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Found 206 results

  1. Sorry everyone - spotty internet and many meetings this morning. Weekly update is delayed until later - I will send out an email once it's up. Have a great day!
  2. 5 October, 2016 - Dinar News Happy Hump Day everyone, I hope you're doing well today! I had not hoped for much during September, but there is still a distinct glimmer of hope that we will see some action this month. Does that mean "RV"? Nobody can make that promise, but let's talk about what we know. Here are a few points to consider as we enter October: 1. Over the summer, we heard next to nothing on OIL other than the fact that we saw a very disappointing DIP in the PPB (Price Per Barrel) around August. I have no doubt that were it not for that, we'd be 2 months further along, and this could have been a Post-RV chat! It does us no good to dwell on the "what-ifs", though, so here we are. Bad news: The PPB is not at the $65 mark that Iraq set it's budget at, which is a very likely reason we're seeing some debt articles starting to pop up here and there. Good news: Oil has came a long ways in the right direction for them, from ~$35 to the current ~$50. Trading price has been reasonably consistent, and from my days in the "day trading" industry, I know a lot of traders look for charts like this one: =================================================== ======================================================== Obviously there's a lot more to moving the price than this, but just for speculation purposes... Doesn't that look like an incomplete pattern? I know we don't want to pay more at the pump, but an increase in the price of oil - or even a reasonable expectation of that - is good incentive for "The Iraqi Powers That Be" to flip the lid off the button and get ready to push it! 2. Abadi's New Government. This could also have a major impact on the progress (or lack of) we saw over the summer, and even last month. As most of you will remember, Abadi did a HUGE staff change, whittling the number of chiefs in the kitchen down, kicking out some dead weight, and bringing in fresh blood. This announcement was followed by a flurry of action, but to be real about it all - some of the people he wanted to throw out or move to the side have dug their heels in pretty good, and this is yet another prime reason I think we saw things slow to a crawl over the past few months. Good news: In Tomorrow or Saturday's session, Abadi is scheduled to give the final list of the new crew. Perhaps it just took this long to find the people who were willing to "play ball" according to what should be the ultimate goal, but whatever the reason - this is a GREAT step for us. The government of Iraq, under Abadi's new leadership, has proven to be immensely more stable than any time during the previous decade. This is a serious deal for us, and I like how the month is starting! 3. Stability of the Iraqi Dinar This just builds on the previous two points, but it's worth noting. If you skim through this post by our amazing yota, Taking just a few minutes to peruse that thread you'll see that for the past month, as reported by multiple sources including a new one I dug up today, the trading price on the Dinar has maintained stability against the USD to within a couple percentage points. In fact, one could argue that it's perhaps one of the strongest currencies in any market, when you factor in ISIS, a toppled regime barely over a decade ago, and everything else these people have endured! The IQD has came an incredible and extraordinary distance in the face of many challenges. We don't think they are done surprising people. And now let me top this all off with a little bit of sweetness, once again I have to thank our buddy Yota for dragging this stuff here for the community: To me, that says... BOOOOOOM!!!!! (And not the bad booms they have over there, either!) We are 3 months from the end of the year. As I mentioned earlier, they probably felt a bit of a setback from the price of oil, which didn't stabilize where they planned on it settling. Yet they are now talking about the next budget, with concrete(ish) deadlines for specific (and important) milestones. We are already seeing signs that the full Cabinet will be listed and possibly in place - you can bet that they are MUCH further "behind closed doors" than they are letting on - but we are seeing that this progress could happen as soon as this weekend, around 8th of October. So on that note... we shall see. I'm hearing good things from my people... well, really you are my people, but I mean my other people. You know what I mean. ============================================== Everything turned out fine, no problems over here! I just forgot a laptop cord one week and was forced to read a few books for pleasure instead of working! Hi lupine, you are very welcome! China is indeed something to watch, I've been paying attention to how that might affect things. So far... nothing big. And I don't particularly think we have to worry about any other country doing something with their currency first - Iraq is very unique in it's situation and ability to maintain a stronger rate based on their physical assets, including geographical location and natural resources. ==================================================== That's it for now... GO RVVVV!!!!!!!
  3. Good morning amigos and amigettes! Today I find myself in something of a predicament. Some bonehead went on a fairly important business trip and brought the wrong laptop charging cord! If you're wondering who that bonehead is, and you immediately thought "No way would Adam do something like that!".... I appreciate the confidence, but yeah... that bonehead is indeed me. Some of you already know this, but I'll spell it out anyway: I'm on this site every single day. I'm talking to contacts, reading and answering emails, and digging for clues every single day. But in addition to the normal stuff I do every day, I also spend... I'm guessing an average of 3.5 extra hours preparing for these weekly updates, even when news is slow. When things are hopping, I spend a lot more time than that even! Before more of my precious battery is burned, let me get to the point - I make an extra-special effort to give you all 100% every day, and 120% on Wednesdays. But on this particular Wednesday, the laptop battery says "NOPE! You only get... 31%" Oh well, stuff happens If you're watching the news stories, you'll already know that my prediction to start seeing things moving around now is taking shape... we've actually got news! Which is a GREAT thing, considering the lull that we were in for the last few months! In the interest of saving the little juice I've got left, I'm going to wrap this up and get to the weekly Q's. Hang tight, everyone! All you have to do is click the "Unread Content" button here on dinarvets and you'll see how things are picking up speed! There's no reason I can foresee that I won't be able to give a more thorough breakdown of the recent events between this weekend and next Wednesday. Thanks for your understanding and forgiveness! (Please don't yell at me!) Click the "Unread Content" link. When we start seeing much more "dinar" content there, instead of the other various articles that people post to pass the time, I think it's clear that things are picking up pace. And that is exactly what's happening now. Like I mentioned above, I'll bring a more detailed analysis in my next update. I'm doing well my friend, thanks for asking! I'm never going to tell people to hold their breath, but I am liking the current situation. I'm gonna let Machine take this one. See below. Nice post @The Machine Hey scubaglenn, thanks for the nice comments! 1. I think oil will start to go back up OR Iraq will adjust, but it will not be a permanent delay. 2. Both. 3. I'll flip a coin later this week... but I think I'll be able to accomodate that. 4. It's not "the" reason, but it's definitely forward progress and a positive thing. I still don't put much stock in Maliki's presence. ====================== // ========================= That's all I can do for today everyone! Have a great Wednesday and GO RV!!!!!!
  4. Wednesday it is! The weekly update is going to be late... possibly later today, Thursday morning at the latest. All CST. No alert flags. I see good things happening for the IQD right now, I'm actually on a "medium" alert at this time, but I had some family things happen that tore me away from my normal IQD stuff... so please forgive me for my late weekly post. GO RV!!!!!
