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Found 206 results

  1. Morning DV family! This morning's update will be a quick one. Before I get into it... my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families of those victims in the recent event in Vegas. That was a completely senseless act of evil, and whoever is responsible for it... may they burn in hell, or worse, for all eternity for their actions. *Moment of silence...* On to the Dinar: Notables - guess which country is popping up in the headlines more and more over the last 7 days? If you said Kuwait, *ding ding!* I've got a cookie for you! All you have to do is pop into the News section and do a quick skim, you'll see that although Kuwait isn't directly saying "let's get ready for the New Iraq", they are certainly on board. Kuwait is a major influence in the Middle East, and a higher IQD won't hurt them one bit. In fact, their support through that transition will only serve to make Iraq a strong ally, so it's in their interest to support Iraq through an RV. I like what I'm seeing from Kuwait right now. Former Iraqi President Talabani has passed away, and a week of mourning has been called. I don't see anything major on the HCL for this next week, BUT.... ... the so called "Referendum for Independence" seems to have come and gone, and is no longer an issue, which is exactly how I figured it would go. In fact, it seems things are moving even more smoothly than I anticipated! Abadi and Crew are making very positive moves towards resolving Article 140 in an amicable way, while at the same time giving the Kurds very strong reason to believe they are going to be treated fairly. This is great incentive to move on the HCL, and of course, RV! Would you like some seriously encouraging articles to read to start the day off? Start here and continue for the few posts following that. I am VERY encouraged! With that all said, I really think we're at a point where things are moving solidly in the right direction. The question of "when?" is still on the table, as always... but it's pretty undeniable that we're moving! Today is a great day to join VIP, if you're not already in there! When this happens, I don't want you to be on your own. Take advantage of all we have to offer - my services, the support of the community, and more. See you in there! There is always a "chance", but it's a very slim one at this point. I can't say "absolutely not", but it's the furthest possibility we have, in my opinion. That's a fair question with a LOT of discussion that could follow! I think it's simplest to summarize that WTI is a localized (to the US) designation, and Brent is more of a global term. Although the Dinar is currently "pegged" to the dollar, it is a separate currency that is not tied to US oil production. They could easily leave the USD peg and fix their currency to anything they want, but there will always be a calculation to determine how many dollars an IQD is, regardless of if we're looking at Brent, WTI, or the price of tea in china. I don't discriminate Long term... I don't know. I see the RV happening before any split, though. That means my post-RV Iraq investments are subject to change along with their borders. For now, I'm not concerned about them splitting or not... I just want to see this HCL get done. I don't believe so. =============================== That's it for now... have a great day everyone! And GO RRRVVVVVVV!!!!!
  2. Happy Wednesday all! Since I went so deep into my thoughts on the Kurdish referendum last week, I won’t spend much time on the finer details of that subject. If you missed my chat last week, it will be helpful to read that first: They did hold their “vote” on Monday, but the result of the actual vote isn’t what I’m focusing on right now. What I AM looking at is the aftermath. Turkey is leaning HARD on the KRG after the referendum. 85% of Kurdish oil exports leave via Turkey, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdrogan stated point blank that they will close that border if that’s what it takes to get the KRG back in line. This is some serious strong arming! OIL is at a high right now. We’ve all been waiting for the price to go up, and the $60 mark is in sight! Kurdish Regional President Barzani issued a statement regarding the vote, which apparently revealed exactly what we thought would happen - the people voted for Independence. But are they really going to be able to achieve that, with Article 140 still unresolved? The only way to move forward with an actual secession would be to relinquish any claims they have on the disputed territories, and there’s no way that will happen. This is not rocket surgery, my friends! I’ll tell you why I like how this is playing out. They know they are stuck between a rock and a hard place right now with Turkey. Add to that the proposed extension by OPEC, Iraq’s general exemption from said OPEC agreement, the price of oil rising, and everything else on the table… you know, I look outside right now and I see leaves falling alongside the temperature. It makes me think of warm foods like soup and chili… and looking at the situation in Iraq, it looks to me like a recipe for “HCL soup”! Serve it up, I say! The table is set, and we’re hungry. GO HCL, GO RV! The weekly Q's: I'll send a fax over right now I'm not sure what you're asking here... but if it's a question based on an assumption with nothing to back it up, then it's just speculation, and I can't really give you an answer. I didn't check your numbers, but I'll address the question anyway. If the Kurdish region went Independent, Baghdad (Iraq) would lose their northern border with friendly Turkey and gain a new border with less agreeable tenants (the KRG)... so no, I don't think that is something they want. They also have to address Article140, which neither side wants to cave on. And even if it is "just 12%" of their production/revenue... That is a pretty significant number. So overall, I don't think Baghdad will want to let this happen. Would it be better for us? I don't think it would further the HCL agenda, it might even hurt it. The Kurds would create their own new currency, and we'd still have IQD with less chance of an RV. So in my opinion, nope. Not good for us if they secede. That's a complex question, but the summary is this: Yes. Actually, I think this is a good thing! The referendum is meaningless - sure, they voted. If I put a poll on and we all vote "RV tomorrow", that doesn't mean it's going to happen! All this does is put pressure on everyone to come together. As far as a "strike zone", there have been plenty and there will continue to be more. When they decide to act on it, we win a bowl of RV soup. Talk to you all soon! Let's keep an eye out for progress on this... I'm looking forward to it! - Adam
  3. Good morning, and happy Wednesday! I think I can speak for all of us on one thing - our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by #Harvey. I can’t say that I have much sympathy for anyone that refused to evacuate, but the loss and damage and cleanup is going to be a mess. Hang in there, everyone! ISIS has been “not much” for quite some time, but it looks like this is really the final days of it’s influence on anything in Iraq. ISIS is perhaps days away from being nothing more than history, which is good on many levels - not just for a Dinar RV, but in many other ways as well. I mentioned last week that September 25th is a fairly notable date - it could be the “date to beat” for major HCL progress, which IMO would spur us onto an increase in the Iraqi Dinar. This is still on my radar. That's about it for now - some weeks we have a flurry of news, and others... not so much. But no bad news is sometimes good news as well, and that's what we'll have to settle for at this time. Fingers crossed for some action in the coming days! Some weeks we have a lot of news, some weeks we don't. And as far as your "other source: - I don't comment on other people's comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and who's to say who is wrong or right until there is some proof? Well, "Europe" does not have any power over the borders of Iraq or any other Middle East country. So, it may not mean a hill of beans to Baghdad. The positive side is that this may add fuel and encourage Baghdad to take the September 25th date more serious, just to head off any potential conflicts when they decide to raise the value. The HCL really boils down to oil and revenue sharing. An independent Kurdistan could very well pave the way for an easier HCL resolution, and the good thing for us is that the Kurds would create their own currency and the IQD we hold will not change. I still maintain that the majority of Iraq would be opposed to splitting the country in any way, and we still have the issue of Article 140. Overall... I just don't think the Kurdish region will ultimately split from Iraq. They will continue to fight over the contested regions related to article 140, it's possible that we will see some major movement on the HCL prior to September 25, but even if it doesn't happen in the next 25 days... we're still on track to see an increase in the Dinar value. I'll give that an emphatic YES. =================== That's it for now - as I said, fingers crossed for some solid action in the coming days/weeks, we are certainly in a good spot to see it! GOOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!!!!! - Adam
  4. Good morning DV! It’s been a while getting here, and nobody knows where exactly “here” is quite yet, but what I DO know is we have a LOT going on right now! There is an upcoming referendum in just a few days where the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) is attempting to “vote” on “Independence”. While the “vote” isn’t something I’m personally putting a lot of weight on, the statements and actions surrounding and connected to it are certainly worth paying attention to. Abadi had previously spoken out against the referendum (scheduled for Sept 25th), but now the Supreme Court (Iraq) has actually issued a ruling ordering them to completely suspend any preparations for such a vote, based on it being “unconstitutional”. The distinction between the Kurdish Regional Government and actual Iraqi government is a big deal. The Kurds actually signed and helped write at least the portion of the Iraqi constitution that makes such a referendum illegal. This simply clarifies that the Kurds are not an autonomous people - they are technically (politically speaking) Iraqis. That means Baghdad trumps Erbil. The United States, Turkey, and other countries have voiced disapproval of the separation, but here is the end-of-the-road bottom line: Nobody - not the the UN nor any other global "authority" - would ever support an entire culture or region being enslaved if they should actually wish to part ways with their former government, and forcing the Kurdish region to stay under Iraqi rule is not going to happen should they make a solid push for this to actually happen. The Kurds do have something of a case for themselves, in that regard. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, however… I’ve stated recently that I don’t think a separation will happen, and I still stand by that opinion. Let’s look back at the last 2, 3, 5, heck… TEN years… how long have we been hearing about the Kurds threatening to secede? It’s always been a topic, but only recently it is in the news daily. Why would that be, one might ask… the answer is simple. We are on the cusp of some major happenings. The HCL has been dragging on for too long at this point. ISIS was a factor. That’s done. After Saddam was removed, they had a lot of cleaning up to do. Iraq is looking pretty darn tidy! Yes, they have issues… so does Turkey, Kuwait, the United States and every other country with a higher valued currency. The Turkish Lira is 30 cents to the dollar. One USD will only get you a third of a Kuwaiti Dinar. It has not been so long since the Iraqi Dinar was also within that range, or higher, and you can bet that they remember and know that fact much more than any of us. Other tidbits - the current OPEC agreement contains a limit on production, which Iraq is essentially exempt from. Yet Iraq and the rest of the members of OPEC seem to be glossing over that small fact… in fact, the Iraqi Oil Minister just this week said they are in agreement to extend that contract, speaking as if Iraq was actually taking part in it. I laughed out loud when I read that! They are playing their cards well. There are representatives from Baghdad visiting Erbil, I believe tomorrow (Thursday). I’m very interested to see what this brings, and I’m crossing my fingers that we see some HCL news. That is what this all comes down to, after all. HCL = RV = $$$ for Iraqis (Kurds are included in that group!) and this whole referendum gets set aside for a couple years. Maybe they will pick it back up in the future, and maybe they will actually secede and become their own country… but at that point, I’m not sure if I’ll even care, because the RV will be done and we will all have moved on. That’s my 2 cents for the day. And here's my TIP of the day! If you're not in VIP, you are missing out! We have had some of the most thought provoking conversations in there over the last couple weeks, it's getting hard to keep up. Join us! For less than $1 per day, you get access to not only our Post-RV benefits, but immediate access to the absolute best asset protection tools on the planet and much, much more. See you in there! Here's the weekly Q's: Contract rates... there are no "contract rates". Please, Please, PLEASE... take 15 minutes and read this: Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf That is going to open your eyes, dispel quite a few myths, and help you understand exactly why I say there are "no contract rates" and how you should handle yourself regarding cashing in. Thank you for numbering the questions, and for keeping them "to the point"! 1. The most recent auction was yesterday (or today, but today's is not posted yet if there was one): 2. I'll need a link to the IMF statement on that... but I will point out that the IMF does not directly control what the CBI does. 3. The UN has voiced it's disapproval, but that's all they can do. This is an Iraq issue, not something the rest of the world gets to vote on. 4. He's a politician... need I say more? That's a great question! You nailed my opinion almost perfectly - yes, the float process could certainly take up to a year, maybe more or less. I believe we'll be looking at a hybrid situation between peg/float - a likely scenario is this: First, revalue to around 10 cents per USD. (It is almost certain to remain pegged to the USD at this time, regardless of how they revalue.) That rate could be "fixed" for a period of 3 months, up to 6 months, while the larger denominations are collected and removed. This is the "Pegged" period. Next, after the initial 3-6 months, resume normal auctions and let the market determine the future rate. This is the "Float" period, where the market can easily drive up the value to $1 and beyond. That initial 3-6 months allows the CBI to directly manipulate the currency supply, possibly introduce an entirely new printed currency, and control their expenditures while simultaneously profiting from the exchanges. This is also explained in the Cash In Guide: Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf I sure do! #bringiton! You have to give me something to quantify my answer with... are we talking Vegas odds? Relative to the price of tea in China? On, before, or after the full moon? Help me out here Please see attached: Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf I see a LOT of things that are pointing to major change! Abadi is a positive force in this matter... ... I guess all I can say after all that, is: GO RRRVVVVVVV!!!!!! That's it for now! I'll send out an email a little later today, just as kind of a "system check" to be sure you're all getting the emails. I'll update this thread once it's been sent, so you can check your spam folders or "Update" tab in gmail or wherever my emails might be landing today.
  5. Good day DV! Quick note - I’m going to move the “Chat Logs” section up to the top of the list, so if you’re looking for it… it has moved. The link is the same: Before I hop into the dinar update, I want to send out heartfelt prayers for all the people that were affected by the recent hurricanes… this has been one of the most devastating series of weather events ever recorded in our lives, if not THE worst ever. My charity of choice is still Salvation Army at this time – here is info: DONATE BY MAIL The Salvation Army PO BOX 1959 Atlanta, GA 30301 Please designate Hurricane 2017 on all checks. DONATE BY PHONE call 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769) To use Paypal, >>> CLICK HERE <<< I just called and donated everything that came in from VIP memberships last week, and a bit more on top of it. I really do believe in this organization and encourage any of you, if you can, to chip in. On to the dinar - we still have a date for a Kurdish referendum later this month, so the question of the day is… what, if anything, do we know is being done by those in Baghdad who may not want to see a Kurdish secession? Check the most recent page in this thread, it...: (HUGE #hattip to @yota691 for keeping that info coming!) ...tells us that Iraq in general is not in favor of it, lawsuits have been filed (presumably on the grounds that the upcoming referendum is unconstitutional or a variety of other reasons), and there are signs of certain Kurdish leaders willing to negotiate with Baghdad… in my opinion, that simple fact right there is reason to think they aren’t really serious about the split. Sure, they may SAY they are, and posture accordingly, but the leaders of the secession movement and the PTB are simply not in sync. Nothing as major as a complete separation can possibly happen unless the Kurdish are representatives completely unified. Speaking of being completely unified, here's something that is certainly going to influence Iraq to put the brakes on a Kurdish separation... they would lose the entire border of Turkey, a country that has been a great ally to Iraq recently, and they would have an entirely new "neighbor to the north" (the Kurds)... Here's the way it lays out on the map: Does anyone really think that sounds appealing to Abadi or anyone else? I don't think so! So it is in their best interest, at this time, right now, to get moving on the HCL, increase the value, and everyone will completely forget about the splitting of Kurdistan and Iraq for a while! With THAT said, we still have the upcoming referendum, and it's certainly a good reason for Parliament to kick their HCL in the butt! If it's going to happen, I will not be surprised to see this thing launch right before the upcoming event, so perhaps the 21st is our day. With this day coming quickly, I'm going to put out a special discount to get some of you in VIP - use the code "Sept21" for a 21% discount. It's good for this week only! Use it here: Seriously! You will not be disappointed at what you find in VIP, as I'm sure many VIP members will vouch for after I've posted this weekly update. See you in there. Here's the weekly Q's: What "ban on exchange"? I'm guessing that's something fueled by a rumor, so I can't answer that part. Regarding RV and exchange, "we" can't control what banks decide to start trading at what time or day, but when they DO resume trading/exchanging IQD, our VIP group is leveraged to get a better "spread" than the general public. Depending on how much dinar you hold, this is going to amount to (a boatload!) more cash in your pocket at the end of the day! Similarly, if you've taken the time to research the strategies discussed in the VIP and OSI sections here on, you're going to stretch that "bottom dollar" even further. It boggles my mind why anyone would dump any money into IQD and then refuse to take full advantage of the incredible assets provided here on DinarVets in the VIP section. I'll attach the "Cash In Guide" below. It's only a few pages long, and anyone that chooses not to read it... best of luck to you. When information is given to you for free, and you decide a TV program is more important, then you deserve everything you get (or don't). CL, thanks for sharing the info! (I agree, Green and Yellow looked good the second half!) Everyone, this is important stuff. Read up on it, and know where you are with your credit and sensitive information! Personally, I use LifeLock to monitor my credit and purchases. Every credit card I have is linked to my phone, so I get an instant alert every time a purchase is made. If a credit inquiry is made using my personal info, I get an alert from LifeLock. It's worth the money! Like it or not, we are in the new digital age... if you have to get your kid or grandkid or great- grandkid to show you how to use technology, it's worth the time. And I hope you take action, immediately, to protect yourself. This recent hack is a big deal! Thank you @coorslite21 for bringing it up. This is our PSA. "Where"... they are not sitting in a vault somewhere. They are simply binary numbers, transferred from one ledger to another, because we are talking about fiat currency. There is no actual "pile of money", just like you will not leave the bank with a wheelbarrow of cash when you cash in. I'm going to attach the "Cash In Guide" to this post. A lot of newbies here need to read it, and it's not a bad idea to refresh your memory even if you're not a newbie Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf <<<< Click that to download it. I still don't think they will split, as I discussed above. But I LOVE how this current situation and the events unfolding right now are pushing things in a very positive direction. Things are looking very good for us right now! That's about all I have to say, so I'll close with yet another weekly chance for a select few of us to collect some lottery winnings! Grab your ticket and join us here: Weekly lottery thread: Note - you DO need to be a member here, and the rules DO apply! I have a feeling that one of us is going to win this thing soon, and the rules WILL be enforced! That's it for now! I'm so excited to see a major breakthrough in this ride I don't even know what to do... but I'm on standby. Waiting and ready! GO RVVVVVVV!!!!!
