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Found 235 results

  1. WEDNESDAY! Here we are again, and boy does it feel good! Teaser: Part of todays update is VIP only. --> JOIN HERE <-- VIPs, please read this post before continuing to the VIP portion. It should be noted, and kept in mind, that Ramadan this year starts on the evening of Friday May 26 and goes through Sunday June 25. That's 9 days from now. Those of you that have been traveling this road with me for years know that I have always been VERY adamant that "nothing gets done during Ramadan"... ... but I'm starting to lean a little to the left on that commitment. There is just TOO MUCH happening right now! There are a couple key elements to this, and I'm going to give some specifics and then explain the parameters that will make me go "Full Buzzy" in spite of the upcoming holiday that traditionally yields 0 "real" progress for anything in Iraq. For some months now, I've been very optimistic about Iraq's ISIS situation. Over the last few days, this has only increased. Examples: Major news announcements This next thread has been going since last month, and the evolution of tone and events is very encouraging! I'll link you right to the most recent articles, currently on page 25: Oil and Energy continue to make progress, FINALLY! This is the exact area where we were stagnant last year. This year is different - the consistency of these articles lately is a telling sign. Speculation: New ration cards to be issued next week. Could these be tied into the upcoming changes in the entire Iraqi banking system, which will ultimately incorporate new currency, ATMs, and a new rate? It's a possible "gateway" move. Further speculation: I have some thoughts on the date. In fact, I am finally confident enough in this to outline my thoughts on WHEN we might see this happen... but that's for VIPs only. (Hint: It's soon!) VIP members, click here: --> <-- (If you're not VIP, NOW might be the best time ever! The "price" of becoming VIP is less than $1 per day. The cost of not being VIP is almost impossible to calculate.) My responses to my discussion on the "DATE" will only be in the VIP section. Here's the weekly Q's! ===================================== Your question actually anticipated my thoughts for this week almost perfectly! (FYI, I don't read the questions before I do my weekly update. I get my thoughts out, and then I read the questions.) For once, I actually agree that something might get done during Ramadan. *shock* *GASP!* You're a VIP member... go read my update in the VIP section. That will explain more. I'm not sure what you mean... if you exchange IQD for USD, then you lose any future gains that the IQD may make. Did I misunderstand your question? I apologize if I did! #DavisForPresident! If this is on track with what @Happy Man was asking, I'll just thank olivesman for chiming in Good sign - ABSOLUTELY yes! ISIS has been losing their battle for long enough that I haven't given them a major place in the RV progression lately, but the news that Iraq is prevailing - strongly - is very welcome! Any other delay? See my post in VIP. ====================================== That's it for now! I want to wish you all a GREAT Wednesday and of course... GOOOO RRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!! Adam Montana P.S. VIPs, !!!!! See you there.
  2. Heyyyy Wednesday! And DinarVets! I hope you fine people are doing great today. I was out on my morning run early today, contemplating "The Rate". You know, one of the few questions I try really hard not to answer? I always play "devils advocate" with myself, and I mean hard ball style. Worst case scenario, best case, sideways case... what are the other angles, where else could this go? As the recent news headlines rolled through my head, while I jogged along the trail, wiping a bead of sweat (or two) off my forehead, and then this one particular article came across my mental ticker-tape: (courtesy @DinarThug in the VIP section ) and I snorted with laughter: Let me give you the summary... But before I get going, I just checked the current price and "HOLY S$%#"! just flew out of my mouth (I really try not to curse!)... But when I wrote the following a couple days ago, the price of BTC was $1600... Imagine my surprise this morning, when I checked on BTC (bitcoin): Bitcoin is currently at price: $1795 And suddenly I had to slow my jog to a walk, because the comparison between bitcoin and dinar is crazy-similar. (Don't worry, we will tie this to Dinar in just a minute!) Take a look at this bitcoin chart, which will show you how the last year has went (about $480 up to $1800): And since inception, where it was about $0.08: THAT, my friends, is incredible, isn't it? In fact, it's a 1,999,900% Increase... and the lopsters here say people are foolish to think we could see a mere 1000% increase. Let me give you a small hint about where I think we are with the Dinar: If anyone wants to, you can scour the internet archives and find plenty of people who said "no way, Bitcoin is another flop waiting to happen! You'd be FOOLISH to put your money in bitcoin!!"... and also a number of people who believed in the chances, and said so. Basically, "lopsters and not-lopsters", of the Bitcoin world. Now... before anyone tries to "Ah-HA! Gotcha, Adam!" - I'm well aware that Bitcoin and IQD are not the same. You can't tell me what the M1 and M2 or hyperfulctuation equalizer quotient is for Bitcoin, and most of the rest of your arguments are equally invalid. My point is simply this... they said "it will never happen", "it's impossible", and so on... yet here we are, with Bitcoin at $1800, almost over a 2 MILLION PERCENT increase. Fun fact.... quote: Source: Is this that hard to understand? I don't think so! The same thing goes for the Dinar, in my opinion - there is valid reason for it to be traded at a higher value, and it will get there. It didn't happen overnight. And the IQD certainly hasn't happened any quicker. But just like the Dinar, Bitcoin had it's own hurdles to jump. People had to have confidence in it, or at least think other people did, before they would start pulling out their cold hard cash and investing in it... ... and now we have a snowball effect. The more people believe in Bitcoin, the more real it gets. (Clap your hands, anyone? This is real life Peter Pan stuff!) The Dinar is the SAME. The CBI can announce a new rate tomorrow, and the financial markets are all going to look at each other and wait to see what the other does. As soon as one player accepts it, then another, then another... pretty quickly, the entire world is on board, and all the lopsters in the world can't "nay-say" the fact that I can take 1 Bitcoin out of my wallet and trade it for $1600 $1800USD... nor will they be able to naysay us out of trading one IQD for whatever the price is at that time. Sorry, I got a little long in the tooth there! What I'm trying to convey here is my renewed conviction that an RV rate of .10 STILL makes sense to me. I explained it in greater detail in the Cash In Guide (Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf), but the people who run the CBI aren't stupid. They surely know that when they change the rate, they are starting a snowball down a mountain. Let's get rolling, baby! I have a more "news" based post planned for the near future, but for now... here's the weekly Q's: I'm not sure what "actual proof" you might want, but I've seen and heard enough to be confident that the answer is "Yes". This is a great question, because it opens up the floor to discuss how an RV is really a zero-sum game, mostly because we are talking about a fiat currency. When the FED prints more USD, we don't actually gain that money. It just dilutes the dollar a little bit more. IQD, and an RV of the currency, works the same way, just on a global scale. My opinion is that almost every other currency will take a slight hit, and then rebound once the IQD rate stabilizes, and within about a month all currencies will be back to normal... except the IQD will be dramatically different than it was a month prior. Great question! Same. Let's see how the next week plays out. Yes, yes, and yes. I gave in today, and talked about "The Rate"... that's enough arm twisting out of you! Hey Country, Well... two things. First, an RV isn't a "miracle". It would be a calculated financial move designed to benefit Iraq. Second, to really understand how they live on a "day to day" basis, you really have to visit a 3rd world country. Mexico, for example... their peso is about 19:1 with the USD, so let's say a loaf of bread costs us $3... the same loaf of bread should cost them $60MXN, right? Not necessarily. The cost of labor is cheaper, they have less import/export regulations than us, they have less bureaucratic overhead in general, so the same loaf of bread might only be 30 or 40 cents (US). (YES, our government puts THAT much of a strain on doing business, of any kind, in the good ol' US of A!!!) Once you can grasp that concept, then you can forget about the "carload" of dinars and start understanding the alternate universe (that's what it seems like sometimes!) that they live and breathe. Go a little further and start to understand how their financial world is tied to ours, via the global financial markets, trade, politics, etc... we don't need to worry about carloads of dinar. That's just not the way it works. And that's a good thing, at least for us waiting for a change in the rate of Dinar. ================================== And on that note, I'm off like a wild herd of turtles! Work to do and people to see. Have a great day everyone, and of course GO RVVVVVVVV!!!!!!! - Adam
  3. Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! Regarding the dinar, no HCL right now and no bridges to a successful HCL have been burnt, so it's still a waiting game, although it's a lot more exciting to be waiting for something this life changing and this close! I'm getting a lot of flack for being (mostly) absent this last week, but when you're in a country that has internet 10% the speed of the rest of the civilized world, and only available in 5% of the populated land mass... well, it is tough to keep up with all the emails I get! So, I've limited my internet usage to contact with my office, business colleagues, and absolutely only the most necessary contacts possible and I've still managed to rack up a couple hundred dollars in fees! VIP members, you might be able to guess my location and what I'm scouting for us... and it's just as exciting as we expected. The planning is going to take longer than originally anticipated, but if I'm good at one thing in this life so far, it's "making contacts" and creating opportunity. So far... success. I've just about burned through another internet card, and the humidity in this lobby is killing me, so let's move on! By the way, I made a point to travel to this particular lobby because it's the only dang place I've been able to find that would ensure I could do an update at all today! (Annnnd I just jinxed myself... it's been down for 20 minutes now. GRRR.) I also have to admit that sometimes I suffer from a bit of ADD, so when I got started this morning, something caught my attention... it's worth sharing. A member in VIP (OSI) section posted something that got me rolling on bitcoin, and in case you missed it... bitcoin is now up to $1500! Ok, that's awesome, those are cool gains (bro), but what can we take away from this? Here is what I posted as my response in our VIP section: (Part of this is missing, due to my ridiculous internet right now... you'll just have to take away what you can!) I certainly agree with all of the above, (*what was discussed in the VIP thread*) in particular... and this is the scary part... "I wish I'd invested more". The reason for that fear is simple... with Bitcoin being at ~$1400 right now, the psychological aspect of it can be confusing. One might think "Well, if I'd bought 100 bitcoins, I could have lost (say $100). Big deal! But today, 100 bitcoins is $140,000!!! I can't afford that kind of risk..." That's the wrong way to look at it. Nobody has to buy a WHOLE bitcoin. If you would have put $100 into Bitcoin back in 1902 when the internet was invented, isn't it reasonable to assume you'd still be willing to gamble $100 on it? Of course it is, so what's stopping you from putting $100 on it? I have to assume it's just a lack of knowledge... so I'll help you out. Start by creating a wallet here: And then buy some bitcoin! My first bitcoin purchase was done in person through someone on, but there are a lot more options now. There is no limit to how high bitcoin can go... I believe it WILL hit $10,000, and probably go higher. So buying one bitcoin at $1400 right now could easily give you 7X your money! $10,000 isn't going to upgrade many of our retirement homes. But if it ever hits $100,000 per BTC, then you're looking 70X your money... and THAT could certainly make a difference in the brand of liquor you're putting in your mojitos. And all for $100. The same $100 that you're not going to miss a week from now... that $100 has the potential to change your life in the future. How many of you wished you'd put $100 into Bitcoin when it was at $3? That same concept applies to VIP, by the way! $49 for 3 months right now, and you are NOT going to miss that $49 by next week, could come back to you in amazing returns... and soon, by the way! Like I said - we have no roadblocks to HCL. It's just a matter of time. Join VIP here: I understand the frustration! I certainly won't be the one to tell you to give up now, or buy more, or do anything other than give my opinion on what's happening. It's my opinion that the HCL is finally (FINALLY) just around the corner. This frustration does remind me of the story of the family that bought a gold mine and gave up only to let someone else dig the final three feet to find the huge gold vein. #justsayin Hey eburt! As positive as I feel about this, I'm still not going to start giving rates or "intel" or date reports. There are posts and warnings all over the site, and even a section devoted to nothing but encouraging conversations that detract from the very possibility of the Dinar increasing in value. I agree that I want almost anything that Iran does not want! But it's my opinion that the Kurds will never form their own country, so it's a moot point. You tell'em, Country! I got your back! That's it for this morning, I'm going to hit "Submit" and cross my fingers...
