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Found 76 results

  1. Hi Everyone ... Once again, Im bringing this over because there are many who are interested in whats going on in the Dinar community, and what information being passed on in other forums. Please don't shoot the messenger; but eat the meat and spit out the bones (LOL) .... RON TNT Tony's CC Tuesday 09/03/2013 - Recorded Link & Notes by FLPatriot59 at I4U (Note: There were quite a few Technical Difficulties during call..Unknown if all of call was recorded) REPLAY 805-399-1500 409029# BlogTalkRadio RECORDED LINK Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U: TONY - Good morning, TNT! Let's get this show on the road! T = TONY | C = CALLER T - Good morning! I know you had a lot of questions from the weekend. I have a bit of info to share right now. T - everything is good. IT was an exhausting weekend for a lot of people. I did get calls which is why I put out a blast. There was a lot of info over the weekend. We have a lot of new people on the boards, so maybe they're not used to way we do things here at TNT. T - I'm going to give you the info first so if you need to leave you can. PLEASE STAND BY.....PROBLEMS WITH THE BROADCAST BOARD. T - I got some calls over the weekend that let me know we're right on track. I got calls from people who belong to 2 different gov't agencies and it was explained to me again that a lot of sites are being watched and analyzed & recorded. We need to be a little more careful about how and what things are said. T - this site was the topic of discussion at several different locations. I've been told we need to be careful for giving too much info. I got complaints I was giving out too much info. People that got mad are the ones who don't like you knowing the truth. T - if it goes too far, they will give me a head's up if I'm saying too much. I'm trying to give you the correct info about the process that's going on. T - There is a lot of misinformation being put out. I'm seeing it from other places. I want everybody to know that we don't rely strictly on the agencies we have contact with here and in Iraq. We also have boots on the ground in other locations (Iraq and here). That's why we can bring it to you within 10 minutes of it happening. T - there is a lot of politics involved, in particular in the past week or 2. Lots of egos involved as well. Right now, supposedly there is a truce between the egos, a definite "let's work together and get this done" because there's more going on in the world. T - As you know we came over from PTR, the before that People's Dinar, then before that Dinar Vets. Each time we left it was because of changes in the boards. We are here today because this was the adult board - where we can bring info and discuss it like adults. Everybody doesn't have to agree with me. But we have to be able to discuss it in an adult way. It's about helping each person here discuss, debate and educate. T - We give out info all the time. We always get "no that's not happening" then later it comes out that it's true. They see the whole picture. There's always a little truth to every story - it's part of the process and who we're getting the info from. Then it's out job to take all that info, put it together, and find out where we are TODAY about the RV. T - It's taken me years to put the pieces together. It would have made sense to me if I knew the rest of the story. I don't care if people want to disagree respectfully. Let's not let our board deteriorate into what the last board was like. T - you can't think that I'm going to let anyone be prejudiced against anyone else. I don't want that to continue, i.e., slurs, negatives, etc. Anything that is derogatory or hurts anybody - no one needs to say it T - We are about the dinar. Are there conspiracy theories about the Republic, Treasury notes, etc.? I don't see us waking up one morning and it changed over night. A little info is a dangerous thing. Some people are confusing others about the UST notes, TRN notes, etc. I've told you there are different levels within our gov't, the Bilderburg Group, Carlisle Group, etc. You can look these up yourself. But right now we don't care about those things. I'll leave that right there for now. T - That info I just put out is in response to info that Okie and Mtn Goat put out. It stressed a lot of people out. Nobody is an expert at this. People were asking "what is Tony going to say?. T - I'd be completely wrong if I said it's not political. Every banking system, gov't agency, etc. has said it's done. The system is ready. There just needs to be an authorization. We went from problems in Iraq, to B3 problems, to tech problems, to where we are today. T - we haven't seen anything from Iraq about HCL, agreements, etc. because those have been completed. They are not having the RV because it's not up to them. Over the weekend there were some definite issues in Iraq, but it didn't have anything to do with Maliki. It lets us know there is a powder keg that is building. T - that powder keg was reignited this past weekend because it helps spur things along. Also, on Iraq TV there were saying the IQD would revalue against the USD in the coming days (TV scroller). That was a good thing. I like what Mtn Goat said this morning, i.e., the explanation about the different rates on the Qi-Cards. I clearly explained that several weeks ago. T - that powder ket was reignited this past weekend AND IT HELPS.. T - you have to realize that we are in the process, not just hearing about it, but we are in it as it happens, when other places just hasn't gotten it, The upgraded lines hold 5,000 callers and they have exceeded that amount. As a result their board is locked up. T - we came over here and only expected 200 peeps, but in a little over 2 months we have over 12,000 people and climbing. Q - if the RV rate is factored into the $600T bonds sent out to the countries, what is the rate that was used? A - somebody figured it out that it came to the base rate of 3.44 Q - If world can agree on bond rate why not RV rate? A - the whole rate thing is the higher the rate better it is for us, more dollars for when dollar went down. benefit for US. other countries rates driven up too. Q - I am hearing today that the rate keeps rising, but with more pressing issues the pressure is on. T - as of this morning, the UST is "go" from the people I talk to. From the IMF, it's "go". We've been hearing that all obstacles have been removed. But while you were on the boards freaking out on Mtn Goat, Okie, etc., I'm all over the world getting info that it's happening now. I'm getting that the bank people went in at 7AM this morning, as told them last night to expect a busy day today. Everybody is saying "go" and it will be sooner rather than later. T - that's why it's a good thing that Iraq put it back on their TV. We needed them to bring it back before their people. They are once again asking "where is our place in the world?" We needed that powder keg reignited to get this thing rolling along. T - currency exchanges are UST. Anything put into a FCA is foreign currency and backed by UST when transferred back to USD. T - we try to take conspiracy stuff off the board before it gets too far out there. try not to be political. over the w/e whole RV was political situation. saying this morning they've removed that componite and going to go on. I'm not trying to censor anyone. just 2 far left or right it starts arguments. Q - Talk about the plans A & B. Anyone cashed out SKRs? A - the world plan was 3.44, there was a $14 plan and a $20 plan. Supposedly there were agreements that, depending on which day this happens or how far out it goes, will determine which plan. I don't personally know anyone who has cashed out SKRs. I heard that some priviledged people (person who know a banker at a high level), did CE. What can we do about it? Nothing. People of priviledge are going to get things we can't get. Once the RV happens we will be in that group. Q - Another group is attempting to put together a group to get SKR status for early CE. A - let me answer that by saying that last week people were picked up/arrested and questioned in Reno and they can't explain where their dinars are that are missing. Why would you even get involved in something like that? Would I do it? No. Q - Do you think the banks will give the same rate on reserves? A - yes, you're supposed to include those reserves in the amount they ask you about so they can decide where to send you for CE. T - everything I'm getting is saying we're back on track; obstacles have been removed; 3 different agencies are in agreement and waiting on a time. Call-in centers are manned. Everybody is on high alert. It could happen at any point. If something else happens I will send out a blast. If not, we'll do our regular call tomorrow. END OF CALL.
  2. "A Storm is Underway" From Mnt.Goat at TNT Forum Sunday PM - 09/01/2013 Hi Everyone, Grüße aus Bayern If you would allow me I would like use this post to give an analogy that was given to me by someone I highly respect. I am doing this so most can understand the urgency of my news today. Please do not begin to read and dismiss the information and tell yourself that you already know all this stuff without reading the entire post. This would definitely be your loss. So what is the hold up in getting the Iraq currency from a provisional status to one that is international and activated? I could write a book on this topic and maybe someday I will but for now let me simply list the reasons why we have not yet seen the activation of the rates. At the end of this post I have listed some sources of information so that you can read and teach yourself a little more afterwards. All these references are worth reading and very applicable to today’s situation. Maybe you have some others too you are willing to share with the readers? So here are the major issues we are dealing with today- 1.Past implementation of Globalization the wrong way- pro corporation vs the labor movement 2,Plans to keep the average person in debt which means a never ending the national debt for the USA 3.Plans for the USA to pay for the interest on the debt through massive taxation at levels the average citizen has never yet seen in history (a bill is already proposed for this) 4.Plans to use the money from the IQD reserves in the USA as a hidden slush fund for the elite rather than pay off the national debt in its entirety....surprise, surprise! Will they get away with this? 5.Plans to attack Syria and have yet another war to keep the military industrial complex monster fed….lol… 6.The deception to the world on the level of actual terrorism and who is perpetrating it. Is it really just the radical middle eastern Muslims? Was 911 actually a terrorist job or from inside the US government? The battle is now underway between the national banking system, the security agencies and those that know about these future plans. Who will win? Did you ever notice how a thunderstorm moves into your area? You can look at the horizon and see the flashing lights in the distance and hear the low grumbling of the thunder. Maybe a few small raindrops every now and then . If you weren’t paying attention you might miss it altogether. But when the storm hits you finally know its come since it is so sudden and nasty. So let me tell you now about the thunderstorm that has been brewing for a very long time and is now just coming to the front and is about to hit us. Is it too late to get out of the rain? This past April we witnessed the first real attempt to try to RV this IQD currency with the existing technology in place, with the changes to Babylon II and other systems deemed necessary. It did not go so well. There was lack of integration between the applications and files and they could not easily be downloaded to all their destinations. The CIX was them implemented early and as a result and we all saw or read about the exchanges and the effects while testing. Now they are ready to go. This is not all new news and has been explained many times to us all. Just wanted to set the stage for what comes next. So what now is the hold up? This is what I have been told. Since it took so long to get the changes/fixes in place to even make the RV possible, now this has RV has moved to the political front and is being used as leverage to get what one side wants. I mentioned this in one of my last posts that this could happen if it was dragged out any longer. It has been made a political issue. I do feel sorry for Iraq and someday these politicians holding this up should suffer the consequences for what they are doing to the poor people of the nation of Iraq. So what do “they” want? First let me address who “they” are since some members email me and are asking me to tell them who is holding this up. To answer this question let me ask you something. Do you invest in stocks? Do you really care who is at the helm of the corporation you invest and is authorizing the dividends to shareholders or do you just want to know you are getting paid as an investor? Does it really matter? So why is this any different? If you must know it is a group of individuals that have hijacked democracy in the USA. Wow ! I said it…..yes that is exactly what I mean. The storm is raging. This group of individuals have lied on the extent of terrorism, instigated the 911 disaster, and now want to go into Syria to continue this insanity. The truth has now surfaced. It’s the same mentality that has plagued the Whitehouse since Abraham Lincoln. You know who they are. You see the actors. The faces may change but they can’t hide. They are doing the same old dirty work of the elite. They pretend to give us some form of democracy but when the rules are not in their favor they ignore the system, change the rules or just plain ignore the citizens that cry out for justice. Eventually all the players in this game will be taken to justice I can assure you. I do not yet know how it will all play out but I can assure you this party and free for all on the precious treasures of your nation will not go on for much longer! Okay you are now saying to yourself that mnt goat has gone over the edge….right? Well let me tell you this. Do you know “The Road Not Taken”. This is the road. It is scary but the truth must be told. If you want to know the truth it may shock you and you may see it as total fiction and maybe unbelievable but let me tell you this battle wages right now as I write this post. This is the battle they fight each and everyday. You will never hear about this in the news media. This is why I wrote of my news last Friday. This is why I was telling you last Weds we can see clearly now. Did you read my posts? If the status quo wins we get the $20.50 (plan A) rate or higher if the other side wins we get the $3.68+ (plan rate. Now which would you rather get? Do you know who sponsors each plan ? Would you rather have this huge sum of money and in a few years have it all taken away anyhow on these new tax laws, more fascism and then have to watch your country be sold down the toilet or would you rather support a group of people who are trying to make justice work and straighten out this whole mess and make it right? It’s a power grab. To make everyone agree to it they must implement measures only used in desperate times like lying, cheating, spying, false arrest, confiscation of private property, etc…. these are all the methods of desperate people. Do you see now why you are seeing more and more of this in the USA these days? Is this the right way to live? Do you expect more from your government ? Then tell them so! What are you waiting for? Are you all asleep? I only bring this up because there are so many comparisons to Nazi Germany…and believe me you don’t want to get to this “absolute power” stage. But I see it is coming in the near future if something is not done. -Do you like all the illegal spying and wire tapping? -Do you enjoy not being able to know the truth because all the major news media has been censored and run by one big conglomerate? -Do you like to have your home searched and you property illegally seized without warrant or legal justification? Trust me it only takes once and they you will know. -Do you like being called a radical or a terrorist because you are standing up for your rights? -Do you know what is coming next? I will tell you. There is an entirely new US Constitution written and waiting to be implemented. Did you know that? They plan to implement it under the cover of dark just as they implemented the individual income tax and turned over the monetary policy of your nation to the private bankers. Like putting the fox in the hen house…… What can we expect in the coming days? As your president Obama has said in his address on Friday that they have not yet made a decision on how they will progress on Syria. He flat our lied when he said there was definitive evidence of chemical gas usage by the Assad regime. There is no such evidence. Is he being lied to? I know for a fact that the gas attacks in Syria we carried on by US backed rebels in Syria. So why was the world lied to? Sounds like the speech before the UN in 2003 all over again does it not? Trying to justify an attack once again. The UN security council has not yet approved any action. So we wait. Remember president GW Bush went before the council 3 times before they granted the sanctions on Iraq. So how long must we now wait? When you see the Syrian crisis go away without an attack we will then get our RV within days later. Look for this in news. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you. This is the holdup right now. What will they do? The current US administration is trying to use the Iraq dinar revaluation as leverage to get what they want. I told you what they want. They are trying to negotiate staying in power. They are loosing the battle. Syria is not the real war being fought. The real war is right inside your own government. Will the good politicians be vigilant, have the fortitude, the support and enough guts to respect the US constitution and to do the right thing or will they be pasties for this plan of war and fascism. Oh .. believe me it this war goes on as planned you can count on some nasty things in the future you will absolutely not like. This could be stopped now. Meanwhile - the larger picture I have tried to give you some more pieces to the puzzle in this news today. I hope you are able to see more of what is really going on behind closed doors. Do you now know who is holding up the RV? We are hearing lots of news about the Vatican these days. If I were you I would try to absorb it and listen. There is lots of truth in what you are hearing. Try to learn the truth. But remember too there are those bent of making mischief out of sound information too and using this info to create fear and get you all hyped up. Be careful Remember too that if you are Roman Catholic, and your beliefs are strong enough in Christ and his teachings, this Vatican stuff should not shake you from your spiritual foundation – church or no church. There are many good parishes and priest who dedicate their lives to helping you spiritually. I can see many of them splitting off from Rome in the near future anyhow. We need to bring more spirituality into our lives at this time of crisis not less. The evil powers are working in strange ways. Do you believe in these evil entities? Our timeline I do not expect this Syrian crisis to last much longer. I expect the good to win and the attack will not occur. There is too much at stake to risk it all for such nonsense. As I have said it is not about saran gas attack. They have other plans to control the region without this attack. Will the UN security council give them the go ahead? Watch the news. It is about controlling the region and its resources. Never about humanitarian efforts. Believe me! Why would they care about the Syrian people? They don’t even care about their own US citizens. These are not nice people! I personally know of US Marines that were told to get ready for their units to deploy to the middle east two weeks ago. They have now been told to stand down. So I see another window coming up for possibly getting this RV. I will know more once we get past Tuesday of this coming week. There are reasons for this I can not tell you. I do think we will see the $3.68 rate or maybe even up to $5.25. Excellent Future Reading: You can not separate the issues involved as to why the trigger is not yet pulled on this RV. It is multi-facet. Everything else is either the means to the end or just a distraction to keep us from dealing with the real issues at hand. These issues are all related to: 1) the worlds energy demand (who will control the resources? ), 2) globalization (corporate greed and misuse of the resources solely for short term profits), 3) the financial dilemma (banking conglomerate greed), 4) Future of our society as we know it today (we are at risk of losing everything to fascism and a state run society) Remember when the power is finally transferred to the wealthy and taken from you, the citizen, the government becomes absolute. Absolute power breeds corruption. The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin Energy Victory by Robert Zubrin Globalization and its Discontents by Joseph E. Stiglitz Alternatives to the Economics of Globalization [ a better world is possible] by the International Forum on Globalization One World by Peter Singer The Bilderberg Group by Danial Estulin The Coming Battle (its here now) by Martin Wetzel Walbert Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain The GAIA Project [the earths coming great changes] by Hwee-Yong Jang I truly hope all this helps you. Peace and Luv to ya, mnt goat
  3. This is a bit long, but has some very interesting and exciting info revealed in their analyses - worth your time and worthy of your interest...JMHO...RON Milionday & P.I. News Discussion Millionday News 8/30/13 [millionday] called Economists actors economic government in the country need to speed up resolving the issue credit rating of Iraq because of its great importance in attracting foreign investment and give the perceptions of the economic right to the investing companies as well as being one of the most factors in the banking sector reform. According to the economic expert d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the classification of Iraq credit now, although he did not specify yet officially, he is at a temperature of B-returned him a good indication of the reason for optimism, noting that it could be rated country credit through bonds sold in global markets because the presence of a credit rating, and that was low , it is better than no rating basically. are rated countries in the world credit ladder classification consists of 4 degrees are A, B, C and D as well as variables that represent signal + or - and Petkrarat different. millionday] Salih stressed in a statement to the (morning) the importance that begins Iraq now negotiating for the purpose Ranked credit because this issue is vital and contemporary and is useful for re-engineering the performance of the Iraqi banking sector and developed to accomplish its functions in the service of economic development, a kind of evolution industry banking on banks that operate for the purpose of applying this system to keep pace with the development in the rest of the Arab banks and global. was The first round of the Conference of Finance and Commerce had been launched in June of last year, it was agreed during which Iraq to encourage investors to come to Iraq and classification of credit to be able to give credit for foreign investors, as well as the importance of that goes on Iraq in this category in order to give guarantees opportunities for investors and reassurance recover their capital. [millionday] note -- this is a huge step and shows they are going global in banking and investing etc [millionday] smile - Saleh was said earlier that the credit rating is through the public debt and the issuance of treasury transfers or government bonds, particularly in international markets, or those bonds that are sold outside of Iraq except for support and one Qaeidah Iraq in return for private-sector debt under the Paris Club agreement . adding when sold bonds then sold at about 60 cents, and prices have increased to up to 90 cents, and this situation has become, as if to Iraq rated automatically among the countries that have rated within the degree of B-. pointing to the existence of additional factors must be exploited to achieve the credit rating and raise the degree and the most important exit Iraq from Chapter VII and the entry of a number of foreign companies, in addition to the high financial liquidity available. millionday] in the same context, said banking expert at the Ministry of Finance. Hilal Taan that the responsibility for providing the credit rating of Iraq rests with the Central Bank of Iraq, pointing out that the credit rating of the current is the result of a reflection of the political situation and economic development of the country. Said Taan told that Iraq had in the seventies and eighties of the last century rated credit high but no one to disclose the grade and classification at the time as being contrary to the laws and regulations of the former regime. and called for the need to move the government to raise this level to a degree better because it will contribute to attracting investments and gives confidence for additional investors and foreign companies for the purpose of coming to Iraq and direct the reconstruction of infrastructure to Therefore, it is important in the economic advancement of the country at all levels. said academic Economic d.Essam that it is necessary for Iraq [millionday] a credit rating sovereign agencies and international credit rating (CRAs) and the application of the policies needed to improve the degree classification to become within the investment grade, which contributes to increase the resources of the state to enable Iraq to attract investors and access to global capital markets and access to finance appropriate cost. He told that there are clear differences between the credit rating agencies in the credit rating of sovereign debt, as well as the Group Financial is the most influencing factors in the credit rating of sovereign debt, which leads to a change in the degree classification, pointing to the need to identify the differences in including the methodologies credit rating of sovereign debt to be canceled. [millionday] note -- in other words they need to calculate and update to set the new credit rating but it needs to be set for attraction of investors to their country [millionday] other reasons why>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> called to work to get the credit rating of an international grants and reliability of its projects and be able to get international funding for investment projects that he wants to do in various fields and adopt a policy of return to Iraq Ranked global credit and grants and reliable enough for its projects and including encourages companies global implementation. Adding that the concerned party to return Iraq to the global credit rating, you should be with extensive experience in this field, and has the ability to negotiate and persuasion to get the best results. [millionday] so they are saying here that it is no big deal for them because they are familiar with this and need to get this set --- [wmawhite] millionday millionday .....does this go hand in hand with setting their exchange rate??? [millionday] the best thing about this is that they were selling bonds at 60 cents and are now selling them at 90 cents -- this is a huge statement as it gives us a glimpse of the fact that the rate is going to be great and their real value is high [letsroll] millionday does Selah hold any position in the CBI or GOI now.. thought he was run out with shabibi,, interesting Selah is making public economic statements [millionday] wmawhite it is part of this process -- i will have to check that out -- how to state it -- but here is in laymen's terms -- the credit rating can only be set by knowing the rate they will be at --- [millionday] letsroll i agree and this is the third one i believe we have all looked at -- very encouraging to me [wmawhite] millionday ................I was wondering if this was part of the process...........also,......a higher international credit rate equates to a higher exchange rate. [millionday] he is the one that let things out that others would not talk about -- we noticed it was normally late night -- wmawhite exactly -- love it [keepbelieving77] wma the way i see it ,it is just like people who wait till they have to buy a house or a car to fix their credit rating,why are they rushing now if they are not going international [millionday] keepbelieving77 they would not be even talking about this if they were not going global keepbelieving77] exactly [faith1] OVERFLOW OVERFLOW OHHH Lordy !!!!!! 60cents USD now 90cents USD?? USD??? Is that a stupid Q,,, are all Bonds sold in USD??? and they can't be rated till they go international trading,,,,right?? [wmawhite] keepbelieving77 ......exactly,.........they are preparing to pop all of this at the same time. [millionday] this is very interesting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Adding that the concerned party to return Iraq to the global credit rating, you should be with extensive experience in this field, and has the ability to negotiate and persuasion to get the best results. [keepbelieving77] i love this which contributes to increase the resources of the state to enable Iraq to attract investors and access to global capital markets [millionday] can i just bring up the big elephant in the room? [keepbelieving77] it is your floor [rollonjohn] Sure! [mdglow] oh tay [millionday] it is very very interesting that nothing can be pulled up on the internet in many many sites -- [wmawhite] millionday .....negotiate with whom??????????????IMF [monique13] do it!!! lol [keepbelieving77] as in? [millionday] anything past a certain time of update can not be pulled up [keepbelieving77] hmmmmmmm [Msbossydiva] strange isnt it [millionday] we are not just talking me -- we are talking people in ohio -- florida -- washington -- virginia [millionday] very strange [wmawhite] millionday .....the IMF/World Bank are the only ones concerned with countries paying their bills. [keepbelieving77] seems like a broken sundial in Iraq [millionday] and also with the news it is very very strange [Msbossydiva] something is up [millionday] wmawhite i would say yes [keepbelieving77] could be with the whole syria thing [simbaspen*] Strange million? [keepbelieving77] the internet influenced greatly in the uprising in egypt [wmawhite] millionday .......iraq negotiates.....receives their credit rating and then moves the Article 8. [rvtime] What do you mean..nothing can be pulled up? [jimplants] wmawhite BINGO [wmawhite] jimplants [millionday] it is very strange and if you get anything to come up it is only sites that have not updated since hours and hours ago wmawhite exactly -- try it -- it is very strange [hstrymknwmn] millionday are you talking investment sites/banking exactly? [keepbelieving77] media freeze interesting [millionday] try to bring up the web sites you like to read about iraq or international news ect [hstrymknwmn] oh ok ty [rvtime] Which sites..confused here..Iraq sites [millionday] notice -- this page can not be pulled up [dlherm] what page? [millionday] any -- try yahoo main page -- umm-- i dont know just try some sites for me -- news sites [keepbelieving77] k minions too work [millionday] there are so many [simbaspen*] Oh yea million my msn wont come up [rvtime] Yahoo works [millionday] keepbelieving77 did you say you are going to work? [hstrymknwmn] ··· dVFVobCk this one did [dlherm] i have yahoo main page up!?? [millionday] try something else then -- there are many -- many [Msbossydiva] anything i pull up dates back to August 28th [wmawhite] works plenty about syria [millionday] trust me there is a huge amount of people that have called me [Msbossydiva] other than that its all about Syria [millionday] have charged my phone twice [dlherm] bloomberg site comes up [simbaspen*] Goigle doesnt work for me either goohlr [millionday] the last two days are not on the news so last updates are from early this morning and not after [dlherm] google comes up [millionday] brb with more -- try to bring what i can find but my normal links and what was sent cant be pulled up [lorijeanmarshall] To the Ministry of Commerce / Companies Registration Department (cancel Ejazti my company migrants and Peacock to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currencies) 08/29/2013 [millionday] let me try my state sites --- federal state sites for news -- brb [dlherm] try rebooting your computer [lorijeanmarshall] To the Ministry of Commerce / Companies Registration Department (cancel Ejazti my company migrants and Peacock to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currencies) 08/29/2013 [lorijeanmarshall] Posted today on Arabic side of CBI [millionday] lorijeanmarshall what hun? [lorijeanmarshall] millionday The snippet I just posted [millionday] what is it from ? [lorijeanmarshall] Curious.... of course the document is all in Arabic [millionday] can you bring the rest of it sweety and [lorijeanmarshall] From the Arabic side of CBI millionday Can't translate [millionday] it is good to see ya -- we have been missing each other on here [lorijeanmarshall] Scanned document [millionday] how did you get that part ? ok let me have the link and see if i can do anything with it -- if you can hun ok the rest of my news is not in -- i will see you all tomorrow night at 730 est sorry -- cant pull anything up have a good night Last edited by Rudie; 08-30-2013 at 09:01 PM. She came back!! smile [millionday] Iraqi financial expert stated that the value of Iraq’s Federal Reserve currently amounts to about $80 billion, following the recent increase in the country’s oil exports. Nevertheless, no information was made available by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to this effect [millionday] Speaking to media, financial expert Hussein al-Asadi remarked, “According to my information, the value of Iraq’s federal reserve currently amounts to about $80 billion. This includes funds, precious metals and other items.” Regarding the financial issues concerned with Federal Reserve, CBI or Central Bank or Iraq’s governor Abdul Basit Turki has chosen to stay mum. The bank has issued only a statement for indicating the developments that it has been carried out of late. The last comment made by the CBI regarding the country’s federal reserve dates back to Jan. 31, 2012, when the bank denied the ‘decline of gold reserves’. CBI further stated, “They have been stable throughout the past months and amount to 29,730 tons.” [millionday] Asadi added, “The US dollar is the main currency in the Iraqi reserves. There are also some reserves in other currencies, in addition to gold. Due to the troubled military and political conditions of the country, Iraq’s reserves cannot be invested to a large extent, as is the case in China or the United Arab Emirates, for instance.” He further stated, “Iraq is distributing its reserves to a number of banks just to protect [these funds, although it does generate some interest on the deposits.” Economic expert also remarked the crisis between the government and CBI by remarking, [millionday] Article 26 of the CBI law explicitly states that it is inadmissible to lend to the government.” On how the reserves are formed, Asadi said, “Iraq’s annual budget is in Iraqi dinars, which the CBI owns. The state’s revenues are from oil exports, and they are mostly in US dollars. The government buys dinars from the bank, which results in profits for the bank. The total CBI profits from selling dinars to the state constitute the country’s Federal Reserve, whose growth is associated with state spending. State spending increases in proportion with its oil exports.” Member of parliamentary economic committee, Mr. Abdul Hussein Abtan, the Iraqi MP, stated, “The total value of funds and precious metals that make up Iraq’s Federal Reserve amounts to about $76 billion.” He added, “This reserve was only invested in projects to support the stability of the Iraqi dinar's exchange rate.” [millionday] On the other hand, Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, denied the fact that “the government is able to use Iraq’s Federal Reserve, despite its need for funds on more than one occasion.” [millionday] the end >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>.