  5. Hey hey it's WEDNESDAY! Not much to report today in Iraqi news or Dinar progress, but I kind of expected that. Like I said a few weeks ago, I'm leaning on October to be a big month in our news. My primary reason for not expecting much out of this week is their last long holiday of the year, Eid-al-Fitr. Just an FYI for you all, here is a link that lays out the current holiday dates and also what to expect for the rest of the year: As you can see, Eid-al-Fitr goes till Friday this week, and then we don't have any more long holidays in the immediate future... which hopefully means they will be getting some WORK done. Let's go, Iraq! Enjoy this week and then GET BUSY! Here's some encouraging October highlights: World Economic Summit in Dubai, October 11 - I'd love to see Iraq shake this one up! IMF to resume discussions with Iraq in October: There's more, but let's move along... US politics have been entertaining, don't you think?! First Hillary apparently died and has been replaced by a body double... have you heard about this?! This is straight out of a sci-fi movie! Those spoiled rotten Trump kids are getting away with KILLING TRICERATOPS! I'm disgusted at their elitism, their disregard for innocent lives, and everything else the RICH do! UGH! And of course, the dead guy who won an election in New York: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! =========================== 1. It's not "mandatory", but I place it high in my personal opinion of catalysts for the RV. 2. I won't give a date, but I've made it clear that I'm positive for progress in the coming weeks/month. 3. Yes. You are correct, it is a chicken/egg question. I did see that Iraq was given a B- or close to that recently? Over the last few years they have maintained a very consistent and very good quality rating, which tells us that they are pulling forward consistently. That's better than what a lot of other countries have done! Just another reason to hang tight and root them on. ================ // ======================== That's it for now - I certainly hope to be back online with more to report before next Wednesday. Have a great day everyone!
  6. It's Wwwwwwednesday! Good afternoon Dinarians of the interwebs, I hope your day is off to a great start! No HCL yet, but there's some other interesting news... most of it I can sum up very succinctly, so I'll just go ahead and do it. - Formation of a committee to make Kurdistan independent - L.O.L. Not gonna happen, this is a complete smoke screen. As we draw closer to seeing real HCL news, which is what is currently happening, there's simply no way Baghdad or simply the other 80% of Iraq outside of the Kurdish areas will be letting this key geographical area out of their grasp! What is MUCH MORE LIKELY is we will see a continuation of the trend that has grown over the last few years - the GOI, Parliament, basically all the "PTB"s will continue to get more generous with the Kurds, and they will get a very healthy share of the future profits from both an increase in the Dinar and the enormous potential profits from a successful HCL. That WILL happen, I am certain of it. - The "dollar letter of Credit" thread: I agree with the posts made by the members there. It's worth the read, probably more so than anything I can say in today's chat. - As you probably know, we have a new Oil Minster in Iraq. (Jabbar Al Luaibi) It's my opinion that he is making much more progress towards where we want to be than the last one... this reminds me of how aggressive Abadi was when he took his spot. Again, this is a GOOD thing - check out this thread, you can see that as far back as mid/early August, the news is very consistent with reporting his enthusiasm to get things done. This is a great piece of the HCL. Here's the weekly Q's: Hey Dave, Well I certainly like to hear that outside sources in your life are vibing with my thoughts! I haven't read much on Motley Fool lately, but from my recollection I did enjoy their articles. Regarding my quotes on other sites - people seem to respect my opinions, so my content gets spread around whether I like it or not. But to answer your question, I do not put them there. The only place you will find my original and unaltered posts is right here on I don't pay much attention to the auctions, but I see there was an auction just yesterday... ? Hmmm. very interesting question! I'm not an expert on precious metals by any means. I keep a fair amount in my safe "just because", but I've never been very bullish on them. A few random thoughts off the top of my head: If people are confident in currency, and Iraq in particular remains stable, prices of metals may stay the same or even dip slightly. On the other hand, if many many people with newly RV'd dinar do not trust the currency to stay strong, the Dinar crowd is very in tune with the value of investing in gold, so these profits could turn into a big run on metals, which would drive the price UP. Interesting question for sure! I'd love to hear other opinions on it. I thought the biggest babies were Cowboy fans, but I can see that there is room for debate there. =============== // =============== That's it for now, friends... keep on and GO RV!!!
  7. Howdy Dinarians! I'm at a loss here... I want to start typing and just "spill the beans" on everything I've got. I actually started and stopped, not once. Not twice... Not even 3 times, but a lot more. I'm hearing, from good sources that I trust, that things are moving in EXACTLY the direction that we want. But after all this time, I've learned to bridle my excitement, to keep my enthusiasm in check, and to not get overly anxious. I'm optimistic right now, but we all know we're working with a 3rd world country, so let's just stay patient for now. I'm hoping to give a different update shortly. In the meantime, here's the weekly Q's: I don't see the fiscal year as an "RV Date", actually the opposite - they won't want to give anyone a "clue" as to their plans. non issue. The number they choose for the RV won't have anything to do with your personal needs, so please keep that in mind when making your decisions! Regarding the rate, I DO still like the .10 theory! I regularly re-evaluate my original thoughts as outlined in my thesis, and as of right now they continue to hold strong. I could be wrong, of course! But to the best of my capabilities, the ten cents is still my peg. YES. If that answer confused you, it's because you actually read the question! Listen... no part of an offshore operation should concern you, at least if it's done with me. At the very least, you can get a Name Reserve which is completely non-committal and 100% functional for the purposes of ASSET PROTECTION. I don't know anyone who would want to NOT be protected! Just click here and get it! NOPE. I think the "GOI control" is something they will use as a "false flag" until the whole game is over. I have not had the pleasure of Sandbar Sunday! If I accidentally try it, I will report to you! Otherwise, I will reserve that occasion for our meeting. Thanks for the post, and for the intelligent thoughts. You bring up a valid point, but I'll assure you that I'm not worried about Iran's influence. Of course they do have "an" influence, but at the end of the day it's not going to be a "major" influence, and that's the only thing I would worry about. Here's looking to a SOLID SEPTEMBER!
  8. Morning everyone! I hope you caught my updates the last couple weeks, because I already said most of what I would say today - I expected August to be slow. Things are starting to warm up (as summer cools down, ironically enough). I'm going to let the news speak for me today. Check these out! 1. BIG movement in the oil sector - this could be the start of what we need to see for the HCL: 2. Could they possibly have the budget submitted on time for once? It's possible, thanks to the progress made in the GOI over the last couple years! This is evidence that Iraq has made and is making significant progress. GO RV!!! 3. A call for floating interest rates could be a signal that intelligent PTB's want to keep their options open, very likely for a situation that will be highly volatile and open doors for massive profits... but not if they were tied down. I like it. Obviously those are some REALLY nice things to be seeing... so with that said, we wait. And here are the weekly Q's: 2016 - I certainly hope so! I am feeling very positive about the coming months, but of course I don't have a crystal ball. If you see that Fairy, immediately hand over your smart phone with directions to the CBI pre-loaded onto Google Maps! Perhaps she's just lost. 1. YES, I feel very strong about the current outlook! 2. I don't know who "they" are, but I disagree that Iraq "lacks the will" to increase the value of the dinar. Iraq is recovering from a major upheaval of their entire country. To expect them to recover "overnight" was foolish - they had a long road to travel in rebuilding their entire world. They have come a LONG way. I am still confident that they will return themselves to a higher position, at whatever expense or effort is necessary. That's my for the week.