  4. Good afternoon everyone! Obviously the chat is late today, my internet (or rather, the internet in this part of the country that I'm in right now) was an absolute "no-option" this morning. I have some things to discuss, but looking at my list I realized that none of those items are "RV TIME!" so.... I'm going to delay the weekly for now, and continue working on some of the VIP/OSI projects that I'm really excited about right now. I'll send out an email when the official weekly update is up. Thanks for understanding, and I apologize for not posting earlier... my day just got wayyyyyy off my normal schedule and I was hoping to squeeze this in earlier. Talk to you soon!
  5. Good morning, fine peoples of DinarLand! I know some of you noticed that last week's update was left slightly unfinished... try as I might, I just could not get the finishing touches on that thing! The last thing I want is to leave you hanging, but I have to be real clear about something... the last thing I will DO is leave the VIP members hanging! As such, sometimes the weekly updates have to get bumped down my list. This is actually a good thing, in an oxymoronic fashion... because if I'm too busy to give a general weekly update my full attention, it means I'm busy working on things in the VIP section. Things like this OSI specific post: (VIPs, I have one coming for you soon as well.) Everyone else, if you're not in VIP and OSI... I'll continue to do my best for you, including an official notification when the value of the IQD changes significantly... but beyond that email notification, my efforts are (and will be) primarily focused on VIP. A quick note before I get into the "weekly update - as of Midnight tonight, the old Newsletter service will be discontinued and all communications will come through the DinarVets system. Thank you to all you who subscribed over the years, and as a parting gift from the Newsletter, here is a Discount Code for VIP: "byebyenewsletter" That will get you 25% discount on a 3 month, 5 month, or Lifetime VIP package! (You can also use this discount if you want to give VIP as a gift.) Ok, with that out of the way... there's some talk in the rumor section that we have an April 30 deadline, but nobody seems to know what it's for. The reason for that is pretty simple... there is no deadline. Extensions can be filed, and granted, even if there is not specific Article to support it's movement. Laws can be passed outside a session, inside a session, around a session, prior to a term, post-term, side-term, or any way they decide to do it when they wake up that particular morning! The point is this: We don't need no stinkin' deadlines. That's good AND bad... Bad, because it gives them complete freedom to operate as they see fit, and gives us no real way to anticipate the "WHEN" factor here. GOOD, because if anyone could actually predict the RV rate and date, the market would be diluted the hour before RV and a $1 Dinar would be watered down to a penny, if we are lucky. I don't want that, and neither do you, so let's all be grateful that we don't know "WHEN" the RV will occur! More good news, and this is probably more relevant than the opinions I just posted above: Abadi still on the move, and Iraq is chugging along! Another: There are plenty more in the News section, just click the Iraq & Dinar Related News section. Assume? Never. Speculate? Sure! Ugh, if I could simply respond here with an RV announcement you and I would both be happy! I do what I can. That sounds suspiciously like you are trying to trick me into giving you a date... Hello good sir, thank you for the post! If something costs a dollar in Iraq, and a dollar currently = 1100 dinar, then that thing costs roughly 1100 dinar. I think what you are referring to is what you can get for the money, which is a different concept. Cost to pump oil - everything is cheaper to get done outside of the bloated pile of garbage that the US system works under. In Iraq, they don't have to deal with $15/hr minimum wages, mandatory useless insurance plans, frivolous class action law suits, unemployment and workers comp laws that benefit the individual rather than the economy, and so much more. Same goes for China, Mexico, and so many other places. Of course, China and Mexico are not major Oil sources, but they are able to produce products at a much cheaper price, and that has nothing directly to do with the value of the USD in relation to their product. Long story short... you are wise to consider the possibility, but I see it as a non-issue. Hey phlip, I noticed you posted something about the CBI keeping the IQD as a fiat currency... I apologize but I ran short on time and didn't read it, but I believe you have a good grasp on "fiat" so I will try to read it later. The IQD is certainly being kept as a fiat currency, and the CBI is certainly in control... so we agree on that part, at least! Regarding your comments here... 2 things stick out to me. 1. "... under it's 2004 Central Bank Charter..." My response: I get where you are going with this, but I'll ask you something: If North Korea can get away with dozens of missile launches, and there have been no real "consequences"... why should we believe that anyone is going to hold Iraq "accountable" for an action (RV) that could possibly benefit almost the entire world, and hurts essentially nobody? 2. "....the CBI is currently under a 3 year (2016 – 2019) SBA with the IMF, wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest..." My response: Possibly! But do I think that would stop them? Absolutely not. That's not the whiskey talking, Freedom! That's what's called as "intuition". It might have some whiskey attached to it, but intuition is still it's own thing. For the record, my intuition is speaking the same language. Minus the whiskey. I'm more of a gin guy ==================================================== That's it for now! I sent out an email earlier about the email services, and it seems to have everyone confused... I'll spend some time trying to clear it up, then I have work to do. Here's a tip: IF you can reply to this thread, then you are still on my contact list and have nothing to worry about. GO RV!!!!! - Adam Montana P.S. Today is a great day to get into the VIP group! Remember, it will be closed - NO NEW MEMBERS - the minute I send out the RV email. So if you aren't in the VIP group when that happens, you will never get another chance to join! We have a great group in there. And as a "thank you" to all you who subscribed over the years, and as a parting gift from the Newsletter, here is a Discount Code for VIP: "byebyenewsletter" That will get you 25% discount on a 3 month, 5 month, or Lifetime VIP package! (CLICK HERE) (You can also use this discount if you want to give VIP as a gift!) See you on the inside.
