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Found 217 results

  1. Good morning, Happy Wednesday, and Merry Christmas! (Or HannaRanaQwanzMas, if you prefer ) Well... it's the Holidays, everyone! I'm going to keep my eyes on everything, but you all know that already. No RV to report, and I'll probably skip next week unless something major pops up. Even though there's no RV to report, I sure do love it when we get reminded that Iraq is truly one of the wealthiest countries in the world, their currency just needs to catch up. Check this out: Before I get to the Weekly Q's, VIPs - I put a special post up in the VIP section just for you all. Check it out here: Here's the weekly Q's: Did I mention how much I like that kind of scenery? Why, yes I did! In the VIP section. There is another way to look at it, unfortunately... if Trump does have an influence, and he owns any amount of Dinar, he may want to hold it off so he's more in control of any potential windfall taxes. That figure gets thrown around a lot, but there's no way to prove or know WHO has that physical cash or WHERE it actually is... regardless, I can put that worry to rest VERY quickly. How much of that money is in large bills? A LOT. And how quickly could the CBI declare large notes NULL and VOID? It could easily be done in 30 days. Now, of that 30 trillion in "cash" that is floating around, how much of that is held by people who are wanted for crimes? How much of it is simply "lost", out of the country, held in a safe somewhere and simply will not be able to be cashed, before the large notes are declared "dead"? I think it stands to reason that an EASY 50% of that number will simply vanish and not have any influence on what the CBI is liable for during the "Cash In" phase. There is a lot more to say about it, but that's a good starting point. Bottom line for me is that "cash" number doesn't concern me at all. Why would I get anything back on track when y'all keep providing all this quality catertainment?! Merry Christmas everyone! - Adam
  2. I hate to do this 2 weeks in a row but my work schedule is really bending me over! I'd love to see some funny cat pictures as a response to this post, so I'm not going to lock it when I close here in a second. We have some really good Q's to address, and I think my best window to get to them is going to be on my plane tomorrow morning... so I'll just continue then. Cheers!
  3. Hey everyone - I ran out of time this morning (actually last night too!) - got a business deal I'm trying to hammer out today and I probably won't get to do a proper update until tomorrow. Thanks for understanding!
  4. Morning everyone! I trust you all caught my Monday post. We're heating up right now, not quite on fire, but the burner is on! I'll link to my Monday update right below just in case you missed it: I'm watching the news like a hawk, day and night, no time or need for sleep right now. REALLY excited to see how this continues! I don't have anything new to report right now, so I'm just going to hop into the Weekly Questions then get back to the support tickets and continue my work on the backend here. GO RV! Wait, one more thing - just in case we don't get an RV soon, you should at least be getting your share of our next 40 Million USD! Do that here: And the weekly Q's: The search feature is indeed a good one! I'm a huge fan of the dancing Mexican Banana you just posted, so maybe some bachata? Or Jimmy Buffett, because Margaritaville will be coming soon OSI is a viable strategy for ANYONE that lives in ANY country where taxation or litigation is a potential concern. We have many VIP/OSI members that are Canadian. Davis, you'll get there. It does take some time for it to "click", and I promise you I didn't just wake up one day with all this information. It's taken I-don't-even-know-how-many thousands of dollars and hours to get where we are. Keep at it. Try harder next time? In my opinion, based on everything I've been advised upon, history, the current alignment of the moon and stars, basically everything, as long as you're in OSI, it won't matter. First of all, if you're following our OSI plan, money isn't doing anything illegal. Even the VIP investments that are designed to protect and grow the money will protect us from a lot of unnecessary tax and legal expenses, but OSI is definitely the best. Regarding illegals cashing in... I'm not going there. That's a whole different story... my advice would be to hop back across the border or pond and cash in where they aren't "illegal". We have VIP partners across the globe, in pretty much every major city. I'm not going to hand out any advice other than that. And the Packers... there's still a chance! ==================================================== That's it for now! Everyone have a wonderful day and I may do another update later this week, depending on news. Or hopefully I'll just send out the RV email. That would be even better.
  5. Today's chat isn't going to be complicated... you can look at the latest news and see how we are doing. Hint: It's GOOD! Here's my take on the situation... you can look at it all 6 ways from Sunday, come up with 17 different analyses, and pay 24 different experts to give you 3 different opinions each for a total of 312 individual explanations. I'd bet 75% of them will be good, and 25% will be negative. Now here's where you need to be real sharp... if you're on the 25% side, stop reading anything related to dinar. Seriously, just stop! You're wasting your time! But if you see the positive side, and you agree with me and you see an RV coming... I certainly hope you're in the VIP group. That's all I have to say about it right now. That's a great question. I think they come at the same time, OR the lower denoms come slightly sooner. It's not fair to steal comments, because in this case I have no idea what was being referenced... So I have to pass. Yeah I'm all about firing someone at Lambeau too... Check my signature below and find the link about Platinum Certificate :twothumbs: You're actually hitting the nail on the head here, and I'm glad you posted this. HCL vs "oil agreement" is exactly what is going on... I'll get to the point real fast. They are using this term as a buffer while they are fiddling around. As much as I would love to pin these turkeys down... it's not going to happen. They will crank it up when they are ready, and it's not going to happen when we are most comfortably ready. NO, but the Mosul operation is a big deal and they are doing awesome! A good amount but like every other bet I ever won... not as much as I wanted I don't always win, but I do have a history of winning. If you're not in my VIP group I'm certainly not going to bother you after the RV. I do the "happy dance" every day I wake up and realize I didn't poop the bed Don't get me started my friend!