  9. Good morning and happy HUMP DAY! Well, I hate to say "I told you so"... no, I REALLY don't like using those words. I'd much rather say "I WAS WRONG!" in the event of some major news... but like I said last week, I really don't see anything urgent or pressing in the news for us, which is why I have a bleak outlook on an August RV. It is what it is, as they say! Here is perhaps one of the most amusing articles I have ever read: And the weekly Q's: Nope. I understand your concern and where you are coming from, but it would be "RV Suicide" to try to steal from those that they need to support them. Basically, you're alluding to an "in country" RV. I don't have any fears of that happening. 100% yes. Depends on oil prices. If it starts spiking, which is very possible, then yes I think 10 pennies or even higher. If oil is hovering around $50, but we see the HCL, then I'd look for 5-10 cents. That's my on the :10cents:
  10. Howdy Dinarvets! Like I mentioned last week, I don't see a big push to get this thing done yet in August... and the news seems to agree with me. I don't see anything bad... just nothing really major yet. So instead of scouring the news and trying to find something worthy of writing about... I spent some time doing a VIP update instead! VIPs, you can find it here: There were only a few questions from this week. Here they are: That's a fair question. We have done several rounds of testing, and I'm confident in the system, but no we will not do a test to every member here or even specific members who are concerned that they might not get it. The text system works wonderfully! "HCL is still in the pipes" haha! I love it (Not sure if you did that on purpose or not!) To answer the question, I think it's a solid point... but fear not, for IMO we don't have to see ALL of the laws passed before the HCL is completed. We will see SOME related action prior to the actual HCL, but they certainly don't have to hold off completely until all the lights to town are green. I expect to see 3 or 4 very directly related actions taken, most likely in Parliament, and then the HCL will get done and we'll see a major change in the exchange rate and a flurry of other actions. =============================== That's it for now! I'm off to send a VIP email. Oh, congrats and WELCOME to those of you that were able to take advantage of the limited Platinum discount over the weekend! If you're new to VIP... you've got some reading to do. Enjoy!
  11. Gooooooood morning everyone, and happy hump dayyyyy! Today we are almost through Ramadamading-dong, and I can't stress enough how happy that makes me. I'm READY! I mentioned earlier this week that I'm hearing some good things are coming our way... it's the oil. It's all about the oil - always has been, always will be when it comes to Iraq. I've mentioned many times in the past that I expect the HCL and the RV to be tied very closely to a rising cost in oil (it's incredibly low right now, but steadily climbing back up to where it should be. I hate to root for higher costs on anything, but anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that sometimes lower prices are not good. In our case, it's reasonable to believe higher prices on oil will get us to the finish line. With that said, we're still in "holiday mode" so I'm going to wrap this up by wishing you all a GREAT Independence Day. Stay safe, don't blow your fingers off! In honor of the holiday, here's a special 30% discount code: "1776" Why 1776, and 30%, you ask? FUN FACT TIME! The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 on July 4, and one of our Presidents was born on July 4th. He was the 30th President of the United States - Calvin Coolidge. You can read an interesting speech he gave on the Declaration of Independence at this link: In closing.... GOOOOO RRRRRVVVVVV!!!! Use discount code 1776 at this link or this link. Have a great day!
  12. Hey hey it's Hump DAY! Let's do some housekeeping here real quick. I believe we're 100% moved to our new server, and from the positive feedback about the speed of the site, hopefully we can get back to checking on the dinar and not worrying about if we can visit dinarvets or not! As of today, we do not have an RV. I believe that's because we don't have an HCL, but this isn't an entirely bad thing. I say that specifically because there is no reason to believe the HCL will not go through... it's just not happening as fast as we want. Since we can't control the HCL, or the rate of the IQD for that matter, let's focus for a minute on something that we CAN explain... "Who, or what, exactly, controls the rate of the IQD?" In the past, there have been a lot of questions about who controls the rate, what entities can influence an RV, does X or Y or Z have to approve, and so on. Let's break this down, and we will all walk away better educated! The IMF seems to get lumped in with a lot of "guru updates", and I usually conclude that the guru doing the lumping or including simply doesn't know what they are talking about... and time usually proves my assessment correct. I'm sure you are all aware of the recent "brexit" thing, where Britain decided to bail on the EU. There was a ton of "the sky is falling!" mentality, but I never had any major concerns. My thought was actually more like "SWEET! Good for you, ya bunch of bloody wankas! It's about time!" I do regret not having the foresight to short a bunch of British stocks, but in my defense I was so busy I didn't even open the email that would have clued me in to the opportunity until about 2 weeks after #brexit was done... ...but let's get back to my point. When it comes time to RV, Iraq itself isn't even the controlling factor. That might sound weird, but follow along and I'll clarify this. Parliament is not the controlling factor. Abadi is not the one that will "push the button", nor will Shabibi or the IMF. In fact, I posted an article earlier today that shows exactly how little the IMF has to do with anything... they are more and more becoming a useless organization with no more actual influence over the rate of the dinar than the UN has over North Korea. The controlling entity is, and always will be, the CBI - Central Bank of Iraq. And the reason why is extremely simple - because THEY are the ones that regulate and operate the auctions, which is where the rate is set. That's it. End of story Iraqi Parliament does have an influence. The governing bodies in Baghdad and Erbil, the powerful Shiites and Sunnis, and the elected officials that you hear about - they have an influence. Their specific influence, at this time, is regarding the progress of the HCL. We expect to hear that news very soon. But at the end of the day, not one of them can do what the CBI can do... the CBI is the only thing that can change the rate. That's the update. That's where we are, and hopefully I was able to dispel a few of the goofy myths about how much power the IMF has in this game, or who can do X or Y at this time. Final thought.... GO HCL! I'll talk to you all soon.