  6. Happy Wednesday everyone! Today's Dinar update is going to be very short. All you have to do is click the "unread content" link here on DV and you'll see how much news is coming out on OIL. You're probably also seeing a lot of positive news regarding ISIS, Mosul, etc on the "tube". Or at least, you aren't seeing so many negative news stories... and you know why that is, don't you? It's very simple - the media isn't making a big deal about Iraq anymore because things are going REALLY GOOD, and those aren't the stories that sell ads! But take some time and do the reading, and you'll see that there is a LOT of progress happening right now with oil, agreements, and security. These are exactly what we want to see! With that said, you VIP and OSI members should be aware that some things happened in our private sections over the last week or two. I'm not suddenly devoting 16 hours a day to the complete revamp of our VIP section because I have nothing better to do! There are a LOT of updates in the VIP and OSI sections, which I sent out emails about mostly over this last weekend. I'm going to send out a couple more emails this morning. ONE will be from the "general" newsletter, and this is one of the last emails that will come from that address. The OTHER will be from the DinarVets email system, and that's the one I am most concerned with you getting. If you don't, be sure to check your settings here. As of this week or next, I'll be purging the entire "General" email database, and moving 100% over here to the DinarVets email system. (I am confident we finally have a solid enough system here that the duplicates are not needed anymore.) We are getting to a point in this Iraqi Dinar situation that has me excited again, finally, and it's been a long time since I felt this upbeat about the Dinar. Don't get me wrong there... I keep a close eye on this, at all times. We've been going in the "right way" for a long time, but now we are on a STRONG path to victory! I'm glad to be part of this. So for now... I'm back to work! I'll chat with you soon, Adam Montana
  7. Wednesday Wednesday! Look, I can only keep doing this for so long... most likely that time is coming to an end. And I am stoked about moving to the next phase of this ride! Have you seen the news about HCL? Have you noticed how laser focused Abadi is, on so many things? That guy is a MACHINE! I'm not going to spend a ton of time reviewing his recent actions, because a) if you're a newshound, like some of us here are, then you already KNOW what's going on with that guy, or b), if you're not a newshound and just want the cliff notes, then here they are: The party is getting prepped! Heck, even some of the stuff I'm seeing from the GURUS is starting to mimic a bit of what I am personally hearing from my contacts in Iraq and in the financial world. THAT kind of situation is amazing! When the gurus stop having to dig for straws to make their normal appearances, and their jibber- jabber actually has SUBSTANCE, that's when you KNOW we are getting close! In fact, there's a lot of talk about APRIL being "the month"... I am not going to confirm that I am feeling that same thing, but it's not out of the running. We are seeing INCREDIBLE movement right now, both in the public news sector and also in the private channels I use. The bottom line, regardless of anything I can tell you in this short weekly update, is that we are playing in a BIG playground and the IQD is poised to be a BIG deal worldwide! I'm currently about as excited as I have ever been about this situation! I'll throw out one of the many articles that I think are noteworthy, then I'll do the Weekly Q's, and then I'm back to work on some VIP projects. Did you catch this article? It's worth a read! We've waited a LONG time to start seeing this kind of buzz... if there is too much more of this, and I'm going to have to change my name back to "Buzzy"!!!! Enjoy that article! ========= The Weekly Q's ================== (By the way, did you know you can submit your own questions? I answer these every week, just pop into the Chat Logs (LINK) section and post in the weekly "Questions for Adam's next chat" thread. I'm happy to devote at least this little bit of time to you!) I have one planned in the coming weeks, but I am not going to make any announcements until the time is closer. Our situation is very fluid right now, and it doesn't make sense to schedule something 2 weeks out when we might be on a completely different course. At the moment, my focus is on polishing Post-RV events and instructions. But if we make it to the 2 week mark from today, I will have enough material available to justify a special OSI chat. Absolutely yes! And they can do this any time they want, there are absolutely no real restrictions. "Any given Sunday", as they say... or Monday, Tuesday, etc. None. Iraq is it's own entity, they have support and act completely independently of anything those crazies in Iran or any other country are up to. Heck, the UAE Dirham is currently .27 to $1, and they are just a short sailboat ride away from Iran and they don't even have a huge military! Why can't Iraq bump up to .10 or .25 as well? (That was a rhetorical question, please lopsters and Negative Nancys stay out of my thread ) Total liberation of Mosul? No sir, I do not believe Mosul will ever be totally liberated, nor will ISIS/ISIL/(Or Any Other Terror Group) be completely "eradicated". The "war on terror" will never be "won", we can only hope to keep it at a "manageable level", and I believe we are pretty close to achieving that already, if not completely done achieving it. I hate to give that a "thumbsup", but in the world we live in... it's a reality. Interesting list there! I agree with your concern on some, disagree on others, and a couple of them I see as complete non-issues. But to get to your question, "Do I think we can see an RV in 2017?" YES, emphatically so! My friend(s), it is not "too much to endure"! We've made it this far, so I'd just suggest taking a deep breath.... don't hold it too long!... let it out, and relax. Things are moving along nicely, and kind of like a sporting event - you can't focus on the last play the whole game, you have to consider the current opportunity and find value in that. I think "muahahahhaha!" and then my pinkie goes to the side of my mouth, Dr Evil style, and I consider this... When Warren Buffett makes a stock move, I pay attention. Sorry bud! It didn't come through somehow. I appreciate the compliment! But I'm no genius, nor am I left handed. Thanks for being a great part of this community yourself. That's a "chicken or the egg" question, good sir! It's been debated for eons, and as far as I know there is no conclusive answer. I, for one, will let others pass their time focused on such impossible riddles. ========= /End Weekly Q's ================== FYI my schedule for the next week is ridiculously busy, so let me wrap up with a couple PSAs: 1. If you're used to emailing my staff directly, PLEASE start using the "Support" tab (LINK). That is where we are migrating our focus and it will start taking precedent over actual emails in the next couple weeks. This is for all our good! 2. Powerball is only up to 40 million right now, but I'd be fine with splitting that with a dozen or two of you! Go spend a couple bucks at the local gas station on a ticket and join us here: I'll post my numbers there later. Till next time! -Adam Montana
  8. Good morning DV members! I'm going to try to keep this brief this morning, but the way things are going lately... I'll probably do another drive by later this week. If that happens, I'll make a point to send an email. Let me just say, it sure is refreshing to have so much positive activity lately! After a fairly long lull in the news, the dinar is back on the move and the news section is showing it! I had a longer update planned out, but one of the weekly questions really got me going and it took the majority of my time. You'll see which question that is in just a moment... here's the weekly member Q's: ================================================= Cleaned up? No chance! But that doesn't cause me any concern... Iraq isn't special or unique in regards to "corruption". Corruption exists everywhere, and it certainly did when their $ was over $3. It will continue to exist in the future, without any regard to their currency value. I was also pleased to hear Abadi is staying the course... that is fantastic news, in my opinion! I am cheerleading for him! And the facepalms... You are welcome Hi strat, that's a fair question. I'm going to attach a short pdf - the "Cash In Guide". Your question is outlined and answered with a few possible scenarios. Download it by clicking this link: Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf Hi waiting, That's a fair question... it really is! At first glance, one could easily question the right of the IRS or any other government entity to invade our privacy and place their authority on our fair gains, of which they had nothing to do with. Taxation exists in our society for many reasons, and the powers that regulate the taxes we are subject to are not always fair or free from corruption, but before I get too deep down that rabbit hole... the question is "why do I think there will be a tax on any profits we make on the dinar", correct? Logically speaking, it is unreasonable for us to think that we can make a million dollars in any fashion and not expect the government to want to take some. It is inconceivable to me that such a small group of people such as ourselves will have the means to fight not just the IRS and the US Government, but ALL governments that may seek to impose a windfall tax or other way to grab a piece of our pie. But that is just my personal opinion... so let me back it up with some outside sources. #1: Investopedia - "Windfall Tax". Of course, the specific definition uses the word "industries", but the fact that this term exists at all should tell us that the word "people" could easily be substituted, making us just as vulnerable to this action as any "business" or "industry". This is probably reason #1 why I have personally chosen the VIP strategies that I endorse... to completely remove this possibility! #2: Google "tax on currency gains": First result: #3: Specifically, section 988 (26 U.S. Code § 988 - Treatment of certain foreign currency transactions) As explained by Investopedia: I think that's enough evidence to show that we should definitely expect some taxation, but let me ask you this... Why would you NOT expect the government to penalize you for your good fortune? The VIP group here is prepared on how to best handle regular taxation, and the OSI group here is equipped to fend off the worst case situation, where the PTB simply takes what they want and you have no defenses. I'll chat with everyone here later this week. If you're not in VIP yet, my 3 links above are just the tip of a huge iceberg of reasons to get in there and start preparing for what is soon to come.
