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  1. So happy to hear your husband is safe and can spend the holidays with you Pattyangel... Merry Christmas, and blessings to you and your's
  2. Leaving is an option...'They' dont get that...'They' cant stop that.. The Totalitarianism isnt complete...'They' cant watch everything... Its too easy to drop out....
  3. Dam it!!! ...I got here too late, everyone's used all the dam metaphor's.. Anyway....Dam nice story, and dam funny too
  4. We have been allowed to believe?...Bull pukey, we arent allowed to believe we just believe....Its a God given right. As far as the rest of the World looking on us with a jaundiced eye?....So what? America is the place to be, and were damn proud of it....Its the American Spirit & attitude that has made this the best place in the World to be I wouldnt call that a jaundiced eye, I'd call it a jealous eye. We dont want to be like Europe, and we dont like interlopers trying to vote us into becoming another failed Nation like most in the World are
  5. Thanks HD...Its a sad one for me...but I'll muddle through. Out of adversity comes opportunity And bless you too buddy.
  6. I have a stolen cigarette story... nevermind.....The idiot ended up battered and bruised in the parking lot...When the police arrived, they came looking for me....Luckily the bouncers were witnesses to the whole silly business...Im not normally a brawler, but when the opportunity comes up....Its a surprise for the instigator.
  7. Thanks a lot Heavyduty....brought several tears to my eyes
  8. I agree pastured ...I just wanted to see what kind of snarky remark rothsdad would make.
  9. Interesting....So what are we to make of this?
  10. Good post sentinel....Im doing my part... As much as I was for replacing the current useless Admin with a new business friendly environment....Im now for opposing what we've ended up with, in any way possible
  11. Dont praise too soon...Umbertino posted earlier that he thought the children of mine makers should walk through a field of mines....very compassionate.
  12. Yep....That describes my friends....And me
  13. I wonder how this could affect Arizona... We generally ignore anything from DC
  14. Lmao Rod....North of the Valley of the Sun is all mountains and pine trees Similar to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado That story from the gunshop in Pinetop is one of the most beautiful parts of Arizona....I like to fish there summers and ski there in the winter And I carry my .45 openly while Im doing it
  15. Ever seen this sign?...This means anyone, no matter who you are, who you think you are, or who your daddy is.
  16. Its ironic that some folks dont understand that posting the sign is 'Freedom of Speech'
  17. Maybe so....But gun owners have 100 bullets for every Lib That could make a difference
  18. Yep...thats right...Arizona, one of the safest places to live in the world... And most of us are well armed
  19. I agree on the humidity...Unless you're on the coast The mountains of Georgia and S. Carolina are beautiful... but the Gulf Coasts of Florida are my favorite...The boating is great, the fishing awesome, and the little deserted tropical islands cant be beat.....They are just out there waiting to be anchored to
  20. In the continental US...I like where Im at in N. Arizona But if I was moving somewhere else the States of Texas, Georgia, Florida, & S. Carolina look good to me... Especially Florida & Texas for access to boating in the Gulf of Mexico.
  21. Where does Zatkovich say "other then adjusting for readability there is no fraud in the COLB document." Here's your statement earlier.. All of the modifications to the PDF document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing the legibility of the document. Clearly he's stating the document was enhanced...Thats proof for any prosecution....Zatkovich is agreeing it was manipulated....You should stay out of Court DS.... You're not helping your argument or defense of O'blah. All other statements aside....My video still stands as solid evidence that the BC is fake
  22. Then we are in agreement....These so called 'experts' neither legitimize nor disqualify the Document... Leaving my original Video as solid proof that the BC is fake & fraudulent... So fraudulent that a 20 something kid with computer experience could tear it to pieces. Cool
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