  6. Good morning DV! This weekly post is going to be a bit techy, and I apologize in advance for that... but it's a necessary evil as we seem to be getting heated up in the Dinar World. First the dinar, short and sweet: You need look no further than the current News section to see that the trending hot topic is OIL... which means HCL is on the way, and you know how I feel about HCL! Can you say "GO RV!"? If you're not in the VIP group yet, NOW is the time! I know many of you plan on waiting till the last minute, in hopes of saving a couple bucks... I don't blame you for that! But be warned that if an RV happens and you missed out because you were busy during the holidays... there is NO ADMITTANCE "Post RV". Here's the good news: You can get in at the cheapest price point EVER as of right now, a mere $25! Here's the link. Benefits of VIP are amazingly simple: Guaranteed better Cash In Rate, Post RV investments and guidance (tax, legal, and more), immediate access to some of the most amazing asset protection and wealth management tools in the world, and perhaps most importantly - your key to the room where some of the most knowledgable people around like to hang out. Seriously, just join. You will NOT regret it if you do, but you WILL regret it if you don't! Now the annoying techy bits: If you're in the VIP group, you already know that you will receive an email AND a Text message once the RV is officially announced, as long as your contact info is correct on your profile here. (NOTE: Any member can add their phone number to their profile, but ONLY VIP members will actually receive a text.) The text system works perfectly, since phone providers don't block texts they think are spam or promotions... but email is less reliable. Gmail tends to throw DinarVets emails into the "Promotions" folder, where nobody ever looks. Many providers like @sbcglobal or or etc etc will push my emails into the Spam folder, or worse yet they will just not deliver them! Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about that. For some time now, I am guessing that my email delivery rate through DinarVets has been about 70%. Through some extensive tweaking, wrenching on the hamster wheels, and some genetic altering of the monkey's coffee beans... it looks like we're up to about 90% as of this week. That's good, but I'm shooting for 100%. First, thank you VIP members for your feedback on the last VIP email - it's been a huge help in increasing performance. I've made a couple more changes to how the emails are sent (superlube on the chipmunk treadmill), and I'm sending 2 more test emails. Test 1 will come from the "General" email system. In order to get that email, you will need to already be signed up on the Newsletter list (here: ) Test 2 will come from the new and improved DinarVets VIP email system. Once you get those, I want you to give me feedback in the poll at this VIP link: Oh! One last thing - I forgot the Weekly Qs last week. Sorry about that! Here's this week's: see below... This is an extremely interesting question, especially if you remember when this speculation first started it was rumored that Donald Trump had made a large Dinar purchase. I'm not going to feed that rumor, so I'll stay on topic - Iraq is moving at it's own pace, despite who was or wasn't elected. I do believe that our election will have made an influence on their speed, but I don't think Donald Trump himself will have any influence on their timing. I'm doing great, thanks for asking! I disagree that this government is no better than the last - it is MUCH better! Don't let the current lack of immediate RV discourage you, we are on the right track! Good morning Seabee! Haha! I hadn't read your post before I answered the one above, but obviously I'm not the only one who remembers that. I believe it was longer than 5 years ago, but I don't think that's really important. My take on Trump investing in dinar is this: The Donald isn't Warren Buffett, I don't see him as an "oracle". I think he's a brilliant business person and has a history of building great teams, and I do support him as Prez, but his purchase of Dinar is probably more attributable to the fact that he's got money to burn and the possibility of a great return on investment on the Dinar is kind of a no-brainer for most of us... and it probably was for him as well. Speaking of return on investment, does anyone recall when I told you all to bet on him over a year ago? I've had many members tell me they made a great return on their bets (one member bet $100 and won $4000 on it )! I'm not going to say "I told you so"... yes I am. But I'm really not going to say "I told you so" if you're not in the VIP group when this thing pops, because I'm going to be way too busy. Get in now. That's all I have to say about it. Cheers for now! - Adam
  7. I'm sure you already guessed I'd be busy like a guy with one leg in a butt kicking contest today (yes that's what's going on), so I just wanted to pop in and say hi. HOLY MOLY what a night we had in the US!! Here's the scoop... if I don't have anything solid, I'm not going to make a big post. I've got a small opinion on the Election results, and I'm going to share it today since I don't have anything major to share about the dinar. The US election was and is and will be a big deal! I'd like to share a short story about my personal experience with Donald Trump... ... it's like no other election I've ever been part of. Did any of you happen to see that ad the Trump campaign was running on facebook... "Donate $184 or more and get an autographed edition of Donald Trump's 'Art of the Deal'" is what it said. Well, after spending about $30,000 on health insurance this year I was happy to blow another $200 on the one person who said they were going to repeal the very thing that forced me to have to spend that much money on my new shiney "affordable" health care plan. (Which, by the way, is being cancelled at the end of the year and my family still has no clue what we are going to get next... but I digress.) That was a few months ago when I clicked on that ad and made my donation, and I kept seeing that ad... and it kind of started to irritate me. I thought to myself, "Donald - I donated but I didn't get a book, and I keep seeing this ad." I donated for a few reasons, but I started to think to myself that Mr Trump was turning out to be just like every other politician, and I'll be honest... I started to have regrets about making that $200 donation. Heh... imagine the look on my face when yesterday morning, I opened my mailbox and inside a nice yellow package was a signed edition of Donald J Trump's second favorite book. This book arrived before the results were final. This book was shipped before the results were known. This promise, made by a politician (that's what he is now), was kept and delivered even though the election could have been a loss. Wow... can you even imagine what could happen to our country if we finally have a leader that keeps promises? I was fully prepared to just ignore the election for the night, but when that book arrived yesterday, and I started thinking about that question - is it really possible that we could have a President that does what they say they will do? That kind of gets me excited. Congratulations on the Win, Mr Trump. Do the nation some good, my friend... we are rooting for you. That's it for me today, my friends. Democrats, Republicans, and all the rest of you... let's forget our differences for a bit and work together. P.S. #lockherup
  8. Happy Wednesday everyone! If you can't tell by the title of this post... MOSUL! Iraq is KICKING BUTT in the "beat ISIS" department, I'm not even going to go into detail because all you have to do is click the "unread content" link up top and you'll see a TON of news about it. IT'S AWESOME! You're also going to see a good amount of good news about Oil, Parliament, Budget, and more! This is an exciting time. I don't need to say more than that. This is an exciting time! My thoughts and prayers and cheers go out to the Iraqi forces who are bravely taking their country back, and for us that are rooting for a stronger dinar - this is an exciting time. 2 quick notes before I get to the weekly Qs. 1. My apologies for the confusion in my chats where you may have seen an error message stating that you don't have "permission" to view something... this is a system error that happens when a post or link is moved. I'm working on changing the "message" so that it's not so confusing. 2. Welcome to a lot of new VIP members! There will be a VIP specific email going out in the next few days, be sure you've checked out the "whitelist instructions". (Check my signature!) If you're not in the VIP group yet, NOW IS THE TIME! You can get in for the lowest $$ ever but that isn't guaranteed to stay. Click here ----> The weekly Q's: That sounds like a Christmas wishlist, so hopefully it happens in time. If not, I don't think we're too far away so... GO RVVVVVVV!!!!!! Hey buddy, I believe you have a keen take on it.... but I'm not too concerned with Iran capturing a major power position. You are indeed correct that would be a negative situation, but the world is well aware of their intentions and the importance of keeping them from accomplishing that. Good observation, but I don't think it's a concern we have to fret over. Iran is currently just an annoyance, but no more of a threat than Maliki. ======================== // ================================= To summarize where we are, I think it's as simple as this: Iraq is making short work of ISIS in Mosul. Once they have a clear victory there, which should be very soon, they have no reason to delay on the HCL, which will be another major milestone for them, and it's a big 'ol downhill snowball effect from there. Did I mention it's an exciting time to be part of this?!