  4. "WOW-News Today" from Mnt.Goat at TNT Forum Thurs. AM - 08/29/2013 Hello Everyone, Greetings from Bavaria, You are all brilliant people and I commend you for looking at the glass half full rather than half empty. It is sometimes hard to take the road not taken. I do notice that there are some who still come on the site and insist on making waves. I say bring on the evidence and lets all look at the opposing arguments and give constructive viewpoints. When you challenge them there is never any reply back I do not know why some still think this is a conspiracy in telling the truth or why they cannot see what is right in front of their noses. Maybe since they have been hearing otherwise for so long they cannot step out and see the facts? Iraq as you may be reading is once again getting close to a civil war. They need this RV since it has tremendous implications on the money laundering, ending most of gov't corruption and issues with support to Syria (can't go into details with this). It also starts the 30 day clock for Maliki since he has agreed to leave office 30 days post RV. I think they are trying to kill multiple birds with one I wanted to come on today and post some news that I just received. I hesitated to even give you this news since it is senstive. I was trying to find a way to tell you. What I am about to tell you may shock you. Here is something that just came in so I will share with you. There is a timeline to get this RV international through the channels they are attempting now. I can assure you there is the utmost of urgency. There is also a plan B coming up soon that may take the $3.44 (or some starting rate a bit higher) international and just let got on a float. Personally I think they will pop it out at around $5.25. They are now thinking about doing this outside of the global reset. I know this may sound weird and believe me when I heard it I too was shocked and could hardly believe they would even consider this as a viable option. But it is what I am now hearing and its coming from two very good sources. There are good reasons for it. They have not decided as of yet so don't get too excited. They have not yet set this date but I am told they are having a meeting this week to discuss all the options as to how they will progress further. I do not know of any other options. Perhaps some of you may have. Can you share with us all? The fact that the meeting is this week tells me how close we really are and the urgency. Status of current process The integration with all the exchanges now looks good, CIX seems to be working and is running all the way through, banks seem to be getting correct rates but occasionally they still are finding bugs and have to fix a bug and retest but the bugs are less severe as time goes on and perhaps becoming more acceptable to go into production with. They are planning one more final fully integration test all the way through today and if it is satisfactory they may let it go. If they have more severe bugs again they may hold off and decide what to do next. It could be plan B ? Like some keep saying - when will they finally stop and just let it go and deal with the smaller issues as they come once its live? I think they have reached that point. This week they will make a decision to let it go or go to plan B and deal with the full global reset of 190+ currencies at a later date but not too far behind. It will still be urgent. This is of great significance since and RV without the other currencies to me seems worthless as helping with the global reset but I'll take it there are good reasons for maybe going stag. Later they could always implement the new process after getting it cleaner but in the meantime they could get Iraq international and at least address some other issues too. I do not have all the details. I look at the current situation this way - getting this RV done through the global reset is a bottle neck. We all can agree on this - right? They have been attempting to get this done since the beginning of this year. The original project since then has expanded ten fold. Like a funnel, there are so many other events relying on passing through this funnel and being implementing once the RV of Iraq currency is done. Nothing else can flow through the funnel until this is done. It is like a huge gamble they took to do this and do it in a timely manner. Can they pull this off? We are seeing now maybe they bit off too much at once. I know I will take lots of heat for this post and bringing this recent news but sometimes the truth is hard but I thought you would want to here it before any confusion comes. I also want you to know this is a very dynamic situation and so I am not taking a flip flop on anything I previously said. Just giving you the recent news. Keep the glass half full ! You do want the news don't you? You all said you can handle Peace and Luv to ya, mnt goat
  6. For those of you who like to see what Frank26 has to say, here's his latest CC notes - Here we go - RON Frank26/KTFA Tues. Night CC Notes from BulldogFord65 08/28/2013 BulldogFord65 » August 28th, 2013, 11:07 am • Hi Family: Here are the notes from last night's CC. Spent the day yesterday in the ER with my Mom, and I'm staying with her until she feels better. Your prayers for her swift recovery and healing are much appreciated! Love you, Family! Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Bible Study Tuesday, August 28, 2013 IQD update • Post 177 by BDF65 recaps the article in post 110 with commentary regarding the significance of the deal between Iraq and India; Forum member replied with definition of “exotic currency” from Investopedia: currencies which lack market depth, traded a low volumes, bid/ask spreads are large, not considered major currencies, and the IQD was used as an example; he went on to say the information we have today people would have given their eye teeth for 2 decades ago, we have a rare gift of free information at KTFA • NASDAQ disagreeing on why they shut down, giving different excuses, don’t believe these things! Don’t pay attention, they cannot be that ignorant to their own systems and processes • Jack Lew: O not negotiating over the debt limit; either O does not care about the USA and its citizens or he’s aware of something going on that will resolve our debt issues • Frank will not speak about Syria due to the sensitivity of the situation with our troops involved • Article: Iraq continues to be exposed due to its reliance on only oil for their nation’s revenue; however, this is not an example of “Dutch disease” meaning relying solely on 1 export because Iraq is oil, with an almost limitless supply • Relationship between India and Iraq allows them to do business in local currencies – this is what the IMF mandated • Andy5252 came on the line and stated he tried to call his congressman in his DC office and asked questions about the Dodd-Frank Law, and he got the run around, deflected the questions, promised to return calls, but no reply • post by SeniorTour about the Marshall Plan, where will it be applied next time? With USA getting involved in Syria, is this the next target for the Marshall Plan; Frank said Kuwait and Iraq were different, the USA was invited there, but not Syria or Egypt; Afghanistan is a different question, needs further study • M wants to run for a 3rd term – many similarities between M and O • Article 40,000 Iraqis have died this year under M’s government • When Frank brought us Delta’s report, he erroneously used the word “spread,” he should have stated it was a fee, or service charge; banks will make money from the spread, and also from the fees/service charges; so, what do we do? Pay the tax. Don’t be greedy, or you will lose even more; give the first fruits to the Lord and then tithe, and he will multiply it back; if banks want to charge fees, talk to them! Go in prepared with information, don’t go in asking questions, be bold and don’t let them push you around, insist on answers, ask for the manager’s phone number, work from a position of strength – get into the banks and do our homework, determine what bank we are going to deal with; pay attention and find out what you can now • Frank reminded that it’s not imperative to set up vehicles now (annuities, trusts, etc), it can be done after the RV, but we must investigate now, and know that we will need more than one vehicle, we will need more than one bank • Ramjet post about the intel yesterday of 30% tax on exchange: he told another person about this investment and encouraged this person to contact Frank for his IQD; this man had purchased currency from Travelex previously, and was charged a service fee – one of the ways the banks will pull themselves out of financial trouble is these fees • Frank has a friend who is ex-military and who is invested in the IQD; this man has well-placed connections in the UN in the IMF; according to this man’s sources, Iraq was given 30 days to get the RV done after release from CH7, and then they were given article 8 and another 30 days and they blew it, so the IMF is now in control; the greed of those in gov’t and banking in Iraq have led to the delays, and now the IMF is in control • Frank said the next window of study is Sept 3 – 8 • The “glitches” the NYSE said there was too much info on their boards and it crashed. This is smoke, they were downloading software; what is important about this is, what time of day did NASDAQ crash? 12:00 pm ; when testing is run, they do it behind our backs in the wee hours of the morning – notice, this time, they did it in real time, when trading was live, right in front of us; this is significant; when it’s time for the RV to happen, the systems need to be tested in live in real time. What time did they come back? 3:00 PM ; why? Do our homework and look at the pattern when Kuwait RV’ed in the 1990’s, it happened at 3:00 PM; rate changes must be posted by 3:00 PM; this was a test run in real time; Kuwait was turned back at 3:00 PM on a Thursday in the 1990’s; think of the billions lost when trading was shut down – why would they stand for this? The money in banks was locked up, trading stopped, and no way would this be allowed if it wasn’t for something BIG (pending RV) • The amount of information downloaded was HUGE, taking 3 hours, and we saw this happen in the Eurex as well; the rate change for many currencies for many countries is a tremendous amount of data; the entire world’s money in the NASDAQ was shut down and tied up; this is dangerous, contracts and futures had to be redone; this go-live test was extraordinary; shutting down the world’s financial markets is the last step before an RV; these are epic times • Delta’s update (voice message): all is well with him, update is M went to India, it was very successful, M is back in Baghdad, M signed many contracts with the most significant being the deals in local currency exchange, significant because the IQD is not international, so obviously something is about to happen; M talked about finances, which was significant; the MoP has a 5 year plan, and it was to be implemented in January but did not; the MoP is saying on Iraqia TV that the 5 year plan will be implemented in mid-September, again a HUGE sign something is about to happen; the governor of the CBI announced about coming budget of 2014 with the GOI Frank said one week from tomorrow (Wed, Sept 4) he would like to have a TalkFusion session NOT ON THE IQD; next week, Mon and Tues will have dinar updated, Wednesday will be fellowshipping, but no IQD Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast
  7. Update from Mnt.Goat at TNT Forum Early Tuesday Evening - 08/20/2013 Hi Everyone, Wow! I am hearing so much intense negativity that this is yet just another false alarm for the RV. Let me tell you what I know to explain now what I can to dismiss this idea. This is a very, very good week for us Iraq dinar holders. Put that champagne back in the So much has happened behind the scenes to push this to conclusion in the past 3 weeks. It is a brilliant plan playing out but it takes time, details of which I can not tell you but I wish I could. Someday it will all come out, if you are still interested post RV. But you ask- Then what is the hold up? This seems to be on everyones lips. What is the hold up? Did it ever occur to you that there is really no holdup? We only think this way because we get bits and pieces of the puzzle as it unfolds and in our minds we draw some unnecessary conclusions. You have to ask yourself once again. Do I want all the news as it plays out? Or do I just want to know when to go to the bank? If you truely want the news as this is developing then listen to the news coming out, sit back and relax and be sure it is all in our favor. Most should have realized by now there was yet another power move to lower our rate this week. For the benefit of all the USA citizens they did compromise on our behalf and our rate levels were lowered as what we can ,will be exchanging at. That is the base rate and the ceiling rates were lowered. I am not saying all is still not very good for us. Just think back to 2010. If I told you a rate of $1.13 you would have jumped for joy and ran to the bank? No..Yes? So now if I tell you a rate of double digits is possible. What now would you say? Is it worth the wait? Pep Talk So lets not be ungrateful and mad for being disappointed this RV is not happening on our time The gov't of the USA is watching out for us and does have a reason for negotiating a rate for us from Iraq. Beleive me if you do the math there is more than enough fat on the cow to go around and make everyone very happy! In fact the barn is just full of fat cows. Have you had a chance to read about all the corruption in the banking system lately? What is all this corruption about? If you said money and are correct. So why can't we get a slice of the pie too this time and I don't mean hurting depositors from a bank or rigging the stock exchange or over priced military supplies. We are the ones who lost our handsome sons and beautiful daughters in the war. We are now investors in the best investment of all times and its all legal not corruption or a scandal. We are about all the be very wealthy and we don't even have to steal it. What is now happening I have heard that all the rates did get processed and now signed off by CBs. The rates did not all populate in FOREX though. They are working diligently on this issue. I know this sounds like yet another excuse but it is happening and will be corrected shortly. Remember they have never, never popped out 190+ changes to rates all at once and had to use this new software and CIX process. Okay let me read your mind. You are asking I thought it was all tested out? No more techincal issues! If you read my one of my recent posts when I described to you how the new process works as integrated with CIX you would know that the CIX is like the train. Once the rates are calculated they are put on the train. The train runs and makes periodic stops to deliver the rate to the CBs. One of the stops is also the international exchange FOREX. The train stopped, dumped the rates supposedly but when they verified (did their quality assurance diligence) many of the new rates did not make it along with other crucial information. This must work flawlessly. So I too am discouraged and say GET IT RIGHT ! I too am very tired of this. But it is still Tuesday and still within their window for this week. The IMF I got to tell you is very upset this did not go! Very upset! I wish I could say more but this is very sensitive information even now I am telling you but I thought you need to know at least this much. I hope you all understand. You will know exactly what I am talking about in the near future. I will attempt to post again on Thursday and give a more detailed update, if I am allowed. I wish I will be telling you before that time that we are all exchanging out already. Peace and luv to ya all, mnt goat
  8. Frank26 IQD Conference Call - Monday, August 19, 2013 BulldogFord65 » August 19th, 2013, 10:12 pm • Hello Family: Here are the notes from tonight's CC. Wishing you each a peaceful night, and a blessed day tomorrow! “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53: 4-5 KJV Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Investment Night Monday, August 19, 2013 . IQD update • Frank started with a powerful article which spoke of if the monetary policy is deferred, it will cost the country billions of dollars (trillions of dinars) before being able to restore its influence globally; this article admits Iraq is not in control of the hitting the “RV button;” this article speaks of the GOI working with the CBI to raise the value of the currency • This article is very powerful and Frank will post it; it has many elements in it, talks about Iran, security, foreign investment in Iraq, ATM’s, currency that was printed, actual value of the money now versus under Saddam, the relationship with Kuwait (remember demarcation is important because they share lands where gold and oil have been discovered), etc; Frank asks everyone to please study this article after he posts it • In Frank’s opinion, the lava flow of the currency reform is still happening, and what is perceived as a delay is a necessity which Frank introduced 2 weeks ago, and will explain in detail tonight; not everything is a delay, some items are just a part of the monetary reform process • Talibani is NOT dead, no matter what the articles may say! T is in the hospital, but where are the safest places in Iraq? The GZ and hospitals! • Frank read several articles, all which are great news for our investment, the ones we need to pay attention to and take to God in prayer; The lifting of international sanctions is on Iraq, the government is in front of a historic opportunity to adopt the reset of the currency, the agreement of Tehran to take care of M, etc. • M is trying once again to morph into a good guy; Frank repeatedly stated that the USA will never remove, get rid of or assassinate M, it’s not in the hands of the USA to do so; it will be done, but not by USA • Walkingstick post 87, article: Council of ministers to super maximum, the GZ is locked down for security reasons, and M can’t come in for protection; the USA will not take out M, but the USA protects only the good guys, and M is not allowed in the GZ; M’s fate is in someone else’s hands • Walkingstick post 89, article: M visiting USA next month to discuss hunt for terrorists – this meeting will not happen • Frank gave the update from I Team: The were sent back to SA 2 weeks ago, and they were not to report back to Baghdad until mid-September, however, last week, they were sent back to Baghdad ASAP! They took 15 drones with them (they took 5 the first time); these 15 are fully armed; I Team is there to secure USA assets (GZ, embassy, etc); the coalition refused to assist with securing USA assets; there are more troops in Baghdad now than there ever have been – it’s a serious number of troops to protect our assets and to help re-train the Iraqi security forces; our troops would never have left in end of 2011 except that the GOI would not extend immunity to our troops, so O kept his campaign promise and pulled out the troops; M then went ballistic for the past year • For what has been going on in the past 2 weeks: the #2 Al Q leader was taken out in Yemen 2 weeks ago, and the #1 Al Q leader was taken out about 3 days ago; the drones are doing their job • I Team verified that the monetary reform is still on target and there is a lot of chatter on the subject • The security measures from the last 2 weeks were not directly related to the RV, but it’s critical to the stability of the region which in turn will support the monetary reform when it does occur • I Team strongly believes there will be no National Meeting because in the past 2 weeks they have uncovered the intel needed; the national meeting was essentially a trap to draw out M • US troops now have immunity in Iraq • I Team is now calling Baghdad “bloody Baghdad;” I Team leaders and our troops have been given resource to cross boarders at will/as needed • M is being by-passed by the GOI/ministers/parliament • Post 105, article: Al Q threatens to blow up parliament (where M is) – Al Q will need to get in line behind many in front of them! • Post 106, article: Mutlaq mass attack initiative and sees a lie in national meeting; denies the need for a national meeting • Gearhead post 107, article: hundreds of trucks loaded with armament and goods for protection of the GZ; why? What’s about to happen? Stay in constant prayer • No one, not Iran, not Kuwait and not USA will lift one finger to aid M • Post 108, article: political sources M postpones his visit to Iran, Kuwait and USA – not postponed, he was refused a visit • M still seeks to gain support of Washington, Tehran and Kuwait for 3rd term • I Team has been VERY busy the last 2 weeks, and it’s all surrounding M • Article that ministers don’t sleep in the GZ due to the security threats; M is looking for a place to be protected • Kittycat post 64 gives a great timeline of events and is a great summary of the past 2.5 months of our CC’s also posted on previous member post at (Link removed) • Frank read post 142 for summary of articles calling of deletion of the 3 zeros • Toyvp post 220, article: look at this article (pic of USA drone) Bluestar came on the call at this point (the sound dropped for a portion of the time Bluestar was speaking) Eagle1 came on the call at this point • E1 reported that the ForEx made a strong attempt to get the 198 global currencies loaded last night but there was a problem, E1 doesn’t know what was the problem, and supposedly they were able to get it done at 6:30 am today; the IMF is antsy to get this done, and E1’s information is that if it’s not done by Wednesday, he believes the IMF will take action • E1 also reported that suddenly, his IMF sources have gone dark • E1 said he has not seen the ForEx this active on a Sat/Sun as they were this weekend, and Frank agreed, he has not seen this kind of activity before; Eagle1 stated his source reported: all currencies are poises at the edge of a precipice, waiting for a bridge to cross to new territory • Frank’s opinion is that we will see M go, and then an announcement; in Frank’s opinion, M is not the solution, but he’s the conclusion; Frank wonders if security of GOI must be done to pull the trigger (if M is not gone, M has too much power and could affect the RV after it’s done, that he could do harm and dismantle things pertaining to the RV that could undo it?? Just questioning) • E1 spoke with WF today and WF said if we are exchanging IQD (after the RV) and deposit in a 0-balance, non-interest bearing account, they will treat it as a TAG account, and it will be protected from the devaluation of the USD on Oct 8; this is not in writing yet, but this is HUGE! Frank ended the call with singing a hymn, and Andy followed with the shofar blast