  6. Good morning and Happy Hump Day, fellow dinarians! Nothing major to announce today, but we do have some encouraging tidbits. I’ll get to those in a minute, but first - WELCOME to a decent number of new VIPs! I guess I’ll never know how many of you joined because you knew your money would be sent to the Salvation Army to help with the disaster relief down in Texas, or which of you joined simply because you see the value in VIP (who wouldn’t?!), but either way we raised a decent bit of cash for them, and I’ll be sending it off as soon as I’m done with this update this morning. Speaking of disaster relief, Hurricane Irma is next on the list. I heard yesterday they were recording winds over 185MPH - HOLY BUCKETS! That’s some insane power, and my heart goes out to all the islanders in her path. For those of you on the East coast, if you MIGHT be in her path… don’t wait for the “mayor” or anyone else to “tell you” to prepare or possibly evacuate. Use your own brain and do what you need to do to protect your LIFE. To hell with your property. Protect your LIFE. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who will be affected by this storm, and best of luck in the aftermath. In politics, we have more fake news and mock “outcry” regarding DACA. If you’re not sure where to stand on this subject, here’s a tip - check out the comments in this thread: The fate of the Dinar is never certain, and the DATE of the RV is always in question, but one thing we can count on for sure is the weekly Powerball drawing! One of us is going to hit this eventually, right?! Get in our group pool here: OPEC - there are already talks of extending the current agreement, which Iraq is in a great spot to take advantage of. Most of the news you will see and hear is glossing over the very important fact that Iraq has an exemption in this deal. This is a big deal for them, and the more the media ignores it, the more I like it! Kurdish Independence - the date for the Referendum, however meaningless it may turn out to be, is still September 24. This gives us a mere 18 days between now and then to potentially see some big news on several fronts. We are standing by for news to pop, probably out of nowhere, unexpectedly, and possibly groundbreaking. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the calm before the storm”… and I’m not talking about Irma! Final talking points… anyone heard from ISIS lately? No? Looks like that is going exactly as planned. And how about this latest from the IMF? We would never expect any major agency to come out and say “The dinar is going to go up!”, but I know how to read between the lines. All signals are pointing to “GO”. Of course, when it DOES go up, you’re going to want to be in the VIP group here with me and many others! What you get right now is an incredible education on many things, including asset protection and much more. What you get when the RV is announced is a guaranteed higher cash in (more money in your pocket), a few very valuable ways to save on taxes, future investment opportunities to turn your windfall into a much bigger windfall, and much much more! All VIP package options are open to new members at this time, so jump on in - the water is fine! See you in VIP, and GOOOO RRRRVVVVVVVVV!!!! Click here to join us: - Adam
  7. Heyyyy… MIKE! MIKE! Guess what day it is?! That’s right, hummmp dayyyyyyyy! As exciting as that introduction to the weekly update was I am going to try to let you down softly. I have nothing bad to report, but the recent site upgrade/update kept me up darn near all night and I’m running on fumes right now - so pardon my brevity, but I’m going to make this one short and sweet. (Regarding the site update, I have not had a chance to triple-check for any bugs… please feel free to report them here!) Something I talked a little bit about last week - Article 140 - is worth revisiting. Iran and Turkey (border countries to Iraq on the Kurdish border, and vital allies in the fight against ISIS or any other embedded terrorist operation/group) seem to be buddying up with Baghdad (Abadi et al) in support of putting a kibosh on the September 25 Kurdish referendum, which is a feeble attempt to move some pieces around their dusty desert chess board. I have absolutely 0 reasons to think the Kurds will actually get what they say they want out of this “referendum”, but it does give us a date that may be of importance… September 25th. Related link: Last week I mentioned the possibility of Iraq being motivated to push the HCL button, and therefore the RV button, in advance of this silly referendum in order to maintain control of Iraq as a whole and of course move forward with the natural process of raising the value of their currency and overall status in the world. So, could September 25 be a key date? I think it has potential. Not as "the RV date", but rather a deadline that they want to get in front of. Here's the weekly Q's (briefly! I'm running later than anticipated): Summer is going great! thank you for asking #davis4prez! The newsletter you posted was about Bitcoin, not dinar. Bitcoin is a big deal - VIP members, be sure to check out our cryptocurrency section in the VIP area! It's an exciting opportunity I hate to skip out on an important question like that, but I'm pressed for time and I gave a VERY detailed explanation on those two questions in my book RV intel, which is free for VIP members. That will have to do for now. Have a great day everyone, and GOOO RRRRVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam
  8. Good morning DV friends and family! I'm going to pre-apologize for grammar or spelling errors, I am forced to do this from my phone today, in the back of a cab, in a rush to get to the airport. My life is nuts First I'll state the obvious - no HCL and no RV at this time. Whew! Glad that's out of the way. Now, an item that has been popping up in the news and in dinar discussions a lot is article 140. Most of the time when these articles or topics come up, unless it has something to do directly with the HCl, I tend to be a naysayer about their relevance… This one is slightly different. I'll explain my opinion in a moment, but first it might be a good idea to have a background on what article 140 actually is. In a nutshell, there are several areas that Erbil / the Kurdish government is attempting to claim as theirs, but are currently arguably under the Iraqi government rule, regardless of where they rightfully belong. I will not get into my opinions of that aspect of it other than to state that there is a power struggle going on and neither side would willingly walk away or give in without a good reason... At this time the Kurds would not want to give them up because obviously they want the land and also the resources under the land, in addition to the historical and religious reasons. Baghdad currently has a stronger political argument for ownership, plus they do not want to see the Kurdish region secede. Here's an article that explains in more detail: As stated by that author, the questions asked and games that are being played with the regions people's are pretty much just trick questions. They are being asked if they want independence, and not given a full understanding of what the question actually means, so there is a lot of ambiguity in the surveys and what is being reported to them and to the outside world. But let's forget about that, and think about it in another way. With the IQD being so undervalued, it actually would benefit the Kurds to separate and establish their own currency, which would probably be drastically higher than what the Iraqi dinar is right now. This would be next to impossible, for many reasons, but let's skip that for now. Baghdad does not want the Kurds to separate for the same reason, and also because that would mean they instantly lose a good portion of their oil reserves and would lessen their ability to create a stronger dinar for the entire country. Some are saying that the HCL cannot go through without article 140 resolved, but it is also possible that by pushing the HCL through, and creating a stronger dinar for everyone including those in the contested regions, and those peoples would no longer have as strong of a desire for independence, and therefore end the entire dispute. Obviously that does not give you a date or a rate but I hope the food for thought is encouraging and I want y'all to have a wonderful day and rest of your week! Weekly Qs: =============== No projections at this time. We are at a critical point and things could change any day. =============== =================== I think CBI and parliament are equally important. They both have to be ready... but in that regard, I believe the CBI is ready already. =================== ================ The CBI issuing a holiday announcement is certainly intriguing. I can't tell you for certain if it's the first time, but... certainly intriguing, indeed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thats it for now! Just pulling up to the airport, so I'm going to post this and hope I didn't mangle too many words. Have a a great day! - Adam
  9. Evening all! Today's update is late, but it's for a good reason. Unfortunately, for me to talk about my reason would only add to the "rumor mill" and give the "gurus" something to talk about, and that's not something I want to do. I will do another update later this week... hopefully as soon as Friday, perhaps as late as Sunday, but that's the best I can promise. Like that wave I talked about last week, dinar news is just something we can't control or even anticipate, beyond the simple expectation that "it will come". Quite a few! Avila Beach all the way down to Del Mar. My average hitch was probably 35 miles but it was an easy 4 hours between hopping rides. Del Mar was crap for waves but the setting is amazing and worth a visit From what I'm told, and making a fairly educated guess, at least half of that "cash" is not a consideration - lost, burned, or buried. The other half is mostly accounted for and is going to be factored into the RV amount. Chapter 7 is still a sideline. HCL is the major factor. See above I'm waiting on some news as of now, actually as of a couple days now... it's coming. Hey dinaro, sorry for the late update! I'm doing the best I can with the info I have Well I certainly hope the meteorologists can get it right soon, because I've been begging for a meteor shower this whole week! I laughed along with you. That's nothing more than a conspiracy theory that may hold a little weight... but not enough to bank on. The real value of this situation rests upon Iraq, and their potential, which is tremendous! It was fun to think back on some glorious times! I didn't post it yet. I apologize for that! It's sitting here, composed, ready to go with one click... but I can't do it until I get one little confirmation. ======================= That's it for now! I hope to be back shortly with more, but I am not in control of when that wave comes. Either way, I'm watching and waiting right beside all of you! - Adam