  9. Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday!! First to dispel a little rumor that was running about the Dinar Airwaves over the week... according to my most reliable sources, Maliki is not going to be returned as VP or any other significant role. I'm sure this isn't the last we will hear from Maliki, because he has nothing to lose by continuing to file motions, appeals, requests, etc... but I really don't think we need to worry about him for the present time, or the near future. Iraq and the Iraqi Dinar: Around the end of August I had mentioned my slight optimism for September and greater enthusiasm for October. With October almost halfway over, I'm forced to reign in some of my enthusiasm... but not all. Here's my latest thoughts: 1. I believe I was mistaken recently when I mentioned the budget was set based on an anticipated $60 ppb... according to this report, it was actually set at $45, which is probably only slightly off from the year-to-date average! You all know I don't place a lot of importance on the "Budget", as they release it to the public, but for them to continue showing this kind of control over their assets and finances is a GREAT thing for the world to be able to place confidence in a big increase in the value of the Iraqi Dinar. This year's budget was completed and published right about the 1st of the year, which was a huge improvement over the previous decade. As of right now, they look to be on pace to do it again, or maybe even earlier! Again, this is exactly what they need to be doing in order to do an RV and most importantly, support the higher rate. They are doing great at this! I'll leave this link here for reference, we may want to review and compare it once the next budget is released/published. (Hopefully we won't care at that time! But just in case. ) 2. On the topic of oil prices, Iraq is very much involved in the recent OPEC movement to control production and get the prices moving back up. As of Monday, oil hit $53... remember the chart I posted recently? YEP! That might be happening! The head of BP says he is expecting $55-70 coming soon. This stuff isn't written in stone, but it's certainly a good indication of the efforts being taken, and Iraq will certainly gain confidence as a result. 3. Also cheering for Iraq and basically giving them a big ol' green light is the IMF. It's important to understand that the IMF can't force them to RV, or stop them from doing it either, but when they have the IMF on their side, it's a great thing! Check out the latest: 4. But, to get to my reason for reigning in *some* of my optimism for this month... we still don't have an HCL or much news about it's implementation. It's great that Oil is going the right direction. It's awesome to have the IMF praising them, it's fantastic that they are making timely progress on the 2017 budget, but... without that HCL, I have to go back to "cautiously optimistic" at this time. On a more positive note, it's widely believed that the HCL is pretty much done and it's only a phone call away from being published in the Gazette and made official. That could certainly happen any day, even today or tomorrow! But until it's done, or we hear more about it, we remain patient. 5. I'm surprised a "guru" hasn't said this yet, but the US of A really does play a major role in our global economy. That's a long conversation in and of itself, so I won't get too deep on my thoughts about where our country is going... but does it stand to reason that perhaps some of Iraq's foot dragging has to do with wanting to see the outcome of our Election? I've put some thought into it, and I haven't come up with any conclusive reasons why they would consider that a major factor, but I'm open to ideas. Feel free to discuss! I'll be reading. Finally, a little housekeeping - there were a few bugs in our support system and here on DinarVets that needed some tweaking. I was DREADING it, because I knew it was going to be a nightmare! As it turned out, it was only an 18 hour day of staring at the computer, emailing and calling tech support, starting over, scrapping progress, starting over, banging my head on the keyboard... The good news is the bruises on my forehead are barely visible as of now, and the bugs have been fixed. The support emails are all tested and working great again - wooot! I also did a limited test on the text message system just to be sure it was still perfect, and received a 100% success on it, so that is good too! I apologize if I anyone freaked out! And if you didn't get a text, do NOT worry, it was a LIMITED test and not all members were subjected to it. As long as you are VIP and your phone number is entered on your profile (it is private, nobody can see it except my staff and I), then you are good to go. ======================== // =========================== Here's the weekly Q's: eburt I quest I will get things started - You are correct, nobody knows if it will ever hit, much less exactly when. I'm not throwing my hand in yet! I'm very positive on the recent progress. 1. Yes. 2. The majority of options/opportunities tend to start with an RV, but they are not exclusive to Dinar. The problem I currently have with moving forward on them is that they are prepared for a large group, and even if I take the entire list of accredited investors we have in the group, that's not quite enough to make these things work. I aint scared of no Maliki! ======================== // =========================== That's it for now... stay cool and GO RRRVVVVV!!!!! - Adam
  10. Good morning and Happy Wednesday everyone! I don't know why, but it seems to me like October has been really long... I feel like this is my 6th or 7th chat for the month! It's probably because I had such high hopes for late September, or early October, but nothing really happened. That is all changing though! FINALLY, at the tail end of October, we're seeing the stuff we want. Check these out: 1. We discussed briefly earlier this month the OPEC push to reduce oil production. There are a lot of reasons for this push, and I'd say 90+% of the member nations understand and agree with it. But here's something interesting... "The head of the National Alliance, said that "Iraq should be excluded from any agreement that aims to cut oil production," attributing it to "the need for Iraq without the other for this exception being locked in a fierce war with Aldaasha terrorism on behalf of the world. Link: It doesn't take a brain scientist to see that Iraq is getting massive support in the fight against ISIS. It also doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see that this kind of agreement is a sweetheart deal for Iraq! Speaking of ISIS, 2. It's been tough to keep up with exactly how things are going over in Iraq, with the media so focused (mainly) on things Donald Trump may or may not have done 30 years ago and ignoring the stuff they could be talking about regarding Hillary, but nonetheless... what is happening with Mosul right now is THE biggest, fiercest, and MOST SUCCESSFUL push by Iraqi forces to WIN against ISIS. The fight for Mosul is making incredible progress, and I really don't think they are getting credit for it like they should be! After a long run of half-hearted attempts to "attack" ISIS, they are finally doing it RIGHT. I expect to see huge victories in the next week or so, which is going to prop up Iraq's support and credibility in the world, and is taking them where they need to go. 3. I am disappointed to see that Abadi has not been successful in appointing those last few deputies: In fact, unless they directly oppose this ruling, it looks like next week isn't our week either. This isn't the end of the world, it just means we're not likely to see an RV this week. However.. I saved the best for last! Ready? 