  9. Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! Good morning ladies and gentlemen of DV! It was brought to my attention that I sent out an email last week and I neglected to put the correct link in it... sorry about that! If you missed the Friday update, the link to that is here: If you missed the VIP chat on Saturday, here's that link: And since I screwed up the email link, I'll open that 25% discount deal back up for a very short 36 hours. Code "18for25" at link: Moving on! We have no HCL as I type this, but that's subject to change, and hopefully a very soon change. I'm very optimistic on an actual HCL (LAW) coming through possibly even this month, and I elaborated on that in the VIP chat on Saturday... I'll share more info on it as it comes available, but for the moment we are still waiting. And while we are waiting, our tireless rockstar Yota has a VERY compelling thread going right now... this is worth checking out! My thoughts on the coming months: I already explained this in the VIP chat. I love the articles that are coming out now, after I posted my thoughts... this is unfolding almost exaclty like Chapter 7 did, shortly after I started giving "prediction" thoughts on it. Can I be right on the money, 2 times in a row? I don't know for sure, but I'm feeling good about it! If you're not VIP, it's not too late. Yet. If the recent activity, and the HCL news coming out right now, are not enough to get you feeling at least a tiny bit excited... you may want to check your pulse. Here are the weekly questions! I don't keep a list of banks currently selling Dinar, sorry! No, nor do we expect to see such a list. I have a list that I keep personally, for my VIP group, but one of the terms I have agreed to is that I will NOT release any of that information until each specific institution is actively accepting IQD for exchange. They don't want people blowing up their phones every time a guru makes a new "announcement"! That's just the way it is. I do agree that it will rise, especially if they start it at $0.10 With that said, it's impossible to pinpoint which notes they will call in first, or how long they will allow the "old" notes to remain in circulation. Other countries that have re-denominated have used 90 days. I think it's reasonable to think we can expect that much time, but there is no guarantee on that. My guess would be that the first to go will be the 25,000 and 10,000. Followed within 6 months (at most) by all the rest, to be replaced with the new issue. I think I'm not going to worry about the last first quarter, because this first quarter is definitely not like the last first quarter. Don't fall asleep under that tree, Rumplestiltskin! I will send out emails and texts, but a personal shaking isn't part of the service I offer. Within reason, yes! OSI options are indeed ready to go in the event of an alternate currency RV, but only if the change is significant enough to warrant activating them. There are hard costs with everything we have waiting Post-RV. Most people don't want to come out of pocket for those, especially if the benefit does not outweigh the cost. I'll get a little more specific. The hard costs are expected to be spread out amongst all VIP and OSI members (these benefits are pre-paid, they are included in your VIP fees. That's the main benefit of VIP Post RV!) Everyone here in the VIP group has some Dinar, so that lowers the individual expense. However, if you happen to have an exotic currency that only 3 other people have, and you see an RV with that unknown currency... sure, we can "activate" all of the OSI benefits. But to be fair, you and the others that have the unknown exotic currency would have to shoulder the entire hard cost of activating those Post RV benefits, so that you don't deplete the resources that are reserved for the rest of the group. I hope that makes sense. We have some incredible people here. Many of us have learned more about "patience" than we ever anticipated! Luckily, I think that is almost over. And we will get to learn "celebration" soon! You are getting a 36 hour window, Newbie! If you miss this one, please don't ask again. He hasn't let me look inside his safe lately, but... I certainly hope he does! ===================================== That's it for the weekly update, I'll have more later this week but it will most likely be in the VIP section. Have a great day everyone! - Adam Montana
  10. **** Admin edit - it's the 3rd of March. Mods please don't exit the title because it will break the link to this post. My mistake!*** :_______ original post below______: Hey hey hey everyone! This is my 3rd official appearance for me this week, and it's the last one for this week WITH THE EXCEPTION of tomorrow's VIP chat. I mentioned in my weekly Wednesday update that I'm getting a bit giddy right now. There's a good reason for it! We are at a tipping point, and this is going to either make us some money, or we're going to be walking away soon. Either way, I think all of us will be happy. Either we make out like bandits or we just say "we enjoyed the ride", right?! Based on what I'm hearing from my people, I am leaning toward the bright side of it. So let's talk about that number I mentioned earlier this week... "18". (We will get to that in a minute!) I hope you already caught this, and took advantage of it, but just in case you didn't - there is a sweet discount on VIP right now. Code "18for25" at link: (Current VIP members, this is also a great way to upgrade to "Platinum" if you're not already, or even give VIP as a gift. ) VIPs - go here when you're done reading this. Ok, let's get started doing what I really love doing... sharing! It constantly amazes me how a very fundamental part of this endeavor keeps going unnoticed. Obviously we can't spend Dinar outside of Iraq, regardless of the value. We all know this. That's a simple concept. A concept that is not so simple is this - how banking and exchanges work, and how they affect your bottom line. As I was going through the terminal at an international airport earlier this week, I saw a currency exchange booth... and a light bulb went on. "Ah-HA!", I thought to myself. "THIS is a perfect way to show people what is going to happen when they cash in!" The basics of this dinar thing should be as simple as this: 1. Buy 1 million dinar (or more, or less. The math is the same.) 2. Revaluation occurs, 1:1 value. You exchange for 1 million USD. 3. Pay simple taxes, buy a car and a house, put kids through college, live a happy life! Sounds good, right? YEP! Unfortunately... it is NOT that easy, which is why it is imperative that we explore ALL of our options. (Btw, YES, I use the same strategies and professionals that I refer the VIP members to. You can bet your bottom dollar on that!) Anyway - let's get back to the lesson. Anyway - let's get back to the lesson. There has been a lot of talk from various sources about cashing in. I really hope you get a chance to read my Cash In Guide before exchanging a single dinar, but that's a time investment you'll need to make for yourself, IN yourself. Some of the talk has been about using specific airport exchange locations for some reason. I never really understood why people thought that was a good idea, but my skepticism on that plan is because I actually have real experience and bank connections that will save us money on what is going to be an unavoidable unpleasantry... fees, spread, exchange "costs". It's going to cost us money, folks. We can't avoid it... but we can reduce it if we are smart. So this light bulb went *click* in my head, and I didn't hesitate. I went right up to the window, the window of this "no fee" currency exchange booth, and handed over a crisp Franklin. Here's what they gave me: Looks like 3,999.45$DOP for my $100USD. Cool, and with no commission charged! Hang on a second... if they aren't charging a commission, who is paying these nice people to sit here and request my passport so they can do an even exchange of dollars to pesos? Are they volunteers? I don't think so. Now here's phase 2 of my demonstration: I took that exact $ of DOP$ to the next window (also "no fee") and exchanged back for USD. It was another "No Commission" place, presumably with more volunteers. Since there's no commission, I should get back a crisp USD 100 bill, right? "No fees", right? (It will be 'free', they said... ) Wait! WAIT! What about "no fees"?! I did two (2) exchanges, in the same airport, both with no fees. And suddenly, magically, my $100 is now $82. That's a whopping 18 (EIGHTEEN) dollars that I lost, in a matter of minutes, through a "no commission" exchange!!! My good friends, I can NOT think of a better way to explain to you all that there is no such thing as a "no fee" transaction, and the Dinar is going to be EVEN WORSE. With most exchange locations, on regular currencies, they might pretend there is no cost. No commission. Etc. But the hidden fees WILL get you, as I just showed. The dinar, though... that is a COMPLETELY new animal! They won't even pretend to not charge. It's going to be a very harsh wake-up for some people, when they see a bold "20% FEE" prominently displayed. And then you get to thank Uncle Sam for taking... whatever he decides to take. It ain't gonna be 10%, that's for sure! There aren't many things I will guarantee, but this is one of them. No matter what bank you use, what group you are with (even mine), or who you know, you will NOT get the exact rate posted on the CBI website. And the tax man WILL come, we can only hope he is nice that day. Another thing I will guarantee you is this: If you are in my VIP group, you WILL alleviate a good portion of that loss. If for any reason it's not more than you paid for your VIP membership, I'll happily give you a full refund on every penny you paid for VIP. That's a 100% money back guarantee on your VIP moneys. I'd suggest getting in now - here's the link: -> CLICK ME <- I'm going to attach my short (but detailed) CASH IN GUIDE to this post. Share it, read it... or don't. Mama always said "you can lead a horse to the pond but you can't make it fish" (or something like that). VIPs, I'm crossing my fingers right now and hoping for a safe journey to my next wifi hotspot, and I'm scheduling the VIP chat for tomorrow (Saturday) mid-morning, about 10AM. Here's the link for the VIP thread: GO RV!!!!! P.S. Code "18for25" at link: P.P.S. If you want to join us in VIP, I think it's a great idea! If you don't want to pull out your wallet to get those benefits, that's fine too. Just do us all a favor, and I mean ALL of us - you included - and read the Cash In Guide. Twice if you need to. Three times. Four! And ask questions. That's what this place is for! P.P.S. I had the coupon set to expire early tomorrow morning, but due to internet issues, todays post is MUCH later than expected, so I will extend the discount window. By a few hours only. See you there Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  11. Hey everyone, Happy THURSDAY! I'm in the middle of a crazy project this week, but despite being busier than a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, there are a few items I just had to take care of. These things are important. Important enough that I made the time to finish up for you, in spite of my crazy schedule right now. That's why I said yesterday you'll be seeing me a couple more times this week, and here I am. Today's update for you is my revamped release of my Rate Thesis. I have a couple of rumors that I'm holding onto. I had hoped to have a better confirmation on them before posting this... I do not have what I need in order to release it, so I'm sticking with my original guesstimate of the rate. When I think about it, I hope I'm wrong and y'all are riding with me to a much higher rate! You don't want to see $3.14 any more than I do! But I'm a realist, and that guides my logic on matters like this. A while back, I did a write-up on what the RV rate is likely to be. I called it my "Thesis", and posted it on my old blog. That blog is pretty much dead these days, but I was able to find a copy of it and I took some time to update it for you. (See attached file at the end of this post.) One more thing before we get into the details - there is a discount running right now, it's a cool 25% off on any VIP package. I'm also giving a complete Money-Back GUARANTEE that if you don't save AT LEAST your VIP fees when we cash in, I will repay you every penny of your VIP fees, AND you will still be a VIP. No fine print, no catches. Oh - one more thing about this guarantee and the discount, and this should make you feel VERY confident about how valuable VIP is and how confident I am in the value of what you get... I'm giving this Guarantee even with my low(ish) $ on the RV rate. How's THAT for something you can grab onto!? Take advantage of that discount! Get in VIP! Code "18for25" at link: Now let's move on to what I was getting at originally... the rate! It's not my job here to fluff the rate, build the hype, or anything like that. I don't get kickbacks on dinar sales, I don't get paid by any dealers to say anything that I say, in fact... I rarely even talk to any dinar dealers these days. The dinar is what it is, and there are companies out there making an honest buck by selling the currency for more than they pay for it. That has absolutely nothing to do with the potential of the Iraqi Dinar to increase in value. My opinion of the RV rate... see the attached file. I've put a ton of work into my estimation, and I think it will show in the supporting logic and explanations. Enjoy the read, and Stay Tuned for tomorrow's update! VIPs, I'm shooting for tomorrow evening/afternoon for our VIP chat, but it may be pushed back to Saturday morning. I'll know after I'm done with my meetings tomorrow. P.S. I'm pretty stoked about sharing my number 18 thing with you tomorrow! I'll send out another email about that one. P.P.S. Take advantage of that discount! Get in VIP! Code "18for25" at link: 25% saves you almost $100 on a PLATINUM (lifetime) membership. See you in VIP! Adam Montana predicts the RV rate v1.0.pdf
