here on KTFA site? Frank26 just posted really good info. Can you repost here please? [aberry] The original Delta said his translator in the GZ called early this morning for the second time to tell him that Iraqia TV is ONCE AGAIN telling ALL OF IRAQ that their dinars are about to go up in VALUE (they used the key word). She was estatic he said ..........The CITIZENS KNOW !!! ........... Have known for 3 plus weeks. Then our Delta just called 10 mins ago to tell me ............. IT'S ON TV AGAIN!!! I said .......I know ...............Just like they know. Finally ............ The man I said was asking for Your dinars to give You a rate between 75 cents to 2 USD ............. Called me today. I listened .............Told him he was doing wrong IMO .......... He then said he stopped the offer. Hmmm............ MA. We are dangerously close to do what he suggested. I am pleased he has changed his mind. Family ........... Lock in on the CBI RATE not a DATE and ........... Kerry's steps. Aloha ................Frank26
  25. OCrush and SteveI Updates Friday From P.D. Forum - 03/08/2013 Taken from D. Recaps OCRUSH MARCH 8TH Hello Steve, Ray, Mods and All, We were busy this morning reviewing the budget and scanning through Kurdish Media (his end). Now, we see the Kurds are threatening to take and dispute some of the articles in the CG's passed budget. The one thing we noticed, the media is not telling us this will be observed by the Federal court. The passed budget already has provisions put in it for audits. Let us show you. If you read Article 9 section 2 the Kurds will recieve 17% for expenditures. This is a straight up 17%. Now if you read section 3 under Article 9 it excludes payments for there house of reps, CoM, ministry of defense and so's all spelled out. Now if you read Article 9 section 4 it states what needs to be done (increase or decrease) ( add or reduce) after they take under account items 2 and 3 under Article 9. This responsibility falls under the Federal Ministry of Finance. They will audit and calculate openly with the Federal Office of Financial Supervision. This will also be monitored by the Federal Court, just like they want, to make sure there is no foul play and to get it approval. Now if you read section 5 (fifth) under Article 9 it includes advance payments to the Kurdish Peshmirga's salaries and benefits. They honored the Constitution but the GOI wants a law (finally) to be put in place to REGULATE there pay and benefits. They need to settle this once and for all. Now the payments to the oil companies fall under Article 24. For the year 2013 the kurdish govt. will recieve 750 billion dinars. The remaining money that the Kurds are asking for an audit will take place by the Federal office of Financial Supervision and the Federal Ministry of Oil with the supervision of the Federal Court, just what the Kurds want. Soooo you see it's all written in the budget law, they just want the Federal Court to supervise and give there approval as a third party. The Kurds want a fair outcome. In conclusion the budget is passed...done deal. Parliament has completed their task and now it falls to the ministries. They will complete their audit, pass it to the cabinet, they will approve it and get it published. The Kurds will have their audits but make no mistake this budget is done. We should start seeing the laws that were passed get published. They needed the budget to pass first before they made these laws (infrastructure, trade, banking and so on) official in the Gazette. Hope this helps!!! CHEERS ALL:) ------------------------------------------- One more observation. Tourism in Iraq is going to boom. Despite the fears, Iraq is in a great position to get tourists to visit...they need to start this process and this year is the beginning. Back in May of 2008, iraq signed a contract worth over 2 billion dollars with Boeing. This contract consists 30 737-800 and 10 787's. The bulk of the 737's will be delivered in June and July of this year. You see they knew back then 2013 was the emergence of Iraq to the world. The Ministry of Transportation will reveal shortly new open routes with England, Germany, France, China and the Netherlands. This will be a money maker for Iraq and add to there GDP. It will also add thousands of jobs with good pay to the Iraqi's. Boeing also helped the ministry on the logistics and infrastructure of there airports (consulting). There is also a new airport under constructure (state of the art) about sixty miles south of Bagdad (forgot the name). I see this as great progress and positive steps to get Iraq out relying just on oil proceeds. So as you can see this is five years in the making. 2013 is the year where Iraq will be a show place to the world:)) Cheers:)) SteveI: This is the best team ever. Thank you all for sharing and to continue to share. I have never felt better about this investment as I do right now. After the passing of the budget, I feel like we are at the finish line, not close to it. Blessings to all. Steve
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