  9. Mountain Goat "Let Me Explain What Happened" - 08/14/2013 Posted by EXOGEN on August 14, 2013 at 2:03am ONE OF TWO POSTS (F) Hi Everyone, Es ist ein guter Tag zu werden Ein dinarian. Looks like we still pick up a bad apple once in awhile here in XXXX I am glad we finally got a great site that sticks to integrity and honesty and gets rid of these dead beats. So here is now a slice of the pie. Just wanted to drop in and give you an update from my sources. I have to tell you my ear was talked off yesterday and today by my IMF contact as I spent hours on the phone. I also gained a new perspective and also a contact from all the jabber. Life is good ! sehr gut Okay I hope you are ready cause this is going to be a very long read today. Lots of news to tell. First let me start by remembering a few items said in my last couple posts. If you have not read them please just bring up my profile and then click on the all post link and they are all there for you. Again these last couple days have been a roller coaster for most of us. I am included. I was also very excited last Thursday. Let me explain to you what happened to make us all feel that way. As many of you may already know this revaluation of the Iraq dinar (as the base currency for 190+ other currencies) was supposed to pop late last week. It could not possibly go prior to late Saturday or Sunday due to restrictions agree to by the USA and Iraq that allowed Iraq 10 days to collect as much of the 3 zero notes as possible from circulation und distribute the new lower denominations. The agreement also wanted to allow the country to settle down a bit since they were seriously afraid of massive, destructive, violent outbreaks rioting. They did an in country RV and the rate was $3.44. Don't let anyone convince you of the insanity that this did not occur. I have very strong contacts in Iraq and you are getting it straight from the goat's mouth, as I got it from them. (My Comment, Ron: I cannot believe that there is an in-country RV when the CBI is still selling dollars at 1166 IQD - who would bur any dollars if the IQD is worth $3.44 - it makes absolutely no sense IMHO) Why in ***** are people spending so much money all of a sudden and why is it all so quite if this did not happen? I don't even want to venture down this so negative concept that it did not occur...okay ? So why has the rate not changed in the CBI site? It has not changed since the global reset has not happened. The rate shown on the CBI will not be reflective of the $3.44 ever. The CBI will reflect the market rate of the Iraq dinar once it goes full blown international. Oh sure there are those that will tell you the in country RV did not happen and attempt to convince you by saying such things like they had hundreds killed by recent bombings. How could they RV? Do you know the USA had more murders last weekend than in all of Iraq? Also remember Maliki and his goons are behind most if not all the terrorism today in Iraq. It is not the average "joe the plumber" guy that is doing it. The peaceful, loving, family citizens far out number these goons. They are like the crooked mafia that has taken over the GOI. It will only end when they are all delt with and gone. Maliki instigates and perpetrates these things upon there own people. Imagine that a prime minister that could be so mentally ill as to do such things. Time to get rid of him! I will talk about this too later in this post. Thank God is all I can say that they were able to quite the crowds. If a civil war did occur imagine the consequences? Prime Minister Nori Al Maliki would have had his way and called out the security forces and had yet another excuse to shoot into the crowds and cause a blood bath. This time it would have been substantiated in his tow faced plea for mercy again. So this put much pressure on the CBI to do something. The GOI was against any action of giving the people anything but they were overridden and I explained the how and why in more detail in my last 2 post. So lets move on to this past weekend's events. Something smells fishy- About 6 months ago it was decided to put FOREX and some of the smaller currency exchanges on a decentralized version of automation. This was not supposed to be implemented until late 2013 or early 2014. However being that there were issues in getting the correct rates down to some of the banks they decided to do it now. Remember there are over 190+ countries throughout the world that must get the correct rates in a timely manner. These rates in the future have to be updated maybe several times throughout the day. This is just not a one shot update. This process must be reliable and work each and every time. So they decided to implement the plan early. A very large meeting of the Central Bank owners was held and they decided it would be best to do it now so they would prevent any possibility of future issues. By the way the CB owners are just a group of extremely wealthy people or organizations behind the scene that use the IMF and allow them to regulate and operate these banks for them. Remember I once said that for some of this they are flying by the seat of their pants? Well this was a perfect example of it this weekend. They changed the original plan so much already since it is hard to predict all of the consequences and results of something this huge. Will they change it again? I am hearing no. So what really happened this weekend? They are implementing a new exchange platform called Centralized International Exchange or CIX. The CIX is sort of like the grand central station and then FOREX and the exchanges would be the stops along the way on the tracks while the banks would be final destinations as you travel away fom the tracks. They were testing these somewhat minor changes made to the existing software to support this CIX platform when the rates were sent down to the banks and pushed to the final destinations. They went all the way to the service areas in the banks where tellers could use them (live rates). This was not intentional and would have not been recalled however when they asked for confirmations not all banks received the new rates at the final destination. Kind of like losing luggage. At the time they did not know that some banks did not receive it or get them on time. This was a huge concern. Finally they found the issue and shut it down. So what do they do now? First they could not recall the rates since they already had live rates at the banks!. Ergo the USA (and other countries too) had a situation where many of the larger Iraq dinar holders were actually called in and showed up at the banks to exchange. Some made it all the way to getting their money electronically deposited before it could be stopped while others were told to go home. Their accounts were put on hold (or frozen). So don't worry no one beat you to the Now the banks are just told to ignore the rates and to exchange using the later rates. Not a pleasant situation and a possible nightmare for the IMF. This can't go on much longer. One mistake could have unwaned ripple effects. To prevent any riots or angry people (people sleeping the bank parking lots, etc.) they decided to call it just another test and chalk it up to experience. Seems the harm was very limited and damage control was done. So since Thursday they corrected and re-ran tests. All is now functional. They may decide to continue testing during different hours of the day to see the reaction of the rate propagations. The new CIX gives each central bank a more decentralized approach to rate adjustments. It should prevent much of the past mistakes. Let's all hope it does. Personally I almost fell over with pain once I heard they changed their plan once again. Why in **** would they do this as such a critical time? Will it ever stop I asked? The answer I got back was they had to do it but were hoping they could not have to do it now. They were aware of the consequences and risks of not doing it now. When can we now expect it? Okay lets all take a reality check. Just remember a month ago. Did we ever see it this close? We are at the doorstep of this RV. It is so close we are literally just waiting for someone to open the door. The door was actually opened last week but shut very quickly. This has never happened before with live active rates. WOW ! I am told they are very, very much concerned that, in the USA especially, there could be riots (never mind in Iraq) if they prolong this much longer, especially in light of what happened last week. They are literally running out of time as well as running around trying to get this done. The pressure is extreme. They are also scared this could leak out into the press and make some major news headlines. So please if you want the RV remember this "loose lips since ships". What I mean is I am referring to Okie comment too that the ships at sea. If this gets out of hand we may have to wait a long time to get it back under control. So stay calm and let the ship come to you. It is almost home in port. Next let me also say that as normal when there is a hold up rumors spread as to why. Let me assure you that whether China or any other country is exchanging already is of no concern for us. Our concern and focus is on getting live rates at the banks in the USA and to get them ASAP. So please save your breath on the Q & A and posts. It does not matter to us in anyway. It is no longer part of our puzzle one way or the other. Also there are other issues that came up in the meeting with the CB owners/executives over last weekend. Two of the issues were: 1) The US banks needed more secluded exchange centers away from the general public- 2) The smaller banks needed to also be able to handle certain types of smaller exchanges- Both of these issues are now being addressed. When all the banks sign off as done we can expect the currency reset to happen and not prior. I was told today late in the day this is still not all done. It is however promising that this will be accomplished prior to or by the end of this week. If I were you I would expect to see another window of opportunity to see this RV later towards the end of this week. I personally do not believe it will go into next week as long as they don't change the plan again. I wish I had more information for you but this is all that was given to me. I had to work very hard to even get this much since they are becoming reluctant to part with any news at all. I think there is going to be a news blackout/lockdown coming this week and it may begin tomorrow. What could this mean? What is going to happen to Maliki? There is a rumor that an arrest warrant is out for Maliki. I would ignore it for now. There is no proof of this. I asked my Iraq souce and no news was ever said about this. However, I do beleive something is in the making and he may be gone sooner than later. Very soon! There is also a National Meeting planned for later this week if not later this month. That is all I can say for now on this topic. There is little direct impact on our RV at this point, at least for the next 30 days....hint...hint... Rates Remember the golden rule - "Noone knows the date or rate" but I have found we can come close. They can't hide this forever and the longer it goes, the closer we get, the more that contacts also are getting angry over the constant delays and plan changes. This seems to bring people out of the woodwork to tell us what is going on. We do know for a fact we can expect to see double digit rates for the Iraq dinar. Some of the other currencies too will be much higher than expected. I believe we will all be pleasantly surprised on many. The one that I believe will blow all our socks off is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Some say it could be a better investment than the IQD. Who knows? I am a strong believer. Peace and Luv to ya all, Mnt Goat I'm just passing on the information that was posted for any who might have an interest, or be curious what is being said out there ... please don't shoot the messenger (LOL...!).
  10. Tlar's Perspective On CBI, Zeros, Maliki, & "Do It Now" - 08/15/2013 #1 [Where do we stand today? Some analysis....: post #1] From don't promote other sites BlueyesinLevis; Tlar sent this.. if fits here as good as anywhere else. He showed several articles to back up his analysis. They are all articles we are shown by D2D and Snow and Rec....... Aug 14 TLAR: Comment - the articles on the Deletion of the Zeros are coming daily in the news. This is an argument being waged in the press that IMO, has been decided by the CBI already. The CBI is not participating one way or another and unlike when Shabibi was the governor of the CBI, Turki has been elusive choosing to say nothing in defense of or against anything that is being said in the press. The CBI and its governor and deputy governor appear to have said all their going to say on this subject. They made the one pass behind closed doors meeting individually with members of the Finance and Economic Committees. What we do know is this from press reports from these members. They reported that Turki told them the CBI had reverted back to the original plan to delete the zeros and that he intended to release the smalls in August of this year. It can be determined that Turki was not asking for their thoughts on this or whether or not they should do this or if the timing was right. The members that have spoke to the press said Turki told them he was using the original plan and that they were going to delete the zeros in August and that they were releasing the smalls in August. So as we read articles that are telling Turki to do it now, or we see detractors saying hold, recognize the silence coming from the CBI on the subject. The CBI has chosen not to argue their position with the government this time. They are not repeating the mistakes of the previous governor, Shabibi. They are methodically doing what needs to be done behind the scenes. All **** is getting ready to come down on Maliki. He is now attacking members of his own party, the SOL. He is getting ready to be sued by the Bar Association in Iraq. He is being threatened with jail time. He is being accused as an accomplice to the terror going on in Iraq and of being in on the prison break releasing members from al-Qaeda. His right hand man and trusted advisor who's farm is just outside of Bagdad was just raided and they found 60 pounds of C-4 along with thousands of weapons and munitions. These munitions are suspected of being funneled to terrorists. Maliki is coming unglued. On a positive note Maliki just signed sweeping legislation that he steadfastly has refused to endorse and that even the SOL has fought to keep from happening. This legislation is economic reform in Iraq. There were as you know 100's of articles in the last couple of days but I just sent the ones talking about deleting the zeros. The articles on delaying or stopping the process have all but come to a grinding halt as more and more fall on the side of "do it now". "Do it now" is definitely gaining in momentum and there are many more promoting this view. The detractors seems to be fading. But realize IMO its all just window dressing because the CBI has already made the decision to go. Enjoy the articles. If you have any questions just email me. I have been receiving on average 5-6 questions a day and I might start copying them and sending the answers, but removing the names. Some are good and I think we all may benefit from them. ~TLAR
  11. Jester and Members Chat - Tuesday Late PM - 08/14/2013 [Jester] HI ALL... HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL TONIGHT... [cpaatty] Jester any thoughts on Iraq not letting us contractors leave with their dollars [Jester] cpaatty WELL THAT IS THE WAY I HAVE HEARD IT FROM A VERY RELIABLE SOURCE... THEY CAN'T SEND IT TO THE STATES... [teddy] Jester Any updates on the Jack Lew appearance? [Jester] teddy NO SCHEDULES EVENTS MONDAY OR TUESDAY... HARD TO SAY... EVERYTHING IS A LOT MORE HUSH HUSH TODAY THAN USUAL... RUMORS IS ALL WE CAN CONFIRM THERE... [seveneleven] Jester Is Rand Paul the 3rd person you keep referring to? [Jester] seveneleven NO HE IS NOT... [Vote4RV] Hey Jester it sounds like our ability to have a limited private placement with China might be reduced to a general cash in for the masses at multiple banks. Our own greed and desire to circumvent the process may kill the opportunity for the best rate as the banks opt for a more distributed approach? [Jester] Vote4RV WELL... I'D LIKE TO THINK IT WON'T GO THAT FAR AFTER ALL THE WORK DONE TO TRY AND HELP THE LITTLE PEOPLE... THAT WAS WHAT THE GROUP DEAL WAS REALLY ALL ABOUT... TO HELP THOSE THAT NEEDED IT SO BADLY... [peacemaan] Jester Okie spoke of some BIG meetings out west, can you give us any info/updates on that? [Jester] peacemaan THEY ARE HAVING BIG MEETINGS PRETTY REGULARLY TRYING TO GET THIS THING DONE... LOTS OF RUMORS OUT THERE... BUT NOTHING IS CONFIRMED... [bigmoneyboss] Jester..... Anymore info on forex, and ICX [Jester] bigmoneyboss SAME UPDATE AS YESTERDAY... THE FOREX GUYS ARE NOT AWARE OF ANY SUCH PLANS... STILL CANNOT CONFIRM THAT RUMOR... [Jester] bigmoneyboss ON A HIGHER NOTE... THEY ARE ALSO NOT AWARE THEY WERE HAVING ANY PROBLEMS OR WERE IN INVOLVED IN ANY HOLD UPS... THEY ARE READY... I THINK THE OTHER IS SOMEONES MADE UP EXCUSE TO COVER THEIR BUTTS... [737man] Jester, is Mike C. the third and final 'dollar (Treasury) refunding' guy? Jester] 737man THAT WAS THE ORIGINAL PLAN... BUT THAT HAS BEEN REARRANGED SO IT IS NO LONGER THE CASE.... [paradisegirl] Jester who is Mike C?? [Patience] paradisegirl 737man: Mike Cottrell [luckyb] Jester so they are burning the midnight oil you say ? [Jester] luckyb THEY HAVE BEEN FOR SOME TIME... IT CONTINUES TO BE SO.. honeybelle] Jester are we gaining any ground on the process ending? [Jester] honeybelle WE ARE ALWAYS GETTING CLOSER... IT IS TAKING LONGER THAN ANYONE THOUGHT... WHEN PROBLEMS ARISE THEY MUST BE WORKED THROUGH... sk8pastor] Jester do ypu feel an RV is possible yet this week? [Jester] sk8pastor I THINK THEY ARE TRYING TO CLEAN UP THE EMAIL MESS AND GET ALL THAT BACK ON TRACK... [Jester] sk8pastor THEY REALLY DON'T WANT TO LEAVE ANYONE OUT... BUT THEY ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR PART OF THE DEAL GETTING THEM WHAT THEY WANT... THE OIL CREDITS... [greek1212] Jester we hear chap 7 release, tarriffs on ships getting unloaded, WTO member, Budget complete, del of 1 boeing plane, how can this all happen with a currency workth 1/8 or a cent? [Jester] greek1212 I DON'T THINK IT IS HAPPENING AT 1/8TH OF A CENT OVER THERE... [sk8pastor] Jester are you saying that you believe the 21T is where it needs to be and all that is left is getting the email situation straightened out? [Jester] sk8pastor I DON'T KNOW IF IT IS COMPLETED OR NOT... WE WERE AWARE OF IT MOVING AROUND... WE THINK... THINK... IT IS WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BUT NOT SURE... [shivohm] Jester Since this would be a Oil Credits deal and not a CE why can't we get the deal today with some sort of a promissory note when the RV happens? Seems like that would be more advantageous for the Chinese [Jester] Shivohm DEAL DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT... IT IS A BROKER DEAL... FOR THE ONE THING... THROUGH THE ONE CONDUIT... [surfnomad] Jester Did Iraq RV in country I thought I remember you said you thought it did if so is/was the rate $3.44, if so how long can it remain in country without being internationally recognized [Jester] surfnomad YES I SAID THAT... AND I STAND BY IT... I AM AWARE THAT CONTRCTORS GOT PAID LIKE THAT... AND I AM ALSO AWARE THEY CANNOT SEND IT TO THE STATES... HMMM... [blueing skies] (ex-blueskies132)...Hello Jester....a few months ago there was talk that if USA didn't do it,Canada could. Is there still a possibility for that to happen. [Jester] blueing skies I DOUBT IT... IT IS NOT A FACTOR OF NOT BEING ABLE TO DO IT... IT IS MORE LIKE A TIMING ISSUE AND THINGS HAVING TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE THEY CAN DO IT... [sandytob] Jester Are you saying that the email mess is all that is holding this up at this point? I thought we had been told that it was all in order sometime last week. [Jester] sandytob WELL I DON'T SEE ANY EMAILS DO YOU? I THINK THEY ARE STILL TRYING TO GET THE WHOLE THING UNDER CONTROL AND THE DEAL SET UP... ALL THIS INFIGHTING HAS THEM CONCERNED THAT THEIR VOLUME MAY NOT BE REACHED... IF EVERYONE WOULD HAVE STAYED IN THE GROUP IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT BETTER IN MY OPINION.. [sandytob] Jester maybe they should have left the recaps ppl in then....this is really not looking good. [greek1212] Jester if contractors got paid but cant send it to the states, cant they tell everyone they know to buy dinar? [Jester] greek1212 I SUPPOSE THEY CAN TELL ANYONE ANYTHING THEY WANT IF THEY CAN GET THE WORD OUT... OF IF THEY CARE... WHO KNOWS? [pappy4] Jester what about the dong, will it revalue [Jester] pappy4 I BEILEVE IT WILL BE INCLUDED RIGHT ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE COUNTRIES IN THE RESET... YES... [patsiayn] Jester thanks for ans my question earlier. Was wondering if all our questions were keeping you from sharing some news. We all appreciate your answering questions too.I just don't want to miss hearing info important to all of us. Thanks for all you do. [Jester] patsiayn NOT REALLY... I LIKE THIS FORMAT... YOU GUYS HAVE LOTS OF GOOD QUESITONS... NOT THE ONES I HAVE ANSWERED 1000 TIME BEFORE... IT IS A GOOD FORUM FOR DISCUSSION... [Patience] PLEASE HOLD QUESTIONS JESTER IS ON THE PHONE [cz] Spouse went to huge airport on Internatonal side. While killing time, went to the currency window. Asked about Iraq dinar. Clerk said it RV's in Iraq. We are just waiting for cash in in USA. Then spouse asked, did the USA cash in yet. Clerk said yes they are almost finished!!! [musiccitylady] cz ty for telling us that. [chasen] Jester Have you heard anything about the cashless sytem with all this? That would be one way to ensure the tranparency that I have heard is in the new Basil 3 system. [Jester] chasen I THINK THINGS WILL HEAD THAT WAY TO A CERTAIN EXTENT BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE IT WILL GO AWAY... IN A GOLD BACKED MONEY YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE SOME OF THE MONEY FOR THE ONES THAT ARE NOT ON THE SYSTEM.... [1212] Jester - whenever the RV happens where will the funds come from to cover all of the exchanges ? [Jester] 1212 THAT IS A PRETTY COMPLICATED QUESTION... IT IS NOT REALLY MONEY LAYING AROUND NOW THAT IS CASHING YOU OUT... IT IS THE BUYING OF THE OIL CREDITS FINANCING IT... AND THEY FACT THAT IRAQ CAN SATISFY THE OIL CREDITS AT A VERY LOW COST OUT THE DOOR FOR THE OIL... [pb] jester, any comments as to okie/tony doing their thing? i know, i know.. no date/no rate, but your opinion of their comments? [Jester] pb LAST TIME I DIDN'T AGREE I JUST ABOUT GOT LYNCHED... BUT I DON'T SEE IT LIKE THEY DO... MY INFORMATION COMES FROM A DIFFERENT DIRECTION... [melongirl] Jester Is there a news source better than others to watch for things on? [Jester] melongirl SOME OF THE NON-US CHANNELS HAVE BETTER INFORMATION... GLOBALLY LOTS OF INFORMATION OUT THERE NEVER MAKES IT HERE... AND I LIKE SOME OF THE SMALLER CHANNELS IN THE US... LIKE BECK AND SUCH TELLING IT LIKE IT IS... AND THE NEW PAUL CHANNEL SHOULD BE VERY INTERESTING... [Rusty_Nail] Question to Jester. If there is one thing to watch for, what would it be? [Jester] Rusty_Nail ANNOUNCEMENTS WILL BE FORTHCOMING WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT... [surfnomad] Jester Where does most of your information come from (not specifically by name but generally) [Jester] surfnomad LOTS OF PLACES REALLY... OTHER PEOPLE DOING WHAT I AM DOING... NOT NECESSARILY ALL ARE DINAR PEOPLE... SOME ARE... SOME CONTACTED ME BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO KNOW WHAT I KNOW... HAD A PRETTY GOOD CONVERSATION TODAY WITH SOMEONE HIGH ON THE FOOD CHAIN IN THE UST... IT IS A SPIDERWEB... [Jester] surfnomad NO PROBLEM... FAIR QUESTION... ALL IN ALL ABOUT 75-80 SEPARATE CONTACTS... AND 3 OF THEM WITH A SPIDERWEB LIKE MINE... SO WE SHARE A LOT THERE BETWEEN OURSELVES TOO... [2562bce] Jester - Respectfully I ask have you ever caught one of your contacts lying to you? [Jester] 2562bce MORE OF A PROBLEM WITH QUESTIONABLE SOURCES THAN THE CONTACTS I HAVE I GUESS... AND YES I HAVE... I LOST A FRIEND OVER IT... ASKED SOMEONE I TRUSTED TO GIVE ME SOME INFORMATION FOR SAID FRIEND AND HE LIED TO ME ABOUT IT... SO WHEN I PASSED THE INFO IT WAS WRONG... DIDN'T HELP THE FRIEND PASSED ME A LIE IN THE FIRST PLACE TO CHECK OUT THE SOURCE... STUPID GAMES.... NOT WORTH IT... I JUST MOVED ON... [surfnomad] Jester The reason I asked is I have an alphabet agency friend that tells me almost exactly what you report either a day or 2 before or after so you are right on in my book thx [Jester] surfnomad THANK YOU FOR THAT... I USUALLY HEAR IT EARLIER I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE IT IS RIGHT WHEN I PUT IT OUT SO WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME CHECKING THINGS OUT... [WeRCurious] Jester do you have any intel about "the meetings" and the "attendees" in Reno that Okie spoke about today? [Jester] WeRCurious WE ARE AWARE OF THE RUMORS ALL OVER... BUT WE ARE NOT ABLE TO CONFIRM THE ATTENDEES OR THE MEETING OR ANY RESULTS OTHER THAN RUMORS... [Clarity1] Jester - with all due respect to you and the information you bring – I do look forward to hearing from you. I have been in this a long time and have seen many intel providers come and go, many that I thought brought very good information, yet here we are....still. My question to you is; Where have you been these past 6 years? You seemed to just appear one day with what sounds like good information…like so many others before you. I am Just looking for a little background and maybe a little more understanding of you and for what you bring. Who’s to say that another year down the road we will still be here talking about something else with someone else, maybe just like you that is convinced they have the right answers too? [Jester] Clarity1 I APPEARED IN THE CHAT ROOMS TO TRY AND DO THE SAME THING YOU ARE DOING... TO TRY AND FIGURE OUT WHAT WAS GOING ON... AND I REALIZED SOMETHING ELSE WAS GOING ON... AND IN A LONG TIME WATCHING I NOTICED ONE THING... SMART PEOPLE WOULD COME IN AND DROP INFO AND EVERYONE WOULD KEEP TRADING RECIPES... SO I WOULD IM THEM... AND THEY WOULD TALK TO ME... AND EVENTUALLY THEY WOULD GET TIRED OF TYPING AND TELL ME TO CALL THEM... AND THE MORE I LEARNED THE MORE I KNEW... AND ONE SUNDAY I POSTED FOR RECAPS MY FIRST TAKE AT THIS THING... AND THEN PEOPLE STARTED ASKIGN ME QUESTIONS... AND I MET MORE AND MORE CONTACTS THAT WAY... UNTIL AFTER A WHILE THEY STARTED CALLING ME FOR INFORMATION... AND HERE I AM... BROKERING INFORMATION BASICALLY... TALKING TO A LOT OF PEOPLE... [Jester] Clarity1 ANYONE COULD HAVE DONE WHAT I DID... I STARTED OUT KNOWING NO ONE... I AM JUST GOOD AT FIGURING THINGS OUT... I WAS A PROFESSIONAL TROUBLESHOOTER FOR 17 YEARS AS A MECHANICAL ENGINEER FOR ALCOA... THAT IS WHAT I DID... FIGURE THINGS OUT... WHY THEY WOULD WORK.... [Jester] ONE OF MY MENTORS ONCE TOLD ME THIS AND I LIVE BY IT STILL... YOU CANNOT BAND-AID THE SYMPTOM... YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT THE PROBLEM TO FIX IT... [yolav] Jester ,i know you dont do date or rate, but how close is close, can we touch close?, or is close in the distance enough to see the workings in the making?, or to sum it all up , can we put the candles on the cake now compared to Okies post? [Jester] yolav IT IS READY... THEY WILL RELEASE IT WHEN THEY ARE HAPPY WITH THE PROCESS AND WHAT THEY ARE WORKING ON... I DO BELEIVE IT IS RIGHT HERE CLOSE... BUT WE ARE STILL WAITING ON THE INDICATORS WE ARE THERE... [Justice] You all have been awesome tonight! [Justice] Goodnight All! Thanks for coming! [Justice] You all are great! Hope to see everyone back here again! [Jester] THANKS FOR COMING OUT GUYS... THIS ROOM HAS A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT FEEL TO ME... AND I LOVE IT... GREAT PATRIOTS HERE... AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU [Jester] TAKE CARE... KEEP THE FAITH...