  10. Goooood morning DV family! It's Wednesday, and I hate to be the bearer of "no news", but I prefer that to "bad news"! We seem to have hit another lull in the dinar, and as I was laying in bed this morning rubbing the cobwebs out of my eyes, I thought back to my days as a teenager when I used to hitchhike to the beach with my surfboard. (Boy, do I have stories about those days! ) Anyone who has surfed will know this feeling well... you paddle out, find your spot, and hang out for a bit. Sometimes the wave you will ride comes right away, but most of the time it does not. So you sit there, treading water, rising with the surge, and then going down the back of what could have been a wave but it just wasn't the one. That is how I feel we are right now. It's not a bad place to be, not by any means! We get a swell, and wonder if "this is the one", but it passes without breaking in our favor. Then, after many ups and downs... there it is. "The one". You see it coming, a smile crosses your face, and you start paddling. The force of the wave picks you up, starts pushing you forward, and you're about to stand up... and the momentum fades. You shrug and turn around, and paddle back out. Repeat. A beginner surfer might get discouraged at this. "Dang! I guess I'll never catch a wave!" Does that sound like our current situation? It does to me. Have you heard that kind of thought process from many of our members here? I have. But that's the wrong way to look at it, it's the wrong way to wait for "the one". Thinking like that will distract you, and you'll be whining about how that last wave set you up for disappointment just like the latest guru prediction... and you won't be ready to paddle like mad when the REAL wave comes. That's where we are, and yes this entire post was a metaphor Just like the ocean is surely going to create a wave worthy of surfing on, we are certainly in the right spot to ride that wave, if we are only ready to paddle like mad when it comes. Hang loose, my friends. ========================================= I concur. My thoughts at this time as well. Stay vigilant, though! Hey Chuck, thanks for the shoutout! They no longer need daily beatings to keep the moral high, which is a good thing. I don't think the National Oil Company is a prerequisite to move forward on the HCL. I think it was last week or the week prior when I explained my view on how they release "news" or "statements"... 99 times it will likely be subterfuge, and then the real play will happen. It's my opinion that will never happen. Hi Glenn, I believe your ticket is assigned to me and it was not urgent so I just didn't take the time to address it yet. I apologize for the delay, I will get to it by the end of the week. "haaa" back at ya! ========================================= Cheers everyone! - Adam
  11. Hey everyone! Im only halfway done with today's update. My afternoon is packed, so I'll finish it tonight and edit this post with the weekly update. I will not put it off until tomorrow because we all saw what happened last week… (sorry about that, by the way!) Again, I will edit THIS post so my update doesn't get buried on page 3 or 5 or whatever happened last time! talk to you in a little bit ==================== --- UPDATE ---- OFFICIAL WEDNESDAY POST BELOW --- ======================= Good evening everyone! We've had a ton of good news in the last couple weeks, and I haven't commented much lately. I'll start by saying last week got away from me, my schedule was so packed I couldn't keep up. In the years I've been doing this, I've only missed about 5 scheduled "Wednesdays", and this is the first one I've ever missed without it being on purpose! It was definitely one of the most hectic weeks of my life, and the "weekly" got pushed down, down, down the list until it was no longer on the list. I was still on top of everything, and believe-you-me that if we had a critical situation on hand, I would have gladly dropped everything else I have on my plate to glide back into my duties here... but as things played out, I had to prioritize elsewhere. Anyway, things are back to a semi "normal" state for me, and even though this update is late, it's here on Wednesday and I CAN NOT WAIT to see the day we have an RV and I'm doing OTHER updates for the VIP members on these Wednesdays! (Actually, more than just Wednesdays, because as much as I love my other businesses, as successful as they are, as challenging as they are and as much as I love them... they are peanuts compared to what our possibilities are here. If(when) the Dinar hits where I think it will, or half as much, or even higher, we are all in a position to completely bounce into a new world. I will personally be in a position to 10X+ my position in many areas, and the VIP members here are coming with me... in short, I guess I could have just said: GO RVVVVV!!!! ) My optimism in this venture is not waning, nor is it diminished even slightly. We have nothing but positives to consider at the moment, which is frustrating for some. One of the questions I get regularly is this: "How can it continue to be so positive, but we don't have an RV yet?!" This is a natural reaction for most people. Especially if you're one of those that read the "gurus" and hear the prediction of "next Tuesday" and that gets you excited! I understand that. I really do. But the reality is simple... those "gurus" are mostly full of "it". Yes, they throw out some good stuff here and there... but then they smear a big pile of stink on top of it by adding a "date". The cold hard truth is this: Iraq had a long road to travel. They have stood the test of time, they have marched forward through amazing troubles, and they are still heading in the "right" direction. But at no time in history, and at no time in the future, will they EVER tell us the "date" that they will do what they are bound to do at some point. At some point, they will raise the value. This is undeniable. But if they will do it tomorrow, or next Tuesday, or in a month or a year? We will never know that. And any "guru" or "friend" or "contact" ever tells you that they "know" when it will happen, for whatever reason, with any kind of conviction... they are wrong. I am going to say something with absolute conviction right now. This is absolute, no possible way to refute it, it is ABSOLUTE just like gravity pulls you towards the earth. With all my connections, with my decades of international communication and (I don't even know how many airmiles) of travel, my past and present work and friendships with bankers, CEOs, politicians and more... I will tell you this. NOBODY is going to be able to call a "date" on this. We are close. I love... no, I LOVE... where we are right now. But that doesn't mean I can tell you it will be tomorrow, next week, next month, "soon", or never. Maybe you've heard of the "Illuminati" - the RV "date" is that level of secrecy, if not more than that. Nobody on the internet, including me*, is ever going to get a "heads-up" about the "date" that we'll see a higher rate. * If I do get a "heads up", I wouldn't email it or tell anyone... I'd just get to work! Those are my thoughts for the evening! I would apologize for not having a date and rate for you all, but I think I just explained why I don't. Here are the Q's from the members! ======================== That is a completely fair question, and I don't blame you for asking it! I could die in a car crash or be eaten by a shark tomorrow, and then what?! YES, I do have a complete plan for this. If I should no longer be able to perform my duties here, whether it be from a terminal illness, a fatal vehicular accident, or becoming a tasty treat for a sea-creature... I have laid out all of my plans and details for very competent and individually chosen "successors" to my role here. You better not have jinxed me with that post... I'll give that... and seriously, take this with a grain of salt, because this may be exactly what they want us to think... I'll give that an 80/20 "YES". Don't forget the grain of salt. Thank you You had me at "When the Fruq" I'm giggling like a schoolgirl and I can't even 1. See my post above 2. What is your "contact in Wall Street" suggesting you do? Sell at a slight profit (which you have, since you're in this for 10 years), and invest in a 401k or a mutual fund which is barely breaking even (if not losing compared to inflation) and has no chance like the Dinar may have? Put some real numbers on the hypothetical question please, or if you want to sell out - just do it. I don't have time to answer vague questions. I have never said "all banks will cash in for us". I have to end right there. A - Nope, you haven't missed it. That's what is driving so many of the members crazy, it's not just you! There really is not any ONE thing that is holding this up... it's just a waiting game. It's confusing and maddening and that's exactly the way it should be, according to Iraq. They don't want anyone to know when they will RV. Nobody will know. Period. B - See A. C - I think a few things will need to be heard, and you are smart to pose the question that way. With that said, I am leaning 50/50 on this - I could be right, and we might see a couple actual HCL related Parliament hearings. OR, I am wrong, and we won't see/hear any HCL Parliament news, but it could go through anyway. Both ways, we win... so I'll be happy if I am right or I am wrong. #justgitterdun! Appreciate the post Ignore the gurus. I guess I was a little late. Sorry! I hear Davis is running for Prez 2020 Countryroads, that's a great question and I thank you for posting it. In fact, I think it's something EVERY reader of this site and even anyone else who doesn't read this site should consider... "what if"? What if we don't see an RV... Was our time wasted? I can only tell you what I personally know. As a result of becoming involved in this "world" of foreign currency, I had a reason to do many things that I may not have done otherwise. I'm not the only one to have experienced that. As many of the VIP and OSI members here will vouch for, the things we can learn and apply to our lives as a result of engaging in this venture are much more than just the "Dinar". This is an opportunity to expand your world views, your financial thought process, your entire mental approach to life! I am happy to be part of it. I am blessed to be partners and associates with so many amazing individuals through our journey here... and I look forward to our future, whatever it may hold. I already said "GO RVVVVV!!!", but I'll say it again! GOOO RRRRRVVVVV!!!!