4. HCL FINALLY BACK ON THE TABLE!!!!! WOOOOOOTTT!!!!!! And to go hand-in-hand with that MUCH WELCOME news, there is also this: Seeing the parliament and ministries seats not yet filled was a little disappointing, but that's just a time issue. If not next week, the following perhaps. And simultaneously we have a strong chance of watching the HCL unfold, become active, and then my friends we are off to the races! I'm not going to call the deed "done" yet, but I strongly feel like we're almost at the point where it could really be "any day". As such, I'm going to do something that I've never done before... later this week I'll roll out a monthly VIP option. For those of you not aware, there has never been a monthly VIP option for several reasons... one of the reasons is that there is so much to absorb in the VIP section that I've always felt it would be overwhelming and unfair to you if you had to try and assimilate it all in just a month! The other side of that coin is that some people have a hard time making a full 3 month commitment up front, with our job market being horrible, the price of health care, and much more. So with my feeling that we are nearing the finish line... I'm going to reverse my long- standing decision to not do month-to-month VIP for people. I'll send out more details later this week. Here's the weekly Q's: ===================== // ======================== Oh! I forgot to mention the Budget in my chat above. The Budget has been discussed a few more times since my last chat, and I feel that it's on pace to be passed by the 1st of the year if not sooner. I agree with you, a "W" is good but the Pack isn't looking too hot this year. "By the end of the year", or that they "need" to? Nope. Would that be a good thing? HECK YES! It's been a long road for sure! Iraq has overcame many obstacles. They were plunged almost into the dark ages only a short decade ago. Does it seem like forever? Yeah, I agree. But in the grand scheme of it all... they have made amazing progress and when it's all over, it won't seem like it took that long. Cheers To be honest, I don't mind too horribly when I find myself in a place with limited internet and incompatible power cords! I checked last week or so, I think Hillary was 6:1 odds to win and a $50 Trump bet will win $225 I like where your head is Scuba! I'll put some thought into the NR combo - the next thing I'm going to do regarding VIP is roll out that monthly option. They look to be moving at about the same speed. I'm here to help you! Regarding VIP Post-RV, that answer has always been and will always be "NO". I actually think the campaign to take out ISIS in Mosul and surrounding areas is a very good thing! I also see current progress as 2 steps forward and 1 back most of the time. In my writings above, I think I even made the argument for 3 steps forward and only 1 back! The road was just much longer than any of us anticipated. Talk to you all soon! - Adam
  11. Hey hey good morning good people of DinarVets, Today seems like a great day for an early-August dinar-update, so I'm going to have fun doing it! Don't get your hopes too high right now - I'll let you know right away that I'm not too upbeat about an August RV. I have a few reasons for it, which I'll get to shortly. Here's something I almost never do... a DATE! (Sort of.) Ready? September MAYBE, October I REALLY like. That's as close to a prediction of the DATE you will ever get from me. I could be wrong - August is not completely ruled out in my book, but after doing these updates for so many years, and studying Iraq and other countries like a hawk for an even longer time... I think I have a good "feel" for the status. I'm going to go through some of my reasons... as a kid, I always ate my vegetables first - to get the bad stuff out of the way! So these first 2 are the bad points. 1. It's been my experience (and history/news/Google will back this up with facts) that after Ramadan, they (Iraq) either have things lined up and ready to reach a milestone... or they don't. Let's face it, nothing major came after this most recent Ramadan. It doesn't concern me about an "eventual" increase in the IQD, but I'm not going to expect it this week. 2. Remember what I was saying about "watch the oil" for the HCL to grow legs? Oil dipped again. Where it was once on the way back to a respectable $60ish range, it has dropped back down below $40 again. Once we saw it dip below $50 in July, I knew we were in for a bit of waiting... and here we are. This is not permanent! Oil will go back up, and the HCL will get moving again, but I doubt August is our month. Now let's talk about some positive stuff! 3. The news is showing more and more that Iraq is pushing to get control of ISIS. The articles of ISIS success are down at least 80% of what they used to be! I know there will be some Negative Nellies that want to disagree and I've even heard a few comments about how ISIS must be "completely destroyed" before an RV, but that's just not true. ISIS influence on the stability of Iraq is dwindling. 4. In a continuing effort to bring Iraq as a nation closer together, we see more and more instances of the Kurds getting a larger share of the money. If you think back a couple years, you'll remember that the biggest obstacle to the HCL has always been lack of cooperation from the Kurds, and for good reason. They were getting screwed! Since Abadi has taken the wheel, that has changed. We are closer than ever to an HCL. It WILL happen. 