  13. Hey hey good day everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, I know my family and I did! We have a couple things to address today, so I'll get right into it. 1. The site has been unbearably slow for some people, but not for others... from time to time, we simply have to move to a different hosting company. It costs over $500 per month just in hosting fees to keep this site running, and the recent service has not been acceptable. I apologize for the annoyance and inconvenience - it is an extremely arduous process to move a site network as large as DinarVets, but I'm done accepting excuses from the current company. You deserve better. What this means to you is that we will have a couple days of possible downtime, and then things will be back to normal. Email communications are done from a separate server, so those will not be affected. Post RV VIP services are also on a completely separate network using different technology, so in the event of an RV during the downtime VIPs will still have 100% functionality. The text function is also on a different system, and to be ultra sure that there is no chance of missing a way to notify people of the latest news when the RV is announced, we have 3X redundancy on everything. To sum that all up... the only part of this network that is being affected with slow speeds and technical issues is the public interface of "". I'll be getting it fixed up and back in shape in the next couple days. Thank you all for your patience during the transition. 2. Ramadan officially ended yesterday, which means my recent hiatus is done and I'll get back to at least weekly updates. If my hunch is right, I may have reason to do more frequent updates... but I'll also be spending time in the VIP section, which is where I hope you will be hanging out as well. 3. Today is Eid al-Fitr, the celebration of the end of Ramadan. I do not expect to see anything breaking today, but as of tomorrow (Thursday) the wheels will begin turning again. We have a lot to look forward to! That's my Wednesday update - I'm going to get back to work on fixing the site issues. GO RV!!!! - Adam
  14. Hey everyone - sorry for the delay, the airport wifis were just not cooperating today! I'm still working on getting it done today, but the weekly may be delayed till tomorrow.
  15. Happy Wednesday my friends! Ready for something different? I hope so, because that's what you're getting! This has certainly shaped up to be an interesting week. I am not - I repeat, I am NOT - the kind of person that tosses around rumors. I am very reluctant to post things that could lead to unnecessary speculation or misled considerations. But... perhaps you noticed the site has been down some of this week, and increasingly hard to reach this morning? It's complicated, but let's start with an explanation of why the site has been having slow page load times and at times has been unreachable. Those of you that have been part of this community for a long time probably remember a few other times that this has happened. I take this community very seriously... the trust that the members (especially the VIPs) have put in me is enormously important to me. As such, lives on a bulletproof, titanium, state-of-the-art, no expense spared platform, and is mirrored onto a secret duplicate setup that is completely unreachable until such time as it is needed. Extra efforts are taken by experts to keep things secure and running regardless of pretty much anything other than a zombie apocalypse... in which case we won't be worried about dinar, because zombies eat brains and don't care about your bank account. Even so, there is no such thing as "invulnerable", and we've been under attack for about a week now. I actually started noticing some unusual "probes" as early as a couple months ago, which was a little strange to me because it coincided with the recent Parliament shakeup... but nothing major happened, so I just kept an eye on it and doubled my normal security routine. I'm glad I did. As of today, the server is under HEAVY attack. I won't get into the nerdy details, but I do want you to understand what's happening. It's called a "Denial of Service" attack. What the attackers do is pretty simple - they hijack a network of computers (dozens, hundreds, thousands, or more) and each computer simply reaches out to the website. These attackers are sometimes just bored kids, or sometimes they are slightly more sophisticated groups that have political or some kind of agenda to carry out, and sometimes they are paid to do it by whatever entity has the money and the reason. This is not a "bored kiddy" attack... this is a big one. Here's a short explanation of what is happening: Think about your old rotary phone. If you were on the phone when someone called, they got a "busy" signal. Today, we have "call waiting" - so you'll get a notification that someone is calling. But what if another person calls? They might get sent straight to voicemail, because we don't have "call waiting-waiting-waiting". Now take it one more step... what if 100 people called you at the exact same time? Maybe they will all get sent to voicemail, but at some point the voicemail system is going to get bogged down. And that's exactly what this kind of "attack" does - it bogs down the system, and makes the site unresponsive. We have things in place to prevent hackers from getting your info, so don't worry about that. Anyone who's ever paid for VIP - your information was received by one of the largest and most sophisticated companies in existence, so really all we have to worry about is if we will be able to read the weekly chat now, or maybe we have to wait 5 minutes and reload the page because the Attackers are playing a game of "ding dong ditch". No members of this site are at risk for identity theft due to this attack. Really, it's just an inconvenience to those of us who want to log on and read the latest dinar news. But let's get back to the beginning... and I want to share something. This is big. It might be really big. Who remembers what was happening the last two times came under heavy attack? I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I try to stay away from those things! But facts are facts, and here's what was happening... I remember them well, because when it rains it pours... We've had 2 major attacks in the past. One was when Chapter 7 was unfolding... and the other was when Abadi was first getting into office and making HUGE changes. And now... NOW we are watching a restructure of Parliament and all kinds of other exciting news... suddenly is under attack again? I have to wonder, "WHO would want us to be denied access to at this particular time"? I have my theories, but they really aren't important. The "how" and "why" and "who" doesn't matter. What DOES matter is the "what", and the last couple times we saw this, the "what" was a pretty big deal! WHAT is happening right now is a big deal! I really hope that this attack on is a sign of something coming. And if history repeats itself, as it sometimes does... we are ready. If you're not in VIP yet, you really should get in. If you are in VIP, but know someone who isn't - get them a gift certificate. Here's the links: 1. If is up: 2. If is under attack, use this link: Oh! One more really important thing I want you all to know is this: Regardless of what is going on with the attack on, our VIP info/emails/notifications and even the regular emails are all completely separate from this particular server/site/system. The awesome thing about this is that IF we are under attack right now because something big is about to pop... they can't keep us down. I'll send out an email shortly, to those of you on the newsletter list, just to prove that point. Like I said... they can't keep us down! And that, my friends, is a good feeling. I'll be in touch soon. VIPs, you should get an email from me tomorrow. GO RVVVVV!!!!!!!!!! Thursday morning update: We have the attack completely under control at this point, but we decided to make a couple upgrades on the site since the hood was open, so to speak. WHILE YOU WAIT: Get a VIP subscription for yourself or a loved one! Here are the direct links: 5 Month VIP: LIFETIME PLATINUM VIP: With the Platinum VIP, you NEVER have to make a renewal payment. You get your Certificate now. You are LOCKED IN with everything I have set up. Warmest RV Regards, - Adam Montana
  16. Morning all! I had a couple overlapping appointments this morning, so the weekly update will be a little late. Thanks for your patience
  17. Good morning everyone! It's another wonderful Wednesday and although there is no running to the bank yet... we are still on track and I see no reason to be disappointed in the progress being made. The best news we have right now, which really is good stuff, is in this thread: Now - that thread starts out talking about "stolen monies" and things that could be taken as negatives, but I'll just squash that right now - they throw these things in the mix for 2 reasons. First, they need to publish articles or they would have to fire a lot of writers. And 2, it's not an unmanageable amount of cash they are talking about. The same kind of money is wasted daily by the US Government and other entities throughout the world, so I really don't even care about it as it relates to an RV. But shortly into that thread, we see a couple of really positive things: Daash (bad guys) control drops from 40% to 14% Abadi declares solid completion of Cabinet.... .... remember where we were a week ago? Waiting for exactly that! So to hear that it's moved very far forward is just a great thing, and I'm hopeful for more good news in the coming days/weeks. When we see articles like the one I mentioned above, I think my answer will be obvious. No... all doom and gloom. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That's a fair question. I have no concerns about our Dinar, especially those of us that bought from dealers. Those dealers are licensed, the bills they brought into the US were all declared, cleared customs, etc. No concerns there IMO. TG flogged him fairly well. That police chase was hilarious! Yep, it went out on 4th of May. Took a little over 2 hours to go to all VIP and Platinum VIP members. I will be happy to, but please take this question to the VIP section. IMO this is definitely a "WHEN" and "HOW MUCH" question, not an "IF".