  12. BondLadys Corner Admin Shred's Intel - 08/12/2013 [shredd] I have some intel I'd like to share with you all. Greetings all. I suppose the word "intel" caught you off guard, didn't it? It's ironic that the word is short for intelligence and with all of they guru hype going on lately, I thought I'd offer some intelligence from a banking perspective. For our valued members, most of you know I've been in banking for over ten years and have been blessed with a lot of God-given favor at the bank which means I've moved up in the ranks over my tenure. [shredd] I work for a very large international bank that you have all heard of and I've personally worked with the big players that you read about like Wells Fargo, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase and so on. I've worked with substantial accounts, well into the hundreds of millions and even billions in size. I've personally handled massive clients, the likes of which you've all heard of. I've worked with multiple currencies and have personally worked with forex and know how rate changes affect these accounts on a real time basis. [shredd] This all said, here comes my intelligence...........are you ready? Here it is: 1. When the official exchange rate of the iraqi dinar changes, it will be immediately realized in the markets. 2. There is no foreknowledge of pending rate changes. Severe manipulation of any would collapse trading. 3. There are no back bank screens with blinking lights that show pending exchange rates that are awaiting activation. 4. No WF or any other banking officer will have any foreknowledge of pending forex rate changes. This is a fact. FACT. 5. Rate changes are immediately realized in banking systems with no pre-advice. 6. No high ranking political contact, UST contact, VP at any bank or any other "source" will have any knowledge of a pending rate. If this were the case and had the ability to leak out, again, it would be manipulated on an immediate and regular basis. This is akin to insider trading and is punishable in a court of law. 7. There are no "glitches" or "the rate was supposed to be uploaded but the 'system' didn't work". Rate changes are a smooth process and take place on a regular basis. Look back when the dinar moved from 1170 to 1166. We had no pre-advice and the rate changed immediately. It can do this again with the same ease. 8. Any guru telling everyone the opposite of what I've stated above in any form is doing so because of one of two reasons: first, they have a "god complex" and wish to be the informer of the good news we all seek. Second, and this should be punishable in a court of law, they are "pumping" dinar for brokers; meaning, they are purposely trying to get folks to buy more and more dinar with the hopes that it's going to revalue tonight, tomorrow, etc. They do this because they get a cut for their pumping. 9. Study what the CBI is doing and saying. Follow the project to delete the zeros, watch for Iraq to move under Article VIII of the IMF, watch for Iraq becoming a free market economy with a currency that is representative of the sovereign democracy Iraq now is. 10. Know that Iraq is in a whole new light now that they are truly sovereign. They will not want to be tagged as a "currency manipulator", purposely keeping their rate low. Iraq has too much to lose by keeping it down, we are seeing this in the articles...investment is at risk. The CBI will move forward in a relatively short period of time. [shredd] so, in summary, do not believe the lies of the what the cbi does and listen to what they say, that is true intelligence ! Shredd out [lightingcslt] thanks for the intel [shredd] you got it
  13. Tlar "This Is How I See It" - 08/12/2013 Post made by BlueyesinLevis from P. D. Tlar wrote: Comment - Again it has been an interesting couple of days in Iraq. We have Turki, the head of the CBI, saying approximately two weeks ago that he has a surprise for Iraqi's and friends of Iraq (investors). We also have Turki saying this will be the best Ramadan ever. We now have at least three articles from three different people saying that the 2014-2016 budgets are based on 1.16 dinars per US dollar. 1.16 dinars per dollar = 86 cents. If you move the decimal point over 3 points the present exchange rate of 1160 dinars to the dollar becomes 1.16 dinars to the dollar. We have multiple articles suggesting there getting ready to delete the zeros. We know that the CBI has been telling the Economic and Finance committees members individually that it has returned to the "Original plan" that is based on the 2008 study done on the behalf of the CBI. That 2008 plan found that the CBI could support the dinar at 1.13 per dollar and went on to suggest they support this rate under a controlled float for up to two years. This might be the reason that Finance committee just finished the 2014 budget through the 2016 budget and reported that all were figured on 1.16 dinars per US dollar. We also know that the bank has declared its Independence over and over since January choosing not to engage the government or debate the government as Shabibi did. Shabibi had made a fatal mistake debating Maliki's minions hoping to get them on board only to find that they became vicious in their attacks and they had a personal agenda that did not include Iraq's best interests. Maliki had fought the bank under Shabibi at every turn. He has attempted to scare, threaten and intimidate Turki, but Turki stayed his course and has all but ignored trying to get Maliki's government to endorse deleting the zeros. He has not publically engaged these guys or debated the pros and cons as did Shabibi. It has been a smart move. How do you argue with someone that refuses to engage in the conversation. Maliki tried to fire Turki a few months back but was made to understand he did not have that constitutional power. Next he accused Turki of stealing ten tons of gold and wanted him arrested. Parliament, the IMF and our own US Treasury jumped to his aid, proving to all that Turki did not steal any gold. Within days the matter was dropped and Turki had won another battle with Maliki. Turki held a breakfast meeting about a week and a half ago whereby he invited all the heads of the independent banks plus a few members of the Finance Committee and the Economic Committee. No one knows exactly what was said at this meeting, but what came out of this meeting the next day was a pledge that the Association of Independent banks would sell the dollar across their counters at no profit. The banks were paying 1179 to buy a US dollar at action and had just pledged starting the next day to sell that same dollar to Iraqi's at 1179. The banks had just given up their biggest area of profit. In fact they were loosing money because they still had to pay their employees to service the lines of Iraqi's buying dollars. The question remains, what did Turki promise them in return for their pledge to make no money and how long could they do this loosing money? One of the goals of the "original plan" as seen by Shabibi was to get Iraqi's using the banks again. Shabibi had envisioned Iraqi's marching into the banks to swap their old dinars for new dinars. He had instructed the banks to take their time with each Iraqi in explaining banking services available and then set up deposits and accounts. This would also serve to capitalize these banks as Iraqi's left some of there new found money in these banks. One thing we do know for sure. Turki had been meeting individually with those most involved and was showing them the 2008 study saying that they had returned to it. We could assume this was his same approach to the Independent banks and that is what their carrot is for shutting off temporarily their profits in order to close the gap on the street rate and the program rate. For sure this can not be a down the road project because these banks cannot do this long. So that leads us up to today. Ramadan is over but we are still in Eid Al-Fitr. Ramadan is a month long fast from morning to evening. Eid Al-Fitr follows Ramadan and is a week of great feasting. Iraqi's save their nickels and dimes for Eid in order to have plenty of food. This next week sees the end of Eid and unless Turki has been lying to us and so has selected guys from the Economic and Finance committee, we should see Iraq delet the zeros between now and befor September first. Traditionally Muslim governments like to gift their citizens following Eid. We have a promise from Turki that this will be the best Ramadan ever. We have the Independent banks that are operating nowc on a wing and a prayer but for how long will they sacrifice. We have a rate of 1.16 that has been shown to us in the 2014-2016 budgets. No promise but to me, if it looks like a duck, quakes like a duck, well you know. ~ TLAR What's in it for the banks to have been selling the dollar at cost for this period of time? What is their carrot? Remember Turki was meeting with members of the Economic and Finance committees just before he met with the Association of independent banks in Iraq at that infamous breakfast at which they agreed to sell the dollar at cost. We can glean some sense of what he was saying to the members of the Economic and Finance committees based on articles that have come out by these members. The message was probably the same for the Independents but with a little twist. He put a carrot in front of the banks The first is he explained that the bank has gone back to the original plan, deleting the zeros. So how does this effect these banks and would that be the motivator for them to give up their profits? In the original plan which was based on the 2008 feasibility study, Shabibi had envisioned that after they delete the zeros, Iraqi's would bring in the rest of the dinar still out to swap for the new smalls. He had asked that as each Iraqi came in to switch the currency, the bank take its time explaining services and attempt to set up bank accounts for them. Iraqi's have not used the banking system since 2003 when Saddam wiped out savings and checking accounts by robbing the banking system of its gold and it paper money, leaving most Iraqi's monetarily destroyed. It was the hope of Shabibi that this would kick start Iraqi's using the banking system again and at the same time capitalize the banks as Iraqi's left most of their funds from the swap in bank accounts. This would be worth giving up todays short term profits to gain many customers with money and recapitalizing the bank. We know it's not loyalty of Iraq. Russ you are correct. These banks are like a dam that is being pressured. If that dam bursts without a satisfactory result Turki will come out of worse than when he started not to mention the banks won't believe anything he says after that. IMO there is only one outcome left. Sometime this month, before September 1st, the CBI is going to delete the zeros. ~ Tlar This is how I see it. If Turki lets this opportunity pass, shame on him. He will have set Iraq's monetary policy back and have done irreparable damage to the relationships with the Association of Independent banks as their sacrifice will have been in vain. These banks have put their money on this as a result of something Turki told them. I believe he told them a date he was going to delete the zeros at that breakfast meeting, just as he did in his individual meetings with members from the Finance committee and Economic committee. Two members have said that they were told by the CBI that they would delete the zeros this month, the month of August. I suspect that Turki also told this to the Association. One member said he was specifically told that they had reverted back to the original plan. One said they had been told that the smalls would be released this month. The finance committee built 3 budgets based on a deleted zeros dinar value. It's hard to ignore these guys as they should be guys in the inner circle. Turki throughout this has been quiet. He has purposely not courted the government, which was the mistake Shabibi made. He has used plausible deniability when necessary to side track the government. In other words he has not attempted to persuade the government because he is well aware that they have their own agenda which is not what's best for Iraq. He has learned that lesson from Shabibi's failure. IMO they have basically given us the rate at 1.16 and the date sometime before September 1st. I might be up a tree making this claim but I feel fairly certain barring no major Maliki sweep of the bank, it will go down this month. If I'm wrong so be it. ~ Tlar
  14. Randy Koonce & Mailman17 Rumor & Opinions 08/07/2013 Tidbit Rumors & Opinions Post From D. Detectives: 8-6-13 Randy Koonce: There is no in country RV. If the CBI hasn't changed the rate than it hasn't RV'ed. Don't be excited about the cards being loaded because they won't do that until it RV's. When the RV hits, you will know it. Are we close? Yes. I think we are in a very good window this week. The IMF cannot force the issue & the UN cannot force this unless they signed something when they were let out of Chapter 7. The UN could possibly want to do something with the rate and Iraq probably doesn't want that. All of the stars appear to be lining up. Randy Koonce Continues: This week looks good & each week until Sept 2, which is a hard back wall...the pressure will be on. The month of August is a very big month. Do I think we are there? Yes. We heard the LD's are in the banks & they are hoping to push out the rate to prevent bombings. The rate...I absolutely don't care...I think it will be at least over $1.20 because they have to get the dollars off of the streets. I feel it needs to come out at $3.41 to meet the budget, but because of the audit there are some things I just don't know. If it comes out low they will have to redo the budget. If the dong RV's I think they will probably lop it. I think it is a year out. There is nothing left for them to do to RV, it's just a timing thing. We are in a great spot. This is about to be over. 8-6-13 Mailman17: A RECENT ARTICLE PUT OUT BY THE IMF STATED THEY WERE ADJUSTING 7 COUNTRIES CURRENCIES BASED ON THOSE COUNTRIES FOREIGN CURRENCY RESERVES ON AUG 1. THAT DIDNT HAPPEN. WHY?. IMO..BECAUSE THE DINAR WAS NOT SET YET, AND THAT IS WHY THE IMF IS GETTING PISSED...AND ARE STILL WONDERING THE DELAY FOR IRAQ GOING INTO ART 8. YOU HAVE EVERY COMMITTEE IN IRAQ FROM THE PARLIAMENTARY FINANCE TO ECONOMIC SCREAMING TO ACTIVATE THE RATE. AS FAR AS A GLOBAL RESET...NOT A RESET SO MUCH AS ADJUSTMENT OF EACH INDIVIDUAL COUNTRIES OWN CURRENCY BASED ON THEIR OWN RESERVES. THAT BEING SAID, I WOULD ASSUME THE 7 COUNTRIES ALONG WITH THE REST WILL NEED A STABLE RATE FOR A PERIOD OF TIME, AND THAT IS ALSO WHY I DO NOT BELIEVE A FLOAT IS AN OPTION. A STRAIGHT 1-1 LIKE SHABS HAS SAID REPEATEDLY IN THE PAST IS WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE TARGET AND THAT IS ALSO WHAT THE IMF WILL USE FOR THEIR FIGURES ON ADJUSTING ALL CURRENCIES. THE END OF RAMADAN IS STILL A OPTION, AS IN THE PAST THEY HAVE THROWN MONEY TO THE STREETS DURING THAT TIME. TIMING IS ON THEIR SCHEDULE, NOT OURS, BUT I STILL SAY THERE IS NO WAY IN *** THE UNSC WOULD HAVE TAKEN IRAQ OUT OF 7 AND THE IMF TELLING THEM WE ARE READY FOR YOUR ACCEPTANCE INTO ART 8 IF THIS WASNT A DONE DEAL. SO..WE WAIT..BUT IMVHO...NOT MUCH LONGER.
  15. Delta & KTFA Member Q & A - 08/09/2013 (Frank26 makes post at very end) DELTA: PEOPLE ARE CELEBRATING EID.. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN UNTIL EID IS OVER ...DINNER WAS SO GOOD. DELTA: CHACHA EID IS OVER ON SUNDAY IRAQI TIME. : handshake2: DELTA: AFTER EID I WILL GIVE THE DATE : biggrin: by DELTA » OK FAMILY LET'S PLAY I WILL TAKE 5 QS DELTA Postby RANSOM » THIS IS A BLUESTAR TYPE OF QUESTION....should we look for a rate change on Sunday? DO we really think this is our week or more empty promises to the people? Can this go to January 2014? Postby RANSOM » AFTER SUNDAY you're going to give us the date to what? Your Birthday????THe playoffs? the birth of your baby? Lol Postby RANSOM » IS THIS STILL IN THE HANDS OF IRAQ? OR THE POWERS THAT BE??? by justinanddeb » Hi Delta:You've said before that you do not believe Iraq is controlling the revalue of their currency. Do you think the revalue is part of a larger "macro" event at this point, or do you still believe Iraq has things to accomplish? Do you think the IMF has now stepped in to enforce the revalue? Thanks for playing! D. by DELTA »176]NOTHING LEFT THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT ...ALL ABOUT RIGHT TIMING NOW. DELTA Postby AzProf » Delta, Will Maliki step down or even go to jail? If so- whos the next PM? and who will be the next pres? Postby DELTA » MALIKI WILL WIN AGAIN UNLESS ..... THE NEXT PRES HAS TO BE A KURD NO NAME YET. DELTA Postby RANSOM » Are we going to be on this train ride for a while longer and if so how long? Are the lower denoms out in the market? Are the Qi cards being distributed? Are any of them activated? by DELTA » 1: NO 2: NO...EMPTY PROMISES 3:NO... 100% THIS YEAR. DELTA by RANSOM » ok so let me clarify....cause I'm old....don't look for a rate change Sunday...this isn't our week because they've just given their people more empty promises and this is our year 100% true? Postby dustibigelow » Uhhhhhhhh...... MR. DELTA, SIR Generally speaking, will the RI/RV happen sometime next week? Keep in mind, I didn't ask for a specific date or rate.... :heeheehee: Now that was a good question, right???? Dustib Postby jim1126 » DELTA DELTA... Is security more visible there....? Do you believe they will have a safe transition? Are the people in a good mood knowing this will happen very soon? by DELTA » SOME OF THEM DELTA by rbest » Hi Delta Would you say our best window for this thing to happen is next week or after that? Thanks Postby DELTA » AFTER THAT DELTA RANSOM wrote CAn you clarify this please before you go???????? by DELTA » I SAID... NO IT WILL NOT HAPPEN ON SUN YES EMPTY PROMISES. DELTA Postby RANSOM » Are we going to be looking for a three day weekend for this to pop on US Thanksgiving weekend again? postby DELTA » NO..... IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE THANKSGIVING . WE WILL BE ALL IN HAWAII FOR THANKSGIVING. DELTA by AzProf » Delta, Do we have to wait till after Eid for you to give us the date? I hear Ransom has an extra $20 in his pocket??? BLUESTAR wrote DELT WILL MAKE US SOUP :cupotea: (IT IS SOUP :cupotea: NOW DELT...RIGHT!?) AND SERVE :genie: IT TO US AFTER EID!!! RIGHT DELT????? Postby DELTA » BLUESTAR.....YES ONE OF THE BEST SOUP THAT YOU EVER HAD. :hibye: DELTA Postby bizman73 » I STILL DO NOT SEE THIS GOING TO SEPTEMBER 1 OR 2ND.....I WILL BE SURPRISED IF NOTHING AROUND THE 15TH OF AUGUST..... I TRULY BELIEVE IT IS OUT OF IRAQS HANDS.....PERIOD!!!! TOO MANY THINGS RELYING ON THIS FOR IT TO BE SOLEY IN IRAQS HANDS AT THIS POINT.... YOUR OPINION....(AND OPINION ONLY) FOR AUGUST... AND IT BEING NOT IN IRAQS HANDS AT THIS POINT..... THE PLAN IS BEHIND SCHEDULE!!!!!! PERIOD!!! TIME IS WASTING...... by Bandit » Wow like Deja Vu....... I said almost that exact same thing back in August of........ 2010, 2011, & 2012. Thanks Delta! I know it will happen in the coming days! by BLUESTAR » QUESTIONS FOR DELTEEEEEEE WILL YOU BE WITH US ON TUES + WED OF THIS COMING WEEK + I HOPE YOU ARE SAFE!!!? HOW IS THE MOOD OF THE IRAQI QI HOLDERS AS THEY ANTICIPATE THE WIND DOWN OF EID AND A POSSIBLE RAMADAN WITHOUT A RATE CHANGE OR THE ABILITY TO USE THEIR QI CARDS? lOOking FORWARD TO SEEING YOU SOON IN PERSON DELT!!!!!!!! BLUESTAR Postby DELTA » LOVE YOU ALL I HAVE TO GO NOW.... I WILL SEE YOU ALL IN HAWAII... I PROMISE. DELTA postby Frank26 » Aloha Friday KTFA Family........... Look at Your CC notes from the last two weeks starting when I gave You my Time Frame Study. I said .........Team ......... Shut down until the 7th of August/ Wednesday. Because nothing will happen until just after Eid within a weeks to 10 days afterwards. Now look at DELTA's postings from this morning.......... Mirror imagines. I know what the net proclaims about their sources and falseness. But I also know and only trust .......... My Teams! Guess who came to dinner with Delta? Guess who's going to Hawaii with Delta? Take care of each other today KTFA Family........... REJOICE!!! Less of me is really good right now. Ahui ho Ohana......... \m/ My Christian Love ............ KTFA,
  17. KTFA Frank26 Conference Call Notes - 07/30/2013 BulldogFord65: Hello Family: Here are tonight's CC notes. Wishing you an peaceful night and an abundantly blessed tomorrow! BulldogFord65 “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him… Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:21, 27 KJV Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, July 29, 2013 • Frank began the conference call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast. • Testimony was shared by George Robinson regarding the healing of his shoulder through the power of prayer • Frank suggested the possibility of holding a prayer conference call in August; more detail to follow • Frank surveyed the forum about sharing his latest time frame of study, and the forum family agreed – THERE IS NO DATE, THERE IS NO RATE; IT IS A TIME FRAME OF STUDY • Frank received the same information from 2 different, very reliable sources, including I Team; Frank prayed about it and feels he should share • Frank then addressed several forum issues • The articles with inflation rates are not correct – the real numbers are following a different formula; review: S was fired by M; S works for the IMF; who put in Turki? M; who does T work for? IMF; we will come back to this later • Article posted by JJonesMX stating they will begin THIS YEAR the project of lifting the 3 0’s – stated by Finance committee of the CBI, who is under the IMF; why? To get into CH6; but articles talking about inflation oppose that – the articles lied • They are in a hurry, trying to pass laws, please B and the Kurds, bring in foreign investors; they are trying to get this done; the exited Article 14 and entered Article 8, using it to enter CH6; Article 8 and CH6 both drive to the same goal of Iraq entering the global community with an international currency; Frank read another article posted that reiterates this, and plainly states it • How can they enter Article 8? International currency with value • Those who say other countries are part of IMF with worthless currency; yes, correct, there are some – but do you see everyone rushing to go into those countries to do business and banking? NO; but they are running to get into Iraq and invest • Question about Iraq breaking into 3 parts: in Frank’s opinion, the country will not separate into 3 different countries, but there will be 3 regions of importance in the one nation of Iraq • JJonesMX article: economic transactions and the CBI said in August is planned to deleted the 3 0’s and replace with the new (LD’s) currency • w8in4it2RV post 359: article from 2012 which states switch to the new currency in July of next year (2013); August 9, 2012 the Finance committee said they were outweighed regarding the deletion of the 3 0’s and introduction of new currency (LD’s) • after Eid, the committees will resolve outstanding issues between federal gov’t and provincial gov’t, this is news out of Kurdistan – but, there are no outstanding issues!! • KCGWS post 159 about Eid; it will start on Aug 8 and end on Aug 11; 3 days in duration – the article tells us it will be a 3-day holiday; this is a break in pattern, previously, Eid has only been 24 hours, now this article comes out and changes pattern and official 3-day holiday has been declared; who did this? S; who does S work for? IMF; Who does T work for? IMF; they have made great progress without M; review this article, it gives break down of the holiday • As Frank stated this spring, if the rate is not revealed, the citizens will tear the country apart; we are seeing the violence escalate, not in an offensive manner now, but defensively • I Team reports that the citizens will take out M if something is not done; Frank prays no harm will come to him, that he decide himself to go away; he is powerful, and he is being used as a bridge to Iran, but his tenure is near an end • M’s coalition is saying that O contributed to an increase in violence in Iraq and they will not allow external intervention after restoration of sovereignty; when O pulled the troops out last year to keep his campaign promise, that’s when M stole funds, fired S and everything went crazy • Video of O and his wife watching flag raising, and O’s wife scorned the raising of the flag; yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do, taken from Meet the Press, then Sen O commented on his stance on the American flag, why he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played, all present are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with right hand over heart – O stated he does not want to be perceived as “taking sides” because there are a lot of people in the world who see the American flag as symbol of oppression and the national anthem is war-like and aggressive, suggested that it should be replaced with “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing” and re-invent the flag; he stated that it is his intention to disarm USA to levels that ME brothers are comfortable, because Islam is a religion of peace, and as president he will use his power, putting aside his HATRED of America, and make change; he commented that he and his wife have both attended numerous flag burnings; this is related – many not happy with M and many not happy with O • China is pouring into Kurdistan • THE TIME FRAME STUDY IS NOT A DATE!! IT IS A DATE OF A TIME FRAME OF A STUDY, A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY • I Team report: Iraq is returning 13 terrorists to SA who will are scheduled for execution, this will not be in mainstream media; I Team went to SA and were at a dinner where the leader of the largest bank in SA was dining; this bank will be a huge distribution hub for the LD’s outside of Iraq; I Team asked when is the currency being revalued? The banker answered “Eid”; this is the second report that Frank has received stating Eid; this is an OPINION • Frank believe S has always looked for a time period they could have a 3-day holiday; this is the first time that Eid has been extended for 3 days: Aug 8, 9, 10 (ends at dawn 11); S is done with T, and teams guarding S are done, now there is a 3-day holiday first time ever; during Ramadan, people offer gifts to their God, and during Eid, the government offers gifts to the people; this banker is also the one who brought these men into the investment a couple of years ago • Frank requested I Team to follow up with 3 questions; waiting for response Eagle1 came on the call at this point • Frank commented that I Team wants to know where E1 gets his intel as he’s spot on • E1 was in Canada, and when he cleared security coming back, a DHS employee spoke to him and gave him a contact card, and invited him to call when he arrived home; which he did, and this person said a number of interesting investments are opening up after the RV of the dinar; E1 does not know this person, and had no discussion at all about the IQD; this person said the opportunity will come “after it’s finished” • In Frank’s opinion, 100% of congress has IQD • E1 and 2 other people were on the phone this morning, and all 3 had TV on Fox News, and they ran a crawl on the screen that the EU is 75% less likely to dissolve or break up; this correlates with 75% of the banks in the EU are Basel III compliant; how could this happen so fast??? Also, mandate for Basel III compliance to be done by Aug 1 • Of the 25% that are left, E1’s opinion is that the banks have permission to use the IQD as asset to back them, and may, in his opinion, be extended 10 -14 days; note that banks in USA have already been given this permission Frank gave Nova’s report • Frank read from newspaper report about ME peace talks to resume; Israel will release 104 Palestinian prisoners and commented how painful it was to do it; Frank’s opinion is that Israel made arrangements for their citizens to be able to buy dinars; do we think that Palestinians want to go to Israeli banks to cash out, or Israelis go to Arab banks to cash in; Newshounds asked to bring forward the article, and Frank believes that Israel will give up lands • Eagle1 came in and said that the release of prisoners is not contingent, but ceding on lands is contingent upon Palestine’s admission that Israel has a right to exist; E1’s opinion that this is a demonstration that Israel has tried every avenue so that “when” they strike Iraq, they can demonstrate to USA that they tried everything possible • Frank said that August 8, 9, 10 are a very hot time frame Frank opened the call to questions: Q: Caller asked if Frank knows about “dhimmitude” in O-care; encouraged all to research it Frank: not aware of it Q: Caller ask E1 if there is anything he can share about the IMF E1: The IMF has tried to launch the 198 currencies several times but have run into glitches with 6 countries; they have asked for permission to move forward with 192 currencies and do the other 6 either as a separate group, or individually; E1 said there is a rumor they may try again tomorrow Q: caller asked about executive order that O signed about confiscating 401k’s Frank: asked that the article about this be posted on his thread, it’s fact; he talked about it a couple of months ago; remember this capped retirement funds at $2.5 million and the rest to be confiscated and redistributed Q: Is it possible that the power elite are holding back on the RV to gain control and bring forth a one world order through the UN? Frank: In his opinion, the UN does not hold such power, and he sees the world becoming more chaotic, not unifying under one world order A couple of callers followed with topics other than the IQD investment BulldogFord65 questions to Eagle1: BDF65: Does E1 know the 6 countries who are the “glitch” for the global currency reset? Eagle1: No, he has not been given a list, but his contact led him to believe they are minor member nations who do not have a major impact BDF65: in E1’s opinion, could we reasonably conclude the USA is not one of the 6 countries? Eagle1: yes BDF65: in E1’a opinion, does the delay in the global currency reset delay the expected US$ RV anticipated in October? Eagle1: no, he believes it’s a hard date, he has heard of no bending or movement from the date I Team called in at this point with a report, however Frank needs to study it before releasing; perhaps on tomorrow’s call; also, Delta should join on Tues and Wed calls Frank concluded with his teams are looking right after EID (Aug11 forward) for an announcement – could be RV, could be HCL, could be something else; it is a hot period to watch Frank invited Eagle1 to offer the closing prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast.