5. Summer is almost over, so I'm going to wrap this up and get out to do summer things... I saved what may be the best for last. One thing we should all know about how a dramatic increase in the value of the dinar will work is that nobody in Iraq (or anywhere else for that matter!) will go into a bank or currency exchange with dinar and then walk out with buckets or wheelbarrows full of another currency. That's not how it works! We will either have to deposit it into their account, wire it to another account via their bank, or perhaps we will get a cashiers check. (Don't lose that one, if that's what you do!) Iraq faced a major problem 10 years ago that would have single- handedly prevented the RV, even if it weren't for the broken GOI and everything else: Technology. Iraq did not have the technology to do a mass conversion of their currency. I am referring not only to the lack of technology in their paper currency itself, which made it easy to counterfeit, but also the technology in how their banks talk to each other, share funds, or even participate in the auctions. Heck, before ~2009 the ISX was basically done on chalkboards! It just wasn't possible at that time, for more reasons than this, but this is no longer the case. Check this out: My friends (and even you lopsters!), we are nearing the end of this ride. SO MANY things are now out of the way, the path forward is clearing up faster than a lot of people can believe, and we will see a rise in the value! But probably not in August. (Just in case you forgot what I said earlier ) That's my update for now... next week will probably be a short update, unless something happens to change my current forecast. Here's the weekly Q's: Haha! "Cut and paste from our laws" I don't think "more and more laws" need to be passed - just one. HCL. Everything else is small potatoes. More reasons to stay positive! As much as I wish there were some kind of entity that could force the CBI to put a specific value on the dinar, I don't believe anyone can force the CBI to do anything. Yes, there are influences and they will play nice with what other financial entities want, because the end goal is to be an internationally traded currency with a respectable value! But nobody can "force" the CBI to do anything. That's a good thing, though, because just like they can't be forced to raise the value... they can't be forced NOT to raise the value. That's it for me today kids! I'll chat with you all later. - Adam
  12. Sorry everyone - spotty internet and many meetings this morning. Weekly update is delayed until later - I will send out an email once it's up. Have a great day!
  13. 5 October, 2016 - Dinar News Happy Hump Day everyone, I hope you're doing well today! I had not hoped for much during September, but there is still a distinct glimmer of hope that we will see some action this month. Does that mean "RV"? Nobody can make that promise, but let's talk about what we know. Here are a few points to consider as we enter October: 1. Over the summer, we heard next to nothing on OIL other than the fact that we saw a very disappointing DIP in the PPB (Price Per Barrel) around August. I have no doubt that were it not for that, we'd be 2 months further along, and this could have been a Post-RV chat! It does us no good to dwell on the "what-ifs", though, so here we are. Bad news: The PPB is not at the $65 mark that Iraq set it's budget at, which is a very likely reason we're seeing some debt articles starting to pop up here and there. Good news: Oil has came a long ways in the right direction for them, from ~$35 to the current ~$50. Trading price has been reasonably consistent, and from my days in the "day trading" industry, I know a lot of traders look for charts like this one: =================================================== ======================================================== Obviously there's a lot more to moving the price than this, but just for speculation purposes... Doesn't that look like an incomplete pattern? I know we don't want to pay more at the pump, but an increase in the price of oil - or even a reasonable expectation of that - is good incentive for "The Iraqi Powers That Be" to flip the lid off the button and get ready to push it! 2. Abadi's New Government. This could also have a major impact on the progress (or lack of) we saw over the summer, and even last month. As most of you will remember, Abadi did a HUGE staff change, whittling the number of chiefs in the kitchen down, kicking out some dead weight, and bringing in fresh blood. This announcement was followed by a flurry of action, but to be real about it all - some of the people he wanted to throw out or move to the side have dug their heels in pretty good, and this is yet another prime reason I think we saw things slow to a crawl over the past few months. Good news: In Tomorrow or Saturday's session, Abadi is scheduled to give the final list of the new crew. Perhaps it just took this long to find the people who were willing to "play ball" according to what should be the ultimate goal, but whatever the reason - this is a GREAT step for us. The government of Iraq, under Abadi's new leadership, has proven to be immensely more stable than any time during the previous decade. This is a serious deal for us, and I like how the month is starting! 3. Stability of the Iraqi Dinar This just builds on the previous two points, but it's worth noting. If you skim through this post by our amazing yota, Taking just a few minutes to peruse that thread you'll see that for the past month, as reported by multiple sources including a new one I dug up today, the trading price on the Dinar has maintained stability against the USD to within a couple percentage points. In fact, one could argue that it's perhaps one of the strongest currencies in any market, when you factor in ISIS, a toppled regime barely over a decade ago, and everything else these people have endured! The IQD has came an incredible and extraordinary distance in the face of many challenges. We don't think they are done surprising people. And now let me top this all off with a little bit of sweetness, once again I have to thank our buddy Yota for dragging this stuff here for the community: To me, that says... BOOOOOOM!!!!! (And not the bad booms they have over there, either!) We are 3 months from the end of the year. As I mentioned earlier, they probably felt a bit of a setback from the price of oil, which didn't stabilize where they planned on it settling. Yet they are now talking about the next budget, with concrete(ish) deadlines for specific (and important) milestones. We are already seeing signs that the full Cabinet will be listed and possibly in place - you can bet that they are MUCH further "behind closed doors" than they are letting on - but we are seeing that this progress could happen as soon as this weekend, around 8th of October. So on that note... we shall see. I'm hearing good things from my people... well, really you are my people, but I mean my other people. You know what I mean. ============================================== Everything turned out fine, no problems over here! I just forgot a laptop cord one week and was forced to read a few books for pleasure instead of working! Hi lupine, you are very welcome! China is indeed something to watch, I've been paying attention to how that might affect things. So far... nothing big. And I don't particularly think we have to worry about any other country doing something with their currency first - Iraq is very unique in it's situation and ability to maintain a stronger rate based on their physical assets, including geographical location and natural resources. ==================================================== That's it for now... GO RVVVV!!!!!!!