  12. Good afternoon everyone! I hate to leave you hanging today, but I'm going to have to do it. Don't worry, I think you're going to be thanking me later... but for now, here's the deal: I'm stuck with little to no internet right now, and I'll be lucky if I can get this to post, much less share the pdf's I have prepared! You're going to see me at least 3 more times this week. Here's where and why: I'm re-releasing my thoughts on the RATE. That will come tomorrow, and HINT! I am sticking to my older number, but there's a chance I'll be able to bump it up and be confident about it. No promises on anything more than my original rate though! Expect that to be released tomorrow (Thursday). VIPs, I'm going to do a special live "chat" with you all tomorrow or Friday. I may not be able to give a lot of notice... it depends on my internet. I'm romping around in foreign countries right now, and internet is horrible to say the least. Depending on how my meetings go tonight and tomorrow, I am going to be doing another update on how bank exchanges work... this is BIG stuff for everyone, but especially for VIPs. Just because my internet is horrible doesn't mean I can't answer the weekly Q's right away, so let me get to that. But first... see my #3 up there? The number 18 is significant, I'll tell you more about that during that announcement. It's been a while since I've given a discount to get into VIP, so let's go ahead and do that! I'm going to create a limited time discount code for 25% off any VIP package - get it HERE, just use the code "18for25". The offer expires Saturday morning... get it while it's hot! Here's the weekly Q's, and I'll see you tomorrow with more! 1. TPB = the "Powers That Be", implying higher authorities etc. Sorry for the slang lingo, I forget to not do that sometimes. 2. You answered the question yourself, buddy! The HCL is exactly what will give the world confidence - good feelings - about Iraq and their ability to repay their debt. I'm going to go over their "debt" in my upcoming post about the RATE, I think that will help you and many others understand how or why this can give us confidence. Just "wipe"... the memory away. Flush it. Have a professional take a "crack" at it. Put it "behind" you. Leave it in the "rear" view mirror. (I better stop... ) Sorry Rmc, I need a link to refer to, otherwise it's too easy to take things out of context. Wow... I just spent most of the morning (4AM! I couldn't sleep) writing about this exact thing! Watch for my "RATE" post coming later this week. I cover exactly that. I think you might be even more glad you've stuck with me after you read it. I put a lot of time into breaking down the answer to your exact questions. Hey country, Here's a list of 2017 Iraqi Holidays: I'm not going to beat around the bush... when they take holiday, they REALLY take holiday. It's just how they roll. When you read what I'm going to be sharing in the next couple days, I think you're going to agree with me that it's is not only worth your time and money, but it will be EXTREMELY worth your time and money to be in my VIP group, even with that amount of dinar. I'll tell you all what... I was going to save this next bit for part of my posts later this week, but I'm going to say it now. I GUARANTEE, 100% money back, that you will benefit from VIP in an amount NO LESS than what you paid in VIP fees, on the CASH IN FEES ALONE. I'm serious. If for any reason you don't save at LEAST the amount you spent on VIP when we cash in, I'll refund your VIP fees. You will still have your other benefits, and the education will have been free. Money back Guarantee. Every penny spent on VIP. No small print. This is going to be a no-brainer in the coming days... but for now, I have to get this posted and get on the road, so the rest will have to wait. Take advantage of that discount! Get in VIP! Code "18for25" at link: See you tomorrow, and GO RV!!!!
  13. Wednesday, Wednesday! Good morning all you beautiful people, it's a beautiful morning! Every now and then, the "scam" emails start piling up in my inbox, so I think it's important to do a quick refresher on some of the most basic elements of the whole "Iraqi Dinar" thing. This is the question I've been seeing a lot lately: "Is it a scam"? In a word - NO. In a few more words - let me clarify, as simply as I can, what we all should understand about the Iraqi Dinar. It should take no more than three (3) points: 1. The Iraqi Dinar is an item that has a past, present, and future value. We can put a dollar amount on that value for the past and the present, so the only real question is what the future value will be. If the value raises, you can profit. It's THAT simple. 2. Nobody has "inside information". There are rumors about what color Justin Timberlake will wear to the next Belieberfest, people have opinions about how the DOW will react to the next Kickstarter logo change, and of course there are anonymous tips that President Trump may declare the color Orange a national holiday... but nobody has inside information! All we can do, as rational people, is study the lay of the land and make an educated decision on how much, if anything at all, we personally want to be involved in any of those situations... and the same applies to the Dinar. 3. I really doubt the color Orange will ever be a National Holiday. I was just trying to come up with 3 points... I really only needed #1. In all seriousness, I wonder if you've ever heard the term "straw man argument"? Here's an example: If you read that closely, you'll see that Jon's statement isn't really about the Iraqi Dinar... it was about the guru. Keep this in mind when you read anything on the dinar - a savvy speculator must always be able to separate fact, opinion, and distractions. Here are some facts that will help you with this question of whether or not the "Iraqi Dinar" is a scam. I actually posted this on an old site a while back, but the page is now defunct so it's a good time to revisit it! I'll also include this post as a PDF for you to share or save for later. The Iraqi Dinar Currency that is used today in Iraq is arguably one of the most sophisticated currencies in the world. The technology that makes it almost impossible to effectively produce usable counterfeit dinar currency is amazing. When checking your Dinar Currency to spot fakes, you can check for: Metallic Ink Embedded security Thread Horse Head Watermark Color Changing Symbol Ultraviolet Feature that glows the Denomination Value (Currency amount) Now that you know what to look for in your Dinar Currency, what about the "investment" itself? Is investing in the dinar currency a scam? Well, that’s a tricky question. First – look at the source of your information. If your "intel" is suggesting that you will be made rich overnight, tonight, guaranteed – you’re probably a victim of hype, and you’re probably going to be disappointed. The simplest concept you need to understand when talking about the Dinar Currency is that nobody is going to be able to tell you exactly when it will revalue. But does that mean the Iraqi Dinar Currency hype is a scam? Absolutely not!!! Here are a couple of very real facts: Iraq has a majority of the world’s natural reserves and crude oil, putting it on the same level as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. If you know anything at all about Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, you should know that their currency is very valuable and their natural resources are the reason. So, why isn’t Iraq as rich as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? That answer is simple – they only recently established a stable government, elections are now being held successfully, and the march towards financial recovery is progressing steadily. Crime and terrorism is lower and lower all the time! And just as importantly – the Iraqi people are unjustly impoverished as a result of the recent chaos, and they cannot remain in that situation for much longer – not when they control a major amount of the world’s “black gold”. The question, then, is “When will the Dinar Currency of Iraq Revalue?” This investment is not a scam, but you must be prepared to wait for things to happen. It may revalue, or “reinstate”, to a previous level, which would make many of us rich overnight… or it might grow slowly, over time, giving a nice return on an investment that many of us were smart enough to make. One thing I do know, for a fact… the Iraqi Dinar will not stay at it's current "value" forever. Feel free to post specific questions in the forums, and best wishes to us all. You can visit to get a free membership in our amazing community if you have any questions. GO RVVVV!!!!! - Adam Montana Here's the weekly Q's, and you can find the above information attached as a PDF. Nothing changed! It's unfortunate for all of us that the HCL hasn't been completed yet, but as they say... "patience is a virtue". Can I say how many VIP members there are? No sir. Nor will I ever release the names of any of the VIP members, or any other private information. Am I overwhelmed? Not at all. I'm giddy and excited! We are indeed heading to that elusive finish line, and I'm raring to go! They could go "forever" without revaluing their currency, sure. But I don't think they will. That's really a question for the VIP section, but I will tell you that it's impossible to put a solid number on it. The dinar may be treated as an "exotic" exchange, where banks and dealers could easily impose a very large (exorbitant, in fact) fee of 8%, 12%, or higher. The good news for everyone is that this should be a tax deductible fee. The bad news is that normal or windfall taxes will still be applied to your post-fee profits. The BETTER news is that we can avoid many of those losses. That's all in the VIP section. This is a very good question. I explained it in more detail in the "Cash In Guide", and I'll attach that file to this post as well. Hey C71, Congrats on the retirement! The site is still laid out much like it used to be... but you are correct, some of the buttons have moved and it looks a little different. Just keep clicking around, you'll find all the old buttons. Any specific questions, please post them in the "Tech Support" section. YES. An HCL by any other name is still an "Oil Law". However... Iraq is the only country to my knowledge that has THIS much riding on the passage of such a law. GO HCL, GO RVVVV!!!! I'll chat with you all