  18. Happy Hump Dayyyyyyy! I really hope you caught my update last week... I mentioned that we could be at the cusp of some amazing ACTION from Iraq. We wanted to see it happen before the weekend, but it was relatively quiet last week after that major announcement. One could easily think that once again, Iraq decided to talk, but not act. Yesterday, that idea was thrown out the window. Yesterday, stuff started happening! If you were able to follow along, you know it was an action packed morning. Something we are NOT used to seeing out of Iraq, and it makes me VERY happy to have been witness to this! I'm going to give you the cliffnotes, but first let us give credit where it's due: It may not even be possible to tip my hat far enough to our amazing newshound yota. He gave us the play by play as it was going down. If you have any doubt that things are indeed moving, just check out this thread: That started yesterday at 4:21AM CST and yota's tireless work has produced a MASSIVE 7 pages of articles detailing what is going on with the current shake-up in the GOI... I'll give you a summary: THINGS ARE HAPPENING! Follow along, this was the beginning: Weights to hold the parliament session in another room and the Kurdistan announce his participation session Moussawi: Abadi will present today his booth and the first session will be held even without the protestors Deputy: Liberals will vote for the presidency of the new parliament and government technocrats provided by Abadi Parliamentary source: not confirmed yet Abadi attend a session of parliament today A spokesman for al-Jubouri: today crucial to overcoming differences and Abadi, will attend the meeting Bader decided to attend today's meeting to vote on the cabin technocrats Mishan: ready to vote on the ministerial cabin that Ajhiha Jubouri Urgent Jubouri enters the chamber and to convene the meeting Liberal MPs entering parliament session hall Urgent members of the citizen and the Liberal blocks and Badr and virtue, and the Kurdistan Union of Forces entering the meeting Urgent ..alajabura and his deputies are preparing to begin contract session House sitters reject a proposed re-vote on the dismissal of the presidency of parliament Urgent parliamentary source: finance, culture and immigration ministers did not include recently ministerial change Urgent Jubouri ascend the podium and calls on members of parliament to enter the Hall of Session Initiation Urgent parliamentary source: Abadi waiting for a quorum for parliament to announce the new ministerial cabins completeness Urgent weights to lift the parliamentary session half an hour to hold consultations Urgent Parliament declares a quorum and the start of the meeting in the presence of 179 deputies That was just the start! Jump forward a little (we are only skipping ahead for the sake of summarizing, I sincerely encourage you to peruse the entire thread!) - and we get to some more fun stuff. There was protesting, rioting, and all kinds of disturbance. Yet they perservered: Jubouri MPs: the next stage requires a great effort in order to improve services Urgent Deputy: Abadi agree with the presidency of parliament to vote on cabinet reshuffle partial Deputy of the session: Vice-Maliki wing stirred chaos to prevent the passing of ministerial cabin Urgent Parliament resumes its ministerial change Urgent Abadi prescribed width ministerial cabin Urgent: protesters tried to storm parliament on the one hand gate Legislation Urgent Abadi offers three candidates for each ministry under the new selection Shut down all entrances to the Green Zone Urgent Source: Abadi will provide a change of 10 ministers and three candidates for each position The names of the perpetrators of Representatives of obstructing the cabinet reshuffle This is where things get SERIOUS... in spite of the obstructions, they actually put names out there. THEY ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING! The names given were as follows: The action continued: .. Cilo urgent resumption of parliament to vote on cabinet reshuffle in the presence of Abadi and 181 deputies Urgent parliament voted unanimously on the invalidity of the House of Representatives of the protesters measures at today 's meetingIraqi parliament to vote on naming the new ministers to the Government of Abadi - news renewed (they continued to vote...) Urgently to stop the vote on the candidates for the ministries and the completion of the rest at a hearing next Thursday Urgent .. postpone the vote on the new nominee Foreign Ministry after the Kurdish objections Urgent .. to lift the parliamentary session on Thursday And now we're thinking "SHOOT! Just when things were going so well..." - but not so fast, amigos! Parliament succeeded to exceed its divisions and vote on the five ministers technocrats Parliament will vote approves five ministers and Abadi undertakes to provide the remaining of the cabinet reshuffle during the next two days {expanded} Abadi al-Jubouri asked to arrest the House of Representatives of the protesters And at that point, session was pretty much over, with the hopes that we will see more action today or tomorrow. The following article gives us reason to believe that tomorrow will be another big day: What's this mean to all of us? It means we are on TRACK! We are MOVING, BABY! Finally... the lull is over. We're seeing some positive, EFFECTIVE, action from the GOI. This shake-up may not mean "RV Tomorrow", but then again... it might be close to that. THIS is the kind of action we've been waiting on, and it's happening. I'm stoked! If you're not in VIP right now, this might be a great time to do it. I'm going to give you a little more incentive - tomorrow is the 28th of April, when they say they are "keen to proceed with the reform of the cabinet"... so here's a 28% discount on your VIP upgrade of 5 months or Lifetime Platinum VIP. Get it NOW, because I'm not leaving this up for long: LINK: DISCOUNT CODE: progress28 (If that doesn't work for you, use this link: ) See you in VIP! And here's the Q's: TONS of movement. I wouldn't even worry about this hiccup or that sneeze. There is nothing major stopping this from continuing forward at this time. As much as I love talking about US Politics, and I really do have a lot to say on this one... I'm going to decline comment, so this doesn't turn into a US Political conversation thread. There is just too much going on in Iraq right now that I want this thread to stay focused on. Nothing that I will share in public, for the same reason I won't disclose which banks I am personally in contact with regarding the same. First of all, I have contractual obligations to keep my mouth shut about certain things. Banks don't want thousands of phone calls about something that hasn't happened yet, no matter how exciting the news is right now. I know that's not what some want to hear, but I appreciate and respect those of you that understand the reasoning behind it. That's it for now friends! I'll send out an email blast if anything major pops up on the radar. For now I think we are looking at tomorrow for some more news, so cross your fingers for some BIG announcements. And don't miss this chance to get a great discount on a 5 month or better yet, a PLATINUM VIP account! LINK: DISCOUNT CODE: progress28 (If that doesn't work for you, use this link: )
  19. Good morning and happy Wednesday! this one will be very short since I'm posting from an airplane, about to take off and no in-flight internet on this international flight. I'm excited about the current situation. The people are done with the dragging of heels, parliament is making REAL changes, and we've got a very realistic path to the HCL via a rearranged parliament and some much needed renewed purpose in the GOI. VIPs, I have a special update for you. I won't have time to get it uploaded before this plane takes off, but watch for an email later today. Thats is it for now - GO RV!!!!