  12. Hey everyone! This week's weekly update is on standby at the moment. It is looking like I'll get it online for you by tomorrow, assuming God doesn't drop a tree or a piano on me before then. Just to head off the worrywarts, I'll state that I'm not delaying my weekly update because it's time to sell. Oh, no... not even close. I'll chat with you tomorrow, and cross your fingers for good luck because good things are coming. - Adam P.S. VIP members, our Chat was delayed as well - tomorrow at 7PM central time is penciled in right now. There's a lot going on that I want to address, and I thank you all for your patience. Cheers
  13. Happy Wednesday and good morning! This will be short and sweet. The bottom line here is real easy to get to: 1. Things are looking up! That's it for today. . . . . . . ( I'm kidding! ) My update last week got kind of buried, so if you missed it... here's the short story, with my updated comments: - Mosul, as I mentioned last week and the week prior, is basically reclaimed from ISIS. Scratch that - Mosul has now been officially declared a victory. Bye bye, ISIS threat in Mosul! (Here's another thread thanks @yota691 !) - ISIS is no longer a key element. They are barely functioning, crippled, and whittled down to almost nothing. I have the same opinion this week. BOOM. - HCL should be addressed, officially, in a timely manner. SOON. - We can be confident that the IMF and CBI are on good terms. CBI is acting like a real player, and the IMF is giving them an approving nod simply by not saying anything contradictory about them. No change here. - Regarding oil PPB, and the recent agreement amongst the major OPEC members, Iraq is essentially exempt from the exportation restrictions. This gives Iraq a HUGE advantage when they are ready to "flip the switch"! Still solid. - Abadi is back in high-gear and on a mission - I love this stuff! Still solid! All in all... GREAT progress right now, and Iraq is in perfect position. Negotiations are beginning between Baghdad and Kurdistan, which is going to lead to a very fast resolution on the HCL, paving the way for a smooth and *SUDDEN* RV... if we've ever been closer to the end of this ride, I can not remember when! With all of this in place, we are certain to start hearing the rumor mill running at top speed. Keep your wits about you and wait for my text before doing anything rash. This still isn't a guaranteed event, but MAN oh MAN is it looking good! Here's the weekly Q's: Fingers crossed! Not a chance IMO. I explained my reasons last week. I also stated that I reserve the right to close the opportunity at any time, with or without warning. Regarding "deleting the 0's", those statements should always be taken with a grain of salt. The most important thing to understand, regarding Iraq, is that they absolutely must play word and mind games regarding the timing and final value of any currency change. If they don't keep their cards hidden, a speculative run on dinar (much bigger than what our small group has done already) would crush their ability to raise the value significantly. I think we can all agree that they want a higher valued dinar, and they can have a higher valued dinar, so the question is simple "when and how much". *SOON* GO RV!!!! I'm leaning towards *SOON*. This is turning into a perfect situation for Iraq. Do it in style when you do! I've actually become a huge fan of the new boxer-brief style, in that cotton-polyester blend. Very light and comfy! To the rest of your post - well stated and much appreciated. Everyone should heed that advice. That's a good question. I'd refer you to the "Cash In Guide" - part of what I wrote deals specifically with float vs pegged, and explains benefits and negatives of each. I'll attach it here: Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.5 (1).pdf I don't, and neither does my laptop, but luckily Argyll translated for us! But yes, it is a good question. ============================= Final thought... I'm not sure of the answer to this one, so I'm asking the group. On the topic of the CBI's updated website, and the possible new-new "test website", it was mentioned that the CBI is now listed on the BIS website. ( ) to @blueskyline for posting that! My question to the group - does anyone know if that's a new development, or were they always listed there? It may or may not be significant, but I am curious. That's it for me for this morning - make it a great day! - Adam P.S. Don't forget to get in the PowerBall pool! We're going to win an RV or a Jackpot eventually!
  14. Hey everyone! The holidays screwed up my schedule, so I'm running way behind... and it appears that @TexasGranny is missing because there was no weekly Q thread! This is now the "Weekly Q" thread, I'll do my weekly update tomorrow, and bonus points to anyone that can find our beloved TG!!! Ready... GO! Talk to you tomorrow
  15. 28 June Morning all! Ramadan is over, and so is Eid-al-Fitr. If you've been keeping up with the news section, you'll agree that ISIS is just about over, too. Some are saying they have been crippled to the point that ISIS is barely recognizable as a "force" or "organization" any more. Either way, I think we're at a point where we don't even have to take "ISIS" into serious consideration when speculating on a potential increase in IQD value. We have some big items on the table right now - a vote at the UN, an IMF matter, some Iraqi Parliament meetings that are significant... I think I'd just be clouding the waters if I tried to explain ALL that is on my radar right now, so I'll suffice it to say this: We are at a potential crossroads right now, and it's looking GOOD. I'm monitoring the situation closely, and if any of my key items makes a big splash, I'll do special "extra posts" for them. For now, here's the few weekly Q's: I think that what you are describing is still an in-country RV, with a twist that the in-country part is temporary. If that's what you are asking, then yes - it is possible. I don't think it's likely, but it is possible. Legitimate confirmation from my sources, which include people of the highest level. Will I share them? Nope I believe you are referring to the following: Short answer: It's possible that it's a real test site, but I doubt it. If it's still there in a couple days, then it's just someone screwing around. If it's gone... then we may have had a glimpse of something we weren't supposed to. We will see ========================= I'm back to the weekly updates (at least weekly, the way we're going!), but this is it for this one. Have a great day everyone, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!!!!
  16. Good morning and a VERY Happy New Year to all my friends here! (Even you lopsters ) What a ride this was in 2016, wouldn't you agree? So much happened that I'm not even going to get into the entire list! If you're new to this ride, I will just say this - you missed most of the "excitement", and by that I mean the torturous and pathetically slow progress that has brought us to where we are now... 2017. I have a good feeling about 2017, and it's not because of a "feeling"... it's a direct result of having watched this thing like a hawk for a few long years and having compiled a "big picture" of where we are and where we need to go. Much of 2016 was hampered by ISIS. That's just a fact. There was no way Iraq could have successfully revalued their currency to a significant number with so many problems with ISIS. I just posted two articles this morning, in the News section, both were about Iraq's resumed push into Mosul and both are positive about Iraq's current success and continued success. This WILL happen! My key focus towards the 2nd half of 2016 was HCL, and it continues to be HCL. Almost nothing was passed in the last 4 months of the year, and the news just kind of petered out. That was a bummer, but China was not built in a day! Late December, Parliament set a specific date to start the "new" legislations for the year. That date was January 2, 2017, as in 2 days ago. Can anyone guess what legislation I'm excited to see? You bet! Abadi came into office like a bull in a china shop, then he mellowed out. That may have disappointed some of us, but I can understand how that was necessary.... he burned a bunch of stuff down, then came the "rebuild" period, reinforcing the walls and putting the pictures back up. You have to do that before the home is "whole" again, and THEN you can reclaim your strength and assume your role as a dignified and respectable entity. That's what I believe we have seen happening, and it continues to strengthen. One last thing before I wrap up my thoughts on "where we are" - as I'm checking out the latest news posts, I see something yota shared. This is in a thread outlining some of what Parliament covered on their first 2017 session, and it's almost glaringly obvious that this will affect the HCL: Electric and Water are essential to a fully functioning infrastructure, and the HCL is about much more than simply "selling oil". Adam likey! In other news, Megan Kelly is leaving FOX for NBC (that's just funny) and this Iraqi family has named their baby "Trump" and a restaurant has taken the name "Trump Fish" (You can't make this stuff up! #makeKurdistanGreatAgain #GoRV!!! ) That's it for now - Happy New Year everyone! - Adam