later. - Adam Attachments below: The Dinar Scam v1.0.pdf Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  14. Hey everyone, good morning! Quick note before I get into a very brief weekly update - I had some very interesting things happen in one of my businesses, and it definitely took me away from for the last 7-10 days. My VIP Master Class got delayed, I didn't post here as much as usual, and I got more than a few concerned emails and messages from the members here. I didn't abandon you! Even when I get busy with other things in life, I've always always got my finger on the dinar pulse. I'm not sure how the rest of this month will play out for me, but you can rest assured that I'm itching to send out those RV emails when this finally happens. Now, to get right into it - no HCL, no RV. Bloomberg was giving me some good laughs this morning, the ticker mentioned several things that were interesting but the "source" didn't want to be named because the news was not "public" yet... sorry, Bloomberg, but I'm pretty sure you just made it "public" If anyone keeps up with one of the most brilliant investors ever, you'll be interested to know Warren Buffet just dumped a ton of John Deere stock after making a healthy profit, and at the same time bought pretty heavily into Apple (AAPL). The timing on that one is interesting, because Apple just posted several records yesterday (market share and price)... normally you don't buy at the top, but if Buffett did.... I think I will too. I'm not into "day trading" but I did get introduced to a neat platform recently - called "Robinhood". You can do your own trades, just like Scottrade or eTrade, but Robinhood doesn't charge trade fees. Learn about it here: The DOW is still over 20,000 in spite of the devil incarnate (Trump) being the leader of the free world for almost a month, amongst other zany things going on right now. That's all I have for now - here's the weekly Q's! ======================== You bet! Grab a 3 month trial right here: That's actually a great question - I don't have a list off the top of my head, but what country are you specifically interested in? I can check into it for you. Not at all, actually! I see positive things happening, not negative. Ok, a little clarification for the readers - "Wallstreet" and "Forbes" did not say those things. There are a few articles that you can find posted on those sites, but they are independent opinion pieces with no proof to back up the claim that it is a "scam". The IQD is a speculative venture and nobody can say with 100% certainty that it will or won't happen. Hey Dave, That's a fair and reasonable expectation. With your VIP Certificate, the first thing you're going to do is save well over the price of a Platinum upgrade on the fees, spread, and resources alone! I'd give the "Cash In Guide" another read. But to keep it really simple - I'm perfectly fine with the situation you described and I see no reason to not follow that plan. - Adam Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  15. I almost can’t believe it’s Wednesday again already! And here we are, despite what I want to “believe”… it certainly is Wednesday. So, HAPPY HUMP DAY everyone!!! Quick weekly Dinar Summary: News in General - The "noise" going on right now, with newly elected President Trump, is almost deafening! I was curious at first about how this would affect us and the Dinar, but as we move into February I'm starting to like how it's working out. In spite of the overwhelming sound of the Main Stream Media grinding it's influence over the general public like a chef adding seasoning to a gourmet meal to influence it's flavor, Iraq and favorable entities to Iraq seem to be ignoring the hypnotic nonsense spewing out of the boob-tubes, and they continue to move in a forward direction and get things done. HCL: We are SO CLOSE to seeing this happen! While this is still in “speculation” mode, many that keep up with the situation (almost as if their finances depend on it…) will happily tell you that our “waiting” is almost over on this matter. I’ve spent a couple years addressing the HCL from so many angles, all anyone needs to do is click this link (Adam Montana Weekly) and go through a couple of my weekly updates - you’ll see how important the HCL is. #GoHCL!!!!! The Weekly Powerball - If you didn't know, the members here are (mostly) all invited to participate in this. You can't win if you don't play! Go here: --- > DV Weekly Powerball Pool Feb 2 < ---- A short couple notes before I get to the Weekly Q's: VIP MEMBERS: With so much positive going on in our unique situation recently, (did you see THIS?!?!?!), I had a great reason to start on a new “project” for you all… I’ll explain. Last week we did a Live VIP member session in our VIP chat. ( ----> Transcript HERE <---- ) Due to the overwhelming feedback from a large number of very appreciative members, this will now be a regular thing. The main thing I realized, while putting my notes in order for the LIVE VIP chat, was that although “VIP” and the services and benefits started out as a very simple matter (guaranteed HIGHER cash-in rate and some unique Post-RV opportunities with my group), we’ve came a LONG way! And, as I was recently reminded... things have gotten more complex. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to see things from YOUR eyes, and I’ve embarked on a mission to once again simplify everything in VIP. Just creating the outline took a couple days longer than expected, but over the next few weeks I’m going to be releasing my “VIP Master Class”, free of charge to VIPs. Part of that mission is going to include more VIP chat sessions. The next one will be Tuesday at 7PM CENTRAL again, UNLESS we have an RV announcement before then. When that happens, anything we have scheduled will be rescheduled due to more important matters! Those “more important” matters will be focused on making sure all VIP members have their Certificates “in hand”, that all VIP members are getting the most out of their VIP and their dinar, and of course everything else we have going on behind the scenes here! Anyone that’s not in VIP yet, you can still join. Here are your options: Speaking of getting in VIP: Effective in the next 24 hours, the “Monthly VIP” billing option will be CLOSED to new members. If you are currently on a Monthly VIP plan, you will be allowed to continue it. If, for any reason, your monthly plan is cancelled - it will no longer be available to you. As of right now, the current options to get in the group are listed here: (You can also grab a gift card, if you’d like to share the love!) A NOTE ON GENERAL SUPPORT: The “” site is going to be phased out over the next few weeks. All support requests, tech support, etc will be done through the SUPPORT tab right here on (As of this moment, the Support tab is a little buggy on different browsers, but the “Contact” page is working. This is my fault, as I was pushing buttons above my paygrade and I broke a few things… … this is actually a GOOD thing, because it forced my Tech Team to fix a few unknown issues that would have caused us problems in the future! ) AND NOW - THE WEEKLY Q’s! Ok Before I even attempt to speak for Trump, or anything he has done, promised, said, etc... you're going to have to give me a link to the exact piece that reported, recorded, transcribed, or interpreted what was originally said. I've watched the media twist our "news" for long enough to know better than to "go there" without knowing exactly what I'm responding to! I have to answer this in a similar fashion as the first Q... where are your links? What exactly am I responding to, when you say "there seems to be..." and "apparently", and "if..."? I need a specific article or video or something in order to provide a specific answer, otherwise I could just be responding to your interpretation of the current events, which could lead us in circles for days and days. I'm not saying you are wrong or right. I'm just requesting something specific to respond to, other than one person's interpretation of a complex situation with many many facets. Thanks for understanding! If you're in the VIP group, this may be something I'll address in the VIP Chat next Tuesday. There are no denominations currently in circulation, or being used, that are that low at this time... so we can't base a speculative future exchange rate on that. However! I did a write up some time back with my theory on how the value can be determined. It's a little old, so I'll update some of the numbers in it and share it soon. (No big deal, just add it to the list of "to-do's" ) I just realized my old post about how to actually check your dinars went missing, so in addition to the "Rate Thesis" - I'll also recreate that information as a PDF. I'll get that out shortly as well, it just needs to be formatted. ========================================================= That's it for this morning! Have a great day everyone, and VIPs - see you Tuesday evening if you can make it! If not, the event will be recorded and posted in the VIP section for you to view at your convenience. Warmest RV regards! #GoooooRRRVVVVVV!!!! - Adam
  16. Good morning and Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is a great day to be a member of DinarVets… not for any particular reason, I suppose… … wait, I take that back. There IS a good reason. Lots of good reasons, actually. The DOW just hit 20,000. There is pretty much nothing holding HCL back. Maliki was a thorn in our side. We can ignore him now: Oil prices are definitely moving in the right direction (This is a 1 year snapshot): Speaking of Oil, how about Abadi’s recent comments? Overall, things are just going amazingly well! For you VIP members, I have to apologize - I wasn’t able to get out the reminder email, but we DID have our first “VIP ONLY” chat last night. It was lively, fun, and from the feedback I’ve received so far… even a bit educational! You can find the transcript here: —> *(Special thanks to Markinsa for copying the chat as it happened ) Here’s one of the things I mentioned in chat: And here’s the snap I took of that Bloomberg bit, as it came across the morning TV: You’ll see that the title is a “WARNING” against a strong dollar, but I’ll be very blunt… people don’t listen to logic when it comes to stuff like this. These decisions are made with emotion, and people who try to use logic when people are emotional lose. They will always get replaced by talking heads who make people “feel” good, and that’s the biggest “WOW!” moment I hope some of you might have right now… Mr Mnuchin warned against a stronger dollar, but how many of us want a weaker dollar? It just does not feel good! Nobody really wants to see interest rates rise, but they need to in order to turn our economy around. Nobody wants to see higher prices at the pump, but in order for the global economy to get moving, we need a higher PPB. (Well… we may be the only group in the world that actually wants oil to go up, but I’m speaking about the general public ) I’ll say it again, just like I mentioned in chat last night… This is why I just shake my head at these birdbrained lopsters who ignore the fact that the Dinar is a fiat currency, and the value is not based on M2 or M3 or the GDP or the price of tea in China... it's based on investors FAITH in the country. It’s based on how people FEEL. (I shouldn’t use the word “birdbrained”, I guess… a lot of the lopsters are VERY intelligent. Some are even too intelligent for their own good! And I probably failed my sensitivity training, but Mom taught me to keep some things unsaid, so I guess I’ll stick with “birdbrains” ) Still, sometimes I just wonder, as I read through the negative lopster posts… “Mr or Mrs Lopster, you seem intelligent! But do you really understand what a fiat currency is?” The fact that we are talking about a FIAT currency, something that has no intrinsic value, takes all the rest of the cards out of play. The Iraqi Dinar is worth whatever people want it to be worth… and when TPB decide they are going to raise the value, there’s going to be a LOT of support for that move! We are in a great spot right now. Can I get a “GO RV!!!!” ? I’ll conclude my weekly update now, so I can get to the work I need to do for the VIP members. If you aren’t VIP, that’s ok. You’re still going to get an email from me once the RV happens, but after that you’re on your own. If you’d like assistance with the finer details of what happens next, a better Cash-In rate, and more… I encourage you to get in VIP! Here’s the link: And here’s the weekly Q’s from some members here at ================== / / / ====================== This is a good question, and when it first tickled my skepticism, I actually spent a lot of time studying it to be sure of my answer. It all comes back to the fact that we are dealing with a fiat currency, where debt and wealth can be created with a click of a mouse. The amount of physical currency, dinar or USD or any other, has no bearing on what can or cannot happen with the exchange rates. I'll do my best sir! Best wishes on your recovery. Maliki is a bug. He's an annoying gnat, no bigger or more of a threat than that. It would make sense, but that's a few layers deeper into it than I like to go on these "informal" weekly updates. Thanks for understanding "Voluntarily entered..." Yes. And they can also voluntarily withdraw. I believe the Iraqis (CBI in this case) will choose to do whatever benefits them the most in terms of debt repayment. That does not negate the gains that should be made on a sudden increase in the exchange rate. Also of importance is the fact that their debt is measured in DOLLARS, which means they can simply repay in dollars and their exchange rate of DINAR means nothing to the debt owed in DOLLARS. 