  20. Morning DinarVets! I know you love it when I do really long updates, where I ramble on and on and on about my life and the things I did to make my ribs better yesterday (omg those things were amazing) and my love of cats (I don't love cats, I do love kittens though...) and all that! But today, I'm going to keep it super simple. SUPER simple. How do you like the new format? I know it's taking some gettin' used to! This post was started a few days ago over a week ago, but I'll be a monkey's uncle if life and work and everything inbetween didn't get the best of it! I generally like to get the weekly updates out early, because there's always a slew of emails to answer afterwards. This week and last, I do not have the luxury of posting early, and as such I'll be grinding into the wee hours to get the tickets and emails handled. Enough about me, though! Here's a few things you need to know about the new site look and operations. And then we'll get to the dinar. This is going to be a short list. If you see specific issues, please post them in the Tech Support section. I've had a couple (ok a lot) of requests to "go back to the old format"... I'm sorry everyone, but I'm not even going to respond to those requests anymore. The update was done for security reasons, and it hasn't been easy for me either but it is necessary, mandatory, and kind of like Obamacare... if you like the old format, you can keep the old format. (Just kidding! No you can't.) The NUMBER ONE problem people are having is logging in... the new login procedure requires you to use your "Display Name" instead of your old "login name". Why the developers of this software ever allowed those two to be different is beyond my knowledge!) For example, if your display name (what other people see) is "Johnny Appleseed" but you logged in with "johnny.appleseed1" or "" to enter the site... you will now need to login with Johnny Appleseed. Your old password should still work! If not, you can request a new password by clicking this link. As always, if you're using hotmail, yahoo, msn, aol, verizon, or basically anything other than gmail - check your spam. A few times. That's where dinarvets emails go if it didn't land in your inbox within 15 minutes. Did I mention this was going to be a short list? 4 is one too many, let's move on! Let's talk about Iraq! Actually, let's talk about "currency" first. And governments. With the site upgrade and everything that is going on as a result, I haven't had a ton of time (next to none really) to keep up with the intricate nuances and details of the "news" we get out of Iraq, so I decided to focus on the questions posted by the members. As you'll see below, there is a similar theme to almost all of them. I'm going to give you my opinion on each, of course! But let's begin with a basic understanding: 1. Governments. They don't care what you think. Pretty simple, right? They don't care about your view of economics, debt, or their obligation to society. This is doubly true for Iraq and much of the middle east, where corruption is the rule and not the exception. Kuwait, Israel, Saudi Arabia, all of them have corruption that makes US politics look like it's run by people that actually care and have a conscience. When it comes to their currency, the only thing that separates them from countries like Jordan or Nigeria... what do you think it is? The sand? The camels? Their fancy headgear? I'll let you ponder that, but I doubt you need much time. 2. Currency. It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Again, it's simple. Let's discuss exactly how this works and I want to be very clear about one thing... it's not all about natural resources. The Iranian Riyal is the prime example - Iran has the FIFTH largest reserves of the same thing Iraq and Saudi Arabia have, so how can the Iranian Riyal be over 27x weaker than this IQD we're speculating on? Could the answer be that the world trusts Iraq approximately 27x more than Iran? You bet! This comes down to a very simple concept, once you grasp it... if Iraq announces tomorrow that they have completed the HCL, they are 100% committed to securing their country and rising to a prosperous level, and the CBI states they are now paying ten cents US to the Iraqi dinar - banks will be cashing in on that, and the fiat world we live in is going to apply point #1 to your logic about economics and the like. In other words, they will ignore your opinion - and you better be ready to go along with them, because you certainly won't be fighting it. Millionaires and billionaires will be created out of thin air, just like has happened so many times in the past when a currency was manipulated. The means is not entirely important, so when someone says in a snooty voice "No RV is possible because it's never happened before..." HA! I laugh at that. Even if "no RV" has ever happened, which is to say that no currency has ever been dramatically or officially raised on the forex boards or something like that - you can't tell me that no wealth has ever been gained through the manipulation of currency. And that, my friends, is something Iraq is in a very unique position to do right now. That's my for the week, now here's the Q's! It could. But it also could not. Iraq has a different set of choices they can make. Thanks for the compliments on the site! It's a work in progress. No comment on the timeframe... My hope is tomorrow, but I have no control over it. No comment on the date predictions. That's a bit more conspiracy and speculation than I care to do today... I'm going to stick to the fundamentals. Cheers No, the CBI doesn't have to follow any such rules. I could say "yes" to both of those, but let me refer back to Point #1 - the world doesn't care what we think should or shouldn't happen with currencies. If it did, we would not have fiat currencies in the first place. No I do not. I certainly hope Abadi has some zing-bangers in the works! It will be nice to see him start kicking things along again. He may have made a great positive impact so far, but he still has work to do. ============================== I know I didn't get to ALL of the questions, but that's what I've got time for this fine day! You all have a fantastic day and week, I'll be back online as time permits.