  14. Good morning amigos and amigettes! Today I find myself in something of a predicament. Some bonehead went on a fairly important business trip and brought the wrong laptop charging cord! If you're wondering who that bonehead is, and you immediately thought "No way would Adam do something like that!".... I appreciate the confidence, but yeah... that bonehead is indeed me. Some of you already know this, but I'll spell it out anyway: I'm on this site every single day. I'm talking to contacts, reading and answering emails, and digging for clues every single day. But in addition to the normal stuff I do every day, I also spend... I'm guessing an average of 3.5 extra hours preparing for these weekly updates, even when news is slow. When things are hopping, I spend a lot more time than that even! Before more of my precious battery is burned, let me get to the point - I make an extra-special effort to give you all 100% every day, and 120% on Wednesdays. But on this particular Wednesday, the laptop battery says "NOPE! You only get... 31%" Oh well, stuff happens If you're watching the news stories, you'll already know that my prediction to start seeing things moving around now is taking shape... we've actually got news! Which is a GREAT thing, considering the lull that we were in for the last few months! In the interest of saving the little juice I've got left, I'm going to wrap this up and get to the weekly Q's. Hang tight, everyone! All you have to do is click the "Unread Content" button here on dinarvets and you'll see how things are picking up speed! There's no reason I can foresee that I won't be able to give a more thorough breakdown of the recent events between this weekend and next Wednesday. Thanks for your understanding and forgiveness! (Please don't yell at me!) Click the "Unread Content" link. When we start seeing much more "dinar" content there, instead of the other various articles that people post to pass the time, I think it's clear that things are picking up pace. And that is exactly what's happening now. Like I mentioned above, I'll bring a more detailed analysis in my next update. I'm doing well my friend, thanks for asking! I'm never going to tell people to hold their breath, but I am liking the current situation. I'm gonna let Machine take this one. See below. Nice post @The Machine Hey scubaglenn, thanks for the nice comments! 1. I think oil will start to go back up OR Iraq will adjust, but it will not be a permanent delay. 2. Both. 3. I'll flip a coin later this week... but I think I'll be able to accomodate that. 4. It's not "the" reason, but it's definitely forward progress and a positive thing. I still don't put much stock in Maliki's presence. ====================== // ========================= That's all I can do for today everyone! Have a great Wednesday and GO RV!!!!!!
  15. Wednesday it is! The weekly update is going to be late... possibly later today, Thursday morning at the latest. All CST. No alert flags. I see good things happening for the IQD right now, I'm actually on a "medium" alert at this time, but I had some family things happen that tore me away from my normal IQD stuff... so please forgive me for my late weekly post. GO RV!!!!!
  16. Hey hey it's WEDNESDAY! Not much to report today in Iraqi news or Dinar progress, but I kind of expected that. Like I said a few weeks ago, I'm leaning on October to be a big month in our news. My primary reason for not expecting much out of this week is their last long holiday of the year, Eid-al-Fitr. Just an FYI for you all, here is a link that lays out the current holiday dates and also what to expect for the rest of the year: As you can see, Eid-al-Fitr goes till Friday this week, and then we don't have any more long holidays in the immediate future... which hopefully means they will be getting some WORK done. Let's go, Iraq! Enjoy this week and then GET BUSY! Here's some encouraging October highlights: World Economic Summit in Dubai, October 11 - I'd love to see Iraq shake this one up! IMF to resume discussions with Iraq in October: There's more, but let's move along... US politics have been entertaining, don't you think?! First Hillary apparently died and has been replaced by a body double... have you heard about this?! This is straight out of a sci-fi movie! Those spoiled rotten Trump kids are getting away with KILLING TRICERATOPS! I'm disgusted at their elitism, their disregard for innocent lives, and everything else the RICH do! UGH! And of course, the dead guy who won an election in New York: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! =========================== 1. It's not "mandatory", but I place it high in my personal opinion of catalysts for the RV. 2. I won't give a date, but I've made it clear that I'm positive for progress in the coming weeks/month. 3. Yes. You are correct, it is a chicken/egg question. I did see that Iraq was given a B- or close to that recently? Over the last few years they have maintained a very consistent and very good quality rating, which tells us that they are pulling forward consistently. That's better than what a lot of other countries have done! Just another reason to hang tight and root them on. ================ // ======================== That's it for now - I certainly hope to be back online with more to report before next Wednesday. Have a great day everyone!
  17. It's Wwwwwwednesday! Good afternoon Dinarians of the interwebs, I hope your day is off to a great start! No HCL yet, but there's some other interesting news... most of it I can sum up very succinctly, so I'll just go ahead and do it. - Formation of a committee to make Kurdistan independent - L.O.L. Not gonna happen, this is a complete smoke screen. As we draw closer to seeing real HCL news, which is what is currently happening, there's simply no way Baghdad or simply the other 80% of Iraq outside of the Kurdish areas will be letting this key geographical area out of their grasp! What is MUCH MORE LIKELY is we will see a continuation of the trend that has grown over the last few years - the GOI, Parliament, basically all the "PTB"s will continue to get more generous with the Kurds, and they will get a very healthy share of the future profits from both an increase in the Dinar and the enormous potential profits from a successful HCL. That WILL happen, I am certain of it. - The "dollar letter of Credit" thread: I agree with the posts made by the members there. It's worth the read, probably more so than anything I can say in today's chat. - As you probably know, we have a new Oil Minster in Iraq. (Jabbar Al Luaibi) It's my opinion that he is making much more progress towards where we want to be than the last one... this reminds me of how aggressive Abadi was when he took his spot. Again, this is a GOOD thing - check out this thread, you can see that as far back as mid/early August, the news is very consistent with reporting his enthusiasm to get things done. This is a great piece of the HCL. Here's the weekly Q's: Hey Dave, Well I certainly like to hear that outside sources in your life are vibing with my thoughts! I haven't read much on Motley Fool lately, but from my recollection I did enjoy their articles. Regarding my quotes on other sites - people seem to respect my opinions, so my content gets spread around whether I like it or not. But to answer your question, I do not put them there. The only place you will find my original and unaltered posts is right here on I don't pay much attention to the auctions, but I see there was an auction just yesterday... ? Hmmm. very interesting question! I'm not an expert on precious metals by any means. I keep a fair amount in my safe "just because", but I've never been very bullish on them. A few random thoughts off the top of my head: If people are confident in currency, and Iraq in particular remains stable, prices of metals may stay the same or even dip slightly. On the other hand, if many many people with newly RV'd dinar do not trust the currency to stay strong, the Dinar crowd is very in tune with the value of investing in gold, so these profits could turn into a big run on metals, which would drive the price UP. Interesting question for sure! I'd love to hear other opinions on it. I thought the biggest babies were Cowboy fans, but I can see that there is room for debate there. =============== // =============== That's it for now, friends... keep on and GO RV!!!