1. Not so much. 2. Possibly. I wish I had the exact answer, but these are decisions that will be made by the CBI however they choose to do it. ====================== / / ========================== That's it for now! I'm off to get working on those VIP audios, they seem to be needed and that's what I'm here for. Have a great day, to all of you, and GOOOO RRRRVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam
  17. Good afternoon everyone! It’s been a very busy week for me, and obviously I’m a little later than usual with the Wednesday update, so herrrrre we go! First things first, a little maintenance notice - you’ve probably seen some small changes around the site in the last week. These are being done for several reasons, but primarily because I’m very upbeat about the Dinar right now. More so than I have been in quite some time! We have Budget activity that is more timely than at any point in recent history. We have major talks of buttoning up major aspects of the Infrastructure, which is key to this all coming together. We have open spots in Parliament that are slated for completion as soon as next week: And for the biggest, perhaps most exciting “clue” of the decade… I’ll give you one more link that should explain exactly why I’m getting a little Buzzy! We’ve got a few days or weeks, but things are MOVING in the right direction! This is a PERFECT time to make sure you've got your ducks in a row. Your VIP updated, your emails handled, your assets protected, and maybe even a "prep list" of things to be sure you have and ready to pack at a moment's notice! So with just that little bit said, here’s a couple changes you may have noticed, and some you may not have. The reason for these things is that I am getting busy preparing for some Post-RV activities and needs. We are at a point where I feel a sense of urgency to get every last detail checked and fine tuned…. BOY am I getting just a tad excited! With that said, I'll just wrap up with a short list and also a link for VIP members. Chat is offline for the time-being. When it re-opens, it will be VIP-ONLY for now. VIP members, please visit this VIP link for info and to leave your comments: (We have a scheduled VIP chat coming up soon.) "Guests" can now only view a limited number of pages on DinarVets. All you have to do is register a free account or sign in to remove the limitations. If you are still using anything other than gmail, pllleeeeeeease consider switching, for ALL of our sanity! I'm amazed every single day how many emails I get saying basically "I wish I'd done it sooner"!!!! To save on resources, the emails you get from the site will now be truncated. Just come to the website here if you need to read the entire post. That's about it for now, I have to prepare for that upcoming special VIP chat session and I am indeed looking forward to it! See you soon! - Adam
  18. Good morning and Happy Wednesday everyone! Before I move into the Dinar, I'll let you know that I'm considering adding a specific Bitcoin discussion section here. I am personally very interested in it, have seen profits from it, and it's becoming a bit of a passion of mine. But I also recognize that this is a Dinar forum, so I figured I'd get some feedback. Also on the "sides" menu... the DV Lottery pool! You can't win if you don't play! I'll get my numbers in there later... come be part of it! Now on to Iraqi Dinar! I hope the New Year is off to a good start for you, I know it certainly is for me! 2016 was kind of hard to gauge... we had some ups, less downs, but a whole lot of just "meh". I think that was the hardest part of 2016 for me, in regards to the Dinar... stagnation. That's ok... we've waited this long, and 2016 is in the rearview mirror. Upwards and onwards! A lot of things took place towards the end of last year (just a few weeks ago, mind you!), and Parliament is kicking the year off with a lot of forward progress. I'd love to entertain the thought that the CBI could slip in a rate change while everyone is watching the talking heads babble about Trump being crowned soon, but that's just wishful thinking I'm already seeing a brighter outlook for us here, and it has nothing to do with New Years Resolutions or any of that crap. I actually made a New Years Resolution about 10 years ago, and it's the only one I ever kept... that was to never make another New Years Resolution . No, my current optimism has to do with how I see the tortoise gaining on the hare in this race, slowly but definitely steady. In fact, the Budget may already be ratified and sent to the Gazette according to this article, and that is probably the SOONEST they have EVER got this done! That, my friends, is real hardcore reason to be positive about the immediate future! If you missed last week's chat, please take a minute to catch up - here's the link: The key points in that post were simple, and the trend is continuing - Parliament is having timely meetings. I believe the HCL is closely tied to many things, which is why it couldn't be passed successfully in the past. Too many things are intertwined into it! This is not a "magic wand" situation, and we all know that. Many many factors are part of this complex process, and every time we see a positive article from Iraq regarding utilities, trade, government, and a slew of other elements have to come into place for Iraq to RV. They could just RV today, but without a little more stability in their infrastructure, the value could easily crash before we even get to cash in... nobody wants that! So as intelligent and (sometimes) patient investors, we continue to watch and root for Iraq. Our patience will be rewarded. It's just a matter of time. The weekly Q's: Absolutely yes, for many reasons, which are better discussed in the VIP/OSI section. That was yesterday. Today is the "I hope you already made the decision!" day. Ok, easy explanation on "delete the zeros": 1. Delete the 0's from the bills, convert to a 1:1 "modified" exchange ratio, so a 10,000 IQD note will be worth $10USD. This could only last for a limited time, while they print new currency to replace the current bills with new bills without the extra 0's. This is known as a "lop", and it's a possibility. Nobody really loses much, if anything at all. It's a break even for most people. 2. delete the 0's from the exchange rate, which is currently ~0.00084. That would give us a 0.84:1 exchange rate, so a 10,000 IQD note will be worth $8,400. They could also take (2) zeros off, which would make a 10,000 IQD note worth $850USD, which is closer to my .10 RV theory. Either option is a completely viable possibility, and both have their benefits and drawbacks. But there is the simplified explanation of "delete the 0's". THANK YOU for not posting a 5 page question! "Who" is going to give in first? That's a question that just makes me GIDDY with joy, because nobody has to "give" in at this point... they are truly at a place where everyone is moving forward, everyone is winning, and things are just going great for us! I can almost envision a red carpet rolling out in front of us (and them) on the current path. Something REALLY bad will have to happen to change that. That's a non-question... a financial company is building a 20 million dollar structure across the street from one of my commercial properties. I am personal friends with the banker who handles their loan... they don't need a loan at all, they have at least 5x liquidity to cover the entire project. Why are they borrowing the money, then? Because that's what smart money does. I don't actually look for "signs" or "tip offs", I pay more attention to patterns and "big picture". But regarding Parliament, I disagree there - I'm seeing a lot of good patterns continuing and also new ones emerging. NYK, Happy New Year good sir! Your question is fair, and I think you hit the nail on the head - dealers rates fluctuate based on what the market will bear. No dealer is going to stop selling until the market dies or the RV hits, and the only "tips" they are going to get is going to be a last minute "Sorry, your next dinar shipment has been reversed because we are CASHING IN!!!!" Other than that, they aren't going to have any better insight than you or I. ============================================ That's it for now my friends! I have more I'm working on, so don't be surprised to see me again later today or this week again. Have a great day and GO RRRVVVVVV!!!!!! Come on 2017, you can do it! - Adam 0
  19. Good morning, Happy Wednesday, and Merry Christmas! (Or HannaRanaQwanzMas, if you prefer ) Well... it's the Holidays, everyone! I'm going to keep my eyes on everything, but you all know that already. No RV to report, and I'll probably skip next week unless something major pops up. Even though there's no RV to report, I sure do love it when we get reminded that Iraq is truly one of the wealthiest countries in the world, their currency just needs to catch up. Check this out: Before I get to the Weekly Q's, VIPs - I put a special post up in the VIP section just for you all. Check it out here: Here's the weekly Q's: Did I mention how much I like that kind of scenery? Why, yes I did! In the VIP section. There is another way to look at it, unfortunately... if Trump does have an influence, and he owns any amount of Dinar, he may want to hold it off so he's more in control of any potential windfall taxes. That figure gets thrown around a lot, but there's no way to prove or know WHO has that physical cash or WHERE it actually is... regardless, I can put that worry to rest VERY quickly. How much of that money is in large bills? A LOT. And how quickly could the CBI declare large notes NULL and VOID? It could easily be done in 30 days. Now, of that 30 trillion in "cash" that is floating around, how much of that is held by people who are wanted for crimes? How much of it is simply "lost", out of the country, held in a safe somewhere and simply will not be able to be cashed, before the large notes are declared "dead"? I think it stands to reason that an EASY 50% of that number will simply vanish and not have any influence on what the CBI is liable for during the "Cash In" phase. There is a lot more to say about it, but that's a good starting point. Bottom line for me is that "cash" number doesn't concern me at all. Why would I get anything back on track when y'all keep providing all this quality catertainment?! Merry Christmas everyone! - Adam
  20. I hate to do this 2 weeks in a row but my work schedule is really bending me over! I'd love to see some funny cat pictures as a response to this post, so I'm not going to lock it when I close here in a second. We have some really good Q's to address, and I think my best window to get to them is going to be on my plane tomorrow morning... so I'll just continue then. Cheers!
