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  1. Signed up and paid for VIP this morning but am not able to get in. Can you check on this and confirm? Thanks! Turbo
  2. Prayer to St. Anthony, Patron of Lost Items St. Anthony please look around Somethings lost and must be found Works for me every time - that is if it is lost - if it has been stolen, that is definitely a different prayer! Good luck!
  3. Ok PurpleDrank - would love to hear how you figured this out. Before we crucify him, I would like to know how you are so sure of this. Thanks Turbo
  4. I was excited to read this post - I believe Mailman is telling us what he knows. I am so tired of all the cynical members bash for no reason - this is information that is coming to us prior to an official announcement. It will be easily proved or disproved soon enough. Be thankful that someone is bringing us information. I am just venting but it is getting frustrating that some of you will complain no matter what you receive.
  5. Great post and with this info maybe we all can just chill out until March!
  6. Thanks for the uplifting post! And Sunglass, I think your idea is wonderful! There is so much good we will be able to do and I am very much looking forward to it!
  7. turbo


    Intel - fact or fiction it doesn't really matter who said what and who is right or wrong. It is fun to dream and without dreams you have nothing - isn't that why we are all here reading the posts?
  8. forget the negativity - next week works for me!
  9. k98nights - thanks for the good laugh! We all needed it!
  10. turbo


    I don't think this is anything except normal maintenance -
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