  18. Mnt.Goat Update from TNT Forum Tuesday Morning 07/30/2013 Hi Everyone, Just wanted to give you a quick update what I heard on a special call that was made to me early this morning from my IMF contact. It was once again reinforced to me that the USA could not see the new rates at the banks until the end of July. This will not go past this week. It must be pushed out and announced.Personally I do not think they can wait for the long weekend to push this out. There is also a terrorist plot/plan that was uncovered yesterday.This plan involves the 1,400+ escapees from the two prison breaks in Bagdad last week. These plots are to insite the population into rioting by increased bombings and killings in the protesting crowds. There are known facts that the Maliki govenment was directly linked to instigating the prison breaks and a stand down of the guards and lack of military support to allow them to occur. They also know there is a plan to gain more young recruits from Iraq to fight Assad in Syria. Why am I telling you all this? I am telling you that there is a critical situation in Iraq. The prime minister Nori Al Maliki is to be requested one more time to go before the parliament and explain the security situation this week. They have overwhelming evidence file now on this situation that he is the instigator. It is thought that he once again will not show as he has done many times in the past. They are planning a no-confidence on this guy since he himself has become the security issue. They feel now they must draw the line now. Talibani is expected to sign the no confidence request and it is going to be submitted to parliament today. As you may know there are many ways they can request action against the prime minister to take him from his position. The first and easiest way is for the president simply to request this action and then do a quick vote in parliament and he is gone. Hakeem has come out with a statement that this prison incident is the beginning of the final countdown to the end of Maliki. He will be gone prior the 2014. Does this impact the RV? Indirectly it does since there is now a high sense of urgency to calm the people. Remember the longer this goes without making good on the promises to the people (as stated in the protestor list of requests) the more likely the young people are to slide over to the side of the radical terrorist. Why not? Lack of response by the government only fuels the fire and gives justification to the terrorist in their recruitment. Look at the situation in a real sense. As you may remember Maliki was refused INTERPOL amnesty. Does it figure he would do such a desperate act? He wants instablility and chaos in Iraq. This is the only situation where he can have any possibility of gaining any power. He has no real political power since the April elections. Until he is taken out of his position as PM and a solid, patriot is his replacement this will continue at his will since he still runs the Security and Defense ministries. This is very sensitive now in Iraq and they do not want this to go too public now. You may not see anything in the news on this now but you will after the rates go live in the coming days. Peace and Luv to ya Mnt Goat
  19. Here's Tony's call from this afternoon for those of you who might be interested in what he has to say (again & agail - LOL). The Q & A is a bit long. Official Tonys Notes from TNT Forum Monday Afternoon - 07/29/2013 THIS IS TNT DINAR'S Call Notes for Monday, July 29, 2013 at 1pm EST and I apologize for anything missing. Always keep in mind, that this is what I heard and transcribed. It's Tony's info and opinion - based on what he's received via sources in the Dinar community and the World. Feel free to always verify what you hear, and do your own due diligence. Thank you for being a part of TNT DINAR. Have a great day! Montana ************ TONY: GOOD MORNING TNT…July 29, ten in the morning What do I want to tell you today…I want to tell you It was AN INTERESTING WEEKEND GAVE YOU SOME INFO ON SATURDAY…DIDN'T ON SUNDAY HONEST TO GOD TRUTH…YOU WOULDN'T WANT TO HEAR IT BUT HERE WE ARE ….ANOTHER GREAT DAY BUT SINCE THAT TIME THINGS HAVE CHANGED AND THAT'S THE UP AND DOWN THAT WE HEAR I GIVE YOU THE UP TO DATE INFO…EVEN IF ITS NOT THE EXACT DETAILS AND I SEE OTHERS GIVE THE DETAILS…I GIVE YOU WHAT I CAN W/OUT GOING INTO THE GRAY AREA AND THEY DO…AND I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THE BLAME IF IT GETS OUT SO HOW IN THE WORLD DO I TELL YOU WHATS GOING ON WITHOUT CAUSING A BRU HA HA WITHOUT GIVING AWAY….TELL YOU THE TRUTH TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW ONE SIDE UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING AND THE OTHER SIDE NOT WE HAVE A BUNCH OF PPL ON HERE AND I WANT TO GIVE THE CORRECT INFO BUT THERE ARE SITUATIONS THAT CAN ARISE BEHIND IT THAT'S HOW MY DAY STARTED DON'T KNOW HOW I'M GOING TO TELL THEM THAT WE ARE RIGHT ON THE DOOR STEP READY TO GO IN AND ENJOY IT BUT THERE IS ONE GROUP THAT IS HOLDING IT BACK AND THINKING HOW AM I GOING TO TELL THEM? THIS IS AT 5AM AND THEN I GET ANOTHER CALL….ON IRAQI TV, THE $ IS ABOUT TO COME, RECEIVE THEIR BLESSING 'ANY DAY DINAR WILL RISE IN VALUE, REPLAY OF VIDEO W/ FINANCE MINISTER' EVERYONE IS STILL EXCITED AND LOOKING FOR IT WE KNOW THIS IS RIGHT THERE, TEETERING ON FRIDAY I TRIED TO GIVE OUT INFO, THAT THIS IS A GLOBAL EVENT AND THEN I GET A CALL THAT BANKS HAVE CHANGED THEIR SCHEDULES INSTEAD OF 12 HOURS…..EVERY 8 HOURS GOING TO DO 8 HOUR SHIFTS THAT'S WHAT WE DIDN'T WANT....WE LIKED WHEN THEY GOT 12 HOURS LET ME BREAK IT DOWN AS OF FRIDAY EVE. AND SAT. MORNING WORD WAS THEY WERE ATTEMPTING IT, EVERY 3 HOURS, THEN EVERY 2 HOURS AND DON'T KNOW WHEN IT WOULD BE DONE THEY DID SET A DEADLINE SO THEY WANTED IT BY A X TIME AND X DAY THINGS DID HAPPEN AT THE UN….CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS NO ONE SAID THEY'D BE PUBLIC….NOT ON CNN THERE WAS AN AGREEMENT MADE HEY WE'RE TIRED….NEED IT TO HAPPEN GOT THAT ON FRIDAY GOT THAT THE SYSTEM WAS UP AND RUNNING, CHECKS AND BALANCES PPL GOT SENT HOME ON SUNDAY SKELETON CREWS IN BANKS EVEN THOUGH THE CALL CENTER WAS MANNED BUT TODAY 8 HOUR SHIFTS………3 EIGHT HOUR SHIFTS 2 HOURS PRIOR TO THE CALL GOT CALLED BACK AND SAID EVERYONE WAS IN GETTING UPDATED ON THE CURRENT SITUATION AND IN A COUPLE HOURS I THINK I WILL BE CALLING YOU BACK WITH SOMETHING ELSE THIS ISN'T TO GET YOU HYPED UP WE KNEW THIS DAY WAS GOING TO COME SOONER THAN LATER WHAT I HEARD….NOT LOOKING FOR IT-- IT IS HERE…..I KNOW I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY IT LOUD AND DRASTIC BUT WE HAVE TO WAIT TILL THEY SEND OUT THE EMAILS AND START CALLING IF THAT HAPPENS TODAY I'LL DO A CALL REAL QUICK AND GIVE YOU THE INFO THE TIERS….WHAT EACH BANK WILL BE DOING AND THAT'S CHANGING AT THIS MOMENT THE TIERS….THE TIME FRAME FOR WHEN THEY WANT IT ALL COMPLETED GOT THAT THIS MORNING…GOT THE AMOUNTS DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT W/ THE BANKS TO ENHANCE THIS MIGHT HAVE CHANGED A BIT, MAYBE A WHOLE LOT LOT OF NEW INFO I WILL TELL YOU I DO ANTICIPATE DOING A CALL THIS EVENING I ABSOLUTELY DO AND I DON'T THINK ME TELLING YOU THIS, CAN CHANGE ANYTHING NOT THAT IMPORTANT THEY ARE LISTENINGTO OUR CALLS BUT AT THIS POINT, I DON'T THINK THIS CALL WILL CHANGE ANYTHING WHAT I DIDN'T TELL YOU WAS WHAT PRECIPITATED THIS AND MADE THIS DAY COME NOW INSTEAD OF LATER IS WHAT THE OTHER COUNTRIES INVOLVED AND WHAT WE COULD SEE THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD SEE HINTED AT THAT ON FRIDAY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LETS GO TO Q & A ************************ GOOD MORNING c- I'm frustrated t- no one is more frustrated than i am, while I bring you the info, i go through this all day, w/ info, and w/ mis info, which i have to correct...right now, and because of that, i got calls today from ppl that said 'WE ARE NOT WAITING FOR IT, ITS HERE, ITS DONE, GET TO THE OFFICE' c- i want this to be so true so bad, what if it doesn't happen today, worse case scenario t- is that it happens tomorrow , and its just that we are not the ones that do it c- i believe in you t- try to give you a little more here, its not about me, its about whats happening in the world and how it affects others and not just us, and can it continue and whats going on in Iraq today, that you don't know about, and that's more important than what you do know about, about meetings that took place there on Sat. and Sun. its about meetings at the UN on Sat. Its about WHAT IS NOT SHOWN on the media... its about all those things, to make this a critical time for this to happen, those are the things I can't tell you, and blatantly say it, I can't add fuel to the fire. next c- need to be encouraged, we don't believe in Tony but we believe in God, and pray for Tony c- end of Ramadan, and the EID 8th, 9th, holidays, is it M. again ? c- IMF thing? t- I can say that its not in their control, and they want it as bad as we do, especially since what happened over the weekend, when I did real estate, Robert Kiosaki, one thing he used to say, is there are lots of ppl that aim aim aim, to take the shot and be successful, they are aiming forever, and another guy walks over with a shot gun and just does it... there is someone that wants this to be just perfect, and everyone else is saying lets go... you had time to take the shot, but lets go and we'll fix it after c- after its done, you'll tell us, the banks, the tiers.... will i tell the call person, I want to be in a WF w/ a De La Rue machine, can I do that? Certify the bills, versus take the dinar, we had to confiscate them.... t- tried to tell you, the procedure for the group # is they will assign you to a bank and a appt. t- the other one, is you go to the bank yourself, and give you a 888 # t- as of this morning, the info so far, t- they completely leveled the planning field - shortened the time frame t- they think its going to create a bottle neck - leveled it to shorten the time t- not 100% sure, it makes sense, but this late in the game, not sure they can and if it will work t- one thing you may not have to go from one to another t- so maybe we can tell you the rate is from here to here to here t- versus 4 million of you calling them to find out c- can I make an appt. w/ a bank w/ a De La Rue t- don't know t- when you call the 888 #, they give them 2 min. per call, schedule you and onto the next call t- that's the guideline next c- devils advocate, play sports, is the info, you say its here, but we haven't got it yet, is there anything we can do to push it along t- nothing you can do, just trying to level the playing field so when it does, everyone has a fair chance c- level it - if you could give me an example t- trying not to t- trying not to say too much, but when it does, I'll be able to tell you, but i want to wait until that happens t- i told you how my day started, didn't know what to say, but.... c- but you might be doing a call this afternoon t- yeah, I'm thinking i will, and at that point, they'll want me to tell you everything next c- hi c- me and little Sacha we gonna take our time c- could you please consider stop answering so many questions, i'm crawling in my skin, stop being so fearful, we don't need the info, i don't want to know what they don't want to know t- you are one of a few, everyone wants to know everything c- no, on open mic, we trust you and when it happens you'll tell us c- it would make this much more enjoyable and take the anxiety level down a whole lot t- i got back and forth, alot of ppl that say i give way to much info, and they get mad because i'm giving it to you, but i give it to you, so you don't go in blind, and make a plan t- i saw it on the board, re: WF, but guys its not WF its the banking system - period - we're giving you the info from one, but its because they have the big group deal, but every other bank, that guy works for the bank too.... he's smiling at you... doing you the world greatest favor, ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD, just understand that t- rather you be well armed than disappointed c- you still give the info and they still don't understand c- when you give me the info, i'll be on it c- until you give me everything that you can tell us, its like you are worrying about a bunch of stuff that you don't have control over, so why create that for yourself t- and another way to look at it, is when it does come time, you have the resources and knowledge to deal with it c- i know you are looking out for us, but less is more t- lol next c- the lady that just spoke, what she is missing is that, ppl are curious and want to know whats going on, no one cares about the rhetoric, everyone flocks to the call to hear, boom - its happening - ppl locked into these calls for years, when they are led to think this is happening, day after day, and no disrespect to the last caller, she might be in this 6 mos. or year, but I've been holding this dinar for 7 years now, she needs to re think her approach, just like the first caller, he questioned in a respectful way, and wants Tony to be right, but I find myself in his position, been listening for years, and this roller coaster is killing me, and I take responsibility, patient man, and I come to this call, M, W, F. and continually missing this gold that we are trying to reach, who are your sources, do you get to a point of "I don't want to talk to this source anymore" and they keep taking the carrot, and nothing comes to fruition. t- we are talking to ppl that you feel and I feel, and I mean banking ppl, gov. ppl, ppl over there, who are just as frustrated, inner agency blaming each other, they're going thru the same thing you hear, and what I'm not telling you, is that its putting pressure on you that you don't want to see, the situation changes day to day, hour to hour, as of Fri. night, Sat. morn. it could have went over the weekend, if they wanted it to go, but somebody didn't. Whatever the agenda is. They negotiate on this scale. They do biz. on this scale. Do I get info, and I give you what I can, w/ out crossing the line, or the effects won't be worth it if I cross the line, and I get the info, without stepping on toes, or without getting everyone in an uproar, do they look for it, yes, they're just as frustrated, several banks, call center eating in the break room, phones confiscated and they are upset about it, especially when they find out its for nothing, if we truly look at Iraq and how many times they put it out, for their own ppl to say WE DON'T TRUST YOU, CAUSE YOU LIE, do you think any Gov. wants their ppl to look at them like that? Its beyond their control. c- i think you speak the truth Tony, but like the guy said earlier, look at common sense, it would be amazing, to go in and buy $1K of Dinar, cost you $1K and turn into $5M overnight, it doesn't seem logical to a common sense biz. man like myself, unless they dry the sale of them up cheaply t-good question, especially the new ppl, it only makes sense to those who have studied history and the situation, this is not changing on a moments notice, but in 10 years preparation, I look at luck, lucky to do things, when the abnormal happen, ppl say 'wow they're lucky" but what we are going through is where hard work and prep. meet. So when it happens, they'll say 'man you are lucky' but luck has nothing to do with it. Not to get on a call and say , here is the date and rate.... but this gives you an education on a world wide level, then you know it makes sense, ie. Kuwait, they'll be the richest country in the world, if you know the global reset is based on this, how would the rest of the world do this if its worthless currency, so don't understand where the confusion is at - it all makes sense c- one other area, contrary and contradicts to what you are saying, saying its a bunch of BS, not going to happen any time soon, the type of position it puts you in as a leader, several parts of the statement, t- love the question t- i don't really talk about other sites and there info, or say this guy is stupid, that's not my place t- my place is to give you the info that i have, and your job is to listen to all the sites and form an opinion on what is right or wrong, i don't care what they say t- no one is paying me to do this t- i don't sell dinar t- there is not a bank paying me to direct you there t- not a gov. agency t- i have no reason to lie to you t- if you do your history lesson, and the budget and what the world is trying to do, then how can we do this with a worthless currency or $1, or .98centds t- if you look at what they put out on Thurs.Friday, they're going to pay back at .98c and the rate it .10- how does that work ???? t- then something doesn't make sense, I talk to bank managers, and how the training went, and what to say and do, and the rates they are giving and our gov. and over there, ppl at diff. levels....and on their cards - whether you believe it or not, the rate is 3.44 and today it shows at 3.65 just so you know and so I look at all of that and bring you my information and rely on my resources and where they fit into the whole scheme and what they're doing, that's what I have to worry about - see when it happens, who gave you the info, and whats going on, and who not to follow and history will tell you c- you make alot of sense, your words are words of encouragement, we want to party with you, and cheer you on, and appreciate you, ... t- I do, its not just me, there are a whole lot of ppl , doing this, re verification, check w/ your guy here and there, this is every day, all day... everyone bringing info to the table c- real quick - ppl say the Dong is worthless? t-I'd tell him, don't buy any, let everyone else buy some, you don't believe it next c- gm c- info like this before, different or the same t- getting it out of me, slowly and surely, normally they say 'WE THINK'... now they are being told 'GET HERE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, ITS DONE' t- a whole different word game c- min. to min. basis t- I have a time, but not saying it, they want to make sure its a level playing field before it happens, for everyone, and looking for it to happen quick fast and in a hurry, ready to go. c- in line w/ what I've been hearing t- don't think we can mess things up at this time, but want to keep it smooth as possible c- look forward to a call tonight, or TBA t- TBA, but thinking we'll have a call I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO FOR CANADIANS THINK CANADIANS MIGHT HAVE TO WORK W/ AN EXCHANGER next c- are we at the point now, that someone can stop it, or once the playing field is leveled we're good to go t- that's what I"m being told c- if it gets to be 10 EST, will you give us a blast or update call t- I absolutely will do that, if I get a call that says.... I will do it today c- are we looking for Tony's having a call or a Deb Tar Heel email first t- think she'll do a blast, and Okie will do his call, and then I'll send a text t- I believe Okie worked so hard and he should do this, so many years, he passed along a message to a Senator to me, I think he deserves to do it, they set it up that way, and let everyone get excited, some other boards might blast it out, but I'd let him do it myself. c- you said the Iraqi's were told in 10 days, but Wed. the 31st t- they were told in the next 10 days, and cards would be active July 31 and now on TV again, the Finance Min. is explaining procedures again, they're getting ready t- again, my point, tempers are flaring over there, they don't want to look like fools, and any day any moment something can happen we don't want to see c- they've got to know that, its devastating to the world if they let it go to the point, and Wed. is the boiling point t- absolutely and a lot of ppl feel that way c- Tony Blast or call this evening next c- get ready to be blessed c-heard that - understand if you can't make comments - 6 countries kicked out of the basket - any comment? t- not true from the ppl that i talk to c- what is the truth t- problem w/ the system and fixed late night, and something else was going on at the same time c- 2nd ? along the lines of a time frame? t- nope t- if I did, then I'd have to give you what I know and I'm not doing that t- no, don't want to put that out there, I just don't, if we get blessed today... t- they don't want, I'll give you more info, they don't want politicians to be the 1st in line, they don't want that, or authority first in line, they feel that's not fair, and don't want pplsitting in parking lots waiting for a phone call and running in the door, they dont' want mass hysteria, a level playing field, orderly and quick, you're first call is to be 2 min. the meeting is to be 20 minutes, in and out, you're wealth manager and private banker is a week away and they want everyone to follow the system c- ty c- you mentioned others had a call, that put info out there... t- more detail, and I like that c- could you tell us which call t- not a call, Mtn Goat, more detail, didn't check Steve O, and one other person, same info, but more detail c- wasn't a call, just someone intel t- yeah, the same but more details c- do you know how long we can hold it after the RV t- was supposed to be a 2 year process, have to find out if this last year counts as one year, maybe 6 mos. - don't know, don't want you to be scared, its still in a region that overflow etc.. can change things, but they want to speed up the process, and get it over with as quick as possible, next c- who moved my cheese c- is it still in play t- won't know till this afternoon, but everyday situation will change, have to wait till this afternoon, to see what the complete leveling is t- regardless, you have to be aware of who moved my cheese, its a life time deal, regardless what he says to you and you sign, it will change tomorrow, not saying its a bad thing, but today when you do things, economy tomorrow will change, make purchases, etc.. we'll about to upset the market, cause stocks to rise, and others won't know why.... we'll get involved that they never expected stock to go up and just by what I purchase.....don't know what currency's do, but now we'll buy the next group of currency, so many novices in their industries will have an effect c- when it pertains to the entity that stalled it, positive or negative, if we knew - ramifications t- don't think its us knowing, as in us, its as in other ppl knowing, c- outside of our country t- yes, and other things c- oh next c- super fantastic if what you say is true c- have a bunch of reserves and don't have the where-with-all to make the changes to keep them going c- hard to read what you are saying t- ppl got called in, worked extra hours, couldn't go to lunch, frustration like we are , does it make sense, are they trying to do it, at certain points and things came up, then there is a window that they have to wait for and do it again t- what they told me - what difference is today than yesterday, because we're not telling you we are getting ready to do it, its done and we need you to be here c-do you think it will be done by the end of the month t- yeah , I think it is next c- how much latitude to negotiate during the 20 min. session or the wealth management session, and how long it will be left in the acct. t- some documents in the 20 min. meeting, so read and understand what you are doing c- will we have any latitude t- yes in the 20 min. session c- how long t- when you go to the 888# take it or leave it, or the other 888 # negotiate, or off the street you'll get more than 20 min. t- these are the things they don't want me to tell you t- beware that you have options c- last ? , after the live rate goes, and announcement takes place, before we call t- will try to do that, that's my goal, it might be while I'm at the bank, or when I come back from the bank c- would think that ppl would go to other calls and come here, be sensitive, we should be here because we want to be.... next c- trying to protect us - every which way, just ready for this to be over, just have to wait, this is the hardest thing to do, you kept me going, t- thank you t- want to say what she said, hope you realize by now, that i've been truly blessed, w/ the ppl that I've come in connection with, and the info, and I've gotten a lot and from those that listen to the calls and the way its delivered and whats not told, where to draw the line t- there are lot more ppl out there, that are fighting for you, not just the rich ppl and they want you to know t-might get me in trouble, when I worked for the tax board, and did audits, don't go after, not giving a dollar amount, but dont' go after the rich ppl, because they can hire attorneys and fight us, go after these guys and they will pay, that would upset me every day, they'd go after ppl for $25 and not $100K, there are ppl in the gov. that are in a position like I was in, and they can see whats not right and they are trying to help you and we owe them a gratitude of thanks - that's made the site what it is today next c- appreciate it, look at the big pic, and ppl that I know in DC, and you're on it, and you speak from the heart, and things we are not aware of, cause we're not supposed to know, China, Russia & Amer. are all in the same position, and the things said, are to keep us afloat, and its in a positive way, that you share the info, to the overall group, is there a start to it going to happen, and start at a level to have time to.. instead of Russia or China push it for them, or a scenario where they don't allow this rate, and then a week, we'll see the RV rate t- the cards over there, by trusted agents, the rate is set at 3.44, this is ppl that have access to it and authorized to use it, don't care about the one guy that went downtown and can't use the card, he's right, but that doesn't account for every other card.....I know ppl cards are loaded and used it, had to be done, its part of the process, here in our system and sent it over there and the #s come out right c- what about FOREX , yet there is China, Russia and the US pushing it, and we know about the economy, so why isn't it an issue, before we see an RV t- to be on 4X before the RV c- yeah t- it wouldn't be on 4X before we see the RV, CBI releases it to the bank before it can go to Forex c- legal tender t- and Int'l traded c- .... t- not saying there wasn't a date, just that its adjusted c- so the PTB stopping it or controlling it c- to show their ppl and doing their part c- 4,5 days and then