  17. Good morning everyone! This will just be a shorty - I've taken some much needed time away from DV to focus on other businesses, but it's just about time to start watching things pick back up... Ramadan is over in just a few days, and we'll see pretty shortly how this rodeo is going to proceed! Next week I'll be resuming the regularly scheduled Wednesday updates, and truth be told... I've missed a lot of you (not all of you ) and I'm excited to get back in here and hopefully with some really good news. For now... =========================================== Good morning 1. ALL banks? Doubtful at first, but as time goes on I would expect any bank that currently does international exchanges will also resume dealing in IQD. 2. This is all about the timing. For those not in my VIP group... yes, you're going to have to jump through hoops. It's just the way it is. Nope. To my knowledge, Raqqa is not a major problem for the real holdup... the HCL. Please take this to the OSI section. Actually, I believe the opposite is happening. Iraq is trying to keep things quiet, but the newshounds we have here pick up on damn near every little hint they let slip. You'll notice that a lot of the things you'll see here on DV that seem important are not major items in the MSM... there's good reason for that. 99% of the world simply doesn't understand that some of these seemingly insignificant things are setting up something much bigger. And that's how we like it. That's a good question. I would say Saturday or Sunday, with my top guess being Sunday, right before start of business in Iraq. Hi eburt It doesn't mean they MUST RV by that time, but any relaxing of the funds being withheld is a good thing. Keep in mind that Iraq doesn't have to follow any IMF "deadlines", I'd think of them more as "suggestions". You know, like stop signs with white borders. Those are more like suggestions than the real stop signs (the ones with the cops sitting around the corner ) Oil will recover. Oh wow that's a loaded question! I could go on forever... don't be afraid of new technologies, don't put all your eggs in one basket, and he who hesitates is lost. That's a starter Eid al-Fitr is not as much of a hindrance to an RV, but that's debatable I guess. The crystal ball fell off my desk last week, waiting on the replacement now. Nothing but the finest virgin olive oil, squeezed through the toes of redhaired pixies and filtered through a pile of black dragon lily petals. It's very hard to come by Yes you are correct about the metals, and that's an astute observation coupled with a sharp recollection. You're going places, kid! Please take that to the OSI section. ============================================ That's it for me for now everyone... I'll be back in full swing by next weekend, thanks for your patience and understanding of my much needed break here. Talk to you soon! - Adam
  18. Hey Mike. Mike. MIKE! Guess what today is? Hummmmp Dayyyyyy!!!!!!!! I miss those commercials sometimes. But I suddenly realize, they might still be playing! I just watch so little of the boob-tube these days, I seriously don’t even know if the Hump Day commercials are still running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Things with the Dinar are cruising along finally, and I’m very happy to have such an amazing reason to be busy at work! Speaking of being busy at work, here’s what’s upcoming for you VIP and OSI members: 1. To all VIP members (Platinum or otherwise), by the end of this weekend you should see a new section in the VIP section here. I’m calling it the “VIP Master Class”, which is hopefully going to help a lot of people get a better understanding on how to access the new website features and more. If you’re not VIP, the link to join is always at the top of the page. (Look for the “Store” tab. This option goes away when the Dinar RVs.) 2. This very afternoon, we will have our first OSI-specific chat. For everyone not familiar with OSI, this is it in a nutshell: the world’s wealthiest people, the most successful companies in existence, and even regular people who have things that they want to protect, ALL use some form of asset protection. (IF they are smart.) Our OSI section focuses on those exact strategies, plus a special focus on how exactly to apply these things to your Dinar, both before and after a major change in the value of the currency. If you’re not in the group already, find out more here: The OSI chat should start about 4PM Central (Chicago) time), and I am looking forward to it! We already have a lot of great topics to discuss. 3. Non-VIP members: Sorry, nothing has changed. But you’re welcome to stick around anyway! (Ok, ok… I’ll stop rubbing it in. I’ll still send an email to everyone, even the non-VIPs, but one “alert” is all you’ll get from me if you’re not VIP.) On to the the Weekly Update, and then the Weekly Questions! One thing that’s always been a thing of amusement to me, something I realized even as a child, is that people will always get jealous, small, and petty over the silliest things. For example, if everyone was complimenting the popular girl’s new hairstyle… do you remember the slightly-less popular girls always seemed to be able to find something negative about her? Or they would suddenly remember, and talk about, embarrassing things from her past? The same happens with the guys, of course. This is a human trait that affects a majority of our race. People in general don’t “change” too much as time goes on, and we see examples of that kind of behavior as adults too. Bitcoin, for example. I started talking about bitcoin years ago, both here and to my personal friends and family. I received a ton of negative comments, ranging from plain ignorance to outright insults… yet here we are today, as I sit writing this: (BITCOIN AS OF THIS MORNING) A quick note on bitcoin: You don’t have to buy a “whole bitcoin”, currently valued at $1253.96. You can buy “bits” of the coin, which will gain (or lose) value exactly like a while bitcoin. This means that if you put $50 into it, and I put $1000 into it, and the price goes up 100%… we both double our money! Now check this out… in addition to the privacy and decentralization factors of bitcoin (meaning no government can control it), it also carries some of the same values as some of our OSI strategies. Non-VIP/OSI members and VIP/OSI members alike, read this next bit very carefully… it’s a real world example of how OSI and bitcoin are similar. Back in 2015, I started telling people that I believed Donald Trump would win the presidency, or at least the odds on his winning were a “good bet”. Much like my bitcoin predictions, I was mocked… laughed at… ridiculed, even. But not by all. Some of you saw the value in the bet, and followed me on it. I don't care who you voted for, what you think of Trump, and it has nothing to do with what I personally think of him... this was about MONEY. Who’s laughing now, right? If you bet $500 on Trump to win, when I first told you to do so, that $500 was worth $25,000 by November 8th, 2016. But wait, this gets better. Twice, in fact! Number 1: At that time, in November, I was still encouraging people to look into Bitcoin. I took my own advice and cashed out in Bitcoin at about $750 per Bitcoin. Since then, my Bitcoin has gone up over 50%… can you tell me one other investment that has done that well? Not many! Now here’s number 2, and this part is even better! This is exactly how some parts of our VIP and OSI strategies work. My $500 is still sitting in my Bitcoin account, and even though I’ve turned $500 into $25,000… which is now closer to $32,000… … I’m tax free at this point. Because I haven’t realized a gain. I'm completely comfortable saying this in public. I'm not evading taxes, nothing I've done is illegal in the slightest... but I've made a huge profit using this strategy, and paid $0 in taxes on it. Yet, people still laugh and ridicule when we talk about the Iraqi Dinar, VIP, and OSI. I’ve literally made a 7,000% profit, tax free so far… and some people still don’t get it!!! I shake my head at them. I smile, nod, and let it go. Us OSI and VIP people here… we know “what’s up.” If you want access to this kind of information, specific wealth protection and preparation strategies, and private access to the kinds of people that "really get it"... $50 gets you 3 months and full access, right here. OSI members, I’ll catch you later this afternoon! The weekly Member Questions are below. OSI/VIP members, anything and everything VIP and OSI specific has been removed and will be addressed in the proper section. kgreen, I don't keep up with the trends of any dealer, sorry! My focus is always on the currency itself, and of course asset protection and Post-RV benefits. I'd love to see the ballyhoo turn into a festival. That's what I think! Mosul is only partially occupied by ISIS, and in my opinion ISIS has already been whittled down enough to proceed with an RV. Some may disagree. That is their right. I choose not to argue with them. In my opinion, we are looking very strong for a positive movement in the near future. Hi Theseus, This is a GREAT question, and I spent a lot of time researching it and answering it in far more depth than I can possibly do in a limited-time-and-space weekly briefing. I'll attach the Iraqi Dinar Cash-In guide, it should help. (Click the link below to save it, and feel free to share with your people.) Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf How can we be hopeful... oh, boy, oh boy! Iraq has came such an incredible distance in the past decade... don't let the lengthy process discourage you, my friends! Rome was not built in a day, and a journey of a thousand dinars always begins with the first Parliament meeting. We are past many many hurdles right now! My sources and I constantly discuss the current events, and many of us play "devils advocate" in these conversations. We constantly explore many angles, including negative or adverse aspects of it... yet we constantly come away with positive outlooks, and the intensity is only increasing during the current situation. I'll chat with you OSI members later today. Have a great one! - Adam Montana
  19. Good morning everyone! As I mentioned before, the normal weekly updates are on a "pause" during Ramadan, while I focus on more VIP related things. As such, today's update will be brief. Speaking of VIP, I am going to open it up on a limited basis - Platinum memberships only. If you are a VIP and you want to get a family or friend in on anything less than Platinum, you can use the support tab and send in a request. Back to the Dinar - you need look no further than Yota's latest thread to know that the GOI is working harder this Ramadan than ever before: I see that as a very positive thing! Need I say more? (nope!) Here are the weekly Q's: ==================================================== Please take this to the VIP or OSI section. Thank you. If anything, I think this puts Iraq in a position of strength. Not only did they get a free pass on the recent OPEC deal, they are now almost completely out of the MSM spotlight. Perfect time to get stuff done. Si! But I can't help myself, I still make time to come here. 1. You get a deposit slip, just like any other transaction at a bank. No worries there. 2. Discretely, and then via wire transfer. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. YEP! The website is mobile friendly, that's about as far as I will go regarding an "app" for DinarVets. 1. Yes, I believe so. Part B - that's going to be speculation regardless, unless he personally announces it. 2. What we hold is insignificant to them. Yes, we will benefit... but they will benefit much, much more. Verifying the currency is as simple as using a De La Rue machine, which is part of the details I will share with the VIP members as soon as the RV is announced - which banks have them, and which will be getting them, and when. ===================================================== Talk to you all soon, enjoy the day, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!
