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  1. as long as they are selling they are deleting the amt. the amt of USD this is a good thing, I believe...go RV
  2. There are many victims and the problem they Aadrickon results Maigdmon him." Read more: I am not for sure but I think they are calling us greedy.
  3. Thank you nights...I didn't get to see this. Let G d be G d and man be man!
  4. as there are some high quality issuers preparing” to access the market, Froehlich said. Read more: Do you think they may be talking about Iraq?
  5. Yes I saw it early this morning. Was so good to hear it from the news yes they said it!!!!.
  6. Thanks Yota691, for the post looks like thing are moving. and second reading of the draft law Federal budget for fiscal year 2012. second reading of the bill Provident Fund Customs, and the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Republic of Iraq, the Convention on the economic and trade cooperation and technical cooperation between Government of the Republic of Iraq and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. " the second reading the draft law to the training center the monetary and banking Could this be about the rv and training the people???? Read more: Read more:
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