we'll see an RV t- the rate is out, and the currency is being traded, we are the last to see it, and we will be the last, and everyone will know t- that's why the public session at the UN t- something was scheduled for today c- heard that last night, not to go past today c- but at .92, then 1.17 not 3.... but not to rush, bank rushes, until it actually comes up t- some of the info you got is correct, when it got to the right # and then it goes live t- we won't see the # and then. c- to not allow it to... 1, 2, 3, to flow through...whats being done, to be live t- you've confused 99% of the ppl t- when it comes out and Okie does his post, it will be at the rate they want you to go to the bank (LISTEN TO THIS PERSON, AND TONY - LOTS OF BACK AND FORTH AND DETAILS ) TONY: THE INFORMATION AND THE DIFFERENCE, I GIVE YOU 90 IF NOT MORE % OF THE INFO, EVEN IF ITS NOT FINALIZED, IN EACH DIVISION, EACH SECTION, MEETINGS, SO YOU ARE INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS, SO YOU ARE AT EACH LEVEL I DON'T MAKE A DECISION OF SHOULD I TELL YOU THE GOOD STUFF AND NOT THE BAD STUFF….BUT GIVING IT TO YOU AS I GET IT AND EDUCATION ALONG THE WAY AND SOME COULD CONSTRUE AT TOO MUCH INFO AND LOOK FOR IT EVERYDAY WE'RE NOT CALLING THE RV EVERY DAY BECAUSE THAT'S LIVE, THE STEPS AND THE TIME.. BUT MAYBE MORE INFO….MORE IN DETAIL AND OTHER TIMES I DON'T GIVE IT IN DETAIL BECAUSE OF THE PERSON THAT'S GIVING IT TO ME OR THE SENSITIVITY LIKE TODAY AND THE EFFECT THAT IT CAN HAVE EITHER WAY AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW SENSITIVE THINGS ARE NOW HONEST WITH YOU….I DON'T HAVE AN AGENDA AS MY WIFE TELLS ME….YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY AND YOU SHOULD DO THIS….AND THAT'S WHY YOU GOT THE POST AND SHE WENT THROUGH THE FORUM…..YOU SHOULD SAY SOMETHING JUST THE POSITION WE ARE IN NEXT c-told God if its form me to respond.... to the gentleman that came in after me, I have been in this for more than 6 months, ( the woman from earlier today ) I have a diff. point of view and told you and Ray how I truly feel about the 2 of you, and I choose to believe its all done, and I put my faith in God, and whenever Ray tells us we can go to the bank, we're there. t- ok c- everyone needs to relax - its coming t- ttyl next c- no ?s, express some things, been in for 4 years, lost him, Marine, you talk about life lessons, and my dad ( breaking up ) how grateful I am, I love the way you think and I know that you are a gift to us, and when ppl abuse a gift, you don't have to do any of this, and that you found sources and freely share, and your beautiful wife gives up her time, I'm so grateful, in Mississippi, I'm so grateful Tony, and listen to you, and it makes my day, a giver, that gives of his time and himself, thank you for all the ppl that give you info, and the moderators, and I lost my grandson, and lost him to cancer and want to do for him and one other grandson, he's so smart, and a large family and they want to come home and because of this blessing they'll be able to , I had to buy it for him, and you are part of my family, growing up in Miss. I grew up w/ so racism, but dont' see this on the board, in God's time, he said dont' be anxious for anything, but thank you Tony for being the man of God t- ty, don't know what to say next 607 next 252 c- met some friends of yours, whats the bank reconciliation on this weekend, could it hold it up, till tomorrow t-good question, yeah, good question t- yeah it could next next 734 c- superfantastic#2 c- went to 5/3 to get Dong, and they told her, not selling Dong to her, because she's not traveling abroad, or show proof, a plane ticket or something c- so after ward we told them we're going there, to sell the dong t- lol t- last Mar. or April - banking laws changed, and you have to show proof, so that you are not investing, the reason for that is those that invested in the dinar, and some other countries or currencies will be the same way t- while 5/3rd follows that, other banks are still selling, but 5/3 immediately changed c- we had to sign a paper, saying we were traveling to Viet Nam to get the dong c- so we are the last to hear, about the RV, is it in our favor about the rate t- it will be on every board w/ in 10 min. of it happening and have a call, to instruct their ppl what to do, plenty of info, and pick who you are going to listen to and follow and go to the bank c- are we waiting, on FORTREX OR AMX ???? t- no c -dealers, we don't trust, to get our layaways t- some dealers you shouldn't and others you should t- one guy said you can't pick up the dinar, and FEDEX said you can't mail anything over $50K and can't put currency in the us mail.. we have a problem c- so we don't know if we can get that money or not c- can't pay for it till the RV t- once it RV's you can put in a sale order to pay for the rest.... t- Sterling will come to you, w/ $5M or more, just have to worry how long till they can get to you, but don't know anyone else is going to come to you, how long you'll be in line, and then they say they'll send it to you, but you have to make decisions c- dealers at street rate t- heard they'd be competitive c- hat off to you and your team, have a blessed day, and know we'll have the call today t- ty next c- you got the patience of job, everyone talking, the woman from Mississippi, touching, these ppl want to talk to you like they want to marry you, give them 2 min. and get them off, they not paying you a dime, not in your pocket, one guy talked right over you, be courteous, the Black Card, you get it the same day t- may not give it to you in the 20 min. session, but when you see the wealth manager, they may do it, but... depends on your amt. some are printing them right now c- ty next 607 c- specific piece of info, would like you to tell me, if you have it and if its true or not, been told around the community that the master card, put info out themselves, that they will go international status at the end of this month, in order to be done, they have to have an international tradeable currency and if that's true, is it true, that they have to have a INT'Ltradeable currency t- did I look up the law, but I did see the article that said by Aug. 1, common sense says, it has to be international c- if the rate hasn't changed, they can't use it under the current rate, like any other card, whatever the rate is.. t- the rate has nothing to do w/ it, the currency has to be international first c- so you're saying that has to be a requirement c- next? is regards to make us feel better, and what Iraq is telling their ppl, does Iraq know when its going off, and so many times they told their ppl in the beginning of June... and none of it came to fruition, are the banks diff. or just speculators, and putting extra security t- the cards will be Int'l first of Aug. is that the first time we heard that no, but someone told them to do that, and give them that info and make plans to make your cards Int'l at that time, do they tell the ppl that, no, they have meetings and say everything should be done, they look crazier than anyone, and their ppl don't trust their gov. - that's not a choice that a gov. would make, they want their ppl to believe them.... the banking systems hired extra security since the end of Jan, ... last week they stopped authorizing overtime and now the gov. is paying them again. .. no one goes out by themselves, there are hundreds of millions of dollars being spent, not one industry or factory has the power to do it..... t- did that answer you t- guess he's gone next c- throughout the years, heard diff. stories to be prepared, call the IRS, have a trust, llc, etc.. and just sat back and didn't do anything c- here is what I've done, counted my dinar, and put a million in each envelope c- we live in a small town c- prolly can't cash out locally and never understood to have a good relationship w/ a banker, when there is nothing to cash out with and can't call a big city and find a bank, with one that admits to deal with it c- but we have an llc, even atty statements and 10 diff. answers on putting the dinar into the llc, but? t- well, as far as the banker, is find one that believes in it himself and willing to talk to you, and they like most ppl, think their supervisors and headquarters and they would know.... and in fact they don't , can't get mad, and others that work w/ the same person you do, but keeping you clueless, and in your particular case, they will use Mom and Pop banks, so you won't travel, to level the playing field, could be whats going on now, but don't know the interface that's going on now, but will find out t- as far as llc and trusts, couldn't tell you, everyone has to do it on your own, family situation different c- what about gifting letters, notarized ahead of time t- better safe and sorry c- so other than that, get ready, there is nothing else t- no, trust, llc, gift it , divide it up, what you want to do, to make it private - personal banker, wipe out the accounts, tellers, ID info - change your phone and mailbox, that's what you should have ready, c- I do, but not prepare ahead of time, i.e.. change your phone number today... t- yeah you can change your ph. # today it takes 15 min. PO Box, stop the paper trail c- love the comment on leveling the playing field, been suspecting c- if I went to a banker and he sat there w/ that type of money and gave me 20 min. I'd say he's not the banker for me... don't want to be rushed through t- will set you up for an appt. next c- Is Okies group the same as Studly/Gen... whatever he is ? t- think they are c- so other than that, there is no other t- there are a couple diff. ones, some say they're not part of one t- dial the 888# , don't care which group , just that treat you right t- only one group will have that # c- if you built a relationship w/ a private banker and they refer you to another private banker c- you don't have to go w/ that private banker t- if I had a relationship c- but how would you know the rate t- NDA or no NDA, you'll be aware of it t- you can walk in and ask what are you going to offer me? t- say - this bank is doing this, and they'll say oh no, I'll match what you are hearing next c- ? on a tax basis, do you foresee after the 11.5% or the 1-2 %, are there other taxes we'd be looking at t- unless you are looking at a state tax, and don't know how that would apply c- so the 11.5% is group and you don't see another one t- I don't see it c- thank you, the Mods, your wife, ..... next c- physical dinar, reserves t- good question, doesn't make sense w/ the time frame, can't do that, and ppl get their reserves, ppl go days and weeks before they get the reserves, the banks will work with the dealers to cash out the reserves, now I have to give the bank a letter of authorization and do all that for me.... where would I fall in that que, they didn't think it through, then the dealer has to have POA.... can't see it working, may be something they're talking about it right now.... have to give ppl time to get their reserves, c- right, a pre requisite, so they could see the dinar come back to them c- the banks might be looking at another 100 mil. dinar come through the bank, at a different time t- they do allow you to include the reserves in the right rate c- I'm dancing around the room c- we love you next 248 c- concerned w/ the folks in Iraq, hearing that they are started to riot, and the media talking about civil war, is that smoke t- its not smoke c- not smoke, then hope its lickety split TONY: ITS NOT SMOKE AND ITS A REAL FEAR next 786 c-you do have the patience of job, if it had been me, OMG, downright...applaud you and thank you so much for what you bring to us, and you don't have to, ty ty and listen to you and can't wait to hear your call, and they don't realize its a far bigger picture, not just get the money get the money - yes we are hurting and suffering and need it, but be patient and God will bring it in his own timing, God has the last say so, let it come... not like the ones that wandered in the wilderness.... mumble and grumble, that's why he let them wander for so long, t- you start escalating c- for the dong is concerned, have to make appt. for the dinar - but cash in a few dong, to put our trust in place, we don't have to make an appt. for that t- correct, its already internationally traded, walk in to a bank, travel place, airport, TONY - TIME TO CALL IT FOR THE DAY SOME PPL COME ON TO ANTAGONISE, WE KNOW THERE VOICE AND ITS OK THEY WANT TO GET IT OUT AND GET THEIR QUESTIONS ANSWERED SOME ARE FRUSTRATED AND MAD ….AND I AM TOO BUT WE GO ON AND ON ITS PIECES TO THE PUZZLE AND FOR THE FIRST TIME THEY'RE MOVING PIECES BUT SOMETHING WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THOSE PPL THAT COME ON, FRUSTRATED AND REALLY WANT TO KNOW AND WHEN I WAS DOING MULTI LEVEL AND PPL HAD QUESTION AFTER QUESTION AND SOME CALLED THEM DISRESPECTFUL BUT IN THE END THAT WAS THE FIRST GUY TO SIGN UP I UNDERSTAND JUST SO YOU GUYS KNOW PAM PUT AN ACRONYM PPPAI PEOPLE PREVIOUSLY PERCEIVED AS INTELLIGENT DON'T UNDERSTAND SOMETIMES WHY THEY BELIEVE IT THE FACTS DON'T SAY .10, .90 OR 1.10 THE FOUNDATION DOESN'T SAY IT THESE PPL ARE SMART PPL, WHY ARE THEY HAVING SUCH A HARD TIME AND THEY PROCESS THINGS DIFFERENT THAT'S WHY I ANSWER THE QUESTION 5, 6, 7 TIMES BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T GET IT THE FIRST TIME I ANSWERED IT I TRY TO LISTEN TO SEE WHAT IS IT THEY'RE NOT GETTING AND I KNOW ITS FRUSTRATING FOR SOME OF YOU GUYS AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IF ONE IS CONFUSED, MAYBE I'M HELPING A WHOLE GROUP AND REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU THINK I DO GO THROUGH IT WONDER WHY ID DIDN'T HAPPEN LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO NOW I HAVE TO CALL ALL THESE PPL BACK AND FIND OUT, WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT DEPT. STILL TRYING TO GIVE YOU THE BEST INFO I CAN AND ENOUGH PPL BRINGING THE INFO TO US AND YOU'LL KNOW 10 MIN. AFTER THE RV, YOU'LL KNOW WHAT AND THAT IN ITSELF WILL HELP YOU TO KNOW WHAT TO GO FORWARD AND THEN WE'LL DO A BIG CALL AND IF I'M WRONG…I'LL TELL YOU SORRY NOT SURE IF OTHERS WILL, BUT I WILL IN THE END ITS NOT ABOUT ME….ITS ABOUT US TOGETHER GETTING THROUGH THIS AND I KNOW WE ARE THERE HOLD ON A LITTLE LONGER I ANTICIPATE US DOING A CALL THIS EVENING IF NOT TOMORROW AND I'M GETTING STUFF RIGHT NOW, TO BE QUIET WITH THAT…ENJOY YOUR DAY…DON'T STOP YOUR DAY LOOK FOR THE TEXT TO COME OR ANNOUNCEMENTS ON THE BOARD THE TEXT WILL COME ONLY IF ITS AN RV WE'LL PUT IN CHAT OR ON THE BOARD, OR RECORD IT ENJOY YOUR DAY AND I'LL ENJOY MINE
  20. Update from Mnt Goat at TNT forum Tuesday Morning - 07/16/2013 Hi Everyone, Today is a great day for many reasons. In Germany now we are in those hot, humid dog-days of summer. They always remind me of hiking, picnicing and swimming with my parents while growing up in this such beautiful Alpine mountain land. Old business- Just wanted to quickly clarify that some users have since requested information from me on different topics related to the revaluation. I can only give you what I know and I am not a guru. Sometimes I do get a bit frustrated and I can feel your frustration too. I am not insensitive. When I relay what I know to your questions yet the same requests keeps being asked over and over again. I do not mean to be upset but I can not allow this investment to suck the life out of me since it already takes very much time from my day and family life. Okay- I hope everyone understands? I believe we are in the week for this great blessing. I can only say this of course from what I am now hearing from recent events relayed to me from my contacts. Can it change? Yes it can but I don't know why they would delay this any longer. The pressure is so great right now. So what is the great news? First as you know you should remember my last posts information because I always build upon the news from past since it is all related as the story continues to build until the time we get our revaluation. So having said this- Iraq finally has all the SMART cards loaded, tested (as needed) and are ready for the final activation rollout of all cards. Can't activate them in mass until they have an international currency. Also if you remember I mentioned in my last posts that parliament, the economic ministry and the finance ministry were upset as to why no real substantial change in the currency value has yet happened, yet they have been out of chapter 7 for weeks. I was told this was just a lot of finger pointing since someone or some entity had to take blame for the delay. I was told not to pay much attention to all those articles related to the project to delete or remove the zeros since the projects were well underway. The problems come when politicians are expecting results since the citizens are still protesting and could result still in civil war if not careful. Its not over till its over. This RV now is totally in the hands of Iraq. So what is holding it up? As you will see below there are a few small, but significant items to conclude. We don't know what we don't know until it surfaces. I am only thankful for my contacts and how they try to relay what they know. Sometimes they are ahead of the curve. Remember they are still protesting until all of Erbil is officially announced and implemented. I am told in parliament today they are going to vote on a package of laws today Tuesday. This is an unpresidented and unusual way of doing business in the parliament. Why? Part of their demands is also to have their currency back to a real value. So in response to all this pressure Maliki was asked, as their prime minister, to come to parliament recently and inform everyone on the status of the "project to remove the zeros" and to bring the currency international. The citizens also wanted to know why the activation of the cards has been delayed since they were told months ago cards would be activated by July 1, 2013. Maliki made such a speech over the weekend. In the speech he basically tried to quiet the waters, sort of speaking, and to justify the delays and inform parliament members of the progress that is ongoing. He did not given any firm dates on when the currency would go internatonal but said it is real soon. I know many heard June 15th was said to be the date but this was, once again, a misinterpretation of what was actually happening. I have seen this misinformation all too often in this investment since we all want it so bad and relate everything and anything to the RV happening tomorrow. Remember no one is going to openly announce a date or time for this currency to go live (except maybe these intel gurus). If you can remember just this little bit of a rule you can see misinformation when you hear it. As we may know on June 28th (a day after the official chapter 7 announcement and finalization) Iraq announced they were upgrading to the OMX trading technology platform and continuing a partnership with NASDAQ, This was a clear indication to us as investors, regulators and other exchanges that Iraq will continue to become a financial center for more regional and global businesses. So in his speech he did mention that the Iraq stock exchange would be conducting a preliminary testing with NASDAQ on July 15th in preparation for full implementation of international trading. This made total sense to me since they needed time to get the technology such as the software and hardware in place prior to the test. It seemed to take a couple weeks from June 28th to July14th and now they were ready for the tests. On June 14th these tests were conducted. For me this is like WOW news. Could we get any more of a sign this is about to happen to go live? A little history - Once they are trading internationally this currency and stock index is going to take off like a bullet. In less than a decade, traded shares in ISX increased almost 10-fold, to more than 1.2 billion traded shares expected in 2013, while market capitalization increased more than seven times over the same period to over $12,170 billion USD in the first six months of 2013 alone. I am still hearing we can expect an initial rate of over $6.00. I know I have been saying for a long time that it would come out at just over a dollar initially and then 3-5 later come out with the full RV. I do believe this part has been accomplished in country only at a rate of $3.44, but it was not yet rolled out to everyone. I openly admit I was wrong in the initial rate. This entire process is so dynamic and these constant delays change the situation. Kind of like a football game. You can have the best of plays practiced over and over again as your plan but must be flexible as the game goes on. So now we wait again as the process continues and goes beyond the expected 3-5 days for RV, however not really since you must consider the technical delays in the activation of the cards that is the real delay in the overall process. This part of the process is now done as Maliki announced over the weekend in his speech. So our window is now this week as the start date for our 3-5 day countdown till RV. If you beleive in this process and do the math our possible day of RV is Wed thru Fri of this week is a very high possibility. Peace and Luv to all you dinarians! Mnt Goat
  21. Thoughts From Mnt Goat at TNT Forum Monday Evening - 07/22/2013 This is going to be a very interesting week ! Hi Everyone, Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. It was nice taking some time late Saturday and hiking the mountains with the children. Once I returned back home there were many calls waiting for me with news. Back to the Iraq currency drama..... Got to tell you the news is very interesting. Here is what I am hearing from my sources. The IMF and the USA as well as other countries are ready for the RV and have been for many days now. It should have happened last week already. I think we can all conclude that too from the past intel we have heard. The only holdup is in Iraq and its political stalling once again. Thought we were over this hump? Guess not. There are new situations that are rising to another politcal crisis. Its a long story to tell and I will try not to put you to So here goes... Here is the situation in Iraq: It is multiple issues Nuri Al Maliki has asked for complete protection after his term from the government in Iraq ends as their prime minister in 2014. He negotiated protection from Iraq soon after the April elections and so has been cooperating. Now he has requested internatonal protection from prosecution in the tribunal of the UN and they flat out said no way. He is using the RV as blackmail. He is holding the world in hostage! They do not want to give it to him and so he is holding it back. Oh but he has a logical explanation to try to justify it, as he always does (read on below). This is one issue. The other news I am hearing is that Iraq did not in fact pay the 11 billion in war reparations as promised to pay it 10 days after the June 27th annoucements and speeches which made it July 7th. Again they are trying to get an extension but the UN said no way. Use your reserves, said the UN. Dr Shabs has no problems with that and says we are prepared to do that but Maliki basically is still hijacking the CBI. Maliki says no! This is when he asked for interpol politcal amnesty. Instead he said Iraq will pay it by revenues from oil and it may take many more months to have the money maybe into 2014. Of course this is just stalling once again. He must think of his next move like a cornered rat. This guy is not dumb. Once this RV is released the dollars stop flowing to Iran that is his real intentions. Now lets us look at what else is in the horizon- As we know if you can remember that last Friday the big news was that Iraq broadcast in the mosques and in the news media that within 10 days the SMART cards would be activated. This would of course also mean the RV and removal of the 3 zeros. The IMF again said this is too long and not exceptable. They believe it is nothing more than a stalling tactic to buy yet more time for Mailki to strategize his next political move on the country. (I thought all this bull___t was over? ) Sorry for my outburst... You can bet that the 10 days would come and go multiple times over and there would be no RV. The country itself is about to explode! There are also many other countries where the Iraq dinar was seeded for reserves and is supposed to assist in the economies but can't until it RVs to be a substantial part of their reserve value. Can't set revaluations without it and Maliki knows it. They are also protesting now in the UN to get it done. it was promised to them and they went along with this elaborate plan over the last 2.5 years. They are protesting. It could break apart the whole structure of the Global Reset. Here is the most dangerous part of all - and we all fret this Also as you may remember that Sadir last week announced that if the RV does not happen within a few days they will have the largest protest and rioting they ever experienced. He has come out publically and said he too is tired of the constant excuses, lies and stalling perpetrated by Maliki and his manipulations. The people want and deserve their money on the cards and other benefits as promised. The country deserves to move forward and finally go international and become a global economic power. Solutions? (for what my sources told me) 1.Don't be surprised if somehow Maliki disappears if he does not cave in and give the RV. I have no more to say on this topic. I think you all know what I mean... 2. The UN is going to openly and publicly annouce the RV this week and push the RV activation upon Iraq contrary to what they wanted to do in the original plan. They will still give Iraq the opportunity to save face and make their own announcement, but if not its going anyway and its going this week. This is what many sources are saying. My IMF contact was very strong and sure of it. 3. They will not allow a civil war in Iraq ! Period ! They will pay the reparations from their reserves to Kuwait this week. Something to listen for in the news media, if it makes our news, This poses to be a very interesting week. I did not do a post earlier today because I feel Tony is bringing the news as we need it. I do not wish to repeat his intel and give mixed messages. Go RV! Go Tony ! Peace and Luv to ya all, mnt goat Ps- please stop asking me what the UU means. I am not going to tell post RV.
