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Found 10 results

  1. Seems like I'm doing too many Kobani titled posts, or the info gets buried (understandable) by other threads..... And I'm not sure peeps are necessarily interested and don't want to crowd the board if not... So for those interested, I'm going to use this thread primarily to report the info my road dogs are emailing, texting or calling about.... etc etc.. I'll try to use judgment in limiting new threads to only major developments..... First on the menu appears to be CentCom's letter to the world (okay news folk) that they are indeed doing Air Strikes on Kobani.... In case you don
  2. This is 1 hour ago..... Video shows the shooting action, picture below confirms he is one of the ISIS commanders... . WARNING: Following Picture is of the dead ISIS commander
  3. By Glen Johnson, Patrick J. McDonnell OCT.14,2014,12:17PM - REPORTING FROM MURSITPINAR,TURKEY Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish insurgent hideaways in the country’s remote eastern regions Tuesday, threatening the delicate peace process between Ankara and the nation’s ethnic Kurdish minority. The strikes are the first of their kind since the Turkish government entered into a peace process last year with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, which has waged a three-decade war against Turkey. The bombardment was in response to several recent PKK attacks on military instal
  4. The battle of Kobane has been continuing for the past month. The attacks started on the 15th of September, and according to initial plans, firstly the surrounding the villages and then the town centre was to all by the 20th of September. The Turkish state officials also made contingencies in accordance with this plans and was expecting for 400,000 people from Kobane to come to Urfa by the 20th. This way, Turkey would be 'the country opening its arms to Kobane when it falls'. When this plan collapsed, in the redrawn plan some were talking of celebrating Eid in the mosques of Kobane. Some mus
  5. Command General Nalin Afrin sends what she believes is her last message: Published on Oct 12, 2014 Breaking news: New video shows ISIS terrorist organisation Tanks inside Kobani, Kurdish female commander in Kobani sending flowing last msg to the world: Dear United nation as you see in this video , ISIS using heavy weapon specially Tank and attacking us inside Kobani , unfortunately we don’t have anti-Tank until we can defend civilian, We are still defending town, but our weapon is only very light weapon with limited bullet Please send us humanitarian aid and weapon especially Anti-tank no
  6. The ISIS Has Been Forced To Fall Back Near Kobani, You Won’t Believe Who Is Standing In Their Way The ISIS is now clearly a number one terror threat in size. Their barbaric acts have become all too apparent, and shockingly, they seem to continue their march into civilian regions, slaughtering men, women, and children with complete disregard to human life. Though America and Australia have begun aerial attacks, the ISIS fighters seemed to be gaining ground near Kobani, a relatively isolated enclave in Kurdistan. However, against all odds, a relatively puny force has positioned itself between
  7. Long, but pretty much addresses the emergent questions as to what's really going on over there and if nothing else a fairly concise framework with which to make sense out of why we are not doing what we said we were... Another humanitarian catastrophe may be just hours away at Kobani. The latter is the Syrian Kurdish town on the border with Turkey that is now surrounded by ISIS tanks and is being pounded day after day by ISIS heavy artillery. Already this lethal phalanx, which fuses 21st century American technology and equipment with 12th century religious fanaticism, has rolled thro
  8. I can't believe this muppet head was the same person trying to provoke us into war with Syria months ago, by invoking images of women and children dying.... and now the face of thousands dying and/or tortured to death... "yeah, its horrible to watch, but you have to step back and understand the strategic targets"... . omg.... Which one is it Mr. Potato Head?!?! Which time were you lying???...Cause both things can't be true.... Some of us are keeping track you duplicitous jerk and if you lose Kobani, we'll know something is beyond foul, and you have stepped through the doorwa
  9. A delegation including heads of blocs in the Parliament of Kurdistan region up to Kobani. 09/10/2014 15:30:00 BAGHDAD / Nina /--A Kurdish delegation headed by most of the parliamentary blocs in the Parliament of Kurdistan region up today to the outskirts of the Syrian Kobanî city to look closely at the deterioration of the situation which is going on since weeks ago in the city because of attacks which carried out by Daash. A familiar source said in a press statement that Turkish security power prevented the delegation from going into side the city for reason of security / End http://www.
  10. Kobani: Letter to US Elected Representa​tives Written on October 6, 2014 by Editor in ISIS, Kobane, Kurd news, Kurdistan, Rojava, USA By Dr Amir Sharifi:Kobane As a concerned American, I am writing to you to urge you to stand with the people and defenders of Kobani in the Kurdish region of Syria in the face of the ISIS brutal battle for the capture and control of the city. As you know the U. S. action against ISIS, could change the course of history of the region by preventing ISIS from ravaging and vanquishing the ancient Middle Eastern civilizations. We all recall how the ISIS savagely
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