  21. Morning citizens and visitors of DV! I love it when Iraq makes things simple for me. I mean I really, really, really love it! For weeks and months, we've been at a standstill with Iraq. No progress, nothing to really talk about. But if you've been reading the news over the last week, starting on about Saturday... ... it looks like the time has come for change. In fact, it looks like al Sadr is on a rampage! All you have to do is skim this thread: And you're going to see that after the weeks and months of dragging feet, we're on the road to be back in business. Iraq doesn't want to sit stale and stagnant, any more than we want to witness it. We haven't heard a peep about the HCL in months, and it seemed like nobody was going to do anything about it. Looks like that changed, so let's hope for some good news out of this little shake-up. Simple enough, right? Here's the weekly Q's: Computers... BLECH! What a nightmare that was... now it's been reduced to less than a migraine, just a massive headache. And YES - the turmoil! It's about darn time something happened, I'm looking for good news to come out of this. I've stated many many times that I don't think we're looking for a "date and rate" - I believe we are looking for a set of circumstances, which includes a lot of what we already have and also the all-important HCL. Hopefully we'll be getting back to work on that very soon, in the aftermath of the current situation Parliament is in. But if we have to pick a rate.... how does $1 sound? That's a fluid question right now, due to the situation I posted above. We will see. You are definitely correct about the GOI not getting anything done recently. Hopefully we are witnessing what will be a major turning point for them right now. A new IQD10 would be worth whatever the CBI sets the exchange rate at. It may remain pegged, or it could float. My opinion is that the CBI will do whatever is in it's best interests (whichever is most profitable). Will other currencies be affected? At least somewhat, but the value of the IQD isn't going to have a direct effect on, for example, the amount of USD in circulation, the USAs debt obligations, the credit worthiness of the US, etc. I think your line of questioning is trying to figure out where the wealth will come from. Let's ask a different question: When the value of the IQD plummeted from 3:1 to 1:2000 USD:IQD, where did that wealth go? Was the USD suddenly made stronger? Did it have any major effect on the USD, or any other currency? No, it did not. This is a fiat currency that we are talking about. If it was required that the value be attached to something physical, like gold, it would be a different story. But in this case, the value does not have to be tied to anything. That takes most of the logic and reasoning out of the equation. And for us, that is a good thing. ====================== / / / =========================== Until next time, friends!
  22. Mornin' Dinarians of DV! Let's see, where to start... first, there's not much to report on the Dinar today. I've seen some news that I like, none that I don't like, but also nothing to get really itchy-jumpy-excited about. So I'm not going to spend much time on IQD this morning... in fact, that was it. All done. US Politics... boy oh boy, now there is a fun one! Wisconsin was a big deal yesterday. My opinion on the situation is fairly simple - I'm not tied to any one candidate. I think they all have their fair share of negatives, so I refuse to engage in pointless battles with people that foolishly tie themselves inextricably to a "party" or a "candidate". However, I do like to watch, analyze, and occasionally place a wager on what I think the outcome will be. And I also enjoy watching people lose their minds over things they have no control over and really aren't likely to "help" them in the long run, even if their desired candidate or party happens to be the "chosen one" at this point in our rigged comedy of a political circus. Here's some random thoughts off the cuff, just because I feel like throwing them out there. Trump - didn't have much chance to win in WI, but I think he gave it a decent run anyway. He's definitely facing an uphill battle to get the necessary amount of delegates to "win" the Nomination, but there is a small chance still. Cruz - had a great day in WI and is posturing that this is a "turning point". And people actually buy it! He can't get enough of the remaining delegates to "win" the nomination, so we are most likely going to a contested convention where the Grand Ol' Party will impose it's will upon the people and a few of the more intelligent among us will be reminded that we don't control the government at all. Who will they choose to represent those who still think they are "Republicans"? That is a great mystery, and one that I am excited to see how it plays out! Bernie - the win in WI was sort of a surprise to me, but to be honest I haven't kept up with their exact polling stats for one simple fact... he won't win. To keep things real simple, even though he "won" Wisconsin, what the #Bernster supporters are ignoring is how the delegates work. Yes, he "won", but even though he took home 47 delegates, Hillarious - was still able to pocket 36 delegates! That's a net win of only 11 for Breadline Bernie, and we haven't even talked about super delegates yet. While I appreciate the young and clueless's dedication to the "political revolution", the Clinton Machine won't be stopped... at least not this year. At the end of the primaries, all the PTB sits down at a table and says "Well Gents, who will give us the biggest advantage? Because that's our person." And it's not Bernie. That's my quick on US politics! Here's the weekly Q's... with a forewarning! I'm not here to sell anyone dinar, it's not my job to make up your mind on which way you think Iraq is going, so I won't take a lot of time addressing anything negative today. ================== /// ===================== Hi roseserv, it's possible you missed my answer because I didn't directly quote you. Please read my post from last week - I gave my opinion on your thoughts throughout my post and also my answers to similar questions. Not even the slightest effect on OSI. This is more of an OSI topic, but I'll touch on it here. There is no reason to worry about "exposure" because everything OSI is designed to be completely transparent. The "Panama Papers" scandal (which is much less of a scandal than it's being made out to be, by the way) is the story it is for the same reason "Swiss Accounts" were a big story. It has to do with people intentionally breaking the law, which is something I would never be associated with or suggest anyone else touch, either. Regarding the ppb and the timing, of course it affects the timing. Everything does. Regarding the reform laws, I don't have them off the top of my head - if you have a list that I can pass along to my contacts for more information, I would be glad to do so. --------------------- === // === --------------------- That's it for now... hopefully more exciting news soon, but for now I'm just going to go watch everyone get all tissied up about which talking head they get to worship or hate for the next 4 years.
  23. Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! So, Pete and RePete were in a boat... Pete fell out. Who was still in the boat? Yeah this week is kind of like that. Like I mentioned last week, it's my feeling that our Dinar situation is tied VERY close to oil right now. We were at what I felt was the bottom (around $30ppb), and the same sources are showing about a 3% gain this week. That's nothing special, it doesn't signify a strong stability yet, and I'm not surprised to see so little in the news about HCL yet. It's just not enough of a change to get anyone motivated, and that shows in the news feeds. Here's the visual comparison: This might sound crazy, but I actually don't want to see a huge spike. IMO the best thing we can see right now is a steady increase, or even some more flatlining. When we've seen about 2-3 weeks of stability, that's when I will start getting excited. That might have sounded a little humbuggish, but really it's not. Iraq is doing a great job in all aspects. The only thing I'm humbuggish on right now is the prospects of an RV this week. Give me a couple weeks of stable oil prices, and that should all change. With that said - you know where I stand on the "when" and "why", so let's talk news! Powerball is at ~50MM. Someone split this with me! LINK We are not the only ones who see the IQD rising. LINK Global conference on IRaqi banking? Yes please. LINK One IMPORTANT note - I mentioned last week that we might see some site maintenance shortly. Hopefully that will start shortly, because sooner started = sooner done. I'll send out an email notifying everyone, but again DON'T FREAK OUT! The email system and text systems are 100% separate from the message board here, so you will NOT miss any notices in the event of anything big. Here's the weekly Q's: There is no other country in the world, or in history, that has been in the situation that Iraq is in now due to 1) the events that have transpired over the last 15 years and 2) Iraq's incredible wealth, resources, history, and potential. There just isn't anything to compare it to. Consider how Donald Trump is breaking the mold in US Politics. Half the pundits still can't wrap their head around it, using old "measurements" and meaningless polls to naysay his success... yet he keeps winning. Which means the pundits are wrong, and the same logic applies to this question. Regarding warning points, they stay forever and there is no set "number" that will get you banned. That's part of the fun. No, I don't think that at all. Why would you think that? Although $ and religion are often intertwined, my contacts do not put any weight on such things with regard to a major change in currency value. This is a business matter, not a religious one. That's a good question, thanks! I'm going to try not to over-complicate it, because it really is a simple matter. You are correct, Iraq is indeed blessed with much natural resources, agriculture, and more! But in spite of that, there is still a finite amount of oil beneath the surface, and if they are to get the most out of their efforts and have the best chances of RVing and sustaining a higher rate, their income from oil sales has a direct impact on that. Therefore, higher price of oil = better for CBI. Not a crazy thought at all my friend! But it would behoove them to come out with a low RV when their oil is higher, because it would increase their profit by the same factor... to put it simply, if they RV at .10 when oil is 3X higher than now, then they make at least 3X. If you could trade 1 bar of gold for $500 today, but if you wait a month you know you will get $1500... wouldn't you wait a month? I would. Of course they are! There is no law or prophecy that states the RV must happen, ever, for any reason. There's also nothing demanding a lop... they could do exactly the same thing they are doing now for eternity. But WHY would they do that, when there is so much potential and possibility to recover that which was lost? Regarding Parliament, this isn't something that they announce on the morning news... "Parliament to discuss massive RV of currency" is a headline you will NEVER see. There would be an insane speculative run on the currency, and the next morning you'd see this headline: "Well, Parliament WAS going to discuss an RV but they made a huge mistake by announcing it lol sorry everyone j/k no RV". Seabee, you are a true gentleman and a saint. You have my word I will let you know. ============================================== That's it for now everyone - again, please don't freak out when the site is offline for a day or two in the near future.