  22. Thoughts from DiddyKong at I4U Tuesday Afternoon - 07/23/2013 [DiddyKong] To aid in Jester’s efforts to inform everyone about the oh-so infamous “process”. Yes, the process… Guess what everyone? The RV hasn’t happened once again like many have been saying this past week, weekend, and even yesterday. We wait for another tomorrow… Now you all want to know, “What the heck is the holdup?” As Jester would say, “There is no ‘holdup’, just wasn’t the correct timing for release!” Well that’s not what the heck you all wanted to hear. Am I right? Allow me to put a few things in perspective for you all. Now, if things could have moved in a smooth, uninterrupted fashion, yes, the RV probably could’ve happened a long time ago and the Republic would be taking its first step into the spotlight. “Then what the heck is the holdup DiddyKong?!?!” Allow me to explain why the RV is tied to the Republic, but first 2 questions: Question #1: What is the Global Reserve Currency? Question #2: Who has the largest debt in the world? Answer: US and US. *UNDERSTAND THIS: it is not any Gurus’ fault they are wrong on guessing, it is not their intel providers’ fault, it is not our local banks’ fault, it is not JL’s, CL’s, and too many others to name who have been stated as their faults, but wasn’t. There are a lot of great people, many already in place, to see things through! It is about the security of wealth! What has been going on is a huge, and I mean HUGE CLOUD OF SMOKE in our country. Not saying that the events of the whistle-blowers, IRS Scandals, Syrian War, Zimmerman Trial, etc. are not important, but tools of the Cabal being used as a last ditch effort to maintain control. Who are the Cabal? You will learn about them a bit later. But know that though these events do help bring many of these scandals to light, the Cabal uses it to their advantage to disappear into the clouds of confusion and emotion, and uses it against us. How does the Cabal maintain control? They do this by using fear in 3 aspects: Economical, Religious, and Racial tactics. Basically, anything to put the citizens of the US against ourselves, or against the world. This allows them to strip us of our liberties, coming above the constitution. Scared of terrorists? Surveillance on everything with a heartbeat. Gun violence getting you down? Let’s take them away. Sound familiar? Now we have things used against and taken away from us so it is harder to go against them. Just think about it. Who funds/owns many of these protests and the media? As much as some of the coverage of these things should’ve been simple, they drag out much longer than necessary and often blown out of proportion. Hmmmm? Why care about laws when you control the money? (Remember this) With that in mind, understand that it is important to not just China, but many other countries and organizations for the TRUE Republic to be restored as they too have been held under the tyranny of the Cabal group. What I am saying maybe a bit too farfetched for some to understand, but what I am saying PROVES what Jester brings to us every day, tirelessly trying to open you guys’ eyes to the bigger picture with the utmost in integrity that I have ever seen from a person in my entire life. I Do know that loose ends (excuse the lack of terminology) are being taken care of for this ride is near its conclusion. In closing, please listen to this recording of a man named Brad Thor, an author who tries to open the eyes of Americans through his literature. It opens with talking about the FEDERAL RESERVE. Everything he says after that will blow your mind and you will finally understand these things. Start at the 39 min. marker. It is quite a long discussion, but like Jester said before, to explain this entire process could easily take 6 months to fully grasp. This recording provides a great 2hr. summary of what would take 6 mo. to explain. *** Removed Link *** I don’t even stay in the room anymore when Jester comes in. Not because I think his info is crap, but because he literally can’t say anything more besides what he has said before. (That rhymes) He has already provided the dinner plate, it is your choice to eat from it. He will not change the menu for nothing because what he provides is true, wholesome goodness despite all the unfavorable broccoli without any cheese. No buttering it up folks! Today I read a few comments of unnecessary lip service that was delivered as him being “elusive/evasive”… as I sighed at the sight of those comments, I pulled up all my old notes, typed this up, and stayed up all night to get this to the room. The only ones being “elusive/evasive” are the ones who call the RV and blames a “delay” on something or someone instead of admitting they are sorry for putting out information which at the time seemed promising. Nuff said! Who should we be upset with? First, the CABAL for putting us and the world in this position. Second, with ourselves for allowing the Cabal to get this far. We have been tossing and turning in bed thinking this is all a bad dream, when actually this is all reality. It is time for everyone to WAKE UP!!! Listen to the audio, await announcements, get Okie’s graduation post, receive email, schedule your appointment, and off to the bank you go! All of this is IMHO of course. Thank you all for your time.
  23. Just passing this on for those who might be interested (I take him with a few grains of salt (LOL) - Call Transcript and Q&A (long) following .. RON Tony's CC Recorded Link and Transcript from TNT Monday PM - 07/22/2013 REPLAY: 559-726-1399 PIN 409029# 145 Minutes Long RECORDED LINK:;0NzE4MjQyMzU=1 THIS IS TNT DINAR'S Call Notes for MONDAY, July 22, 2013 at 1pm EST and I apologize for anything missing. Always keep in mind, that this is what I heard and transcribed. It's Tony's info and opinion - based on what he's received via sources in the Dinar community and the World. Feel free to always verify what you hear, and do your own due diligence. Thank you for being a part of TNT DINAR. Have a great day! Montana GOOD MORNING TNT How you doing this morning ITS 10 am - Monday morning JULY 22, 2013 I"ve got some SUPER SUPER FANTASTIC NEWS THAT YOU ALL WANT TO HEAR BUT I GOTTA GO THROUGH SOMETHING ELSE TO GET THERE ITS BEEN A LIFE LESSON FOR ALL OF US IT HAS IN FACT BEEN JUST THAT I WANT YOU TO TAKE THE THINGS YOU'VE HEARD FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS AND WEEKS AND DAYS AND APPLY IT TO YOUR NEW LIVES AND IN BIZ AND WHEN YOU MEET PPL BECAUSE YOU SHOULD HAVE LEARNED BY ALL OF THIS LIFE LESSONS GOT TO GO THROUGH SOMETHING REAL QUICK HAVE TO AND YOU MIGHT SAY ITS BENEATH ME AND SOME MAY SAY ITS ABOUT TIME THIS MAY BE MY LAST OPPORTUNITY TO SAY THIS TO YOU AND TO OTHERS ALOT OF THINGS HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND RIGHT TO THE END PPL TELLING ME CRAZY STUFF GOING ON PETTY JEALOUSY AMONG INTEL GATHERERS AND MAKE THE END OF THIS A NIGHTMARE AND FOR OTHERS A SENSE OF REALITY I HEARD A LOT OF RUMORS GOT TO TAKE THE GLOVES OFF NOW... HE SAID SHE SAID... I WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS DON'T TAKE KINDNESS THAT'S WHAT ITS BEEN AS A SIGN OF WEAKNESS I'VE DECIDED TO DO THIS SO IT LEAST AFFECTS YOU GUYS I WANT PPL TO KNOW THAT IF WE WANT TO TAKE THE GLOVES OFF IT CAN GET BLOODY REAL BLOODY BEEN MINDING MY OWN BIZ. BUT I WILL EXPOSE THEM I WILL YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME I AM WHO I AM AND ONE THING I'M NOT AFRAID OF IS WHO I AM AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH BUT I MIND MY OWN BIZ. BUT IF I NEED TO I WILL TELL YOU EVERYONE ELSES BIZ. IF YOU CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO OTHERS THEN ITS YOUR CHOICE BUT IF THINGS CONTINUE AS THEY ARE BEFORE THE RV IS ANNOUNCED OR AFTER THE RV IS ANNOUNCED DOESN'T AFFECT ME YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE MY BIZ. PARTNER NOT SENDING ME HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS THERE ARE PPL WHO HAVE BEEN JAILED AND YOU'D BE SURPRISED AT WHO THEY ARE WE DON'T NEED TO GO DOWN THAT ROAD IF YOU WANT I KNOW THAT'S NEGATIVE STUFF TO GO DOWN THE ROAD BUT THINGS THIS WEEKEND INTEL GATHERER'S VS INTEL GATHERER'S MORE CONCERNED W/ THEIR BANK ACCT. THAN YOURS DON'T KNOW WHY YOU CAN'T SEE IT YEARS AGO WE TALKED ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT'S IN DINARLAND EVERYTHING ACROSS THE WORLD WE SAID LETS LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE LOOK AT WHAT IRAQ IS DOING THE NEWS, THE BANKING SYSTEM, THE GOV. ALL PIECES OF THE PUZZLE INSTEAD OF JUST ONE GROUP EVERYONE THINKS THAT THEIR SOURCE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD I THINK MINE ARE AND THAT'S HOW YOU SHOULD LETS LOOK AT THE HOT DOG DAY!!! THAT WAS THE MOMENT IN THE SUN WHEN THE BANKING SYSTEM FIRST PINGED AND WE HAD A CALL, THOUGHT IT WAS THE RV AND WE DIDN'T KNOW BETTER AND ITS THE WAY THE BANKING SYSTEM FLOWS I WAS AT THE BANK...WAITING AND WENT AND GOT A HOT DOG THAT'S HOW IT STARTED THE GUY THAT PUT US ON IT AND IT WAS PINGING AND IT WAS LIVE ON THE CALL THE VERY FIRST TIME THE BANKING SYSTEM PINGED AROUND THE WORLD WE WERE PART OF HISTORY WE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND IT AND KNOW HOW LUCKY WE ARE THEY'RE WRITING HISTORY RIGHT NOW THEN THE BANK SCREENS, THE COLORED SCREENS.... AND THEN WE HEAR THAT CAN'T BE THE HOLD UP YOU CAN FIX A COMPUTER IN AN HOUR A MINUTE BUT ITS NOT ALL ABOUT US WHEN YOU GET READY TO SPEND THIS MONEY ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU IF YOU THINK YOU ARE THE USA YOU'LL TAKE THIS AND SHRINK IT DOWN ITS ABOUT THE GROUP...ABOUT PPL ABOUT GETTING WHAT YOU CAN FROM EVERYONE AND PUTTING IT TOGETHER BUSINESS PARTNERS, AND CONTRACT WITH AND SEE HOW IT FITS TOGETHER JUST LIKE THIS GLOBAL THING AND WE'VE DONE THIS FOR YEARS AND THEN WE COME DOWN TO COULD BE THE COMPUTERS OR THE BANKING BUT IT DIDN'T MAKE SENSE YOU'LL THINK ONE THING AND REALIZE I COULD BE WRONG I SAY THAT CAUSE IT HAPPENED TO all the MADAM WU STUFF DIDN'T MAKE SENSE AND ALOT OF IT WAS BS BUT THIS IS THE PART THAT DID CHINA BEING INVOLVED IN THE RV OUR COUNTRY...WHY DID THE US, LET THEM BUY PART OF WF WHY DID THE US LET THEM DEAL DIRECT W/ THE TREASURY BUT DID THAT MEAN THAT IT ... EVERYTHING ELSE THAT WAS GOING ON LOT OF PPL RAN OFF W/ THE MONEY IN JAIL. IS CHINA INVOLVED - YES, OIL CREDITS, YES, CAN IT ANNOUNCEMENTS ON FRIDAY CHANGES ON FRIDAY ALL PART OF GROWING IT IS...BUT TO THOSE THAT ACCEPT ITS PART OF GROWING THE MORE WE LEARN I LOOK AT IRAQ NEWS CONTRADICTING ARTICLES WE STILL HAVE TO PUT IT TOGETHER AND SEE WHAT MAKES MORE SENSE DOES IT FIT W/ THE OTHER PARTS AND MAKE SENSE TO BE THAT WAY AND SINCE ITS A GLOBAL EVENT I HAVE TO LOOK AT WHAT EVERY COUNTRY IS DOING NOT JUST OURS WE WANT TO RULE THE WORLD WE WANT TO RULE THE BANKING BUT WE DON'T MAKE EVERYONE'S LAWS THAT'S WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN YOU GET YOUR NEW BIZ. YOU'LL HAVE TO LEARN THERE ARE OTHER RULES THAN YOUR RULES AND OTHERS THAT KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW AND FOR YOUR TEAM TO GROW YOU'LL BE PART OF THE TEAM AND THEN SAY I WAS WRONG SOME INFO I WAS WRONG AND I DON'T MIND TELLING YOU I WAS HOPE YOU GET THIS PROCESS I DON'T BRING YOU ANYTHING DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ON THE OTHER SITES I DONT' BRING IT, UNLESS I GOT IT FROM 2, 3. 4, SOURCES THAT'S MY PROCESS BUT HERE IS THE REAL ANALOGY THAT YOU CAN ALWAYS USE LETS SAY TODAY YOU'RE WHOLE TIME YOU'VE SEE W/ YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN NOT KNOWING AND THEN ONE DAY YOU GO BLIND BLIND STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET AS PPL GO BY I ASK THEM WHAT COLOR DOES THE SKY LOOK LIKE TODAY AND IF I ASK 10 STRANGERS OR T10 THAT I KNOW IF 8 TELL ME THE SKY IS BLUE AND 2 IDIOTS TELL ME THE SKY IS PINK WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE WHO WOULD YOU BELIEVE 10 STRANGERS OR 10 THAT YOU KNOW OR 5 AND 5 WHO WOULD YOU BELIEVE SO WHY WOULD 8 OF YOUR FRIENDS LIE TO YOU OR 8 STRANGERS LIE TO YOU SO I'LL BRING IT AROUND I TOLD YOU GUYS LAST WEEK ABOUT AN ANNOUNCEMENT IN THE UN AND BEFORE I GOT OFF THE CALL PPL WERE SAYING IT DIDN'T HAPPEN THAT ITS A LIE BUT SHORTLY AFTER THE CALL AND WHEN THEY TOOK THEIR TIME, TO RESEARCH, AND A DAY LATER, ETC..THEY'RE SAYING IT DID HAPPEN MY SOURCES ARE SAYING IT DID OK, I JUST LOOK UP TO THE SKY AND SAY ITS BLUE I'M NOT MAD ABOUT IT...SEE IT ON THE BOARDS YOU'RE GETTING IT FROM YOUR OWN RESOURCES IN THAT OUR INFO WILL BE AHEAD OF THE CURVE AND IT WILL BE TODAY WHEN I GIVE IT TO YOU ITS NOT ON ANY BOARDS I HAVE THE BEST SOURCES AND WHEN I TELL IT TO YOU YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SEE IT LIVE SO THAT'S HOW THINGS GO BECAUSE ITS GOING TO HAPPEN AS YOU GROW AS INDIVIDUALS WE CAN LEARN, IF WE DO IT TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY RESPONSIBILITY W/ THIS MONEY WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT IN THE Q & A . ARE WE STILL LOOKING FOR THINGS PROLLY HAVE A LOT MORE TO SAY BUT HOPEFULLY THAT HELPS WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY AND WHERE WE ARE AT WHAT HAPPENED IN THE UN WAS, I THINK I CAN SAY IT 2 COUNTRIES VOICED THEIR OPINION AND WANT IT TO BE PUBLIC WHATS GOING ON THEY WANTED IT TO BE PUBLIC IN FRONT OF ALL THE COUNTRIES THEY WANTED THEM TO PUBLICLY SAY IT SO THEY DON'T DO WHAT THEY DO SO PPL CAN KNOW WHY NOT LIARS... THEY WANTED IT IN PUBLIC WITH ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES THERE THERE WAS A TIME LIMIT GIVEN TO COMPLETE EVERYTHING THAT THEY NEED TO COMPLETE AND A RESTART, NOT A REAL RESTART I KNEW THERE WOULD NOT BE AN RV THIS WEEKEND BECAUSE THE CALL CENTERS WERE CLOSED CAN'T HAPPEN SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT SAY IT HAS NOTHING TO DO W/ THEM BUT AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS THE PHONES ARE GOING TO RING AND .... BUT BACK AT WORK MONDAY MORNING THINGS HAPPENING IN IRAQ READ YOU THE TEXT FROM IRAQ MY BROTHER TOLD ME TRY NOT TO CURSE, SORRY, LOL CALLED THE STORE INFO ON TV TODAY NOT MUCH NEWS DUE TO HOLY HOLIDAYS MERCHANT TOLD HIS SON THAT CARDS ARE LOADED TT SOME IN THE MARKET PLACE CARDS LOADED PROTESTERS ...PPL ARE TIRED OF WAITING WORKERS IN THE BANK TILL 11 AND STARTING TO NAME THE LOCATIONS WHERE THEY ARE AT EXPECTING IT ANY TIME I GOT FROM SEVERAL SOURCES THE CARDS ARE LOADED AND CAN'T USE THEM, FRUSTRATED PROTESTS PLANNED FOR SAT. PROTESTS, PLANNED FOR TUES. AND WED. ALSO THINGS BEING DONE, TO STOP THEM FROM TAKING PLACE THAT'S THE LAST THING THAT ANYONE WANTS OTHER THINGS IN THE ME TOO WHEN I SAY PPL'S CARDS ARE LOADED, AND GOT THAT FROM MY SOURCES PPL IN OUR GOV. THEIR GOV. AND PPL ON THE STREET THERE AND I KNOW FOR SURE THEY DON'T TALK TO EACH OTHER AND THEY ARE ALL SAYING THE SAME THING AND ON OUR BOARD THIS MORNING, SOMEONE SAID THEY CONTACTED THEIR PERSON IN IRAQ I CAN'T SAY THEY'RE WRONG, HIS CARD MIGHT NOT BE BUT MULTIPLE PPL THAT CONTACTED ME, THEIRS ARE, AND LOADED THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND AND STILL CAN'T TELL HIM HE'S WRONG 8 TOLD ME THE SKY IS BLUE 2 SAID ITS PINK YOU CHOOSE CELEBRATION SCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW NORMAL CELEBRATION SOME THINK ITS PART OF THE CELEBRATION...COULD IT?....IT COULD WE'RE AT THE POINT WHERE IT COULD HAPPEN IN THE NEXT HOUR NOT GOING TO TELL YOU THE EXACT TIME BECAUSE IT MIGHT NOT HAPPEN IF WE DON'T SEE THIS TODAY THEN THERE IS ANOTHER PLANNED ANNOUNCEMENT SCHEDULED ALREADY KNOW IT MUCH MORE EVEN THE BLIND CAN SEE ON TUESDAY OR WED. AT THE UN I GUESS YOU WON'T HAVE TO ASK THOSE 10 PPL WHAT HAPPENED LAST FRIDAY AND OVER THE WEEKEND THERE IS SO MUCH PRESSURE BEING PUT ON NO WAY WE CAN WAIT 10 DAYS AND THIS IS IT THERE WON'T BE 2 COUNTRIES ASKING AT THE UN MULTIPLE COUNTRIES AS LONG AS ALL THIS PRESSURE IS BUILDING I THINK WE ARE CLOSER AND CLOSER ALONG WITH THAT I WANT TO SAY TO THE PPL OF IRAQ AND THE PPL IN IRAQ THAT ARE LISTENING TO THE CALL TODAY I GOT YOUR MESSAGE WELCOME TO THE SITE WE KNOW THIS IS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY AND THINGS THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AND A BETTER LIFE FOR YOU ALSO NOT JUST ABOUT WHAT WE'RE GOING TO GET BUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET TOO GOT YOUR MESSAGE THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU SAID LISTENING IN THE CAFE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS *************************************** LOST THE CALL---at this point in time, we lost the blog radio and I tried my best to do the Q & A, but got dropped more than once by the phones and the connection was pretty bad too. So sorry guys. *************************************** T- everyone in dinar land know my name t- ppl in DC know my name and know what I"m doing and telling you guys t- not important enough to change things t- ppl were in places and too much info getting out t- but don't think you should be blindsided when you walk into the room t- may be confusing to ppl today, but when you walk into that room, they're remember Tony said... t- we have 9000 ppl, ohter sites that connect and dial in and blast out to their ppl, we're not reaching all of them t- do i think we make a difference - yes i do c- about the UN announcement, behind closed doors, so a more public announcement on Tues.Wed. a leak to the press, so the world would know and have to RV t- yeah, and I thought that pressure would have come on last week t- hear that more countries are coming, to the point, Tues. or Wed. if you don't do something, what will happen, a window c-gave such significant info about China, has it all changed or t- the deal itself 888 has not changed, there is still 3 levels, payouts, don't care what anyone tells you t- i can tell you things and argue, but when it happens and you see what really happens, float or no float.... 3 tiers, see if it starts at this # and goes to Double Digits, then go back and listen to other sites and see who was feeding you stuff for a purpose next c- how are you? t- SuperFantastic c- rate t- mid 3's and the dong is at .47 right now, this morning, does it stay there, I don't know, it could change in the next hour, or minute c- Basel 3, precious metals... who pays for all that, Fed.Res. or the USA t- last Oct. Nov. when I told you the US was not Basel 3 compliant and asked for a 6 month extension, and we didn't get compliant till June, and it wasn't just us, doing that, again, its part of the China deal, of financing the loans... if we do this for us, we'll do this for you, work w/ the UST and get credits, a whole nother thing and History will tell us, its not the Fed. its the Treasury, not dollar bills, Notes. Convoluted , so many didn't understand the whole deal... in order for us to qualify.... weeks ago, lower level banks had to be Basel 3, for WF, but WF will set the appointment.. and you'll go to other banks... c- have a great day next c- thank you and the ppl in the cafe's.... right channel tnt c- heard about countries that rv'd t- just asked that question this morn. asked about baskets t- guy said are they listening to our calls, yes, too much going on, other countries, you wouldn't believe the level of ppl that listen, i'm amazed myself, and that they call and say, what do you think t-they changed the baskets, one basket, not 3, and moved some countries out of the basket, and won't be done till next year, will they be avail to us, yes, when the word is out, it will go fast, and you can look at the IMF site, they've already did an agreement w/ Zimbabwe for January... it will be a process, but.... c- not just Zimbabwe, but buying currencies... how will we know which one to buy t- pay attention and follow it, not like the dinar, but set up links etc.. not that we won't be here, but not everyday... you'll want to play on the beach.... I hope we have enough ppl and leaders here... rely on each other... t- for all of us working ppl, we appreciate your research and hello to George, ****, and Madam Wu who are listening in... t- ok lol CALL DROPPED again---and it was not my phone... I now am on a BRIDGE and have a terrible connection. So sorry folks. **************** t- there is a a plan t- in the end you will know how it is t- a lesson learned t- its how I see it, a lesson learned t- this is not about me t- ppl who put the plan together, in the room w/ M and Shabs, and Pres. O, and .... t- some said they helped them, saw the plan...and where it goes from here, but everything else we have to see... t- G20, one world tax, not going to be, the G20 is working on a system that countries that can expose cheaters and expose each other, nothing to do w/ you or me It has to do w/ transparency and how they operate...the first cash less society...thats what they are trying to do w/ us, with the treasury notes, and the track every dollar, and eliminate a whole lot of ppl, counterfeits.... we're fortunate to be on the right side, the rich side...they're doing it because ...accountable.. 5 diff. regions set up... will lesson in value.... next c- you have a plan to go in quickly -- if you held onto your 3 mouse scenario t- my 3 mouse scenario is for the average person, to protect it t- what I'm doing is totally diff. t- I'm going on a calculated risk and multiply myself on my own, t- not telling you to do what I do, and everyone can't take it c- cash out and re invest t-it would be wrong for me to tell you what I'm doing c- is it directly thru WF or proxy t- for some it will be, for those w/out a WF... c- not that instance, but the group in general, is that a proxy plan or direct thru WF t- thru WF t- Chase has a plane, WF is just not the one bank.... the largest payout, I hear the same from Chase and from BofA, and they say they'll beat the rate... c- why does WF have such a foothold.. next c- 30 day drop dead date... t- 7 days....see Tues. or Wed. what happens next c- can't sign up for Vegas t- got 7K ppl already signed up t- going to do another registration after the RV to get the true numbers, right now you all want to, but after you'll do other things, we know we have room fro 5K already.... 