  18. Howdy Dinarians! I'm at a loss here... I want to start typing and just "spill the beans" on everything I've got. I actually started and stopped, not once. Not twice... Not even 3 times, but a lot more. I'm hearing, from good sources that I trust, that things are moving in EXACTLY the direction that we want. But after all this time, I've learned to bridle my excitement, to keep my enthusiasm in check, and to not get overly anxious. I'm optimistic right now, but we all know we're working with a 3rd world country, so let's just stay patient for now. I'm hoping to give a different update shortly. In the meantime, here's the weekly Q's: I don't see the fiscal year as an "RV Date", actually the opposite - they won't want to give anyone a "clue" as to their plans. non issue. The number they choose for the RV won't have anything to do with your personal needs, so please keep that in mind when making your decisions! Regarding the rate, I DO still like the .10 theory! I regularly re-evaluate my original thoughts as outlined in my thesis, and as of right now they continue to hold strong. I could be wrong, of course! But to the best of my capabilities, the ten cents is still my peg. YES. If that answer confused you, it's because you actually read the question! Listen... no part of an offshore operation should concern you, at least if it's done with me. At the very least, you can get a Name Reserve which is completely non-committal and 100% functional for the purposes of ASSET PROTECTION. I don't know anyone who would want to NOT be protected! Just click here and get it! NOPE. I think the "GOI control" is something they will use as a "false flag" until the whole game is over. I have not had the pleasure of Sandbar Sunday! If I accidentally try it, I will report to you! Otherwise, I will reserve that occasion for our meeting. Thanks for the post, and for the intelligent thoughts. You bring up a valid point, but I'll assure you that I'm not worried about Iran's influence. Of course they do have "an" influence, but at the end of the day it's not going to be a "major" influence, and that's the only thing I would worry about. Here's looking to a SOLID SEPTEMBER!
  19. Morning everyone! I hope you caught my updates the last couple weeks, because I already said most of what I would say today - I expected August to be slow. Things are starting to warm up (as summer cools down, ironically enough). I'm going to let the news speak for me today. Check these out! 1. BIG movement in the oil sector - this could be the start of what we need to see for the HCL: 2. Could they possibly have the budget submitted on time for once? It's possible, thanks to the progress made in the GOI over the last couple years! This is evidence that Iraq has made and is making significant progress. GO RV!!! 3. A call for floating interest rates could be a signal that intelligent PTB's want to keep their options open, very likely for a situation that will be highly volatile and open doors for massive profits... but not if they were tied down. I like it. Obviously those are some REALLY nice things to be seeing... so with that said, we wait. And here are the weekly Q's: 2016 - I certainly hope so! I am feeling very positive about the coming months, but of course I don't have a crystal ball. If you see that Fairy, immediately hand over your smart phone with directions to the CBI pre-loaded onto Google Maps! Perhaps she's just lost. 1. YES, I feel very strong about the current outlook! 2. I don't know who "they" are, but I disagree that Iraq "lacks the will" to increase the value of the dinar. Iraq is recovering from a major upheaval of their entire country. To expect them to recover "overnight" was foolish - they had a long road to travel in rebuilding their entire world. They have come a LONG way. I am still confident that they will return themselves to a higher position, at whatever expense or effort is necessary. That's my for the week.
  20. Good morning and happy HUMP DAY! Well, I hate to say "I told you so"... no, I REALLY don't like using those words. I'd much rather say "I WAS WRONG!" in the event of some major news... but like I said last week, I really don't see anything urgent or pressing in the news for us, which is why I have a bleak outlook on an August RV. It is what it is, as they say! Here is perhaps one of the most amusing articles I have ever read: And the weekly Q's: Nope. I understand your concern and where you are coming from, but it would be "RV Suicide" to try to steal from those that they need to support them. Basically, you're alluding to an "in country" RV. I don't have any fears of that happening. 100% yes. Depends on oil prices. If it starts spiking, which is very possible, then yes I think 10 pennies or even higher. If oil is hovering around $50, but we see the HCL, then I'd look for 5-10 cents. That's my on the :10cents:
  21. Howdy Dinarvets! Like I mentioned last week, I don't see a big push to get this thing done yet in August... and the news seems to agree with me. I don't see anything bad... just nothing really major yet. So instead of scouring the news and trying to find something worthy of writing about... I spent some time doing a VIP update instead! VIPs, you can find it here: There were only a few questions from this week. Here they are: That's a fair question. We have done several rounds of testing, and I'm confident in the system, but no we will not do a test to every member here or even specific members who are concerned that they might not get it. The text system works wonderfully! "HCL is still in the pipes" haha! I love it (Not sure if you did that on purpose or not!) To answer the question, I think it's a solid point... but fear not, for IMO we don't have to see ALL of the laws passed before the HCL is completed. We will see SOME related action prior to the actual HCL, but they certainly don't have to hold off completely until all the lights to town are green. I expect to see 3 or 4 very directly related actions taken, most likely in Parliament, and then the HCL will get done and we'll see a major change in the exchange rate and a flurry of other actions. =============================== That's it for now! I'm off to send a VIP email. Oh, congrats and WELCOME to those of you that were able to take advantage of the limited Platinum discount over the weekend! If you're new to VIP... you've got some reading to do. Enjoy!