  24. Good morning DV! My schedule is a bit unusual for the rest of the week, so this week's Wednesday update is coming a day early. (No need to double check your calendar! It's not you, it's me. ) *QUICK NOTE: VIP MEMBERS, I posted a VIP update here: And I also sent an email about it. If you didn't get that email, you need to fix that! Instructions to do so are in my signature below - look for the word "whitelist". Last week I spoke a little about the price of oil and how it's likely affecting Iraq's ultimate goal of raising the rate of the dinar. That led to the usual feedback, which ranges from "Thanks for the update" to "omg Adam it's all your fault no RV!!!" (or something like that). Look... this is real simple. Here's a snapshot of oil prices over the last 10 years: It certainly doesn't take a rocket surgeon or a brain scientist to see that oil is silly low right now. After you take into account for inflation, it's even more obvious that this low rate cannot last. Now, if a bunch of numbskulls like us can easily see that oil should probably be closer to $80... don't you think Iraq can, too? I certainly do. As I type this, oil hasn't moved and we still haven't seen any significant news on the HCL. The GOOD news is that it also doesn't take a genius to grasp that oil is probably about as low as it can possibly go, which means there's only one way for it to go from here. UP. And the GREAT news is that in spite of these ridiculously low oil prices, the CBI has maintained a very strong grip on the exchange rate, proving that they are, as always, very capable of manipulating their market how they wish. You don't like to wait. I don't like to wait. But "it is what it is", so let's keep a level head and at this time I think our motto is: "Watch the oil". Hey Skeet, you had it right the first time... they keep me in line I've never placed a major emphasis on Article 8, and I still don't. That would be a strategic detail, whereas I still believe it's more about the fundamentals at this time. Those fundamental things have been whittled down to a very short list: 1. HCL I like short lists! Here's something for everyone to consider, speaking of fundamentals. I made a big deal out of how the Kurds and Baghdad were getting along so much better lately. If you've been in this for long, you will know that we used to ALWAYS see article after article about 7% this and 14% that and Kuwait boycotting Parliament due to non- payment and on and on... have you seen much of that lately? Or any? Nope. It's been very quiet on that front, because they've got those fundamentals worked out. They're playing nice with each other, and despite the wait... I really like our odds once we start seeing oil go back up. True - it's slow in the news lately, and I think most people who would post in the weekly Q&A threads have probably seen most of the questions asked and answered more than once Thank you for bringing fresh questions to the table. I split them up below: Yes. At one time I had heard from sources I deem reliable that they were at banks, but that was some time ago. I don't think it matters where they are held either way. In my opinion... not in the slightest. He's done so much good, and has so much positive influence, there's no way he's under any serious risk of being "removed". Sistani... that's a good question, and a name I haven't heard in some time. I'll go back to what I said in response to skeet earlier - I think that's more of a technicality than a fundamental. So I'll rank his importance as "low". I don't pay attention to the auctions. I used to keep a detailed spreadsheet, then I realized it was a waste - the CBI will do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they won't clue is in with any kind of pattern, change, or announcement. :twcocents: Same as above - this is a technical issue, dealing with a small portion of Iraq's issues. The fact is very simple that they can have these problems AND a higher rate... but they will not be able to maintain the higher rate without the HCL. I'm not ashamed to say that YES I did hear, and unfortunately I lost some money on that game It was well won. (But not well lost... I lost a lot of respect for Newton on his post-game performance.) Cheers Booster! Happy Tuesday, everyone! Make it a great week.
  25. Hey hey, and happy Wednesday! Good morning (or afternoon, wherever you are!) DinarVets family! I don't have much more to report than the last two weeks, but I am getting a little more comfortable with my initial feeling that our next movement is going to be tied to the price of oil. Here's my detailed explanation: With that said, this will be a very short update. Here's the good news: I try to avoid it, but a lot of people ask me every week to make a prediction. Will it happen... This week? This year? EVER?! Today is probably as close to a prediction as you'll ever get from me. It's not a date, or a rate, but here it is. It's my opinion that right now, we have been close to the "bottom" of the price of oil for a reasonable amount of time. We haven't seen any movement on the HCL recently, and I think it's because they are watching oil just like the rest of the world. Now, I could be wrong... and this is very early to get too excited... but check this out: If I'm right, and we are at the bottom of the decline, that graph might be showing us EXACTLY what we want to see! (Use this link to check out different timelines: ) I can't claim to know how long we'll stay at the bottom... but my guess is at least a week, maybe a little longer. That's going to show true solid stability. We might have less than 6 months, and probably less than 2 months, if this article is meaningful: Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me! Just for giggles, I used my crystal ball (*COUGH COUGH photoshop) and this is what I got! ============= /End Dinar Update/ ================ Since I am pretty confident we're not going to see HCL progress until oil proves it has hit bottom and is ready to climb again, I believe I have at least a week where I can tackle some of the things I've had on the back burner lately... ... one of which is a MAJOR update to the entire DinarVets website. This will likely cause the site to be "offline" for about 24 hours. DON'T WORRY! The email system is separate, as is the RV Text message system. If they want to prove me wrong and RV while I have the upgrade in progress, ALL emails will still go out. ALL text messages will go out. And we have a backup site (it will be emailed in the event needed) in place for the VIPs to get important information and communicate on Post-RV procedures. That's it for this morning's update. GO RV!!!!
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