661 c- announcement t- more countries are coming in now *** NEW PHONE LINE AGAIN** BETTER CONNECTION c- still on track t- don't know whats holding it up t- giving us a window t- more riots there and they don't want an Arab Spring t- fact that they are putting it in ppl's face, loaded the cards, tired of it, and not just the ppl, but other countries that are saying LONG ENOUGH, and as the pot starts to boil... Next c- who has control over the release t- IMF, WB, UST and Un signed off, they're sovereign country now? c- Iraq c- but how many times have we heard that they have no say t- heard the PTB, but now its up to the Gov and they make the decision, if its up to Iraq, they dont' want to make the decision t- but we'll see it, if someone in the UN is saying I want you to do it right now, if it wasn't Iraq, then who could they have done that to in front of the whole world, c- well the US and China t- no, China was the one that let them do it c- so then t- 1 out of 2 c- I'm from Vegas, we have many conventions, that handle 10K ppl... or the Sands convention center.. can schedule you in, unless there is major convention t- yeah, 80K ppl coming in in August c- but they only last a few days c- just schedule when consumer electronic, or the other big ones are not here, we can handle easily 5 conventions of the size of yours t- I know you can, we're looking at the # of pple and who wants to come in and present, and look at, breaking it down into groups of 500 and greet everyone, and do something each eve. instead of in a room w/ 5K, right now, thats what we are looking at. t- have law firms, etc.. look at it and react to it, or take it home and do it local.. either way... none of them are paying me... not recommend them t- and guys right now, we're getting an event planner in Vegas, and entertainment every night... t- in Vegas you can get it every night, but... my hardest part is being able to walk around with 500 ppl t- our Mods will be there, one guy from Iraq will be there, I think it will be a group effort, and might get some guys from the other sites, love to see us all at the end, say thank you and go on w/ our lives c- you personally are feeling that it will happen today, tomorrow or Wed. t- personally I am c- ty next c- who is pressuring who? The US and China is not holding it up, so then its Iraq? t- hold on, first of all, China and Russia were the ones putting pressure, and now additional countries are putting the pressure if it was the US China and Russia, it would already be done the banks need it, we're here, we're waiting, but haven't gotten the go, even though the UST set it up, one other thing, there is one US agency blaming another US agency and so there is a lot of stuff... it will happen when it happens.. c- is it a possibility due to the tiers...paying out ppl first...before they allow the rest of us to cash out and see it t- no, c- but behind the scenes t- i don't know, whats happening in a hotel room, but my strong belief is ... i heard certain groups that were getting paid on Fri. Sat. and flying to a location....but then that group will be here on Sun. and get paid, well how could that be, when you said it was already 2 days and then Sun. comes and no button was pushed c- in the chat world, a lawyer, w/ a jet waiting for them....Jack Lew....then our turn t- yeah, for 3 years c- they do a lot in the background that we don't know about c- already traded it on forex t- and they trade on projections, nothing unusual, but for this group to come out and watch them get hundreds of billions for you to get $2, what are you getting their money t- like you going to DB and saying oh no, going to take these 20K ppl first and let your biz. go somewhere else, who does that make sense to? c- lets get on with it, hope its this week, the rv really hasn't taken place and we haven't cashed out yet t- they announced it....( both were speaking at the same time ) next c- blue eyes.... in the beginning of the call - your last broadcast t- no, last time to tell you what I told you c- unless it RV's c- want to shake your hand in Vegas t- sooner the better 530 c- don't worry about talking to much, everyone wants to hear what you have to say, when did they arrive and shout it from the mountain tops, global reset, c- if it goes by the wayside t- think it will be PPL get removed from positions and announced anyway or back into Ch. 7 and announce it anyway t- they want them to do it t- so investors have confidence in their gov. t- it can be done other ways, but.... c- heard that gold and silver dropped t- showing them kindness, not weakness, c- what about gold/silver t- i expect gold to go down, when the dollar goes up, right after this is announced I think it will be a volatile market c- some said, 1st and 15th dates are relevant... t- thought that for years... wait for that date, but this is a diff. animal, its happened already several times, and I mean it, we're not waiting for anything, next time the system is up and ready to go, and we;ll see what takes it to go... c- ppl died this weekend, is it slowing it up or hurry it up t- don't think it will slow it up c- don't mean to sound callous, but, Poof, said 60 days out, your feedback? t- my sources said, it can't go the 10 days, we were told, pressure from other countries.... c- do you think O's speach on Wed. will mention it t- I don't think anyones speech will t- every country is going to want to take credit for turning their country around c- ty next c- 888 numbers, are they avail. now t- let me tell you what happened, last week, they gave them the locations all the cash out locations and who the bankers are, the amounts in order to send them to each banker, all the info t- they did it because they thought it was happening t-now they gave them that and can't take it back, anyone of them can expose everything t- sent ppl to banking locations, lots of banks got new ppl today and on Friday, ppl they were holding back, and now they're out in the public.. doing things to tell you c- different hubs or places, for diff. cities, to handle reserves... t- don't know, was going to see, if DT wanted to do an interview t- Frank at DB told me that he had no agreement w/ any bank to process anything c- fat lady going to sing t- fat, skinny lady... lol next c- I know that O had to put people in place... t- ok, our Gov. keeps things under cover t- get from England, Chinese TV and things in our country that you'll never see in our news... t- and I get calls from ppl that say that c- looks like things are on track, China and Russia t- if China, Russia and the US pushed.. it would have been over c- see you in Atlanta t- Limo License next c- I'm superfantastic too t- we can hang out c- clarification, usually sharp, Iraq is holding it back, or US t- well, want to say for reasons unknown, if the US wanted it done, it would be done but if comes down to it, and be forced, it will be but... right now, it may be a moot point c- so if you had an announcement this week, is that its gonna be done, or its done, at the UN t- more pronounced than last week, in TV and print... c- I'm tired of hearing its done and its not c- does that mean we'd have to wait another week or 10 days t- ppl tell me it can't go another 10 days, but I don't know c- from last Thurs. t- yes, and I don't expect it to t- and Tues.Wed... c- patriotic ? if we go to the banks it goes to the UST and oil credit, but I if I exchange w/ a dealer, t- goes back to the CBI t- I understand patriotic, but WF the deal is w/ China, but in the end it was w/ the US for Basel 3, so are you supporting our country c- ty, let water roll off your back, appreciate you very much next c- exchanging at the bank, any changes made, groups or individuals, flat amounts t- as I understand and how it was told to me, there will be a 3 tier payout, the group has negotiated the high and low, the low will be above the street rate and the high is what it is, and based on the dinar you as an individual have, and the low is better than the street rate, can't tell you where you fit in... will get it when it goes live, you can go as much as you want, and negotiate on your own, but only use the group rate appt. one time t- as far as double digits, if you watch and pay attention, maybe not jump and run in, and some don't care, if you get $1 you're happy and that's ok, you don't have to strategize and multiply... that's ok c- on a previous call, if you put together a group, but not a part of the groups you mentioned, is it discriminating... t- not discriminating, the guys that put it together, been doing it for 3 years, they'll let you join their group, its easy to do and have it all done for you, but if you want to do your own group, no bank will turn you down... they'll talk about it. Remember, its not one thing, its everything, when you sit there, he works for the bank, its your job to get you as much money as you can, not his job. c- please explain a float t- if it comes out at 3 then market gets in and it goes up and then peaks and falls c- days/ weeks/ ? t- yes c- could be months t-yes, you need to follow it c- alluded a few times to say that you may not be able to talk to us again, arrested, you're not going anyplace like that t- no, what I was saying it might be the last time before the RV and said things I clearly wanted to say and let them know that they can go anyway they wanted to go, more things that are going on, then you see, every biz. like that... trying to get out a memo... I haven't done anything, no one invested w/ me... no hedge funds, groups, no one paid me to say or do anything....more info you have before you go in there, versus half cocked and not know whats going on, and then you say why did i..... so you can decide c- ty for you and your team t- ty next 702 next 702 c- 2 questions, I plan to go w/ the investment comp. of WF or Abbot Downing, can I go on my own, or the group, and tell them I want to work w/ them - will they cooperate w/ me, even though the sister entity t- 50 M and above Abbot Downing... t- just call them and start c- will they be able to assist w/ these things cash exchange c- fairly decent amt. of dollars, if I formed a group, all over the country and go to a local WF or go to a central point t- tt someone at the bank, and give all the info, and set up accts. at ... locations, didn't care where in the country... c- I have ppl in Calif. etc.. I'm in Georgia... so they can... t- absolutely c- ty next 404 c- you answered the questions c- if you run out of places to go, you can party in Atlanta t- I'll be there c- plenty of Southern Hospitality t- maybe do a mini event there t- have a group you will want to meet c- no prob. next 925 c- why didn't the UN OP not change t- they can go for months and not change, not a big deal c- the cashless society, stop the drug trade t- suppose so, was in Multi Level, years ago, back then, I told them that we'll have a card, w/ the bank on it, and your phone on it, and medical ... and we're going there, your debit card... but what scares me, is that Big Brother is attached to it, cashless society for years, didn't just come up, slowly and steadily in that direction c- thanks see you in Vegas next c- this is SUPERFANTASTIC2 from Michigan, went to 5/3 and they gave me a # to call and I wanted to know about the dong, and called the #, WF said they were a vendor for 5/3 bank, so is 5/3 a Mom and Pop under WF t- so 5/3 gave you a # to call and it was WF c- yes, they gave me the # to call and that they were a vendor for WF t- seems like it would be reversed c- that's what I'm trying to say c- dong? t- IQD 888 number, Dong you can take in under normal circumstances c- you mentioned a hub c- you said Vegas.. t- SF Reno, Atlanta, Dallas or Houston c- can you have someone put on the boards, the abbreviations, ie. BIS, CBI... c- what they mean t- maybe someone can do it ALREADY BLESSED -- we'll have new phone lines, will be posted on the boards, for WED. New phone lines TONY: I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS SITE WOULD WORK WITHOUT PAM, MONTANA, SO READY FOR IT, ALREADY BLESSED, RAY REN, GODSON, AND I FORGET SO MANY THINGS AND WE WOULDN'T BE HERE WITHOUT THEM AND THE INTEL AND WANT TO THANK THEM ON EVERY CALL WITHOUT THEM WE WOULDN'T BE HERE AND THANK YOU IN IRAQ next c- some speculation, greed being the hold up t- could have been a factor, but if i'm writing the law, exclude themselves so it doesn't affect them... it won't apply to them, don't know if greed is the most important factor, or they wouldn't be changing things, are there things that affect other countries, yes, laws, yes... needed to put in a country we have let other countries grow and develop, instead of saying 'you're going to' and its working....Libya, Iraq, and in Syria, we're not there yet, a whole 'nother subject, and now we got to worry about Egypt...a dictator, had the wrong person c- its a real blessing either way, was there in 03 and 05 t- here is the other thing, fought in, and ppl stand by your side, when you go against half, who is friend and who is foe, ppl are ppl, can't be mad at the whole country, can't wipe out an entire race ok guys take the last call 925 c- Florida, ty c-blessings to the ppl in Iraq, we're all blessed to be here, if it goes beyond Tues.Wed. or Th. is it Forex that stops it... and also, do we have to get the Ch.7 paid for... pay the final 11B t- don't know that they have to pay it, reserved... or they wait till it RV's and pay it, I had heard it was paid months ago, and put into escrow.... could be the last chip they are holding.. right now they're going around like your done, until that last chip ... as to Forex, don't foresee it, has to go to the banks first, released to the world - CBI --- I didn't say the website, just CBI, c- so CBI is last one to release t- yes c- I was told that we'd see it on Forex prior to the release, t- CBI is the banking system and release it to other banks and we release it to the Forex c- so the only hold up is them, ch. 7 t- it doesn't have to do w/ ch. 7, t- or go back c- 10 days t- 7 days t- then Thurs... I'm obviously not telling you what happened on Sat. and it would go direct to the source, but it was good and apprehensive to tell you that part. Don't like telling you things that I can't tell you.. but if it doesn't happen on Tues. or Wed. we have a problem. c- got your number t- call me lol next 314 865 c- catnip, intrigued by all the talk about the UN, on the site c- tomorrow conversation about the ME and on Wed.. the sequence is why you are saying Tues. Wed. and Thurs. and July is the last month for the xxx to be the on the Security Council t- no t- but while what you told me is wonderful, I didn't know it c- now I'm another source LOL t- but everything they've said has been right so far t- even locations.. this is what they do... so why shouldn't I believe them c- just intrigued t- they may know the calendar, I didn't t- Wash. was so excited last week, spending money in their mind, and today they are upset c- intrigued if M comes in under cover.... and make the announcement... or in Baghdad, curious about his whereabouts t- don't know, other boards and came back and verified it.... t- when he calls me back and says this is gonna happen I gotta believe it OK GUYS 2 HOURS GREAT MORNING THINGS ARE BACK IN MOTION NOTHING IS AT A STANDSTILL EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TRIED TO BE AS SPECIFIC AS I CAN AS ALREADY BLESSED SAID IF WE DO A CALL THIS AFTERNOON WE'LL HAVE OUR NEW LINE CAN TAKE 5K PPL WE HAVE 9K SIGNED UP AND GET 5K ON A PHONE CALL AND THE OTHER SITES CAN PLUG THEIR PPL IN WE HAVE 7K PPL SIGNED UP FOR VEGAS AND 5K SIGNED UP FOR THE RV TEXT ALERT EVERYINTNG GOOD AND IN PLACE READY TO GO HOPEFULLY SOONER THAN LATER IF NOT SEE WHATS GOING ON W/ THE RADIO MIGHT COME TOMORROW IF THE INFO CHANGES DEF. ON WEDNESDAY AND I WILL GOING TO DO AN UPDATE THIS EVENING I DEF. WILL ENJOY YOUR DAY AND I'LL ENJOY MINE
  24. Mnt Goat Thoughts from TNT Forum Friday AM - 07/19/2013 Hi Everyone, Just a very quick update of what I am hearing and my opinion. There is all of a sudden much to talk about for this dinar revaluation UN announcement. First, as we all heard, that the UN made an announcement yesterday, Thursday at 2:15 pm that the Iraq dinar had revalued. I too got the same news from my IMF sources but I did not post it since I did not believe it. If it did RV then where is the new rate? Why have the banks not yet received the push and activated? One would only logically think that we would all go out and buy a ton of reserves on this news. So why would they make such an announcement and yet keep it out of the mainstream news and more importantly than that have no immediate activation of the new currency rates? If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, guess what maybe its a rat. I will explain. Now lets look at something else also that amazed me- So I asked myself what is going on here. Just last week at 2:15 pm on Thursday I got the exact same news from a source in Iraq. I keep good notes so I thought it was coincidental that we got the exact same message at the exact same day and time a week later, but now from the UN. What is really going on here? Last week I also did not post the news since I did not believe it and had no second or third confirmation of it. I have to ask myself a couple questions and we all should be asking the same or similar questions to ourselves. 1- are they trying to smoke out someone or some organization with this news? 2- are they trying to see how fast it filters down to the RV conference calls? 3- are they trying to see the public response to such news, like we are guiny pigs buying up more dinar? 4- are they trying to filter out a leak in their organization? 5- are they just trying to plainly confuse us at these last times prior to the real event? My conclusion to all this is we wait and see. But it is now almost 10 am EST and still no RV so the proof that the reason the info was given out is probably one of the 5 reasons above or something else. Maybe they tried to push the new rates again to the banks and had issues? Who knows. I do believe we are close and just the fact that we are seeing confusing stuff like this confirms my believe even more. I would not hold much credibilty to such news. In fact I always trusted my IMF source and to get such news makes we now wonder about the credibility of this source in the future. Peace and Luv to you all, Mnt Goat
  25. Frank26 Update at KTFA Forum Wednesday Evening - 07/17/2013 Good evening Family, Guess who's coming to dinner.........with DELTA? Well........I guess you already know since I played his recording to you on Monday's CC. We are blessed to have a good Team. When DELTA meets with some GOI members next week we will have a lot of questions answered on the progress of Dr. Shabibi's plan to lift the 000's of the IQD and return its value to the 90's so that it increases the purchasing power not only of their country but of their citizens as well. Let us pray for this dinner that could become a banquet for us to feast on. I used to give you time frames.........but that frustrated the impatient ones at KTFA. I used to give you all of our weekly studies........but that made patience for the frustration ward. Now........we wait for the time frame to approach us that we study and then share with you. What we share has gone through a lot with us and taken to God in prayer. If we make a mistake which we often is quickly amended and apologized for. Yet the majority of what we share with see the evidence of usually in three days. Sometimes longer.........for example.......many times I have told you that Rome was built because of her roadways. Last week I told you that today's modern roadways are the air spaces that airlines travel on. Today you see an article that says “The return of Iraq's air space activity beginning of the recovery of the economy.” So as we saw this approaching ….....we told you that today's modern roadways are the air spaces and that it would allow Iraq to explode internationally let alone within their country. TA DA! What if I said.........Iraq would never see the keys to their shackles until they lift the value of their currency? Would you roll your eyes or would you roll out all of the evidence since CH7 has been lifted that makes it very clear the AoP are still in control of Iraq regardless of their international status that has just been given to them. I also said once the cage is opened........where is the logic in not taking advantage of this freedom? What Team and I are constantly seeing that articles cannot convey is an exponential growth in every facet of Iraq. The government has become the bride to the CBI which will groom the monetary reform of their currency. The GOI NOW wants this too. That's logarithmic growth!!! Kuwait tells the UN.........oh just lift CH7 and let them pay the 11 billion USD to us later. So they did. Crystals don't grow that fast overnight. It is the last and only remaining issue with Kuwait. People think once this is paid the file will be closed with Kuwait. was closed when they lifted CH7. Kuwait wants Iraq to do more than Kuwaiti airlines so they bend over backwards and tell the UN there is an urgency to make money with them. Articles can be helpful and they can be hurtful. Today I noticed many pictures from the country of Iraq. Sure paints a different story doesn't it? May I encourage all of you to continue posting these pics as they paint the true mood of Iraq's future. Infidels? No..........heroes is what we are to Iraqis and ….........GOI/CBI – M = international economic expansion. The stage is set to introduce a new rate for the IQD. Najafi confirms the support of parliament directly to the CBI in order to control the IQD's exchange rate. This is an invitation to a wedding between the GOI and the CBI without the in-laws. The ISX is connected and not just electronically to the world that wants to make money with her. Nobody in the world wants to make penny stock returns with the ISX. ridiculous is that? But they all position themselves giving a penny for their thoughts of the astronomical growth and financial potential that is about to come via the ISX. To position one's self avoids a loss of money in the near proximal future. The auctions at the CBI are moving the dinar.........they phase out the USD. Iraqi banks are positioned with new back up capital to meet Basil 111's compliance’s. Is there a surge going on? You better believe it. Then …......minus the confusion of some on our forum........more progress comes in today. World Bank praises the draft reform of the banking sector and financial control of Iraq's banks. After DELTA had his dinner last night with you know who.........he calls and says the auditing is done at the CBI. You know.......the last one. He went on to say that the World Bank is happy from this final report. CBI received a letter from the World Bank that commended them on the reports they received from an international auditing company. Family........have you ever been audited? Do you remember the reason why? Good. Now do you remember how you started fresh with the IRS once this audit was done especially if the IRS was smiling back at you? This audit may only be a draft but there is nothing cold about it. It is a progress in the direction of adding value and power to the IQD. When the World Bank read the report not one frown was to be found. The WB liked what they saw. So did DELTA as they served dessert. But wait Frank didn't you and DELTA say that this luncheon would occur next week? Okay. By the way.........the WB also did a report on June 30th. should combine both of these to understand better. As we shared with you Family there are many laws that are important but I doubt that someone can give me the sequence of importance. So with respect may I suggest that all laws being passed right now are essential because they are part of the lava flow.........the monetary reform process. But I will encourage you to focus on reading all you can about the HCL. Yes accountability and justice law would please the demonstrators along with the Amnesty law but we feel strongly that the HCL supersedes all other laws right now because it's directly for the people. Join me tomorrow Family......I will do another Blue Post. I am supposed to go to sleep in an hour so I will leave you in peace for now. Besides........I talk too much. As always I leave you with my Christian love and Aloha and ask that you take care of each other with prayers and fellowship. I trust in the Lord that all will be well tomorrow with my procedure and operation. I also thank all of you for your precious prayers that have motivated me and lifted my spirit. Guess who's coming to dinner? Not me.......the doggone doctor won't let me eat tonight. Bozo.....LOL. That's as funny as somebody telling me the GOI will not have a session tomorrow because it's too hot. LOL...........they are running out of things to tell you Family. LOL. KTFA, Frank
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