  20. Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Just a quick reminder - I'm posting here on a Wednesday, but for the duration of Ramadan I may not post outside of the VIP section every Wednesday as usual. With that said, this Ramadan is certainly like no other since what feels like 100 years ago when I first got involved in the Dinar! If you've been with me since this site started back in 2009, you'll already be well aware that I have always maintained that nothing serious will get done during Ramadan... ... this is the FIRST time I've ever felt differently! THIS Ramadan, in my opinion, has potential. Potential for the HCL, potential for major announcements, potential for major progress. I have not decided if I believe this includes or excludes an actual RV, but my gut is leaning towards "Yes on HCL progress, No on a RV announcement". If there was going to be an immediate RV, it should have been done after the OPEC meeting, but before the start of the Holiday, so I'm leaning towards late June. Back to the OPEC meeting - this went about as good as we could have hoped for! Kurdistan is officially exempt from the oil producing limitations agreement, which opens the door for Iraq as a whole. With that "freedom" in their back pocket, Iraq is able to put solid plans into play, particularly - you guessed it - HCL! I still maintain, as I always have, that the HCL is KEY to the success of an RV. We do NOT want to see Iraq RV, only to have the price of the currency plummet immediately due to a lack of faith in Iraq from outside countries, currency exchanges, the IMF, and all the other important pieces of this puzzle! So just because they didn't RV on the 26th does not mean we should despair or even worry - there is a specific path to success, and Iraq is in a position to take that path. Interesting articles: 1. Trump is talking about cashing out on half of our current oil stash, or about 350 million barrels of oil. If this happens quickly, this could be an opportune time for Iraq to take action. With the limitations set in place at the recent OPEC meeting, this could serve to not only knock down some of our debt but also drive oil prices up. (Not immediately - but when our reserve is lowered, and the production of most major oil producers is limited, the price of oil should take an initial dip and then ultimately rise back up to above the current $50 range. Perfect for Iraq, since they aren't limited in their production.) There is a lot more to this one, but I'll leave that for the open discussion. 2. JAPAN is getting into the Iraq game - this article plainly shows that they are willing to bet on Iraq. I like it. This is advance support for them that is going to carry over into future dealings with the country, and their currency. 3. Throughout this month, Iraq has been in talks with the IMF. Here is the latest report @yota691 This shows us, and the world, that Iraq isn't sitting on it's laurels. They are proactively tackling the issues they have. 4. The battle against ISIS continues, and Iraq is winning this one. Here is the latest: 5. Just in case we don't see an RV soon... I'd suggest you get in our Powerball Pool! Here's the link: Overall, I feel we had a great week last week. I saw everything I wanted to see out of the OPEC meeting, Iraq is actually working on the important stuff (finally), and there is optimism about the coming days. At this time, VIP is still closed to new members. This week's Questions: That article matches my opinion in many ways... but the bottom line for me is this. As long as Iraq is able to get a head start on the "cutting corners" game, they will win. I have no idea if that's true, but it means nothing to me. In my very FIRM opinion - NO. Something big DID happen last week! Iraq got a hall pass and the freedom to move forward, quickly, and without any hampering! I appreciate the offer but I won't be drinking for the first 72 hours or so I probably won't be sleeping either Immediately - probably not. Eventually - yes. I don't see a World War coming. Don't listen to every "Chicken Little" you hear. ====================================== LOTS of work for me to do, so I'm off! Have a great day everyone, and keep rooting for good news. Positive thoughts to Iraq! - Adam
  21. Good Morning Dinar enthusiasts! I have a feeling... that today is going to be a VERY busy day for me. Well, it may not be so much a "feeling" as it is a very strict "to-do" list that my staff gave me at 5AM this morning And I can not tell you how happy this makes me!!!! I can't remember the last time I was this excited about having SO much to get done in one day! If you're just catching up on the latest Dinar news, here's the deal: OPEC is set to meet tomorrow (Thursday 25th of May). Today's preliminary meetings went extremely well, and all my sources are telling me that the process should be a very amicable one tomorrow, when they make it official. This is NOT like an Iraqi Parliament meeting... we're not expecting this to drag out till the "next session". This should be solid TOMORROW. And what we are hoping for, fingers crossed, is that Iraq is quietly granted an exemption to the oil output deal for a limited time. This is going to be an incredibly opportune time for them to pop their HCL into place either immediately, possibly the same day or the 26th, or it will prompt them into taking the actions that will show us the HCL immediately following Ramadan. Either way, we're hoping for an exemption on Iraq. The exemption should be good for the duration of the deal all of the OPEC participating countries have already informally agreed to (6, possibly 9) months, which is an ideal time frame for Iraq to pass the HCL and change the rate on the dinar. This is a PERFECT situation for us! I have more to say, but I'm saving that for the VIP section. Out here in public, I'll just summarize... if Iraq is granted ANY kind of exempt status from the limiting of oil production (that Russia and Saudi Arabia and others already agreed to take part in), this is red carpet and golden ropes time! Here's a short reminder - the 25th is coming QUICK, and so is the end of your opportunity to lock in a great discount on VIP! Not only that, there is a good chance that this is your LAST chance to get in my VIP group. In hopes of a May 25 celebration, this is a 25% discount. We're talking $100 off your PLATINUM upgrade, or a 5 month VIP membership for less than $60 - that's 2 extra months for only $5 per month! I've adjusted the settings so the discount can be applied to more than one product, and also for renewals, so if you want to get yourself a Platinum upgrade and a gift of 5 months for a friend, you'll get the discount on the ENTIRE order. Code is goRVmay25, use it at this link: Why do you want to be VIP? Well, you could ask ANY of our current VIPs what they think about the information and VALUE in our private section, and you'll be overwhelmed with the positive responses! But I'll break it down in a couple lines: 1. Guaranteed - yes, GUARANTEED - more money in your pocket by being part of our VIP group after the rate is raised. And that guarantee is backed by a 100% MONEY BACK PROMISE. No fine print, no catch! 2. Access to literally thousands of dollars worth of information that you can use immediately to start preparing for not only a dinar RV, but also much more in your business and personal life. 3. Read and take part in our high-level conversations, where you'll be hearing directly from myself and many other incredible successful and extremely intelligent people. 4. Perhaps most importantly, access to a plethora of interesting and very profitable ventures Post-RV, where the goal is to maximize your returns and limit losses to taxes and other dangers. I could go on and on about this stuff, but that's what's in the VIP section. Just look back up to #1 if you're not convinced yet! I'll just add one thing... you might wonder "Why does ADAM want me in the VIP section?" The answer is quite simple. By creating this VIP group, and growing it into the largest, most sophisticated, well educated, and prepared group of dinar investors on the planet, I've been able to leverage amazing opportunities for us that I could not do on my own. We have strength in numbers, and that is something I want you to be a part of. To break it down even further... it's good for me, my family, and I love helping people. The opportunity that I have, to help you and others, is a great thing. It motivates and inspires me every day... but lately, the inspiration and motivation has only grown thanks to the amazing direction this situation is travelling. I'll also explain why the doors are closing, and why you won't be able to join after the RV: First, I value customer service. I know how much my services will cost, and I know how many VIPs I can support. I will not dilute the quality of the service by allowing an infinite number of clients into my group. Second, if you're not willing to support this site and my work before the RV... you don't get to benefit from the opportunities after the RV. Join us in VIP if you're not there already. You won't regret it. Here's the weekly Q's, and I'll have more to say in the VIP section later. GOOOO RRRRRVVVVV!!!! That is incorrect. I don't have time to go into a full lecture on it right now, but hopefully we'll just get to watch the markets in real time (soon) rather than me explaining it. Good question! Strategically, I don't think Abadi would be wise to make that claim, despite the fact that he certainly could make that claim... I'll defer to a famous expert that you have probably heard of: “Be extremely subtle even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War At this time, I am prepared for that and the likelihood of it happening is HIGH. This is a possibility, but we won't know what terms or options we have until we see how stable the currency (and the entire region) is once the rate is changed. We have several contingency plans and arrangements in the VIP section that will allow us to take advantage of this kind of opportunity and also many others, but it all depends on many factors that will be revealed as the situation develops. One thing you do NOT want to do is delay getting in my VIP group... I love doing these weekly chats and updates, but as of about 15 minutes ago my "public" time became very limited, and after the RV is announced that time will be non-existent. That's it for now! Like I mentioned, this might be your last chance to join my exclusive VIP group, and with a discount to boot. Ignore this opportunity at your own peril! Code is goRVmay25 for that discount, and the link is: - Adam
  22. WEDNESDAY! Here we are again, and boy does it feel good! Teaser: Part of todays update is VIP only. --> JOIN HERE <-- VIPs, please read this post before continuing to the VIP portion. It should be noted, and kept in mind, that Ramadan this year starts on the evening of Friday May 26 and goes through Sunday June 25. That's 9 days from now. Those of you that have been traveling this road with me for years know that I have always been VERY adamant that "nothing gets done during Ramadan"... ... but I'm starting to lean a little to the left on that commitment. There is just TOO MUCH happening right now! There are a couple key elements to this, and I'm going to give some specifics and then explain the parameters that will make me go "Full Buzzy" in spite of the upcoming holiday that traditionally yields 0 "real" progress for anything in Iraq. For some months now, I've been very optimistic about Iraq's ISIS situation. Over the last few days, this has only increased. Examples: Major news announcements This next thread has been going since last month, and the evolution of tone and events is very encouraging! I'll link you right to the most recent articles, currently on page 25: Oil and Energy continue to make progress, FINALLY! This is the exact area where we were stagnant last year. This year is different - the consistency of these articles lately is a telling sign. Speculation: New ration cards to be issued next week. Could these be tied into the upcoming changes in the entire Iraqi banking system, which will ultimately incorporate new currency, ATMs, and a new rate? It's a possible "gateway" move. Further speculation: I have some thoughts on the date. In fact, I am finally confident enough in this to outline my thoughts on WHEN we might see this happen... but that's for VIPs only. (Hint: It's soon!) VIP members, click here: --> <-- (If you're not VIP, NOW might be the best time ever! The "price" of becoming VIP is less than $1 per day. The cost of not being VIP is almost impossible to calculate.) My responses to my discussion on the "DATE" will only be in the VIP section. Here's the weekly Q's! ===================================== Your question actually anticipated my thoughts for this week almost perfectly! (FYI, I don't read the questions before I do my weekly update. I get my thoughts out, and then I read the questions.) For once, I actually agree that something might get done during Ramadan. *shock* *GASP!* You're a VIP member... go read my update in the VIP section. That will explain more. I'm not sure what you mean... if you exchange IQD for USD, then you lose any future gains that the IQD may make. Did I misunderstand your question? I apologize if I did! #DavisForPresident! If this is on track with what @Happy Man was asking, I'll just thank olivesman for chiming in Good sign - ABSOLUTELY yes! ISIS has been losing their battle for long enough that I haven't given them a major place in the RV progression lately, but the news that Iraq is prevailing - strongly - is very welcome! Any other delay? See my post in VIP. ====================================== That's it for now! I want to wish you all a GREAT Wednesday and of course... GOOOO RRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!! Adam Montana P.S. VIPs, !!!!! See you there.