  21. Hey everyone - I ran out of time this morning (actually last night too!) - got a business deal I'm trying to hammer out today and I probably won't get to do a proper update until tomorrow. Thanks for understanding!
  22. Morning everyone! I trust you all caught my Monday post. We're heating up right now, not quite on fire, but the burner is on! I'll link to my Monday update right below just in case you missed it: I'm watching the news like a hawk, day and night, no time or need for sleep right now. REALLY excited to see how this continues! I don't have anything new to report right now, so I'm just going to hop into the Weekly Questions then get back to the support tickets and continue my work on the backend here. GO RV! Wait, one more thing - just in case we don't get an RV soon, you should at least be getting your share of our next 40 Million USD! Do that here: And the weekly Q's: The search feature is indeed a good one! I'm a huge fan of the dancing Mexican Banana you just posted, so maybe some bachata? Or Jimmy Buffett, because Margaritaville will be coming soon OSI is a viable strategy for ANYONE that lives in ANY country where taxation or litigation is a potential concern. We have many VIP/OSI members that are Canadian. Davis, you'll get there. It does take some time for it to "click", and I promise you I didn't just wake up one day with all this information. It's taken I-don't-even-know-how-many thousands of dollars and hours to get where we are. Keep at it. Try harder next time? In my opinion, based on everything I've been advised upon, history, the current alignment of the moon and stars, basically everything, as long as you're in OSI, it won't matter. First of all, if you're following our OSI plan, money isn't doing anything illegal. Even the VIP investments that are designed to protect and grow the money will protect us from a lot of unnecessary tax and legal expenses, but OSI is definitely the best. Regarding illegals cashing in... I'm not going there. That's a whole different story... my advice would be to hop back across the border or pond and cash in where they aren't "illegal". We have VIP partners across the globe, in pretty much every major city. I'm not going to hand out any advice other than that. And the Packers... there's still a chance! ==================================================== That's it for now! Everyone have a wonderful day and I may do another update later this week, depending on news. Or hopefully I'll just send out the RV email. That would be even better.
  23. Today's chat isn't going to be complicated... you can look at the latest news and see how we are doing. Hint: It's GOOD! Here's my take on the situation... you can look at it all 6 ways from Sunday, come up with 17 different analyses, and pay 24 different experts to give you 3 different opinions each for a total of 312 individual explanations. I'd bet 75% of them will be good, and 25% will be negative. Now here's where you need to be real sharp... if you're on the 25% side, stop reading anything related to dinar. Seriously, just stop! You're wasting your time! But if you see the positive side, and you agree with me and you see an RV coming... I certainly hope you're in the VIP group. That's all I have to say about it right now. That's a great question. I think they come at the same time, OR the lower denoms come slightly sooner. It's not fair to steal comments, because in this case I have no idea what was being referenced... So I have to pass. Yeah I'm all about firing someone at Lambeau too... Check my signature below and find the link about Platinum Certificate :twothumbs: You're actually hitting the nail on the head here, and I'm glad you posted this. HCL vs "oil agreement" is exactly what is going on... I'll get to the point real fast. They are using this term as a buffer while they are fiddling around. As much as I would love to pin these turkeys down... it's not going to happen. They will crank it up when they are ready, and it's not going to happen when we are most comfortably ready. NO, but the Mosul operation is a big deal and they are doing awesome! A good amount but like every other bet I ever won... not as much as I wanted I don't always win, but I do have a history of winning. If you're not in my VIP group I'm certainly not going to bother you after the RV. I do the "happy dance" every day I wake up and realize I didn't poop the bed Don't get me started my friend!
  24. Good morning DV! This weekly post is going to be a bit techy, and I apologize in advance for that... but it's a necessary evil as we seem to be getting heated up in the Dinar World. First the dinar, short and sweet: You need look no further than the current News section to see that the trending hot topic is OIL... which means HCL is on the way, and you know how I feel about HCL! Can you say "GO RV!"? If you're not in the VIP group yet, NOW is the time! I know many of you plan on waiting till the last minute, in hopes of saving a couple bucks... I don't blame you for that! But be warned that if an RV happens and you missed out because you were busy during the holidays... there is NO ADMITTANCE "Post RV". Here's the good news: You can get in at the cheapest price point EVER as of right now, a mere $25! Here's the link. Benefits of VIP are amazingly simple: Guaranteed better Cash In Rate, Post RV investments and guidance (tax, legal, and more), immediate access to some of the most amazing asset protection and wealth management tools in the world, and perhaps most importantly - your key to the room where some of the most knowledgable people around like to hang out. Seriously, just join. You will NOT regret it if you do, but you WILL regret it if you don't! Now the annoying techy bits: If you're in the VIP group, you already know that you will receive an email AND a Text message once the RV is officially announced, as long as your contact info is correct on your profile here. (NOTE: Any member can add their phone number to their profile, but ONLY VIP members will actually receive a text.) The text system works perfectly, since phone providers don't block texts they think are spam or promotions... but email is less reliable. Gmail tends to throw DinarVets emails into the "Promotions" folder, where nobody ever looks. Many providers like @sbcglobal or or etc etc will push my emails into the Spam folder, or worse yet they will just not deliver them! Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about that. For some time now, I am guessing that my email delivery rate through DinarVets has been about 70%. Through some extensive tweaking, wrenching on the hamster wheels, and some genetic altering of the monkey's coffee beans... it looks like we're up to about 90% as of this week. That's good, but I'm shooting for 100%. First, thank you VIP members for your feedback on the last VIP email - it's been a huge help in increasing performance. I've made a couple more changes to how the emails are sent (superlube on the chipmunk treadmill), and I'm sending 2 more test emails. Test 1 will come from the "General" email system. In order to get that email, you will need to already be signed up on the Newsletter list (here: ) Test 2 will come from the new and improved DinarVets VIP email system. Once you get those, I want you to give me feedback in the poll at this VIP link: Oh! One last thing - I forgot the Weekly Qs last week. Sorry about that! Here's this week's: see below... This is an extremely interesting question, especially if you remember when this speculation first started it was rumored that Donald Trump had made a large Dinar purchase. I'm not going to feed that rumor, so I'll stay on topic - Iraq is moving at it's own pace, despite who was or wasn't elected. I do believe that our election will have made an influence on their speed, but I don't think Donald Trump himself will have any influence on their timing. I'm doing great, thanks for asking! I disagree that this government is no better than the last - it is MUCH better! Don't let the current lack of immediate RV discourage you, we are on the right track! Good morning Seabee! Haha! I hadn't read your post before I answered the one above, but obviously I'm not the only one who remembers that. I believe it was longer than 5 years ago, but I don't think that's really important. My take on Trump investing in dinar is this: The Donald isn't Warren Buffett, I don't see him as an "oracle". I think he's a brilliant business person and has a history of building great teams, and I do support him as Prez, but his purchase of Dinar is probably more attributable to the fact that he's got money to burn and the possibility of a great return on investment on the Dinar is kind of a no-brainer for most of us... and it probably was for him as well. Speaking of return on investment, does anyone recall when I told you all to bet on him over a year ago? I've had many members tell me they made a great return on their bets (one member bet $100 and won $4000 on it )! I'm not going to say "I told you so"... yes I am. But I'm really not going to say "I told you so" if you're not in the VIP group when this thing pops, because I'm going to be way too busy. Get in now. That's all I have to say about it. Cheers for now! - Adam
  25. I'm sure you already guessed I'd be busy like a guy with one leg in a butt kicking contest today (yes that's what's going on), so I just wanted to pop in and say hi. HOLY MOLY what a night we had in the US!! Here's the scoop... if I don't have anything solid, I'm not going to make a big post. I've got a small opinion on the Election results, and I'm going to share it today since I don't have anything major to share about the dinar. The US election was and is and will be a big deal! I'd like to share a short story about my personal experience with Donald Trump... ... it's like no other election I've ever been part of. Did any of you happen to see that ad the Trump campaign was running on facebook... "Donate $184 or more and get an autographed edition of Donald Trump's 'Art of the Deal'" is what it said. Well, after spending about $30,000 on health insurance this year I was happy to blow another $200 on the one person who said they were going to repeal the very thing that forced me to have to spend that much money on my new shiney "affordable" health care plan. (Which, by the way, is being cancelled at the end of the year and my family still has no clue what we are going to get next... but I digress.) That was a few months ago when I clicked on that ad and made my donation, and I kept seeing that ad... and it kind of started to irritate me. I thought to myself, "Donald - I donated but I didn't get a book, and I keep seeing this ad." I donated for a few reasons, but I started to think to myself that Mr Trump was turning out to be just like every other politician, and I'll be honest... I started to have regrets about making that $200 donation. Heh... imagine the look on my face when yesterday morning, I opened my mailbox and inside a nice yellow package was a signed edition of Donald J Trump's second favorite book. This book arrived before the results were final. This book was shipped before the results were known. This promise, made by a politician (that's what he is now), was kept and delivered even though the election could have been a loss. Wow... can you even imagine what could happen to our country if we finally have a leader that keeps promises? I was fully prepared to just ignore the election for the night, but when that book arrived yesterday, and I started thinking about that question - is it really possible that we could have a President that does what they say they will do? That kind of gets me excited. Congratulations on the Win, Mr Trump. Do the nation some good, my friend... we are rooting for you. That's it for me today, my friends. Democrats, Republicans, and all the rest of you... let's forget our differences for a bit and work together. P.S. #lockherup
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