  22. Gooooooood morning everyone, and happy hump dayyyyy! Today we are almost through Ramadamading-dong, and I can't stress enough how happy that makes me. I'm READY! I mentioned earlier this week that I'm hearing some good things are coming our way... it's the oil. It's all about the oil - always has been, always will be when it comes to Iraq. I've mentioned many times in the past that I expect the HCL and the RV to be tied very closely to a rising cost in oil (it's incredibly low right now, but steadily climbing back up to where it should be. I hate to root for higher costs on anything, but anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that sometimes lower prices are not good. In our case, it's reasonable to believe higher prices on oil will get us to the finish line. With that said, we're still in "holiday mode" so I'm going to wrap this up by wishing you all a GREAT Independence Day. Stay safe, don't blow your fingers off! In honor of the holiday, here's a special 30% discount code: "1776" Why 1776, and 30%, you ask? FUN FACT TIME! The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 on July 4, and one of our Presidents was born on July 4th. He was the 30th President of the United States - Calvin Coolidge. You can read an interesting speech he gave on the Declaration of Independence at this link: In closing.... GOOOOO RRRRRVVVVVV!!!! Use discount code 1776 at this link or this link. Have a great day!
  23. Hey hey it's Hump DAY! Let's do some housekeeping here real quick. I believe we're 100% moved to our new server, and from the positive feedback about the speed of the site, hopefully we can get back to checking on the dinar and not worrying about if we can visit dinarvets or not! As of today, we do not have an RV. I believe that's because we don't have an HCL, but this isn't an entirely bad thing. I say that specifically because there is no reason to believe the HCL will not go through... it's just not happening as fast as we want. Since we can't control the HCL, or the rate of the IQD for that matter, let's focus for a minute on something that we CAN explain... "Who, or what, exactly, controls the rate of the IQD?" In the past, there have been a lot of questions about who controls the rate, what entities can influence an RV, does X or Y or Z have to approve, and so on. Let's break this down, and we will all walk away better educated! The IMF seems to get lumped in with a lot of "guru updates", and I usually conclude that the guru doing the lumping or including simply doesn't know what they are talking about... and time usually proves my assessment correct. I'm sure you are all aware of the recent "brexit" thing, where Britain decided to bail on the EU. There was a ton of "the sky is falling!" mentality, but I never had any major concerns. My thought was actually more like "SWEET! Good for you, ya bunch of bloody wankas! It's about time!" I do regret not having the foresight to short a bunch of British stocks, but in my defense I was so busy I didn't even open the email that would have clued me in to the opportunity until about 2 weeks after #brexit was done... ...but let's get back to my point. When it comes time to RV, Iraq itself isn't even the controlling factor. That might sound weird, but follow along and I'll clarify this. Parliament is not the controlling factor. Abadi is not the one that will "push the button", nor will Shabibi or the IMF. In fact, I posted an article earlier today that shows exactly how little the IMF has to do with anything... they are more and more becoming a useless organization with no more actual influence over the rate of the dinar than the UN has over North Korea. The controlling entity is, and always will be, the CBI - Central Bank of Iraq. And the reason why is extremely simple - because THEY are the ones that regulate and operate the auctions, which is where the rate is set. That's it. End of story Iraqi Parliament does have an influence. The governing bodies in Baghdad and Erbil, the powerful Shiites and Sunnis, and the elected officials that you hear about - they have an influence. Their specific influence, at this time, is regarding the progress of the HCL. We expect to hear that news very soon. But at the end of the day, not one of them can do what the CBI can do... the CBI is the only thing that can change the rate. That's the update. That's where we are, and hopefully I was able to dispel a few of the goofy myths about how much power the IMF has in this game, or who can do X or Y at this time. Final thought.... GO HCL! I'll talk to you all soon.
  24. Hey hey good day everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, I know my family and I did! We have a couple things to address today, so I'll get right into it. 1. The site has been unbearably slow for some people, but not for others... from time to time, we simply have to move to a different hosting company. It costs over $500 per month just in hosting fees to keep this site running, and the recent service has not been acceptable. I apologize for the annoyance and inconvenience - it is an extremely arduous process to move a site network as large as DinarVets, but I'm done accepting excuses from the current company. You deserve better. What this means to you is that we will have a couple days of possible downtime, and then things will be back to normal. Email communications are done from a separate server, so those will not be affected. Post RV VIP services are also on a completely separate network using different technology, so in the event of an RV during the downtime VIPs will still have 100% functionality. The text function is also on a different system, and to be ultra sure that there is no chance of missing a way to notify people of the latest news when the RV is announced, we have 3X redundancy on everything. To sum that all up... the only part of this network that is being affected with slow speeds and technical issues is the public interface of "". I'll be getting it fixed up and back in shape in the next couple days. Thank you all for your patience during the transition. 2. Ramadan officially ended yesterday, which means my recent hiatus is done and I'll get back to at least weekly updates. If my hunch is right, I may have reason to do more frequent updates... but I'll also be spending time in the VIP section, which is where I hope you will be hanging out as well. 3. Today is Eid al-Fitr, the celebration of the end of Ramadan. I do not expect to see anything breaking today, but as of tomorrow (Thursday) the wheels will begin turning again. We have a lot to look forward to! That's my Wednesday update - I'm going to get back to work on fixing the site issues. GO RV!!!! - Adam
  25. Hey everyone - sorry for the delay, the airport wifis were just not cooperating today! I'm still working on getting it done today, but the weekly may be delayed till tomorrow.
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