  23. Heyyyy Wednesday! And DinarVets! I hope you fine people are doing great today. I was out on my morning run early today, contemplating "The Rate". You know, one of the few questions I try really hard not to answer? I always play "devils advocate" with myself, and I mean hard ball style. Worst case scenario, best case, sideways case... what are the other angles, where else could this go? As the recent news headlines rolled through my head, while I jogged along the trail, wiping a bead of sweat (or two) off my forehead, and then this one particular article came across my mental ticker-tape: (courtesy @DinarThug in the VIP section ) and I snorted with laughter: Let me give you the summary... But before I get going, I just checked the current price and "HOLY S$%#"! just flew out of my mouth (I really try not to curse!)... But when I wrote the following a couple days ago, the price of BTC was $1600... Imagine my surprise this morning, when I checked on BTC (bitcoin): Bitcoin is currently at price: $1795 And suddenly I had to slow my jog to a walk, because the comparison between bitcoin and dinar is crazy-similar. (Don't worry, we will tie this to Dinar in just a minute!) Take a look at this bitcoin chart, which will show you how the last year has went (about $480 up to $1800): And since inception, where it was about $0.08: THAT, my friends, is incredible, isn't it? In fact, it's a 1,999,900% Increase... and the lopsters here say people are foolish to think we could see a mere 1000% increase. Let me give you a small hint about where I think we are with the Dinar: If anyone wants to, you can scour the internet archives and find plenty of people who said "no way, Bitcoin is another flop waiting to happen! You'd be FOOLISH to put your money in bitcoin!!"... and also a number of people who believed in the chances, and said so. Basically, "lopsters and not-lopsters", of the Bitcoin world. Now... before anyone tries to "Ah-HA! Gotcha, Adam!" - I'm well aware that Bitcoin and IQD are not the same. You can't tell me what the M1 and M2 or hyperfulctuation equalizer quotient is for Bitcoin, and most of the rest of your arguments are equally invalid. My point is simply this... they said "it will never happen", "it's impossible", and so on... yet here we are, with Bitcoin at $1800, almost over a 2 MILLION PERCENT increase. Fun fact.... quote: Source: Is this that hard to understand? I don't think so! The same thing goes for the Dinar, in my opinion - there is valid reason for it to be traded at a higher value, and it will get there. It didn't happen overnight. And the IQD certainly hasn't happened any quicker. But just like the Dinar, Bitcoin had it's own hurdles to jump. People had to have confidence in it, or at least think other people did, before they would start pulling out their cold hard cash and investing in it... ... and now we have a snowball effect. The more people believe in Bitcoin, the more real it gets. (Clap your hands, anyone? This is real life Peter Pan stuff!) The Dinar is the SAME. The CBI can announce a new rate tomorrow, and the financial markets are all going to look at each other and wait to see what the other does. As soon as one player accepts it, then another, then another... pretty quickly, the entire world is on board, and all the lopsters in the world can't "nay-say" the fact that I can take 1 Bitcoin out of my wallet and trade it for $1600 $1800USD... nor will they be able to naysay us out of trading one IQD for whatever the price is at that time. Sorry, I got a little long in the tooth there! What I'm trying to convey here is my renewed conviction that an RV rate of .10 STILL makes sense to me. I explained it in greater detail in the Cash In Guide (Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf), but the people who run the CBI aren't stupid. They surely know that when they change the rate, they are starting a snowball down a mountain. Let's get rolling, baby! I have a more "news" based post planned for the near future, but for now... here's the weekly Q's: I'm not sure what "actual proof" you might want, but I've seen and heard enough to be confident that the answer is "Yes". This is a great question, because it opens up the floor to discuss how an RV is really a zero-sum game, mostly because we are talking about a fiat currency. When the FED prints more USD, we don't actually gain that money. It just dilutes the dollar a little bit more. IQD, and an RV of the currency, works the same way, just on a global scale. My opinion is that almost every other currency will take a slight hit, and then rebound once the IQD rate stabilizes, and within about a month all currencies will be back to normal... except the IQD will be dramatically different than it was a month prior. Great question! Same. Let's see how the next week plays out. Yes, yes, and yes. I gave in today, and talked about "The Rate"... that's enough arm twisting out of you! Hey Country, Well... two things. First, an RV isn't a "miracle". It would be a calculated financial move designed to benefit Iraq. Second, to really understand how they live on a "day to day" basis, you really have to visit a 3rd world country. Mexico, for example... their peso is about 19:1 with the USD, so let's say a loaf of bread costs us $3... the same loaf of bread should cost them $60MXN, right? Not necessarily. The cost of labor is cheaper, they have less import/export regulations than us, they have less bureaucratic overhead in general, so the same loaf of bread might only be 30 or 40 cents (US). (YES, our government puts THAT much of a strain on doing business, of any kind, in the good ol' US of A!!!) Once you can grasp that concept, then you can forget about the "carload" of dinars and start understanding the alternate universe (that's what it seems like sometimes!) that they live and breathe. Go a little further and start to understand how their financial world is tied to ours, via the global financial markets, trade, politics, etc... we don't need to worry about carloads of dinar. That's just not the way it works. And that's a good thing, at least for us waiting for a change in the rate of Dinar. ================================== And on that note, I'm off like a wild herd of turtles! Work to do and people to see. Have a great day everyone, and of course GO RVVVVVVVV!!!!!!! - Adam
  24. Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! Regarding the dinar, no HCL right now and no bridges to a successful HCL have been burnt, so it's still a waiting game, although it's a lot more exciting to be waiting for something this life changing and this close! I'm getting a lot of flack for being (mostly) absent this last week, but when you're in a country that has internet 10% the speed of the rest of the civilized world, and only available in 5% of the populated land mass... well, it is tough to keep up with all the emails I get! So, I've limited my internet usage to contact with my office, business colleagues, and absolutely only the most necessary contacts possible and I've still managed to rack up a couple hundred dollars in fees! VIP members, you might be able to guess my location and what I'm scouting for us... and it's just as exciting as we expected. The planning is going to take longer than originally anticipated, but if I'm good at one thing in this life so far, it's "making contacts" and creating opportunity. So far... success. I've just about burned through another internet card, and the humidity in this lobby is killing me, so let's move on! By the way, I made a point to travel to this particular lobby because it's the only dang place I've been able to find that would ensure I could do an update at all today! (Annnnd I just jinxed myself... it's been down for 20 minutes now. GRRR.) I also have to admit that sometimes I suffer from a bit of ADD, so when I got started this morning, something caught my attention... it's worth sharing. A member in VIP (OSI) section posted something that got me rolling on bitcoin, and in case you missed it... bitcoin is now up to $1500! Ok, that's awesome, those are cool gains (bro), but what can we take away from this? Here is what I posted as my response in our VIP section: (Part of this is missing, due to my ridiculous internet right now... you'll just have to take away what you can!) I certainly agree with all of the above, (*what was discussed in the VIP thread*) in particular... and this is the scary part... "I wish I'd invested more". The reason for that fear is simple... with Bitcoin being at ~$1400 right now, the psychological aspect of it can be confusing. One might think "Well, if I'd bought 100 bitcoins, I could have lost (say $100). Big deal! But today, 100 bitcoins is $140,000!!! I can't afford that kind of risk..." That's the wrong way to look at it. Nobody has to buy a WHOLE bitcoin. If you would have put $100 into Bitcoin back in 1902 when the internet was invented, isn't it reasonable to assume you'd still be willing to gamble $100 on it? Of course it is, so what's stopping you from putting $100 on it? I have to assume it's just a lack of knowledge... so I'll help you out. Start by creating a wallet here: And then buy some bitcoin! My first bitcoin purchase was done in person through someone on, but there are a lot more options now. There is no limit to how high bitcoin can go... I believe it WILL hit $10,000, and probably go higher. So buying one bitcoin at $1400 right now could easily give you 7X your money! $10,000 isn't going to upgrade many of our retirement homes. But if it ever hits $100,000 per BTC, then you're looking 70X your money... and THAT could certainly make a difference in the brand of liquor you're putting in your mojitos. And all for $100. The same $100 that you're not going to miss a week from now... that $100 has the potential to change your life in the future. How many of you wished you'd put $100 into Bitcoin when it was at $3? That same concept applies to VIP, by the way! $49 for 3 months right now, and you are NOT going to miss that $49 by next week, could come back to you in amazing returns... and soon, by the way! Like I said - we have no roadblocks to HCL. It's just a matter of time. Join VIP here: I understand the frustration! I certainly won't be the one to tell you to give up now, or buy more, or do anything other than give my opinion on what's happening. It's my opinion that the HCL is finally (FINALLY) just around the corner. This frustration does remind me of the story of the family that bought a gold mine and gave up only to let someone else dig the final three feet to find the huge gold vein. #justsayin Hey eburt! As positive as I feel about this, I'm still not going to start giving rates or "intel" or date reports. There are posts and warnings all over the site, and even a section devoted to nothing but encouraging conversations that detract from the very possibility of the Dinar increasing in value. I agree that I want almost anything that Iran does not want! But it's my opinion that the Kurds will never form their own country, so it's a moot point. You tell'em, Country! I got your back! That's it for this morning, I'm going to hit "Submit" and cross my fingers...
  25. Good afternoon everyone! Obviously the chat is late today, my internet (or rather, the internet in this part of the country that I'm in right now) was an absolute "no-option" this morning. I have some things to discuss, but looking at my list I realized that none of those items are "RV TIME!" so.... I'm going to delay the weekly for now, and continue working on some of the VIP/OSI projects that I'm really excited about right now. I'll send out an email when the official weekly update is up. Thanks for understanding, and I apologize for not posting earlier... my day just got wayyyyyy off my normal schedule and I was hoping to squeeze this in earlier. Talk to you soon!
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